Protesters burn Aquino effigy at Mendiola Bridge


Labor groups burn an effigy of President Benigno Aquino III during their annual Labor Day rally at Mendiola Bridge on Wednesday. MATIKAS SANTOS

MANILA, Philippines – Labor Day protesters burned an effigy of President Benigno Aquino III at Mendiola Bridge in Manila to symbolize the supposed condition of Filipinos under his administration.

Protesters cheer as flames consume an effigy of President Benigno Aquino III. JAMIE ELONA

The 2000-strong protesters, led by labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno, arrived at the bridge past 6 p.m.

The 10-foot tall effigy created by artists from the UgatLahi Artist Collective depicted Aquino and Uncle Sam as two-headed snake coiled around an electric pole, which symbolized the Filipino people.

“Patuloy nilang ginigipit at pinaparusahan ang bayan sa patuloy na pagtaas ng bayarin sa kuryente, tubig, langis at iba pa araw-araw. Mas pinapahirapan pa ang sambayanan na naghihirap na,” the group said.

Elmer “Ka Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson, said the effigy also “shows how workers see Aquino–a snake, a traitor to the Filipino people and a shameless lackey of the US.”

“The burdens behind the backs of the Filipino workers and urban poor are getting more and more unbearable because of Aquino’s subservience to the dictates of the US and of his big capitalists cohorts,” he added.

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  • John Sulayman

    We should burn these people instead for they are creating a disrupted society and for doing nothing instead of contributing to the development of the country as a whole.

    • maypakialamtayo

      kung nagkataong ibingay ang gusto nila isa ka rin at pamilya mo ang makikinabang maliban na lang kung isa kang ganid na kapitalista, wag kang magalit pero yun ang totoo.

      • pfckulapu_parin

        Bakit sa tingin mo taas sahod talaga ang pinagsulong nila.
        Alamin mo ang totoong layunin ng mga makaliwa…
        Ikaw at iyong pamilya ay mabiktima din…

      • $5699914

        Kapag kapitalista, automatic ba na ganid na?

    • Facilitator1

      Figuratively, I agree with you Kabayan. But like they say, “YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE”. And that’s true in our country and elsewhere.

      Like some pundits/critics said…these protesters are always rallying against all past and present presidents regardless (even) if the president is considered good or not. I guess they protest for the sake of protesting. Furthermore, RALLIES / STRIKES (to them) are cottage industries and possibly, they are being handsomely rewarded for services rendered…

      In the past, I supported/agreed with their yearnings and grievances; but lately, I’m beginning to doubt and question their real intentions. What gives??? PEACE…

  • maypakialamtayo

    dina kailangang sunugin yan, sunog na naman ang baga nyan eh!

  • Ariel Molina

    Ask mo yung mga sumasama Kung alam nila ang kanilang ginagawa! Galeng mga yan sa squatters at babayaran yan para sumama sa rally. Tapos after ng rally my kainan at drinks sa pasig band ang orambo doon nagtitipon tipon. Pakakainin babayaran tapos uwi na ng kanilang mga bahay my tag 250na. Mga taga bagong ilog at tondo squatters mostly sa kanila. Isa si ex president na napatunayang nagkasala sa pagnanakaw ang isang pinuno. Mga ginagawang tanga ng mga hari

  • vladimirski

    These protesters will never be satisfied, they will always have something to hate or comment about almost anything about the government. I bet the next president’s effigy is already made it’s just waiting to have a face…

    • parefrank

      Maybe you are a very yellow gov. employee or official? Why then you should complain if just your perks and cash gift at yearend is much more than what millions of harder working common earners have as their whole year salary?

      • $5699914

        Kapag government employee, yellow na?
        Kapag government employee, hindi hard working?

  • pfckulapu_parin

    Ilang dekada na ang KMU pero ang mga membro nila pakonti..
    Alam na kasi ng mga manggagawa kong ano ang totoong layunin nila…
    Hindi taas ang sahod , kondi magsara ang kompanya… para ang mga tao magutom..
    at mag rebelde at sasama sa kanila sa bundok….

    • desi derata

      Pinabagsak ng KMU ang Rubber World. which was employing around 2,000 at the Novaliches site alone.

  • parefrank

    @John Sulayman
    Which improvement? The improving (increasing) prices and fees? The improving billion profits of the big business which increase by 20, 30 and more percent just in a year’s quarter? The extreme profits which allows the companies to shop businesses around the world? The telcos like PLDT, which offer 24 hour unlimited calls for 25 pesos while the real full paying customers get blocked lines and have to pay 25 pesos just for a few minute call? Is that what you call improving?

  • kilabot

    why are they doing this?
    don’t the protesters know that ph
    has a 6.6% gdp growth;
    a fitch investment grade rating;
    a rice exporter this year;
    a tourist boom;
    a positive economic outlook from all intl financial institutions;
    a status quo stats on poor people per nscb.
    so, what are these people complaining about?

    • piskay

      may growth nga ,pero hinde pa rin maka gawa ng trabaho,kini credit nang fitch sa dating admin kaya tumaas ang growth ngayon,..rice exporter?baka smuggling ang sinasabi mo.natural lang yang nagpapautang sabihin positive para umutang na namn..ang statistics nagsabi na lalong dumami ang walang trabaho ngayon

      • ellee B

        hahahaha nagpapakabulag pipi at bingi siya, at di maintindihan naumpisa pa lang nga pag angat at di pa yan maramdaman ng taong bayan, di po yan sili na aanghang kaagad gets mo?.

      • piskay

        tatlong taon na kaka umpisa pa rin,kailan ito mangyari sa 2017?mas batas na para sa mga mahihirap,binasura nya,kailan pa tayo giginhawa?

      • ellee B

        asus anu ang gusto mo mangyari ang negosyo ngaun bukas lalago agad? tanga, pasalamat ka nga in three years umangat na eh, baka nga maramdaman mo pa yan pag angat after 15 years pa tanga

      • piskay

        stock market lang ang umangat,karamihan naman dyan mga hot money,,anytime pwede yan lumabas ng bansa..kaya hinde ma create ng bagong survey ngayon,,tumaas ng 12% ang un employment ngayon

      • noyab


    • parefrank

      They know these rosy and yellow “facts”. But they also know that from all of that nothing reaches down to the common people.
      A high GDP? You can create it in theoretical numbers with high prices that show big sales and the OFW remittances.
      Rice sufficiency and export? Maybe also coming from high prices which force poor people to buy less rice. And too, the export is about few rice sorts, like black and perfumed rice, which is unusual and much too expensive as a common basic food.
      Tourist boom? Do you know that small Singapore has much more tourists? Or that just the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris has over 14 million visitors a year?

      • desi derata

        You try to appreciate and nurture what you have, or just burn your house and live somewhere else.

        So what if Singapore or Malaysia has more tourists? I have been to Singapore but I am not convinced that it offers more than the Philippines in terms of tourism. Not even Thailand has sites like what we have in the country.

        An impatient person whines a lot and constantly feels that he is inferior to others.

        Probably, you deserve a leader like Marcos or Arroyo, you will find no reason to complain with them.

      • go88

        Thailand has much more to offer than what we have … do you seriously think we can compare to Thailand in terms of cultural attractions?

        Tourist who go to Thailand usually visit again, those who travel to the PI seldom come back if you exclude the sex tourists.
        Little to see appart from the beach, very expensive compared to other ASEAN countries as expensive as Europe actually, poor service, not that safe also ….

      • noyab



    • txtman


    • lawrence knight angel

      kung walang OFW matagal nang bagsak ang pinas Bro kaming alipin ng ibang bansa ang bumubuhay ng economy ng pinas …

  • pfckulapu_parin

    May 01, 2017 Labor Day Rally, Who’s effigy they will burn probably Nognog Binay effigy.. Bagay lagyan nila ng sungay at buntot atmay hawak malaking tinidor…

    • otire

      let’s save NogNog’s effigy on 2017. don’t vote for him if ever he run for president.

      • Adam_d_langgam

        sunog na si nognog …. hindi pa puwedeng sunogin ulit.

  • pedro Bato

    Hindi na balita ito! Kahit sino naman ang maging pangulo, susunugin din ng mga ito ang effigy ! Mahirap ma – satisfy ang mga protesters na ito! Magagaling lang bumatikos ang mga ito sa kahit sinong pangulo ! Gusto lang ng mga ito ay sila ang makakuha ng kapangyarihan, pero wala ring alam ang mga iyan, mas masama ang mangyayari sa bayan natin kapag sila ang namuno!!

    • $5699914

      Tama ka, brod.

  • parefrank

    @John Sulayman
    Which improvement? The improving (increasing) prices and fees? The improving billion profits of the big business which increase by 20, 30 and more percent just in a year’s quarter? The extreme profits which allows the companies to shop businesses around the world? The telcos like PLDT, which offer 24 hour unlimited calls for 25 pesos while the real full paying customers get blocked lines and have to pay 25 pesos just for a few minute call? Is that what you call improving?

  • joshmale2004

    Only in the Philippines you can find leftist rally against US Imperialism where most of the leaders and some followers were wearing USA Brands like adidas, nike and puma rubber shoes, Ray Ban shades, levis and Diesel pants and even Nike back packs. It seems most of them can actually afford to buy these US products. Check in google pictures to see what I mean. It seems they don’t like American democracy but they love wearing american brands. Fake communists?

    • Manong_Kwarog

      Sori po….pero hanapbuhay nila iyon at kung mataas din ang puwesto malaki rin ang kita nila….can afford to wear expensive things din!

      • joshmale2004

        Tama ka Manong. Kaya imbes na lumaki grupo nila, paliit ng paliit sumasama tuwing Mayo Uno.

      • dodot24

        Karamihan diyan taga San Juan dahil malapit sa Mendiola. Mga alipures ni Erap. .. dahil leader siya ng UNA

  • leomar101

    Kaya huwag ng iboto ang mga maka kaliwa at mga kummies sa darating na eleksyon. Dahil kung mag mga kaliwete sa senado at sa congress, ang kanilang mga pork ay sa mga komunista mapapunta. Pati pera ng mga taxpayers ay nakinabang pa ang mga salot ng bayan. Huwag iboto si Hontiveros na kummies na yan. Salot siya at ang mga kampon na mga kummies.Mga criminal ang mga yan at marami ng napatay na mga sundalo.

  • desi derata

    Are they employed or wage earners?

    I found that the same group is partcularly vociferous against the current administration and the US but it is quiet on China’s aggresive stance, particularly on the issue of Scarborough Shoal and the Spratleys.

    I wonder who finance this anti-democracy, leftist movement.

  • Elnore

    What else is new? Every Labor Day nagra rally ang mga Komunistang ito. Mabuti if they do it peacefully, kaso they do it violently, nangsisira pa ng mga gamit ng gobyerno. Magtrabaho kaya sila nang maayos para umasenso ang bayan, hindi yung puro nega ang dating nila, puro reklamo, wala namang ginagawa to improve their lives. Kung gusto ninyo ng Komunistang pamamalakad, humayo kayo sa China or Cuba, okay, hindi yung pinipilit ninyo ang gusto ninyo sa Pilipinas. E kakarampot lang naman kayo against the majority who wants to live a peaceful live. Scram you all!

    • Manong_Kwarog

      Malaki ang bonus ng militante ngayon……galing kay Ma-mon-lok..sheshe!

  • Beguine

    Well, this is a good reminder for the President that until now

    he hasn’t done much, if any, to support laborers and daily wage

    work seekers and alleviate the ever deteriorating poverty all over

    the country.

    The senatorial election is a farce, as very few candidates, if any are

    qualified to address the problem of poverty and unemployment, and

    may well give rise to an ever worsening situation.

    And the people cannot be blamed. Who will they vote for if the
    candidates aren’t good to begin with? Politics is always the source of
    grinding poverty of the people, which could only be solved by a
    total revamp of the system, but that’ll never happen, so we just expect things to hold on if we also could hold on.

  • $5699914

    Gusto yata:

    Trabaho lumapit sa kanila, pero wag yung mahirap na trabaho, dapat madali lang na trabaho.

    Tapos dapat mataas ang sahod, hindi puwede ang mababa kasi 4-6 ang anak, di pa kasama ang bisyo at kabit.

    Huwag itaas ang bilihin, dahil aangal ulit, dapat palugi ang benta ng mga produkto, kahit na malugi mga kapitalista, at wala ng maipasahod sa mga manggagawa…

    Iyan ang scenario ng nagpapatiwakal na bayan.

  • pabloo6293

    May naniniwala pa ba sa mga salot ng bayan na ito? Kahit si Cardinal Tagle pa ang maging presidente, susunugin pa rin nila ang effigy niya. At kahit ibigay mo pa lahat ang gusto nila, gagawa at gagawa pa rin ng dahilan ang mga TNL na mga ito para makapanggulo.

  • james

    Wala namang mabuting presidente sa kanila eh… simula pa nung college days ko nagsusunog na ng effigy yang mga iyan, puro gulo ang hanap. Di ako tutol sa mga rally na ganyan lalo na kapag ang gobyerno ay kurakot at garapal tulad ng kay arroyo. Pero ngayon nakikita naman ang mga pagbabago. Taon o dekada ang kailangan bago maramdaman ang pagunlad, pero kailangan ang cooperation ng lahat. Salot itong mga ito. Magtrabaho nga kayo. Ang daming kumpanyang bumagsak dahil sa inyo, kaya nag invest na lang sa ibang bansa.

    • txtman


      • james

        Pwedeng babaan ang singil ng kuryente kung titigil ang mga may illegal
        connection. Singil sa telephone service, Pilipinas ang may pinakamurang
        telephone service. Stop smuggling… tama at kailangan pang gumawa at
        pagandahin ang farm to market road. At kailangan itigil ang middle man
        para hindi binabarat ang mga magsasaka. Singil sa tubig, pwedeng bumaba
        kung matitigil din ang illegal connection.

        Ano ba magagawa ng
        pag rarally na ganyan? uunlad ba ang bansa? makakatulong ba iyan sa
        pamumuhay nila? Nakakaperwisyo pa ang ganyan imbes na maluwag ang daanan
        sa kalye at walang masisira na mga gamit at oras ng mga riot pulis na
        imbes mai deploy sa ibang lugar ay sila ang binabantayan.

        pagunlad ng isang bansa di mabilisan, dahil kailangan ng mga investor
        para pumasok sa pinas, at para pumasok ang investor kailangan matatag
        ang economiya at walang gulo. Been there done that and I survived. And
        now who is pitiful?

      • Facilitator1

        Si TXTMAN…

  • WL Support

    I bet they’re protesting to act on the current unemployment and wage (and living) conditions of a lot of workers all over the country. Economic growth shot up, yes; but, it didn’t affect majority of the population (purchasing power) yet. Instead, growth had disintegrated and trickled down the profit stashes of the corporate capitalists. Just my honest opinion.

    You could see it in employees working in malls, factories, and even inside homes.

  • noyab


  • $5699914

    Ask most of these demonstrators: spell ‘effigy’

    Answer: blank stare.

  • Ako_Hiking

    Not all Filipinos are suffering under the Aquino Administration…only the poor masses and those less fortunate. But the rich and powerful and the Aquino KKK are enjoying the Philippines which is why they created the saying ‘it’s more fun in the Philippines.’ For the rest of the regular folk especially the poor Filipinos…it’s tough because it appears that they are being ignored and neglected.

  • disqusted0fu

    Pnoy must be going gaga seeing images of his getting burnt. It might be tough for him to handle these kinds of things considering his reported mental deficiencies. His people should give him a pack of cigarettes and maybe bring him to a firing range riding his fancy car before he completely loses it.

  • dodot24

    Benigno Aquino you are the best president of the Philippines. Those comments …. against you are from UNA camp. .. Political Propaganda. of the opposition. I still trust and respect you.

  • aquaman

    wala anamng alam ang mga iyan kung hindi mag reklamo.Mga wala kasing trabaho,kakapal ng mukha sa halip na magtrabho eh puro rally ang inaatupag.

  • Billie_Jean

    president noy noy aquino has been one of the best presidents of the philippines since then. he was able to uplift the economy in terms of investments by foreign investors – this is not an easy job to do since none of the previous presidents has done this since the last 5-10 years or so.

    its just, many of us are looking for changes abruptly which is not so ideal, we can wait for the result in the long run..

    why many are still blaming the president for what they are experiencing now? if we are experiencing poverty that makes us famished, why not blame ourselves for letting lots of undeserving people to be seated on different positions on the government. yes, the president is the representative of our state in terms of good governance but how about the others who are already occupying the “positions”.. if these so-called “good politicians” do not corrupt the money that is supposed to be the budget in helping our state for its betterment esp. the oppressed ones there could be no poverty in line. do not blame the president, blame ourselves for voting the “people who don’t deserve” to be seated on the positions to govern our state.

    or instead of blaming and blaming other people for our “fate” let’s just start the change within our own wills. start doing something that is beneficial not only for oneself but for the whole..

    next time, make sure to vote only the righteous ones.

  • Rodolfo Corneja

    my ,i am always thinking that even if who will be sitting in that chair in malakanyang ,nobody and nobody can can erradicate poverty in our country , or can reduce it at acceptable level ,we must think outside the box, our system is not working , our politicians makes goverment offices and institution a profitable enterprise, this cannot be change thru election or changing hands at the hekm , but we must fucos our effort of changing our political system ,the system that will form a goverment that of laws of men ,poor or rrich , noble or serf, a goverment that deprive its officials of enriching themselves ,but ruther ,serve the country in a simple and atmost honesty ,

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