Muntinlupa court acquits 2 ‘Alabang boys’ of drug charge

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Richard Brodett and Joseph Tecson. INQUIRER file photo

MANILA, Philippines—The Muntinlupa City Regional Trial Court acquitted two of the so-called Alabang boys who have been charged with a case for violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Richard Brodett and Jorge Joseph have been acquitted due to the police’s improper gathering of evidence.

The court ruled that the buy bust operation did not follow the specific chain of custody of the evidence.

“Justice was served today. There is failure to establish that they are guilty beyond reasonable doubt because they violated the chain of custody rule. It should not have been broken,” lawyer Felisberto Verano said.

The “chain of custody” refers to the requirement under the law that should be followed regarding the movement of the seized illegal drugs from seizure to presentation in court and then destruction.

PDEA arrested the two as well as another Alabang boy Joseph Tecson in 2008. Brodett was arrested in Ayala Alabang subdivision in Muntinlupa along with Jorge Joseph. Joseph Tecson was arrested in a separate operation in Araneta Center in Quezon City.

They were charged with violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

They became controversial after the DoJ dismissed the case against them due to lapses committed by PDEA in conducting the raid. PDEA accused the DoJ prosecutors of accepting bribery prompting the Office of the President to do its own review of the case and eventually file a case against the Alabang boys in court.

Tecson’s case is being heard before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court. Tetch Torres,

For full detail listen to 990AM report.

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  • Grandmaster Grandmaster

    their acquittal however doesn’t mean that they did not commit the crimes alleged. They were acquitted because of procedural lapses committed by the authorities.

    • Edzel

      This is a job for the Sparrow Unit

  • Ming Mow

    enjoy ang life ng mga criminals sa Pilipinas kundi nasa gobyerno nag p-party lang. hahaha 

  • Anonymous

    Mas lalo pa nga naging malala ang mga krimen dito sa PILIPINAS, at nakakalaya pa ang mga malalaking isda.

  • Anonymous

    Yan ang sarap ng may pera saka nasa Pulitiko sa Pinas na gagawan nila mabutas ang batas kahit kitang kita ang evidensya. Kawawa kapag mahirap wala ka na ibang kakahantungan kundi maghimas ng rehas sa kulungan sa habang buhay.

  • Anonymous

    Magsama-sama na sila nila Hubert Webb sa susunod na pagkakalat ng lagim.

  • Anonymous

    you go again, as if you have proof of bribery. why dont you look at the
    merit of the case. were you there during the hearing? are you sure the
    pieces of evidence presented by the proecutors are sufficient enough to
    pin down the suspects?are you sure that those evidence as reported by
    the media are really what they suppose to be? are you sure the evidence
    of the prosecutors are admissible in court? are you sure the prosecutors
    really did their best? if you are not sure about all of these, then
    dont blame the justice system. It is also not the fault of the families
    if they can afford to hire top notch lawyers. you will surely do that
    if you were in their cant say “kitang kita ang ebidensya” unless he was there during the hearing and he really analysed the merits of the case. we cant judge based on what we hear, see and read from the media.

    • Edzel

      Ang hostess siya sa Pilipinas ang nabibili ng mga mapera

  • Christian

    Hay, that’s life. They were not informed eh. Makapag casino na nga lang para makakuha ng free coffee at makabili ng second hand na helicopter.

  • Cant Escape

    PDEA should continue to put these Alabang boys under surveillance. Babalik ang mga yan sa droga kung totoo man ang paratang. Mahirap kumalas dun lalo na’t kunsintidor ang pamilya.

  • ed0408

    Thanks we have lawyers like Verano, judges and PDEA agents who find ways to help the rich people go scott free through technicalities. 

  • antonioluna

    money talks over hoodlum in robes again and again.

  • Anonymous

    Due process equals due pesos

  • Anonymous

    Lalakas na naman ang bintahan nito, makapag bukas nga shabo factory sa pinas para kumita ng malakilaki, madali lang pala lusotan pag may kaso ka jan sa pinas, kahit caught in the act na, considered ka pa rin na innocent unless proven guilty lalong lalo na pag mapera ka. Hayy…Pilipinas kailan ka uunlad…

  • Toni

    “DoJ dismissed the case against them due to lapses committed by PDEA in conducting the raid. PDEA accused the DoJ prosecutors of accepting bribery”
    Isang tanga at isang corrupt… sinong tumatawa… ang addict na mey pera!

  • Anonymous

    korek ka dyan grandmaster grandmaster, na acquit lang dahil sa procedural lapses ng authorities. at siempre yung mga padulas.

  • unokritiko

    A verdict of an experienced liar lawyer who become a judge thru connection thats the result of justice in mockery in the philippines!!!
    These are the persons in our judicial system that makes our country in the rubbish!!!

    • aj chun

      Your comment is so unfair.  You easily judge without a basis.  Sana man lang e may basehan ka, bago ka mag post…

      • unokritiko

        There is no need for more explanation, but giving you some idea why it is so.
        first thing first PDEA I think is doing their job well and it is not for fameness of PDEA to catch big fish using by merely placing drugs by themselve in the crime scene(unlike PNP).  and oh my!! oh my!! dear friend the judge which I think your siding gives this kind of verdict??!!!  for sure money changehand in this case.
        for more comment see my comments regarding farcical probe of MS Monsod to give you more heat. Please dont take any drugs drugs if youre hook on it which I think the judge have taken before she promulgate the verdict.
        Putting your decision on a mere technicalities supresses the true meaning of justice.

  • Anonymous

    fota..ano ba tong nangyayari sa atin

  • Anonymous

    The criminals seems very successful winning over the system aren’t they?  Do you think it is time to give up and let the criminals have their way?

  • big dawg

    a perfect example of how lame our justice system is. caught in the act, guilty, pero dahil mishandled, naging innocent? tsk tsk tsk… tlgang obvious na may umikot na pera. 
    you just released these monsters who will continue to wreck other people’s lives? Effin justice system!!!

    • aj chun

      What happened was a showing how our enforcement officers are too negligent in handling the evidence in their possession.  Let us not easily think that money has played a role here….Hope mabasa mo desisyon before you easily said something which has no basis but a sweeping generalization about the justice system.  Wag post ng post if you will just show your ignorance.

      • Anonymous

        Talaga lang ha, sigurado kang walang perang umiikot dyan, para ka namang hindi taga Pilipinas…kahit ilang bisis mo pang basahin yong disisyon…eh hindi naman sila tanga na ilagay dyan sa disisyon na yan na nagkaroon ng lagayan,,hahaha…anong tingin mo sa amin, we are born yetsrday…

  • Anonymous

    magkano kaya?

    • aj chun

      Sana di tulad mo mag isip ang iba kasi kawawa naman ang bansang Pilipinas.  It is unfair to the parents, counsels, relatives and friends of the accused.  Basahin mo muna sana ang desisyon ng Court before you insinuate any wrong things about the judgment of the court.  Im pretty sure di mo pa nabasa desisyon and you just jump to the conclusion without any basis other than you wanted your unwanted and unlearned comment to be posted here.

  • Anonymous

    kung mahihirap pa yan, matagal ng nakakulong at nabubulok sa kulongan. obviously, binayaran ng mga magulang nitong mga batang to. Dapat sisihin din ang mga konsentidor na mga magulang na nagbabayad sa mga huwes at abogado. kawawa naman ang mga ordinaryong mamamayan na hindi kaya ang asking price ng abogado at huwes. kakalungkot talaga..dahil lang sa technical issues…haaay, substance over form please!!!

    • aj chun

      Di kita masisisi kung ganyan ka mag isip.  You are not learned with things about the law.  If we will always decide on the substance of a case, there is a great possibility that our rights can easily be set aside because of blind adherence to the substance of the case.  The law protects us not only against evil doers but also violators of our rights, whether or not you committed the crime. 

  • Anonymous

    TKO ang PDEA di bali my return bout pa…PDEA mag practice kayo ng maigi yong ala Paqiuao…

  • Felix

    “crime does not pay” but criminals do.

  • Odee Jacinto

    May malaking kaibahan ang hustisya sa katotohanan. Ang hustisya nababayaran, nababaliktad, at naaayon sa agwat natin sa lipunan. Ang katotohanan pantay para sa lahat. Malungkot lang na ang hustisya ay nakamit pero di malinaw kung eto rin ang katotohanan.

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Now that the decision has been rendered, let it be. Pero kung may guilty talaga, sana magbago at makonsensya. Kung talagang wala naman silang kasalanan, salamat at silay napawalang sala. Di natin masisi na maraming Pinoy ang magduda sa maraming di magandang nangyari na sa ating  justice system.

  • Anonymous

    Free due to technicalities,magaling lang manghuli ng dilis pero pag tanguile at tambakol na pinag-usapan nakakalusot sa lambat.

  • Alfred Sanchez

    common na ito basta mga pulis natin nang aresto ng mayaman malamang dismissed ang kaso dahil sa technicalities, isang patunay lang na tatanga tanga ang mga pusli satin, magaling lang pag mahirap ang nahuhuli pero pag mayaman ultimong miranda rights hindi saulado kaya dismissed kagad ang kaso

  • Anonymous

    Justice in the Pilipins: Just law or just low?

  • Felix

    Ipagpalagay nang walang lagayan na nangyari….magkano kaya ang ginastos ng mga nasakdal at magkano naman kaya ang ginastos ng taong bayan dahil sa kaso?

  • Felix

    Marahil ay malaking halaga ang nagastos ng mga nasakdal sa kaso at kailangan kitain ulit nila ang halagang nagastos. Upang kitain nila ang halagang nagastos, kailangan nilang palakasin ang benta ng kanilang negosyo.

  • Bryan

    Justice is only for the rich. Kung mayaman ka eh di you’re above the law. Sabihin na natin may maling ginawa yung pagkakahuli sa kanila, di pa ba sapat na nakitaan sila ng illegal drugs para makasuhan at makulong? Acquitting someone because technicalities is not justice. Kung may mali man sa mga pulis eh di sue them for that mistake but to acquit these two because of the police’s mistake, parang walang logic. Two wrongs can never make a right. I guess it’s true when they say that everybody has a price and isn’t it just a coincidence na mayaman yung nahuli nila? Or alam lang ng mga FOOLIS kung sino ang dapat hulihin because they know they’ll profit from these people in the end. If this is the case, eh matalino pala sila at nagawa nilang maplano ang lahat. Nakakahiya. Makapagpatugtog na nga lang: “It’s all about the money, money, money. We need your money, money, money.”

    • Henessey Gorriceta


  • Anonymous

    Let this be a warning. Anyone who tries to sell drugs to my children and the children of my friends will not escape justice. The Police nor the courts will be able to protect you. I will do everything in my power to track down who ever tries to sell my kids drugs and deal with them MY WAY! I will suffer the consiquences for breaking the law at a later date. But not before I get the dealers first. If the courts and police cant do their job then I will but it wont cost the tax payer a single cent.

    • Anonymous

      go go go Charles Bronson!

  • Anonymous

    Bring back the death penalty and put child sex offenders, drug dealers, drug manufacturers, rapists and murderers on the very top of the list. Stop wasting the tax payers money and just dispose of the trash. Exacute the lot. The death penalty is the only thing I do agree with China on.

  • Anonymous

    hindi na kapanipaniwala ang korte natin , kung mahirap ka kulong ka , pag mayaman nababayaran nila, PROSTITUTE  na rin ang judge natin,pag may pera ka puede mo akong ilabas pag wala ka manigas ka dyan .kawawang mga pulis na sinusubo ang buhay, ang nagkakapera ay prostitute judge

  • kido

    maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na lusot lagi sa ngipin ng batas ang mga mayayaman. kung nangyaring mahihirap ang mga alabang boys na yan ay walang makikita ang husgado of any broken rules on the handling of evidences. palagi namang ganito ang naririnig kapagka mga mayayaman ang involve sa krimen. mas mainam pang sabihin na lang ng husgado na sorry na lang kayo kasi malaki ang bayad at sadya lang napakahirap tanggihan.

  • Anonymous

    Guapo si Richard Brodet. Baka may isang politiko na type sya and syang naglakad sa kote. Sabagay, sayang nga naman kung sino-sino lang makinabang sa bilibid. Hayyy,  ang tuwid talaga ng landas ng ating bayan.

  • Anonymous

    SO STUPID to acquits these Alabang Boys despite of many evidences. PDEA next time patayin na lang nyo yang mga walanghiyang yan at mag depensa na lang kayo sa korte. Yan kase HUMAN RIGHTS kahit na mali pumapanig kawawa naman ang mga Law Enforcement natin kung ganito na puro na lang bayaran ang mga hukom. Ipapatay ng mga Alabang Boys ang Judge at sasabihin na PDEA ang may gawa.

  • mmm choco

    Suwerte nyo nga chong!!! pero subukan nyo ulit mag droga. di na kayo palampasin ng buhay!!!

  • mmm choco

    eto ang tuwid na daan! be warned.. bumalik pa kyo sa bisyo.. nyo.. todas ang na kayo agad.. wala ng korte..

  • ramrod

    Namputsa, gawin nyo sa Davao yan, tingnan natin!

  • Anonymous

    langya naman ohhh… patayin na kasi kaagad pagkahuli…. mga polis naman kasi mahilig sa pogi points yan tuloy kawala…. asan na yong mga NPA natin jan na makabayan kuno…. pagnapatay nyo ang mga yan tsaka ung judge lipat ako ng pagtitiwala sa inyo…

  • Henessey Gorriceta


  • Anonymous

    The Government will not appeal the case and spend another taxpayers’ money out of nothing again. High profile people can spend a few years in jail then buy their way to freedom. This is the justiis system in the country. Doesn’t work both ways. Justice failed.

  • kronos

    Rich boys acquitted.  Am I surprised?

  • Anonymous

    Sa tagal ng kaso nitong Alabang Boys naging buro na bago nabigyan ng decision, naging  Alamang Boys.

  • Anonymous

    they were acquitted only because of technicalities.

  • Anonymous

    Naigapang na naman ito sa korte..Dapat ang judge na ito ay tanggalin..Msyadong garapal ang nangyaring ito..Marami tayong dapat baguhin sa ating gobeyerno mag mula sa Justices, military at ka pulisan, mga elected opisyal..Hindi po gumagana ang demokrasya sa Pnas. Na-abuso ang sistima at kailangan baguhin. Walang pagbabago kung magpapatuloy ito..Sorry mga kabayan pero sa palagay ko ay babalik tayo sa mukong mukong na pamamahala ng gobeyerno…

  • Anonymous

     This is the kind of “Justice” that gives birth to vigilantes. Vigilantes, like Charles Bronson of Death Wish fame, serve justice the fastest and are more effective deterrent to crime than the Philippine National Police. .

  • Ruben

    Justice was not served.  The acquittal was due to technicality.  This is where corrupt judges are good at.  A judge can look for legal loophole and some technical lapses to acquit a suspect for a fee.  To the poor suspect, either the case is pending while he’s in jail or he would be convicted.  Shame on the Judge !

  • isko daya

    The prosecutors did things so that the Alabang Boys will get acquitted. Just what is their reason not to present former PDEA officials Santiago and the other one? The decision was technical but the prosecutors must be investigated by the DoJ for their stupidity and partisanship.

  • Anonymous


    • Aspo resurrection

      ba’t ko sasabihin? sssssstt….5M lang ikaw naman ang ingay-ingay mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    now, anyone can shoot them for free!!! then justice will be served!!! 

  • Anonymous

    if these accused are plain and ordinary juan de la cruz perhaps their case still have to be arraigned or may be the authority still have to come up of what case they gonna charge? but obviously they’re not thus the speed of trial is way up high than the fastest broadband speed available in our country! how i wish they’re rather alabang gilid boys so before this technicalities verdict at least they’ve served enough in prison for the obvious crime they’ve committed!

    how fortunate really these kind of people in this land where money is principally the road to what they claimed “justice is served today”!

    if i recall correctly this has been always the case of frustrations by pdea, they haven’t learned their lesson yet? or some of their hands are partly or totally dipped into the cookie jar? what a shame!

  • J

    Technicalities na naman. Parang bale wala ang pulis. Dahil sa kapalpakan nila. Palpak-palpak.
    But it doesn’t mean the A-boys are not guilty.

  • Anonymous

    Just like their moneyed parents, these scions of the rich and the powerful are afforded the loopholes of the law for their “conveniences”.
    It is entirely different when the ordinary Juan de las Cruz were in a similar situation. The FULL FORCE OF THE LAW sans loopholes are immediately applied. Kesehoda kung nagkamali ang mga pulis sa pag-likom ng ebidensiya. Wala iyan !! They at times “plant”  the evidences themselves to justify their actions.
    Wala akong katiwa-tiwala sa ating kapulisan at justice system ngayon. The (LOOPHOLES of the) law only works for the rich and the well-connected. Pag mahirap ka “guilty” ka agad beyond reasonable doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Money Talks…

  • Anonymous

    it said: Richard Brodett and Jorge Joseph have been acquitted due to the police’s improper gathering of evidence.

    let our entire police force just maintain the traffic enforcement in metropolis.  magaling sila diyan, lalo na kung mayroon laging naka-ipit na hindi bababa sa 100 sa iyong driver’s license.

    I think wala na siguro na bibilhin helicopter, kaya makaka-concentrate na sila sa pagtra-traffic.  it will be nice to hear them play with their whistles.

    MMDA traffic enforcers your days are numbered, policemen are coming!!!!

  • Herbert

    Pera-pera lang yan.

  • Anonymous

    Mga high profile cases na nadismis under Pnoy, Lacson being a fugitive, Webb, at ngayon Alabang boys…Ano kaya ang susunod, Ampatuan case ba? P’noy pakawala ka ng pakawala ng mga krimenal. Hindi ka ba nababahala?

  • Aspo resurrection

    bakit ngayon lang naabswelto ang mga ‘to?Tsk!tsk!…si webb inabot pa nang syam-syam bago sabihing not guilty…timing na timing naman na si Pnoy ang naging Presidente?

  • Anonymous

    korupsi korupsi korupsi!

  • Anonymous

    the more money you have,,,,, the more justice you can afford…….

  • ma. katrina villamor

    nako. di porque guapo ang mga kuyang yan eh basta-basta na lang ang batas. haha

  • Pio Gante

    may pera kasi kaya nagka-ganyan, they can afford the services of a de campanillang lawyer, kahit naman ma-convict  eh a-appeal sila sa ca pag denied akyat sa sc, kung pobre yan sasabihin na lang ng abugado de paamin ng pao na wag na lang labanan para tapos agad ang kaso.

  • Guest

    Law enforcers must undergo more training in gathering and handling of evidence.

  • Anonymous

    Hanggat may mga Judge na nabibili di mawawala ang mga walanghiya, Alabang Boys, Dominguez, Chinese Drugs Lord etc. Bakti kapag mahihirap ang daling makulong bakit kapag may pera ang hirap makulong. I’m sure itong Judge na ito di magtatagal ang buhay.

  • Anonymous

    Ang mga Congressman lagi sa Law Enforcement nakatingin bakit di nyo tingnan ang mga Judge. Sa PNP statistic lang napakarami ng nahuli Drugs, Carnaper, Kidnapper, Chinese Fraud & etc. Mayroong pang PDEA, NBI, etc SINO BA ANG NAGPAPAKAWALA di ba mga Judge daming dahilan. Magsasalita naman ang mga nasa Congress kesyo bakit hindi hinuhuli ng ating Law enforcement etc etc. nasaan ba ang mga walanghiya di ba nasa KORTE.


    Parang narinig ko na ang ganitong “KASO”…ha ha ha ha ha ! “GOOD LAWYER + CONNECTION + KWARTA = LAYA”  ! pero kung…”LAWYER mo ( ay tulog-tulog sa pansitan) + IKAW ay WALANG ATIK..= 100% biyahe ka sa KULUNGAN ” ! Aro Abe ! wa tay mahimo igsuon,..abaw gid ! yan ang totoong BUHAY PINOY ! pasaylo-a intawon ko… 

  • Rene Guidote

    Another case dismissed because of technicalities. Were Santiago & his men ever invited to the hearing? They should have shed light on the events that transpired. I pity the boys, the parents as well as PDEA. It’s the justice system that sucks!

  • Anonymous

    Justice has spoken. PDEA tried to create a name by arresting these young boys thinking that they were filthy rich living in Ayala Alabang. But actually they live besides Alabang and nearby Muntinlupa.
    After 3 years of  hiatus they were not guilty and came clean.
    For the boys, it is not too late to comeback  and straighten life following Pnoy’s tuwid na  daan.

    I hope the PDEA will capture big fish with value and not a carp or tilapia. On the other hand, PDEA should be ready for they will be investigated by the Senate for their bungled arrest.

    • raven la victoria

      andami mo yata alam or wala ka alam?
      mayaman yang mga yan and nkatira sila sa ayala alabang doe hindi lahat.
      bungled arrest? u sure? 
      kc ala nmn question sa operation sa handling lng ng evidence na kung pinatawag ng prosecutor ung iba pa witness it cud hav answerd and shed light sa chain ng custody.. eh wala-bakit kaya??
      ang PDEA ttawagan lng yan pra mgwitness, ang ggawa ng strategy nyan eh ang prosecution. 
      jz my two cents po.

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