Kris Aquino hints she may not vote straight Team PNoy at all


GENERAL SANTOS CITY—President Benigno Aquino III’s controversial sister pulled off a surprise again, this time publicly indicating that she may not support all of her brother’s chosen candidates in the administration’s Team PNoy senatorial ticket.

In a news conference during a campaign rally here of administration candidates Sen. Francis Escudero and former Movie and Television Review and Classification Board chair Grace Poe, TV personality Kris Aquino begged off from answering questions on whether she was endorsing straight Team PNoy.

“If there are others [that I will support from the other groups], I’d rather not say,” the President’s youngest sister said.

Asked if she’s campaigning for a 12-0 sweep for President Aquino’s chosen ones, she replied, “I won’t answer that so I don’t have to lie.”

The younger Aquino, one of the country’s highest paid endorsers and the country’s top taxpayer according to the Bureau of Internal Revenue, joined Escudero and Poe in their campaign rally in this city and Davao yesterday.

She is expected to accompany the two administration candidates in rallies in Cebu and Tacloban City today.

Confirming her endorsement of the reelection bid of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay Jr., a good friend, she was pressed to answer whether she was also close to Binay’s sister and opposition senatorial candidate Nancy.

“Her youngest sister Anne-anne is one of my closest friends. I know the follow-up question already,” she said.

“Out of respect for my brother, I won’t answer that and in the interest of my telling the truth, I also won’t answer that,” she added.

The President has campaigned for the candidates in the Team PNoy coalition, who are expected to support the administration’s legislative agenda in the next Congress.

Harder now

“President Aquino has campaigned harder now than during his own campaign for the presidency,” Escudero said during the news conference.

The Aquino and Binay families have been quite close for decades.

Vice President Jejomar Binay, one of the leaders of the opposition coalition UNA, was one of the most loyal officials of former President Corazon Aquino during the anti-Marcos struggle and during the first Aquino presidency.

The Vice President has repeatedly said that he owes his political career to Cory Aquino and her then Interior Secretary Aquilino Pimentel Jr., who appointed him officer in charge of Makati after the Edsa revolution in 1986.

He was mayor of the country’s business and financial city until 2010 when he successfully ran for vice president. His stint was only interrupted once when the constitutional term limit caused him to step aside.

His wife, Elenita, won the 1998 local elections in Makati and ran the city for one term until he could run again for mayor in 2001.

Aside from being with Escudero and Poe on their campaign through Mindanao and the Visayas, the President’s sister said she was with Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano on Wednesday and will be joining Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo on Sunday and cousin Benigno Aquino IV next Wednesday.

Asked about her own political plans, the young Aquino said the break she’d be taking from television would be spent on a vacation with her two sons and a possible tourism development project in partnership with a French businessman in one of General Santos City’s coves.

“I will first improve tourism arrivals so that I can be proud of something should I run for office,” she said.

The President’s sibling, who at one time had Escudero as her cohost in her daytime talk show, said she promised the reelectionist senator on his birthday last Oct. 10 that she would join him during the last stretch of the campaign.

“It’s lucky that [Escudero and Poe] are together [in today’s campaign rally] and it seems I got three different text messages from other senatorial candidates asking why they weren’t included in this rally. I said it was Chiz who made the schedule,” she said, laughing.

The television personality may have added more people to those who are already upset with him, Escudero said in jest.

Meanwhile, civil society groups allied with President Aquino are rolling out the “big guns” from the entertainment industry in its final push for Team PNoy candidates a few days before election day.

4 days, 4 provinces 

The Yellow Ribbon Movement (YRM) and People Power Volunteers for Reform (PPVR) have tapped not only the presidential sister but also Sharon Cuneta (wife of Sen. Francis Pangilinan) and Dingdong Dantes for its four-day, four-province “Rock the Vote.”

“We will once more rock the vote to renew our support for President Noynoy Aquino’s ‘Daang Matuwid,’ for the reforms that are now paving the way for the Philippines to take off, and for the Team PNoy slate, especially Benigno ‘Bam’ Aquino and Risa Hontiveros.  With a report from Gil Cabacungan

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  • speaksoftlylove

    “Rock the Boat” like what they did to Mar Roxas before.

    It’s ok for me. So, who will be junked this time around, Krissy?

    • bongarroyo

      kung sino ang balak mong iboto iyon ang junk..

      • speaksoftlylove

        Sayang, balak ko pa namang iboto si Bum Aquino, junk pala. :{P

      • bongarroyo

        salamat naman at walang bobotong malas kay BA..

  • Guest

    Stupidity rules…!!! More fun in the Philippines..Kris goes where the money goes. THINK TWICE.. VOTE WISE!!!

  • Kiro Nazakato

    Dapat di na lang sinagot ni Kris kung susuportahan nya lahat Team Pnoy candidates, na gustong mgyari ni Pnoy. She could have said, i am in the process of finalizing my list. Pnoy should talk to her urgently Their message should be one and the same only. Otherwise, it will frustrate the efforts of the President to get a 12-0win.She should be absolutely behind Pnoy over and on top of her relationship with her friends in the opposing camp, if she wants Pnoy to succeed! Liberal Party rin naman tutulong sa a kanya, mga kaalyado ni Pnoy,no other, if she runs for public office in 2016!! Kris, pls dodge the issue if your answer is likely not aligned with the President’s advocacy!! Also, pls campaign for Team Pnoy, especially, Risa Hontiveros, and Ramon Magsaysay!! You will be doing the country a great service if you will campaign vigorously for Team Pnoy especially the candidacies of Hontiveros, Madrigal, and Magsaysay!!!

    • Ulipur

      All the Aquino sisters are voting for Nancy B and Riza Hontivi.

  • Miguel37

    NANCY BINAY??? Are you kidding me. Over my dead body she would ever gonna get my vote!!!!! Tanga lag ang boboto sa balugang yan… sorry for the word but nakaka pang init ng dugo etong Nancy Binay na eto KAPAL NG MUKHA!!!

  • calixto909

    This Kris had already flaunted her political immaturity with her flip flopping answers that had induce ambiguity to her real intention vis a vis the Team Pnoy. Her brother is the president of the country who is sacrificing even his health to campaign for his team but now here comes this spoiled brat, a low down whore, who because of her unprecedented popularity, casted partiality to Pnoy’s wish for a clean senatorial sweep. Honesty whom she banked as a reason for her flip flops isn’t at all times applicable and appreciable. She should have kept silent by saying no comment to queries involving the Team Pnoy since voting straight Team Pnoy is best for the country’s continued prosperity. The best interest of the country in this particular instance overwhelms her taunted honesty

  • pikloy

    Of course she will, because of jun-jun Binay, medju natipuhan yata. She is one scather brain when it comes to decency.

  • john cortez


  • speaksoftlylove

    Kulot: Ang gusto ko 12-0.

    Krissy: Wish mo lang? Lima lang ang susuportahan ko dyan. Yong pito sa UNA. Ako yata at si Chiz and utak ng NoyBi, ano ka sinuswerte?

  • Mr Moonlight

    Kris may have excelled in show business but could not handle her personal matters well, what made she think she will do good in public governance, hey kris just stay where you are and you will be fine, comprende?

  • regd

    She attempted to get an answer from here brain even though there usually is nothing there hence, the comment. Yup, she’ll make a good politician if not she already is.

    • marionics

      he he think whatever you may but kris is definitely not dumb he he

      • regd

        I didn’t say she was dumb, I only say her brain is mostly empty.

      • marionics

        of, but i interpret that as being the same thing. anyway, excuse me for misunderstanding (as until now i still do)

  • Guest

    As if we care if you vote or not kris…Sinungaling.,.akala ko rersign aBS

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Kunyari dilaw iyon pala pula. Kadiri talaga. Baka may AIDS na yan. Bespren nya kunyari si Korina yon pala Binay siya kapag nakatalikod.

  • mangTASYO

    noon..ang kongreso at senado ay kagalang-galang.
    ngayon…ito ay bahay na rin ni barabbas, hudas at magdalena.

  • mekeni62

    who cares?

  • Horst Manure

    And her political and academical qualifications are?

    • pedronimo

      “Academical”? Sorry but can’t let this go/

      • Albert Einstien

        move on….lol

      • Observer_din

        walang basagan ng trip, eh sa ACADEMICAL ang gusto niya eh, hehehe

    • JuanTamadachi

      Political – In the infamous 1978 parliamentary elections where her father was a candidate, the seven-year-old Aquino wooed the crowds as a stand-in for her imprisoned father at campaign rallies.

      “Academical” – Aquino studied High School at Colegio de San Agustin and graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1992 with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.

  • mewo_meow

    Naku Tetay shut ka nalang. Puros basura ang bibig mo.

  • ingbilat

    so, what of it?!

  • Adam_d_langgam

    eh kng kapatid ni retard hindi boboto ng straight liberal, mga pinoy pa?

    sa bagay, mga inutil lang naman na naniniwala ke simeon d’retard ang boboto ng straight lp ….

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Kristeta ! My idol !
    Kristeta for President in 20…

  • edpoeto

    It is not fair for the LP coalition. Kris should just shut her mouth. She is not just Kris, she is the brother of the Phil. President who approved the merger of LP, NP, PDP, NPC coalition. We are in a crucial stretch of the election and such media savvy hints will have an impact on the coaltition bets. She should be scolded and banish from this earth. Hindi nag-iisip.

    • NoWorryBHappy

      Ikaw naman. You are so mean to Kristeta. Of course, she needs to say
      something. Anything. She’s a celebrity, remember ?
      Kahi’t walang kabuluhan, basta may masabi.
      Sweet NOTHINGS, kung tawagin. Alam na natin lahat ‘yon.
      Listen on one ear and let it out on the other ear.
      Don’t take it at face value. For now. Siguro naman ngayon ay may
      sariling isip na ang mga botanteng Pilipino para iboto kung sino
      ang nararapat.

      • edpoeto

        Well tell that to senate non-LP bets if they are happy.

    • Roel_Hawk

      Quote ” He is not just Kris, she is the brother of the Phil.”

      1. She not he
      2. sister not brother.

  • pedronimo

    The loyalty of Jejomar Binay to Cory Aquino is tainted with selfish motives. If he’s indeed loyal, how come he does not support Cory’s son? Tawag jan, loyal ako pero kasalo ako.

    • Noel Santos

      hunyango!..mukha pa lang ni binay hindi mo na pagkakatiwalaan..

  • Johnny

    Thanks Kris for not being plastic.

    Sipsip lang kasi iba doon at political chameleon.

    Kapit-tuko at gustong lang manalo pero wala well-thought of plan na gagawin.

  • felix1959

    What do we care who she vote or not to vote. Inquirer please find other worthy news.

  • honest man

    Kris only thinks of herself. She never realizes her comments puts her Kuya in a bad light. Her Kuya wants a 12-0 sweep and she goes for Nancy Binay. Of all candidates, si Nancy Binay pa. Only for friendship or what?

    • prince_janus

      She’s intelligent but TANGA too!

    • Ulipur

      Nancy Binay is the MOST Pro PNoy of all the senatorial candidates…

      Anybody can ask why????

      The answer is already Clear….It is already in the Universe (MA).

  • We must end poverty

    Why do filipinos love to elect lawyers, actors and actresses to government?

    Other countries make sure there are many scientists and engineers in government, to keep the government smart, logical and effective.

    Just look at the airports when you travel.
    Hong Kong
    Ho Chi Minh

    Then look at ourselves. Look in the mirror.
    Our airport is a reflection of your judgment and my judgment. WE elected a government filled with lawyers and actors, full of talk.

    We can pretend nothing is wrong, but anybody who lands in our airport instantly knows this country is filled with not-so-smart voters who do not know how to use their votes to build a better future.

  • We must end poverty

    Kris Aquino for president in 2016.

    There is only one way to continue the honest policies of PNoy, vote for Kris Aquino as president in 2016.

    (where are all the engineers in this country….???)

    • prince_janus

      Kris Aquino is not a good model to Filipinos! She’s intelligent but TANGA & IMMORAL.

      • Mary Jane Ammari

        I prefer Kris Aquino than the Binays in the world , we are already in modern times . I am not defending Kris but then having different partners in life is not a criminal thing , stealing is a criminal thing , Got it?

  • Carlo Cruz

    Obvious na obvious sinasabotahe ni Alan Cayetano ang Team Pnoy.Dapat pinapatalsik sa grupo ang isang anaconda

  • Cathy Kho

    Hinding hindi rin ako magkakamaling iboto ang tulad ni Alan Cayetano–ambisyoso,kurakot,traidor at self-centered na tao

    • prince_janus


  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    UNArroyo party leaders and senatoriables are an alliance of adulterer, plunderer, murderer, election cheat and criminals. If an official can cheat his wife surely they can cheat and steal from other people.
    I believe Pope Francis will not endorse anyone from UNArroyo party.
    But Velarde and CBCP endorse them in exchange of money and Pajeros. No wonder the Catholics in the Philippines are losing their faith.

  • JustWords811

    morally, it is always reprehensible to vote ‘straight’. personally, i look at the candidates’ fitness for the position, and one cant go wrong, using INTEGRITY as main criterion.

  • $14334231

    eh, ano ngayon, kris-ti-ti……sino ka ba???……

    • Guest

      bat ka pa nag tanong kilala mo pala!.. ang totoong tanong, kilala ka ba nya???…. lol

  • Juanito Cruz

    Asked if she’s campaigning for a 12-0 sweep for President Aquino’s
    chosen ones, she replied, “I won’t answer that so I don’t have to lie.”
    Sinto sinto talaga itong si kristeta. Retarded talaga. Hindi daw niya sasagutin eh sinagot na nga niya sa sagot niya, bwahahaha!

  • kilabot

    there you go, folks.
    the binays and aquinos are bff;
    have you heard any of them attacking the other?
    truth is, jejomar is the aquino choice for pres in 2016;
    if elected, he’ll make sure noykapon is protected from political vendetta;
    “i know how to pay a debt of gratitude” – jojobinay.

    yellow insects can attack the binays all they want;
    they have been taken in for the ride;
    the binay-aquino relationship is deeper
    than all the yellow brains combined;
    well, what can you expect from yellows.

    • Mamang Pulis

      ho ho ho..that leaves mar boy bawang roxas pandering useless…

  • kuyagerry

    Dont need a celebrity to win. Jamby Madrigal and other Team PNOY bets have the support of majority of Filipinos

    • Andres Bonifacio

      Jamby Madrigal is a big joke of the Madrigal family and would be a shame if elected again to the Senate! Sabagay, a clown is appropriate for a Chamber composed of Circus People!

  • Juanito Cruz

    “The younger Aquino, one of the country’s highest paid endorsers and the
    country’s top taxpayer according to the Bureau of Internal Revenue,

    Question: How come she was not the top taxpayer before her brother became president?

    Answer: Because she probably employed strong arm tactics with advertisers for them to get her as endorser after PNoy became president.

    How else can you explain them getting her even for beauty products when she is already too old and too fat, and there were hundreds more qualified? Besides, do you honestly believe that she eats instant noodles?

    Solution: Boycott all the products she endorses. If they continue to make her their endorser despite this, then it confirms the Answer above.

    • jorgii0550

      Ingit kalang kay Kris….. Your a turd, Kris is paying her tax honestly and contributing millions to our government yearly….how about you?

      The reason why Kris is the nations top product endorser is not because shes the sexiest or the most beautiful but because shes the most popular by a mile.

      Filipinos find her public and personal life interesting that’s why shes always on the news. Even her domestic problems are front page news on our daily news papers.

    • susanchi2

      Mag-boycott ka mag-isa, pero ako kahit nandito ako sa abroad pina-patronize ko pa rin ang mga endorsement ni Kris.

  • disqusted0fu

    Kris might get a tongue-lashing from Pnoy after this statement. Pnoy has worked harder than ever in campaigning for all his bets just for Kris not to vote for some of them. Pnoy poured everything during this campaign season, he didn’t even pay attention to critical issues like the Sabah crisis, smuggling, extra judicial killings, etc. That’s how dedicated Pnoy is to his bets and that’s how uncommitted he is to his bosses

  • Albert Einstien

    ha ha …LAGLAGAN WEEK na po……




    • Observer_din

      sir EYNSTYEN, tagal ko di nakita ang post mo ah, saan na ang mga tropa mo, sina SUGBUANON at si ARIKUTIK?

  • pedro Bato

    Kayo na lang ang bumoto dyan kay Kris, ayoko dyan. . .Daldal ng daldal ng walang katuturan. . .Mas safe sa batikos si President Noynoy kung nakatahi ang bibig nitong babaing ito !!

  • Katuwiran lang

    Iboboto pala si nancy binay dahil kaibigan at close sya sa kapatid nito hindi dahil sa qualified para sa senado. Yun lang paka kris!

  • eight_log

    Si Chiz ang isa sa mga hindi niya bobotuhin.

  • boldyak

    hahaha…kakatuwa itong si kris, ngayon pa lang nagpapabango na sa gusto nyang biyenan…bwahahaha

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