Mancao: ‘My mom talked to Lacson’

‘He ignored all my pleas’


Fugitive former police Senior Supt. Cezar Mancao II on Friday said he did everything he could to make Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson stop harassing him, but his former boss in the Philippine National Police (PNP) ignored his pleas.

“I talked to everyone whom I believed could help me. Even my mother, who is already old, went to the Senate and talked to him,” Mancao said in a telephone interview with the Inquirer.

“I talked to his brother, Tata Romy, his son who is a candidate for public office in Cavite, his classmates, everyone whom I thought could help. But he ignored them all,” he said.

He said that he had been trying to reach out to Lacson since last year.

“But all of my efforts were rejected. He ignored me, and never granted my request to talk to him,” he said.

Mancao, a suspect in the 2000 murders of well-known public relations agent Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito, said he would not surrender as long as he felt his life was threatened and the authorities continued to ignore his plea for justice.

Mancao escaped from his cell at the National Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Manila early on Thursday, beating by hours his court-ordered transfer to the city jail.

He called news organizations to say that he had learned about a plot to move him to Manila City Jail and kill him there, and claimed Lacson was behind the plan.

Lacson, former chief of the PNP and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF), refused to comment on Mancao’s allegation.

In the interview with the Inquirer on Friday, Mancao said he felt he was under surveillance even at the NBI headquarters, where he was supposed to be under government protection.

Mancao confirmed that he also talked to his former coaccused in the Dacer-Corbito case, former police Senior Supt. Michael Ray Aquino, whom Lacson trusted, and asked him to intercede for him so their former boss would leave him alone.

Public apology

“He (Aquino) suggested a public apology might move (Lacson), but I did not do it because he might also ignore it,” he said.

Aquino, who fled to the United States in 2001 and was extradited to the Philippines last year after serving a jail term for espionage, was dropped from the Dacer-Corbito case after the court found no evidence to prosecute him. He is now chief of security at Solaire, not security guard as earlier reported.

Mancao, who fled to the United States in 2001 and returned to the Philippines in 2009 offering to serve as state witness, had linked Lacson to the Dacer-Corbito murders, charging that the then PNP chief ordered the hit on Dacer because the PR agent was a fierce critic of then President Joseph Estrada.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) brought murder charges against Lacson in 2010, but the senator fled the country before the court could order his arrest.

He returned to the country in 2011 after he was cleared by the Court of Appeals.

Moving target

In a phone interview aired on television Friday morning, Mancao said he would eventually surrender, but for now he preferred to be a “moving target.”

“It’s better to fight outside. I’m a moving target that’s difficult to hit,” Mancao said.

“In jail, I’ll be easy to get and kill,” he said.

“I will not live long in the custody of the NBI or in the Manila City Jail,” Mancao said in his interview on Friday.

“Now I’m safe here outside. I can talk. In jail, they did not want to listen to me,” he said.


Mancao’s escape is the latest embarrassment for law enforcers, who have long been dogged by accusations of incompetence and corruption.

“Excursions” outside of prison involving high-profile convicts and the kidnapping for ransom of a convicted murderer in the New Bilibid Prison have led to shakeups in the Bureau of Prisons under the administration of President Aquino.

Guards charged

But Mancao’s escape is particularly embarrassing for the NBI because he walked out of jail with ease in the dead of night, apparently with help from his guards.

NBI guards Pablo Lani Remalante, 49, and Ibrahim Musa, 60, who were on duty on Wednesday night, have been detained for investigation.

The two guards, however, denied aiding Mancao. NBI Director Nonnatus Rojas said the two had been charged with evasion through negligence.

Rojas said five members of the NBI Security Management Division, including its chief, Rodrigo Mapoy, had been relieved.

He said an investigation showed that “no money was involved” and that Mancao managed to escape because of “negligence” at the NBI.

Footage from a security camera showed Mancao casually walking out of his cell at 1:14 a.m. on Thursday. He was carrying a big, black travel bag and he was wearing a bullcap.

The two guards were not visible in the video.

No help from guards

In a radio interview on Thursday, Mancao said the two guards did not help him escape.

“I don’t want them to be involved in my case,” he said. “They are loyal to the service, but still not regular employees. But if you have connections, you are permanently hired after three months. Poor guys.”

In his interview with the Inquirer on Friday, Mancao complained that Rojas ignored his appeals and requests.

He cited a court order that required him to travel to Compostela Valley to attend a hearing. Rojas, he said, disapproved his travel request.

Rojas explained that he disapproved Mancao’s travel request because of the short notice from the court, which did not allow time to get a clearance from the DOJ and the Witness Protection Program (WPP).

“We had limited time to secure the clearance, the logistics like tickets not only for him but also for the agents who would accompany him,” Rojas said.

Rojas clarified that Mancao was not a detainee at the NBI and that he remained under government protection.

Surrender or else

But Justice Secretary Leila de Lima Friday threatened to drop Mancao from WPP if he did not surrender soon.

After the Court of Appeals found Mancao unfit to serve as state witness because of inconsistencies in his testimony, the Manila court hearing the case rejected his petition to be accepted as witness for the state.

De Lima did not withdraw Mancao’s government protection at once because he was entitled to appeal.

“I’m standing by (your WPP coverage) despite the court’s adverse ruling. But if you don’t surrender as soon as possible, I have no choice but terminate your WPP coverage,” De Lima told Mancao through reporters.

If his government protection is withdrawn, Mancao will be treated again as an accused in the Dacer-Corbito case, De Lima said.

The government also may not help him appeal his transfer to Manila City Jail, De Lima said.

She said she would have no choice but to comply if the court denied Mancao’s motion for reconsideration of the decision to reject him as state witness.

De Lima said the court viewed Mancao as an accused so he must be hunted down and returned to government custody.


Assurance of safety

Interior Secretary Mar Roxas on Friday called on Mancao to surrender if he wanted protection against the people who he claimed wanted him dead.

“If it is safety that he is concerned about, then safety is clearly best secured while under government custody,” Roxas said in a statement.

Roxas reminded Mancao that he is now a fugitive.

“Anybody can harm him,” Roxas said. “That is not a threat. That is a possibility,” he added.

Roxas did not directly answer reporters’ questions about an investigation of Mancao’s claim that Lacson was trying to get him killed.

“The NBI is in the best position to do that. All of these are allegations, one [against] the other,” he said.

“What is important is for him to be placed under [state protection]. We in the PNP and in the NBI are ready [to provide custodial services for] Mr. Mancao,” he said.

No sanction for Rojas

In Malacañang, presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said there was no order from President Aquino to “sanction” NBI Director Rojas.

Told that Mancao was seeking an audience with Mr. Aquino, Lacierda said Roxas had already assured Mancao of protection if he surrendered.

Lacierda said it was unfair of Mancao to ask the President to be fair, as the Dacer-Corbito case was already in court.

The PNP has deployed a tracker team to find Mancao. The NBI is also hunting him and the Bureau of Immigration is watching the ports in case he tries to leave the country.

Danger to Mancao

Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz said on Friday that he believed Mancao’s claim that he escaped because his life was in danger.

“I believe him because he was already in a safe place and yet he still left,” Cruz told reporters.

“If there is no danger where he was, why would he leave the place and why expose himself to more danger?” Cruz said.

Cruz said he hoped Mancao’s escape would lead to the reopening of the Dacer-Corbito case. With reports from Nikko Dizon, Michael Lim Ubac, Jocelyn R. Uy, Jerome Aning and AFP

First posted 12:35 am | Saturday, May 4th, 2013

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  • im_earth

    yabang din e. He thinks he is above the law after escaping.

  • ruben_bush

    Lacson should NOT be appointed to any position in the Aquino government. Taliwas siya sa matuwid na daan!!!!!!

    • jj

      Si Aquino at Lacson ay magkakaintindihan yan parehong nakapalda sa loob ng kuarto, di ako masosorpresa kung isang araw pareho silang magladlad, dahil sa dami na ng nagladlad maiinggit ang mga iyan at silang na lang ang nagtatago. lol!

    • $20722540

      pareho naman silang taliwas


    THERE MIGHT no be enough evidence to nail Lacson but it’s common knowledge as erap iz krrrp that Panfy is deeply and thickly incorporated in the Dacer-Corbito case. Dura lex sed lex…….if nothing else works, let nature takes its course. No one fools Mother Nature or Father Time. Not even the Son nabagan.

  • Jojo Griffin

    Patulong ka kay Col. Reynaldo Berroya .Kalaban din ni Lacson yan.

  • Barak_O


    palpak dahil bumaliktad

    nung nauto ni jose pidal

  • $20722540

    si mancao is just a good follower…yong boss niya si pinky nag-tago ng nagtago rin pareho parehong bulok

  • Brix Villapando

    Sen BEcky dami tinigok pero abswelto. Yan ang nagagawa ng pera….Inisa isa ni Senator Becky ang mga witnesses sa dacer-Corbito case pati kasamahan niyang mga pulis tinigok…Ganyan kabagsik si Sen. Becky..Matitigok ka rin ayup ka! May araw ka rin Becky!

    • Dax Cogitlog

      Well said ,Brix! c Vinas patay at iba pang witness….pareho lang itong kaso kay Philip Andrew Pestano mga witness pinatay….ganiton dito sa Pinas more fun in the Ph….

  • Mamang Pulis

    naka nan teteng–sa tanda mo yang nag pa mediate ka pa sa nanay mo?

    at pati si oscar cruz sumasali pa—hirap maging spoiled ano?

    ang hirap sa inyo, puro akusa yun inaakusahan nyo hindi nyo naman maipa kulong, mas madulas pa kay palos—sana nun may magpagkakataon—tinumba nyo na…

    wala— semplang kayo kay boy sumi etivac–nadale kayo ng anting anting na minana pa kay nardongputik –jejejeje:D

  • Damaso

    Huh! That’s what you get for being a traitor., you’re a dead man! What a poor guy, prepare your ticket to hell!

  • Vinson Fernandes

    mag-ala rambo ka, mancao. hantingin mo si lacson! do or die!

  • zidyay

    This is a fight among criminals with money, influence and connection. The believe they are entitled for some exemptions from the law. Nothing beneficial to the Filipino masses will come out with this.

    Estrada was convicted by the Sandiganbayan of plunder. He claimed he did nothing wrong and he was the victim of injustice. All the judges who handed the decision against him were all selected primarily to come out with guilty decision. He said he deserved the pardon granted him. And many still go with his drama. Lacson was earlier found to be involved in the Dacer-Corbito by a judge who ordered for his arrest. Instead of facing the court, he escaped and hid for a long a time. His reason: injustice. He had nothing to do with the crime brought against him. Now, Mancao was ordered by the court to be transferred to Manila city jail to be with other criminals convicted to have killed DAcer-Corbito. He escaped, rather he decided to go out of his cell, because he believes he is marked to be killed upon the order of Lacson.

    You see none of these individuals pay respect to the court when decisions are not in their favor. So who get to obey the order of the courts and get jailed in the Philippines- only the poor, unconnected regular Pinoys. And these people were even elected to make the laws and yet they are the very first who disregard them when it applies to them. Nobody is above the law means every dispute, disagreement, conflict, crime, must be settled inside the court of justice. Nobody is exempted. We are still very far from realizing the full meaning of justice especially that lawmakers continue to be the leading lawbreakers. Sometimes, I could not prevent to agree with NPAs..

    • Love God

      You have mentioned the facts we all know. The reason why these wrong doers escape justice is that they can buy justice. That is the shocking truth. Most of the justices do not want to anger any administration because they (justices) expect favors and promotions etc.

      Ramon Tulfo openly writes in inquirer about CA. You can get a favorable decision if the price is right. Our justices are human and all of them got weakness as everyone else. They are often tempted when big monetary considerations are offered so they twist the facts of the case to save the guilty.

      We need to pray for a moral revolution in our justice department so real changes can happen and truth and justice will prevail. People whom we trusted to render justice to every man without fear or favor are the one doing the opposite. How sad!

      • Horst Manure

        Until you have a justice system that works you have nothing, people will just continue to deliver justice themselves.

        All you have is a chocolate teapot.

      • kolambogan

        If those justices you say can be bougth they are not weak humans susceptible to temptations, they are inhuman and real agents of destruction for they twist decisions to favor wrong-doers against those seeking justice. They are evil-incarnate foisted upon the Filipinos, and there are lots of them that’s why since Dictator Marcos time there’s not much significant crime prevention, legislation or laws implemented that uphold true justice, but more and more heinous crimes committed against the people most court up to SC decisions are handed in favor of the rich, the politicians and those who are in power. Social justice is still as elusive as today since the Spanish time.

    • Sahir Sappari

      This is the only comment here that make sense.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    Unahan mo na Mancao, para ka namang hindi “maro” ,batang Mindanao ka naman bakit para kang nagmakaawa sa kapwa mo kriminal, ang buhay ay kung sino lang ang mauuna! Reverse the situation, let Lacson be the moving target instead! Walang mawawala sa iyo!

  • Nisky Ocsave

    Those souls of you had murdered Mr Lacson will not rest until they will see justice is done.
    Either here on earth or beyond Mr Sin eater. The relatives and the people of the one that you have murdered will see the light of the day, that day when you will face justice.

  • patawad

    The Phil is blessed, Lacson did not become president, nearly though.

  • wawa2172

    Lacson is a lucky guy, a fugitive of law now he is back in power, thanks to PNoy. Mancao, the poor guy, know what he is into and his life is really in danger. The DOJ was not able to stop the lower court in transferring their witness to the city jail where 21 police officers accused of killing Dacer and Corbito are jailed. The court erred in its decision because it would endanger the life of Mancao. The judge decision defies logic dahil pinasok niya sa Mancao sa lions den. Sorry to say but the lower court could be a kasabwat ni Lacson to get rid of Mancao. Well, history repeat itself, 21 police officers are in jail but the mastermind in Erap, Lacson, Aquino and Dumlao are just roaming around. Parang panahon ni Marcos, nakulong ang mga sundalo na suspected na pumatay kay Ninoy but ang mga mastermind that includes the dictator at Ver ay hinayaang ma exile.


      Wow may crystal ball ka ah. Yung nga decision sa pag ka void ng murder charged kay Lacsaon base yun sa Court of Appeals at Supreme Court dahil nga pabago bago ng statement itong idolo mo. naging state witness under GMA pandak para madiin lang si Lacson sa kaso. Si Dumlao hindi yan naging suspect state witness yan.

  • BatangSingapore


    • Simplify1

      pwede mo ba masabi anong malaking advantage ni Pnoy para pakawalaan etong killer na eto? kung wala, tumahimik ka na lang at mag linis ng opisina dyan sa singapore, ok?

      • BatangSingapore

        ay bobo ka nga hahahahha. killer yan si Mancao then election. magisip ka mabuti bugok.

  • okayayonip

    ok lang na matigbak si mancao kasi naka-boundary na naman siya courtesy of mike arroyo and gma.

  • BatangSingapore



      Anong hinuli, ginawa pa nga itong state witness laban kay Lacson para lang madiin na mastermind, pinatakbo pa sa pagka congressman sa tulong ng idolo mo. Mag research ka muna bago ka mag comment. Ngayon sya ang naiipit parang daga dahil wala ng gloria lolong arroyo at asawa nito.

      • BatangSingapore

        ang dami ninyong dahilan eh napaka simple lang pinahihirapan nyo pa.

        ang mga kriminal hindi dapat pinatatakas. saksak nyo sa kokote nyo yan. both Mancao at Lacson ay kriminal. kung matino ka presidente eh hindi mo gagawin yan. abnormal kasi presidente nyo kaya pati kayo naniniwala sa mga katarantaduhan nyan.a

      • joshmale2004

        Kung may tumulong sa pagtakas niya, mga kakampi din niya gumawa. Kakampi niya si Mike Arroyo. Buksan mo bulag mong isip.

      • markotres

        eh napaka tanga naman niyang mandurugas na batang singapore iyan noong panahon ng amo niyang sina Arrovo busog sa pandurugas ,noong mapalitan ng matinong Presidente,lipad ng Singapore para mabuhay….

      • BatangSingapore

        hahahahhaha sinasabi na nga ba eh isisisi na naman sa iba, sabihin mo kay abnoy para sya express way, puros divertion hehehehehhehe.

        simple lang utoy malinaw na pinatakas ng abnoy na presidente yan si mancao at huwag ng mag dahilan pa.


        totoy supot! bwahahaha

      • joshmale2004

        He ran for Congress for Compostela Valley in 2010 with the support of GMA but lost.

    • joshmale2004

      Ano naman mapapala ni Pnoy kung palalayain niya si Mancao? Hindi mo alam kaya idinawit ni Mancao si Lacson dahil may pangako sa kanila ni Dumlao si Mike Arroyo kung idadawit nila si Lacson? kaso binawi na ni Dumlao ang pagdawit niya at inaming si Mike Arroyo ang may pakana dahil sa pag expose ni Lacson ng mga bank deposits ng mga Arroyo sa abroad nung 2009.
      Kaya nga pati nanay ni Mancao ginagamit na niya para kausapin si lacson at magbati na sila.

      • BatangSingapore

        ano mapapala?

        alam mo naman kriminal si Mancao at patakasin mo ngayon eleksyon eh ano ibig sabihin nun, may mga senator candidates na delikado ang buhay.

        ang punto diyan ay bakit mo patatakasin ang isang kriminal. binibigyan nyo pa ng dahilan ang maling gawain ng abnormal nyong presidente.

      • joshmale2004

        At Bakit siya patatakasin ni Pnoy? Yan ang sagutin mo. Presidente ng Pinas, patatakasin ang isang kriminal na nagpagamit sa mga Arroyo at bilang kapalit pinatakbo ng mga Arroyo sa Congress nung 2010? Asan ang utak mo kung ikaw ang Presidente eh patatakasin mo ang kakampi ng kalaban mo? Gamitin mo nga utak mo? Binabaluktot mo ang mga facts sa kasinungalingan mo pare.
        Anatyin mo resulta ng investigation ng mga guwardiya niya baka magulat ka kung sino nagpakawala sa kanya.

      • BatangSingapore

        gamitin mo utak mo ok. kriminal yan si mancao, killer ok at eleksyon ngayon. o may tanong ka pa?


        nagmamagaling ka bata. palitan mo pangalan mo ng totoy he he he totoy supot! hahahahah

      • markotres

        heto na naman ang isa sa pinakatangang blogger dito sa PDI .Diyan ka na nga lang sa Singapore para mabawasan ang tangengot dito sa Pinas ….Wala ka ng madugas sa Pinas kaya diyan ka nagtitiis sa ibang bansa ..Patay gutom na askal..

      • BatangSingapore

        kausapin mo ako kapag may sagot ka na sa mga banat ko. walang ka kwenta kwenta mga reply mo. sayang binabayad sayo ng abnoy mong presidente ungas. hahahahahahhahaha.

      • tarikan

        Involved yan sila lahat sa Dacer/Corbito murder case. Yung naka-away ni Dacer sa Malacanang 2 days before na na-abduct sya ay sya ang nag-utos sa kanila. Sino ba ang may motibo? Even a moron can deduce this thing. Di ba Jude?

      • joshmale2004

        Ikaw naman dre. Napaka amateur naman ng analysis nyo. Nag away sila 2 days before at na invite si Dacer sa Malacanang after para magbati sila. Paglabas na paglabas niya sa Malacanang, wala pang tatlong kilometro, dinukot na siya. Sa tingin mo ganun kababaw ang utak ng kalaban niya at yung kanang kamay niya na agad agad dudukutin siya para obvious na ang mapagbintangan ay yung kaaway niya? Di mo naisip na pwedeng ibang tao ang utak ng pagdukot sa kanya na gustong patalsikin nuon ang Presidente, para maibentang ang pagdukot sa Malacanang. Nung panahon na yon, marami na ang gustong magpatalsik sa Presidenteng yun. Meron na ding conspiracy nung time na yun na pababain siya.
        Lalabas din kung sino tunay na utak diyan dre. Wait lang kayo.

    • magsasakasanayon

      ikaw kaya ang gumising muna. nakakatawa ang senseless mong mga comments. LOL

      • BatangSingapore

        ganun talaga istilo ng mga yellow tards, kapag pinupukol tumatawa kasi hindi alam isasagot at bistado diba.


      OGAG! Basahin mo nga mabuti pre…. nagmumukhang pinaka sa lahat ng ogag….

  • titolim

    Fr. Cruz sakay na aalis na tayo.

  • Jose EJ Flores

    We must not disregard the other angle, Mancao is running for Board Member position and this controversy with help of media placed him on limelight for free exposure. Clever.

  • BatangSingapore

    huwag nyo ng ipilit pang palusutin ang abnoy na presidente.

    si Mancao makakatakas sa NBI kung walang basbas ng itaas. susko gising na mga filipino at alam na ganyang istilo.

    o baka naman sabihin nyo busy kakampanya presidente ninyo kaya nakatakas si mancao hahahahahhaha.

  • virgoyap

    If it’s not Lacson. if it’s not Dumlao, if it’s not Aquino, if it’s not Dumlao who killed Dacer the fierce critic of Ex-President Estrada, and his driver Corbito, then only one suspect is left: ERAP.

  • tarikan

    Sabi ni Sherlock Holmes: Very elementary my dear Watson. Si Lacson wlang galit kay Dacer/Corbito, si Mancao/Michael Ray Aquino/Dumlao wala rin galit. So sila ay napag-utusan laang. Sino ba ang kayang mag-utos directly sa PAOCTF? Hindi si konsehal, hindi si mayor, hindi si Gob, hindi si congressman, hindi si senador, hindi si Vice Pres. Ah tama ka si bossing sa Malacanan(g), nakipag-away sa biktima.

  • TulisangDagat

    bakit takot ang magnanakaw sa kapwa magnanakaw?????

  • mang_tomas

    the latest episode of Cesar Mancao’s escape evokes mixed emotion. what makes his situation rather ‘weird” is not the way he freed himself from his NBI detention cell but his astonishing revelation about Senator Ping Lacson’s alleged sinister moves to have him silenced 6 feet below the ground.

    for all it’s worth, he remains answerable for breaching the integrity of our justice system by making noise beyond the walls of existing procedures. he has been in custody for quite a time, yet the people have yet to decipher the truth which he solely knows.

    there is really no use crying over spilled milk now that he has unleashed the full might of government’s resources to contain him. Either he can quit his hopes of making a mockery of our justice system or stay hopeless of ever seeing another day.

  • david

    paawa naman tactic now. dapat ke mancao mag artista

  • jose b. taganahan

    So the mom of Cezar Mancao talked to Sen. Lacson to stop the Sen. from harassing his son, Cezar Mancao? What does this idiot mean? Is it not that it was Cezar Mancao who was harassing Sen. Lacson specially during the time of Pres. GMA by falsely accusing Sen. Lacson of masterminding the murder of Bobby Dacer and his driver Corbito? (handsomely paid of course by the enemies of Sen. Lacson). I will not be surprised if those who paid Mancao to falsely testify against Sen. Lacson will pay more for the death of Cezar Mancao in order to silence him of what he really know about the Dacer-Corbito double murder case and who paid him to pin Sen. Lacson of the dastardly act.

  • Nanci Binay

    ganyan talaga nangyayari kapag nagsasama kayo sa kasamaan. sa bandang huli, kayo ang nagaaway.

  • nes911

    Duwag na, mama’s boy pa. Malakas na ang loob dahil nasa likod niya si erap. Nakatutok pala.

    • 444mangyan888

      ayaaannnnnn…i remember Mancao being featured on TV climbing up the ladder of the PNP org that fast. The anchor said it must have been his connections. Eh ano ngayun..? ibebenta mo ang prinsipyu (wala ka naman talga) for ur convenience..? That’s why we can’t defeat the NPAs, they are there because they believe they are fighting for a just cause. Eto colonel ha….whooooooaa wala naman palang bayag…kaya lang pumatay ng walang laban..

  • $14334231

    both aquino and mancao left in 2001….mancao came back in 2009, gloria’s presidency, became a WPP after finger-pointing lacson as the mastermind….lacson went into hiding and came back when PENOY became president…aquino came back last year with PENOY as president, was found not involved for lack of evidence….put these all together, and the answer is as clear as crystal…..mancao’s fault?…he came back too soon…had he waited until penoy was inaugurated as president, he would have been free as a jay bird… aquino….as for dumlao, he must have had “padrinos”….how he got an immigrant visa to go and live in the united states is a puzzle….someone, or maybe a few with tight connections probably worked it out for him….and the rest (small fishes)??…they will be freed if the plunderer wins the mayoral election in the city of manila…..remember, they’re all incarcerated in manila city jail….again, mancao, from the moment he set foot back here and accused ping as their leader, was marked as a traitor, and so, mancao became a target for elimination, by hook or by crook….his destiny, in the long run, will be 6 feet deep under…..and that’s no joke….so, run. mancao, run…..but you don’t have much room to hide here in ‘pinas….the leader has too many followers…and all their eyes and ears are on you…..

    • D_BystandeR

      My take is that this man is just like a “walking dead” in the eyes of the public. It
      naturally follows because he preferred to go for the “easy deal” with the previous GMA administration just like what Judas Escariot did when he betrayed his Master Jesus Christ for a measly sum of 30 pieces of silver. He said he was advised by Ninoy (Michael Ray) to do a public apology to Ping but he refused maybe he prefers to save face rather than save his life. Not a good decision . . .

  • Mr Moonlight

    nagsalita na naman ang heeendot na retired bishop cruz,

  • Eagle_Eye13

    That’s what happens when you allow yourself to be a devil’s tool. Once your utility diminished you’re nothing but a scum and garbage in the eyes of your former lords. Savor your karma Mr. Mancao. You sooooo deserve it.

  • $16638896

    ang gulo rin kasi ni mancao, bkt sya mag aapologize kay pingky? so para na rin nyang sinabi na nag imbento sya. ngayon, lalong gumulo, kung hindi sila pingky ang dumali kay dacer, dapat abswelto na rin sya kasi isang grupo lng naman sila.


    payback time!

  • marionics

    hahaha tindi din naman nitong si mancao e chomach na pigoy pero nagsusumbong sa nanay hahaha

    lupet mo bok hahaha

  • kontra_boohaya

    For sale kasi ang dignidad mo bok gaya ng mga mista mista mo. Sensiyahan na lang at weder weder lang yan. Ganyan din siguro mga nabiktima ng “evidence planting” ng mga kabaro mo. E kung makasurvive ka di gawa ka rin ng movie mo at magpulitika ka dahil marami ka ng mista mista na ganyan. Good luck.

  • Avida Red

    ang trayd0r na mancao, sinira ang tiwala ni Lacson….yan ang hirap pag nasilaw sa salapi. mahirap ibalik ang tiwala…baka hindi na…alam naman ninyo na ang may kagagawan lahat nyan ay si bigote – naipit kasi masyado sa BW Resources stocks manipulation.

    a hard lesson for mancao..if you work for a man in heaven’s name work for him…and as long as your a part of the institution,do not condemn it. If you do, the first high wind that comes along will blow you away and probably you’ll never know why(elbert hubbard).


  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * *
    A great deal of the smoke and smog which have beclouded the path to getting at the truth about the Dacer-Corbito kidnapping/murder case can be diffused and blown away if PNoy does something . . . or, more accurately, nothing. PNoy should not interfere with Mr. Sen. Lacson’s life after the Senator finishes his walk to becoming a permanent private citizen come noon of June 30 this year. The only lawful and regular walk that this guy will ever take in his life.

  • Olibo

    Only in the Philippines…….

  • opinyonlangpo

    Paranoia. That’s what happens when one keeps changing loyalty and allowed themselves to be used. Anyone has a reason to get rid of him for convenience. Its his own doing.

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    Ano ba gusto mong gawin sa buhay mo, Mancao. Pati matanda nang nanay mo na dapat ay nananahimik na ay isinasama mo pa sa gulo….Bakla. Noong nakita kita sa party ni mr. Visconde and pormaporma mong umasta akala mo kung sino ka.

    Ngayon ay nagtatago kang parang bubuwit. Magpakalalaki ka at harapin ang preoblem mo.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Mama’s boy….

  • intsikbeho

    we are in the philippines, and in the philippines there are certain inalienable rules to live by, we are not a lawless nation! its just how it is. so do not brake the rules/laws stated below:

    rule #1 do not cross Ping Lacson

    rule #2 do not cross Chavit Singson

    rule #3 do not cross Erap Estrada – even presidents hesitate crossing erap and eventually fall back to “begging” for his forgiveness, the man still walks the earth like a king without a care in the world.

    rule #4 if Binay wants a reservation in your restaurant, you better give him what he wants =)

    rule #5 when in davao city you better not be naughty unless you want to have a meeting with a certain group with initials D.D.S.

    rule #6 keep your nose out of government contracts

    rule #7 do not advocate for mining or deforestation unless you want to meet your ancestors sooner than expected.

    rule #8 have fun!

    • gerp

      kahibangan na yan…kaka-amoy ng opium made in china.

    • spiritnsoul700

      LOL True…….Only Made in Philippines…. If there is one thing China is easily defeated by Pinoys then it is such news

      This is much more accurate Tourism slogan to attract tourists from all over the world, ( attract crook and criminal tourists ) Crimes does pay in PI. PI is one of the named countries besides Vietnam Laos Cambodia in Asia where money laundering is most active.

      Not even in Vietnam Laos Cambodia, Timor Leste. Somalia Yemen Africa . can you find total non discipline exist of uniformed Personnel than in PI. , and to read comment in the news each time whenever a new chain of command takes over, that he or she is a disciplinarian, I almost drowned in my laughter

      How many of these rich and powerful individuals suspects and killers has escaped, still at large and those who had fled from PI, only to return back home to celebrity status of ‘ WELCOME HOME SUPERSTAR HERO”.

  • gerp

    in court you will be considered lying if you do make a selective memory…maybe naging inconsistent yung pagiging witness ni Mancao becuase of his selective memory. Sayang naroon na siya sa WPP, hindi na niya sinabi lahat-lahat ng totoong nalalaman nya kung meron man talaga. kahit ako nagdududa kung talagang may alam sya sa double murder na yan…

  • tiburara74

    Salvage King vs. Salvage Prince. Col. Mancao, gamitin mo na ang mga natutunan mo sa mentor mong ito. Unahan lang yan sa nakasanayan ninyong larong “timbog”. Pag natimbog mo siya solve na problema mo at mag papasalamat pa ang mga kaluluwa ng mga pinatay niya noon na hindi ka kakutsaba. Hurry up, your time is running out.

  • AllinLawisFair

    Vinas and Campos were killed. Who is next? Everyone who knows who were behind the brutal murders are potential targets for assassination. They are living a borrowed life.

  • regd

    I have no problem with a 49 year old guard, But a 60 year old NBI guard? Who the heck hires a senior citizen as an NBI guard? What’s he gonna do “ok, go ahead run, I’m too old for this and guess what – I’m retiring soon”?

  • j1u2a3n

    Eh mama’s boy pala ‘tong si Mancao eh. Ang problema kasi dito gagawa-gawa sila ng kalokohan, tapos ngayon parang batang inagawan ng candy. Ang sasarap ng buhay n’yo kasi n’on; akala n’yo wala ng katapusan. Ewan ko rin kung anong swerte meron ‘tong sina Erap, Lacson, Ray Aquino at Dumlao at nakalusot sa kasong ‘to.

    • PerfectPoster

      I’m assuming you have very little knowledge about the inner workings of the police and military. Back then, all PNP top brass are PMA graduates. Who have a very militarized set of thinking. But I’m not here to talk about that. It is very, very difficult to resist orders from your superior, in this case, a very known figure at that time (patayan talaga during Erap’s time) — for fear that you might get the other side of the cigarette butt, so to speak. So you just go ahead and execute the orders.

  • gentrytown

    hu hu hu…tita ping, sumbong kita sa nanay ko

  • boldyak

    now it is possible that somebody will have Mancao to be on shoot to kill order, and his enemies will have justification to silence him permanently…kawawa ang bansang Pilipinas…

    • princecool

      bakit naman kawawa ang Pilipinas? kawawang mancao kamo dahil hindi tugma ang mga sinasabi…

      • boldyak

        sino sa palagay mo ang mastermind sa pagpatay kay dacer?…mancao is just a pawn….nagrarattle sa takot…

    • Twister12

      On the other hand it should be good for the country mababawasan ang mga killer dyan.

      • boldyak

        paano ang mastermind?…

  • dodong1

    miski sino pang santo o santa ang ipakiusap mo dyan kay panty lacson, wala kang lusot mancao..papatayin ka nya!!! kaya magtago ka na sa lungga mo!!

  • Fulpol

    mahirap talaga pag nagtampo ang isang bakla..


  • Fulpol

    mag-Rambo ka na lang..


  • Twister12

    “He said that he had been trying to reach out to Lacson since last year”. Must be hard for Lacson to get him killed as he’s still alive after a year of so called reaching out not to mention that getting out of NBI prison is just a walk in the park. I guess this guy is living in so much lies that he truly believe what he say is the truth.

  • tiriring

    MagSABUNOTAN kaya si Pinky Lacson sa Nanay ni Mancao?

  • david

    eh kung totoo ang bintang mo sa kampo ni lacson, bakit ka mag reach out? para ano? ayan napala mo sa pagpapagamit sa iba

  • Ulipur

    Re-investigate the Dacer-Corbito Murder…..There was a crime and the criminals are still all out there…..and the MASTERMIND….tuloy-tuloy pa siyang maghahasik ng SAMA.

    Limit the re-investigation to the DRAMATIS PERSONAE…..

  • honest man

    nakasali na naman si Cruz…

  • Kirat

    This guy may indeed not be long for this world. That he was the only major figure in Dacer-Corbito whose cases were not dismissed implies that he holds nothing of interest to the higher-ups. And his escape from government custody also indicates that he can say nothing and can do nothing to give his enemies pause. He may even realize that the time for deals and double deals has long passed. Maybe all this media noise he’s creating is just to tell his enemies that a Mancao living in quiet obscurity would be better for them than another bloody corpse in front of the news cameras.

  • tita_cacayan

    why you reaching out for lacson ,after all you done u want help from him , why not try estrada ,he is the boss last time ,just sing …….sing a song

    • Ulipur

      Erap Ping Ray Aquino Dumlao Mancao

  • Guest

    oi tuwid na daan..bkit di ka salita at assure mo safety ni mancao. takot ka din ba sa best frend mo?

  • Alala Peter

    bading na daan LOL

  • Alala Peter

    I-dacer-corbito na yan

  • Damaso

    Magpakamatay ka na lang mancao! Ibaon mo sarili mo ng buhay!!! Mali ka kasi ng kinampihan tarantado ka!

    • BatangSingapore

      pinatakas nga bakit magpapakamatay diba, gamitin mo yan utak mo ok.

      • Damaso

        Ikaw ang bobo., napakalaki mong BOBO BATANGSINGAPORE! Dapat sayo BATANG BOBO!

      • Damaso

        Pasabugin ang tumbong ni BATANG BOBO!

  • Alala Peter

    sabi ni sen. ping sa privilege speech, inutusan daw ni erap ang paoctf na dukutin dacer corbito ng hindi nya alam kahit sya yung head nt paoctf LOL

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    Ang tatapang nitong mga taong ito, pero sa huli, iyon sumbong sa Nanay , Mama’s bopy pala. Mother Mother I am sick, call lacson very quick. Mother Mother I might die, transfer to prison they will try.

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    Napanood ko na sa Dugong Buhay iyan, parang noong pinapatay ni De Lara si Mayor. Ayaw ng mga De Lara na tina traidor sila. Manunuod na lang ako ng Dugong Buhay. Mancao! yari ka kay Alex De Lara.

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    Mancao, baka naman madaan sa ibang bagay kay Tita Ping. Alam mo naman matagal na niyang ni rerequest na Gawain niyang tahimik ang iyong malakas na Utot! Ilang procedures lang magiging tahimik na ang iyong pag utoto, alam Gawain ni Tita Ping iyan.

  • Rathbumo

    Col. Cesar Mancao, kung wala kang atraso sa former Chief mo, bakit kailangang makipag-ayos ka sa kanya? Bakit kailangang kausapin mo ang mga taong malapit sa dati mong Boss para ayusin ang lahat between you and him and just let bygones be bygones? Bakit pati Nanay mo ginamit mo pa? May katwiran si Sen. Ping Lacson na dedmahin ka dahil ikaw ang dahilan kaya siya nadiin sa kaso. You know very well na wala kayong alam ni Sen. Lacson sa operation against Bubby Dacer pero nagpagamit ka kina FG at GMA. Nang dahil sa iyong tinahi-tahing affidavit, si Sen. Lacson ang naging principal supect kaya siya tumakas to avoid being incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. Dahil sa iyo, mahigit isang taon siyang nawalay sa kanyang pamilya samantalang ikaw naman ay nagpapasarap kasama ng mga handlers mo. Now the tide has turned against you. Gumawa ka ng multo na ikaw din ang natakot. Wala ng interest sa iyo si Sen. Lacson. Ang katakutan mo yung mga handlers mo. Anytime pwede ka nilang ipaligpit dahil baka sa susunod na interview mo sila na ang idiin mo. Yan ang napala mo, nagpagamit ka kasi!

  • kilabot

    if mancao is a victim of injustice,
    how much more for dacer and corbito.
    erap, pinkylacson, aquino, dumlao,
    the main villains in this murder tragedy
    are all free living a lucrative life.
    abnoying state of justice.

  • Fulpol

    Lacson is friend of BS Aquino-Makapili III…

    saan at kanino ka tatakbo Mancao?? sa hospital kung nasaan si Arroyo??

    tapusin mo muna ang termino ni BS Aquino-Makapili III, saka ka lumitaw?.. kung di ka pa tepok..

    best advise, mag-Rambo ka na lang… tirahin mo na ang gusto mong tirahin.. anyway, you are a walking dead man..


  • parefrank

    If Mancao feels in danger when transferred out of protection, he surely knows well how and why.
    Lacson came back with fake travel papers (confirmed by DFA) but was welcomed and esorted by the highest airport officials, welcomed at Malacanang but never charged and investigated about the fake travel; papers. Rea;;y not a normal treatment for a homecoming fugitive. No wonder if Mancao was suspicious about his treatment when out ofwitnedd protection at NBI.

    • Guest

      daan baluktot nga pag bestfriend..di ba obvious na…di pinatugis si lacson even if naabutan niya may pending arrest siya

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