Palace: Team PNoy solid despite Legarda vs Alan Cayetano


Malacañang does not see cracks in Team PNoy despite an apparent feud between the camps of reelectionist Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Loren Legarda.

Team PNoy’s campaign manager, Sen. Franklin Drilon, on Friday said Legarda was not breaking away from the administration coalition as a result of that feud.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda on Friday brushed aside talk of a possible breakup of the administration coalition that—should it happen—could further jeopardize President Benigno Aquino III’s goal of a clean sweep of this month’s senatorial election by his team.

At a briefing in the Palace, Lacierda shot down rumors that Legarda was already dissatisfied with the Liberal Party-led administration team.

“We believe that Senator Legarda is a team player,” said Lacierda, when asked if Legarda was being vilified because she had been topping the preelection polls.

Legarda, a member of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), has become the target of vicious attacks through text messages and the social media.

On Thursday, Louis Biraogo, a self-styled public interest advocate, called a press conference where he questioned the accurateness of Legarda’s financial disclosures.

Legarda called a news conference on the same day to say that all her properties—including an apartment in New York bought by her former husband—had been declared in her Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) since 2007.

She said the attacks on her were “all part of black propaganda” to dislodge her from the top of the polls.

Legarda said a fellow senatorial candidate was behind the latest attack on her but did not identify who it was.

She said her detractor was a male reelectionist senator who spread wild rumors about President Aquino’s mental health during the 2010 presidential election.

“He is known in the media as ‘Boy Kuryente’ (bum steer),” she said, clearly referring to Cayetano, a member of Team PNoy whose 2010 allegation against Mr. Aquino was later proved untrue. Cayetano was the spokesperson of Mr. Aquino’s presidential rival, Sen. Manuel Villar, in the 2010 elections.

“I will not run away when confronted with any alleged anomaly because I am a faithful public servant. This is yet another black propaganda because I could not be dislodged from being number one,” she added.

Cayetano has been trailing Legarda for the top spot in the surveys.

Lacierda, when asked if the political mudslinging was a prelude to the 2016 polls, said he expected the question to crop up, but quickly added, “It’s too early to speculate.”

Historically, senators who topped the senatorial race preceding a presidential election eventually ran for either president or vice president.

Still committed

In a statement, Drilon said Legarda remained committed to the team.

“Senator Legarda has committed to me and to President PNoy that she remained a loyal team player of the Team PNoy senatorial slate and we are extremely grateful,” Drilon said.

Drilon sought to dismiss reports that Legarda adverted to the involvement of a member of the team in the attacks against her.

“In her press briefing on May 2, [Senator] Legarda deplored the continued black propaganda against her, but she accused no one and no political party in particular as being behind this demolition job,” Drilon said.

“The most that she revealed was the name of the source of media materials being circulated to opinion writers about the alleged noninclusion of her New York property in her SALN,” he said.

At her press conference, Legarda announced that the media was “authorized” to ask for a copy of her SALN from the Senate.

Waving a certification from SGV accounting firm and ACCRA law firm, the senator branded as a “lie” and a “smear campaign” the allegation of nondisclosure in her SALN of real property in the United States.

“The certification I have in my hand, prepared by my lawyers, is clear: The Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN) I filed in June 30, 2007 includes the New York property subject of the black propaganda, described as ‘Other Investment’ in Annex A, in the amount of P7,175,000 equal to one-fourth of the total investment in the acquisition of apartment amounting to P28,700,000,” she said.

Beginning December 31, 2007 up to December 31, 2010, the same property was also included in the SALN described as “Equity in Real Property,” also one-fourth of the total P 28,700,000, she said.

“As of December 31, 2011 and December 31, 2012, the New York property was also included in my SALN described as “Real Property-USA,” she added.



She said it was “deplorable that people, possibly even some fellow candidates, could engage in such gutter politics, diverting people from the real issues.”

She did not name names.

“It’s political season and I have survived to answer clearly all the black propaganda hurled against me. I challenge the source of all this to come clean. I ask other candidates to stick to what we as candidates can do to address the problems facing the country, especially poverty,” Legarda.

She asked the media to likewise scrutinize the financial disclosures of other candidates, particularly all the incumbent senators.

“I am the author of the Freedom of Information Bill. Let’s not be waylaid by political mudslinging. The media are not for sale. Politics should not be run like a business. In front of my son (Lean), I swear that this certification of my lawyers from SGV and ACCRA is true,” she said.

“I was asked (by my lawyers) if even the minutest detail should be included (in the SALN). I told them, ‘Yes, I want them all declared because they are fruits of my work over 20 years in television,’” she said.

“The father of my children (two sons) is a wealthy man. Our marriage has been annulled, but that is a different story,” Legarda said. With a report from Norman Bordadora

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  • DennisTan

    Cayetano is quite greedy for what he did. what is his real plan? the pres race at 2016??

  • LadyBalmaceda

    this black propaganda has no credibility. when Biraogo announced it, he didn’t bother mention his source.

    • KelvinViray

      its questionable, biraogo’s claims. from his history, it seems he’s known for doing this so we should look at the facts instead of listening to this guy…

    • MULEN

      Actually it’s no rocket science to figure out that the source of questioned SALN is Legarda herself. Ibig sabihin gamitin mo naman utak mo.

      • speaksoftlylove


  • JamesCarag

    I’m surprised to see this happen. guess we finally see how nasty poltics can be with black propaganda

    • speaksoftlylove

      “Black proganda” your behind. Do you know what is the definition of a “black propaganda” dogyot? It means a lie. But Legarda’s hidden wealth and multiple violations of the SALn law is the truth. Go to the website of abs cbn and read for yourself a copy of the Deed of Sale of Legarda’s New York condo which she claimed to be owning only one fourth and that “there are 3 other owners.” Abs cbn is making it their banner story. See for yourself how pathological liar she is. Bilis na. Sobrang sepsep mo, pati pangalan ng anak ni Krissy sinepsep mo na.

      • JohnBernabe

        funny thing about definitions is that they change over time if that was really your aim then you should know that meanings for words or phrases change over time. “cute” used to be a way to describe something that is ugly or wasent nice to look at.. “g@y” used to mean happy! and now we all now what it means :P but it seems like you just wanted to segway it :) your no better than these people who try to slander other peoples names :) haaaaai master internet troll :)

      • speaksoftlylove


        Change your program, robot and try harder.

    • simondj

      from marcos to corona black propaganda din ba? alam mo mga kaharian/goberno ay bumabagsak o nawawala o nawawasak o hindi umuunlad dahil sa corrruption, check history.

  • RachelleDomingo

    did alan cayetano really do this?? low blow, low blow…

  • Benigno the Turd

    Obviously, LP is betraying NPC at all levels. Mar is enacting his plans so that NPC will not be a threat to his ascent. Cayetano is doing this with Mars tacit blessing.

    • sandra martines

      Masama lumaro itong si Alan Cayetano. Para umangat ang rating survey sisiraan ang mga kalaban niya sa No. 1 spot. Ang itim na budhi mo Alan!

  • speaksoftlylove

    Just what I’ve said in my previous posts that by presenting her own
    lawyer’s certification, Legarda has just buried herself deeper into her
    own “quicksand.” I added that the reason is that the records of her
    purchase cannot be deleted because it can be accessed by anyone online
    from the website of New York’s Register of Deeds. Under her lawyer’s
    certification, she asserted that she declared 1/4 of the amount of the
    property in her SALn from 2007 to 2010 because she is only a part owner

    and that there are three other owners of the said NY condo.

    Unfortunately for Legarda, abs cbn where she started her career, is now
    publishing a copy of the Deed of Sale, without any outstanding mortgage
    hence paid in cash, and SOLELY OWNED by Legarda, giving credence to

    accusations of Louis “Barok” Biraogo that she committed multiple violations of the SALn law.

    Another corrupt politician with hidden wealth is unmasked. Iboto na kaagad ninyo mga yellowvultures. Legarda at mga yellowvultures huwag na kayong humirit. Butata na ang hitad, maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw.

    • simondj

      kaya nga sa america hindi masyado corrupt mga politico dahil mahal ang property tax, mga taga america pag matanda na ayaw na bumili ng bahay sa america gusto nila sa ibang bansa, o kaya sa ibang states na mababa ang tax.

  • simondj

    talagang ganyan mga politico sa atin,,, hindi nagbabayad ng tax, bumibili ng property sa ibang bansa at nagkukuwari na maka bayan, maka Diyos, at maka tao. pero ang totoo maka sarili. piliin na lang po natin ang lesser evil.

    • mucho_cheapo

      Lalo na kung Maganda ka eh mas madaling magpalusot ng kasinungalingan.

  • Janch

    It is not unusual to have a property under the name of one person but co-owned by one or several others. So questions are raised. Who are the three other co-owners? And how did they acquire an interest in the property held in the name of Loren Legarda? She has to answer these questions, otherwise, we can rely on the documents showing her to be the sole owner.

    • speaksoftlylove

      What you are suggesting is happening only in the Philippines “which is not unusual.” In the US, they are very strict in real estate ownership moreso when you are an alien and you are the sole registered owner. The reason is all about the yearly property or realty taxes that will be paid by the owner of the property and I am sure that Legarda is paying the full property taxes, not 1/4 to the US government. Mahigpit ang US Internal Revenue Se3rvice pagdating dyan kaya kapag niloko mo, ilit na yang ariarian mo may kulong ka pa. The bottom line is Legarda’s defense is too shallow that only the gullible yellowvultures will swallow, hook, line, and sinker.

  • Ciano Malandag

    nag away na mga buwayang politiko!darating din ang bad KARMA sa inyo.mabibisto din kayo sa mga pinagagawa ninyo.pera ng taongbayan ang pinag usapan dito! dito nyo malalaman kung ano talaga ang dahilan kaya sila kumandidato.kanya kanyang batuhan ng mga baho.hindi kayo tunay na naglingkod sa taongbayan.puro pang sariling interes lang ang iniisip ninyo!!!

  • yesyesyo

    Whatever, no doubt they will still both win.

    Go Team PNoy!

    Important thing is PNoy will have absolute majority in the senate.

  • simondj

    kasi naman kung may lingkod ng Diyos kumakandidato hindi binoboto, kung iba iyon ang binoboto,,, whatever you sow you will reap. kung ang binoboto natin ay corrupt, siyempre ang aanihin natin ay destruction and perdition.

    • shaina banso

      People knew na mabait at religious si Alan Peter Cayetano. Di na po ngayon, demonyo na sinasamba niya.

  • Janch

    Bakit si Cayetano kaagad ang pinagbintangan? Why not Escudero who we all know aspires to be the next vice-president or even president of the Philippines?

    • Barak_O

      mahina ka pards

      si bum ang nagkalat ng tsismis

  • Ciano Malandag

    sa Amerika,tapos ang karera ng isang politiko madawit lamang ang pangalan sa pangangaliwa ng asawa o hindi pag bayad ng multa sa trapiko.

    sa Japan naman,magpapakamatay dahil sa kahihiyan ang politiko masasangkot ang pangalan sa anumang katiwalian…

    dito sa atin,mga smugglers, tax evaders, illegal loggers, magnanakaw, manggagantso, gambling lords, drug lords, coup plotters, rebels tyrants, at pati mga convicted murderers, plunderers at rapest ay patuloy nating binoboto. binoboto rin natin pati mga anak, asawa, at kamag-anak nila!

    tapos mag tataka tayo kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay talamak pa rin ang krimen, katiwalian, kawalan ng hustisya, kamangmangan at kahirapan sa bansang ito???

    • miriamquiamco

      Tama ka, si Legarda, ang corrupt. Halatang halata, the facts are indisputable, the NY property is under her name, at sinasabi niya ・1/4 lang ang sa kanya dito, kasi iyong aswa nyang nakakulong ang may-ari at mga anak niya ng 3/4, papayag ba iyong na-annulled niyang asawa na 100% ang ownership sa pangalan niyan? Manlilinlang, at hindi pa binigay ang details ng property which is clearly a violation of the law. At binili ng cash ang 700,000 dollars, may money laundering case na siya, meron pa siyang kaso sa plunder. Papaano iyong mga properties niya sa Forbes and Urdaneta, bakit hindi pinag-uusapan ng Media? The woman is a liar and a thief, it is clear. ..

  • Erick Labandia


    • Barak_O

      i drive mo na lang yang taxi mo boy

      hwag isigaw ang iyong kabobohan

    • mewo_meow

      Magnanakaw sa kaban ng mga bayan ang UNA founders.


        ano tawag mo kay Loren hiniram ung kaban ng bayan para magkakuha ng mahal na property

  • The Lighthouse

    Only P7,175,000 equal to one-fourth of the total investment in the acquisition of apartment amounting to P28,700,000 was declared. What happened to the remaining 3/4 or P20 million plus?.

    • Loggnat

      The property belongs to the ex-husband who bought it , the two sons, and Sen. Legarda. She only owns 1/4 of the property that is why it is the only amount declared. I think. :))

  • Concur_Dissent

    Desperate UNA and their talangka followers! UNA does not have any credible platform to show the people kaya makiki stir na lang na guluhin ang TP… Pathetic!

    • MULEN

      The article doesn’t mention even an iota about UNA. Legarda has never given a hint that the opposition has something to do with this or has taken advantage of this. This is purely a Team Pinoy squabble and should be treated that way.


        ano ka ba naman sinabi na nga ung clue bulag bulagan pa rin

    • wawa2172

      You are out of order. UNA has nothing to do with the issue. I am never a fan of UNA or Team PNOy but I guess the first never have an issue of hitting Team PNoy and or any member destroying any fellow candidate. The action of Allan Peter Cayetano re-downs to his ambition in 2016 and Legarda is a threat. Issues on SALN should have been made earlier so that it could properly be investigated to know every candidate. It is only now that it is being circulated and simply an act of harassment and not a gentleman way of treating a lady especially that they are party mate. In the words of Drillon, Legarda is a team player but can he say it to Peter? The crack is now revealed in Team PNoy. They may even win a 9-3 after election. Legarda, Chiz and Cayetano are none LP and by the end of election they will severe their affiliation to the Team PNoy coalition. The three are driven by ambitions to be on the top or maybe as VP by 2016. Trillianes is an NP, Poe is an independent whose close to Chiz. Mag iiwanan din sa Team PNoy when Noy became a lame duck soon and his popularity would wane because issues will start to fall all over him. Just watch how Boy Kuryente would destroy Noy. Remember in 2010? Boy Kuryenyte made a big issue about the mental condition of Noy and he even call him Panot. Wala pang coaltition nag natitirang buo after the president term end. So Team PNoy will become Team Panot and UNA will be UNAT with T as in Talo. So in 2016. Members of Team PNoy and UNA will form this a new coalition for presidency of Binay and Jinggoy againts Mar and Boy Kuryente.

      • Concur_Dissent

        PDI does not have a story stating that Tiangco is saying that the tsismis came from cayetano (check out ABS)…. this means nakikisawsaw lang siya na walang prueba. Para mag kagalit galit sila tulad ng UNA na galit ang ibang candidates kasi ang campaign funds ginagamit sa iilan lamang…

  • brunogiordano

    Tila ang nangyayaring away ay isang tactical move ng kampo ni ROXAS at CAYETANO.

    Big chance na BINAY/JINGGOY ang KANDIDATO ng UNA sa 2016.

    Tila nais ng LIBERAL na ROXAS at CAYETANO ang ticket nila sa 2016.

    At tila nais ng LIBERAL na I-discourage ang LOREN/ESCUDERO ticket.


  • mewo_meow

    Hayan na, naglalabasan na ang mga baho nila.

    • harri dolena

      Nagsanib pwersa si Alan Peter, Birado at Willy F para durugin si Loren, plus Chiz and Bam. Sila ang bagong sindikato.

  • wawa2172

    Even if a big crack is seen on Team PNoy before the election, Pork Drillon seem not seeing it dahil sa naniningkit ang ang mata niya sa sobrang katabaan. He could not discipline Boy Kuryente and could only tell the people that Legarda is a team player. Wait before 2016, Boy Kuryhente will declare Team PNoy as team PNot.

  • DingGalang

    eto si alan issue ng issue! number 3 siya pero ndi pa siya masaya sa number 3 spot? grabe

  • RogerLerma

    wow even team members. is there no honor in alan?

    • Camille Flores

      Team PNOY can do better without Alan “Boy Kuryente” Cayetano. It cant have traitors in its ranks

  • MarieUntalan

    shame on cayentano for doing something like this!

    • StephenHalili

      funny nga eh! he says he fights for corruption but then look at the things he does! wahahahhaa laugh trip eh

    • Concur_Dissent

      ilan kaya yang account ninyo na setup para supportahan si loren pero para wasakin si cayetano? mga bagong account yang sila mars69, pen111, dingdading03, gerger18, etc etc

  • JenicaLee

    shocking the lengths alan will take just to try to bring down the number 1 spot na si legarda. such a shame that he is even willing to bring down a fellow teampnoy candidate

  • Jane Tan

    I wonder if this is all some ploy to simply create drama, and ultimately, more press. We all know how Filipinos love drama.

    • MULEN

      Legarda orchestrating her own negative publicity and accusing a fellow Team Pnoy candidate for it simply to create drama?

  • patawad

    Cayetano is so full of schemes to enhance his chance. By the way, Bilog, where are those kahon-kahons of evidence against former FG arroyo’s dollar accounts in Germany. Wala ka pang nailabas na kahit isang dokumento man lang —manlilinglang!!!!! Wag nyo nga iboto ang mabilog na yan!!!!

  • Camille Flores

    Alan Cayetano should be removed from Team PNOY. power-hungry guy cant be trusted

    • harri dolena

      Tama !! Meron pang naka-ready na black propaganda si Alan Peter kina Chiz, Loren and Grace. Walang kasawa-sawa itong baklang si Cayetano.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Takot lang ni Kulot tanggalin sa team si Cahitano.

      Subukan niya at siya naman ang susunod.

  • brunogiordano

    ““He is known in the media as ‘Boy Kuryente’ (bum steer),” she said, clearly referring to Cayetano, a member of Team PNoy whose 2010 allegation against Mr. Aquino was later proved untrue. Cayetano was the spokesperson of Mr. Aquino’s presidential rival, Sen. Manuel Villar, in the 2010 elections.”

    CAYETANO ano ang sagot mo dito ????????

  • jerry

    Mas boboto ko na si Jamby Madrigal.. walang bahid na katiwalian, hindi magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan


      namimigay lang ng IPAD ngayong election walang bahid ka noh

    • JimmuTenno

      Umurong ang dila nyan nung si miriam ang kaharap. “come out you cowards!” nkayuko lang xa. hahaha.

  • jerry

    Ang gulo nila Legarda-Cayetano.. mas pipiliin ko na sina Jamby na senador.

  • speedstream2

    This is what happens in a chopsuey party system where re-electionists and would-be elected officials of all sorts straddle both sides of the fence to ensure their political ambitions. Add to the mix the usual skeletons in the closet and a barrage of info (a lot of which are of the black ops-type), among others, and we have a confused and incredulous electorate. Welcome to the dizzying world of Philippine politics.

  • batchmatters

    Okay na sana itong si Cayetano at bumango ang pangalan maski na siniraan nang husto noon si PNoy dahil kay Villar. Ngayon, tinirada naman si Legarda na malinaw na hindi na tatakbo dahil hindi naman mananalo pag tumakbong presidente. Yan tuloy Allan, nawawala na sa isip ng tao ang bagong naging pagtingin nila sa iyo. Kasi bumabanat ka ng maruming taktika at walang solidong basehan. You may kiss goodbye as early as now your dream of becoming president later.

    • kolin borrek

      Sa ngalan ng pera at ambisyon, gagawin ni Alan Peter ang lahat para maging mataas na lider ng bansa. Yun ang akala niya, mananatili na lang pangarap un.

  • harri dolena

    Alam na ni Loren Legarda na si Alan Peter Cayetano ang nasa likod ng black propaganda, pero ang di alam ni Loren kasapakat ni Alan si Mar Roxas.

  • kolin borrek

    Dapat ihayag sa publiko ni Loren Legarda na si Alan Cayetano ang brains ng smear campaign against him. Ibuking mo na Sen. Loren para makaganti ka.

  • shaina banso

    Nanahimik ata si Alan Peter Cayetano. Anyare Sen. Kuryente?

    • speaksoftlylove

      Kailangang kailangan daw manalo si Sen. Kuryente dahil panay brownout sa Mindanao.

  • Guest

    Deadma lang si Alan Peter sa mga pasaring na siya ang brains ng black propaganda kay Loren. Huwag kang magtago, humarap ka oi!

  • kolin borrek

    Nabuking na si Alan Cayetano ang utak ng mga paninira kay Loren. Pero
    nagkukunwaring wala siyang alam.

  • sandra martines

    Alan Cayetano plus Biraogo plus Willie Fernandez, iisa lang ang pagkatao ng mga ito, mukhang pera!

  • jelina samuel

    Maraming financiers si ALan Peter sa kanya special black propaganda
    against Chiz, Loren and Bam. Una ang smuggler na si Boy Valenzuela.

    • Guest

      Of course, malakin rin ang pondong ibinigay ni MAr Roxas kay Alan Peter Cayetano para wasakin sina Chiz and Loren. Tamaan sana sila ng kidlat!

  • bryanbrian

    No matter what, I have no problem with all the black propaganda.

    Loren and Alan will both win, whatever the ranking I dont care.

    Go Team PNoy!!!

  • Rajon Bondoc

    Dapat tanggalin sa Team Pnoy si Alan Cayetano dahil puro paninira sa kapartido ang ginagawa.Hindi tama yun

  • Tess Dizon

    Alan Cayetano at Mar Roxas posibleng magkakampi sa black propaganda kay Loren at Chiz.Mga ambisyoso sa 2016

  • James Yabut

    Nakakahiya si Alan Cayetano puro black propaganda pala ang ginagawa sa mga kapartido pa niya. Ang lala ng pagkadesperado niya

  • miriamquiamco

    Tama ka, si Legarda, ang corrupt. Halatang halata, the facts are indisputable, the NY property is under her name, at sinasabi niya ・1/4 lang ang sa kanya dito, kasi iyong aswa nyang nakakulong ang may-ari at mga anak niya ng 3/4, papayag ba iyong na-annulled niyang asawa na 100% ang ownership sa pangalan niyan? Manlilinlang, at hindi pa binigay ang details ng property which is clearly a violation of the law. At binili ng cash ang 700,000 dollars, may money laundering case na siya, meron pa siyang kaso sa plunder. Papaano iyong mga properties niya sa Forbes and Urdaneta, bakit hindi pinag-uusapan ng Media? She is obviously lying through her teeth. She can cry black propaganda, but the facts speak for themselves. Don’t vote for this woman!!!

  • josefe38


  • miriamquiamco

    Black propaganda, my foot!!!!!!

  • tugakbatan

    Loren, sinungaling ka rin ano? Paiyak-iyak kappa. Sabi ng ABS-CBN sa iyo lang daw naka-pangangalan ang title ng property. You cannot deny this, because it is documented. Hindi ito tsismis.

  • Ginabelle Santos

    Masaya ako tumakbo ulit senator si Jamby Madrigal.Ang ganda kase ng track record niya sa pulitika


      layo naman maisingit si IPAD queen

  • Dindo Suarez

    Dapat makabalik ng senado si Jamby dahil magaling at hindi kurakot.Period.

  • JimmuTenno

    wag nga kayo ganyan. napakaganda ng image ni alan peter cayetano sa MMK. courtesy of charo and the lopezes. Lol

  • regd

    It’s a healthy rivalry. They are sure winners and are just bored and trying to rattled the numero uno cage.

    • MULEN

      Your idea of healthy rivalry-where one is accused of gross dishonesty-is ridiculously absurd.

  • eight_log

    I salute Peter!!! This is the kind of leaders that we need in this country … kahit sino, kung may pagkakamaling nagawa sa bayan ay dapat lang pananagutin… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Sen. Cayetano!!!!!!!!!

  • miriamquiamco

    This is not a choice between Legarda ang Cayetano, both are worthy of our votes. One is an outright liar and dishonest which means corrupt. The other is immature and incompetent. He has not done anything good for the poor, puro papogi and is fast building his own dynasty, with his wife as mayor of Taguig. The wife fired nurses who liked a post on facebook, and yet, Cayetano has been blabbing about the need for security of employment, etc. , etc., and when push comes to shove, this guy has no principled stand on anything. It is obvious why, he is in public service not to serve the people but to build a family dynasty. Besides, there are only 24 seats in the senate, why should there be two from one and the same family. Look for candidates who are not in the traditional mold and Cayetano is fast revealing himself to be unworthy of our principled vote.

    • Patotz

      sabi mo sa una, worthy sila sa votes, tapos sa huli, hindi na?

      ano ba ate.. make up your mind…

      para sakin si cayetano talaga ang hindi ko na talaga iboboto.. manloloko ng tao, ng kapwa kasama sa kampanya, at sa kanyang sarili… tapos gusto niya pa iparating sa tao matino siya? excuse me….

  • miriamquiamco

    both are not worthy, correction. . .

  • theEyeofSauron

    It’s still very irresponsible of Alan Peter Cayetano how he intends to win the elections. Given that he has topped the surveys for the previous months, it now brings to perspective how suspect his ways and means are. What we know is that he spent P10 Million, how do we know that that’s the only thing he spent? What of the other months?

    Maybe he was behind the black propaganda against Chiz Escudero, too. Especially about the Heart Evangelista and the Rice Smuggling expose. It’s not too hard to imagine he was behind it all.

    I mean come on, how stupid does he think the people are? Politics are politics, yes. But the truth is the truth. And based on his actions right now, the only truth that rings clear to me is the fact that he’s not worthy to be a senator because he’s not worthy to become a leader.

    • GothamGeneral

      couldnt agree more.. di talaga pwede si cayetano manalo given na yun pala ang ginagawa niya.. kung maayos lang sana ang sources ni loren legarda, baka pwede pang kasohan si Cayetano ng libel.. diba bawal din yun sa batas ang magbayad para sirain ang isang tao?

      pano yan kung magiging senador na siya at kung hindi niya makukuha ang gusto nya? baka naman sisirain at sisirain niya lang ang kalaban para lang makuha ang gusto niya.. diba medyo pangit naman yun, kase hindi naman siya karapat-dapat. kaya ako ang nagtataka kung bagay ba talaga siyang manalo.. at kung may proof sanang lalabas, sana ma disqualify siya..

      • PutligTiil

        Lumalabas na nga sa news diba? parang nabasa ko siya sa isang newspaper kanina na si Cayetano talaga ang nagpasimuno ng lahat na eto. For me, dapat idisqualify na talaga siya..hindi kase talaga dapat ganyan tumakbo para sa isang position na kailangan mo ng trust sa mga taong bayan. Kung ganun, hindi lang si Loren Legarda ang linoloko niya, lahat tayo.

        Lahat tayo linagay niya sa posisyon para masagap ang mga kasinungalingan na binabato niya.. parang i feel so manipulated bigla.. i’m never going to vote for a Cayetano again…

  • disqusted0fu

    For all we know, this could just be part of the show that team pnoy has been staging all this time. It’s been mostly about personal issues and personal bickering for these candidates. Always about themselves and seldom about the country. No one should care about their loyalty to their team or to Pnoy, what’s important is their loyalty to the people. The tuwid na daan that they claim to follow seems to be full of cracks anyway.

    • PutligTiil

      Oo nga, pero it’s not naman the principle that has the problem, the players ang may problema eh. Ako personally, ang tuwid na daan became more than just a tagline for me..parang way of life na.. kaso nga lang, may mga tao katulad ni Alan Peter Cayetano at Chiz Escudero na hindi talaga nasa tuwid ang daan.

      Ung isa, puro chicks lang iniisip at inaaway ang mga magulang ng chicks niya.. pinapaiyak pa kase bastos raw..

      Yung isa naman, gumagastos ng milyon para lang sirain ang mga kapwa niyang team pnoy.. balita ko kasali din si chiz at si grace poe jan..

      • GothamGeneral

        parang ganun na rin nga ang lumalabas. at least alam na natin kung paano sila sa kapwa nilang kasama, ano na kaya kung sa mga hindi nila kaibigan?

        backstabbers talaga can’t be trusted…

  • jpastor

    Si Cayetano ay parang isang martilyo na kahit hindi mo hawakan pupukpukin ka sa ulo. Sabagay year of the snake ngayon.

  • Albert Einstien

    LAGLAGAN WEEK na po…lol




  • Ulipur

    Loren is not being ‘ATTACKED’ by Cayetano….Far from it.

    Loren…go deeper….Mas malalim na analysis ang kailangan….para malaman ang tunay na kaaway.

    Gutter politics….2016…..ABS-CBN…Loren….Loren….Sen Angara…matulungin….Tanungin…

  • olalalalala

    You know what, it’s sad how other politicians use dirty politics for them to win and unfortunately, they’re just wasting money because people know the truth.

    • miiimiiiiiing

      …effort at oras ang usapan dito koya…nakakahiya pa dahil if mahuli kana gumagawa ng ganito mahihirapan kang bumangon…ayan nakarma tuloy…miiiimmmiiinggg!!

    • cactusjax

      nipapagod lang nila sarili nila sa paninira ng ibang politicians. Concentrate nalang siguro sila sa plaform niya.

  • jeprokz

    Of course, amongst all parties — Team pNoy naman talaga pinakamatatag. Their roster is full of achievers naman and great people na kahit may isang sablay sa kanila, kakayanin pa din nila yan.

    • cactusjax

      That’s actually right.

    • piskay

      sunod sunoran sila sa gusto ni pnoy,kung manalo na

    • miriamquiamco

      Achievers???? Poe, Hontiveros, Villar, Escudero, Cayetano, Legards, anong achievement nila, for being blind followers of Aquino?

      • Damaso

        Compared to UNA – Enrile, Estrada, Binay, Magsaysay – mga kurakot salot sa lipunan., tuta ni Gloria., mga bobo!

      • mongrel84

        correct lalo na yang three kings daw nila sobrang kakapal ng mukha estrada, enrile at binay ay T3 = Trapo 3

      • ike1684

        eh si nancy binay meron na ba syang na achieved? bukod sa pagiging dakilang alalay sa mga magulang nya ano pa?

  • BoyBakal

    Agree….Team Pnoy is solid this election.
    After election….the team will disintegrate, back to where they belong.

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