What makes a ‘good senator’, Maceda counts the ways



(Editor’s Note: With a little less than a month before the mid-term elections in May, INQUIRER.net has decided to deviate from the usual platform interviews of senatorial and local candidates that have been aired and written about and instead get to know them up close and, perhaps a little more personal, as we hope so will you our dear readers. The series of interviews will be posted on our special election site, Vote 2013 under INQuest. Is the exercise meant to make these candidates look good? Definitely not. But we enjoin you to watch and listen and let your candidates tell their stories because, believe it or not, their stories are ours as well.)

MANILA, Philippines – Intelligence alone does not necessarily make a good senator.

Former senate president Ernesto Maceda believes that it takes years of experience—54 years in public service and 43 government positions, to be specific.

Maceda was a member of the Senate from 1970 to 1998—at one point serving as Senate President— and was Philippine Ambassador to the United States from 1998 to 2001.

“I have delivered 200 exposes, authored and co-authored 600 laws, and I have been in public office for 54 years and held more than anybody else, 43 government positions. I don’t think anybody else can equal my record,” he told INQUIRER.net in a recent interview.

“I have the Maceda Law which provides protection to real estate buyers. For you to have a law named after you and it is being studied in law school is some sort of an exceptional achievement,” he said.

And at 78 years old, the former senator feels that the time is right for him to take his place among fellow lawmakers once more, feeling that the quality of debates in the Senate has been declining.

“The general impression is that if you go farther back, the better, the higher the quality of debates. As you go near the present time, it seems to me that the quality is declining,” said Maceda, a senatorial bet running under the United Nationalist Alliance [UNA].

A good senator would attend as much committee hearings as possible in a day, continue researching and studying laws, and exert the power of check and balance in the government.

But it still boils down to more than five decades in public service for Maceda.

“You must have a lot of experience and knowledge and intelligence to be able to discuss well over… 5,000 to 6,000 bills. If you don’t have an extensive background you probably will be very selective. You cannot be good enough to involve yourself in the debates of all the bills,” he said.

“Almost automatically if you have good senators you have good debates, if you have silent senators you have no debate,” Maceda added.

Usually a member of the opposition, the UNA bet believes that he can “shine more as an expose person, a fiscalizer and an independent senator. That is one thing you have to look for in a senator… hindi pwedeng yes sir ng yes sir sa Presidente.”

If he did not choose to pursue a career in politics, Maceda said that he would have become a doctor.

“In a sense, I am a doctor—a doctor of political diseases,” he said.

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  • tiriring

    Experience in corrupt practices?
    Ay huwag na!

  • andy bonifacio

    No thanks !! , We do not need your kind of experience , you were senator then nothing significant makes us remember you. WAIT!! yung nga palang paglabas mo ng isang maletang dolyar ng hindi ka nakulong, , NOW that takes experience, UNA ka talaga sa kabulastugan

    • patawad

      You are right! Everytime i see and hear Maceda, all that comes up to my mind is male-maletang pera sa airport. . . .

      • kangsongdaeguk

        can you tell me about that maleta story? google does not yield any significant result.



  • tangaangpinoy

    Ay naku po…… Napaka-tagal mo na nanungkulan sa gobierno wala ka naman nagawang ikinabuti ng Pilipinas!!!!

  • HighPower Led

    tama ka na! puro kurakot ka!

  • martial_law_baby

    Now tell that to Nancy Binay Manong Ernie. We would really want you to do that.

  • Putakte Naman

    Heh! nagsalita !Huwag iboto yan. Tested na yan pwe!!, Mahina. Pilipinas kon mahal, dapat wise na sa pagpili. Subok na yan pwe pwe pwe!! Napakahina, mahina talaga, matagal na nanungkulan, pwe napakahina! Di kona binasa ang article na to kasi walang kwenta. Di ako interesado sa pangalang Maceda kasi mahina!!! Huwag mo nang ituloy yang balak mo, di pwede na yang bulok na panunungkulan mo. Bulok ang performance mo! napaka bulok!

  • popeyee

    Manong, halos lahat sa Congress, lower & upper house, ay pabalik-balik na lang pero di pa rin tayo umaasenso. Ano pa bang experience ang pinagsasasabi mo?

  • QQU

    Give it a rest, Ernie.

  • popeyee

    Bakit di ma yan sabihin sa kasamahan mong si Nancy Binay, na wala ng experience, wala pang intelligence..


      u forgot LApid and Revilla-puro experience ala namn intelligence mga tahimik pa

  • bgc

    So much experience… But, was he a good senator? LoL… Pakapalan talaga?

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    one characteristic of being a good senator that I can think of – not corrupt

    ano nga ulit yung sinabi sayo ni mayor lacson dati?

    • penoy2012

      “so young, yet so gay”.

    • jayemdee_412

      “So young , so corrupt!”

  • calipso_2100

    You have a point, sir. But the problem is one has to win an election first to be a legislator. And the ones who are voted are usually not the intelligent or experienced but the popular ones. Examples are Sotto, Lapid, Revilla, Estrada, Pacquiao, Lucy Torres, Mullach, etc. And god forbid, BINAY.

    • regd

      You forgot to mention, God forbid, KRIS.

    • penoy2012

      there is already a Lapid Law….just for the record. Though he shouldn’t really have won.

  • regd

    Any lost or blind soul here willing to vote for this guy? Care to explain why?

    • penoy2012

      maybe they don’t want to vote for a bum who just happens to be a presidential cousin, or to a coup plotter who put the lives of innocents in danger.

  • Lucio V. Liwanag

    What makes a good senator ?…. they asked the wrong person, maybe they should have ask him What makes a corrupt senator / public official then definitely he is the right person to ask……

    • marionics

      basta ako ang isang criterion ay hindi killer he he. kilala niyo na siguro kung sinong pukinginang tinutukoy ko ano? he he

  • plat2012


  • sanjuan683

    Bakit si Nancy ba may experience? Matanda ka na kahit may experience ka hindi na uubra ang experience mo. Gusto mo lang bumalik sa gobierno tulad ni Jun Magsaysay para malibre ang hospitalization ninyo dalawa dahil kapag nasa gobierno ang daming benefits at gastos ng gobierno ang pagpapagamot sa inyong dalawa. Ang mahihirap nag-iisip kung saan kukuha ng pagpapagamot sa kanila sakit. Tumigil na kayo dalawa ipaubaya na ninyo sa mga bago at bata may bagong idealismo. Sigurado ako hindi pagpalilingkod ang aatupagin ninyo kundi ang maganda benefits ng isang senador. Pwe!!!!!!

  • 33Sambuang2

    what makes a good senator? yong bading na nagpapalda pag nandito sa U.S. Si Maceda yan. maraming papa.

  • $22369910

    54 years all of them corrupt.

  • DocNairobi

    maceda for senator, forget it.. he is an attack dog of pahErap Estrada.

  • joshmale2004

    “Almost automatically if you have good senators you have good debates, if you have silent senators you have no debate,” Maceda added.
    Can Maceda say the same to nancy Binay who avoids debates?

    • Johnny

      What’s the point of going to senate making, proposing and fighting for approval of new laws kung hindi mo kaya makipag-debate? Gaya ni Abnoy na di nakikipag-debate at nambubutas lang ng upuan… mag-barangay tanod na lang si Nancy.

  • les21reago

    43 government position held and NOT CONVICTED..something wrong…

  • mariobig

    sabi ni tulfo may pera sa maleta si maceda punong puo yun maleta ng pera nung secretary ka pa ng DENR 19886-87 kaya ka ansipa ni cory…

  • mariobig


  • efriend

    Maceda, if you are surrounded by thieves, what do you think will be the perception of the voters about you?

    “So young yet so corrupt.” – Do you remember Mayor Lacson’s famous line when you were young?

  • JosephNess

    “Almost automatically if you have good senators you have good debates, if you have silent senators you have no debate,” Maceda added.

    ouch!!! if the survey will be true, prepare to have a silent senate…it will be deafening really, and full of zzzzzzes….

  • regd

    Ernies moral IQ is the same as his age.

  • kumilos_tayo

    Dami nga nya inexpose pero wala naman sayang kinasuhan kahit isa eh anong saysay pa nun….

    • patawad

      Haaayyyy, ang isang senator na nag e-expose o nagbabanta ng imbestigasyon, iisa lang ang gusto. . . . pera, datung,,yon lang, haha kaya walang nakakasuhan.

  • speedstream2

    We are not wanting in “experienced” legislators and politicians. There is a real shortage, however, of honest, selfless and dedicated lawmakers and other public servants. Proof? After all these years, no significant inroad has been made in alleviating poverty and in minimizing graft and corruption, among others. In more ways than one, our country is still in Square One.

    • efriend

      Disagree. There is a shortage of smart and discerning voters.

      • speedstream2

        On second thought, you have a point, my friend. We only have ourselves to blame for the continued presence of tradpols and deep-rooted problems that continue to best our country.

  • alville60

    Makes me puke hearing the “good” senator. If he is good, i won’t know what bad is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kim.mendoza.9 Kim Montenegro Mendoza

    inangat mo lang ang bangko mo, I thought I will get something which will make sense

  • JosephNess

    was this the young councilor whom mayor Lacson addressed as…too young and yet too corrupt?

  • galit_sa_oligarko

    definitely he was never been a good senator, walang landmark sa pilipinas o legacy man lang na naiwan itong bading na to during his term


      maceda st sa espana blvd hahahaha..


    >>>“In a sense, I am a doctor—a doctor of political diseases,” he said.<<<

    THEN heal thyself, Doktor! Then heal the GRAFT and CORRUPTION diseases of your fellow politicians. Sa tinagal-tagal na ng paglilingkod mo sa bayan- 54 years, e, wala ka ding nagawa sa pinakamalalang sakit ng pulitikero kundi ang pinagmamalaki mong real estate law na wala namang kinalaman sa sakit na cancer ng pulitiko sa bayan, ano pa ang magagawa mo sa ilagn taon na lamang na nalalabi sa maselan mong buhay na sa bigay lang ng mikiropono, e, bumabagsak ka na? Hayaan mo na lang yong mga bata-bata at hindi na babad sa CORRUPTION na tulad mo ang bumuno ng suliranin ng bayan para makapagpahinga ka na mabuti sa Himalayang Pilipino.

  • galit_sa_oligarko

    magpahinga ka na sa pangungurakot baka maturuan mo pa yung mga bago

  • stanley park

    Unless we changed the complete line up of the Senate, ridding it of the same old Trapos…. nothing will change for the good…. A corrupt official will always greed for money, who ever sits in Malacanang….OVERHAUL THE SENATE OF THESE STINKING TRAPOS… Start with Maceda. 54 years in the government and what have you contributed significantly to change the system.. NOTHING? you just cling to anyone in power to pursue your own political interest – PARASITE, I MAY SAY.. SO OLD…SO GAY….SO CORRUPT!

  • isidro c. valencia

    The title should be ‘What makes a ‘greed senator’, Maceda counts the ways.

  • farmerpo

    P4M for a threatened expose is quite a lot for a run of the mill contractor in the lahar projects in Pampanga. No expose of the government side of the ‘corruption’. Those were the glory days of Manong Ernie.

  • josh_alexei

    More than 50 years in Service and where did you bring the Phl into? To the Rear? You can tellt the world of your track records, but if you have one that your people could remember that have benefitted one all all the most, then even for that only one, you will be remembered and the Rest will just Bonuses..Tommy Douglas Served us about the Same number of Years…Was never an Ambassador…Put hundreds if his Ideas into the lives of his People, but he will be Remembered most as the Father of the Canada’s MEDICARE and we did not even name that Monumental Achievement in his name, we just named him the Greatest Among us.

  • http://twitter.com/junolivar Jun Olivar

    What makes a good senator? Bruha!

  • divictes

    A doctor of political diseases, well then, “Physician heal thyself.”

  • katabay1106

    Corrupt politician.

    • lawrence knight angel

      lahat sila kasi punong puno ng pera ang bariles at napakatabang baboy ang nasa senado at kongreso alisin mo ang pork barrel at tignan natin kung sinong gustong maging senador at congressman hope somebody will incenerate them all kung nasa pakistan tapos na lahat yan tatapusin sila ng taliban …..buti pa siguro alisin na ang pork barrel na yan …. yan ang breeding ground ng corruption

  • Oscar Diaz

    His experience did not make him a good senator, wala nga syang nagawa noong bata pa sya, ngayong uugod ugod na, lalo na!
    Don’t vote for recycled trapos! Vote for #1 Atty. Samson Alcantara!

  • satoriseeker

    54 years of service??? if you give me even 54 years to think about it, i don’t think i can give anyone an exemplary act of this trapo that led to public welfare.. it is not the number of years you put in, mr trapo maceda, it is what you put into those years.

  • Rolly257

    I read the Title, not the story. For sure, Maceda will never be good of anything…except in corrupt practices.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    To know what is a bad senator its easy, just look at Maceda…

  • deadlyshooter

    If he did not choose to pursue a career in politics, Maceda said that he would have become a doctor.

    ulk!!! buti na lang di naging doctor…

  • doncleo

    ang tagal naman ng buhay nya…to have a law named after you (Maceda Law) is something…look at the Lina law which is sometimes called the stupid law.

  • Orange Valencia

    Maceda forgot to mention that a good senator must know how to use the Japanese saw. Kailangan marunong mag-lagaring Hapon. Let me cite an example and here are the steps:
    1. Find out players in the smuggling business, for instance of goods from China, and make contact with one (say Smuggler A) and offer to make an expose against rival Smuggler B.
    2. Make sure you get something from Smuggler A and then make the expose.
    3. Make sure that the media make a lot of noise about the expose.
    4. During investigation at the Senate, watch out for intermediaries from Smuggler B and other parties that are hurt by your expose. Make them offer something in return for your not pursuing the investigation.
    5. After collecting from Smuggler B and others, let the investigation die a natural death.
    6. Don’t forget to give balato to media people who may try to look into the forgotten investigation.

  • klepto

    “GOOD” is too good a word to call any politician. IT should be thief, maggot, parasite,
    c o c k s u c k e r, m o t h e r f u c k e r, w a n k e r, f u c k e r

  • Paulo Arzaga

    mY f@&k&!G a%@!!

  • Twister12

    No offense pero in my opinion pag bakla hindi matino.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The only Maceda accomplished contribution I know,
    is the 1972 Elizalde Mindanao Stone Age “Tasaday” international scam.

    This done to pleased a rotten Marcos trying to lure the international scientific community with fake head news, believing they are a bunch of idiots like him.

    Is it a sign of honorability, Honesty, Dignity and Accountability, expected from a legislators ?

    Some are smarter than others… lol

  • martial_law_baby

    Ernie Maceda will always be remembered as the pimp of Marcos. Yung asawa nya na si Marichu Vera Perez Maceda ang taga kuha ng artista. Well connected yan sa showbiz. There was even a story that when Maceda was exiled, naka pajama pa. He was reportedly sleeping but when he woke up nasa Amerika na, hahaha. Nagalit si Apo, pinatapon sa Amerika. Ang bata bata pa ni Ernie mukhang mas matakaw pa kay Apo sa pera.

  • pj2003

    “In a sense, I am a doctor—a doctor of political diseases,” – maceda

    well Mr. Maceda, you are a doctor that never find ways to treat a political diseases… but instead you send it to ICU in reference to the current state of political landscape.. just a look at the composition of UNA it is suffering of all political diseases (graft and corruption, political dynasty, illegal activities, etc. etc.)

  • AlexanderAmproz

    A virus or a bacteria, for sure not a Doctor !

  • $1908386

    years of experience? yes but not a guarantee! is it quality experience or just sitting and talking one without quality output and outcome?. . .There is no secret formula to become a good public servant only fear of God and truthfulness of heart. . . .It does’nt take decades of experience, decades of debating and thousands of bills proposed to provide a home and a sustainable economic enterprise for each and every Filipino……HOW? JUST ALLOT A YEAR OF PORK BARREL 1 MILLION PESOS FOR EVERY FILIPINO! AYOS NAPAKASIMPLE! There are more or less 94 million Filipinos meron pang sobra na pork barrel to be used for other purpose! Kung nagawa na ito wala nang mahirap sa Pilipinas each one at least had simple yet modest home and a sustaining income to support their family! . . .Ang kokontra nito ay ayaw guminhawa ang bawat Filipino!

    • Earl Gates

      Tama ka very simple lang ang solusyon sa problema ng bayan. Honesty, integrity, patriotism at maka-Diyos na pagseserbisyo sa bayan. Ang huli ang pinakamahirap gawin o imposible para sa politician. An honest politician can be subjected to turn left due to pressure and financial security. Due to integrity, a politician may not be flexible enough to initiate good deeds for its people and country. A patriotic politician may act upon or initiate what is good for its country regardless of collateral damage. Doing good deeds for the country and its people with ‘no string attached’ or without expecting anything in return or benefits, not even to protect personal welfare or wealth and reject any unlawful gain. Who among the campaigning politicians can swear to the Holy Bible that they will serve according to this, a Godly act of serving for the nation.

  • $5699914

    A good senator is one that knows when to pass the baton of power to others worth receiving it.

  • wilfel

    The WORST DENR secretary of the nation. number one PIMP of President Marcos. Have not serve ENOUGH in the Senate. Just QUIT and stay with your Homeboy.

  • delpillar

    in the early years of Marcos regime, MACEDA was known as MALETA.

    MACEDA = MALETA (of government money) stolen from government budget and brought to Hongkong and other countries and deposited to his account. SOme of the money deposited was stolen from Marcos own stolen money.

    MALETA is the most professional political water lily or political butterfly or BALIMBING in the whole world.

  • boshog

    Your fellow candidate has neither knowledge nor experience. Nancy Binay is an embarassment. Her and her father’s desire to put her up for public office is not for public service but for greed.


    Politicians.. they are always so full of themselves….

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Surely not a Maceda, not a Binay, not an Enrile, not an Estrada.

  • Ncarreonjr

    Just another aging jackass self serving politician who cant let go of power and prestige. Please give the younger ones who really want to serve the people a chance.

  • Adam_d_langgam

    mr. maceda, as a senator i have no issue with you. as a participant in floor debates during your time, you more than held your own against the greats of the phil. senate. the current crop of honourables are nothing but jokers. sotto, revilla, estrada and lapid … add the “silent” members – honasan, trillanes etc.

    to those of us who were treated to the best of the best (tolentino, diokno, ninoy and others too numerous too mention) masusuka ka pag nakinig ka ng diskusyon sa senado ngayon.

    pero, a big pero mr. maceda – your name is kakambal ng graft and corruption. imagined or otherwise, majority’s in the opinion that you are one heck of a trapo. for this reason alone, i hope the filipinos would no longer send you to the phil. senate . the poor quality of debates we can live with. dadating din ang time na ang mga pinoy matuto at sipain ang mga payaso sa senado. for the time being, let’s get rid of the corrupts. and sama na natin ibasura ang mga political dnasties.


    hat makes a good senator is having to undergo stem cell procedure!Give chance to ohersSir,u have done alot whether good or bad same as Enrile..The debate happening now is not more on issue based,but personality based
    which is better though cause their exposing their trashes!matira matibay,una atakihin eh di bahala ng mabawasan ng myembro..no doubt ur a good product and one of the better produce lawmaker.


    What makes a ‘good senator’, Maceda counts the ways

    TALAGANG sanay-na-sanay at naaaapaka-dalubhasa ni MA$EDA sa pagbibilang. Hanggang ngayon, hindii pa nya natatapos bilangin ang nalimas nya sa DAMI….pero sa haba ng panahon ng pagbibilang, naging second nature na sa kanya ang pagbibilang.

    Sabi nya sa gabundok nyang nasubi, “How do I count thee….let me count the ways….1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..ha ha ha…5….5 billion for me…ha ha ha! 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…ha ha ha…10 billion for Jojo….ha ha ha!”

  • Nic Legaspi

    Then I wonder how Maceda can stomach running under the same banner with Nancy Binay — someone with neither experience nor intelligence to handle debates.

    As usual, empty words coming from a trapo…

  • opinyonlangpo

    He describes himself as a political doctor of political disease, he should try to cure himself first. A good vaccine means a good riddance for a virus that keeps coming back to sow menace in the government.

  • mga BaBoY sa Goberno

    You asked what makes a good senator!..look who’s talking…. isa ka s dahilan sa pagkalubog ng utang sa pilipinas; ang kapal ng mukha mong magsalita, mga kawatan kayo…dapat sa inyo ipakain sa buwaya ng buhay.

  • mga BaBoY sa Goberno

    bobo ang boboto sa iyo maceda…

  • Janch

    Good senator?! Pweh!!

  • mangpepe

    are you a good senator ? YOU ARE NOT A GOOD SENATOR.

  • $14971196

    For 5 decades Maceda reigned in the most lucrative branches of the government and enriched himself through rampant corruption especially during Marcos & Cory regime. He is one of the cancers in the government that needs to be eradicated and exterminated.

  • chingnarciso

    The Evil prevails when good men do nothing. As I see it apathy and passivity are not the sustainers of liberty. The last election saw many voters sitting on their hands and not getting involved. I was given a lot of reasons and excuses for their lack of involvement,here are the few that I heard
    I felt that there were no good choices and that all I would be doing is voting a lesser of two evils..
    The government is so corrupted and the system is so screwed up and I don’t trust it any more.
    My vote is meaningless. I don’t have a good feeling on way or the other,plus it is so confusing anyway
    I don’t think people are uninterested in their own futures.
    I think many just feel limited and pressed in their choices and ultimately boxed in because of that lack.
    Don’t give up. Become a voice for change.
    I think that it is unconscionable for the government to have so many people dependent upon it while simultaneously rushing toward financial collapse.
    Unfortunately,the biggest loss is the loss of trust,all good relationships rely on trust.
    We need to find some new blood that we can trust,a true statesman. They are among us. Find them and support them. Help them get their message out.
    Get off your hands.lets take this country back, away from the rotten politician..Your vote and my vote can make a dent. Any partido kung may matinong kandidato nila yan ang pipiliin sa darating na halalan, Huwag na kayong paloloko sa mga lumang tugtugin na yan.
    That’s my one cent opinion lang po. It’s up to you Mr. Juan de la Cruz to take your country back from these corrupt politician..God bless to all the voters in the Philippines..

  • lawrence knight angel

    we can just simply eradicate corruption no to pork barrel this is the breeding ground of corruption in the senate and congress they spend millions during election but in return they well get it back from their pork barrel through commission no wonder roads is washed out in a year what if… it’s a ghost project like this estrada revilla and enrile had done no traces at all sa konting pilak pinagpapalit natin ang karanyaan dapat na napupunta sa mahihirap o yun mga batang matatalinong walang pera ang mga magulang

  • jeff justice

    Opportunism and exploitation at its best.

    It takes this kind of shamelessness, notice how these disgusting trapos look alike, and utter exactly the same words.

    Please spare us the agony.

  • PinoyDude

    He’s the MB and MS

    Matandang Bading

    Matandang Bakla

    Matandang Bayot

    Matandang Syoke

    Matandang Swarding

    Matandang ex-Senador

    You’ve had your fun Maceda. Time to send trapos like you to garbage landfill and take the UNA 3 kings of corruption with you!

    • tiriring

      In Ilonggo, “MAL-AM nga AGI”.

  • QQU

    Ernie has always been the smartest of the sleazy politicians. “What rules you most in making laws—the mind or the heart?” Of course, my pockets!…would have been his answer. If you know Ernie, he is really motivated by MONEY…first and last. And when he has money, that’s when he imperiously performs well.

    In Boston during his lean years, he hang around with moneyed Filipino doctors…while suc-ing up with Ninoy. (That tells you his hankerings to be a doctor—envy..) He was a regular also-a-friend fixture in the Ninoy “exile.” Cory disliked him for being Ninoy’s evil conscience & pimp. Yet, he was the first to be appointed to her cabinet (DENR). And the first to become a multi-millionaire.
    Little details don’t escape him. An eyeliner and a dash of cheek makeup…daily—“because you’ll never know when you have to face a camera for an interview.” One thing going for Ernie is his Arneow accent. Among the Filipino suc-ups when Ninoy died, New England could better understand only Ernie’s accent whenever church services were held in a little towns around Worcester and Boston. The others use hard ilokano and quirky tagalog U.P. accents. So you gotta love Ernie when he speaks.
    Much like Erap, but in the opposite end, Ernie is your lovable scoundrel!
    But this is where their entertainment should end.

  • http://www.facebook.com/simoun.magaalahas.10 Simoun Magaalahas

    Cguradong pupulutin sa kangkungan itong matandang senador na ito, ito ang mga namumunong nagpasasa sa kaban ng bayan at walang awa sa ordinaryong pilipino…

  • Yul Dorotheo

    Political experience? This means you are an expert in the art of “balimbing” and a trapo through and through. Let’s not even talk about your reputation for corruption. I’m a physician, and I’m so glad you did not become one, as you would just bring shame to real physicians.

  • Earl Gates

    Tama ka very simple lang ang solusyon sa problema ng bayan. Honesty, integrity, patriotism at maka-Diyos na pagseserbisyo sa bayan. Ang huli ang pinakamahirap gawin o imposible para sa politician. An honest politician can be subjected to turn left due to pressure and financial security. Due to integrity, a politician may not be flexible enough to initiate good deeds for its people and country. A patriotic politician may act upon or initiate what is good for its country regardless of collateral damage. Doing good deeds for the country and its people with ‘no string attached’ or without expecting anything in return or benefits, not even to protect personal welfare or wealth and reject any unlawful gain. Who among the campaigning politicians can swear to the Holy Bible that they will serve according to this, a Godly act of serving for the nation. Kaya kaya ito ni E. Villanueva?

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