Team PNoy questions Albay gov’s UNA links


LUKBAN, Quezon—The ruling Liberal Party’s (LP) head in Bicol, Albay Gov. Joey Salceda, apparently wants to have his cake and eat it too, and the senatorial candidates on the administration Team PNoy who are struggling to break into the Top 12 in the polls  don’t like it a bit.

Salceda, who drummed up a million votes in Bicol for President Aquino in the 2010 election, announced on Sunday that he would vote for opposition senatorial candidate Nancy Binay, raising hackles on Team PNoy.

Former Senators Ramon “Jun” Magsaysay Jr. and Jamby Madrigal, both running again for the Senate but doing poorly in the preelection polls, on Monday questioned Salceda’s pitching for Binay, daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay, one of the leaders of the opposition coalition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

Salceda reportedly clarified that he did not endorse Binay’s senatorial run during her visit to Albay on Sunday.

He also reportedly said President Aquino’s goal of a clean sweep of the senatorial race by his team would not happen in Albay.

JV and Jack, too

Salceda reportedly said he was also supporting UNA senatorial candidates Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito Estrada, son of former President Joseph Estrada, and Jack Enrile, son of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Magsaysay, Madrigal and former party-list Rep. Risa Hontiveros are racing against time to convince voters to send them to the Senate.

Like Magsaysay and Madrigal, Hontiveros is having difficulty moving into the Top 12 in the polls. She nearly landed a seat in the Senate in her first run in 2010, finishing the race in 13th place.

Binay, unheard of in Philippine politics until February, is safely ensconced in third place in the latest Social Weather Stations preelection poll.

“This is not right,” Magsaysay said, referring to Salceda’s openly supporting Binay.

“To think that [Salceda] is the head of [the Liberal Party chapter in Bicol]. It might have been a personal choice, but he is expected to have additional responsibilities given his position in [the party],” Magsaysay said in Filipino.


Asked whether he thought what Salceda did was improper, Magsaysay replied, “Yes.”

Magsaysay, Madrigal and Hontiveros arrived here along with reelectionist Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III and Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara for the Bicol leg of Team PNoy’s campaign.

President Aquino led the team’s rally, held in the Southern Luzon State University gym.

Magsaysay said Salceda could also have “deep, compelling reasons” for his choice of Binay, which the Liberals immediately took as a hostile move against the party.

But Madrigal asked the public to “read between the lines” despite Salceda’s insistence that his announcement should not be considered an endorsement.

Salceda is considered one of the more colorful characters in Philippine politics.

He once called his ex-benefactor, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, “a lucky bitch” for surviving relentless attacks by her detractors.

Salceda was one of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD leaders who designed a campaign strategy for presidential standard-bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro in 2010.

But when it became clear through the preelection polls that Aquino would be elected president, Salceda bolted the Arroyo party, joined the LP and worked to help send Aquino to Malacañang.

‘Setback’ for Salceda

Magsaysay said Salceda’s announcement “does not look nice” and added that the governor should brace himself for “a setback” for his indiscretion.

“Salceda is crossing to the other side. That does not show a good example as a party leader. That is a distortion of the President’s good [government] goals,” Magsaysay said.

Madrigal said it was possible Salceda was beholden to the Vice President, hence his announcement of support for Binay’s daughter.

Political observers believe Salceda is looking ahead and trying to get in the good graces of the Vice President, who has made known his plan to contest the race for Malacañang in 2016.

Magsaysay and Madrigal warned Salceda that he could be hurting his own credibility in Bicol.


Asked whether Salceda should be sanctioned by the party, Magsaysay said: “He does not need to be sanctioned, but he should explain himself. His conscience should tell him that.”

Madrigal and Hontiveros acknowledged that Salceda had a right to choose candidates.

Hontiveros dismissed the issue, saying Salceda had always been known for being “independent-minded.”

Angara and Pimentel, in separate interviews, agreed that Salceda could have been expressing a personal opinion, and refused to take sides.

Not the only one

UNA’s JV Estrada thanked Salceda for his support and said the Albay governor was not the only one from the LP who supported opposition candidates.

“There are many who have committed to support me, but I will not name them until after the elections so their party would not retaliate against them,” Estrada told reporters in Bulan, Sorsogon, on Monday.

He said he had received information that the LP was asking their local allies to submit copies of their sample ballots to the party’s headquarters for a review of their contents.

The information means the LP no longer trusts its local allies to support its national candidates, Estrada said.—With a report from Leila Salaverria in Sorsogon

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  • Concur_Dissent

    It would be interesting to hear why this governor is supporting Nancy… Maybe he sees something the people can’t see! Share naman Gov!

    Alam ko si Nancy ay tourism graduate, hardly a course in college that would ensure an effective and efficient law maker

    Alam ko si Nancy has not held any private or public position of importance that could probably groom her to be a good law maker

    Alam ko si Nancy does not have any particular skill that could help her be a senator of value to the philippines.

    Alam ko si Nancy ay super alalay lamang ng kanyang daddy who, single handedly thrust his daughter into politics simply because of his audacity that his name is the most popular name in “good political practice”….

    If she is not all these at pawang mga kasinungalingan lang etong lahat, baka naman Gob pwede mo kaming ma-enlighten….

    • txtman


      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Cory Aquino didn’t want and didn’t campaign for that position. It’s the people power that want her to be the president to symbolizes the end of the Martial Law years under Marcos and Enrile.

    • txtman


      • Kiro Nazakato

        Bakit mas mabilis ang bibig kaysa utak. Why dont we read or research before we even comment? Cory graduated in in American University. But she chose to be a housewife to serve Ninoy, and to take good care of her children.So, the comparison is oxymoron…

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Bro, crab yang si txtman. Anything he sees na magagamit to bring down Pnoy and anything associated to him, he will us it. He hardly thinks. I call him reklamador ng bayan.


        walang pakialaman ng kursunadang kandidato para iboto i respect na lang. Ngauyon kung sa tingin nyo na di qualified si Jack at Nancy bakit di kayo tumakbo sa senado sa elections di yan paninira kau jan at paghamak sa kakayahan ng tao

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Anong pinagsasabi mo??? Nancy qualified? Ni hindi naging barangay captain yan para matutong magsilbi at makagawa ng desisyon, sa senado pa? Ngayon pa lang takot ng makipag debate, sa senado pa? Naman naman.


        e di tumakbo ka sanang senador kasi tingin mo mas qualified ka sa kanila. yan ang tinayawag na crab mentality at inggitero

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Yun ang kaibahan namin ni Nancy. Ako I know where I stand. Si Nancy she cant stand without his father. Ni walang lakas loob maki pag debate kahit kay JC de los Reyes man lang.

      • txtman

        IS CRAB

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Sige nga bro, show us any positive post you have contributed to this forum.
        You are certifiably … crab!

      • txtman

        HINDI DI BA?

      • Kiro Nazakato


      • cato_the_younger

        Yan ang napapala ng text nang text, foot in mouth disease.

        I-google mo ang Fordham University.

      • txtman

        YAN ANG FMD

  • Kiro Nazakato

    Gaspang at kapal ng mukha nitong balimbing at nababalitang bading na ito, Head ka ng Liberal party sa Bicol_ the least you could have done kung meron kang prinsipyo, is to to keep to yourself your personal choice, and be a Team player!! The reason kung bakit vocal ka, kc pinapakita mo lang tunay mong kulay, na balimbing ka, at wala kang prinsipyo. You are unprincipled, and a fence-sitter, and wanted to be in good grace of the opposing camps! Ang ginawa mo before kay Gibo, ginagawa mo sa Team Pnoy ngayon!! I dont know if you can live with your conscience!! Magresign ka na sa Liberal Party post hate!!! Oportunista!!!

    • txtman


    • Guest

      it’s his prerogative to show who are the candidates he supports.. eh ano kung admin or opposition?? as a leader, his loyalty to his party ends where his loyalty to his country begins.. if some candidates in the admin are not fit to be leaders, then as a local leader he should serve as an example that those who are not capable of serving should not be voted.. although, binay is a terrible choice to support, the other candidates in the opposition that gov. salceda supports are worthy of votes because of track records and experience.. there is nothing wrong with supporting an UNA candidate if such candidate is worthy of the position and there is a duty placed upon the shoulders of a leader to help his constituency decide on the right leaders to choose.. it should always be the people over the party..

      • Kiro Nazakato

        Whatttt??? Nancy, Ejercito, and Jack Enrile, mas qualified kay Hontiveros, Maggsaysay and Madrigal???- precisely because these are the three candidates he will ease out, if he supports the purported 3 UNA candidates!!! Ano motivation ni Salceda_- are these 3 UNA candidates more brilliant, more qualified, and with more briliant candidates, that he believes in his heart of heart they deserve his vote, and abandon some of his coalleagues? NAAAA!!! Segurista at oportunista, oo!!. More to the point, unprincipled, at traydor sa Partido Liberal!! Kung may personal candidates maintindihan, pero manahimik. But to openly support- that is the height of unreason, and it simply put, it is TREASON of the highest order!! Kahiya, bicolano ka pa naman!!


        walang pakialaman ng ibobto personal choice nya un di naman nya or kami pinapakiaalaman ang gusto mo iboto.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Tahan na dogyot. Walang mangyayari sa kakaiyak mo dyan. Hetong basahan, punasan mong uhog mo at lumubo na.

    • txtman


  • txtman


  • speaksoftlylove

    Nagumpisa ng magiyakan ang mga dogyot. Biruin ninyo chairman ng LP sa Bicol Region si Governor Salceda. The same region which gave PNoy the highest margin in the last presidential election. Tapos ngayon leaning na sa UNA. Pati kakampi nila umaayaw na sa kanila. Noong nakaraang presidential election ang bango ni Salceda dahgil highest margin ang binigay ng Bicol Region kay PNoy tapos ngayon nilalait na ng LP. Mga pasaway. Isa klang ang ibig sabihin niyan. Natauhan na si Salceda. Nagsisi na mga dogyot.

    It’s time to jump ship, the LP and PNoy’s admin is sinking fast. S.O.S. SWS and Pulse Asia plus Comelec hocus PCOS.

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Bro saan mo naman nakuha na ang albay (region V) had the highest vote for Pnoy? FYI, even region VII had 1.3 M votes compared to the 1M votes pnoy got from region V. A simple check with the comelec will give you the numbers. You can also check the 1.7M votes that Pnoy got in region III.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Manure spreader. Here’s the spread. Salceda was promised by Binay for a juicy position in 2016 when Binay became president based on latest survey. We don’t know who will run against Binay. Salceda’s forward looking, hoping his high horse won’t break a leg in 2016 race.

  • BoyBakal

    No.1 balimbing yan si Salceda.
    Kung gaano ka bok bok ang mukha ganoon din ang ugali.
    Dati na kay Gibo Teodoro noon, bumaligtad pumunta kay Pnoy.

    Dapat diyan lihahin ang mukha ng matauhan.
    Parang chikungunya mosquito.

  • catalansbarce

    Based on the report above., it shows Salceda is very shrewd in politics
    which is not good as a political leader.., pero that is a philippine culture.., sa
    USA, wala pa akong naririnig sa mga pulitiko doon na DOBLE CARA.., kahit
    alam nila sa survey na talo ang kandidato nila ay ipinaglaban pa rin sa huling

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Filipinos are opportunistic for a few peso more.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Whaaat? Do you understand what is meant by “shrewd”?

      Shrewdness is an outstanding trait of a good political leader, dogyot. Hanap ka ng dictionary bago magpost.

      • catalansbarce

        Shrewd.., meaning “TUSO” sa English-Filipino dictionary ko spitfire kahit
        e google mo.. it is one of the meanings. Si Salceda ay isang pulitikong “tuso”
        ang ibig kong sabihin sa shrewd. Kung mali yan.., okey thank you professor,
        I stand to be corrected.

    • Hellomr

      Takot mawalan ng trabaho lumalagay sa mananalo….wala sila alam na trabaho kundi ang politica…

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Salceda has been promised by Binay to a more juicy position when he became president in 2016. Check that out.


      J. Binay wil not and won’t be the next Philippine president, period. Bear this in mind and comeback to me after 2016 election.


        sino magiging presidente si mama’s Boy and Evat man Mar Roxas. Ano inoffer sau cabinet position para makapagsalita ng tapos tandaan mo isang boto ka wag ka magsalita ng tapos at wag mo diktahan ang ibang tao


        Bakit masama ba loob mo dahil hindi magiging presidente si Binay mo? Tingnan mo na lang ang kanyang ginagawa ngayon. Lahat ng pamilya sinisingit sa pwesto from local to national vice president pa lang iyan. Ano pa kaya kung maging presidente? Baka pati halaga nilang aso at pusa ipupuwesto sa malacanang pag nag presidente yang Binay mo. Hindi inutil at sira ang ulo ng karamihan na pinoy kung iyan ang iniisip mo , ok?


        mas lalong di naman uto uto at padidikta sau ang mga Pilipino sino gusto mo maging Presidente si Mar Roxas lalong nahirapan ang Pilipinas pag sya nag naupo. walang Problema kung buong pamilya ay nasa public service as long gumagawa sila ng mabuti sa kapwa like sa mga OFW ilan na ang naantala nag bitay sa ibang bansa at napalaya sa kulungan kunbdi kay Binay, ilang bahay at lupa naipamahagi nya kasi nagwork sya di tulad ng gusto mo presidente makapag photo ops lang kahit iaantala ang barko galing sabah punta ng Pilipinas maip[akita lang na kunwari na may malasakit sya. Laganap ang kidnapping ng mga bata as DILG secretary ano ginagawa nya di mo man lang sya narinig mag comment or utasan nag mga pulis na hawak nya para tugisin ang mga kidnapper ginagawa nya is nasa Iloilo sya nangangampanya tulad ng tamad mo Presidente. Kung ayaw mo naman talaga sa kanya lumaban ka ng Presidente sa 2016 tingnan natin kung mananalo ka.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Aurora Quezon the First Lady of the Philippines who refuse to receive a pension and don’t want to run for public office. She and daughter where ambushed and killed by communist group Huk Balahap. She chaired Philippine Red Cross until she died.
    Look at that, we have a real First Lady who doesn’t to be in politics. She still served the Filipino heroically thru the Red Cross. No wonder a province was named after her.

  • brutsador

    Ganyan talaga yan si Gov Salceda number 1 balimbing kase ginawa nya din yan sa anak ni dating Sen Ziga .Dapat si Ricky Ziga ang official candidate ng LP kase sya ang highest elected LP sa first district ng Albay kaso ang kinuha nya yung anak ni Lagman na councilor ng Quezon City na questionable character dahil sa ghost employees issue at hindi naman taga bicol pinatakbo lang ng tatay nya kase di na sya pde tumakbong congressman. Sila Ziga bago pa mag martial law ay LP na at lumaban bilang LP ay biglang na out dahil dito sa mga balimbing na ito , SI Salceda At Lagman na parehong nakinabang panahon ni GMA ngayon sila na naman ,MR President ganito ba ang daan na matuwid , di bale questionable yung character at trapo ok lang sa LP . Bale wala ang effort ng BIR na mag collection ng tax kung ibibigay mo lang sa mga corrupt na Tongresman sa pamamgitan ng Pork Barrel number 1 source ng corruption ito. Pa audit mo lahat ng projects ni Lagman mula 1987 , yung mga inlaws nya milyones yung mga bahay wala naman mga trabaho. Do the math 30 % to 40% ng Pork Barrel napupunta sa mg bulsa ng mga corrupt na Tongressman na binibigay ng mga contractors advance pa. sabi mo kung walang corrupt walang mahirap .God save the philippines

  • brutsador

    Ganyan talaga yan si Gov Salceda number 1 balimbing kase ginawa nya din yan sa anak ni dating Sen Ziga .Dapat si Ricky Ziga ang official candidate ng LP kase sya ang highest elected LP sa first district ng Albay kaso ang kinuha nya yung anak ni Lagman na councilor ng Quezon City na questionable character dahil sa ghost employees issue at hindi naman taga bicol pinatakbo lang ng tatay nya kase di na sya pde tumakbong congressman. Sila Ziga bago pa mag martial law ay LP na at lumaban bilang LP ay biglang na out dahil dito sa mga balimbing na ito , SI Salceda At Lagman na parehong nakinabang panahon ni GMA ngayon sila na naman ,MR President ganito ba ang daan na matuwid , di bale questionable yung character at trapo ok lang sa LP . Bale wala ang effort ng BIR na mag collection ng tax kung ibibigay mo lang sa mga corrupt na Tongresman sa pamamgitan ng Pork Barrel number 1 source ng corruption ito. Pa audit mo lahat ng projects ni Lagman mula 1987 , yung mga inlaws nya milyones yung mga bahay wala naman mga trabaho. Do the math 30 % to 40% ng Pork Barrel napupunta sa mg bulsa ng mga corrupt na Tongressman na binibigay ng mga contractors advance pa. sabi mo kung walang corrupt walang mahirap .God save the


      napakinabangan naman ni Abnoy si Lagman dahil sa RH i doubt kung tatanggalin nya un sa LP at si Salceda sayang ang boto sa Albay…

  • Maldi2

    Opportunist! Guess that’s the best description of Salceda, namamangka sa dalawang ilog.

    • penoy2012

      namamangka sa dalawang itlog.

  • josefe38


  • padrefaura

    sorry team pnoy, but little by little you are losing support. dito lang sa mga paid posters ng forum na ito kayo mananalo. yun nga lang andaming may multiple handles dito.

  • farmerpo

    Simple lang yan. Tanggalin sa LP and beat the drums. Bukas makalawa, wala ng Salceda sa politka. Namamangka sa dalawang ilog is not a good trait of a decent,credible Bicolano. Robredo will be doing gangnam in his grave. But then again what Salceda is doing is par with all ‘honorables’. Bet on you future ‘friends’.


      di yan gagawin ng team abnoy para sialang nawalan ng boto sa Albay pag nagkataon.

  • SuyaMelk

    walang kwentang binay, wala naman alam yan sa senado yan. kung ako sa kanya magbackout nalang siya… sirang sira na sya. kurakot pa

    • GatasNgCow

      Sinabi mo Pa! wala ngang experience yan eh! assistant lng xa ng Nanay nya nung mayor pa. lakas mangurakot nyan sa makati.!

      • M C

        Bakit, may experience ba sa public administration si Ms. Corazon?

    • Hellomr

      Ang labanan ngayon pakapalan ng mukha ganyan si nancy. …ginagaya ang style ng china….

  • facq2

    si SAL-SAL-CEDA ay BAKLA, kaya hindi dapat pagkatiwalaan ang utak, history will tell na talagang ganoon sya, isa syang PLAYER kung saan may pakinabang doon sya, kita nyo sa mga rally minsan naka ORANGE minsan naka YELLOW pero PUSO ay ITIM.

  • Iyen Dev

    Salceda’s ugly face reflects the true Devil inside him!It takes one Demonic creature to find another ones…

    • Adam_d_langgam

      salceda’s ugly face? how a bout simeon d retard’s allowing gloria’s minions to worm their way in the good graces of the idiot in the palace?

      look around you … who are these poloiticians who shower hosannas to every prononcement of the retard? the same politicians who clap at every pronouncement of gloria. and these same crocs will pay homage to binay a year before the election for president.

      • catmanjohn

        Ohy! It’s BB Langamhari.. which Manila sewer have you been hiding in?.. the one up Mike Arroyo’s rear end? hehehe. You must have been recovering from your sex change op. You had a tiny a dick and noy balls to begin with so it shouldn’t take too long for you to recover.. hehehe… in no time you can spew your undying psycho love for Aquino. hehehe. He must remind you of the priest who molested you when you had a tiny tot dick. Now you know what’s causing your stunted growth down there, eh BB? hehehe. Go back to sucking on Bong Revillia’s one inch pacifier. hehehe corrupt sewer rats like you wants to keep the disease alive. Flush yourself down like the piece of sh!t that you are, and do the Philippines a favor… hehehe As for me, I’ve been working on my fantastic sailboat, planning to find my old friend Yamashita. hehehe

      • Adam_d_langgam

        oy .. the baklitita is still alive and well …. he he he… but a moron still … still being sucked by his mom to put him to sleep … and if this idiot is still not contented, he humps his mom … ha haha …… ows, your fantastic sailboat that sailed the seas to fight for helen? he he he… ooops … those are macho men who were willing to die for honor.. … your argo is a figment of your imagination ..

        even your two-inch uncircumcised dick is copied… ooooppps… maybe a graduate of soto’s wanbol university … hey dork, why can’t you come up with some “originals” … have fun with the little boys and girls you


      • catmanjohn

        hey …BB Langgamhari, you lame a$$ sewer rat bA$$turd. dork Bong Revillia c0ck sucker. whoaa don’t get High blood there being called out for the pathetic scum jack off you are. Show us that sh!t face mug of yours only a brothel hore like your mother could be proud of. fuggin Bayot!! we all need a good laugh. your whoare mother should have drown you like that stupid Indonesian mother, when she saw that one inch worm between your legs on top of the peanut size brain between those monkey ears. hehehe. Ask your boss Gloria to give you a raise so you can go to HK to get your sex change op now that Bong Revillia has ditched you for another drag queen midget. You might just run into Mike Arroyo getting his ED treatment. hehehe loser bugok

      • Adam_d_langgam

        whooooa ….the idiot is sailing on a sailboat to nowhere…. for a supposedly educated foreign -ger, you can’t come up with new lines. recycled as in garbage. he he he… and all copied… i rested because you’re no longer a challenge … still is the same. know what? i asked my doctor to do an operation to reduce my “good lookiing” manoy to at least feel how it is to have a two-inch uncircumcised dick … the reply – oh no no no …..” i already made arrangement to have your dick in the smithsonian in the event of death … yours is so pogi… the cut perfect”. i know you’re envious of pinoys because we’re “fixed” … he he he… how does it feel to hump your own mom? ewwwww …. after she feasted on a dozen mexicans. he he he… and hey dork … rest the chihuahua for a sec … do the pekingese next time ,,,ok? and the latest news if you’re not aware . your mom’s get std . lagot ka

      • catmanjohn

        Ant Dick Adam…this Arroyo jack off lackey is losing his mind. A fine example of the kind of scum that fills the ranks of the Arroyo and Revilla camp. His puny mind gives new meaning to the word ‘septic shock’,.. thats because this pervert has his mouth too far up Miike Arroyo’s a$$. The guy thinks his psychiatrist is his urologist. Obviously he and his dork boyfriend Bong Revilla has been smoking too much shabu. Hey BB Langgamhari, just leave the kids alone, or I’ll have to come use your a$$ to sharpen my bolo. Sicko that you are, you just might like it.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Talagang scattered brain nga kayong mga yellowvultures. Kakampi nyo na inaalipusta pa ninyo, pathetic. Btw, bumawi si Salceda. Kung siya lang daw ang masusunod 10-2 ang gusto niya in favor of the administration. Pero hindi daw niya kayang baguhin yong listahan dahil pinagusapan na sa meeting ng lahat ng mga LP local officials. O yan may pampalubag loob na si PNoy mo. Makakaasa na kayo sa isang boto ni Salceda.


        Tobias BADING! ADIK!

  • speaksoftlylove

    What I found funny in this issue is the demeanor of Koko Pimentel. He is calling the LP leadership to sanction Salceda when he is not even an LP member. Worse, his own party PDP Laban is in a mess and his local leaders are honoring its original commitment with UNA. Koko, manahimik ka na lang at wala kang pakialam dyan sa LP. Di mo nga kayang ayusin yang sarili mong partido nakikialam ka pa, patawa ka. Malalim ang dahilan niyan. For one, Ziga’s son who is an original LP member was junk in favor of Lagman’s son, a new political butterfly recruit of LP. Perforce, Ziga’s son, who is an LP is UNA’s official candidate for congressman against a turncoat Lagman’s son. Sukab pa itong mga Lagman. Konsehal dati sa Quezon City yong anak niya pero nagresign at umuwi sa Bicol mameet lang ang residency. Power hungry to the bone. Sinong Bicolano ang di maiinis dyan kay PNoy?

    • celtics

      “Angara and Pimentel, in separate interviews, agreed that Salceda could have been expressing a personal opinion, and refused to take sides.”

      from what i read in this article there was no mention of KP asking LP to sanction Salceda.
      Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

      • speaksoftlylove

        That is what you’ve “heard.” This is what I read, quote:

        “Reelectionist Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel, who incidentally is the
        “president” of the PDP-Laban where the vice president is the party
        chairman — Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) — but
        currently “on leave,” said the LP should at least instill party
        discipline on Salceda.”

        This, even as their campaign manager Sen. Franklin Drilon already said that he respects the decision of the governor.

        Pimentel underscored the need to “penalize” Salceda so that those
        “wayward examples or those with wayward plans will no longer be
        duplicated by copycats as they will already be nipped in the bud.”


        Bato pa toby!!!!!!!!! luymilipad ka na namn


      Nandito pala si Spitfire Tobias ala BADING hahahaha

  • Fancy Tan

    very entertaining ang mga comments dito.. lalung sumisigla ang buhay ko, hahahahaha

  • nice_boy

    Looks like another Noy-Bi movement in the making. Non-Liberals in Team Pnoy beware. As for Salceda, get ready with your lawyers. Cases will be filed against you.

  • Ramil Abalon

    ha ha ha simple lang yan mga kaibigan ang tawag dyan ay namamangka sa dalawang ilog…ibig sabihin kung ang liberal ang susunod na presidente ok pa rin sya pag una ok pa rin sya ha ha ha…baka malaki rin ang suporta ni salceda sa npa….ha ha ha hindi magandang lider….sigurista sya…pag sa project dapat may porsyento sya ha ha ha

  • nes911

    Sa mukha na lang, hindi mo na maaasahan gagawa ng matino.baligtaran o traydoran ang laro. Oportunista kasi si salceda. Trend yan sa mga bicolano. Kagaya nila joker arroyo, eddie ilarde, honasan, kit tatad, villafuerte, escudero, etc.

    • diy

      your IQ disgusts me. dont play the ethnicity card.

    • gabrail

      bobo, di ka marunong umintindi, ugali mo pang kriminal….di porke kalaban mo sa politika pipirsonalin mo na? bisita yong tao at sa kasagsagan ng Magayon Festival at panahon nag pag promote sa Albay ni Gov. Joey sa tourismo ang pag bisita ni Binay…kung di ka ba naman BOBO, palalayasin mo yong bisita mo????

    • ting0508

      Tama yan! Traidor ang mga Bicolano, parang Muslim ang mga yan!

  • Benigno the Turd

    I dare the LP to expel Salceda. Para instead of 10-2 , it will become worse. Team Pnoy needs Salceda more than he needs them. And the best part? The members of Team Pnoy who benefits will block such moves. Pimentel made a BIG BIG mistake. He will be loser no. 1. He is junked by his own party machinery, and dependent on Team Pnoy resources which prioritized the election of Bam and Risa. BOBO KOKO.

  • $14334231

    nabayaran ka yata ng mga anak ng tatlong hari, manang joey….

  • penoy2012

    Politcians of the same color, flock together. Di ba black si joey at si binay?

  • Lakan Dupil

    Karapatan naman ni Joey ang kanyang ginawa pero dahil leader ka ng
    partido mukhang may mali at bumabanat syang patalikod laban sa kanyang
    partido. Sa bagay ang iyong pagpili din dapat ay hindi dahil sa partido
    kundi sa iyong paniniwala kung sino ang makatutulong sa bayan (Minsan
    pinipili natin hindi ang makatutulong sa bayan kundi kung saan tayo
    makakakuha ng personal na benepisyo). Resign ka na lang Joey (para man
    lamang sa kahihiyan) kung hindi ka naniniwala sa sarili mong partido.


      di papayagan ni PNOY yan at Mar Roxas Kailangan nila si Salceda sa 2016 elections. Kaya malakas loob ni salceda kasi wla syang kalaban sa Albay at kawalan ng Team Pnoy un

  • etomacq

    karpatan ni Salceda ang piliin ang gusto nya i-endorse.. wag naman masyadong i-harras ng penoy team si Salcedo. Wala sila karapatan diktahan ang freedom of choice nino man.

    • popeyee

      Sa political party, walang puwang ang personal choice. Kahit yaw mo pa sa kandidato ng partido obligado kang suportahan ito. Otherwise, mag resign ka na lang sa partido mo.

    • Batang Altura

      ung ordinaryong tao ka lang di ka talaga dapat diktahan pero kung opisyal ka ng isan partido di dapat personal ang masunod, sana di ka na lang nag-salita para di mabatikos, iboto mo kung sinong gusto mo di naman malalaman ng team P-noy yun..di harassment ito..

      • etomacq

        dapat talaga sinungaling ang isang kaalyado para mabango sa Presidente.. yan ang mahirap sa pulutika, kailangan mo magsinungaling para lang mapagbigyan ang partido.. kailangan ng mga pulitko magsinungaling para sa kapakanan ng partido..

        kaya dapat lang na wag pagkatiwalaan ang mga pulitiko dahil sunodsunuran lang sa partido.

      • etomacq

        Sanay ang gobyernong ito na mangharass ng kalaban sa pulitika.. pag kalaban nila sa pulitika sigurado kung ano anong kaso ang isasampa sayo para lang durugin ka.

        pag kaalyado naman nila, untouchable.

        yan ang pulitika.

  • M C

    What Salceda did is an indication this early of what local kingpins will do to ensure their own political survival. They are thinking beyond 2013 and they are just being pragmatic. For them, Senyor Simyon is already a goner and can not do anything anymore against them in the next three years. The leadership will need the local kingpins for the bigger game in 2016 where it matters – 2016 will be a make-or-break exercise for certain taipans and entrenched business interests. For the LP leadership, if they believe that they can get a 10-2 or even a 10-3, they should stop being petty. Anyway, they will already have gained a majority in the Senate. Even the wife beater’s rants do not matter anymore as he is not even a legitimate LP member. At least, Mr. Frank is showing wisdom with his level-headed approach on the matter.

  • mhonski

    ang hirap sa balimbing di nya alam kung ano ang talagang kulay nya…

  • wawa2172

    Madrigal, Magsaysay and Hontiveros need not worry, the government machinery is backing them up with no less than the President of the Philippines campaigning for them. Salceda is a turncoat but he is needed by the Team PNoy in Bicol as the governor have a clout over the rich vote province. Local government candidates cannot be relied on kaya si PNoy grabe na ang ubo sa pangangampanya para sa Team PNoy. Salceda is just true to himself that the 12-0 swept will not happen in Bicol and it won’t bring good to the country. Mahirap din na lapdog nang presidente ang senate.

    • Batang Altura

      ganito sana ang mga comments may sense…

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    What do we expect of Gov. Salceda? He is just looking past 2016, hoping maybe that the tide would shift to the opposition. He is an astute political shrewd, opportunist in the category of Enrile and de Venecia.

  • diy

    how disgusting these conglomerate of reactions are..seriously. from a fellow bicolano.
    bumisita lang ung tao, wala sa konstitusyon na ipagbawal ang travel..di uubra sa aming mga bicolano ang ganyang alimantak. puro panlilibak. at parang kilala nyo ung tao?

    • Batang Altura

      ano ba ibig sabihin ng uragon na ito ?

  • gabrail

    maraming BOBO dito, di marunong umintindi, mga ugali pang kriminal….di porke
    kalaban mo sa politika pipirsonalin mo na? bisita yong tao at sa
    kasagsagan ng Magayon Festival at panahon ng pag promote sa tourismo sa Albay ni
    Gov. Joey itong pag bisita ni Binay…kung di ka ba naman BOBO, palalayasin mo yong bisita mo????

  • Shinso

    I agree with Salceda, freedom of choice ika nga, but, why Nanbi? If he has good experience in philippine politics, he should know better…. i guess may of us has nothing against Nabi, but the senate is too high to aspire, she should start from the ranks at least councilor muna… I think Salceda is preparing him self for 2016…..

    • Philcruz

      Like Enrile, Sr., Salceda is definitely one adaptable chameleon but eventually all chameleons will pay for their traitorous positions. He considers himself an excellent strategist but look where Gibo ended up.

  • honest man

    Klaro na si Salceda is playing safe. Roxas must not trust him. He will bolt LP once he feels that Binay will be making it to Malacanang. He will be having brighter days with Binay, Enrile, and Estrada. But just the same, he will throw them off the pit when someone shows a better edge.

  • Oscar Diaz

    Vote for Integrity, Honesty, Competence and Platform. Vote for #1 ATTY. SAMSON ALCANTARA, founder of Social Justice Society, bar topnotcher, labor lawyer, law professor, champion of the laborers!

    • ernievictory

      samson , ikaw ba ‘yan ? nasaan si delilah ?

      • prince_janus

        patay na si delilah pero nabuhay na ulit si samson. hahahaha. pwede seguro bigyan ng chance para bago naman ang mamumuno ng ating bayan.

      • Oscar Diaz

        Vote for Integrity, Honesty, Competence and Platform… Vote for #1 ATTY. SAMSON ALCANTARA.

      • Oscar Diaz

        Vote for Integrity, Honesty, Competence and Platform. Vote for #1 ATTY. SAMSON ALCANTARA!

      • Batang Altura

        wala kang magawa ano ? ilapit lapit mo nga sa akin ang ulo mo !

  • Anton_Agaton

    No permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests!

  • XG1972

    Sipain na yan!

  • johnlordphilip

    Gov. Salceda shows all the signs and symptoms of TRAPO syndrome! For a healthy Philippines, remove all TRAPOS from government.

    • etomacq

      di wala ng opisyal na natira sa gobyerno

  • ting0508

    PNoy can definitely ask Salceda if he is still loyal to LP otherwise let Salceda join UNA. That’s it! And if that happens, LP should support the opponent of Salceda!

    • albayano

      sorry, salceda is running unopposed…Joey Salceda is doing this for the good of Albay, and we, Albayanos know this.. He may be called political butterfly but who cares, this is for the benefit of Albayanos. He’s not trapo, he only knows how Albay will benefit from these national trapos —- play like a trapo…Non-Albayanos will never understand this, but we Albayanos support Salceda’s personal political moves.

      • Batang Altura

        eto pa isang bakla parang sinabi na di baleng mag-puta may makain lang di importante dignidad umasenso lang , umasenso ba Albay sa pamumuno ni Baklita ?personal na nga motibo suporta ka pa din, siguro myembro ka ng federasyon..

      • albayano

        pakaunon ta ka jan ki lada… harayuon buboy ang argumento mo…aki ka pa talaga, nagdudunong dunungan…

    • Voice Combo

      tama ka dian pre mga bwakaw ang salsal cedang yan daig pa ang balimding…punta sya sa impiyerno kasama ang mga binay na yan,, kasama na rin ang mga una nong mag yan,,,,

    • Batang Altura

      klangan pa bang tanungin sya kitang kita na , syempre tatanggi yan pag kaharap si P-noy , simple mathicmathic lang yan..

  • acidicboy

    salceda was one of the first to leave gma’s inner circle when the going started to get tough… why do people expect more of him? once binay’s stock is rising, lilipat din iyang professional trapo na iyan.

    • prince_janus

      He’s a real double blade human being!

    • speaksoftlylove

      Di na siya lilipat. He is already a VP Binay disciple.

  • resortman

    Bicolanos have a mind of their own, di sila mga tuta ni Salceda…Most politicos in Bicol are trapos in the real sense of the word..Bicolanos are wise voters, they cannot be suaded. I just hope so till now..abangan!!

    • speaksoftlylove

      If Bicolanos are “wise voters and cannot be suaded” then why is it that “most politicos in Bicol are trapos”?

      You are obviously confused. Itulog mo yan.

      • resortman

        surely im sober, and surely most are wise voters…the thing is walang mapagpilian…trapo as usual..getz mo? read between the lines…haha

  • Fermin Villegas

    bakit may editorializing na nangyayari agad sa inquirer. unang sentence pa lang – “The ruling Liberal Party head… apparently wants to have his cake and eat it, too.”

  • prince_janus

    Gov. Salceda ay isang bruha! Sabi ni Madam Badiday!

  • Jocken Dano

    well, there is nothing wrong in your choice whom to vote but being an LP leader courtesy tell us to keep it by yourselves . . .

  • akoypinoi

    VP Binay probably promised him to be one of his senators in 2016. As for JV, maybe Erap gave him millions or a promise to help him for senate in 2016.. or both?

    • speaksoftlylove

      So what?

  • Guest

    Alam n’yo, ang desisyon na lang ni Chiz sa 2016 ang hinihintay ng taumbayan. Kung gusto ni Chiz na maging VP, bakit hindi. Pwedeng-pwede.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Si Heart Evangelista na lang patakbuhin mong VP sa 2016 at baka may tsamba pa.

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    wag kayong makulit salceda, di yan pwede ke enrile.

  • kilabot

    naloko na.
    may mga lp sumusuporta sa una;
    meron ba una sumusuporta sa lp?
    it really doesn’t matter;
    lp and una are one and the same animal;
    have you heard noykapon attacking binay?
    have you heard binay attacking noykapon?
    truth is, the aquino and binay families are bff;
    as they support binay for vp in 2010,
    the aquinos will support binay as pres in 2016;
    jejomar will be noykapon’s insurance from political vendetta;
    don’t be taken in for a ride like the yellow insects;
    look ahead, folks.

    • etomacq

      may punto ka..

      • lex


      • etomacq

        Kalokohan pinagsasabi mo. Kahit isa sa team penoy wala ako iboboto.. gobyerno ni Noynoy puro mga korap din…

      • lex

        Paano ka boboto, di ka naman NAGPAREHISTRO?

      • etomacq

        haha.. sigurado ka? nonsense comment mo.

      • lex

        Parang ikaw NONSENSE, walang kwenta!

      • etomacq

        tatawanan lang kita.. hahahaha..

      • lex

        well, wala ka naman talagang kayang gawin kundi tumawa. Yan lang kaya mo. Ok start laughing until your end!

    • Bart Thinong

      absolutely right…nakuha mo kaibigan, salamat at naka intiende ka hindi tulad nang iba na hanggang ngayon ay tulog pa dahil sa politics patronage.

  • gryzyxwoz

    Salceda’s support for JV, Binay, and Enrile shows us his true colors. I would never vote for those three!

    • Guest

      Gusto ni Chiz Escudero na makasalumuha ang mga kababayan natin, inaalam ang problema nila kaya naman maganda ang ranking niya sa survey.

  • pinoyislander

    LOL! kakatawa naman yung governor ng albay, trapong trapo talaga parang sina binay lang. makikipagdeal kahit sa demonyo manalo lang at yumaman

  • superlucky2

    Salceda is a political butterfly. Kung saan may masisipsip doon iyan. Bading kasi. Kahit i-indorse pa ni Salceda si Binay, Ejercito & Enrile, Bicolanos will not vote for them. Mga corrupt lalong-lalo na itong si Ejercito.

  • Guest

    Di mananalo si Cayetano sa eleksyon. Galit ang bayan sa mga ambisyoso at kurakot

    • Guest

      Galit ang tao sa mga kurakot at mayayabang na pulitiko gaya ni Cayetano. di karapatdapat maging senador

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Most news in politics are fake with a twist of truth. that’s what I have observed.

  • sepultorero

    True to his form, Salceda has to protect his political interest after Pres. Aquino’s term. The sad part for Salceda is the fact that Binay will not win as a President in the 2016 election. His possible contenders already have his history of corruption in Makati, among others. They are merely waiting for Binay to formally announce his candidacy and they will unleash this information about him. Salceda goes down with Binay. It’s that simple in Philippine politics.

    • Taiko_Kauna

      Baka nakahanda na ang mga warrant ni Binay for plunder kapag nagkakataon. Binay assumes he is the robinhood of Makati, ngunit hinahagisan lang niya ng mga buto-buto ang maralitang lungsod ng Makati. Out of 100% na nakulimbat ni Binay swerte na kung naibahagi niya 40% sa taga makati. He is not a robinhood – wake up makati folks, ginawa lang kayong tanga ni Binay.

  • Batang Altura

    pumupwesto na ang baklitang si Salceda, ganyan talaga ugali ng bukbok na yan, iniwan din nyan si GMA nung mabango na si P-noy, buti ibinoboto pa yan ng mga taga Albay, di ba nila nakikita ang kabalbalan nyang baklang yan, marami naman bakla ang matino.pero si Salceda bukbuk na bugok pa..

    • albayano

      Nakapunta ka na ba bata sa albay?…pumunta ka ha at nang maanghangan naman ang dila mo…

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    He has done this before to Gloria. Then it is not surprising why he is prematurely doing this to President Aquino today.

    Good luck mr or miss? Butterfly from Bicol. You will get your surprise in 2016.

  • Guest

    Si Chiz naman marunong tumanaw ng utang na loob yan sa mga taumbayan na nagluklok sa kanya. Busilak ang kalooban ni Chiz.

  • Guest

    Will vote for Team
    PNOY except Cayetano. No brain, no heart for the poor

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