Pacquiao admits too young to be VP


Eight-time world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao waves on September Thursday at Revolution monument in Mexico City, as part of a series of a four-city international media tour to promote his upcoming fight against Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, on November 12. AFP

MANILA, Philippines—World boxing champion Manny Pacquiao has backed away from plans to run for vice president of the Philippines in five years’ time, saying he will still be too young, local media said Saturday.

The high-school dropout, who is often cited as the world’s best “pound-for-pound” fighter, is already a member of the Philippine parliament and has long been touted as a potential leader of his country.

During a visit to Mexico earlier in the week to promote his next world title bout, he told GMA television that he planned to quit boxing by mid-2016 to run for vice president.

But in a subsequent interview with the station aired on Saturday the 32-year-old said: “No, it’s not possible yet. I’m not old enough.”

Officials had swiftly pointed out it was legally impossible for him to run for vice president in the May 2016 vote when he will be just 37 years old, below the minimum age requirement of 40 set in the country’s constitution.

Abigail Valte, a spokeswoman for President Benigno Aquino, said Saturday anyone who fulfills the constitutional requirements of being a literate, natural-born Filipino citizen aged at least 40 can stand for the post.

“The only thing is, Congressman Pacquiao does not meet the age requirement. Perhaps it is best for him to wait until he is qualified,” Valte said in an interview on government radio.

Pacquiao was in Mexico to promote his World Boxing Organisation welterweight title defense against Mexico’s Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas on November 12.

Pacquiao has compiled a 53-3 win-loss record with two draws on his way to 10 world titles in an unprecedented eight weight divisions.

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  • Anonymous

    Not only too young, but very uncapable as well!

  • war de hensam man

    VP ng sarangani pwede pa :0)

  • chris

    Make him president. Filipinos will vote for anybody with a famous family name. Just look at the showbiz people who’s doing nothing in senate.

    • Anonymous

      Are you a filipino?  If not, don’t comment on our political exercises. Wala kang alam dito. STFU!!!

  • Anonymous

    TOO YOUNG?  You’re not even qualified… Please lang, no more celebrity in government.  Bukod sa corrupt ang image ng mga politico, baduy pa…no class whatsoever.  Even your $20 million per fight won’t buy you class pacquiao, so just pacq your bags and just retire.  PLEASE……

  • Tyopando

    God help us……

  • presidio bacalso

    high school drop-out? he is college level dude..

    • Mike

      college level, waaaahhhh…moro moro lang yan

  • Anonymous

    Like somebody quipped when  Pacquiao declared his opposition to the RH Bill, the blows he received in the head  in the ring must have already taken their toll.

    Pacquiao reminds me of Lito Lapid who also considered running for the vice presidency but changed his mind and run for mayor of Makati instead. When asked why not the Senate, he told reporters that there is a lot of “inglisan” there.  While toying with the idea of running for vice president, Lapid (whose name rhymes with stupid) did not realize  that the position also requires a lot of “inglisan” and that the presidency, which is only a heartbeat away, requires even more of it.

    The danger here is that the idiots who voted Lapid and the Revillas into the Senate will also vote for Pacquiao to the vice presidency and even the presidency. This means that if nobody frankly tells him that his disqualification does not lie in his age but elsewhere, it is only a matter of time before we have Pacquiao as our vice president whether we like it or not.   

  • oscar

    Let him be! Chavit will be executive secretary.He will donate his submarine to upgrade our Navy.MommyD will be Tourism secretary.She will promote our croco-design bags and cheaper medical-contouring Clinics.Buboy will be chairman of the Sports commision.Krista will be back in the country to preside over the Center for Beauty Pageant.Pueblos the chair of Reproductive Ethics Goup.Then you gasp for a glass of water when somebody tapped your face to wake you up.It was only a bad dream after all!!

  • dennis

    If i were you Manny Paquiao,enough if you will stay as a Boxing legend not only in the Philippines but sa buong mundo.Ano pa ang hahanapin mo?Be wise at your life. Look,Kobe Bryant is to Basketball,while Tiger Woods is to Golf.But they NEVER aspire to enter politics!And they already contented on what they have in life…Ok,Let me say,Ronald Reagan became the President of the United States,even Arnold Schwarzenegger became California´s Governor.BUT THAT IS UNITED STATES AND NOT PHILIPPINES? Let us say,you are a Congressman of Sarangani,but let me challenge you “Can you make Saranggani as beautiful and progressive like Makati?”…Vice President Binay did it in Makati that´s why his credibility to win that post as our Vice President. Ok,let me mark that 2016 if you can spark the whole Mindanao with such a magic from now until 2016…A good advise,plant something to the minds of your kababayan on what they need now in politics,be a model with your heart and with your mind.Be sensitive to your sorroundings and have a forecast in your mind on “What is Philippines at 2016″ before you finally decide to run as VP.Remember,that is not Saranggani but the whole country will depend on you.Goodluck.

  • Anonymous

    A 40 y/o professional boxer is brain damaged enough to be a leader of a fledgling nation.

  • Anonymous

    Madre mia de Dios!!! Pacquiao… maghunos-dili ka naman!!!. Hindi lang age qualification po ang pinag-uusapan dito. Oo nga, sa dami ng corrupt politicians natin na matatalino at edukado, bulok pa din ang sistema ng gubyerno kasi alam nilang mandaya at paikutin ang politika para sa sarili nilang kaban. Pero ikaw Pacquiao, with all your presumed good intentions, dahil marami kang kakulangan sa kaalaman (hindi lang utak pero ang kagalingan sa pagmamaneho ng gubyerno), IKAW ANG PAIIKUTIN NG MGA POLITIKONG NAKAPALIBOT SA IYO. Pag ikaw nag-VP, yung mga ahas na politikong nakapalibot sa iyo ang tutuka at papatay sa career mo at hindi mo malalaman kung anong tumama na 1-2 punch sa iyo. Mag-iisip-isip kang mabuti please kung may utak ka at maawa ka naman sa mga mamamayang Pilipino na sobra na ang pagdurusa. Maraming ibang paraan para tumulong ng mabuti sa bayan at hanapin mo kung ano ito base sa kakayahan at kaalaman mo bilang Manny Pacquiao hindi Pacquiao na NANANAGINIP NG GISING… sus~ BABANGUNGUTIN ANG BUONG PILIPINAS.. Please lang!!!

  • George

    “No, it’s not possible yet. I’m not old enough.”   No, no, no. . . . this is not the correct answer it should be

    “No, it’s not possible yet.  I’m still stupid enough.” 

  • George

    “No, it’s not possible yet. I’m not old enough.”   No, no, no. . . . this is not the correct answer it should be

    “No, it’s not possible yet.  I’m still stupid enough.”

  • Anonymous

    dapat na talagang mag-retiro sa boxing itong si Pacquiao…. masyado ng naaalog ang utak nya at di na alam ang mga pinagsasabi….

  • Anonymous

    God forgive him for he doesn’t know what’s he talking about and bless us please..

    please just keep him in congress as he fits there coz as he claimed…. ‘ there’s not a lot of work in there..’

    • Anonymous

      This what we said when Erap the Plunderer run for President the second time. That was a near miss. By the time he is old enough and with his mental faculties in disarray from boxing, the number of Erap-like voters will have tripled or even quadrupled, so Pacquiao could very will win by a landscape.

  • Anonymous

    Kung ngayon pa lang palpak ka na, what more pag naka upo ka na?….Do you think you can talk “face to face” or “one on one” with the greatest minds and leaders of your presidency without relying with your advisers!!!…..You may be the greatest boxer of all time but let me decide my vote for the greatness of my country!!!!

  • Serge Imperio

    it’s good he won’t meet the age requirement;  he might win if he does. his tv program manny many prizes gives us an idea on how he will use his money to “buy” the vice presidency. 

  • Anonymous

    it said: Pacquiao admits too young to be VP…..

    well….well…it is true. Mr. Pacquiao is young, in-experience, etc.  He can be a vice president of the Philippines…why not, if ….if….
     1. Freddie Roach will become the president of USA.
     2. Arum will become the general secretary of UN
     3. Marquez will become the president of Mexico

    because….it goes a saying: – birds with the same feathers….will talk the same language!!!!!

    my honest advise, and in fact also a saying that goes:  be a king and act like a king in your village, rather than a slave in a big city!!!!

    …….saranggani is not even known yet to every filipino….then, make it known bago ka mag-isip nang mas-mataas na position sa gobyerno……Hindi naman masama ang mangarap, pero kung ang pangarap mo ay doon nakatuon ang kinabukasan nang buong bansa…..palagay ko mag-isip isip ka rin muna…..

    pls….we do not want another noli de castro!!!!

    • Anonymous

      kurek ka diyan…buti na lang si noli, tumigil na at nauntog after being VP.. he didn’t dare run for Pres…ang kaba ko dito kay Manny, sa kapal at alog ng utak, bilib na bilib sa sarili at tatakbo ng Pres after VP….Oh no, God forbid, God save the Philippines.

  • Anonymous

    Deluded, demented, deranged
    Idi Amin gave himself the title Last King of Scotland, Manny could call himself the Last King of the Philippines.
    Money, power and fame gone to the brain.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAAH hohohohohoho HAHAHAHAHAH  Pangarap ni Manny P na mag-VP ay parang COMEDY BANGUNGOT para sa Pilipinas… Hay naku, please lang, GISING, GISING, GISING.

  • Anonymous

    The constitutional requirements for VP of the Philippines must be literate, natural-born Filipino citizen at least 40.

    This is something Manny should consider. Is he natural born citizen, of course he is as Mommy Dionesia cannot afford caesarian operation then, hilot was  the mode  of transport from womb to batalan.
    Is Manny literate enough to be VP, Noli cannot speak english much but has a BS degree.
    Manny has PHD but only honorary. Does literate means read  and write, if yes then he  is literate though a little bit illiterate if we talk of Philippines standard.

    By the time Manny is 40 he is already a has been, no more crown, no more glory.
    His richness and wealth might not be in million dollars anymore but only pesos. As we all know, wealth is everything.
    Just like the song  Born Free and To Dream the Impossible Dream, the VP dream might be Impossible Dream for today and Tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Alam ninyo mga kaibigan, tinatawanan ninyo ang kakayahan ni Manny Paquiao pero malay natin baka may itinatago syang abilidad, Marami sa atin ay nakatapos pero puro libro lang ang alam, pagdating sa abilidad sa buhay ay wala. At isa pa, sa kasalukuyang panahon, hindi mo masasabi kung sino at ano ang ibubuto ng mga tao sa election, tingnan ninyo si Pnoy ang nanalo sa pagka-presidente. Kaya anything is possible onli in da Pilipins for better or for worst!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Hoy Manny! Nagpapa-uto ka na naman sa mga pulgas mo. Your pulgas are like your mirror on the wall – who always tell you to be the best of them all.

  • Anonymous

    Oh… God Save the Philippines, we don’t want another more mistake…Please…Help Us…ilayo mo kami sa total distruction pag nagkakataon sana panaginip lang ni Many yon at nagbibiro lang sya..

  • Anonymous

    Mas mabuti na siguro ang high school drop out at boksingero. Ilang pangulo na rin na mga titulado ang iniluklok natin, mga cumlaude, nag doctorate at nag harvard pa, pero anong napala natin. Bulok na systema pa rin. Maaaring hilaw pa si Manny this time, pero anong malay natin kung ano na siya sa panahong qualified na siyang tumakbo as president? 

    O kaya baguhin na lang ang Constitution and change the qualifications of the supposed candidates. Kung ang sempling applicant nga for clerk ay kung anu-anong qualifications ang hinihingi, bakit di natin hingan ng mas mataas na qualifications ang magpapalakad ng ating gobyerno? Mabibilang lang sa mga daliri ang mga chief executive sa malalaking kumpanya ang hindi nakapagtapos sa college. Di ba chief excutive din ang trabaho ng mga mayors, governors at pangulo? 

  • Anonymous

    Inuuto lang ng mga oportunistang gustong kumikil sa pera ni manny ang nagsusulsol sa kanyang tumakbo bilang vp. Ànd if pacman can`t even calculate that he`s still under 40 yrs of age at the time he`s targetting to run for the 2nd highest office, then there`s really a problem. He might be the best boxer of all time that we will always look up to and adore, but being vp is another thing. Manny should just keep his money or let Jinkee save his big boxing prizes, and not let himself fall prey to the opportunistic political con men who are surely only after bilking his campaign money.

  • Anonymous

    Utang na loob naman!!! Bilib ako sayo sa boksing, pero VP???? Naman!!! Pag nag apply ka sa isang kumpanya, isang katerbang interview, dapat matindi ang resume’ mo, mataas ang pinagaralan, malalim ang experience, character reference, backgound investigation,  .. etc etc..,  ang hirap makapasok!!! 
    E tapos for VP??? The 2nd highest position in the land??? Ano ba yaaaannnnn!!!!!!
    Ang tanga tanga ng pinoy pagbinoto sya!!!!! Mag boksing ka na lang!!!

    Marami tao mag sasabi: e bakit nga si Arroyo mataas education, pero palpak. Alam ko yun. Pero mababaw na dahilan yun. Dapat nga e, may pinagaralan at maayos ang character!!!

  • Edzel

    Hindi lang too young si Pacquiao for Vice President. Too stupid pa, tulad ng President natin ngayon.

  • John Shinn III

    If Pacquiao becomes VP of our country…I will never go back to the Philippines again
    ……it’s very insulting!

  • Anonymous

    Kawawa naman ang Filipinas.

    • Edgar Ortiz Josue

      your right brother… kawawa nman ang pilipinas.. i do not agree for the pacman to run higher office.. tama na cya sa congressman at governr kung gust nya… but senate and VP or even PRES… aba alabisan na yan… pwede naman mangarap pero ung tutugma naman dapat sau yung pangarap mu…

  • g

    pacquiao for president ……..knockout ang graft and corrupsyon…hehe


    Why is Pacquiao so obsessed with politics and is such in a hurry to become a political big shot? He forgot his studies and I surmise, as everybody does, that his supposed enrollment in a college course a few years back was only for a show. So much about his wealth has been heralded like posh houses he bought and various businesses he put up but nothing is heard about his schooling progress anymore. Did he abandon the most important goal in his life? Or had he already acquired a degree from an institution purportedly running a diploma mill? I remember what my grandfather told us when he was still alive and I and my sibling were just tots: pilak mo man ay pitong banga, kung wala kang karunungan, di mo rin magagamit at sana’y huwag mawala.

  • jun

    why limit his dreams? .. its exactly the reason why he excels in boxing.
    go pacquiao..goodbye philippnes..heheh

  • Anonymous

    Excited lang si Pacman.

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