Labor Day protest marches heated but end peacefully


A phalanx of policemen blocks workers carrying posters of “Communist Manifesto” authors Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, former Soviet leaders Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, and former Chinese supreme leader Mao Zedong at a rally at the US Embassy in Manila. Labor groups marched on Wednesday to demand wage increase after President Aquino announced a package of noncash benefits on Labor Day. NIÑO JESUS ORBETA

Except for their overheated rhetoric and the burning of the effigies of President Aquino and US President Barack Obama, which matched the sweltering heat, the country’s workers kept Wednesday’s Labor Day observance peaceful.

So orderly were the marches and rallies in Metro Manila that the protesters had cleared the streets by 6 p.m.

Police reported no untoward incidents in the capital and other parts of the country.

With President Aquino resting in his hometown in Tarlac province, it fell on Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz to plead with the workers to give the government more time to deal with their problems. She said that Aquino planned to meet the labor leaders regularly; the next one will be on May 30.

The Catholic Church, in turn, reminded government and business of the primacy of the human person over capital and profit.

In his homily during a Labor Day Mass held at Quiapo Church and attended by the leaders of various labor groups, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle expressed concern about “international trends” in the labor industry where workers are “classified” and their “classifications” are used as bases for their rights.

Equal treatment

He said businesses should not discriminate against but instead treat all workers equally regardless of their classification.

“Whatever is the classification of workers, they are human beings. Their rights are not diminished when they have a different classification,” Tagle said.

But classifying workers violates workers’ rights, he said.

Employers should not classify workers and instead should treat them all equally, he said.

Tagle called on labor leaders and their organizations to be sincere for the good of all workers. He also proposed the elevation of the protection of workers’ tenure to international agencies.

Baldoz said Aquino found the workers’ demands “very reasonable.”

Contrary to some news reports, the labor leaders were not disappointed with the results of their meeting with the President, Baldoz told reporters at a job fair in SM Mall of Asia.

Among the proposals being considered by the government is a suggestion for more tax exemptions for minimum wage earners.

Higher SSS premiums

Aquino, however, called for higher contributions to the Social Security System (SSS) for workers, drawing a sharp response from labor representatives who called the idea “adding insult to injury.”

Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares criticized Aquino for rejecting the workers’ demands for wage increases, security of tenure and tax exemptions, which showed, he said, that the President had “no heart for the working class.”

In proposing higher SSS premiums, Aquino noted that the contribution rate had been increased only twice since 1980, while pensions had been raised 20 times.

Aquino wanted the current contribution rate to be increased to 11 percent from 10.4 percent, which would translate to P60 a month for workers earning P10,000.

The President said the increase in contributions would allow SSS members to enjoy higher benefits.

But Colmenares said increasing the SSS contribution would put an additional burden on workers, who already endured a lot of other deductions from their wages.

He said Bayan Muna’s own study showed that the SSS had enough funds to give members higher benefits without increasing the monthly premiums.

According to Colmenares, the SSS has assets worth P343.67 billion as of March 2012, while its annual investment income amounts to P21 billion to P23 billion a year.

The SSS also has collectibles worth P8.5 billion in unremitted premiums as of December 2010, he said.

The SSS also has collectibles amounting to about P14.6 billion from employers who failed to avail themselves of the agency’s amnesty program, Colmenares said.

But the SSS, he added, has yet to file charges against 170,000 delinquent employers who failed to remit their employees’ contributions.

What the workers need is not additional burdens, but additional income, protesters said.


Protests everywhere

More than 11,500 workers marched in Cebu, Iloilo, Aklan and Capiz.

Speakers took turns decrying the labor policies of Aquino and reiterating their demand for a P125 across-the-board increase in the minimum wage.

Workers also marched in Southern Luzon provinces, demanding wage increases and pleading for less deductions from their wages.

Protests were held in cities in Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Quezon and Rizal. Hermenegildo Marasigan, spokesman for the workers’ alliance Pagkakaisa ng Manggagawa sa Timog Katagalugan-Kilusang Mayo Uno, said about 10,000 workers joined the marches against low wages and continued “contractualization” of jobs in the region.

Despite the intensity of the workers’ demands, there were no reports of violence.

In Metro Manila, terminated workers of Digital Telecommunications Philippines (Digitel) and their supporters marched across the business center in Makati City to protest what they called “unfair labor practices” at the telco.

Digitel, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the country, is now a subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), which is led by businessman Manny V. Pangilinan.

The workers have been picketing PLDT headquarters on Makati Avenue for 21 days since the management’s refusal to implement a Supreme Court decision ordering the company to start talks for a collective bargaining agreement with the workers and reinstate 13 employees it had dismissed in 2005 with full compensation.

There were no untoward incidents. Except for about 30 protesters who sought shelter at first-aid stations, the marches were peaceful, according to Manila Police Director Senior Supt. Robert Po.

Protesters burned 10-foot-tall effigies of President Aquino and US President Barack Obama to symbolize the supposed state of the nation under the Aquino administration.

Welcome but no talk

Politicians running for office in the May 13 elections joined the pleas for worker benefits. They were welcome at labor rallies, but were not allowed to speak.

But United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial candidate Jack Enrile said the government should keep the door open to an increase in the minimum wage to show that it is truly sincere in saying it protects the rights and welfare of the country’s workers.

Gordon proposal

Enrile said labor groups should continue pressing for reforms and better working and living conditions as the economy continued to improve.

Another UNA senatorial candidate, Richard Gordon, suggested that the government tap the potential of tourism to create new jobs.

Gordon said the government could harness the potential of tourism as a source of jobs if it would allow the full implementation of the Tourism Act of 2009.

Gordon, a former secretary of tourism, said the tourism development law, which he himself authored, had yet to be fully enforced.

He alleged that the implementation of the law has been hampered by concerns raised by the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs regarding revenue leakage. He noted that the finance department and the BIR have historically opposed the granting of fiscal incentives as this could lead to revenue loss.

But he said there were clear provisions in the law that give the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority full jurisdiction over the grant of incentives to tourism enterprise zones.—Reports from Leila B. Salaverria, Tina G. Santos, Nancy C. Carvajal and Niña Calleja in Manila; Radyo Inquirer; Maricar Cinco, Shiena Barrameda and Delfin T. Mallari Jr., Inquirer Southern Luzon; Nestor Burgos Jr., Bernadeth Rosales and Jhunnex Napallacan, Inquirer Visayas; Tessa Distor and Alex Austria, trainees.

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  • cato_the_younger

    If any, this picture shows the gross stupidity of the communist party of the Philippines. How could any one in good conscience parade with a picture of Stalin who was responsible for the death of millions of people when he pushed through with his collectivization program and starved people to death? Even the then USSR under Breshnev was forced to acknowledge his criminal deeds and even had to move his grave to a simple plot? Probably, the only reason why Pol Pot’s face is not there, is it is too close to home.
    You would think that with China and Vietnam basically embracing capitalism (because the old system just didn’t work), our local commies would smarten up a bit. Well, they want to outcommie the original commies! Fools!

    • Juan Cuevas

      Pwede din nating sabihin na “What a waste of money” sa mga ibang estudyante na tinatawag na iskolar ng bayan. Ano kaya ang itinuro sa kanila sa PUP or UP to end up this way?

      Si Renato Reyes, Teddy Casino, Raymond Palatino mga tiga UP to name a few.

      • $22369910

        never worked a real job in their lives, much more create one. professional whingers and parasites.

      • kangsongdaeguk

        Oi, minority na lang naman ng mga taga-UP ang extremely left wing ngayon. Personally, there are certain ideas we can get from the left-wing views (but NOT all).

        – UPLB Class of 2012 member

      • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

        those certain ideas are just sweet coating for a rotten communistic ideology which never worked in any given society

      • kangsongdaeguk

        I haven’t delved much into readings of both the left-side and Singapore’s history. But it seems, the left-side’s mantra that goes to the tune of “nationalization of industries” was used in Singapore. And look at where they are now.

        If I were you, you better not look at most things as black and white.

  • commentator

    Stalin and Mao? Both are known to have killed millions. Do these people know who they are parading?

  • jinx

    Traitors! So, what else is there to talk with the CCP-NPA? They’re lining up those pictures of mass killers in the history of mankind, not to mention Pol Pot of Cambodia. And never will we bow down to the demands of these losers, whose only claim to fame is inciting rebellion and brainwashing feeble-minded youths.

    • band1do

      THANK YOUUUU… Finally, someone who pointed this out. LOL

    • band1do

      LOL… Exactly.

  • zdrx

    this malcontents, bums and losers are pathetic…parading the pictures of political criminals and genocidal maniacs…as their heroes and champion for their cause. tsk tsk tsk

    that’s the reason the government should stop talking with local communists and bandits. all they do is complain, extort, destroy and kill. they don’t represent anything good…they don’t even have a cause to fight for. they should all be lined against the wall and shot.

  • Platypus09

    Were they out of their f..king minds?

    What were they thinking?

    Russia and East Germany scrapped communism because it ruined their lives more than doing good.

    Do they really think that it is gonna work in our country?

    They were SICK, really sick..!!!

    These people need to live in China if this is what they want. I am sure it will take them. They will not survive. They have used to live in a democratic society like ours.

    They just do this to create drama, I hope. And at the same time, they were exploiting our democratic freedom of speech to promote the antagonistic communist ideology.

    How ironic, and dumb at the same time…!!

    I don’t think they knew what they were doing…

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Either these demonstrators are very stupid leftists or paid impersonators by those who want to discredit them. If they are the former, they must have the worst PR practitioner as their adviser.

  • $22369910

    2 of those were responsible for genocide and the deaths of millions.

    yep, let’s idolise these people and continue praising a failed tyrannical economic system- what a bunch of morons.

  • anu12345

    Those demonstrating people, whether they truly believe in their idols or not, should consider moving to North Korea or Russia. It’s more fun over there.

  • $26149191

    They venerate worlds killers.

    • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

      yeah because thats what they are, birds of the same feather flock together. All out war against these pest in the society especially the NPA. These extortionists killers should be eliminated at all costs

  • Almighty Creator
  • Almighty Creator

    Or so we thought. With the global economy in a protracted crisis, and
    workers around the world burdened by joblessness, debt and stagnant
    incomes, Marx’s biting critique of capitalism — that the system is
    inherently unjust and self-destructive — cannot be so easily dismissed.
    Marx theorized that the capitalist system would inevitably impoverish
    the masses as the world’s wealth became concentrated in the hands of a
    greedy few, causing economic crises and heightened conflict between the
    rich and working classes. “Accumulation of wealth at one pole is at the
    same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance,
    brutality, mental degradation, at the opposite pole,” Marx wrote.

    Read more:



    • Joey Sanchez

      These people are just followers; brainwashed. Their leaders should be known so we will understand what kind of personality are building up and their ways to project their ideals.

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    Communism does not look at the human factor.
    A lost cause and the proof is all around us.
    What a waste of time, effort and lives.

  • Juan Cuevas

    Let me put it this way: Kung ang mga taong nasa placards nila ay nabubuhay at nakita silang nagra-rally sa kalsada ano kaya ang gagawin sa kanila?

    Siguradong uubusin at papatayin lahat yan lalo na si Mao. They are using “Freedom of speech and assembly” in a democratic country yet they are pushing for a communist ideology where in Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Engels and Mao would just purge, torture, kill them if they see any public demonstration against their leadership, without a second thought.

    Hindi ba nakakaloko ang mga taong ito? Tama ang mga idea ng mga nag comment dito. Why dont we send them all to N. Korea since its one of the few countries who still uses the marxist-leninist ideology?

    Tignan natin kung makabalik pa sa Pilipinas itong mga Makabayan bloc na komunistang perwisyo sa Pilipinas.

    • $22369910

      the loudest in this country are often the dumbest.

      they keep on rallying left and right without putting much thought in their ideology or worse, having a basic grasp of how economics work. result? everyone else- from workers, professionals, students, name it, who just want to get to work or school gets hassled by the traffic and mayhem they often cause to the whole country getting a bad rap that would shoo away business and investments- gets f’d.

      as i said, nothing but a bunch of self-entitled parasitic morons who as you pointed out, would probably die first in a purge if we were ever a communist country. brain dead idiots.

    • efriend

      They should be deported to Communist China and North Korea to experience life in a communist country. Now na!

  • noyab


  • Spartacus

    barilin natin mga ito.

  • TheGUM

    1. China’s current integration to the global capitalism would not have been possible without the development undertaken during Mao’s time. Infrastructures, education, health, housing, etc. were improved and prepared the way for foreign capital to find China a suitable place for investment.

    2. China’s currency is still not fully integrated to the global financial system, thus China can manage its finances without the pressures imposed by the vagaries of foreign financial systems. China’s banking system is nationalized.

    3. Land is not a commodity in China. Farmers have user rights to land. In relation, petty capitalism (small business) is carried out without concurrent property rights, such as done in the West.

    4. China’s current capitalism has as one of its purposes technology transfer from the West and it has successfully done this (besides the “reverse engineering” that also happens, intellectual property rights theft, that is).

    5. Compared to the developing world and even some advanced countries, there is less substandard housing in China, that is, slums that are normal in many countries is not a feature of life in China.

    6. The “right wing” in China prefers full adoption of capitalist systems, including multiple political parties as a feature of political rights. The “left” prefers to frame the issue in terms of economic rights as expressions of democratic realities. The “right wing” consists of the business class, party members who lean towards capitalist integration, and the “intellectuals,” and in contrast, the “left” are the industrial workers and peasant farmers who are currently clamoring for better working conditions and a greater share of China’s prosperity and who prefer to have a communist party that promotes the interest of the “mass base”.

    7. The central question remains: “Does the road to socialism pass through the capitalist phase, partially, completely or not at all?”

    These are some of the issues and facts that come to my mind, as I read through the comments in this forum, which are full of rants and uninformed opinions.

    Happy May Day to all. WE ARE NOT SLAVES! We are SPARTACUS!!!

    • tiago_572

      talaga rants ang nababasa mo dahil alam na ng taumbayan ang tunay na hubog ng komunismo, ma-Maoista 0 Marxismo! wala ng panahon pa upang talakayin ang sinabi mong ‘uninformed opinions’ dahil itoy pagbigay ng panahon na utuin uli ang sambayanang Pilipino. ang mahalaga ngayon ay kung paano lipulin ang mga kampon ni demonyong Joma Sison, gaya ni Renato Reyes, Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casiño atbp na patuloy nagpapasasa sa diwa ng demokrasya ngunit ang totoong pakay ay maghasik ng malagim na karahasan. ito ang dapat maging usapin bayan,

    • $22369910

      The majority in this thread, who staunchly and simply oppose the parasites of communism and senseless rallies which cause trouble for all, are apparently the ones uninformed and just “rant”. So let me “rant” again.

      1. Deng Xiaoping (who was also sent away for “reeducation” by your hero Mao) was the one who advocated for economic reforms in China. What your idol did was the disastrous Great Leap Forward and the wonderfully murderous Cultural Revolution- with such innovations as melting pots and pans for industrialisation,, the burning of books and the slaughter of intellectuals, and the advent of hunger and famine in China. And that’s not even counting his purges.

      2. China’s banking system is a mess, especially in relation to their own local government units. These officials see their positions as stepping stones towards Beijing and fudge economic data left and right, leading to a tenuous credit bubble and a rising amount of loan defaults (since you’re a proud fan of communism, I am assuming I lost you already, but keep up…)

      3. Find out what happened when they built the Three Gorges Dam and how many people got displaced or lost their lives. Find out about the biggest mall in the world and its rate of occupancy. Find out about how the Chinese government bulldozes homes (both in urban and rural areas) to build infrastructure for the sake of building infrastructure. The credit bubble I mentioned? It’s being used by everyone-both in the public and private sector- to fuel a real estate and building spree that offers little to actual development.

      4. Are you seriously praising intellectual property theft?

      5. Have you been to Beijing? Shanghai? Guangzhou? “Slums are not a feature of life in China” ?!? Your arguments are beginning to be funnier each moment.

      6. I can’t believe I reached up to this part of your inane arguments but here goes- the division in the Communist Party of China isn’t between the left and the right. The factions contemplate “princelings”- those sons and daughters of the Mao and his buddies and advocate a more stringent form of socialism and “reformists”- those who advocate a relaxation of human rights and economic policies. At any rate, both simply seek one thing- the preservation of the Party as the head of state. So what are you on about advancing the interests of the “mass base”… wtf is a mass base for that matter? Did you mean the masses as a political base or are you still in page ten of Engels that you’re confusing your terms already?

      7. I won’t even go there.

      It’s hard to take you communists seriously when you know f all- get a job, shut the f up and just contribute to society. If you’re still a student, do what you’re supposed to do and just study.

      At any rate, stop rallying and bothering everyone else and dragging the country to the mire when you people clearly have no idea.

      • TheGUM

        Despite the insults, thanks for replying.

        You won’t even go to number 7. Why not? Really, why not? Do you know a lot about this question to be so dismissive? If you do reply, take out the insults and I may take you more seriously (I might even give a hot stock tip and suggestions to improve your investment portfolio ;-).

      • docsala

        Because he chose the higher road. You call yourself an investor? What’s your batting average? How much ROI per year?

    • Crazy_horse101010

      tell that to the 30 million who died during the so called cultural revolution, and the up to 70 million who died because of mao. during the cultural revolution intellectuals either died or were re educated.

  • calixto909

    Down with communism. This ideology shall never succeed in our country because it teaches terrorism, extortion and murder as a means to achieve its goal. It’s barbaric and inhuman and ungodly ideology

  • Ramil Abalon

    simbulo yan kung anong uri ng mga tao ang mga yan…..they are part of grand strategy nina casino, magtubo, ocampo satur at iba…

  • divictes

    We should really rain on this commie parade, just to wake them up. They have become too cozy in their dark crevices that somebody forgot to inform them that the USSR had disintegrated and that China is now a shameless capitalist. Maybe they are still dreaming of being gulag operators where they can strut in jackboots and starched baggy trousers or initiate their own version of a cultural revolution here in PH. In which case, we should not only rain but pizz on their parade.

    • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

      and pee on their heads also hahaha; that will be good for these ignorant people

  • BotoMoKinabukasanMo

    Dictators as an ICON!!…MGA PROTESTERS, GISING NA AT IMULAT ANG INYONG MGA MATA!!…Kung may natitira pa kayong kaunting TALINO at WASTONG pag-iisip, SUMAHIN ninyo ang mga buhay na nagwakas sa mga kamay ng mga Berdugong ito!!!…NO TO COMMUNISM!!!…NO TO NPA, NDF, AKBAYAN!!

  • Guest

    doon sa russia dapat sila nag demo hahaha….dami eplatiko …kakapal

    • Bulakenyo Ako

      Russia is already a democratic country as far as i know.

    • Meow Ming

      kung doon sila nag demo, kukuyugin yang mga yan.

  • tra6Gpeche

    If I am not mistaken, labor day protest in the Philippines has started around 30 years ago. Unfortunately, I do not see much improvement, if there is any at all, in the their lives. The labor groups can really help the workers and employees of big and successful companies owned by billionaire Filipino/Chinese businessmen by asking the Senate and Congress to legislate a law that would allow the workers to organize a union in their company without fear of harassment and intimidation by the management. By having a union, the workers and employees can protect their rights. They can not be abused by the management. Without improvement in the lives of these workers, this demonstration or protest by any labor group is just for appearance and does not really for the interest and welfare of the ordinary Filipinos.

  • Guest

    Sa totoo lang maski sino presidente at maski taasan sweldo ng mga yan….di macocontento mga yan….puro rally…instead of atupagin nila buhay nila ng mapaganda….gising kau oi..ala kayo mapapala sa kalsada lagi

    • Dennis Zarauz

      Front lang nila ang labor issue. Seizure of political power at sosyalismo ang ultimong layunin ng mga iyan.

  • john_constantine

    Hmmm…e ba’t sa kung san galing ang mga “icons” na yan, hindi rin kagandahan ang benefits ng mga workers?

  • etobsify

    mag aral sa TESDA, mag apply ng trabaho, magbayad ng buwis!! hindi yung kung sino pa ang walang Income Tax Return at hindi binabawasan ng withholding tax buwan-buwan, sila pa yung number one na REKLAMADOR!

    • Lean Porquia

      kawawa ka naman, tesda lang pala pag asa ng buhay mo.

      • pfckulapu_parin

        wag mong maliitin ang graduate sa TESDA..
        Im know someone mas malaki pa ang kita kay sa galing private school…Lalo na sa abroad..

  • Yobhtron

    These paid communist idiots are it again holding pictures of some of the worst blood thirsty leaders on the planet. Wow! Bravo! you nincompoops have shown to the whole world how idiotic you are. You anarchists do not have the support of the Filipinos. HUWAG PO NATIN IBOTO ANG MGA KUMUNISTA SA HALALAN.

    • Joey Sanchez

      they did not read history for sure!

  • klepto

    The reason for the planned increase in SSS contribution is this: More money collection by the government, means more money going to the pockets of politicians. Everyone knows this government is extremely corrupt, so why should we let a thief handle our money for us?

    If I have an option, I would never put a cent to any government programs like GSIS, SSS, PhilHealth, or PAG-IBIG. Right now I am forced to contribute to Pag-Ibig & PhilHealth , even though I already have 4 houses, BUPA, CIGNA, 401m on TRowePrice, and Life Insurance policies at NTUC Singapore.

    My PagIbig/PhilHEalth contribution is just to satisfy the requirement to get an OEC and both are paid in minimums.

    I shall never trust a corrupt government to handle my money for me, especially my future retirement funds. Entrusting your future to the government makes you loss sleep thinking whether you can get your money back when retirement age comes, knowing the bureaucratic inefficiency in filing for claims is adding to that problem. That is not including the possibility that someone in the government takes out a loan from your account without you knowing about it.

  • klepto



  • desi derata

    Those butchers were failures. What is there to make them heroes? Laos at panis pala ang isip ng mga komunista sa Pilipinas.

    The communist-inspired militancy can only thrive in a democratic state. Wait when the country becomes a communistic, totalitarian gulag. Nary a hew will betolerated by the violent and murderous politburo. Yes, i said it once and I say it last, I can be a communist provided that I will be a member of the politburo.

  • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

    dying ideology.

    • $5699914

      more to me, DEAD.

  • chaochao

    ang payat ni mao ze-dong sa picture.

    • BotoMoKinabukasanMo

      …At tumaba siya nung naka-upo at puwesto na siya, Tipikal na gawain ng mga Leftist. Sila lang ang mga uma-asenso at gumiginhawa ng buhay…Nawala na si Marcos pero hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin nagbabago ang pananakot nila…Walang Kuwenta ang Pakikibaka!!!…NO TO COMMUNISM!!

  • ej1015

    “Communist Manifesto”
    now you know who these people are, will you vote for them? or even listen to them?

    Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong are butchers and died in vain.

    • Left Hegelian

      “butchers”? this may apply with lenin, stalin and mao. but not marx & engels. go back to your basic history.

      • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

        whatever their ideology failed miserably and people should be educated of their impssible utopia. All the so-called communist giants just like China and Russia have discard already their communistic ideals and embraced capitalism to prosper

      • reddfrog

        And unfettered capitalism is not a failure? Perhaps you’re one of the exploiters.

      • $25214711

        What’s your point Sir, Communism is good for the country?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        only if you are a commie leader. they live like kings while the rest suffer.

      • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

        hahaha, and tell me which country are u referring to?

      • Kent Mike San Juan

        the philippines and the us are examples of crumbling capitalism

      • chubby bobby

        so gusto mong alisin ang kapitalismo sa bansa naten? kasama ka siguro sa mga nag rally kahapon, hahaha

      • Pons Corpuz

        Assuming that these countries are indeed crumbling, you think communism is better than “crumbling” capitalism?

        now, please show proof that Philippines and US are “crumbling”.

      • keen barcelo

        Cuba and Venezuela are examples of crumbling socialist-communism.

      • $5699914

        isama mo greece, italy.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        usa crumbling yeah right . usa gdp 14,9991,3000. china 7,763,782, japan 5,870,357. have you ever lived in america just curious. usa news by year 2020 usa will be producing more oil than arabia. the production increased by 30 percent in 6 years. coal seams east of the rockies go for hundreds of kilometers covering most of 4 states. they grow most of the worlds sales are climbing every month and stock market is at a record high. meanwhile chinas economy is going down hill and they are starting to worry. exports sales have dropped.

      • Almighty


      • Adam_d_langgam

        albania and cuba .. wheeee … both very prosperous states. classic modern and economically stable state … ha ha ha … joke onli of kors. ..

      • Dennis Zarauz

        What about your Cuba and North Korea? I’ll choose the Philippines rather than these 2 communist dictators.

      • Dennis Zarauz

        What political system in the world doesn’t have exploitations? What socialism doesn’t have is civil rights. Maaari ba kayong magprotesta laban sa gobyerno sa Cuba o North Korea? Aber?

      • Dennis Zarauz

        Bakit hindi? Kung sila Marx at Engels ang pasimuno ng communist ideology? Magkakaroon ba nang madugong rebolusyong proletaryo sa China at Russia kung hindi sa kanila?

  • Bisaya_Man

    Ipag laban kaya natin ang mababang singil sa kuryente, tubig, bigas, at pamasahe kaysa dagdag sahod?


    leftists and communists are it again! hindi na kuntento sa extortion sa mga politiko, deligensya pa sa malakanyang! meron pang pdaf at kurakot ay kulang pa rin.

  • True Thinker

    These bunch of Hypocrites. Most of them would picked against the USA by going to the US Embassy. But they would have have a mask on their face.
    And when ask why, most of them would not admit to it, but they wanted their relatives in the USA to be able to petition for them for a US Private Residency in the future.

    The same applies on these Pro-Communist rallies.
    I myself witnessed their very own leadership would accept and Cash payout for them to stir their followers towards a direction needed by the payers.

  • Concur_Dissent

    Lenin? Stalin?? Sinuka na ang mga yan ng sarili nilang bayan idolo nyo pa rin?? BAKYA!!

    • Adam_d_langgam

      kabayan, pagbigyan mo na. anything na kontra sa tate yayakapin nila. lusot na sana sila mag rally para ipaglaban (kuno) ang karapatan nila. pero sa pag display nila ng mga posters ng mga monster ng komunista, nagpapakita lang na wala talagang alam ang mga hunghang na sumasama sa rally.

      mao? hundreds of thousands died because of the “cultural revolution” initiated by mao and his cohorts. the intellectuals were murdered/jailed during mao’s time. kawawa naman ang mga “activists” na ginagamit lang ng mga lider nila. “casino for senator” … at ang mga kakapal na mga pulitiko na sumama sa rally dapat ibasura sa election. kailan sumama sa rally ang mga kapalmuks na ‘yan. pero dahil election period pumapel. kapal talaga … walang words na kayang i-describe ang mga ganid na kandidato …

  • Bob Tom

    Mukhang lumalabas na talaga ang tunay na intensyon ng mga militanteng ito!
    Hindi na karapatan kundi kumunismo ang isinusulong.

    Ang mga bayani natin ay namatay para ipaglaban ang Demokrasya at kalayaan
    tapos gusto ninyong palitan ng ideyolohiyang banyaga, mapanlinlang at mapaniil?



  • catmanjohn

    The misguided Leftist commies of the Philippines are basically shooting themselves in the foot by supporting the likes of Marx, Lenin, and Stalinist type losers whose ideology will inevitably lead to failure and self destruction. Instead, they should use the ideology of FDR and support the kind of social programs that made the U.S. the greatest Nation on earth. FDR did more for the creation of the U.S. middle class than any other president, aside from defeating the biggest dictators the world had ever seen. The support of labor groups, the freedom of speech and demand of transparency and accountability, while respecting private capital, should be the framework of all groups to move the Nation realistically toward a more just and prosperous society for all.

    • Adam_d_langgam

      yipee … the dork has brains ( a litle bit) after all. but the u.s. as the greatest nation on earth? now that’s a bit of a stretch. the norwegian nations won’t agree with your assessment. given the choice, most smart people would live in the nordic countries – finland, norway and denmark.

      keep on punching. you might just be educated eventually.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        my family came from demark to america because there was more opportunities there than denmark. there is more people from norway living in america than norway. why is that.

      • band1do

        LOL… Because that commentator is quick to google search stats instead of realistic population migration examples, like yourself. They forget to mention the how much tax is taken from your wages in the Scandinavian countries.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        yeah i know and he didnt say anything about sweden. its amazing also how many finns who are living in america.

      • Adam_d_langgam

        kabayan, you went to the u.s. because you and family are not danes … the issue’s “the best countries in the world to live” … heck, new zealand comes second and there are tons of pinoys there …

      • catmanjohn

        BB Lamggamhari. your si$$y a$$ was not worth a single life the Americans gave in WWII to save sewer rats like you. Norway, has become a land of si$$ys, regardless of how good life may be there. They sat out while the world burned, while it was the US under the great FDR, who saved the world from Hitler. Now back to PH, once they get rid of corrupt parasites like the remnants of the Arroyos, your dork boyfriend clan Revilla’s, Corona’s, and their lackey’s like you, the PH may take shape to become an ethical Nation where the visions of FDR’s can be realized and appreciated. Now go drop dead. You would do your countrymen a big favor.

      • Adam_d_langgam

        he he he … the u.s. saved us from hitler but it gave us idiots like you … but hey dorkie, what about mc arthur’s promise of “i sall return”? he left the pinoys hanging to man the ramparts against the onrushing japanese army … eventually, he did return when the coast was clear.

        and hey dorkie dork . and to those who ask why are there more finss/danes in america? mooolah … tons of europeans live in the u.s. because they find good employment there. people will always migrate to “greener pastures” … and how about you retard? why are you here when the u.s. is the best country in the world?

        now back to your specialty. raping little boys and girls. oooops… they just executed a good american boy for raping a six year old girl.. tssskkk tsssk tsssk … they missed out on the real rapist — YOU> no wonder you live in the phils … to escape uncle sam’s lethal chamber.

      • catmanjohn

        Go stick your head up Mike Arroy’s a$$, your breathe smells like a sewer since nothing but sh!t comes out of it.

      • Adam_d_langgam

        you disappoint me….. you about ready to give up? i still have lots of “weapons” to make fun of idiots like you …

    • band1do

      Bro, these days, they’re now more classified right wing than leftists… Extremists right wing politics….

  • Manuel_II

    mga engot talaga, ipadala na lang kasi lahat yan sa North Korea.

    • band1do

      LOL… let them try and protest equality there if they can… LOL

    • otire

      Kahit na mag apply nang visa ang mga yan sa NKor o Cuba ,di yan bibigyan. Bawal ang tamad doon at di puede ang rally. puede siguro sa mass demonstration para sa anniversary nang kanilang supreme leader. ha ha

  • $5699914

    Mga tanga!
    At mas tanga pa yung mga sumusuporta sa kanila!
    Sa palagay ninyo, kilala ng may hawak ng banner yung mga naka-print roon? seriously?

    • tarikan

      Mga mukhang walang tinapos, pre. Hindi naman sa minamata sila pero parang walang kamalay-malay sa world history. Mas malaki yata ang bayad dun sa may mga hawak na photos.

      • $5699914

        You hit the nail on the head!
        Mabuti pa nga yung pako, may ulo at pakinabang….

      • LAD

        ewan ko ba dapat pag gutom ka dapat mas matalino ka ,ako nung nagaaral pa malimit ako malipasan ng gutom pero paggutom nga ako lalo kung naiisip magsumikap kesa sumama sa mga tamd na yan

  • docsala

    If one understands the tenets of capitalism, one will see that it brings advances not just in medicine but in every field of science. Capitalism gave us Facebook. Yung mga kumunista dyan wag kayo gumamit ng facebook ha. In fact don’t use the computer. The Internet and PC is a by product of Capitalism

  • Almighty

    Nakakatawa mga commie-dians!!!

  • hkpnay

    people in communist countries cannot go on strike unlike in democratic countries, so how come they idolize these communist icons????
    simply ironic and moronic…

    • band1do

      Exactly, imagine these kids protesting to Kim Jong Sung in North Korea? Even worse, imagine these kids protesting to the Government in Singapore? We are a free, democratic country with a ‘decent’ president.

      • hkpnay

        hehe do they even know what they are fighting for? they smoke blue-seal cigarettes made in the democratic USA, wear imported clothes made in free countries!

      • band1do

        LOL, exactly… But, I wouldn’t say clothes made in China as made in ‘free countries’. Everything is now made in China except cigarettes… The irony… -_-‘

      • hkpnay

        my dear made in China but exported to free countries hehe

      • band1do


      • Crazy_horse101010

        yeah just like real copies of black and decker and stanley tools that last until you get them out the box

      • band1do


    • tarikan

      Oxymoron, these comrades. Trying to build a classless society, i.e., Wa’class lahat. Pataty gutom lahat ang gusto nila kaka.

  • band1do

    *sigh*. I said it in a related article yesterday…. Now I’ll repeat myself. These kids really fall for communist propaganda used by the Soviets in the mid 20th Century which is OLD news. How we’re US puppets really confuses me. If we’re US puppets, what does that make South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia?

    So to the kids protesting infront of the US Embassy, please drop it. We are not even considered an important ally anymore by the US. During the Marcos era? Sure… we where the only reliable ally in the Asia Pacific bloc. But we are now a country trying to gain economic freedom as what we all wanted from PNoy and we’re also trying to build our military to be ‘competent’ enough to defend our own shores.

    If these kids had any ethical reasoning, they’d realise that our forefathers during the Quezon era would be disappointed in them.

    To the person who uses different aliases to always rebuke my comments, just try to think outside of our shores on a global scale. If you could understand how we balikbayans view these kids, you’d see they look like the ‘left behind child’. PNoy is finally doing what every President hasn’t done for our country. Since 2012, we have constantly been on the front page of the Financial Times and Bloomberg who are the only credible news source in the world… We are sharing the headlines of countries in the Asia Pacific such as China, South Korea, India and Japan. We should be celebrating because to get that lime light from these sources is a real achievement. The Philippines is being taken seriously now, stop blaming our only honest President. Sure he has faults, but he’s done more for the Philippines economically than any President has since Marcos or even before Marcos. These show in his results and results are what matters, not speculation about being a US puppet or being in a secret meeting in a dark room.

    Communism is dying, there are only 2 countries in the world with communism rule, Cuba and North Korea. Cuba is slowly changing, North Korea is a Joke to the world. The countries where Mao and Stalin are from are all slowly switching to capitalism. If you guys want to fight the ‘evil’ US, than fight with economics and hard work to show the world why we belong on top in the Asia Pacific Bloc. That’s how we beat the US… Look at Australia? They where once not as wealthy and laughed at by the British and the Americans. Now the Americans take them seriously and so do the British, to an extent. Why??? Because look at the AU dollar to the US? before 2005, the AUD was 75c to the USD. Now it’s above…. That’s how you gain their respect. Money talks and that hasn’t changed since the beginning of currency exchange. Sure, the ideals of communism was there to beat capitalism, but tell me, If everyone where equally paid in our country, how would society progress? There wouldn’t be any ambition to invent technology, sell technology. Moreover, it’s in human nature to always try and achieve. Look at the old communist countries, people suffered while the ‘leaders’ lived in luxury…

  • Meow Ming

    “Itaas and sahod P125 across the board nationwide”

    HAhahahaha … Ang walang kamatayang slogan ng mga militante …, inang slogan yan.. highscool pa lang ako slogan na nila yan. Magbago naman kayo paulit ulit na lang…panahon pa ng kopong-kopong yang slogan nyong mga komunista salot sa lipunan.

  • Joe Kano

    March of the Zombies.

  • ruben_bush

    mga bobo…. naniniwala kay joma sison. eh si joma naniniwala lang sa sarili. nagpapasarap sa holland, nagdidisco araw araw kasama ang mga bold star, doon lang ginagastos ang revolutionary tax at mga pera na nakuha sa extortion.

    • alex ca

      Hindi kasi nakapag aral ang mga yan kaya pwede nang pang harang sa kanyon kahit ang kanilang presidenteng si Joma nandoon sa Netherland, nasa mamahaling hotel nagpapasarap samantalang ang kanyan mga tauhan nagpapakagat ng lamok sa kanayunan yung iba nagkadengue na nagpapatulong sa gobyerno ng Pinas…

  • John Sulayman

    Can we put these people in cannons and blast them to China and/or North Korea? I think they’d be happy with the communists there.

    • Ibulgarmo Bayan

      You should not say that way friend. If you have no concern or indeed no heart to your fellow workers who strive more for your profit but have never been noticed even to be given only small incentives. If you are a capitalist, you must better shut down your business because greedy businessman is nowhere any place in heaven.

      • sharkbaitt

        most if not all are chinese businessmen communists you idiot, those workers in china are being exploited as well by your commies, the ideal of communism is half baked, communist leaders are hypocrite, is there equality in China?, Russia? North Korea? no! there is only prosperity with the leaders and the people who exploit ordinary citizen, its proven communism doesn’t work, and never will be…

      • patrickinca

        If your a communist then you should not use the word heaven for according to chairman Mao that religion is poison! You wont be using the internet and even the computer because all of those are products of capitalism. Now what do you think about capitalism again?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i dont remember the word communist in the bible and where it says they are going to heaven. and i thought god decided who goes to heaven not any man. if you get rid of capitalism you might as well shut down the world including china, there is no way communism well never work., because without capitalism everyones the same so why bust your butt working. .

      • Manong_Kwarog

        These people are not worker, they are just paid to rally and mostly are from Tondo… can test them by asking who are on the pictures. Those shouting and giving speeches are the cadres – mostly student dropouts from universities who are still on the process of being brainwash – got their a monthly allowance also. Those moving secretly around the group are the NPAs – fully brainwash – ready to die – no allowance at all – surviving by milking local people and politician trying to campaign – who are dreaming that one day they will be the government-in-charge.

      • alex ca

        tingnan mo muna kung sinong kapitalist na sinasabi mo chinese din naman. Rudy Libong marunong ka bang magbasa ng newspaper?
        Tingnan mo mga Intsik halos lahat. Mga kauri mo na communist dapat pagsabihan mo na umuwi na kayo sa China para wala gulo ang aming Pinas….

      • LAD

        libong ka talagang ayam,

  • boboposter

    What a bunch of hipsters.

    By the way, let’s just abolish the SSS if they hate it so much. The poor can have the money they pay as premiums for their vices.

  • DGuardian

    Kayong mga komunista na traidor sa bayan ay mabuti pang mag-migrate na lang sa China dahil ang gusto ninyo rin lamang naman ay communist rule. At tigilan ninyo na ang panggugulo sa Pilipinas. Kapag ang China na pulos pagnanakaw at mga iba pang krimen ang ginagawa sa Pilipinas ang gumawa ng kasamaan sa mga Pilipino at sa Pilipinas, itong mga komunistang ito ay sa US Embassy nagra-rally imbes na doon sa Chinese Embassy manggulo. Daan-daang milyon piso ba taun-taon ang isinusustento sa inyo ng Red China para guluhin ninyo ang Pilipinas? Mga larawan pa ng mga pusakal na Komunistang Ruso, Tsino, at iba pa ang dala-dala ninyo sa panggugulo ninyo. Sinusunog na sa impierno ang mga kaluluwa ng mga pusakal na mga kriminal na iyan dahil sa crimes nila against humanity. Magsilayas na kayo sa Pilipinas kung ang gusto ninyo ay komunismo!

  • pfckulapu_parin

    Workers Right are more violated in communist countries..
    In China, they worked more than 48 hours a week..
    In NK, slavery …. only the Piglet have sufficient food.

    • alex ca

      dapat doon magwelga ang mga kmu na yan at mga tumutulong daw sa mga manggagawa….wala pang isang oras baka pagpipilian na nila ang langit at impyerno.

  • tarikan

    Mao, Stalin and Lenin have caused the deaths of millions during their time. But they burned the effigy of Pres. Obama? What’s Obama got to do with the ills of the Philippine labor?

  • Jundemar Cabeguin

    unmunlad ba ang russia at china noong panahong pinamumunuan sila ng mga communist leader na yan?, hindi diba!

    • alex ca

      umunlad ba? Ang pagkaalam ko sa kaunalaran e ang lahat ay masaya na walang pag aalinlangan at hindi binubuli. Kasi ang nagpapalakad ng bansa ay mga tao pag ang mga tao na ang nawalan ng trust sa isang namamahala ay wala nang silbi ito. Kaya yung sinasabi mo na umunlad hakahaka lang yon. Ang mga communist kasi gustong maging mayaman na hindi nagtatrabaho. E wala sa bokabolaryo na yayaman ang isang grupo kung hindi nagtatrabaho ng buong puso na hindi nakakasama sa ibang tao. E sa komunista konting mali mo lang patay ka na. communist a piece of trash….mga tamad….ayaw tingnan kung ano ang totoo….at nararapat,,,,takot din naman kung sa kanila gagawin ang pinaggagawa nila……

  • Mamang Pulis

    at pagtapos ng rally—

    manonood ng Ironman3 sa MOA

    • LAD

      saka fast furius 6

  • Handiong_Haringmakabayan

    Impressionable young men and women falling for the violent ideas of Stalin and Mao Zedong. I wonder how these militants will react to banners showing support for Lassalle, Bernstein, Gorbachev, Keynes, and the great Sun Yat Sen.

  • HarryK

    With the display of those communist leaders it seems that communism is not totally dead in the Philippines and as long as there is widespread poverty the communistic ideology will continue to have its followers.

  • Pio Pusli

    Lenin, Stalin, Mao, these people were responsible for the massacres of miilions of their people. not only that, millions dide because of theri stupid economic experiment. GROW UP!!!!

  • Pio Pusli

    i know that majority of our laborers are morons, but pleaaaaaaseeee enough, look around. only castros in cuba are the remaining socilaist/communist. and look what happenedto their people.

  • Pio Pusli

    “Enrile said labor groups should continue pressing for reforms and better working and living conditions as the economy continued to improve.”
    Looks who’s talking, the berdugo of workers during martial law. this hypocrite been in power for so long and what have you done for them?

  • tlb6432

    communist ideology does not work, why cling to that failed ideology.. labor has the right to the fruits of its work, and hopefully they’ll find a common ground with management.. with the help of the government..

  • Patrick

    These people lost all credibility when they put Mao and Stalin up on those banners. These two engineered the mass murder of their own people. How can these idiots hold them in high regard? Learn history you retards

    • LAD

      yaan mo na patrick mga desperado na eh,kaya kahit papano gagawin para mapansin

  • alex ca

    mga hero sa nagrarally puro bulok, may pakinabang kung gustong lipulin ang lahat ng sangkatauhan at sila na lang mamuhay. Pero karamihan sa mga yan kabadingan lang ang nalalaman. Mga bakla ang mga komunista kaya ayaw nila ang magkaroon ng union ang babae at lalaki.

    • LAD

      right ka dyan ate ,laht sila mga bading he he he mga tamad na bading di na lang magsienrol sa tesda ng dressmaking, manicure at haircuting para kumita at makapanglalaki.

  • ConcernedCitizenPh

    Leftists are supposed to think “out of the box”. Filipino leftists are unique though because they do not have an open-mind. Russia and China have experienced the nightmares of communism / socialism and are trying to get away from it. The Communist Party of China or Chinese Communist Party even wants to remove the word “Communist” but is refrained by the fear that factions may arise if they change the name. Yet leftists here are very stubborn and don’t want to learn from other people’s experience.

  • Albert Einstien


    latest NEWS : 11,100,000 FILIPINOS are UN-EMPLOYED…

    MALIITpa yang pinalabas nilang 11.1 MILLION UNEMPLOYED FIGURES kung
    tutuusin..100 mILLION na tayo ….WALANG TRABAHO..nasa 25 to 30 MILLION
    nasa CURRENT list ng DFA pati na SSS at GSIS na nagHUHULOG yan
    malalaman nila KONTI lang TALAGA me TRABAHO less total labor force na 60
    million…KAHIT huwag nyo na ISAMA yun 40 million na bata at
    matatanda……….PROGRESO at UMU-UNLAD daw tayo sabi ng mga AQUINO
    ..simula ng panahon ni CORY 27 years AGO yan na ang ARAW-ARAW na
    PROPAGANDA at PAID SURVEYS nila..ang UMUUNLAD mga KKK lang at ang BANSA at TAOMBAYAN PURO KALBARYO……kawawa namanang 12.5 MILLION na mga OFW at IMMIGRANTS na nagpapadala ng pinagHIRAPAN na dolyares ……..CREDIT GRAB lang ni NGOY2 credit upgrade…

    ang BILIHIN hanggang LEEG, ang KRIMINALIDAD nasa LOOB na ng mga BAHAY at MALLS na MILYON MLYON ang tumatakas at uma-alis pa-abroad sa panahon ni pnoy …GNOY2ING…puro KALBARYO kaya….. so sad : < (. hanggang ngayon parehong propaganda pa rin ke GNOY2..27 years na nilang PINAG-LOLOKO ang taombayan..GISING na…!

    • Chrisnadal19

      duhh.. what a joke.. nka CAPS kpa!! kupal.

    • 1a

      11,100,000,000 FILIPINOS are UN-EMPLOYED

      ayos ah lampas pa sa population ng mundo hehe

  • dennis_genio

    Sometimes,it is very hard to understand what Filipinos KNEW about their fighting for?At our neighboring countries like China,North Korea,most of their people hate their form of government “Communism” because they chooses freedom! Even the former USSR were unable to control it and end up into chaos! Samantalang yung mga nasa pictures eh nagpu-pursige na tangkilikin ng hindi alam ang puno´t-dulo ng dahilan.

  • dennis_genio

    Maybe we had heard about how reckless Kim Jong ILL in his decision and that´s why the world condemn him!…So shall we condemn him or praise him?

  • LAD

    haay hirap naman nitong mga walang nalalaman kung ano itong pinaniniwalaan nila,eh yung mga tao sa lugar kung saan nangaling yung mga dala nilang litrato eh sinusuka sila, dito naman ibenabandera ha ha ha kawawa naman kayo ,nauto ng mga sira ulong tamad na mga ndf,cpp,npa

  • txtman


    • txtman


    • ed_dAVAO

      Si LLamas Communist yan. political adviser ni Pnoy,

  • Czarina0501

    Tingnan niyo mga communist leaders and nasa placards nila. Bulgar na nating nakikita kung sino at anong klaseng mga tao ang tinitingala ng mga militanteng ito

  • Czarina0501

    Galit na galit ang mga militanteng ‘to sa mga Amerikano pero ang iniidolo naman nilang mga tao e mga KOMUNISTA na daan-daang tao ang pinatay. Ibig sabihin din nito ang ugali at pamamalakad ng mga komunista ang nais nila kaya ganito nila pinapabagsak ang ating gobyerno

  • Czarina0501

    Ang hirap naman umintindi nitong si Colmenares hindi niya ba naiitintidihan na para din naman sa atin yung kino-contribute sa SSS. Tayo rin naman ang makikinabang doon tinutulungan na nga tayo ng gobyerno na magkaroon ng ipon.

  • Czarina0501

    Panay reklamo na lang ang ginagawa ng mga militante.

    Gusto nila maraming trabaho, mataas na sahod at kung ano ano pang reklamo at demands pero sa pangugulo nila, pagrarally lagi at sa kakareklamo nila lalo nilang itinataboy ang mga investors kaya ayan imbes na magtayo sila ng bagong negosyo na magoopen sana ng bagong opportunities sa amin parang bula na nawala dahil sa kagagawan ng mga komunista at militanteng yan!

  • appleguy 10

    Just ignore na lang yang mga yan, kahit na magrally pa sila,,wala din naman silang magagawa,,at the end, sila din ang nahihirapan,,bakit pa ba natin gagawing komplikado ang buhay natin,,bakit kaya hindi na lang nila subukan mag-aapply sa AFP, MMDA, sanitary technician,,maraming trabaho sa atin,,wala lang talagang tyaga ang ibang mga kababayaan natin,, hindi ba nila naiisip na kahit sa maliit na sahod,,may benifits na sila,,

  • tagasugod

    Kitang kita ang mga idolo nila. Mga fallen leaders whose common ideology is a failure. THEY WILL NEVER LEARN THAT THEY ARE ALREADY IRRELEVANT.

  • Digitel Employees Union

    PLDT-Digitel Volts In The Corporate Giants With this said, it is crystal clear that this is a scheme for contractualization. More so, the Digitel Employer’s Union (DEU) won in all legal battles filed against the management of PLDT/Digitel. However, these corporate giants seem deaf and paralyzed in abiding the (calls of) law. Chronicling Their Struggle The DEU solely wanted to be reinstated as regular employees – no more, no less. Oppression has different faces.

    For the employees of Digitel, it lies on the unfair labor practices, violation of human rights, and the suppression of imposing the law of the land on the feet of corporate giants. The Plight of the Digitel Employees Digital Telecommunications, Inc., more popularly known as “Digitel” was a member of the JG Summit Group and a former competitor of PLDT as a fixed-line and mobile telecommunications On the other hand, the Phlippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is the largest and leading conglomerate in the field of telecommunications owning subsidiaries such as Smart Telecommunications. It is also a share-holder of Meralco.

    On March 2011, PLDT “bought” Digitel through sharehold-swapping wherein PLDT acquired 51.55% share on the JG Summit Holdings while 12% of PLDT went to JG Summit. The business coup was finalized by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in October 26, 2011. Digitel Workers Underhanded The merger of these corporate giants became a breeding ground for violation of the labor code and human rights for the workers of Digitel.

    In normal cases, employees should not be affected in such arrangement. However, Digitel reported its intention of business closure due to its alleged absorption to PLDT. Hence, the company issued Notices of Redundancy and offers such as the Early Retirement/Voluntary Resignation Program Rehire (ERP/VRP – Rehire) – both of which are forms of violations of corporate law and deceit. Those who subscribed to the ERP-Rehire package ended up either working for outsourcing companies, losing their benefits, or failing to pass as probationary employee.

    Digitel workers puts up protest center in Makati PLDT office December 2012 – the remaining employees were subjected to redundancy due to integration-closure operation of PLDT/Digitel January 21, 2013 – The Supreme Court decided favoring the DEU and furhter affirming the directive of DOLE and NLRC February 7, 2013 – Digitel issued notice of intended permanent closure to DOLE due to its alleged integration with PLDT and notice of redundancy to its employees.

    March 15, 2013 – declared to be the last day of Digitel with 400 employees terminated via the Redundancy program March 16-18, 2013 – entry to the offices were denied to employees except of Managerial positions who work on contractual basis as consultants March 19, 2013 – A Writ of Execution was issued by Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, Secretary of DOLE ruling that all orders favoring DEU regarding the labor dispute be enforced April 10, 2013 – DEU built a protest center and started a peaceful stirke in front of PLDT’s Main Office in Ayala, Makati City April 16, 2013 – Mr. Allan Ricardo, President of DEU, started Hunger Strike April 19, 2013 – a hearing was set at Makati RTC 65 with regards to the case filed against DEU on illegal trespassing and occupancy April 21, 2013 – at 3 in the morning, more than a hundred fully-armed guards dismantled the make-shift protest center of DEU, leaving their belongings and campaign paraphernalia scattered and torn April 24, 2013 – DEU, along with its supporting organizations, held a press conference at Max’s Restaurant, Maria Orosa Branch, Manila City April 27, 2013 – the peaceful protest continues however rampant harassment were brought about by MAPSA of the Makati Commercial Estate Association (MACEA) DEU Press Conference at Max’s Restaurant Chronicling…continued Infringement of Human Rights and Labor Code With the issuance of the Redundancy program, it was sought to be a part of contractualization scheme.

    This is apart from the harassment and obliteration of the make-shift shelters of the as encountered by the peaceful protesters as a response of these corporate giants to calls for Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It is deemed to be an act of oppression on the freedom of expression and a guise of unfair labor practice (Article 248 of the Labor Code). Moreover, PLDT/Digitel subverts the directives of law-governing bodies of the land. Solidarity Statements Until justice is not served, they will not cease. This is not just their fight, but a fight of everyone.

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