Aquino bats for ‘Good Job Day’



A worker earns an honest day’s work carrying a sack of rice at a market in Manila. Workers are demanding higher minimum wages to cope with the rising cost of living, but the government has thumbed it down. President Aquino wishes that Labor Day would be treated as a day of celebration instead of bickering, a day for workers and employers to celebrate a productive year. AP PHOTO

It’s a “Good Job Day.”

That’s how President Aquino wanted to characterize Labor Day.

On the eve of the event, Aquino unveiled a 7-percent increase in benefits for Social Security System (SSS) members pegged on a 0.6-percent increase in contributions, and equal benefits for government workers.

“Wouldn’t it be better to treat Labor Day as a day of celebration, instead of as a day of bickering—a day for both workers and employees to celebrate a productive year, a day to recognize the hard work of every employee, and thank for the blessing of a decent, dignified job?” he said at a dialogue with workers in Malacañang on Tuesday.

“From this day onwards, I hope that we treat Labor Day as a Good Job Day. We’ve accomplished a lot of positive things, and these came about not because of blame-swapping but because of cooperation. Enough of negativism. It’s time to greet one another ‘good job,’” he said.

Most of the labor leaders emerged disappointed from the dialogue, claiming that Aquino’s solutions were unresponsive to their demands: end contractualization, stop the killings of labor leaders, eliminate taxes on benefits, bring down high power costs and resettle workers out of danger areas.


“Contractualization is the major reason why there’s no genuine inclusive growth,” said Daniel Edralin, chairman of the moderate Alliance of Progressive Labor. He referred to the practice of most companies of hiring workers on a six-month contract to prevent them from becoming permanent employees.

The President said that balancing the interests of labor and management was tough given that there were 2.9 million unemployed, 7.9 million underemployed and more than 600,000 joining the labor pool every year.

“We want all of these issues resolved immediately but this won’t happen if we play politics,” he said.

SSS facing bankruptcy

Aquino said it was about time the SSS pension scheme was amended by raising the current contribution rate from 10.4 percent to 11 percent so each member would enjoy a higher benefit.

With the 0.6-percent increase in contribution—equivalent to P60 for an employee earning P10,000 a month and to be shared equally by the employee and the employer—the government would cut SSS’s unfunded liability of P1.1 trillion by P141 billion, he said.

Since 1980, the across-the-board pension has been raised 20 times, but the contribution rate was increased only twice, Aquino said.

“We’ve been shelling out so much money, but we’re not pocketing anything. The end result is bankruptcy. In 2011, the estimated unfunded liability of SSS stood at P1.1 trillion. If we don’t do anything, this is expected to go up by 8 percent a year,” he said.

“What then is the solution? The 10.4-percent contribution rate is very low. The international standard for SSS contributions is at 14.1 percent, while the rate for government contribution is 21 percent,” Aquino said.

He said the government would raise the monthly salary credit from P15,000 to P16,000 and the net effect would be a 7-percent increase in benefits.

Equalizing benefits

The President also announced that he signed last week Executive Order Nos. 134 and 135 equalizing the employees’ compensation benefits for those working in the public and private sectors.

In case of an accident, a government employee has no “carer’s” allowance, and is entitled to only P90 a day in temporary total disability benefit. A private employee enjoyed a carer’s

President Aquino and Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz dialogue with labor groups in Malacañang. Most of the labor leaders are disappointed that Aquino didn’t grant their demands. LYN RILLON

allowance of P575 on top of a P200 daily temporary total disability benefit, he said.

Victorino Balais, president of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, said, “They promised nonwage benefits, but these are not what the workers are seeking.” Without any prompt action on the workers’ demands, they had no other recourse but to petition for a wage increase and join protests, he said.

Endless cycle

The lives of the workers are an endless cycle of “termination and application,” no thanks to “casualization” and contractualization, Edralin said. He lamented that extrajudicial executions of labor leaders continued during the Aquino administration with six cases, down from 30 cases during the Arroyo administration.

“No matter how straight the path is, if it’s being watered by blood, we’ll go nowhere. The road to the cemetery is a straight path too,” he said.

Security of tenure

Aquino explained that he could not certify the Security of Tenure Bill as urgent since such certification applied only to measures in response to emergency or calamity. Besides, the enactment of this bill would benefit 1.8 million employees but lead to a loss of 10 million jobs. But he said he was open to amending the bill.

Edralin questioned the basis for the potential loss of 10 million jobs if the measure is signed into law.

To better implement labor laws and prevent contractualization, Aquino said the government allotted P180 million for the hiring of 372 more labor law compliance officers. “By October, they’ll be able to help arrest violators of our labor laws,” he said.

To address killings, Aquino said he ordered Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to double up her department’s efforts to investigate and prosecute such cases.

On raising the tax exemption of benefits from P30,000 to P60,000, Aquino said this would result in P2.74 billion in foregone tax revenues, an amount sufficient for the construction of more than 3,000 classrooms and more than 11,000 homes. “Is it just to put the education of our youth in peril? Should we deny housing projects to the poor? I hope not,” he said.

Aquino said the government continued to invest in the conditional cash transfer, benefiting 3.97 million of the country’s poorest households.

Minimum wage

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, the head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines National Secretariat for Social Action, said the country’s growing economy was useless if the common people would not feel it.

“One way to have equality in the economic growth is proper salary and benefits for the workers,” Pabillo said on Tuesday. “It’s really one issue that the government should face this Labor Day if it really wants [equal] growth for everybody and not just for the few.”

Workers belonging to moderate groups have appealed for an P85 increase in the daily minimum wage in Metro Manila while militant workers are demanding a P125 pay hike.

Pabillo pointed out that the current minimum wage of P456 mandated by the Metro Manila wage board was barely half of the estimated P1,000 daily cost of living. “So the minimum wage is really not enough if the government will not enforce wage increase,” said the prelate.—With reports from Jocelyn R. Uy and Tina G. Santos

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    wala paring increase sa sweldo kawawang manggagawa

    • piskay

      lahat na kabutihan para guinhawa ang mangagawa tinangihan ni pnoy..wala talagang mangyari

  • arao_liwanag


  • piskay

    araw ngayon upang bolahin ang mga mangagawa at paasahin na naman..walang mangyari pagbabago,,magtitiis pa rin ang mamamayan

  • BoyBakal

    Good Job Day….it is more of a Hard Job Day.

  • jackereno

    paano po mabibigay ang sapat na sahod eh nauubos lahat ng yaman ng bansa sa lintik na pork barrel, pinagbubulsa ng mga pulitiko. wag na tayo makinig sa mga pangako, maninigas na lang tayo sa kaasa. ang mga labor rallyists naman pinapasukan ng mga makakaliwa na wala na sinisi kundi ang kano. kapwa pinoy po ang tunay na kalaban natin, iyang mga buraot na puliko ang salot sa bansa. NO TO PORK BARREL, DYNASTY-OLIGARCHS, BALIMBINGS, IDIOTIC CANDIDATES/VOTERS.

    • lawrence knight angel

      no to pork barrel it’s a breeding ground of corruption..

  • pyrrhic

    Wala daw ibibigay sa mga manggagawa kahit non-wage benefit? &%#@ OK fine, WALA RIN AKONG IBOBOTONG KAHIT ISANG LIBERAL PARTY CANDIDATE.! Puro pag-asenso ng ekonomya ang ibinabalita ng adminstrasyong Aquino e hikanus naman ang buhay ng nakararami. Ang taas-taas pa ng income tax na binabayaran ng bawa’t manggagawa.

  • Concur_Dissent

    Eto magandang balita para sa mga anti-aquino, pro erap, pro nancy etc etc


    paltan lang po ng period o “.” yung mga letrang “dot”

    yan malinaw ha?

  • BoyBakal

    Good Job Day with Bad Pay Day.

  • etomacq

    Puro palusot ang gobyerno ni Noy…

    Manggagawa dumaraing .. OFW dumaraing.. pangkaraniwang Pilipino dumadaing na rin.

    Mga taga gobyerno, kapartido at mga negosyanteng mayaman na kaibigan ni Noynoy lang ang nagpapakasasa.

    • magiting78

      mangingisda dumdadaing…pero napakamahal ng daing….lol

      • etomacq

        hahaha.. galing ng sense of humor mo

      • magiting78

        Hehehe wala eh daanin n lng natin s tawa, kung hnd baka tau mauna mamatay s konsume…hehehe

  • tra6Gpeche

    Proper salary and benefits for the Filipino workers will only happen if the workers, themselves, can organize a labor union to protect and safeguard their interest. No one should expect these big and successful companies owned by the billionaire Filipino/Chinese businessmen to give their workers decent wages, benefits and security. This is why they became billionaires in the first place. The Senate and Congress should legislate a law to give the Filipino workers the right to organize a union without the fear of being harassed and intimidated by the management.

  • Guest

    Our President has good reason to be optimistic. His job pays 1.1 million a year and he has a 6 year contract….

    However we are not all presidents and most labor workers are lucky even to get the minimum wage. Along with the contractors comes “take it or leave it” below the board wages. They cook their books and DOLE inspectors seem powerless to enforce a minimum wage. Major construction projects are filled with casual labor being paid below P200 a day. Same story only worse for many retailers, large and small.

    Add to this a health care system that pays only 20%. Add to it major unemployment as foreign industry is frightened to start factories with an unstable power grid and being extorted by a bunch of terrorists for “permits to operate”.

    This “contract” business started in the first world where people have “unemployment insurance benefits” to reply on when the job runs out. Many enjoy free medical and theres’ always government welfare if times get really tough. They are paid a decent wage and many can afford not to work for scabby outfits that discount wages, safety conditions and benefits. Labor leaders are also not shot when they complain…..

  • XY ZEE

    Good Job Day—That would be a first for the President.

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    baka iniisip nyan bading na yan, good blow job day..

  • piskay

    walang magandang makukuha ang mangagawa ngayong araw,,bagkus ay tataas daw ang singil sa SSS,pahirap na naman ito,,bakit kaya nalugi ang sss sa panahon ngayon?nakapagtataka

    • gwenbot50

      Desperado ang governong Pnoy sa pera kaya nila ginawa ito. Puro na lang Tax, tax, Tax. Sa ekomiya niya, ang mayayaman lamang ang umaangat, ang masa ay lalong naghihirap !!!

      • piskay

        kahit sigarilyo at alak na libangan ng mga pulubi din ay may tax rin.parang iniipit talaga ng husto

  • Guest

    Bumanat na naman ang mga Obispo, wala daw nilikhang trabaho si PNoy para sa mga Pilipino. Updated ba itong mga Obispong ito.

    • piskay

      ayon sa statistics mas lalong dumami ang walang trabaho ngayon

  • buttones

    “Wouldn’t it be better to treat Labor Day as a
    day of celebration, instead of as a day of bickering—a day for both workers and
    employees to celebrate a productive year, a day to recognize the hard work of
    every employee, and thank for the blessing of a decent, dignified job?”

    What is this ‘bickering’? The ‘blessing’ of a
    decent and dignified job? More patronizing rhetoric from Aquino, acting like a
    wise old ‘uncle’ to all of us. First of all a ‘good job’ is NOT a blessing, it
    was earned by effort, sweat and tears by the person who holds that job, this is
    not ‘Thanksgiving Day’ this is International Workers Day, Mayday, Labor Day
    call it what you will. Furthermore, Aquino is NOT included in this day, he
    knows NOTHING of the dignity of labor, having never laboured himself like so
    many of his type. He has never had to lift a single hand in effort, he had the privilege
    of being born with a silver spoon in his mouth- his future was secured the day
    he was born. Aquino has NO idea what it is like to secure a ‘decent and
    dignified job’ in an environment that he and his predecessors have created in favour
    of themselves. He has NO idea what it is like to earn a degree in the hope it
    will give you a future, to serve bar at night in some foreign country to earn
    pennies for your keep, to attend lectures exhausted and hungry, and despite
    that actually succeed. And many that have done so in PH are driven abroad from
    their country and family, because of the failure of ‘government’ to create a
    progressive egalitarian society, the fine words of his ‘mothers Constitution’
    are just that, meaningless. So don’t lecture us on something you know nothing
    about Aquino. Your job, and your minions 364 days a year as you would have us
    all believe, is to sort it all out, stop talking and coughing – just do it!

    • piskay

      nadale mo maam

    • Kirat

      Great insight, and kudos for catching that “blessing” slip on the part of the spinners. A word choice like that shows what he and the other higher-ups like him really think of ordinary working folk. If he really thinks that a good job is an unearned gift bestowed by him and the bureaucracy he upholds, his more famous line “the people are my bosses” starts sounding hollow. And between the absurd spectacle of old men dancing at UNA rallies and this smug, lecturing tone from the palace by the river, I tell you it gets harder and harder to tell the sheep from the goats. Keep pushing em buttons!

      • buttones

        I am getting really, really really tired of this, as you say ‘smug lecturing tone’ , really tired. There is another term I can’t use. And if it’s not Aquino, it’s one of his spin doctors, armed with their thesaurus, pointing their fingers at me, trying to confuse me with words. A quote for you…

        “ “This strange repetitive exhortatory language detached from any real analysis of the problems is reminiscent of the communist apparatchik from Party HQ standing on a barren collective farm field and addressing the workers. He hectors them to even greater efforts to bring about the triumph of socialist productivity. They stare blankly at him, lost in their own thoughts and the disappointed emptiness of their blighted lives.”

      • Kirat

        Maybe you have noticed that our culture has a surfeit of Milibands, in high places and low, all intent on telling ordinary folks what we “need” and what we “ought” to do. I do resist the intrusion of such “opinion makers” in my personal space, though: I will take all reported facts into account, and some opinions as well, but i will form my own conclusions, thank you. But please take note that the collective workers in your example, though “lost in their own thoughts,” still keep that small shred of freedom to themselves: in their thoughts they are free from Comrade Megaphone’s day-long harangue. They may not be free to object, or to even converse, but they are free to think for themselves, as are we all. The spinners will keep on spinning, for such is their nature, but if people like you refuse to be spun, they will have spun in vain. :)

  • Ako_Hiking

    Aquino may not be the best person to talk about what a good job day is. Has he ever worked a day in his life. Does he know what the normal Filipino folk to either slave away in the farms or work hard in the 9-5 feels like? Even his time in Senate and Congress was marred with the notion that he only played video games during sessions so he just completely appears to be detached from the Filipino masses. But he sure knows how to sweet talk and ‘bola’ the masses.

    • buttones

      Detached from all sense of reality? Well that’s quite reasonable given the glaring fact the boy has lived his life in a bubble of unreality, immune from the real facts of what it is like to live in PH as an ordinary person, And don’t forget all these fine words you hear are not his anyway, they are the product of a spin machine, the real face of Aquino is shown when he starts blathering on about his mother or GMA…

      • Ako_Hiking

        And the sad part is he has the opportunity to attach himself to reality by visiting the poor and understanding their plight…however he just chooses not to because he’d rather enjoy the nice comforts of his Palace or his condo.

  • disqusted0fu

    There shouldn’t be a problem in making this a good job day if the one declaring it has also done a good job, but the problem is he hasn’t. The Aquino administration in its three years has so far failed to address the vital problems of the PH such as poverty and unemployment. Along with that, the admin has also failed to reduce corruption which is supposed to be their centerpiece. In fact, many of Pnoy’s KKK are even allegedly involved in anomalies in the government. So it may not be that good of a job after all.

  • disqusted0fu

    It may be a good job day for some but it’s definitely not that good for the 25 million poor people and the roughly 8 million people who are either unemployed or underemployed, which is more than 25% of our population. Again, Pnoy is disregarding the poor in this “celebration” of his. Pnoy has only made a good job in blame-swapping and in campaigning.

  • $8866117

    tignan mong mabuti ang picture ni abnoy, nakanganga (nakabukas ang bibig niya lahat ng larawan ni abnoy ganito ang itsura niya)

  • kilabot

    yes, a ‘good job’ approval to noykapon from the:
    1) aboitiz
    2) ayala
    3) lopez
    4) kkk
    5) yellowish tribe.

  • go88


    -ysadora cojuanco: lover of luna who transported the war treasury of the filipino revolution. The treasury ‘disapeared’ and ysadora became one of the richest women of the Philippines, money was lent to poor farmed with their land as collateral, when they could not pay the land was taken away, cojuangco landholdings increased dramatically.

    -benigno aquino sr: haciendero, Tarlac’s governor at the time where the japanese capas concentration camp stood, the head of kalibapi during WWII an organization used by the japanese in order to spy on filipinos, most reviled filipino traitor in the Philippines captured by the americans in Japan.

    -ninoy aquino: cia agent but also collaborated with the left when it came to keep hacienda luisita, sold us out to Malaysia because of his political ambition. More than one thousand of our soldiers in Sabah were rounded up and executed one by one.

    -cory aquino: american puppet and patron of the oligarchy … excluded hacienda luisita from the land redistribution program …. unleashed the Tadtad cults and alsa masa … during her term: dozens of massacres (Mendiola bridge, Lupao …), 816 ‘disapeared’, 1064 victims of summary executions …

    -abnoy: continues his mother policies, food and electricty become more expensive, unemployment rises and contractualization is not an issue, starts different infrastructure projects that will benefit his friends, the rich become richer.

    IT’S ALL IN THE BLOOD! Any of you think anybody coming this bloodline would care for workers right and the improvment of the poors condition?

  • BoyBakal

    Look at the picture above, is that the symbol of Good Day Job.
    It is a head back breaking job.
    Low, Pay, No health insurance, No Workers Comp, No SSS, No bonus, No allowance.
    You call that Good Job Day….It is Laborer for the rest of life Day.

  • Raymond Ang

    Ang Employer’s Confederation of the Philippines ginagawang kalasag ang mga maliliit na negosyo. Kesyo maliit ang kita ng mga negosyong ito, hindi raw kakayanin ng mga employers pag naipasa ang Security of Tenure Act. Papano naman ung mga malalaking kumpanya na milyon-milyon ang kinikita pero patuloy pa rin sa contractualization? Ang mga malalaking kumpanya nagtatago sa likod ng maliliit na kumpanya at ipinanakot sa mga tao. Isa pa, ginagawa rin nilang dahilan ang mga construction jobs na per project. Papano na lang daw ang mga construction, at repair companies? Ang mga per project na kumpanya? Kung iyong titingnan ang panukalang batas, hindi naman talaga kasali ang mga uri ng negosyo na ganun sa batas, kaya bakit nila ginagawang dahilan un? Misinformed? O d kaya applicable sa kanila ang kasabihang, “Kung gusto, maraming paraan. Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.” (Kahit hindi naman valid.)

  • Antonio Leon

    The poor man can not get his minimum wage increase while the senators & congressmen get all the perks. The rich gets richer while the poor stays poor.

    • Ulipur

      Life is not fair……Ganyan talaga ang buhay rito sa Pinas…parang isang Life.

    • cowboys2

      May karman rin mga mandarambong na opisyal, kung di man sila siguro naman may tatamain din kahit sino sa kanilang pamilya.

  • BoyBakal

    In the US and Canada or in Europe, Labor Day is really a Day of Celebration.
    The laborers celebrate the bounty they receive in their back breaking job.
    And why not, they are compensated by high salaries and wages.
    Welder, Carpenter, Garbage Collectors, Construction workers receive salaries and wages equal or more than double the office workers.
    That’s why , the saying There is Dignity in Labor….the Laborers are proud of their dirty work.

    But in the Philippines, Dirty work is really dirty, much more there is no dignity.
    No dignity in a sense that, when somebody ask “what is the job of your dad”….basurero, kaminero or in today’s lingo, Mangangalahig.
    Mabaho na ikinahihiya pa….There is really no dignity in labor in PI.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Ask your politicians to create jobs. Decent permanent full time jobs with benefits. This is the only way to taste freedom in this country. To have a decent jobs and feel secure to go the bank and get a mortgage to buy your own house, to live anywhere you want. Filipinos are hardworking people, they don’t want government built ghettos where they don’t have jobs to support a family.

      Feel the freedom when you have a secure job not being manipulated and controlled by corrupt politicians.

  • BoyBakal

    In other countries, there are 2 kinds of workers:
    1. White Collar employees that works in the office.
    2. Blue collar workers that work in factories, etc etc.

    However in the Philippines, there are 4 kinds of workers:
    1. White collar workers….the lazy workers
    2. Blue collar workers… in the streets
    3. No collar workers……only shirts
    4. No collar, no shirt workers….like kargador or in picture above.

  • Diepor

    International workers day, labor day. Do Philippines have a lot to be proud of on this day ? European seafarers had good jobs, over many years they fought the employers for an ok salary, holidays, HSE issues and other things. They stood together in unions with solidarity. Then the Filipinos came and said they would work for almost nothing, stay on the ship for years without holiday ,no unions and no safety. Now the government is very proud of outsourcing , what is that exactly ? People lose their jobs in other countries because the work is outsourced to Philippines were people work for less and don’t complain about HSE issues. We need to create our own jobs.

  • noyab


  • Bisaya_Man

    Mas mabuti kung ipag laban natin ang mababang singil sa kuryente, tubig, bigas, at pamasahe

  • Emilio

    oo nga dapat gawing mababa ang kuryente satin bakit hindi buksan yang Nuclear Power Plant yan. aba sobra na init sa pinas parang araw-araw naka bartulina ang buhay ng ating mahihirap na kababayan sa pinas

  • Myth Buster

    Bakit ayaw ni Pnoy na itaas ang sahod ng mga manggagawa at kawani ng mga gobyerno samantalang malakas naman pala ang ekonomiya natin at saka nagmamahalan na ang mga presyo ng pangunahing bilihin…Ganun lang ba ang gusto niya???Ang lumakas ang ekonomiya samantalang naghihirap ang karamihan sa mga tao??? Ngayon ko lang nalalaman na ganito pala kapangit ang “TUWID NA DAAN”!!!!

  • eduardoaz

    Good Job Day? wow magaling. Kung isa-isahin natin mula ng umupo itong administration na ito, lahat ng mga bilihin at services tumaas pero ang suweldo HINDI… nasaan ang good economy where Juan dela Cruz cannot cope up anymore with his dailiy living expenses? Karamihan ng mga mangagawa ay contractual at wala namang ginagawa ang labor office? Ito ba ang asenso na sinasabi ng Malacanang?

  • monses

    Napag iwanan na tayo sa asia in terms of salary,tulad na lang sa india ang minimum wage nla ay nsa 650 to 700 rupee i consider pa natin na mas mataas pa ang pera nla kaysa peso.kya ang mga foreign workers nla walang problema kahit umuwi at dun n lang mag work sa india.Di tulad sa pinas pag ang OFW umuwi walang mapapala lalo lang maghihirap.

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