Noli de Castro liable in Pag-Ibig mess—Sen. Serge Osmeña III


Members of the previous board of the Home Development Mutual Fund, also known as Pag-Ibig Fund, led by then Vice President Noli de Castro could be liable for the questionable multibillion-peso loans obtained by Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corp.

Sen. Serge Osmeña III said the housing firm owned by businessman Delfin Lee would have been unable to obtain such a huge loan without bribing somebody.

“You know, there is always the bribe-giver and the bribe-taker. How (else) would Delfin Lee have acquired the P12-billion loan?” Osmeña said over the weekend.

Osmeña said it was the members of the board of Pag-Ibig Fund under De Castro, who approved the multibillion-peso loan releases to Globe Asiatique.

Last week, the justice department approved the filing of a syndicated estafa case against Lee, his son and three associates. Syndicated estafa, a nonbailable offense, is punishable by life imprisonment.

The case stems from the allegedly anomalous loans granted by Pag-Ibig Fund to “ghosts borrowers” who had allegedly bought properties from Lee’s Globe Asiatique housing projects in Pampanga province.

The Department of Justice also ordered the indictment of Lee’s son Dexter Lee, Globe Asiatique officers Christina Sagun and Cristina Salagan and Pag-Ibig Fund official Alex Alvarez.

Senior Deputy State Prosecutor Theodore Villanueva referred to the Office of the Ombudsman for “appropriate investigation” former Pag-Ibig Fund executives Romero Quimbo, Jaime Fabian, Tessie Gonzales, Rafael Albano and Vilma Flores for possible violation of the antigraft law.

While Osmeña admitted there was no direct evidence against De Castro, the agency approved the questioned housing deal with Globe Asiatique while the latter was chair of Pag-Ibig Fund.

However, Osmeña said Pag-Ibig would not release the P12 billion to the real estate firm without board approval.

“Nobody said, ‘I paid Noli.’…but it certainly would not have been released without some shenanigans from the higher ups… (De Castro) was chairman, he had certain responsibilities. Maybe he was absent. We don’t know,” the senator said.

Osmeña said the decision whether to include De Castro in the charge sheet would be “up to the evidence that is in the hands of the National Bureau of Investigation” to which he turned over documents perused by Senate probers.

Charge sheet

The fact that he was not included in the charge sheet proved that he had nothing to do with the alleged anomalous loan transactions, De Castro said on Monday.

He said he was not aware of the alleged bribery in the Pag-Ibig board in exchange for the approval of Globe Asiatique loans.

De Castro said the board merely met to approve policies upon the recommendation of the Pag-Ibig management.

He said he was not sure whether the loan granted to Globe Asiatique was P12 billion since he read in other reports that it was only P6 billion.

Previously, Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, concurrent chair of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council, said the government had a very strong case against Globe Asiatique officers.

Asked about Osmeña’s allegations, the Office of the Vice President said “that would be up to the Ombudsman to determine.”

Binay, also the government’s housing czar, is “hopeful the Ombudsman would act on the case soon.”

“All relevant documents were subpoenaed by the Ombudsman last year and Pag-Ibig extended its full cooperation,” said Joey Salgado, Binay’s media officer. Reports from Cathy C. Yamsuan and Jerry Esplanada

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  • Anonymous

    to sen serge osmena:  you are correct and to check if sowbiz guy noli de castro is not involved in the scam, while chairman of the Pag-ibig Fund,  he should be included in the charges and let him prove himself “clean & honest”, many want him charge also, ok? go for it, sen osmena let the truth speaks, these scambugs need to be punished & sequester their stolen money & assets, ok? the abuses has been beyond what the country can take, the people want to see “hardhands” of the pres aquino admin against those culprits, punish them & get what they’ve stolen back to the people, and that is justice, mr president, no other way!

    • Anonymous

      ha!ha!ha!ha!  bEAUTIFUL MINDS OF THE FILIFNOS.

      Beautiful minds of the Filifinos work this way, “Charge them with estufado and let them prove themselves clean & honest”  Wow!  FILIPINO MINDS AT WORK !  NOT ONLY YOU MY FRIEND.  This what they are actually doing.

  • Anonymous

    pati si kabayan ginalaw kaban ng bayan?

    • Dionisio

      d lang kaban ng bayan aba eh pakitanong na rin d pa siya senador: (a) RDO 55 dinukot at pinatay??? (b) Sariaya Quezon shabu sa tayabas bay (a)  Ka Hector ng Banahaw command ng NPA, (d) 21 hectares of land sa San Jose San Pablo City (e) yaman (kuno) ni Willy Revillame ??? Kabayan NOLI what is your connection or nalalaman dito????

  • vegas713

    Naku! Simula na ang turuan!!

    • Anonymous


  • Randy Sison

    bakit di nila tanungin si willie?

    • Anonymous


  • Mon Mayuga

    Those people suspected of having been involved in the anomaly should be investigated, their statements of assets, liabilities and net worths examined during their incumbency and after their tenure and life style checks conducted to find the truth out.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Heto na naman tayo. BIG moneys involved and prominent people apparently into it. This will yet  be another case of “IT IS NOT A MATTER OF WHAT WE THINK WE KNOW, BUT OF WHAT WE CAN PROVE”. And if we look closely at the tons of allegations against who we think are the perpretrators of the crimes we accuse them of, nothing seems to even get to first base because either the evidences are mishandled (like the case of the Alabang Boys), reports are held back for years for “sanitation” (like the Mayuga Report), witnesses and members of the (SUPREME) courts themselves are bought by the dozen, people in crucial government positions protecting the very people they are supposed to investigate, etc.
    Bakit ?? Unanag -una, the people involved are rich, well-connected, scions of the rich and the powerful, and whose LIARS, I mean LAWYERS can find more loopholes in the laws than what the real intentions of the laws are for.
    So until I see the day that one big fish is sentenced and incarcerated (or hanged), my pessimisim is at a renewed all time low as far as the abilities of our prosecutors to convict a real BIG one is concerned.

    • Anonymous

      benign0-the-Turd and the Senate in cahoots with peryodistas are all in in “IT IS NOT A MATTER OF WHAT WE THINK WE KNOW, BUT OF WHAT WE CAN PROVE”

  • Bastonero

    Paki busisi lang baka si Willie R. ang tagatago ng kinita, who knows…….

  • Anonymous

    Hindi dapat lang magtapos ke Delfin Lee ang usaping ito. Dapat hukayin ang lahat ng leads dahil marami sa mga opisyales ng Mabalacat ang sangkot dito. Paano nakagawa ng mga bahay ang GlobeAsiatique sa mga lupaing ito na hindi naman “converted” from agricultural into residential, which is a requirement of the law? Ito’y ayon mismo sa Dept of Agrarian Reforms, Region Office, San Fernando, Pampanga. Kung susumahin, baka buong municipal council ay sangkot dito, including the town’s top executive. And, yes, nababanggit din sa mga bulungan ang pangalan ni Noli De Castro.

    Pakibusisi din ang bayan ng Mabalacat, Mr. President. Dito maraming mga kababalaghan ang nangyari na at mangyayari pa, kasama na ang pagsunog ng mga balota noong halalan 2007, na hangga ngayon ay hindi pa nabibigyan ng kalutasan. Yung mga nagtagong suspects ay lantad na at nagtatrabaho pa nga sa munisipyo na parang walang nangyari. 

  • Anonymous

    Siyempre hindi lang naman si Gloria ang kumakana. De Castro is not that stupid na marunong lang magbasa ng balita. Marunong din yang gumawa ng milagro.

  • Pablo Juan

    well everybody knows why Ka Noli was successfully cajoled into being the Veep right? GMA and cohorts dont see him as a threat at all.  I agree with Sen Osmena, the board of PagIBIG needs to be investigated as well.. same reason why they’re investigating previous PAGCOR and DBP boards… pang retirement funds ba mga bossing?

    • Anonymous

      Once investigation of Pag-Ibig begins, they start singing “GLORIA DID IT” !  End of investigation.


  • Anonymous

    Bakit pag ang news about Globe Asiatique ang nagbabasa sa ABS-CBN Tv Patrol ay si Ted Failon? No-Lee de Castro is conveniently absent. Wika pa ni No-Lee bakit ang sabi ni Sen. Serge eh P12.0B loan samantala “what he heard (kono) was only P6.0B”. Dito dapat paniwalaan si No-Lee na P6.7B (itinago pa ang P0.7B) dahil alam nya talaga, being the former chair of the Pag-Ibig Fund. Ang Board pa nga nya ang nag-approved ano ka Sen. Serge? 
    The fact that you kabayang No-Lee were not included in the charge sheet doesn’t mean hindi ka naulengan. Naging VP ka so may coersive powers ka pa rin, ano akala mo sa amin parang taga basa na lang ba ng news? You might be surprised to know that the vast majority of your kababayans have an intellect much higher than a news reader. 

    • Anonymous

      Ted FAilon?  Whose wife’s death remained a mystery because Ted told his houseslaves to clean the crime scene?

      If Ted Failon cannot know the importance of preservation of crime scene, he has no business in news reporting.

      And lo and behold, peryodistas never attacked Failon for cleaning the crime scene.  As usual it was the maids that was detained so was del Rosario ! 

      HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!  I love you FAILipinas,  NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, talking about Ted Failon and that case. He was just lucky our authorities are either incompetent or afraid of the media people. If the authorities were worth their salt they could have dig deeper into why the crime scene was cleaned before they could investigate. They could have established who were responsible and charged those concerned with obstruction of justice. My feeling is the authorities are both incompetent and afraid of media people. Now to Noli de Castro, my favorite news reader. He was again conveniently not around to read the news about Delfin Lee and his Globe Asiatique last night (Aug.30th) at Tv Patrol. It was Korina Sanchez who did it. But in the beginning of the program he was there resplendent in his coat & tie. I wonder why he is so shy when it comes to Globe Asiatique issue, is it getting obvious?


  • Anonymous

    sino? si noli d racketeer and blackmailer e mandarambong na rin? talagang iba ka ha? kahit saan mapunta ha talagang may natututunan ha. kung sabagay, hindin nga naman pwedeng si pandak lang ang kikita. e naghirap din nga naman yung mama sa pangangampanya nung eleksiyon. bumabawi lang.

    • Anonymous

      Si Noli de Castro the guy with sticky Tancho Tech Pomade ?  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

  • Kaloy

    Alahh Ehh!!
    Kahit pala umiwas si Kabayang Noli sa “kiss” of fire” eh sinundan pa rin  ng init nito ehhh. Paano Kabayan handa ka na ba sa Senate hearing?? Paalala lang, bawal magkasakit ha?

    Senator Loren Legarda is anxiously waiting. Patay kang bata ka.

    May kapatid ka rin ba na sasalo sa iyo, Kuya? just in kess..

    Hummm, another exciting TV teleserye na naman ito.  Ano ang pamagat?

    “PAG-IBIG TINGNAN ANG GINAWA MO”. Starring? Abangan!!

    Teka, tapos na ba ang serye ng mga Arroyo, ” THE MOTHER OF KISS OF FIRE”?

    ah, ok hablahan na lang.

  • Anonymous

    If this is true…I will boycott ABS CBN for coddling a criminal. Else they’re part of it.

    • Anonymous

      HUH?  Mano-ud ka pala ng ABS-CBN ?  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

  • Anonymous

    kaya pala tahimik ang domoho na eto..kala mo news caster na may dignidad.. paroho lang kayo ni pandak!

    • Anonymous

      one is presumed innocent until proven guilty,,, let ‘s wait for the recommendation of the Ombudsman if she will file a case of corruption against the former Vice President…

  • Anonymous

    then again  dapat makita ang evidence para makulong ang responsible sa nag waldas ng pera.

    • Anonymous

      In my dreams !

      “GLORIA DID IT! “

  • Maria Cela

    Bakit ‘could be’ liable ba lang si Noli? Ano ba yan, paramdam ba ni Osmena kay noli,  baka may gusto? Pag may ingay may gusto, ang lagay ba wala? I think ganyan sila nagooperate. Di ba kami-kami, tayo-tayo yang mga senatores (dating senador si Kabayad). Tingnan kung may mangyari,  aaaaabangannnnn!

    • Anonymous

      Why do Fifol of the Filifins believe Serge Osmena when the guy was just asking if Noli may be involve in this.  WHY O WHY FAILipinos ?  WHY?  Hanga talaga ako sa tsismis sa mga Flipptards.


  • fightforphilippines

    another magistrate of the court coming from the once honourable senate. the senators have transformed the senate into a laughing stock as they continue with their deep quagmire in schizophrenia despite their old age to usurp the power vested in the judiciary. they pre-judge, they punish and incarcerate people, they humiliate witnesses deep down to their knees, they drive people to commit suicide, they cover up their own crimes, they bask in their live telecast grandstanding and squander their multimillion pork barrel to Pnoy’s delight.

    • Anonymous


      The senate has become the most expensive investgation bureau.  Their style is INVESTIGATION-BY-ASKING-AROUND.  They even ask my suki fish vendor what she thoughting if Mikee owns the hellechoppers instead of asking BAT, SeC and other agencies to know who owns the Choppers.

      The senators are bunch of dodos and ding-dongs.  WELL, THEY ARE FILIPINOS, WHAT DO I EXPECT?

  • Anonymous

    in order to prop up the almost bankript pagibig, the govt has come up with another bright idea–make the membership mandatory meantime the crooks who have bled the housing agency dry are still up and about waiting for another chance to steal

    • Anonymous

      Membership only was tooken eppekt back in the 80s the year of Renato Pacifico

  • Anonymous

    Now we know why Noli de Castro was just behaving like a joker in the deck of cards of Shortee GMA. He’s got something to hide or have something to show to the people.

  • isko daya

    Finally, a senator is saying right. Noli de Castro should have been investigated and charged well long ago when the Senate were doing grandstanding investigation on the Pag-IBIG and Globe Asiatique housing scam.

    I hope this will not end in publicity only. Noli will definitely be defended by his media friends. Noli is the “Silent Executioner.”

    • Anonymous

      investigate Noli de Castro sticky Tancho Tech Pomade on what basis ?  HUH? Based on pagarparings, musings and suggestive innuendoes ?  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

      Isko daya kantut his sister.  I do not have evidence but my pagarparings is goot enough.  Should we investigate Isko Daya ?  HA!HA!~HA!AH!AH!HA!

  • Anonymous

    This huge amount of money six to twelve billion of pesos as public funds of the Pag-Ibig will only loan to Globe Asiatique Holding corp. was collected to every Pag Ibig members worth 200 pesos a month. Imagine, to collect 12 billion pesos is a lot of times and efforts and appeal through their media blitz of commercials just to persuade people to patronize this Pag Ibig funds will just be given  to one favor corporation whose identity is doubtful and dubious. What has one guts to do this?  Almost all public funds are attacked by this so called popular leader at the expense of this pitiful public. You are not there as chairs to sit only  and approve policy is ridiculous and unbelievable and tell it to the marine. What a pitiful public whose poverty is always a promise to elevate during election times is now again more poorer, attacked and exploited by this so called Messiah whose only asset is popularity. What makes a good appearance in public can deceive many into believing, what a pitiful public.

    • Anonymous

      Goot englsichtzeS BUT POOR LOGIC because the imposter is a Filipino.  FILIPINOS ARE NOT KNOWN FOR THEIR LOGIC AND CRITICAL THINKING.

      Just because a Senator is pagarparing without evidence, like NBN-ZTE, and gets published in the irresponsible media’s comical peryodiko it means there is evidence and needed to be investigated ?


  • Anonymous

    Is anybody still looking at the North Railway Project?

    • Anonymous

      Panis na yan.  Pinipiga na wala pa nakuha kasi ang ebidensya ios based on pagarparings.  Cannot happen in your side of AMerica.  In aemrica they needed evidence not some low-intelligence Filipino making pagarparings without evidence and forensics.

  • Henry E. Samonte

    Noli is a lap-dog of the Arroyos, don’t you forget that. He is a dummy. He does not have any mind of his own. All he knows is to read scripts, that’s all. But, when you ask him simple questions, he will always scratch his head and retort, “Aywan ko ba dyan.” It was a big mistake electing him as Vice President. It would have been a big mistake had he aim for the Presidential position. Heh ehe. At least, we have missed the storm. Otherwise, had he won, we will surely be the laughting stock of the whole word. 

    But don’t be fooled. All Presidents always have that seemingly transparent “Flexiglass” but actually an ECD screen on both sides of the podium  When ever the President speaker turns his head both sides, be sure he is not looking at the audience but actually reading the script on the LCD flat screen. Hehehe. Wise guys!”

    • Anonymous

      Aaaah, since Noli is a lapdog of the ARroyos, therefore, he is corrupt!  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!
      So those Filipinos born and bred during the year of the Arroyos …. those Filipinos employed during the year of the lord of the Mikees … ARE ALL CORRUPT ?

      So half of 95,000,000 Filifinos are bunch of corrupt people?  MAKES SENSE AIN’T IT IF I FOLLOW YOUR LINE OF LOGIC !  HA!HA!AH!AH!HA1

  • Anonymous

    Here Noli-boy.. jump.. sit.. rollover… and  die!

  • Don Sia

    6 Billion pesos. Imposibleng hindi alam ni noli boy to.

    • Anonymous

      Of course alam ni Noli Tancho Tech.  Since NOLI IS ONLY A MERE JOURNALIST you do not expect him to know.  BECAUSE JOURNALIST do not base their reports on vetted facts but based on pagarparings like Noli

      • Anonymous

        @Mariano Renato Pacipico, hardly found the word pagarparing in the Webster dictionary, what you meant may be is, paraphrasing to mean- a restatement of  a passage for clearness. Correct me if I’m wrong. And by the way, Filipino are not inherently or naturally corrupt but how Filipino becomes naturally corrupt.We human being, Filipino in particular, is always capable for change nothing is permanent in its nature of anything in this world. It is only in the mind and one’s perception. Tks

  • Banana Na

    ikulong ang dapat ikulong, sa pilipinas kasi, gagawa ka lang ng documento ay aabot pa ng ilaaaaaaang buwan o taon bago matapos, papaano pa ito, investigastion kay NOLI ay aaaaabot pa sa END NG TERMS NI PRESIDENT AQUINO..GAAAAANON KA BAGAL ANG SYSTEMA SA BANSA NA ITO…MASKI PALITA AT PALITAN ANG GOVERNMENT AY PAREHO-PAREHO PA RIN…WALANG PAGBABAGO….

    • Anonymous

      WALANG PAGBABAGO ANG PILIFINOS !  Filipinos are naturally corrupt.  It is written in their DNA.

  • Aspo resurrection

    hindi na bago sa amin yang mga Alvarez, kamag-anak yan ni Alvarez sa BOC!!!

  • big dawg

    simple command responsibility, nothing could have been approved without his permission. bakit kelangan natin mag tangatangahan? let’s stop being pinoys, maging Filipino naman tayo from now on.

  • Anonymous

    Nung nagsisimula pa lang halungkatin ang kaso ng globe asiATIQUE sabi ni Noli non walang anomalya sana mahalungkat yung archive ng news na yon. Now hugas kamay ang hudas na yan. Mula umupo yan ng HUDCC at ng pag-ibig kinontrol nya lahat pati si Quimbo di masikmura ginagawa nya kaya nagresign ginawal lang dahilan ang pagkandidato ang totoo lagi sila conflict of interest non si Quimbo sa tuwid si noli sinisingit ang baluktot na sistema.

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Investigate Noli De Castro and in black and white be it determined if he is liable or not in pursuit of good governance! Nakakawala ng gana para sa matuwid na daan kung may iniilagang imbestigahan jus because of his former or present stature di ba?

  • Anonymous

    That’s the only reason why despite the plunderous looting activities of GMA, this quiet vice-president didn’t bark or bite a single attempt. One obvious reason was that he has his fair share of the loot. So fair that even his grandchildren can live with this loot like privilege children.

  • Homer Guo

    anong klase kang lider ng isang ahensya kung wala kang alam? besides, “ignorance” is not an excuse. bago ka pumirma o sumang ayon di ba dapat busisiin mo muna dahil name mo ang nakasalalay doon? lola ko nga grade 2 lang natapos pero kapag me pipirmahan binabasa muna nya lahat bago pirma o minsan tanong muna sya sa iba. simple lang di ba kabayang Noli?

  • Anonymous

    The only problem we have is the criteria in the Penal Code that the complainants have to prove the suspect’s commission of looting or plunder beyond reasonable doubt. As it is now, the allegation that FG Arroyo owned five helicopters is in great quagmire despite the presence of bar topnotcher KOKO , veteran criminal lawyer Frank Drilon and known nationwide as a brilliant kid, Chiz Escudero. I wanted these guys to win, but it looked like the looters burned all the hard evidence or the possible witnesses surprisingly committed suicides. GMA appeared to be hundreds of  steps ahead of the paper chase !!

  • Anonymous

    Kawawa naman yang si Noli, Sana ng resign na siya ng nakita niya lahat ang kabaliwan ng mga Arroyos para di madungisan yung pangalan niya. Mabait naman yan si Noli pero di niya kaya maka eskapo sa mga buwayang Arroyo at siya’y naging isang pangil ng buwaya.

    • Anonymous

      Noli Tancho Tech should resign based on command irrresponsiblity …. 

  • jansen latawan

    sabi na nga ba at bobo rin tong si NOli e.. imagine may mga corruption nang nangyayari sa kanyang department nya di pa nya alam.. obos talaga~!

    • Anonymous

      Of course Noli is certified Bobo because he is a Filipino Journalsit !  Filipino journalist are low intelligence goot englischtzes speaking people.

      • Jao Romero

        wag mo lahatin. pwede pa anchors, pero journalists? writers are journalists too, as are those in the PCIJ. sa kaso ng mga anchors, mas marami nga sa kanila ang mejo kaduda-duda ang intelihensya, lalo na pag sa ABS-CBN. sa GMA, matatalino mga anchors.

  • jansen latawan

    hindi kawawa si noli.. dapat nga syang papanagutin sa ktangahan nya.. 

  • jansen latawan

    nakakawalang ganang MAnood tuloy ng TV patrol dahil ung anchor mismo ay involved sa katiwalian.. sana wag muna syang mag aapear sa TV patrol… 

  • ryan andres

    hmm…nalito na tuloy ako. si Serge lumabas uli…ito ba yung Serge O. na pambansang bulaklak ng pilipinas? wehehehehe

    what i meant was, ito ba yung bayot na Serge? or may iba pa bang Serge O na bading? kasi the third yung nakalagay sa pangalan nya eh. just wondering out loud folks…

  • Anonymous

    May kapalit ang ginawang hindi pagdamay kay Kabayan sa housing scam. Tutulungan ni Kabayan si Binay sa ambisyon nitong maging presidente sa 2016. Ambisyoso si Nognog.

  • Anonymous

    Wala raw ebidensiya, bakit hindi pa ba sapat na bahagi si De Castro ng board ng Pag-Ibig that approved the loans. He was the head of the Pag-Ibig board therefore alam niya yun.

  • Anonymous

    Hindi makakalusot ang P12 billion housing loan ni Delfin Lee kung walang go signal ni Kabayan. Siya ang chairman of the board ng Pag-Ibig, di ba? Malinaw na malinaw yan.

  • Anonymous

    Wala daw evidence that will link De Castro to the
    housing loan mess, according to Binay. Wala nga talaga kasi bayad na si Binay

  • Anonymous

    Huwag kang magpakasaya agad Ka Noli. Hindi pa lusot yan si Noli de Castro, pwede pa siyang kasuhan basta’t makakakuha ng new evidence na magli-link sa kanya sa anomalya.

  • Anonymous

    P12 billon housing loan. Napakalaking loan nito. Quick approval, quick commission for Kabayang Noli.

  • Anonymous

    Hindi basta-basta ia-approve yan kung walang bribe na tinanggap si Noli de Castro at iba pang miyembro ng Pag-Ibig board kay Delfin Lee. May suhulang nangyari diyan.

  • Anonymous

    VP Binay said there’s no evidence daw that would link former VP Noli de Castro in the multi-billion housing scam. Magkano Mr. Binay?

  • Anonymous

    Balato naman diyan VP. Baka naman binalatuhan na ni Kabayan si Binay sa suhol na tinanggap niya kay Delfin Lee kaya hindi siya isinama sa mga kinasuhan sa multi-billion housing scam.

  • Anonymous

    Lugi tayo kay Jojo Binay bilang bise presidente. Parati siyang
    nagbabakasyon sa ibang bansa imbes na maglingkod sa bayan. Mag-resign ka na
    lang Binay.

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