Gazmin’s peace initiative toward NPA



Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin wants peace talks between the government and the communist rebels done on the local level after the government panel and the communist National Democratic Front (NDF) failed in their peace talks in The Netherlands.

Gazmin wants military commanders to hold peace talks with the New People’s Army (NPA) in their respective areas of operation so soldiers and rebels will not fight.

On paper, Gazmin’s order looks good.

Who doesn’t want peace?

The NPAs, who apparently have the upperhand in the battle against the military, are expected not to ambush soldiers and attack their camps.

On the other hand, soldiers will just stay in their barracks and do marching drills inside their camps because their foes have become their friends.

But Gazmin’s peace initiative would not make the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) look good as a fighting organization.

It would make the AFP look like an organization of cowards.

While the NPAs collected “revolutionary taxes” from citizens, soldiers would look the other way.

The soldiers would say “that’s not our job, that’s the job of the police,” when they’re asked why they just stand aside while the NPAs engage in extortion.

And so the police would be left alone to go after the NPAs.

Anyway, the Philippine National Police has its own fighting units—the elite Special Action Force (SAF) and the Regional Public Safety Battalions (RPSB) in different regions.

But members of the SAF and the RPSBs are no match to the communist rebels because they are señoritos or spoiled brats.

Police commandos do not want to fight. All they have in mind is how to make delihensiya or extort from citizens who commit small infractions of the law.

After all, SAF and RPSB commandos are still cops, aren’t they?

* * *

Many years ago, three members of the SAF were assigned to me as bodyguards following reports that some individuals whose toes I had stepped on were planning to “teach me a lesson.”

I noticed a few times, when I had meetings in restaurants, how my police bodyguards helped themselves to the “specialties of the house” and gorged without asking permission from me.

At first I didn’t mind since I thought they were that deprived because of poverty, but I had to put my foot down when it became their habit.

And then one day, I overheard them talking among themselves while waiting for me.

“The allowance we’re receiving from this man (me—RT) can’t support our vices. If we were outside, we would be earning much, much more from civilians,” one of them said.

“(Name of businessman), to whom I was assigned before, gave me a lot more. This guy (me again) is a tightwad,” butted the second one.

“My supervisor doesn’t believe that this man (me again) has not set aside an amount for him. He thinks I’m keeping the money intended for him,” said the third.

I happily let all three go.

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    Mon, there is no such thing as a free lunch! BTW, are you VIP to be assigned three SAF bodyguards?

  • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

    Anong mapapala sayo…Mon..! ha ha ha !…alam mo minsan wala ka rin sa eskwala …nakinabang ka na nga…titirahin mo rin pala sa huli…huwag naman Dong,..
    Chibug lang yan…reporter O parak.. at sanay tayo jan ..
    at sa delehensya ay lalong bigtime sa yo di ba?….ha ha ha !…kaya huwag kang magmamalinis…ha ha ha !

  • G22Gen4

    kayo namn mga inggitero kyo.

    • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

      ha ha ha !…natatawa ako sa yo…
      …ano ba ang RACKET natin …?…ha ha ha !

      • G22Gen4

        Ano racket mo rin?

      • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

        …mayroon ako….PRINCE,…DONNAY at WILSON,..kung gusto mo, minsan magkita tayo,..PCSO Sn. Marcelino.. at magamit mo yong Racket mo…ha ha ha ! every Tuesday afternoon nandoon ako…ha ha ha !

  • G22Gen4

    pinapakita lang ni Mon na ang Pulis ay wlang disiplina at self control.

  • go88

    ‘Police commandos do not want to fight. All they have in mind is how to make delihensiya or extort from citizens who commit small infractions of the law.’

    Then there is hardly any difference between you and them Tulfo, right?

  • archerfan

    teka teka, bakit may saf na naka assign kay tulfing? eto ba yung panahon na malaks ka pa kay Big mike, bago mo inaway si vicjy toh dahil sa hatian sa customs? sobra ka naman, sa laki ng delihensya mo pa chibog sa mga tao mo gusto mo pa sumagot gobyerno. kaya ka nababanatan ni clua hahaha


    GINTONG ARAL: Mag-ingat sa Pulis. Feeding a cop a day keeps trouble away. :)

    • Guest

      UrHONOR sana hindi dumating ang araw mangailan ka ng tulong sa kanila..

      • UrHONOR

        Bakit, Gin Sumangil Reyes, may kinalaman ba ang pag-iingat sa pangangailangan? Nagpapakain ka ba sa mga pulis?

  • Mamang Pulis

    AYUN —pag tapos bumanat–tatakbo sa mga otoridad ng security escort–Malaki ulo mo akala mo naman kaya mo lahat tapos bahag din buntot mo magrerequest ka ng DS….

    yun mga reporter na totoong tigasin–WALANG ESCORT at madalas NAPAPATAY.

    wala kayo mga tulfo brothers…

    eh sa matabang matrona pa lang barag bols mo…:D

  • Orod II

    First, Mr. Tulfo, you are a civilian and not poor. You should not rate any government subsidy thus, a PNP bodyguard. You should be able to afford to pay your own bodyguard. Our PNP is not enough as it is but yet civilians like Mr. Tulfo takes advantage of their position. On top of that Mr. Tulfo has now a good reason to write bad things about the people that protect his life. Hay buhay nga naman.

  • kontra_boohaya

    Ang daming SAF, RPSB and AFP personnel na nakabuntot sa mga seer/ma’am politician, big time businessmen and lords at sa ka nakakalat lang sila sa fiestahan, sabongan, birthdays, binyags, under the guise of “securing” the events. Case in point, ang daming sundalo at pulis na nagkalat sa Dagupan Bangus Festival (one to sawa ang pulutan). They are no better than their foes who freelance under the guise of “protection from couptongs”. Providing security is indeed a thriving business in the midst of chaos. Kaya marami sa kanila ayaw ang peace peace na yan. .mawawalan sila ng extra kita.

  • mariobig

    TULFING labag sa batas na ang ang isang sibilyang gaya mo may mga bodyguard na pulis kasi empleyado sila ng gobyerno at di mo sila empleyado .. ikaw pala ang numero unong lumalabg sa batas… …….ingreto ka wala kang karapatan na gamitin ang mga tao ng gobyerno…

    • G22Gen4

      Hindi labag sa batas ang meron bodyguard…pwede ka mag request kung buhay mo talaga delikado.

  • aquino_josemaria

    Alphonse Vega ·

    ALTERNATE… (NDF/NPA Top hierarchy is the Fish and the Water are the
    Grassroots… Drain the Water and the Fish will surely Die).

    After the election DILG should undertake measure against NPA movements through barangay initiatives.

    Regional Approach – Schedule all Barangay Captains and one of its
    Sanggunihan members each region for “Peace Initiative Workshop” where
    the Attendees shall be trained on “Barangay Profiling on Persons of

    I – Some mechanics for profiling on Persons of Interest (PI) shall be:
    a. Establishment of “Roster on Persons of Interest” suspected link to NPA.
    b. Short list persons that are positively link to NPA.
    c. Monitor those short-listed on the following without military/police intervention:
    1. Daily whereabouts
    2. Type of livelihood activities.
    3. Periodic absence from barangay without trace.
    4. List of contacts of subjected persons.
    5. And other relevant information to confirm his/her link to NPA.
    6. Submit updated DILG reports every quarter on this roster.

    II – Social Re-integration Approach (SRA).

    As PI is confirmed, subtle approach should be initiated through social
    contacts, talks about the general social views and basic family
    problems e. g. food security, livelihood, children education, etc.
    Knowledge, aptitude and practice (KAP) of PI should be evaluated and
    seed capital for livelihood could be loan/dole out as a starts for
    social reintegration. Established livelihood on this KAP program
    should be supervised until capacity of recipient became sustainable.

    III – Establishment of Focus Group and Focus Undertaken.

    On each scheduled regional workshop, some problems and suggestion shall
    crop up where establishment of Focus Group is necessary to digest
    those problems and suggestions for the attendees to adapt or tackle.

  • $20926843

    This SOB gazmin knows that this localized talk with the NPA is a stupid idea because it has been tried before but it never worked. This stupid idea was brought about to appease his inutile and autistic boss in malacanang to make it appear it is doing something about the problem, but in reality it is doing nothing!

  • Joe Alvarado Jr.

    peace talk? dream on.. fish talk pwede pa

  • may

    Mon Tulfo…takot ka lng kay raymart santiago kaya my bodyguard kang marines at hindi Pulis.

  • may

    Wag mong sabhin na coward ang AFP. KAW ang coward kc my body guard kapa tpos Marines pa tpos sasabihin mo Coward ang AFP KAPAL MUKHA ka ha!!!

  • Meow Ming

    This is the proof on why any peace talks with the CPP-NPA wont prosper.


  • durian

    “It would make the AFP look like an organization of cowards.
    While the NPAs collected “revolutionary taxes” from citizens, soldiers would look the other way.The soldiers would say “that’s not our job, that’s the job of the
    police,” when they’re asked why they just stand aside while the NPAs
    engage in extortion.”

    Sorry Mr. Tulfo, I may disagree with you. My father was a retired Master Sgt of the Philippine Marines…,I saw his sacrifices when he was still in the military service in which we are most affected. Soldiers are soldiers in which they are molds with discipline, obedience and perseverance. Mr Tulfo, instead of humiliating the members of the AFP and the PNP, why not support changes for the improvement of the personnel and the organization as well? I think you must be thankful at nakinabang ka, nagkaroon kayo ng bodyguards at the expense of our government!!!

    • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

      Saludo ako sa yo Durian Mahadera…!

    • NoPeopleLuck

      I agree let support our AFP kahit kulang sa gamit na pang digma lumalaban ang mga yan…ang politicos natin dapat ito ang mga ibala sa labanan puro kurakot…wala tuloy pambili ng mga gamit.

  • durian

    Mr Tulfo, para ata si Claudine Barreto lang ang katapat nyo mag kapatid???

  • Czarina0501

    FYI, Mr Tulfo hindi duwag ang AFP, hindi lang sila katulad mo na ang gusto e ay ang makipag-away at makipag-giyera. Kahit suportado ng militar ang peace talks hindi naman nila pinapabayaan ang iba pa nilang misyon.

  • Czarina0501

    Kung tutuusin nga dapat wala kang security detail e. Nabigyan ka kasi nanganganib ang buhay mo dahil sa mga baluktot mong komento. Kung tutuusin nga dapat magpasalamat ka sa PNP dahil tinulungan ka nila pero imbes na magpasalamat ka siniraan mo pa sila. Kung tutuusin MAS MALALA KA PA sa kanila.

  • Czarina0501

    Talaga bang naiitindihan ni Mr. Tulfo ang tunay na mandate ng Armed Forces? Kung tutuusin nga hindi na sakop ng AFP ang internal conflict ang dapat nila tutukan ay ang external conflict lang pero ginagawa nila tayong protektahan laban sa NPA at sugpuin sila para sa ating kapakapanan. Hindi nila kayang pabayaan na nakikita tayong pinapahirapan ng NPA at sinisira ang katahimikan ng bansa. Ikaw Mr. Tulfo may nagawa ka na ba para tulungan ang Pilipinas at ipagtanggol kami laban sa mga kalaban?

  • aris alfaro

    …about dun sa afp (i dont care about your xperience regarding your security detail nuon), kung ako’y sundalo, lalo akong made-depressed sartikulo mo. kasi imbes na encouragement ay discouragement ang bumulaga sa akin e. there’s a big difference between constructive and destructive criticism. sa madaling salita ay nakaka bad trip ka sa artikulong ito.

    • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

      Yan ang sinasabi ko eh,…ina-alalalayan natin siya …tapos…tayo pa pala ay kakagatin…….huwag naman Dong,…maayo man ta nimo Dong,..usahay gutom ra ta sa segig huwat nimo…ayaw intawon kalimte na among gi pusta among kinabuhi para nimo…!

  • bayankopdi


  • Noel

    First of all, how was Tulfo assigned 3 bodyguards from SAF, an elite force? Why did he have that privilege and other journalists don’t? Other journalists’ lives are as in danger if not more dangerous than him.

  • jesmad

    You are out of your mind Mr Ramon Tulfo! Hindi ka ba nahihiya na sabihin na organisasyon ng mga duwag ang AFP?! Sana bago mo sinulat ang artikulo na to naisip mo muna na maraming sundalo ang nasa Mindanao at iba pang parte ng Pilipinas na hindi sigurado kung makakauwi pa ng buhay sa mga pamilya nila. Na maraming sundalo ang nagbuwis ng buhay para protektahan ang kapwa Pilipino mo! Hindi na magtataka ang mga tao kung bakit maraming deathreat ang katulad mo! Dagdagan mo pa ang mga bodyguard mo na marines baka sakaling mabawasan ang takot mo!

  • sophia arimateo

    FYI Mr. Tulfo, ano ba ang alam mo sa pagiging matapang? e kay Claudine Barretto at Raymard Santiago bagsak ka nga e, ngakngak ka lang ng ngakngak di mo naman kayang panindigan… anak ako ng isang sundalo na nasawi sa isang bakbakan sa Basilan, ang tatay ko nakipag-laban para mapanatili ang katahimikan sa bansa na gawa ng mga NPA at ASG, ikaw anong ginawa mo para makatulong sa kapayapaan? di ba wala, ikaw pa nga ang isa sa nangugulo sa bansa e..

  • sophia arimateo

    e ikaw nga kumukubra sa BOC at iba pa, maging sa ilang neyosyante, kaya naman kahit sinon sigurong pulis na ma-assigned sa u, mag-iisip na bak maambunan ng pangongotong mo, tao lang din mga yan, kung nakikita nila sa u, gagayahin…..e yon ang tinanim mo sa isip nila, natural hihingi din ang mga yan kahit pambili lang ng isang kilong bigas sa milyong-milyong kinita mo sa pangongotong, magkano lang ba ang sweldo ng isang mamahayag? di sa pinababa ko pero umaasa lang naman ikaw sa kotong e, ang dami mong babae, anak, asawa paano mo nakaya na suportahan ang pang-araw-araw kung di ka tiwaling media?…..wala ka namang binabanatan sa dyaryo o kaya radio na walang bayad e, ika ng ACDC, (attack collect defense collect)

  • sophia arimateo

    ang tatlong pulis na naka assigned sa u, malinaw agad na pagnanakaw yan sa taong bayan, dahil ang isang pulis katumbas ng 500 katao (1 policemen equivalent to 500 people) e sino ngayon ang matapang at takot? puro ka lang kasi ngakngak di mo naman kayang gawin, ah may alam ka nga palang gawin ang manluko at manakot kapalit ng pera, hayzzzz…

  • stealth ice

    police and mon tulfo have the same mentality. they both love money. a pot calling the kettle black.

  • patriotic_act

    I wonder why there are still lots of Mon Tulfo fans down here..

  • Goodluck Jonathan

    It would make the AFP look like an organization of cowards.
    And Tulfo brothers are cowards too.
    They have to teach you only for a lesson…and got scared. But you didn’t afraid to step their toes. How dare you?

  • http://enria.org/ scconcern

    Mon’s comment has a sense, seems true, the soldier get spoiled and lazy, that they let their work done by cafgu, local militia/para military and police.
    It is only in Pinas, the soldier and police have assistant o alalay(pa asset asset daw).
    Kaya lang, nagiging body guard o utusan ng politico. Soldiering is undignified profession in Pinas.

  • John_Galt_II

    Tang ina ka Tulfing! Pera namin ang pinang sweldo sa mga bodyguard mong pulis!

  • Pio Gante

    automatic na yan mon, pag binigyan ka ng asungot dapat sagot mo tsibug nila at may pa-sweldo ka dahil yan ang kalakaran sa pspo dahil magbibigay rin sila sa mga hepe at sr. pnco nila. kung mga embassies nga nagbibigay ikaw pa kaya. dapat sa umpisa pa lang ng lakad niyo ay maliwanag na kung hanggang saan sila pwedeng bumuntot sa iyo. siyempre alam naman ng protective officer na kailangan mo rin ng space lalo na kung maselan pag-uusapan niyo ng kung sino mang kliyente mo:))

    libo-libo ang bilang ng mga pulis at sundalo na naka detached service para mag-provide ng security sa mga politiko, ret. general ng pnp at afp at ang masuwerte ay yung napalagay sa mga mayayamang negosyante lalo na kung galante ang principal, pero may katkong ang originating office nila either in cash or in kind meaning pwedeng baril, sasakyan, pang christmas/ birthday sa hepe.

    nakakapang-hinayang ang pinapa-sweldo ng pamahalaan sa mga asungot dahil imbes na sa publiko sila maglingkod ay sa mga kawatan sa gobyerno at mga ganid na negosyante sila nagpapa-alila. pero mas malaking problema naman kung mga sibilyan ang gagawa nito dahil mas mahirap kontrolin ang mga yan pag lumaki na ang ulo.

  • Pio Gante

    pasalamat ka nandyan ka pa dahil napatahan lang ni alex sa tulong na rin ni maning si django. alam ko yun dahil nandun ako nung nasentensyahan ka. naging heneral at ambassador pa nga yung pinag-ugatan nang problemo mo.

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