Build middle class, Senator Angara tells UP grads


Like the ilustrados of the 1800s, the middle class is emerging as a potent force in the Philippines’ social transformation.

That’s the role outlined to the Class of 2013 by Sen. Edgardo Angara in an address on Sunday at the University of the Philippines general commencement exercises in Diliman, Quezon City.

The former president of the UP System told the graduates, who he said belonged mostly to this social group, that he expected them to moderate the elite’s “vested interest” as the country was entering a “demographic sweet spot” with more people of working age compared to children and dependent elderly in less than a decade.

Today’s middle class, like the ilustrados of the 1800s, “is our country’s greatest source of talent and potential,” Angara said.

“A strong middle class is the backbone of civil society … (it) is the voice of reason that moderates vested interests, the force of change that compels societies to invest in their own future,” said the outgoing senator.

But he also repeated warnings that the middle class might be a “vanishing” breed unless the gap between rich and poor was narrowed down.

The current crop of college graduates enters the real world just as the Philippines becomes part of an integrated Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Economic Community that merges its 10 members into a single market, said Angara, who served four terms in the Senate.

This bloc, he said, would serve as a production base that would promote the free flow of goods, services, investment, capital and labor.

The Asean community would also have a market of 600 million people and a collective gross domestic product of nearly $2 trillion, he added.

The senator said this regional economy would be “the ninth largest in the world—a force to reckon with in global political, economic, diplomatic and cultural competition.”

But while Filipinos will find it easier to find work in Singapore or Malaysia when the new setup begins in 2015, “so will Indonesians and Vietnamese,” he noted.

Still, the years 2015 to 2050 would coincide with the emergence of a “demographic sweet spot (with) a proportionally large working-age population and fewer children and the elderly dependent on every working Filipino,” Angara said.

He said that taking advantage of this situation would allow the Philippines “to finance our own growth from our people’s own savings, without having to levy new taxes or borrow from other nations’ savings. We can build schools and hospitals, roads and bridges from our own pockets—investments for the people, by the people.”

But Angara warned that the opportunity would “not be unique” to the region.

“From now until 2070, various countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean will also enter their individual demographic windows. This is the developing world’s chance—our chance—to catch up with the developed nations.”

So much depends on this generation of graduates expected to be at the helm by the time this golden age takes place, he said.

“Whether we indeed make that great leap forward—whether we indeed become more competitive in Asean and in the world—depends on whether we build and expand the likes of you, an enlightened middle class.”


Problem is, Angara said, individuals are born into “inequalities” that have “measurable impacts” that eventually determine their future.

Angara quoted the Human Development Report indicating that 15.2 percent of “individual potential is lost because of inequality in life expectancy at birth.”

“From inequality in education, the loss is 13.5 percent; and from inequality in income, the loss is 30 percent,” he added.

Another study, he said, “suggests that a Filipino family’s economic status—more than any other factor—determines, over 90 percent of the time, whether a child gets fair access to primary and secondary education.”

Angara said the situation could be addressed by promoting equal access to development opportunities, providing everyone the opportunity to develop and use talents and skills productively, and fostering broad-based growth that will not only lift people from poverty “but—more importantly—give them lives of meaning and dignity.”

He said the middle class “will, undoubtedly, grow significantly in numbers in coming decades.”

“Whether these new ilustrados will be aware of their identity and conscious of their social role is an entirely different matter,” he said.


Angara echoed warnings that “the Filipino middle class is vanishing.”

Global inequality has been rising for the past 30 years as proven by reports of elite groups in various countries getting richer and enjoying combined incomes equal to those of most other citizens.

In the Philippines, Angara said the wealth of the 40 richest families in 2012 “grew by an amount equivalent to 76.5 percent of the growth in our (gross domestic product). And there are very few of these wealthy families: They number less than one in every 100 of us.”

As the ranks of the Filipino poor reach 80 in every 100 families, Angara said three of the remaining 20 families considered as middle class slide down into poverty every year.

“The absolute number of the middle class may seem enormous, especially in developing Asia—1.9 billion as of 2008. But this number only serves to mask their vulnerability,” he pointed out.

“If you live just above the poverty threshold, a single stroke of fate—one accident, calamity, or crisis can send you falling through the cracks,” the senator warned.

Angara also noted that the middle class had been instrumental in leading protests around the world.

“I tell you these things not to dampen the celebratory mood you have every right to feel. However, I know your eyes are already open to the real world. You will not be deceived by facile encouragement,” he explained.

Angara said the National Statistical Office had defined measurements of the middle class as follows:

— Those with an annual family income of from P282,000 to P2.296 million.

— Families whose heads have a college degree.

— Those who own a house and lot.

— Those whose homes have strong roofing materials.

— Those who own an oven, an air-conditioning unit and a vehicle.

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  • Pio Pusli

    If not Angara featured here everyday, it’s Jackass Enrile. INQ7, NAKAKASUKA NA!!!

    • Horst Manure

      When you are despised by many how else can you get elected with out the help of free publicity?
      The pork barrel is full just waiting for them.

      • 33Sam

        Yeah pigs will fight over fresh stool. Its all they know..

    • joboni96

      ang masa ang palakasin
      via pro pilipino economic policies

      the middle class have good lives already
      and mostly with miseducated kolonisadong utaks

      even with u.p. education

      i will not vote for angara junior
      author of the anti-poor but pro-business k-12

      dadami lang ng mga miseducated kolonisadong utak dyan
      like angara

      • alex ca

        naku angara nagbenta ng lupa yan at pinrutesta ng mga may ari ng lupa kaya ayaw na niyang tumakbo pa sa halalan alam na siguro niyang matatalo siya
        isa rin itong kurakot sa gobyerno kasi….

      • Raysen

        you seem to dislike middle class. And yet middle class are the ones who are paying taxes and keep this country running. The problem naman with utak masa is they feel entitled to government help.And they always uses their status as an excuse. Tignan mo mga Jeepney driver, bus driver, kung humarang sa kalye bara-bara, and ano excuse nila? hanap buhay lang mahirap lang kasi kami. And yet yung ibang tao na-aabala na.

        I admire the “masa” who do not ask for goverment help but strive to work despite the difficult situation. And do not use their status as an excuse. And aspire that someday they will be a part of “Miseducated Kolonisadong Middle class”.

      • 33Sam

        Its called the noble savage.

      • ARIKUTIK

        There is no problem with the masa. The problem lies in corrupt judiciary composed of much corrupt lawyers. If there is justice then distribution of wealth will be on balanced scale like the scale of true justice.

      • Concur_Dissent

        Generally, the middle class came out from the ranks of the masa and not from the elite…Given this premise, the middle class therefore has more sympathy to the masa rather than the elite….

        It is almost impossible for a member of the masa to jump into the circle of the elite without winning a lotto or being a drug pusher, but it is within their striking distance to strive and work hard to be part of the middle class…. but let there be no doubt, you must WORK HARD TO ACHIEVE THIS STATUS….

        Problema sa ibang masa, gusto magkaroon na lang basta ng libreng pabahay, edukasyon, pagkain at iba pa! Ang mga kalaban ng mga tamad na masa ay hindi mga elite kungdi ang mga tao na nakarating na ng middle class status mula sa pagka masa…. I hope you understand…

      • 33Sam

        These days working hard amounts to being a crook. There is a glass ceiling for those hard workers that want to get in the trillionaire group. Most millionaires are considered paupers by these trillionaires. Everything to scale. Those billionaires are in between being human and monsters. Once they cross over to the higher echelons of pig money, they are made to sign onto the psychopath way of life, humans without an empathy area in the brain. They become vampires to get that high up the ladder. We sit here thinking that the richest people are good honest people. Not so. These trillionaire ilk are into cannibalism literally, eating dead babies, wrapped in gold. Even governments are dealing in drugs and prostitution, using the military as a goon force and not just talking 3rd world banana republics, the 1st world is involved in that as well. This has nothing to do with jealousy.

        One should be able to report information without getting flamed for being “jealous” of wealth. But to wake up to the reality of the world, we can’t change anything if we are collectively asleep. The problem is we may run out of time before we get incinerated. Yeah I can hear it now, conspiracy theorist, wacko, insane, may topak, take your meds. It would behoove these sleeping barking rats to check their information before they assume they have the world sussed. Christians, remember Jesus drove out the money changers. They still exist and over the years, they grew bigger than we could have imagined and they brought their psychopathic personalities with them.

        When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

      • ARIKUTIK

        No one can be rich with out taking something from millions of people.

      • 33Sam

        They already did that and are doing that on a daily basis FOR NEXT TO 500 YEARS. Taxes of all sorts go to their pockets. They OWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE, THE IMF THE WORLD BANK, AND THE MINT THAT PRINTS ALL THE BILLS ON THE PLANET SO IF YOU UNDERSTOOD THAT, THEN YOU WILL SEE YOUR STATEMENT IS FOOLISH!!! The 21st century is not the time for them to get rich. They already did that. All they plan to do is do what many land owners do and that is to CLEAR OFF THE SQUATTERS!!! SO WHO BECOMES THE ULTIMATE KING OF THE PLANET? If you don’t understand the above, stop replying because you look STUPID!!!!

      • ARIKUTIK

        You still can not comprehend that Paper money is worthless with out peoples trust. How will people trust their money if they make slaves out of people. Revolution will erupt and figures in banks will be meaningless.

        A King must rule in such a way that people is not driven into revolution.

      • 33Sam

        I never said that Mr. fallacy of argument…YOU dumb fcuk, they want to purposely cause revolution so they have an excuse to bring out the BIG BAYGON GUNS….News flash…. they have BEEN doing that for centuries, causing wars to reduce the population and loan war torn areas money so they own the people and the natural resources….They don’t want to rule people because they hate humanity. Capiche??? And btw MR.Inappropriate, paper money IS WORTHLESS AND THE GLOBALIST BANKSTER EUGENICISTS ARE DEVALUATING IT NOW ON PURPOSE!!!!! They don’t care about people’s trust because they know they control the food, the water, the air and if people want to eat they have to do what they say… HAY CONIO….Kung dili gyapon ka kasabot hala langoy na lang sa kalayo para mahibaw-an gyod nimo nga ikaw diay ang bugok!!!

      • ARIKUTIK

        Ang masa ang middle class, Ugok !

      • Concur_Dissent

        Aray! nasaktan ako sa pag murang mong ugok ako! hehehe

        Actually, masa is “mahirap” na hindi well educated tulad mo, middle class naman is “may kaya” well employed and educated na hindi mo tulad, at elite is “mayaman o milyonaryo” na definitely hindi mo maaabot kahit na maglupasay ka pa dyan….

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        The real problem is there are no jobs in this country to support middle class increase. No industrial base like ship building which can employ thousands of workers. The government should have incentives for foreign shipbuilders to invest here and transfer some technologies to Filipinos. The government should have a partnership with foreign investors and slowly transfer the control by selling its stake to private sectors.

        Why congressmen and senators can’t think about this?

      • Concur_Dissent

        relax ka lang. Phil is already the 4th largest shipbuilder in the world… dahan dahang bigla yan

    • Concur_Dissent

      gusto mo kay Nancy Binay naman? hehehe mas nakakasuka yun!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Another sucker.


      Hanap buhay lang Sir or else magsasara ang PDI, wala ka ng ma bloggan, Whei!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    why not eliminate poverty?

    • Simplify1

      Tama! Kailangan mag file agad ng bill sa congress to eliminate poverty!! tsk tsk tsk

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Donkeyhole listen. Poverty can be eliminated by creating decent full time jobs with benefits. Congressmen and Senators are zombies, dead brain but greedy, they only want to get more no less from the same poor unemployed Filipino people. Smuggling, jueteng and corruptions are being promoted from the very top of our government. PNP/AFP are another mafia group, government agencies like BOC and Immigrations are good source of corrupt money. These money could support jobs creations by build industrial base jobs. Example, the government could finance ship buildings around the country because of lots of good protected harbors. Currently, no congressman/senator will legislate these kind of projects because this will decrease the pork barrel amount. BOC Smugglers are individual pets of high powered politicians. Congress or Senate can legislate to burn down BOC to clean it of spreading corruption viruses but they can’t. They have their own people inside BOC that will help them financially during elections.

        Steady jobs creation in this country will increase middle class numbers. Without OFWs these country is doom financially. Filipinos are hardworking people. They prefer to work than receive government aides. Freedom from proverty, Poverty is used by politicians to easily manipulate poor, unemployed, uneducated Filipinos during election.

        Filipinos wanted a secure jobs so they can go to the bank and get a mortgage to buy a house they want and wherever they want to live. Not from government built housing ghettos without jobs to support a family.

        RH bill is not necessary if all politicians agreed to create jobs, decent full time jobs. If there are jobs, they can plan how many children they want because they can support the family because of jobs are available.

        Can it be done? Other countries did it. Look and read and don’t be a donkey like your congressman and senator who promised jobs during election only.

      • 33Sam

        Right, RH bill is not needed if there is prosperity. The problem is there is a pecking order of top elite in the Philippines, being pecked on by top elite on the planet. So you have this catch as catch can mentality, grabbing while the grabbing is good. Stealing from anywhere they can with no remorse. Its sick actually. Unless humanity can overthrow this condition, we are doomed to extermination with the few humans left, to be slaves.

      • ARIKUTIK

        If there are few slaves then much fewer will be the kings. Hey Donk, include logic upon your thoughts.

      • 33Sam

        You SAMPOT place upon kings too much credence. They don’t care about being kings to billions. They don’t love humanity anyway so what is your point? You don’t even have a good enough point to risk embarrassing yourself. Ikaw sampot nga mihiyos!!! The “kings” care about immortality. You don’t know what you are talking about. You have this uninformed mentality that makes you say stupid things. Had you known the real information, you would be ashamed that you should have researched before you lambaste!!!

      • ARIKUTIK

        Have you known the natural powers then you will not believe in them. My information is not from their books but from reading the stars above.

      • 33Sam

        Yeah great meanwhile back on Earth, hegemony is being planned while you contemplate Ur-anus…palusot ka lang kasi wala kang alam talalga…put your bombay hat back on and manghula ka na lang to your heart’s content…

      • ARIKUTIK

        OK good now I can say good night for the eyes is closing. By the way, as reminder. Your body will be long eaten by worms before the eye can see your thoughts of fantasy …… nya…..hahaha….. byeeeee…………… have a scary day ….. weeeeee >>>>>>>>>>

      • 33Sam

        Baka mauna ka pa !!! So will yours… Fantasy? I wish it were all fantasy so I would not be here dealing with someone of your caliber…

        Our children have no future if these come to pass.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        we are a country of slaves and thieves.

      • Simplify1

        Please stop your babbling… it just shows that you are nothing but an offspring of a tolerant female canine!!

      • ARIKUTIK

        Poverty is measured in standard among community. There is no poverty if there is justice.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        so what’s the standard?

    • 33Sam

      Yes why not? Problem is, keeping people poor serves these globalists’ purposes better, than it does to upgrade our socio-economic status.

  • ddano

    After people like you destroyed it mr angara pal? You’re so Pathethic! And now you even have the gal to impose on us your do-nothing-good offspring.

  • wawa2172

    Angara you are a UP graduate and former president. You know the UP grad mindset na wa class na ang middle, it is better to be on top katulad mo. You gain a lot of monies from the government and have served the presidents from Marcos to Noy in appointed and political position. Niligawan at hinabol ka ni PNoy sa Aurora to get your nod and influence to other senators like Legarda, Bong, Lapid among others to ensure that Corona is impeached. Your son is now in place at PNoy team and your APECO is still untouchable.

  • Benigno the Turd

    I have a lot I don’t like from Team Pnoy. Starting from his brain dead cabinet, to his directionless administration, incompetence has been his hallmark. But in this issue by Angara, I fully agree. His should have beenthe vision all along..a middle class. It’s paying the bulk of their earning as taxes. They are not parasites. Certainly you do not expect them to be CCT beneficiaries. They work..hard and to death most of the time. While I dislike the messenger, I like the message. If they sincerely adopt this policy, I might take a second look at them. Here’s hoping they ditch the stupid communists in their ranks.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      He speaks between his teeth. How come he’s not doing it when he’s in congress. what will he do now when he’s in the senate? He has no vision as a senator. Grandeur without means.

      • 33Sam

        I wonder what it feels like to be a politician in a banana republic when the 1st world is in the same boat? All talk, rhetoric, lip service, yet executive orders are being written, robo-signed left and right, putting in place legislation that has ominous tidings. Perhaps to some older politicians, they see that they were never really in control of much, most likely learned over the years that someone else, foreigners were pulling the strings, and that these pullers were too big to fail. Putting out ideas is all they can do, perhaps the younger generation will pick up on the real goings on on this planet and come up with strategies to combat what has been going on for hundreds of years.

    • 33Sam

      Don’t feel so bad, like his counterpart, in the U.S., his counterpart is playing more golf than he is working on economic strategies, sending his family on million dollar vacations living like royalty. Why? Because they are not really in the driver’s set, someone else is doing the driving, and these puppets are just taking up space biding the time of their bosses to escalate their global plans.

  • Arthur Santi

    Easier said than done, Mr. Angara. Besides, a man must practice what he preaches or else it’s useless. Well, I guess it’s already useless. Big talk… less actions…

    • 33Sam

      Sometimes the big talk is the handwriting on the wall. We should be cautious of the eugenicist globalist plan for the human race and the planet.

  • upupperclassman

    UP could have chosen a more inspiring commencement speaker.


      Angara will be shamed into the pit of toilet bowl if a grade 1 section 13 is allowed to debate with him. Angara talks like one of empty brain whose only credibility IS > there’s no debater anyway… Angara is fantastic BUGOK.

  • BoyBakal

    Build middle class, Senator Angara tells UP grads

    How could you build middle class where only few control big businesses and agri lands.

    • 33Sam

      Yes Agenda 21, the plot to confiscate all lands and natural resources to be owned by the richest few families on the planet while reducing human population by 90%.

      • ARIKUTIK

        You are talking about sparks of revolution. Can a few kings defend themselves against billions of revolutionaries? Kings and Queens of old were hanged on a tree.
        Know history for you talk like a baby.

      • 33Sam

        And you talk like a jacka$$ because the kings of old had no such weapons of the 21st century..

      • ARIKUTIK

        They may have weapons that can obliterate an entire community but what is the benefit if the entire community are dead. Can they earn money from dead people or can a dead creature be slave?

        If people are not afraid of their weapons then it is useless.

      • 33Sam

        Hmm I answered this kanina but it disappeared You still have no clue what you’re talking about. They don’t need people to give them money because they can print and are printing as much money as they want which is why the economy is going down which is what they want so they can get everyone angry to go to war so they can have an excuse to use those WMD’s. Your thought chains are faulty..

      • ARIKUTIK

        How I wish to further spar with you but the bird train is whistling for journey to the moon. Anyweis, your conspiracy theory will earn an equivalent conspiracy such that the two will become equal for the earth to remain circling a sun. In local words = Sila lang ba ang marunong ?

        Si Angara naga Dunong-dunongan pero mag retire na lang wala pang nagawang matino. Hey Angara, mulat sapul puro dakdak lang ang ginawa mo komo dila mo lang ang sinusulat sa diyaryo. Eto pakingan mo ako…. isa kang Bugok na walang nagawang mabuti para sa bayan….. Byeeeeee >>>>>

  • speedstream2

    And what have politicos, especially of the tradpol type, being doing all these years? Have they not been, wittingly or unwittingly, making sure that the elite are entrenched, along with the political dynasties, many of which are budding members of the elite?

    • 33Sam

      There is the elite and then there is the super elite. I would be surprised that the elite here who are not part of the trillionaire globalist cabal, will not be part of the new world order.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Your so called super elite got nothing but imaginary figures in a bank or tons of gold and diamonds which are actually useless when measured in tons for it can not be worn as jewelry anymore. The real wealth is Real Property but can anyone own the entire planet earth? or can anyone make the entire creatures as slaves? The body is as big as the bed only. Do you think Bill gates got more laughter than the village poor Valentino or can Penoy eat fresh egg much fresh than what the poor poultry hand eats?
        Your’s is fantasy, mine is reality. You are blinded by the glitters of gold.

      • 33Sam

        I don’t think you understand what I post. You have no cognition on most of what I say! That the gold owners, own the most powerful countries on the planet enough to create the United Nations, the IMF, The World Bank, the Council On Foreign Relations, NATO, the CIA, the FBI, The Bilderbergs and they own the Federal Reserve, with the IMF being the seeds of the INTERNATIONAL FEDERAL RESERVE. They own the U.S. military which by now has gone robot so any human who decides to mutiny will be killed off by a drone if he wasn’t already crippled by the vaccines they made him take while he was enlisted. Gold, is still the standard of money. Can you explain why all countries with a brain are buying up gold as fast as they can because paper is going to tank? That China is asking for gold instead of the dollar? Your comment that gold is mere jewelry is not only wrong, it is naive. Your English is not connected enough to understand but I guess I can take a stab at what you infer. These imaginary figures as you call them, are not as impotent as you try and make them seem. Maybe years ago when the weapons were too un-evolved for humans to go against, we had a better chance. Not anymore. Hence talking about this in the manner that I have done, is fighting them as well. That you see me as “not worth to ponder,” is proof you not only have no way to filter the information through your psyche, that you are antagonistic against something you chose to counter before coming to grips with what was said.

        You are right REAL PROPERTY is worth A LOT. This is precisely why Agenda 21 was put in place all over the world with the signing on of the Philippines by Fidel Ramos in 1997 with PA21 upon the urging of the UN, because Agenda 21 is the confiscation of all the property on the planet eventually but at first make it increasingly difficult to own it by issuing VAT and all manner of penalties to bankrupt the average citizen to where they can’t afford to own property.

        That you fail to understand that the plan for these globalist eugenicists (look up the word if you don’t understand it don’t just glaze over it in ignorance) is to kill millions all at once with nuclear and biological weapons while these globalists who have planned for decades and have the money, go under ground in their well fortified bunkers and wait out the die-off of billions. Yes humans will fight back but with robots and brainwashed humans to do their bidding, your Utopian view that humans will not want to live as slaves is not far reaching enough for the times of advanced technology and too much power and money behind their plans. What happened in Nazi Germany proves that it could happen and if history is a lesson, you might note that the Nazi’s was a test run for the globalist eugenicist of the 21st century.

        Astang pagkagahia sa imong utok dili pagakasabot mura mag pita nga gibagtik sa yuta. Maypa ang bolinaw naapay utok ikaw murag asang ray nabilin.

        These people are powerful and serious. That I spend my time to awaken on these forums is nothing more than the monolith sent to an un-evolved planet. Take it for what it is. Don’t make it out to be what it isn’t. If you are astute enough to see the difference, then so much the better. If not, you lose.

      • ARIKUTIK

        What is inside those banks you mentioned are nothing but figures in computers. If people realize that they are swindled by those banks. All they have to do is to not trust those figures and throw away the Fiat mickey mouse money they printed. Wealth in banks is nothing with out Trust from people.
        Anyweis, si Angara ay BUGOK kasi sabi nya BUILD a MIDDLE CLASS through ELECTION. Who can be more BUGOK than ANGARA.

      • 33Sam

        Yeah fiat money but they have the gold and they have the printing press and they have their AGENDA so what is your point? You are going around in circles chasing your tail. You have not addressed what you accused me of nor that I answered you properly. The agenda is the issue not the play money they keep making people spread their legs for on a daily basis. Never mind, useless discussing anything with you as you are disjointed in your thought processes. Never mind about Angara. At least he is fostering a good idea. Whether it comes to fruition or not is the question. Rhetoric is cheap.

  • Spidekick

    Yeah…coming from a four-termer senator and long time pubic official, who is building his dynasty in Aurora.

    So ngayon yung hindi mo ginawa ipapasa mo sa mga kabataan. Habang magri-retire ka na nakalutang sa karangyaan at patuloy na poder at impluwensiya.

    Siguro kala mo limot na ng lahat ang kasaysayan mo sa piling nila Marcos, Enrile, Danding at iba pang mga buwaya na nanggantso sa mga coconut farmers.


    Kayo ang tunay na hadlang sa paglago ng middle class!

  • weeshfulThinker

    hehehe Its amazing that all the comments so far were an attack towards Angara and not about the article. haha Just saying..

    Anyways, regarding the article, I think Angara is right about the middle class. However, it is so hard for the middle class because as in their name, they are always in the “middle”. Rich people are okay here in our country. The government is increasing their foothold on them (hopefully) in terms of tax collection and other things. The poor are always in the streets trying to fight for what they think they deserve. The government is doing all it can (hopefully) to alleviate poverty. There’s DSWD, DOLE, etc. projects that would help all of them. How about the Middle Class? Haven’t heard any program for them. However, they are almost always affected by policies meant to cover the rich, and left out by policies meant for the poor. So where do they stand now?


    • 33Sam

      In danger of going the way of the dinosaur, by globalist design.

  • buttones

    Fine words indeed, and I agree with some of the things said, I’m just wondering how
    a middleclass can be built without middleclass jobs. And it is true that many a
    ‘successful’ country has a ‘backbone’ of a large majority of middle, smaller
    rich elite, and a smaller section of poor. At the present our ratios are way
    out of whack, so how do we get from this state of affairs to the more desirable
    one? We started this 67 years ago, to create a egalitarian society, we started
    again 26 years ago, both of those periods were/ are steered by the rich,
    nothing has changed, and time passes. The HD index is very important, a quality
    of our lives, more relevant than GDP in a way, if one has good GDP growth at
    some point this is supposed to filter down, but what is a ‘good’ GDP? What does
    it mean? If the UK racked up 2.5% they would go wild, and the effect would be
    noticed immediately, think of Thatcher’s time, our 6% will not be noticed at

    • 33Sam

      If you understand the plot is to destabilize the world to bring new world order and then reduce population by 90%, that GDP is something not important to these eugenicist globalists as they are not interested in funding or supporting a large population much less a middle class, educated with a view, a population that would tend to defy these globalists. with education and brains. Think what happened in Vietnam, the middle class became vocal, the middle class were targets for extermination. Thatcher incidentally was asked to join the Bilderberg globalist group, still viable and holding meetings at secret locations on the planet, an ever increasing threat to the survival of the human species and life as we know it. She was replaced as she told them she didn’t like the idea. Beyond this, middle class jobs as with all jobs outside of the globalist circle, are being destroyed as we speak.

      • buttones

        Bilderberg group, interesting, I don’t know too much about this other than it’s secrecy and the powerful people that are members or attend the meetings. Reading between the lines it seems to be advocating
        a single world government, a totalitarian world if you like where all
        sovereignty has gone. Orwell wrote of a totalitarian regime, and we have had examples of this in history, but would not nations rise up against this? What would happen to patriotism, nationalism and our sense of identity? It’s like creating a united states of the world, they tried to do a united states of Europe and that fell flat on its face, I always thought it would, given their history. But could it happen I wonder? I can’t see that it could, given the nature of some countries. Orwell managed to get it down to three, who were even then always at war with one another, switching sides occasionally. No, I think the spirit of people, given the proviso that they have been allowed to be educated won’t allow this to happen. Having said that it is alarming that the real earnings in 1964 in the US, are about the same as in 2008, an erosion of a ‘middle class’. And who would be World President I wonder? It would I assume be
        a selective process, not an elective one?

      • ARIKUTIK

        The thoughts of 33Sam is not worth to ponder. It is devoid of natural power of species and ultimate power of thunder and lightning along with howling winds but most of all love among human kind.
        Middle class can be define only in comparison with upper and lower class. In simple word > Angara IS = Bugok !

      • 33Sam

        Oh yeah? Well I guess talking about this in the open isn’t “natural power of the species..” When Mao was put in by Hegelian dialectics of communism as a tool not so much an ideology to kill millions of his people, then the natural power of the species was where??? Today they have so much better technology and as Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, 10th United States National Security Advisor under Carter, 2007 endorser for Obama as President and then advisor to Obama in 2009 not to mention Brzezinski’s membership on the CFR, the geo-politicist stated in a speech in 2009:

        “I once put it rather pungently, and I was flattered that the British Foreign Secretary repeated this, as follows: … namely, in early times, it was easier to control a million people, literally it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill than to control….” Zbigniew Brzezinski

        What does love of mankind have to do with reporting the plans of these globalist eugenicists? If anyone is devoid howling love among human kind, it is at this juncture ARIKUTIK for failure to comprehend what is beyond his ability to understand of how powerful people who have planned for over a hundred years waiting for the right technology to be invented to wipe people off the face of the planet, is something to be aware of rather than dismiss those who would try to bring this to light! While ARIKUTIK lowers himself to ad hominems, he fails to understand that the most powerful groups on the planet are and have been behind these plans of control and genocide. Do your research ARIKUTIK because you are missing a lot of information. That the middle class is in between the upper and the lower class is like describing the color of a drone as it zaps you in the a$$. Imbecile looking at his finger as he points to the moon. That you can’t ponder is not an issue as you have nothing revealing to say anyway. I’m sure John Birch Society members would tell you what a moron you are in a heartbeat. E SI KINSA KA SI BAGAG NAWONG?!?

      • ARIKUTIK

        Ah kasamok bakit nawala yong pinag hirapan kong Englisin….. waaaahhhh…………… Kahaba pa naman noon !

      • 33Sam


      • 33Sam

        You might want to brush up on the B-bergs. They will be meeting again in the UK. Last time it was in Chantilly Virginia May 2012. Sorry to burst your bubble but signing onto Agenda 21 and the Trilateral Commission, the IMF and the World Bank already presupposes you have given up your sovereignty The EU was intended to fail and the United States was planned long ago to undergo post-industrialization as it is facing now after it was industrialized to industrialize the rest of the world. China would not be what it is today if not for the U.S. You postulate that education is a given. What you did not factor into your equation is the fact that dumbing down of the planet has been going for decades. In the U.S. Ron Paul is now pushing for home schooling as the public school system has been purposely compromised. To find out more info find Charlotte Iserbyt – Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World


        These globalist eugenicists have been working 24/7/365 in all directions to put in place their Agenda
        21. It is not as simple as reading Orwell’s book although he did define much of what we see today.
        Big Brother etc. Study the John Birch Society
        or even Robert Welch if you want a reality to base your opinions.

        The plans for new world order is not as one might think, a copy of former republics.
        It will be 20 richest families controlling a few million slaves.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Ang tigas talaga ng iyong kokote. Tell me, why on earth that white USA is now ruled by a Black immigrant not even born in USA. If you can not pathom then here’s one for you to ponder. It is a revolution of low paid colored people in USA. Who will be more powerful. The revolutionaries or the King. If you know world histiory.

      • 33Sam

        You ignoramus. FATHOM???

        You think a black man rules the U.S.A.? He is a PUPPET OF THE WHITE PEOPLE WHO CONTROL THIS PLANET!!! And the REASON A BLACK MAN IS UP THERE IN THE HOTSEAT IS TO DEFINE RACIAL PROFILING for one, and since he was steeped in communism from his real father, Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA propagandist, so GISING KA HE IS UNBEKNOWNST TO YOU AN American because his real father was American and that born in Kenya story is total BULLSH!T!!! Mr. Blackman is tightening the screws getting ready for the next step!!! PONDER??? FATHOM?? The black/white house occupant is putting the finishing touches on communism that was started decades ago by the Illuminati, to use communism as a tool. You don’t know what you are talking about. You don’t know that the main purpose of this all is to get people to argue with each other, for the lower income minorities to act as dumb goons for the new world order, to help them bring about the new world order by voting and supporting stupid concepts like yours, who in the end will just be canon fodder and kindling themselves for the great bonfire the globalist eugenicists are planning for everyone, not rich enough or related by blood to these 20 richest families. YOU don’t know history much less understand what is before you. You think that these globalists think like you do? Why do you think they are trying to ban guns and disarm Americans? Again you should understand the hidden technology available to these globalist eugenicists. The low wage revolutionary has pea-shooters compared to them. And don’t misconstrue my intentions of mentioning all this. I’m merely trying to explain the opposition, not that I’m siding with them. Know the difference before you type on your addictive toy!

      • ARIKUTIK

        I already mentioned the future world order that no one can trade with out number in forehead. Mentioned also that richness has no real meaning with out obedient slaves. Obedient in the fact that they are happy because if not revolution will erupt and mass killing weapon is useless if the slaves are killed. It defeats the purpose. Now then, where is Angara in this argument. I want his neck….. gikapoy na baya ko katulugon pa … waaahhhhh….

      • 33Sam

        Yeah yeah yeah 666, RFID chip, tell me something I don’t l know. “Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako!” Bahala ka na lang sa buhay mo. You don’t understand the point and you think that you understand the psyche of the rich controllers. You don’t have A CLUE!!! You are projecting your pauper mentality on people who have been rich all their lives even their GREAT grandparents were rich so they don’t have any of your low class values anymore. Nouveau riche ka siguro kaya baduy ang pag-iisip mo. Palusot ka lang.. Angara is still on this thread because the middle class is discussing the issues that we face. The lower class is busy finding something to eat and don’t have a computer, all except you of course.

      • ARIKUTIK

        The entire world had become slave of Bill Gates simply because he got something the world enjoys. See, slavery can only happen if the King can make people happy taping a keyboard. The keyboard addicts will surely pay Bill Gates to enjoy hermit existence.

      • 33Sam

        What you don’t know is Bill Gates is just a front-man for the new world order, he did not invent his technology. IT WAS JUST GIVEN TO HIM FOR A MEANS TO AN END. AND THAT IS TO ENSLAVE THE POPULATION TO BEING DEPENDENT ON COMPUTERS AND ALL MANNER OF DEVICES, TO SPY ON HUMANS. BILL GATES’ FATHER WAS head of Planned parenthood, invented by Margaret Sanger founder of the American Eugenics Society. Gates isnt even the richest on the planet. He is mere billions, his bosses are trillionaire, super old riche who are entrenched onto the most powerful groups on the planet. Don’t put words in my mouth and accuse me for going to bat for them. That is an error in your perception as you don’t understand English thought processing. Gates is also a eugenicist, who wants to kill billions. As you kneel at the keyboard’s ability to inflict addiction, you fail to see that you are giving too much credit to the fly paper when you should be giving more credit to the one who thought to put the fly paper out in the first place. Slavery happens until they decide how many slaves there will be in the end. That is the question. How many slaves will be left and who will they be? You? Me? If we don’t discuss this properly we will miss our chance as the window of opportunity is closing fast. You need to fast forward a bit. You are still naive in many areas to be up to speed.

      • ARIKUTIK

        This has gone far too much. I want to wrap up Angara but since you’ve gone too far I will tell the future > There will be no more Fiat paper money. All will be numbered such that no one can buy or sell with out number on forehead. The devil will reign and it’s number is 666 but that will be for a moment because a savior will rise as in leader of Revolution to slay the devil. It will happen PH if Angara will not meant his ways.
        RH law is meant to kill the poor but the poor will fight back by producing more babies for that is the way nature saves itself.

      • 33Sam

        Yeah yeah yeah more bible quotes, alam ko REVELATIONS. Preaching to the choir ka na..


        WAKE UP!!!!!! Do more research!!!



        Good luck popeye…

      • buttones

        As I said in the beginning, I really know little of this, I read Eng Lit and Business Management at university, not PPE. I will however take your choice of reading and delve a little deeper, it’s an interesting thesis, if that is the right word, but I still doubt this ‘grand plan’ of a totalitarian world will work, given the things I mentioned.

        There is one point you mentioned, a bit of an alarm bell, and that is the dumbing down of education. This has actually happened, not just in PH but in many a western country. I’m a bit young to remember but my husband tells me that a BA [2:1] from a decent UK university really meant something, now it hardly means anything, unless it’s from Oxbridge but is this part of the ‘grand plan’? I cannot see that it is, or is the insidious hand of politics at work?

        My reference to Orwell was not simplistic, it was just something I read that seemed to appear evident today, Animal Farm might be even be more relevant, Upton Sinclair’s Jungle is also relevant, and Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ as well.

        Deliberate dumbing down of the world as well? All of us walking around in Google glasses with a Blue Tooth nailed to our heads looking like a complete dweeb? Yes it might be true it could happen, but there are some who won’t choose this path. And so the irritant remains, and this ‘irritant’ will NOT go away.

      • 33Sam

        You read! Glad to have your mind to bounce off in a forum such as this. Refreshing pace from the puerile antics of some.

        Huxley was a globalist. His older brother Julian was a member of the Galton Institute, which is the mother stamp of the American Eugenics Society. If you read through the list of founders of the Galton Institute you will and won’t be surprised who is on that list. Same for the AES. They all got their cues from Egen Fischer, Darwin. Galton was Darwin’s cousin. It would be good to factor in the eugenics work and plans to point in a direction of what we’ve discussed. They established themselves early on and are still very much part of the fabric. The Bilderbergs are part of this so are the UN the WHO, IMF, World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission of which the Philippines has Cesar Virata as a cosignatory. Don’t forget PA21 (Agenda 21) that Fidel Ramos was coerced by the Queen in 1995 when she knighted him and then with the urging of the UN he EO’d the thing in 1997 with his SONA of 1997. You can find it on the net and youtube.

        But yes if you look at the history of devices that were put into our environments, the radio, the TV, now CPU’s laptops, smart phones. Its a frog-boil of a plan to wean us onto the next thing which would be chip implants. Those google glasses are not far off but its not the ultimate phase. Its all a ploy to get humans used to and dependent on these devices. They have already started to hang chips on school children disguised as tracking devices in some U.S. schools. If you notice many who own iPhones can’t seem to put it down. They have done much research in Texas on flicker rates on TV screens using monkeys with their eyes propped open and tied to a chair. They now know what frequencies of flicker rate to control certain areas of the brain. They now do this with modern flat screens and more so with LEDS. It is also done with Windows versions 7 and 8. Something was written into the software that reacts with flicker rates to where the user is controlled somewhat. Over flat screens and through Hollywood releases, they can do such things as suspend a human’s disbelief, excite sexual areas in the brain etc., in short make subliminal suggestions. If you consider they have gone this far and that Hollywood movies’ main intent is to beam subliminal information, then you will note a plan is unfolding and been unfolding for decades. Even Walt Disney was an operative with Disneyland being an experiment on containing controlled populations.

        If you shuffle through Iserbyt’s work she was Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first term of U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Both her father and grandfather were Yale men and part of the Skull and Bones as were many of the U.S. Presidents and movers and shakers. The Bush’s, John Kerry, the list is on the net. Iserbyt admits that her father’s affiliation with the S&B society did allow her to learn some of the plans. She also mentions that B.F. Skinner (Mr. Behavior Mod) was involved by the U.S. govt to come up with a program to dumb down the school children. The reason was to prepare for post industrialization of the planet, to bring down the economy. This would then allow them to move industries around to anywhere on the planet and also with the added perk of being able to control humans easier. This along with the TV programming, the music, the additives in food and water, the trend setting they propped up like Women’s Lib. Gloria Steinem was a plant to get women riled up to get them out of the house, in the workplace, so that the government could break up the family and make everyone dependent on the government, take the children. This is further extended by the sit-coms that feature a strong woman and a weak man. The same script is used over and over. So if you understand these deep seated overall plans, you will come to the conclusion that these things are in play.

        These globalists write white papers to each other and the information has spread among those “geeks” interested in this as the globalists think the rest of the humanity is too dumb or too preoccupied with other things to even look for this information. But the technology will be implemented in such a way that they won’t give anyone a choice to accept it or not. They will phase out old technologies and only offer the new. Already legislation has been written to mandate that backdoors are placed on all smart phone technology to where the govt can monitor you through your phone, access your camera and microphone, turn off your camera in case you happen to be near a sensitive area they don’t want you to video and upload to the net.. Even if you switch the phone off which they laughingly call “airplane mode” the phone is not really off but just appears to be. Only if you take out the battery does it cease to function. Same for the camera and mic on your PC or laptop. They will put things in place that force us to go along to get along or they will send resistant humans to re-education camps. What happens there is under discussion these days. They will get to the chip phase where after doing away with physical money, you won’t have a choice to refuse it. Either you take the chip and follow the plan or you starve. in fact some areas in the U.S. the convenient stores won’t take currency, it has to be digital through a card. Many long distance truck drivers cannot get a professional license unless they agree to have a chip implant. This is the shepherding they are doing. They make it trendy, brainwashing the children at an early age. Will stop here muna.

      • buttones

        Yes I read, or putting it more properly I have read, my current pursuits have led me in other directions. I’ve dropped out, I’m off the radar as much as one can be, but I’m still a blip on that radar from the very fact I sit at my keyboard and bark about this or that. Actually, when I think about what I can only describe as an insidious creeping, an invasion of my space it is quite alarming. Like many people and I was one, with my credit cards and my frequent flyer cards and my loyalty cards at this establishment or that, I came to understand that these people knew more about me than I did. They are probably thinking now ‘Where did she go to!’ My shopping habits, even my shoe size, where I stayed, even what I ate, and the movies I watched. Is this a grand plan to organize and manipulate society? Was it pre-designed or just a result of innovation? So I could go to my local market and find the product on the shelf that I liked? Anyway, I’ll check out your references and leads, and thank you for those. …

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Starting at the beginning should be the best option.

    Keeping the Middle class at home with the hope for a better future.
    Since the seventies the country is going down day by day, its depressive !

    Most of the existing middle class members are already abroad.
    Ask them what do they want to be attracted back home !

    Maybe their answer will be a fair social Justice, same laws applications for all,
    security and accountability to restore hope as an engine towards progress.

    Colonial inherited societal structures and organizations have to be changed.
    It’s a though task !

    The 40 Plutocratic Oligarchic family owning 76% of the Country resources are used to

    “Consider the Middle Class as a danger for their kleptocratic greed and power habits.”

    For them,

    To keep a slave and struggling population at home for bigger profits.
    The blood profits stashed and invested abroad.
    The middle class driven abroad for survival.
    Cashing the remittances for the country under OFW perfusion to balance their abuses,

    Isn’t it the sweetest dream’s becoming true ?

    • 33Sam

      Yes, actually the destruction of the middles class to knock out any adversary to the new world order eugenicist plan.

  • Don

    pag merong middle class, matibay ang ekonomiya. tingnan mo ang Germany, UK, Singapore, Japan. Japan’s population is 75% middle class. Dito sa Pilipinas, ang naghahari ay mga mayayaman at mga mahihirap. ang may hawak ng ekonomiya ay ang mga mayayaman. ang may hawak ng pulitika – na binoboto ng karamihan – ang mga mangmang na masa. ang midle class naman, nagbabayad ng buwis. ang mga mayayaman at mga mahihirap hindi nagbabayad ng buwis! MALING MALI

    • askal2u

      lalo na mga intsik na negosyante, bat di sila nasali sa top 100 biggest taxpayers?

  • BoyBakal

    Angara said the National Statistical Office had defined measurements of the middle class as follows:

    – Those with an annual family income of from P282,000 to P2.296 million.
    – Families whose heads have a college degree.
    – Those who own a house and lot.
    – Those whose homes have strong roofing materials.
    – Those who own an oven, an air-conditioning unit and a vehicle.

    Funny….the definition of middle class.
    Kaya pala walang middle class, college degree ang requierement pa. Gayong marami naman mayaman na walang degree. Very discriminating.
    Roofing materials….gayong yero lang mostly ang roofing at kailangan oven pa gayong tungko lang ang kayang bilihin.
    Do some research….NSO.

    • Sandy Bulet

      Parang tingin ko ikaw ang kailangang magresearch…basahin mo ulit :), pag di mo naintindihan basahin mo ulit ng paulit ulit..

  • resortman

    Before, The Angaras are in the middle they are way up!! thats a good model for middle class citizens….ang gara ng buhay..haha!

    • Simplify1

      kung ikaw ba graduate ng UP tapos abogado na dekada 50, hanggang ngayon hindi ka po rin milyonaryo? Normal lang sa matalinong abogado na maging multi milyonaire naman after more than 50 years in the profession… Kung hindi ka milyonaryo ngayon, ibig sabihin mahina talaga kakayanan mo…

      • askal2u

        milyonaryo, fine, but bilyonaryo like Binay and Enrile habang nasa politika at di naman napractice pagkabogasya, merong hokus focus na nangyari.

      • resortman

        mahina kakayanan magnakaw? haha….”for every great wealth is a great crime”…

  • mga BaBoY sa Goberno

    Tandaan namin yangmga pangako nyo’ bago ka pa lang baka katulad kang mga matatandang mga politico na puro pangako lang.

  • Jack Wok


    • Simplify1

      Please lang, wag ka na bumalik dito… nabawasan na nga ang mga talangka noong umalis ka dito eh…. hindi ka kailangan dito!

      • Jack Wok


  • askal2u

    Pano naging middle class si Angara, siguro nong professor pa. Pero ngayon bilyonaryo na dahil naging senador. Ano ibig sabihin non, di nangurakot to kasama ang anak.

  • Iyen Dev

    Pinag-aral ng bayan pero kinain din ng sistema.Yumaman sa kaban ng bayan.Yung Aurora province isa sa pinakamahirap na probinsya, di nya masagot!Angara should shoot himself because He betrayed us.

  • 33Sam

    That’s a good thing, a step in the right direction specially since the globalist bankster criminals want to destroy the middle class as part of their post industrialization in the U.S. and bankrupting economies world wide to push for new world order and then ownership of the planet by the super elite..The middle classes are seen as real threats to this plan and the globalist, because they are educated and have some financial power..

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    look who’s talking? This guy used to be nice, until he got associated with the likes of Erap….look at how he “runs” his province like a family-owned fiefdom….

  • mewo_meow

    gatasan ang kaban ng bayan para yumaman. yan ang short cut ng maraming pulitiko ngayon.

  • hustlergalore

    ang ganda pakinggan ng mga salita ni angara.

    kaso hanggang salita din yan si angara.

    di ba lucio tan?


  • alexfrommactan

    I think politicians giving commencements speeches should be stopped or be minimized. It is even funny that their speeches are published in news papers. It is very pathetic and it reflects our culture, at least subconsciously, that we look up to politicians in our society. It sends the wrong role model to graduates.

    We should invite good businessmen, tech leaders/inventors, a person who did not finished college but was successful(a person similar Steve Jobs), a poor parent who honestly sent all his kids to college through hardwork, a person who overcame serious disability but was successful, etc.

    There are countless of much better speakers and role models than having these politicians!

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