‘Crocodile Dundees’ after bigger croc than ‘Lolong’


SAY HELLO TO ‘LOLONG.’ In this photo taken Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011, a Philippine National Police officer stands next a giant saltwater crocodile which was captured by residents and crocodile farm staff along a creek in Bunawan township, Agusan Del Sur province in southern Philippines late Saturday. Mayor Cox Elorde of Bunawan said that dozens of villagers and experts ensnared the 21-foot (6.4-meter) male crocodile along a creek in his township after a three-week hunt. It was one of the largest crocodiles to be captured alive in the Philippines in recent years. (AP Photo)

Butuan City—After capturing what could be the biggest crocodile caught alive in the world, hunters are already talking of going after an even bigger croc, possibly lurking in the creeks of Agusan del Sur.

The monster, 6.1-meter (20-foot) saltwater crocodile ensnared on Saturday in Bunawan town after a 24-day hunt has already been named “Lolong” by the villagers—and experts say Lolong may not be alone.

Wildlife official Ronnie Sumiller, who has hunted “nuisance crocodiles” for 20 years and led the team behind the weekend capture in Bunawan, said a search was under way for a possibly larger crocodile that he and the villagers have seen roaming in the farming town’s marshy outskirts.

“There is a bigger one and it could be the one creating problems,” Sumiller told The Associated Press by telephone from Bunawan.

The captured crocodile has been named after Ernesto “Lolong” Conate, a Palawan-based hunter hired to help catch it.

But Conate died of a stroke a few days ago while working out the plans for capturing the beast, which was eventually caught by a team of crocodile experts and villagers near Lake Mihaba, one of the several lakes crisscrossing Agusan Marsh, the country’s largest marshland.

Josefina de Leon, wildlife division chief of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, said the beast was likely the biggest crocodile ever captured anywhere in the world.

“Based on existing records the largest that had been captured previously was 5.48 meters (18 feet) long,” she told Agence France-Presse.

The Philippine specimen would easily dwarf the largest captive saltwater crocodile, which the Guinness World Records website lists as Cassius, a 5.48-meter male which lives at an Australian nature park.

Press reports also describe other huge crocs including a 6.2-meter adult male killed in Papua New Guinea in 1982 that was measured after it was skinned.

Crocodile attacks

The hunt was launched after a local fisherman went missing near a marshy creek early last month and after a reported crocodile attack on a carabao.

Villagers also claimed that a crocodile attacked and killed a 12-year-old girl, identified as Rowena Romano, in the same waters on March 7, 2009.

Mundita Lim, director of the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB), said the reptile weighed 1,075 kilograms and its body was one meter (3.3 feet) wide.

The PAWB has yet to have an estimate of the animal’s age.

No remains

“The community was relieved,” Sumiller said of the capture, but added: “We’re not really sure if this is the man-eater, because there have been other sightings of other crocodiles in the area.”

The local government of the impoverished town of 37,000 people has decided against putting down the reptile, and will instead build a nature park where it will go on display.

Pork and dog meat

The Bunawan hunting team, employed by a government-run crocodile breeding farm, began laying bait using chicken, pork and dog meat on Aug. 15 in an attempt to snare the beast.

But the reptile simply bit off both the meat and the line it was skewered on.

A heavy metal cable finally proved beyond the power of its jaws, and the beast was subdued in a creek late Saturday with the help of about 30 local men.

TOURIST ATTRACTION. The 6.1-meter (20-foot) saltwater crocodile, now named "Lolong," weighing 1,075 kilograms (2,370 pounds), was the biggest to be caught alive in the Philippines in recent years. Wildlife officials were trying to confirm whether it was the largest such catch in the world, said Theresa Mundita Lim of the government's Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau. (AP Photo)

Beyond the mark of the hook inside its upper jaw, the crocodile did not appear to have sustained any serious injuries.

Star attraction

Bunawan Mayor Cox Elorde said that Lolong  would become the star of the planned ecotourism and conservation park near the Agusan Marsh.

“We will take advantage of this crocodile as a tourism attraction and we hope it will help us generate income and jobs,” Elorde told the Inquirer by phone.

He said the people of Bunawan believed Lolong was not the only large crocodile lurking in the 113,910-hectare Agusan Marsh, which straddles several towns.

But Elorde disagreed with statements by PAWB officials that more searches for crocodiles would be launched. He said there was no more hunt for crocodiles in his town.

50 years old

Lolong, believed by some residents to be 50 years old, is now kept in a huge metal cage.

“We are eyeing a Guinness Record for Lolong,” Elorde said.

Relieved villagers in Bunawan threw a fiesta to celebrate the capture of the crocodile, which had to be pulled by rope by about 100 people from the creek to a clearing, where a crane lifted it onto a truck.

“It was like a feast, so many villagers turned up,”  Elorde said.

“The villagers were saying 10 percent of their fear was gone because of the first capture,” Sumiller said. “But there is still the other 90 percent to take care of.”

Philippine laws strictly prohibit civilians from killing endangered crocodiles, with violators facing up to 12 years in prison and a fine of P1 million.

The world’s most endangered freshwater variety, Crocodylus Mindorensis, is found only in the Philippines, where only about 250 are known to be in the wild.

About 1,000 of the larger saltwater type, or Crocodylus Porosus, like the one captured in Bunawan, are scattered mostly in the country’s southern swamplands, wildlife official Glen Rebong said.

Crocodiles have been hunted in the country by poachers hoping to cash in on the high demand in wealthy Asian countries for their skin, which is coveted for vanity products ranging from bags to cell phone cases.  Reports from Franklin A. Caliguid, Inquirer Mindanao; Kristine L. Alave in Manila, AP and AFP

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  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/7gxwqGp7lcWh3nZ0Gh0kii7iJ5MBK0Gph1A-#dc6d3 jc

    The news is right “croc Lolong may not be alone”. Dami dyan naka barong sa kongreso at sa customs. They can break the croc record sa Guinness..

  • Anonymous

    meron pang isang malaking buwaya na nde mahuli huli na kahit malaki madulas din… si FG!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LYNLHDOP2ZOYGMKYRXWSWIOIA dyrol


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LYNLHDOP2ZOYGMKYRXWSWIOIA dyrol

    meron pang mas malaki dyan, regional croc lang yan eh! punta kayong crame.. baka magulat kayo sa higanteng mga buaya dun!!!!!!

  • http://pinoy-politics.blogspot.com Monsi Serrano

    Wow ganda. Pero that’s not so attractive to the tourists compared with the crocodile who punches a lowly security guard and drive a porsche with plate number 8. :-) There are different species of crocodiles, the ones in Batasang Pambansa are the amazing species. They can drive, write, talk, steal people’s money, lie to their spouses and there are even gay and lesbian crocodiles. Saan ka pa? Edi sa Pilipinas crocodiles ka na. Hindi ka na kailangan pumunta pa ng Agusan. Hahaha. 

  • Anonymous

    Mahihirapan silang mahuli yung pinakamalaking buwaya. Kasi pag wala sa tubig eh 4’10’ lang ang taas at may nunal sa pisngi kaya akala mo tao.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/7gxwqGp7lcWh3nZ0Gh0kii7iJ5MBK0Gph1A-#dc6d3 jc

    50years old na pala si croc Lolong. Yan din ung target ma break ng pamilyang Arroyo, croc for more than 50yrs sa kamara!

  • Anonymous

    Ayon sa news may asawa itong nahuling buwaya.
    Mas maliit nang konti pero parehas din nung nahuli,
    masyadong matakaw at walang pagkabusog.
    Ingat kayo, nasa Manila s’ya. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tristan-Marco-San-Andres/1049236947 Tristan Marco San Andres

    meron ditong isang crocodile farm dun sa may north-east part ng Quezon City…

    • Anonymous

      Meron din sa Lubao, Pampanga.
      Pag may sakit (DAW) ang buwaya hindi sa veterinarian nagpapagamot,
      sa St. Luke’s pa. Charged sa Pinoy taxpayers ang hospital bill.   

  • Anonymous

    wala yan, ang pinakamalaking buaya ay nasa metro manila na si gloria at miguel ay malapit nang mahuli dahil may sakit daw at mahirapan ng  gumalaw.  pag nahuli at nakulong na ito pati na ang mga galamay,  yan ang dapat ipagmalaki ng pinoy sa boung mundo.

  • Anonymous

    yung pinakamalaking mag-asawang buwaya nasa maynila at tinatawag na Crocodylus Macapagalnesis Arroyonensis!

  • Anonymous

    yung pinakamalaking mag-asawang buwaya nasa maynila at tinatawag na Crocodylus Macapagalnesis Arroyonensis!


  • Anonymous

    don’t look no further, There are big crocs in Batasan Pambansa

  • Anonymous

    It appears that with Hon. Lolong, we  already have the  “biggest croc in the world” title in
    the bag. So let’s now complete the feat by going after  the “smallest croc in the world”
    title. Our bet?  The one who shed
    crocodile tears on national television in 2005.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/backyardzoogames Backyard Zoo Games

    great! got to see this croc… 

  • Anonymous

    anybody tell me, please, aren’t the bigger crocodiles in the senate and congress?

  • Anonymous

    our two-legged crocodiles in government  are called “Lacoste!,” and they are much, much more voracious!! they are also very difficult to capture because they look like human beings.

  • Anonymous

    Kawawa talaga ang buwaya na eto hindi niya kayang magpanggap na may sakit siya, di katulad ng buwaya sa Maynila pagkatapos ng isang sakit may sakit na naman. Hehehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OAZENQIV4TJN2JUKJMZILWQP6Q RASor

    Sana makatulong sa pag dumog ng turista sa Agusan del Sur at para mabigyan ng maganda at maayos na trabaho sa mga nakatira doon.

    Buti pa itong buwaya napapakinabangan dahil sa ito ang pinakamalaki sa mundo. Dito sa Maynila mas maliit ang buwaya pero malakas lumamon – bilyon-bilyon piso – kahit hindi lumamon ng tao daan-daan libo ang naging biktima nito.

  • Anonymous

    Sana malaman natin ang tamang haba nitong world record na buwaya. Madaming version may 6.1m at 6.4m. Isang grade schooler na may measuring tape ay madaling sukatin ng tama. Ano ba kayo mga reporter. Malaking bagay ito. At saka pwede ba malaman kung papaano tinimbang ito. Alagaan sana ito ng magaling at sayang kung mamatay lamang sa pagbabaya. DENR meron ba kayong say dito?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Choi-Senieres/100000577010205 Choi Senieres

    basta ako kapag pumapel iyong kanong si brady barr, doon ko ituturo sa batasan

  • Angry Bird

    Naalala ko si Putol, ang titulo ng magkakasunod na istoria sa komiks noon.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of crocodiles, the Philippines does have the most number of these predators in Congress- more than 250 of them, not to mention the ones in the Senate,

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HJXUQZQ3DUBGCONCL4GOHXFH74 Rogelio

      don’t forget the governors and mayors too, indeed a whole family of croc politician, from senator to congressman to governor to mayor and even city councilor. a whole family and generation of crocodiles!!!

    • Anonymous

      The ones in the Senate are bigger crocodiles, much bigger than the crocs in Agusan and very dangerous too. They are even older and more voracious. Lolong is just a tuko in comparison.

  • Anonymous

    Nabinyagan na pala yong dambuhalang buaya ng LOLONG.  Siguro maaari ding bigyan ng apilyido yong bininyagang pangalan…..I suggest, Arroyong…..LOLONG ARROYONG.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4QAIR53YIPJLMPSQJZTOJIGBVI Jaz

      UrHONOR, wag natin ikabit ang ARROYO kay LOLONG….mahiya tayo kay LOLONG.

      • Anonymous

        Jaz…….oo naman…huwag dapat NATIN ikabit ang ARROYO kay Lolong.  APRUB!  

        Sakaling pinupuna mo yong inimungkahi kong apelyido…ARROYONG ang nabanggit ko, hindi ARROYO.  Alam ko namang higit na may DANGAL ang nahuling buaya sa binanggit mong pangalan.

        Mabuhay ng matagal pa si LOLONG ARROYONG!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    “The world’s most endangered freshwater variety, Crocodylus Mindorensis, is found only in the Philippines, where only about 250 are known to be in the wild.”

    That’s bull… there are more crocs in the Philippines but not in the wild, but all over government offices and contrary to Crocodylus Mondorensis, this one IS A VERY COMMON CROC BUT THE MOST DIFFICULT TO CATCH.
    Ayaw tangapin ng Guinness dahil mao-overload yung records nila!

  • Anonymous

    Dapat isama sa kulungan ng buwayang yan ang mga arroyo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWPBIIK2QWHXHJL7LCNF5SQPGA Marjorie Melendez

    Scientific name nyan sabi ng Ted Failon: Kungkumilos Congresistos. hahahaha. CCguro pag nagbabasa dito mga politiko ano kaya nasa isip nila. lahat nang nbag comment dito walang nag sasabi na di corrupt ang mga politiko ng pilipinas.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4QAIR53YIPJLMPSQJZTOJIGBVI Jaz

      hindi cguro tatablan yang mga pulitikong yan….singtigas at singkapal ng balat ng buwaya mga balat nyan o higit pa pero sana tablan kahit papaano. 

  • John

    Ronnie Sumiller, meron pang isa na kailangan na kailangan nyong hulihin….medyo maliit lang pero mas mabangis kaysa kay Lolong,…malaki ang tiyan..(puno ng pera)….bigyan nyo na ng pangalan…Gloria….pwede pa kayong makajackpot kasi marami siyang sumusunod…ang maimpluensya sa kanya na dapat talaga hulihin pangalanan nyong Miguel….siguradong pag nahuli nyo ang dalawang ito tibatiba kayo…mataba ..malalaki ang tiyan…yun nga lang sakitin na.

  • Anonymous

    Ampangit naman ng pangalan. Dapat “Mike” na lang. Di ba mas pang international pa? Mike the croc!!! Walang pinapalampas. Pati dog meat sinasakmal! hahahaha

  • kido

    may mas malaki pa raw kay lolong na gusto rin nilang huliin…baka si xFG yon.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWPBIIK2QWHXHJL7LCNF5SQPGA Marjorie Melendez

    Sabi ni mayor bawal na mang huli ng  buwaya sa lugar nila. bala mahuli din sya. LOL. lipat na lang sila ng lugar mag latag na sila sa congreso at sa pampanga. cgurado pang guiness ang mahuhuli nila sa sobrang laki.

  • Anonymous

    hindi na lalabas yong isang malaking buwaya. as advised by its doctors. may heart ailment kasi

  • Anonymous

    yang mga crocodile hunters sa agusan marsh magaling pero hindi sila uubra sa mga crocodiles sa gobyerno.

  • Anonymous

    i just hope they will treat this crocodile gently like the way they treat crocodiles congress

  • Anonymous

    A Better Tourist Attraction: Put Macapal & Arrovo, their retarded children & grandkids, their incompetent lawyers & doctors, pilots, drivers, maids & yayas in a Gold Cage using the money they stole from the Filipino people and hang the cage in Smokey Mountain.  Then have Jimenez sell chicken joy on the side. 

  • Anonymous

    Try giving pangandaman to this croc. and  its a huge attraction.

  • Anonymous

    nahuli na malaking buwaya! sana makulong na rin yong mag-asawang buwaya may dalawa paa!

  • Anonymous

    ‘Crocodile Dundees’ after bigger crocs than ‘Lolong.’

    That could only be Mike “Buaya” Arroyo, Gloria “Crook-odile” Arroyo & their Tongressmen sons.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TRUZN2N2YPID54MOEHLF7WJ5CU Triponio Aparador

    Pakawalan ang buwaya!!!!!……….. sa Batasan……… kasi nanduon ang kanyang natural habitat. Hehehehe.

  • Anonymous

    Isama ang mga arroyo sa buwaya!LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    Please name it Croc Pangandaman. Pretty pls.

  • Anonymous

    Please name it Pangandaman

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SBG72AYCZX2P6SE23262I2GNBQ fightforphilippines

    yes, the biggest crocs are Philippine residents, FG, congressmen, senators, generals, cabinet secretaries, generals, barangay officials, commissioners, chiefs, all responsible for budgets who spend and spend mindlessly for the commissions come bust or boom times. their bellies are far more monstrous than this croc. they outclass any known world records.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/7gxwqGp7lcWh3nZ0Gh0kii7iJ5MBK0Gph1A-#dc6d3 jc

    I feel they should let such a beautiful animal GO BACK where she belongs, it wasnt the reptiles fault.  That animal has lived many years in the wild to cage it is so unfair. LET THE CROCS GO. Ung mga politicians ang ilagay sa cage!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raul-Matienzo/1295637968 Raul Matienzo

    Wlang binatbat yang big crododile na yan, mas malaki yung mga crocodile sa House of Representatives.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Badajosnon-Macabaian/100002348566742 Badajosnon Macabaian

      Are u referring to Congressmen Pangandaman and Suemeincourtifuhaveevidence?

  • Anonymous

    Ano ang sukat nitong BUWAYA na nahuli? Malamang talo ito sa BUWAYA  na ang SUKAT ay BILYONES NA NINAKAW sa MAHIHIRAP na FILIPINO. Ang buwayang ito ay lantaran kung sakmalin ang pera ng bayan pero mahirap huliin. Marunong umiwas dahil pinagaralan niya ang batas. Sinisiguro niya na walang ebidensiya o dokumento na magsasangkot sa kanya. Siya dapat ang gawing “tourist attraction” para hindi makalimutan ng sambayanang Pilipino ang hirap na pinapasan sa bayan.

  • kido

    maliit lang ang buwayang yan kompara doon sa mga buwaya na minsan naglungga sa malacanyang. yong babaeng buwaya ay siya ang queen of all buwaya at yong kanyang asawa ay the KING of all buwaya.may dalawang anak pa mga yan na nakalungga sa kongres at ito ay sina junior king buwaya at prince buwaya. pinapag-isipan na ngayon ng DOJ to hire the services of some agusan folks dahil napatunayan na marunong pala silang manghuli ng buwaya. inutil kasi itong  si de lema at hindi daw niya forte ang paghuhuli ng buwaya.

  • Anonymous

    Hanggang sa BUWAYANG malaki nandito pa rin sa atin hehe…..

  • Anonymous

    Coincidence? Hawig sa mga arroyo ang nahuling buwaha.

  • Anonymous

    Walang kamalay-malay itong is Lolong na sobrang pang-iinsulto, panglilibak, pangungutya at pag-alipusta

    sa kanyang pagka-BUWAYA ang kanyang tinatanggap sa maraming mga tao dahil sa paghahambing sa

    kanya kina Gloria at Miguel Arroyo at iba pang mga salot ng lipunaan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P3NF56MRFU745Q7VVLDL2UBJVE joel

    Buti na lang nahuli ang croc na ito, kahit papaano nasabi natin ang  atin mga hinaing at nababasa sa boung mundo, malay mo mahiya sila at magbago ??????????????????????????????????????????????para umunlad ang pinas. Nakakainis!!!!!!! kailan kaya?????????????

  • Anonymous

    Why reporters can’t get their facts right. They could not distinguised a fresh water crocodile from a salt water crocodile mind you Bunawan is an inland town so saltwater crocodile won’t thrive there.

  • Anonymous

    is mike a fresh water croc or a salt water croc?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Badajosnon-Macabaian/100002348566742 Badajosnon Macabaian


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYXTXAZ2FRQ6YMK5SFNH2NS7AU dyan

    Our national animal is the Tamaraw?   Why not change it to “Crocodile”.  I am sure many politicians would love this.

  • Anonymous

    If you are truly serious going after the bigger one, make sure it will be Miguel the second time around para wala nang kawala ok?

  • Anonymous

    Wrong. The biggest crocodiles that are yet to be caught are in Pampanga, somewhere in Lubao. They are called crocodylus mikeus and crocodylus gloreus. They have offspsrings similar in sizes too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Badajosnon-Macabaian/100002348566742 Badajosnon Macabaian

      ha ha ha You hit the nail right on the head.

  • Anonymous

    Sa may Batasan ay crocodile farm din…hehehe peace po

  • http://pilosopongdensyo.blogspot.com/ pilosopong densyo

    Sus! anong sinabi ng Lolong na yan sa dambuhalang mag-asawang buwaya na ang pangalan ay Miguel at Gloria? baka kapag itinabi nyo yan dun mag-mukhang logo lang ng Lacoste si Lolong… 

  • Anonymous

    Is this news? The crocodiles in the Senate, and House of Representatives are more dangerous and voracious than Lolong. The crocodiles of Agusan Marsh pales in comparison. The biggest crocs are called senatorus crocodulus while those in the house are called crongresstorous crocodulus. And they love to investigate in aid of legislation.

  • tong_its

    this makes noy look like a butiking bahay.

  • Anonymous

    meron pa raw huhulihing isa pa, asawa ata ni Lolong at Loleng naman ang pangalan. Loleng Santiago ata kung baga sa tao. tapos ito palang si Lolong may kerida pa na ang pangalan ay Loleng Magsaysay naman. ‘langhiya, playboy ‘tong si Lolong, he he!

  • Anonymous

    Bantayan mabuti yan si Lolong.  Kung hindi baka maging ‘lolonganiza’ yan!

  • Anonymous

    Sadya ito ng Maykapal para sila ang kakain ng mga crocodiles na may paa’t kamay sa House of Congress.Hope the plunderers will be fed to Lolong for good !!

  • Anonymous

    puede ng gayahin ni Caparas yung film na Planet of the Apes. gawin nya naman, Planet of  the Crocodiles. sya ang isa sa bida!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SSIOG2PG33MAOXOJM2YBHBPYNM Ariel CRUZ

    Marami pang mas malalaki dyan. Nasa Camp Crame, Camp Aguinaldo, sa BOC at sa Batasan Hills pero ang pinaka- lolo e nasa Makati (LTA) at yung lola naman e nasa Pampanga…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J4VJY47YNNT3EYCVSSCMKN6MTU Eighties Boy

    Haha walang nag co comment tungkol sa croc, puro politiko lang.  Let’s not forget that Saltwater Crocodiles have the strongest bite in the animal kingdom (more than 3x that of second place, I think the hyena, 6th place lang ata ang Great White Shark).  Also, they can run much faster than they look despite being the largest reptiles in the world, and are the closest thing to actual dinosaurs left on earth.

    Oh, and also, sana Mike Crocoyo ang pangalan, bwahaha!

  • Guest

    Left undisturbed, wildlife would be where it should, in the wild. When humans encroach in their habitat, wildlife becomes a threat to us. When they threaten us we use them as metaphor to whatever is inhuman. For example, their ability to eat big mammals. The mammal could be anyone of us.But the first threat to wildlife is human.  If they could talk, I wonder to what they would compare us.
    When an animal has eaten, it stops. A satiated crocodile would lay quiet and not attack for food for days. But when some men and women have tasted  the good life, they crave for more and more….be it food or power. There is no satiation point for humans. Not so with so called “lower animals”. They only consume according to need. But certain men and women? They make you wonder if they truly have souls.
    In short, let us not demean the mighty crocodile by using its name to refer to the worst among us.

  • Anonymous

    Another Crocodile
    Jose Miguel Arroyo owned helicopters 

    five helicopters—all Robinson R44 Raven 
    with Series Nos. 1370 to 1374
    A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair

    • Anonymous

      Proofs please, THANK YOU.

  • Anonymous

    Advice to “Crocodile Dundees”: Pumunta kayo sa Kongreso, naryan ang pinakadambuhalang mga buwaya.

  • Anonymous

    OK you caught it and gave it a name, now return it to the wild.  We are the environmental nuisance, not the croc.. You are the ones encroaching in its natural habitat, he is just living and hunting where it used to in last 50 years(if that’s even accurate) and intends for the rest of its human-plagued life.

    • Nico Montinola

      I agree with you there but reality, if you release it, others may just kill it.  Better to preserve it and use it to educate people and promote conservation so that people can appreciate we have those animals here.  It is only ignorance that makes us fear “monsters” like that.  If we do not find giants like that anymore, that means our environment is in serious trouble already.

  • Anonymous

    FG at least your are contributing to the Philippines kahit papaano by being a tourist attraction in the zoo. Kudos

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LJLTDQ5S6LV6QHALY6JUAXC7HE n

    magagamit natin yang buwaya,
    yung mga pulitikong corrupt at mga kriminal na gumawa ng karumaldumal na krimen ipakain natin sa buwayang yan :)

    • kido

      n, hindi daw kumakain ng kapwa ‘buwaya’ si lolong…he he he saka isa pa sigurado matatakot yan si lolong  sa mga politikong corrupt kasi mas buwaya pa mga yan kaysa sa kanya.

  • Nico Montinola

    I think people who buy bags, shoes, belts and other products made out of endangered animals are terrible human beings.  Man is the only species on Earth that has the ability to destroy or protect other species and the natural resources of Earth. Please use your God-given intellect to protect these wonderful creatures and preserve their habitat for our children to join. We only have one planet.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EZBRZ3GBK7C27IBRXMNVBUARWE Ritzvon Codilla

    Set this croc free  It is innocent. Catch the big crocs  in our country.guilty of killing  the economy. plenty of them are hiding in  congress.

  • Anonymous

    Poor crocodile, another LaCoste in the making.
    On one hand this biggest crocodile has terrorized a small village.While too many crocodiles are still lurking in the city, camouflage by Georgio Armani waiting for another kill.
    Just like any other crocodiles, city crocodiles are lazy just waiting for big meal.


    May tip ako sa inyo, nasa Pampanga river yung nga mababangis na crocodile, kagagaling pa nga lang 
    sa hospital.   Yung asawa nya tumaba na ng husto, sa dami ng nakain.  hehehheheheh
    Mahal ang balat ng nga ito, pinakamakunat at pinakamakapal dahil sa kaswapangan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BNA6FLOA3ZJAH6IFP2KGLUDCXE bcon

    Why name it Lolong? If it is male, name it FG. If it is female, AteGlo. He he he.Isn’t it that it devoured a carabao which is our national animal, an animal which they say symbolizes the Filipino. And now this humongous croc is captured by the very people it preyed upon. Could this catch be prophetic of things to come? I hope so.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TKJEB4IGOMI3BLLU5LWDRAEFEE Hervie

    ang tanong kulang tutuo kaya na pinakamaki ang na huli nyo,  na buwaya ay si lolong kasi nakita ko na pagalagala pa kasi sa daan,jok3…kc nasa pampanga pa! ang hirap kc hulihin bro kc madulas pag may green dolar hahaha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TKJEB4IGOMI3BLLU5LWDRAEFEE Hervie

    ang tanong kulang tutuo kaya na pinakamaki ang na huli nyo,  na buwaya ay si lolong kasi nakita ko na pagalagala pa kasi sa daan,jok3…kc nasa pampanga pa! ang hirap kc hulihin bro kc madulas pag may green dolar hahaha…………kung mag katutoo na ang nahuli pinakamalaki tuloytuloy na ang plano ng goverment to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Similarity/Difference ng buwaya at congressman.

    Ang buwaya kumakain ng baboy ang congressman may pork baboy barrel.
    Ang buwaya pag busog tulog, ang congressman pag busog  tulog din sa congress.
    Ang buwaya madaling mahuli ang congressman mahirap mahuli.
    Ang buwaya pinapanood  ng tao, ang congressman pinapanood din ng tao sa tv.
    Ang buwaya makapal ang balat, ang congressman makapal ang mukha.

    Bahala na kayong magdagdag.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BGEJ3JINZNFNAUDSDQ32J2CVOE tess

      ang buwaya may pakinabang ang balat pwede daw gawing bag at pitaka, ang congressman..walang pakinabang kahit balat…dapat ung crocodile hunter ang manghuli ng mga malalaking buwaya sa gobyerno….

  • Anonymous

    Bakit ba kinukumpara ninyo ang mga Arroyo sa dambuhalang buwaya?
    Kawawa naman ang buwaya, walang kamalaymalay.
    Dapat magkaroon kayo ng distinciton. Wag nyong lahatin ang mga Arroyo.

    Unang una ang nahuling buwaya dambuhala, si GMA below normal height filipina, ibig sabihin maliit. Dapat sa butiki lang o tuko ikumpara pero sobrang makakapit sa pwesto, este ang tuko sa puno.
    Ang mga anak gaya ni Mikey wag naman kay Lolong, mga bata pa yan, sa bayawak na lang dahil kung makasila grabe rin.
    Yan si Lolong na buwaya baka kay FG pa dahil malaki nga si Mike pero hindi naman masiba gaya ng inyong paratang, gaya ng buwaya namimli rin ng sasakmalin.
    Kung jueteng lang, chicken feed lang yan sa buwaya hindi lalapain gusto malaki gaya ng kalabaw.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Crocodile Dundees might find a larger crocodile than “Lolong” but certainly not one as greedy and as voracious as those who thrive in our Everglades called Congress.. Any objection?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lycurgus-Frasco/100000303054037 Lycurgus Frasco

    ung mga taong gusto ibalik sa habitat si lolong, dapat sila ang nkatira sa lugar kong saan nahuli si lolong.
    tingan natin kong ano masasabi nila

  • Anonymous

    I dont agree with comments that are trying to put that theme in any context with congress politics or things like that. The disturbance that a Saltwater Crocodile creates to its enviroment is close to zero, because it is so silent and restraint. For any prey the end would come almost fast as a flash – out of a free life and without any torture or captivity. This anicient living thing on the very top of the food chain for so may million years seems to be something that is moulded in some form of real wisedom. And todays mankind is exactly the opposite: Holding Billions of Birds, mammals and other animals most brutal prisons for their ENTIRE LIFE before killing them for cheap food, destroying the enviroment of any other lifeforms in a way that has never been kown in earth history – and now, finaly, mankind has found the biggest and oldest of the wise crocodiles and is after them to cage them in some Disney Park or what ever. There has been no proove that the now captured animal killed any person, so what is the reason to put it in prison? And what is the sense of catching other ones? It is definatly possible to live a save life in areas where saltwater crocodiles live, it just need some education. What is going on now is a big shame.     

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rommel-Jamolod/100000289665312 Rommel Jamolod

    yes… tama nga kayo sir… dapat pakawalan si lolong. dapat kasi doon siya sa kanyang suitable environment para magana sya pagkain at tirahan… hindi sa tao lang ang kalayaan kundi maging sa mga hayop din.. dapat sya pakawalan…



  • http://www.facebook.com/maingski Samuel Macute Ortega

    We have actually conducted trapping activities sometime in the late 90’s together with the personnel from the Crocodile Farm Institute (CFI) based in Palawan. The late Lolong Conate was one of those personnel. For almost a month, we were not able to catch a single crocodile. But we can observe several big crocodiles during our night spotting activities. 100 to 200 meters away from where we have seen these wildlife are several houses of the Manobos where their children took a bath at the Agusan River. We can say that people and wildlife co – exist in Agusan Marsh. I can still remember the comment of the CFI personnel “their habitat are still intact and they have still plenty of food”. Accordingly, human being is not a regular meal of the crocodile. When crocodiles attack humans, it is for defense of their territory. What happen to the girl, missing fisherman and to the carabao killed by a crocodile is an indication that their habitat is now greatly disturbed. Based on the reports, 7 traps were destroyed by the crocodile. But before, our baits and traps were just “snubbed” by them. It is a suggestion that the on – going conversion of the vast marshland into other uses must be reviewed. Wildlife and human beings can co – exist with each other as what was observed before.

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