Velarde endorses 3 more candidates


The White Vote Movement led by the Catholic charismatic group El Shaddai endorsed three more senatorial candidates on top of the six it earlier named for the May 13 elections.

In an event held at the Velarde-owned Amvel City in Parañaque City on Saturday, El Shaddai leader and the movement’s spokesman Mike Velarde announced that they were also supporting United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) candidates Nancy Binay, Richard Gordon and Miguel Zubiri.

The three were in addition to the earlier endorsed candidates: UNA’s JV Ejercito, Gringo Honasan, Mitos Magsaysay and Team PNoy’s Koko Pimentel, Antonio Trillanes IV and Cynthia Villar.

In exchange for El Shaddai’s support, Velarde said that the candidates were made to sign a “pledge of commitment” to always fight for the Catholic Church’s stand once they get elected.

“They made a commitment that if they win, they will fight any proposed law that is against the family and anything that will lead to the annihilation of the Filipino race and things that are against the Word of God, against the commandments of God,” said Velarde.

He said the White Vote Movement will also monitor the candidates they endorsed “so we can also guide them.”

Earlier, Velarde explained that the movement was supporting these candidates because they stood with the Church in opposing the reproductive health (RH) law.

Other groups involved in the White Vote Movement include Couples for Christ-Foundation for Family and Life, Catholic Women’s League, Focolare Movement and Bukas Loob sa Diyos.

Velarde said previous experience showed that some candidates the El Shaddai had supported in last elections voted for the RH law.

“I pleaded with them to defer the bill for further deliberations so the people may know the truth and yet when the voting came, they were there. Anyway, there is always a day of reckoning. We won’t get back at them but we will act towards the right direction,” said Velarde in his speech.

The candidates the movement endorsed have also been dubbed “Team Buhay” by the Diocese of Bacolod because they voted against the family planning measure, except for Villar.

But Velarde noted that since Villar’s husband, Sen. Manuel Villar, voted against the RH bill, “his vote can be considered as the vote of the wife.”

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  • Political Jaywalker

    Velarde’s El Salakay este Shaddai is not like the Iglesia ni Batman errr Kristo able to dictate on their gullible followers who to vote.

    So who cares who Velarde endorse? One thing is clear this guy is willing to endorse an electoral cheat like Zubiri so what’s up with the so-called “white vote” as if there are black votes, LOL.

    • Kiro Nazakato

      ok yan pare ko. naglinis linisan ito c Batman, pero palagay ko ito pinakakurakot sa lahat ng nagmamalinis, at the expense of its members. Marunong ang taong bayan kung alin ang kalapati at at alin ang bwitre. Sa iglesia kinabibilangan nya ito nagpayaman ng husto. Ang feeling nya he is a church within the Church. Saka malinaw na malinaw naman tuta ito ni arroyo!!!

    • speaksoftlylove

      So, what political party do you think the INK will support? Dumadami ang ayaw na sa idolo mo. Recently, PNoy was forced to go back to Iloilo to campaign again because the local officials are bolting from Team Malisya. Their main complaint is Drilon. Lalo daw matatalo kapag si Drilon ang campaign manager. Look,at Negros Oriental. Yesterday the local officials also bolted from Team Malisya in favor of UNA. In fact, it is the 11th province whose local officials bolted from Team Malisya in favor of UNA.

      PNoy’s ship is sinking fast. It’s time to abandon ship. Kaya di lang yang mga Catholic votes at INK votes ang problema ni PNoy. Kailangan na talaga ang hocus PCOS at manufactured surveys. PNoy and his cohorts are in panic mode because once UNA will acquire majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, not only that he will become a lameduck president but in danger of being impeached because of his incompetence and unconstitutional deeds.

      • 33Sambuang2

        ugok ka. malinis ang election noon at ngayon. ikaw kasi mahilig ka sa mandaraya. tangna mo spiifire. bayaran ka ng mga magnanakaw. uulitin ko tangna mo.

      • speaksoftlylove

        Mas ugok ka. There are no “white votes” simply because there are no white voters in the Philippines, inutile na dogyot. Read it again in case your eyes are full of yellowvirus. It’s White Movement NOT White Vote doo doo.

      • white scorpion

        just look who’s who in the una and in p-noy team. makati prosper not because of binay. binay is just incidental. but because makati is makati; destined to prosper. tapos, yun ang qualifications ni nancy. pls, don’t fool yourself.

        if pres is incompetence, then what are you? look at the way you talk. i’ll bet hindi ka manalo sa sinasabi mong incompetence.

      • padrefaura

        Using the same logic of yours, our god credit is not because of pnoy. Pnoy is only incidental. It because the country is destined to improve economically.

      • kumilos_tayo

        Dun ka naman mali kasi di mo na eexpirience pag ang kausap mo eh mga Foreigner investor at pag nagpunta ka sa western country na ang madidinig mo eh gusto nila yung president natin ngayon kaysa yung mga previous president.

      • white scorpion

        granted, for the sake of argument. binay doesn’t have to work; or work hard. lahat ng malalaking business nakacenter sa makati. tax will just automatically pour in. unlike, p-noy, he MUST work hard/sale hard or else, we’ll be left FARTHER behind by our neighborS. AND we all suffers for it. that is the very same reason why i’ll support him. eventhough, i did not vote for him this last election. i appreciate his effort. he may not be perfect, but he is trying. that’s good enough for me. UNLIKE, some people out there, hindi na nga nagbabayad ng kahit anong TAX. gust pang maghariharian. ni hindi binibigyan ng halaga ang separation ng church and state.

    • joboni96

      ‘sign a “pledge of commitment” to always fight for the Catholic Church’s stand once they get elected’

      additional vatican stooges
      in the senate

      assuming may honor
      at hindi politoko

      tax the catholic church

      • Tyril

        True. The Catholic Church cannot and should not interfere with the government because they are not paying taxes in the first place.

    • speaksoftlylove

      You and ilk are too focused on the RCC that you forgot what is happening now in the grassroots, more particularly the NPC. Aside from Pangasinan, Negros Oriental and Iloilo (Drilon’s area) which bolted from LP in favor of UNA, Bicol Region which is supposed to be solid administration are now starting to distribute sample ballots led by Salceda, listing 6 UNA, 5 LP, and one independent candidates. This is a huge blow to PNoy’s Team Malisya. I told you so, sa survey at hocus PCOS lang mananalo yang Team Malisya.

      • speaksoftlylove

        Salceda is the Chairman of the LP in the Bicol Region.

        Anong nangyari, PNoy?

  • wocatan


  • nes911

    Palakihan ng lagay. Velarde is true to his character, swapang sa datung.

  • imnotstupid

    This is simply blackmail….You should endorse a candidate that is honest….who can really help the people…BUT which one???Many candidates have character flaw…Honasan, Trillanes, Mitos Magsaysay, JV Ejercito,…


      si zubiri na napatunayan nandaya sa eleksiyon ay napili ni bro mike. bakit kaya?

    • tagasugod

      Tingnan mo ang payong ni Velarde,baliktad. Isang palatandaan na ang nagtutulak nito ay Diyablo. Bakit si JV? Anak yan ni ERAP na nagbigay sa kanya ng napakalaking kayamanan.Huwag natin siya paniwalaan

  • farmerpo

    Mukhang mataas ang bilihan. Naki sali na ang siksik liglig. Magkano kaya pledge ng daddy ni Nancy?.

  • bisdakis

    How much?



  • legislex

    Now, I have all the reasons NOT to vote for those candidates that were endorsed by the so-called White Vote Movement. Say goodbye to my vote, Dick Gordon and Koko Pimentel. To the other candidates endorsed by the movement, you do not deserve my vote even from the start.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Plain hogwash.

      What about Pimentel, Villar and Trillanes, they are also endorsed by the White Movement?

      • legislex

        As I have written above, I originally intended to vote for Pimentel. He earned my trust when he decided to oppose the inclusion of Zubiri – a poll cheater – in UNA’s list. But the White Movement’s endorsement of Pimentel removed him from my list. Sayang din si Dick Gordon, I always trusted the man. The other candidates endorsed by the White Movement, including Villar and Trillanes, were never in my list. The Villars have the propensity of using their public office to advance their business interests. In the case of Trillanes, he met with a Chinese official in Dusit Hotel to ask for support from China for his candidacy in exchange of his help in the ongoing territorial dispute between the Philippines and China. This guy is willing to sacrifice the interest of our country for his own personal advancement.

      • speaksoftlylove

        Well and good.

        But what’s your take on Bum Aquino who did not resigned from his position in the Youth Commission under GMA’s administration even after the controversial “Hello Garci tape” obviously because he cannot resist the continued enjoyment of the perks and who together with his father Paul Aquino, the point man and campaign manger of GMA, were both Lakas CMD members?

        If you are a pure LP then your lone candidate is only Jun Magsaysay, is it not?

      • legislex

        There are three LP official senatorial candidates – Bam Aquino, Jamby Madrigal and Jun Magsaysay. I will vote for Bam Aquino and Jun Magsaysay, but not for Jamby Madrigal. I have seen how Jamby conducts herself during Senate deliberations. She is really bitchy and a real bully. She does not accept criticisms. She will do all means to make life miserable for all those who earned her ire. In the case of Jun Magsaysay, he is a typical gentleman. He respects everybody, friend or foe. He can go against another senator on any issue without them feeling being insulted. In the case of Bam Aquino, he is qualified for the job – having excellent academic background and being a recipient of national and international awards for his work. His only shortcomings are his age and his previous association with GMA. I consider his age to be an advantage as he still has his youthful idealism. I cannot condemn him when he failed to resign when GMA was found to be involved in the Hello Garci case because he was not part of it. Also, if we condemn people because they failed to resign when the controversy arose, then we should also pass the same judgment to the people from BOI, BSP, and POEA – people who have proven their competence and uprightness despite serving under GMA.

  • regie

    velarde your endorsement is a joke. kung talagang totoo ang endorsement mo bakit di mo iendorse si JC de los reyes. suportado siya ng catholic church. ineendorse mo yung llamado lang. you’re pathetic hi hi hi hi hi

    • speaksoftlylove

      “Joke ” naman palaang endorsement ng White Movement so what’s your problem?

  • Noel Santos

    .aso ni arroyo..

  • divictes

    Ba’t kaya hindi tinatamaan ng kidlat ang mga ‘to?

  • joeybg



    • zz

      Correct. bulaang Propeta -VELARDE.

  • Pok2

    Any man who makes money and lives in opulence out of the word of God is a DEVIL in DISGUISE whatever Religion they belong. Velarde is DEMAGOGUE and corrupt like what the KAPATIRAN has pronounced. He endorsed Gordon who is not even a Catholic to hurt JC and the Kapatiran for refusing to bow on him.

  • ingbilat

    ha ha as the saying goes; “avoid as the plague the clergyman who is also a businessman”!

  • tagasugod

    As Cardinal Sin said, this Velarde “lacks substance”. When he suppoprted ERAP, he exposed whatever is left of his secret, that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. ALA EH,kagaling manlanse.

  • joshmale2004

    Mike Velarde’s move can not be called a support. It is more akin to a BLACKMAIL.

    • 33Sambuang2

      mas mayaman pa yang tadong yan sa mga senador. hypocrite.

  • JosephNess

    He said the White Vote Movement will also monitor the candidates they endorsed “so we can also guide them.”

    and then, they will become puppets on the string…and like horses with blinders on rein…but then, politicos are known to break what they pledged…

  • Edward Castro

    here is a challenge to posters here.. make a list of senatorial candidates with “INTEGRITY”. yun dapat ang nasa listahan ng 12 na iboboto mo.

  • Ernesto Y. Tolentino

    These loonies really come from the same flock of corrupt birds. They belong to each other and MUST be trashed in the polls.

  • Elnore

    At talaga inendorse niya si Nancy Binay, ha! How much, Bro. Mike??

  • pinoyislander

    i’m endorsing ramon magsaysay jr., bam aquino, riza hontiveros, mayor hagedorn, jamby madrigal. please vote for them. kanyang kanyang endorsement na ito. mag endorse na rin kayo baka maheadline na rin. wlang pakialaman

    • joeybg

      sama ako dyan.

      • dconsultant

        ako rin

  • joshmale2004

    I go for Ramon Magsaysay Jr. for number 1 slot. Those who will vote for Jun Magsaysay, double check first before crossing out the ballot. There are two Magsaysay running. You might accidentally vote Mitos Magsaysay.

    • joeybg

      ako rin.

    • 33Sambuang2

      oo nga baka maboto ninyo ang tagapahid at tagadila ng ebak ni GMA na si Mitos Pokpok Magsaysay.

  • Braincleaner

    When “religious” men or instituions endorses candidates who supports low wage policies, deregulation of the economy that allows mass looting by giant corporations, privatization of strategic sectors of the economy to allow profitering and high prices to reign, who surrenders national patrimony and sovereignty to foreigners, these “religious”, who enjoys riches, fortunes, and good luxurious lives while people our wallowing in poverty and hunger,.. are fronts of satan and their mission is to make sure evil reigns!

  • JosephNess

    anyway, his flock will not go 100% with him, that is to say, they have no intellect if they do…I still believed that they have their own mind and knew who to vote for…

  • dconsultant

    Sayang some of these candidates endorsed by this white vote movement were already in my voting list. Now I have to delete them from it. I really don’t want anyone to dictate me from practicing my right to chose who I believe is the right person or persons to lead our country. These candidates that allows themselves from this kind of endorsement do not deserve my vote, knowing that this endorser have his own personal interest.

  • tongky80

    a candidate who agrees to fight for the stand of the church is either lying or is in the wrong profession. A senator is not a priest, pastor or iman position. Hindi ka binobuto upang ipilit mo ang iyong relihiyon o paniniwala sa iba.

  • symonwho

    That’s how some Catholics are. They supposedly support the faith on Sundays but screw other people from Monday to Friday.

    • ikulong


  • Steven Zahl

    Catholics for Nancy Binay?

    What a JOKE!

  • Leo Capurictan

    Kahit na di ako manalo kung ganun din ang pledge ko. “always go against the catholic church”. I will go against if against my principle. I will fight together if where the same in opinion. ganun lang dapat.

  • sinful_lustful69

    why endorsed this non – sense politicians, why not endorse those independent candidates who are first timer whose plataporma is good for the country.
    ! stop PORK BARREL

  • JMarcs

    Thank you Mr. Mike “Transactional” Velarde for reminding me who NOT to vote for!

  • Jane Tan

    Velarde’s credibility just dropped. Big-time.

  • droccu

    “In exchange for El Shaddai’s support, Velarde said that the candidates were made to sign a “pledge of commitment” to always fight for the Catholic Church’s stand……..”

    The statement should have stopped with the word “PLEDGE” usually signifying money because the only thing these “endorsements” boil down to is MONEY and POWER which comes with it. How can one be a good independent minded legislator if at the onset you “pledge” to ALWAYS fight for the Catholic Church which is just one sector of the society you promise to serve as opposed to the entire nation?! But then again, politicians are ALWAYS known to keep their promises, right?

  • Eric

    Mikie! thanks for choosing them, but our church will still go for Team Pinoy candidates and no UNA.

  • Oscar Diaz

    Don’t buy El Shaddai’s white candidate gimmick! Obviously, Mike Velarde tested his candidates based on the amount of their monetary “donations” to his pocket, not on the integrity, competence, moral values, and platform.


  • Charlemagne G. Lavina

    Yan ang bawal ng Constitution. Inendorse mo na ang kapalit ay ipagtanggol ang Catholic stand. Pipirmapa.hehe

  • arao_liwanag

    Si Velarde ay swindler yan dapat sa kanya ay sa kulungan. Kaya lang sino ang magpapakulong sa kanya, Mas mataas ang mga krimen na ginagawa ng pamahalaan laban sa bayan.

  • maysayako

    patawa ang mga ini-endorse ni velarde, still waiting for the inc’s endorsement and see kung alin ang mas katawa-tawa…

  • honest man

    RH Law na naman? Talagang di tatantanan. Pero lalabanan pa rin natin yan. Palaging nakikialam para mapansin na sila ang gustong mag patakbo ng pamahalaan.

  • russsel del rosario

    buwaya ka talaga Velarde….
    pati supporter mo ginagamit sa mga kalokohan gusto mo talaga kumita ng Milyon Milyon

  • Spidekick

    This is such a sick joke!
    In exchange for committing to fight against annihilation of the Filipino race?!
    Ganito na kalalim ang kumunoy na nasasadlakan natin!

  • lex

    Pambihirang MIKE VELARDE ito! Sya mismo ay isang CORRUPT na lider ng El Shaddai. Maraming mga collection at donation at suppose to be mga programa kuno ng El Shaddai na may involved na malalaking pondo ang IBINULSA nya. Hwag kang tatanggi…… member din ako ng El Shaddai!…….

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Their God is GMA whom they protected against mass rallies and even compared her to Jesus.
    Velarde, CBCP and El Patay are corrupt and a fraud. They keep on endorsing immoral and criminal candidates in exchange of money and Pajeros.
    What a Shame, they endorsed UNArroyo party, Binayroyyo and PlundERAP which is an alliance of Plunderer, Criminals, Adulterer, Revolutionist, Election Cheater and Crony of Corrupt officials.
    Birds of the same feather really flocks together or better to say go to Hell together.

  • noypisiTED

    Lumaki na ng todo ang ulo ng mamang ito, now he wants to play kingmaker.

  • Putakte Naman

    circus! diosko day nag e endorsan na ano ba yan!

  • pabloo6293

    Why would I vote for candidates endorsed by this clown?

  • 33Sambuang2

    velarde, isa kang kupal na nagendorso na anak ng magnanakaw, isang taong nakamit ang pagiging senador dahil sa pandaraya. at ikaw ano ka? pera ng mga hunghang mong disipulo ang kinukurakot mong tado ka.

    • Kiro Nazakato

      yeheyyyyy! Cannot agree more!! Hunghang na ito nagpapayaman ng husto sa panloloko sa tong bayan!!! Dapat dito, garote sa Liwasang Bonifacio!!! Gising El Saddai members!!! Panahon na para sugpuin Padre Damaso!!!! Salot sya sa Lipunan, salot sa bayan!!!!

  • panhase

    They pledged to fight against anything that leads to the annihilation of the Filipino race? Good thing, now i can rest with the knowledge that the Filipino race (whatever that is) is an endangered species because it is under the protection of these bright knights and shining ladies, who will fight with their nails and toes over some pork.

  • Wakats

    Mike prefers 6 UNA and 3 LP candidates for opposing the RH bill – but nancy, gordon and zubiri did not vote during the bill’s deliberation and approval. The INC’s choice is rumored to be 6 LP and 3 UNA senatorial hopefuls.

    The inclusion of 2 gma die-hards (mitos & migz) show mike’s allegiance to the arroyo family, especially to his namesake, who made him a multi-billionaire during their time.

    This will be a battle royale between el shaddai and INC….

  • lukecowboy

    velarde endorsed binay gosh did he knows what he is talking to nancy binay got no balls for a debates she is a weakling and unexperience candidate how much money did they gave you mr elshadai or elshadie your face is like moneyor mukhang pera god forgive you.

  • Jun Olivar

    Ay sus, di ko iboboto yan! Palpak na naman yung White Vote Movement! Mga Trapo

  • sigbinko

    reject Velarde’s white vote!!!! REJECT!!!

  • Oscar Diaz

    Baligtarin ang inyong payong (yung official El Shaddai umbrella) at iwagayway ang inyong mga panyo (official El Shaddai big red hankies) para makatanggap ng grasya! Mga uto-uto!

    • kolambogan

      Sana siya na lang ang pabaliktarin ng mga miyembro sa entablado, ano kaya ang mangyayari?

  • kumilos_tayo

    NO to VELARDE and NO to UNA… number one in CORRUPTION…..

  • pedronimo

    BLACKMAIL nothing less.

  • ekis

    vote from their followers’ conscience is the best they or everybody can have. their patriarchs(el shaddai & inc) don’t know it

  • Kiro Nazakato

    Kapal mo Velarde!! kubg umasta ka malinis at matalino ka!! Oportunista ka!!! Niloloko mo ang mga taong bayan na nauuto mo na patuloy na magsaripisyo para matuloy mo silang mahuthotan, at patuloy kang magkamal ng salapi!! Pag namatay ka, wala kang madadala sa libingan mo Padre Damaso.!!You are a scourge to your church!! Ganid ka, sakim ka, at mapagkunwari!! Susunugin ka rin ng Dyos pag namatay ka!!! Sana madedo kang dilat!!!

  • Agent of the free

    Wow, Si Velarde. isa ring alagad ng diyos!

    Bigyan nyo naman ng konting delikadesa mga diyos nyo. Masyado ng
    halatang ginagamit nyo lang ang katangahan ng mga natitirang naniniwala
    pa sa inyo.

    “So let the sideshow begin
    Hurry, hurry, step right on in
    Can’t afford to pass it by
    Guaranteed to make you cry

    Let the sideshow begin (Hurry, hurry)
    Hurry, hurry, step right on in
    Can’t afford to pass it by
    Guaranteed to make you cry”

  • ikulong


  • deadlyshooter

    mga candidato ni mike velarde, pero hindi ng buo niyang kasamahan sa El Shaddai…parang sinabi nating mga walang sariling pag iisip ang mga taong ito kung basta na lamang susundin ang kagustuhan nito…tiyak yon, di lahat susunod na iboto ang lahat na inendorsong candidato nito…

    • Agent of the free

      Tama! hindi lahat ay nag-tataas ng itlog at ikinakaway kapag inutos ni Velarde!

  • ekis

    noong una daw me dalawang klase ng tao dito sa mundo. yung manloloko at niloloko. now a days we already have 3. yung manloloko (candidates), then yung niloloko(followers) third and last whom we should we should get rid of ,ung nakikinig sa lokohan ung middleman na nakikipag usap sa manloloko at niloloko. kilala nyo na!???

  • Paulo Arzaga


  • $14334231

    walang pinagkaiba sa INC…..kapal ng mukha na iindorso itong mga pinili n’ya….puno na naman ang bulsa ni mike velarde….bakit ba hindi nahihirinan itong si mike at ang pamilya n’ya na ang ginagamit na pambili ng pagkain ay galing sa panlilinlang sa kapwa….sana kumidlat at tamaan ka….inu-uto mo ang sarili mong kababayan….hindi ka maka Diyos…maka pera ka….yan ang diyos mo….manloloko……

  • Albert Einstien

    si GORDON at PIMENTEL at yung tatlong MALINIS at MATATALINO na myembro ng KAPATIRAN PARTY …at mga INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES….pwede na…WALANG silbi at wala pang ALAM yung IBA… : > )

  • david

    o e ano naman ngayon. kahit endorse nya kung sino, wala namang religious bloc vote na.

  • kumilos_tayo

    No way GORDON kung malinis sya talaga hindi siya sasama kina ERAP, BINAY at ENRILE..

  • white scorpion

    mr el shaddai, pls don’t act like god. as if kaw lang ang nakakaalam ng tama sa mali. okey lang endorse mo against RH bill. pero alam mo bang sa mga inendorso mo mayrun dyan LAND GRABBER. sino kaya biniktima nila. pls don’t act like you’re so clean. alam naman ng tao dahil sa C5 extension. nagkaroon ka ng limpak-limpak na pera. bagsak naman ang realty busuness mo. yumaman ka lang noong nagkaroon ka na ng el shaddai na may followers na. ganoon ba maka-dios, kung hinding nagkukunwarin dios. ang INC, matagal nang nag-eendorso. OH ANO!!! bumuti ba ang bayan????

  • dconsultant

    Mr. Velarde, you are good in interpreting quotes and verses from the Holy Bible. Would you please interpret this..”THOU SHALL NOT USE THE NAME OF THE LORD THY GOD IN VAIN”. It seems many religious leaders wanabees are guilty of this by repeatedly preaching their fanatic followers words from the Holy Bible but actually using it to satisfy their own personal interest and in the case of Mr. Velarde, he is using these followers as potential voters to whoever candidate he endorses with something in return of course.

  • tenyearsafter

    magkano kaya ang donasyon…ng mga napili…

  • Yet Jua







    • Batang Altura

      tama akala ko ba anti dynasty itong si Velarde , magkano kaya tinanggap nya dito halos lahat ngang may dudasyon ang pag-katao at plataporma de gobyerno ok lang daw si Cynthia kasi Manny Villar ay against sa RH bill, bale wala na yung C-5 contobersy…mukha kang pera Velarde , kampon ka ni satanas..

    • ruben_bush

      Dagdag mo pa si Gringo Honasan…pro-life daw…pero pro-death talaga sa dami ng napatay nila sa mga coup d’etat nila, sa pagkidnap, torture, at pagpatay kay Lando Olalia at Alay-ay, sa pagpatay nila kay Leandro Alejandro.

  • deadlyshooter

    kung merong tatlong candidato galing sa LP coalition, sinong tatlo ang di makakasama na galing sa UNA? lagot ito kapag nagkaganon, magagalit dito yong tatlong naitsapuwera, pati na yong tatlong namumuno ng UNA…tiyak yon!!!

  • Fancy Tan

    Basta ako Boto ko mga bago. Ayoko ng luma dahil Dmi na sila nakurakot ngayon isasama pa kamag-anak para masarili pera ng bayan at makapaghari sa kanilang probinsya.

    • prince_janus

      I agree!


    >>>Velarde endorses 3 more candidates<<<

    MAGKANO huling turing??? To the highest bidder belongs the votes of El Shady, the most successful business of the century…from nothing to billions! Infinite ROI.

    • Janch

      Hahaha! May quid pro quo yan, sigurado!

      • UrHONOR

        HINDI maaaring wala. Hindi bobong negosyante ang TNL na yan na yumaman ng bari-bariles sa kasisigaw ng EMEN, EMEN. Yon nga lang panyo na may mumurahing imprenta na kung ano-anong kabulastugan, e, tumatabo ng libo bawat isa, e, yan pang boto? “I ain’t no biznizman for nuttin’, man!”. TIYAK YON.

  • $27317632

    Simple lang ang ibig sabihin ni mike sa mga candidates na endorsed niya susunod sila sa mga kagustuhan ng group niya ano ito puppet o uto-uto (pledge of commitment). Ganito ba ang essence ng democracia? Ito ang problema sa mga mangangaral kuno na hindi makakaintindi ng mga salita ng Dios na sa Bible,
    “The heads thereof judge for reward, and priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will they lean upon the Lord, and say, is not the Lord among us? none evil can come upon us” Micah 3:11.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Dirty money must be overflowing to this opportunistic carpetbagger. His rewards will be waiting for him in h*ll.

  • adlawan

    White Vote???? Zubiri, Binay, Villar, Mitos the Fake, Ejercito??? White Vote!!??!!!??

  • Iyen Dev

    Highest Bidders!Endorse corrupt politicians so that there would be a lot of Money to bring home.

  • wazgoingon

    Now, is this surprising? Velarde has been an Erap “lover” from day one.

  • Noel

    The endorsed candidates should sign a commitment that they would fight for anything that’s against the words of God. Worshiping idols and other Catholic teachings are against the words of God in the Bible. So, Mike Velarde wants these candidates to fight against the Catholic Church.

  • kismaytami

    Magastos talaga ang pagiging politician, hindi lang mga bobotante ang dapat mong bilhin, pati yung mga negosyante ng relihiyon. Anyway, bawing-bawi naman kapag nakaupo na. Hopeless Philippines…

  • punto_lang

    Aysus! Wala na bang matinong Pilipino na kakandidato at para hindi mangamuhan sa mga spritual leader kuno na ginagawang negosyo ang relihiyon?

  • apojay

    Kailan ba ititiwalag ng simbahan ang bulaang kampon ng binaluktot na daan na ito?

  • jess ravalo

    Bro. Mike, what are the bases for choosing these candidates? Many of them have their own shoddy past. You group is losing its credibility. I guarantee, your followers will not heed your call. They are thinking sheep, not blind followers.

  • juan_liwanag

    Hindi ba tahasang paglabag ng Saligang Batas ang ginagawang ito ni Mike Velarde? Kagaya rin ito ng iba pang relihiyon na nakikialam sa politika, di ba?

  • lagalagdude


  • Richard Road

    Nang-iimpluwensya talaga lagi ang mga religious groups na ito, as if mga credible na kandidato naman ang mga dinadala.

    • prince_janus

      ewan ko ba kung iboboto rin ng mga membro nya! otherwise mga uto-uto talaga ang mga kasapi nito. kung titingnan mo yung pino-push nya ay di katanggap-tangap.

  • ruben_bush

    wag nga kayong makialam sa politics. itong si velarde lagi nalang pro-erap..kahit noong kumurakot na si erap, ganun pa rin siya. pro-life kuno…pero inindorse niya pro-death…si gringo honasan??? pro life ba yan?? ilan ang namatay sa kanyang mga coup d ‘etat???? ilan ang tinorture at pinatay ng RAM ??? Olalia, Alay-ay, Lean Alejandro at marami pang iba. Pro-life ba si Mitos Magsaysay??? Eh di ba noong panahon ni GMA talagang dikit tuko yan kay GMA. Pinagtatanggol pa niya ang mga pagnanakaw ni GMA. Pro-Life ba yung magnakaw ng kaban ng bayan, habang ang mas na kararami ay namamatay sa gutom?????

  • gibreel farishta

    velarde, they gave you how much..? balato naman sa mga tao..!

  • Placido_Penitente

    Sa ganang akin, tumulad na lang sana ang Roman Catholic Church sa Iglesia Ni Cristo na walang kiyaw-kiyaw sa pag-eendorso ng mga napili nitong kandidato. Maglabas na lang sana ang CBCP ng opisyal nitong kandidato o sample ballot at ipamudmod sa simbahan na parang estampita at prayer leaflet. Marami pa kasing tse-tse buretse at mga pa-Team Patay at team-Buhay eh alam naman ng lahat may gustong ipapanalo at ipapanalo ang CBCP. Helloooow, maging totoo na lang sana po tayo mga obispo, huwag na kayong magpakiyeme at ginagawa pang pronta si Mike Velarde. Hala, sulat na kayo ng pastoral letter, basahin sa lahat ng simbahan mula Aparri hanggang Jolo ang inyong mga kandidato ay mamudmod ng sample ballot pagkatapos ng misa. It’s ok, we understand. Get’s nyo?

  • jeff

    pimentel, trillianes, villar are anti-RH candidates. as such, they either lose touch of the realities of being poor, or just simply playing safe and succumb to the pressure of the damasos, as well as ride front seat on the deceptions of mike velarde’s el shaddie.

    Magdala din kaya sila ng payong na kanilang babaliktarin para sumahod sa grasiya na magmula sa anting-anting ni mike velarde?

    There are many sincere and capable PRO-RH candidates to choose from. So why should the PRO-RH people vote for these anti-RH candidates who do not even represent the pro-RH voters? These anti-RH candidates even signed a covenant with mike velarde to cripple the RH bill once elected.

    Discard the anti-RH candidates. Let us ensure that the RH bill will not be bastardized by them at the prodding of damasos and velarde’s black magic.

    • KarlosRegaza

      Shut up

  • jgl414567

    Velarde is a modern day Pharisee who do not practice what he preaches. He is a hypocrite and an opportunist who connive with dirty politicians for his own personal interest. This Mike velarde should be exposed for what he is a pseudo religious leader just like Quiboloy, Manalo, and many other modern day false prophets who will mislead the people!

  • jgl414567

    Shame on you Mr. Velarde you got rich by using the name of God in vain for your personal interest God will reserve the harshest punishment for you for misleading his flock!! Buhay ka pa sinusunog na kaluluwa mo. You are the modern day Judas Iscariot!

  • Laundryman

    This “ALL SHALL DIE” leader is indeed first class arrogant. He doesn’t want to be just a “Kingmaker”…he wants to make his king his “Puppet.”

  • Sarkasmos

    Like trapo politicians, Velarde wants the poor to multiply because they are the most gullible and most vulnerable to false promises and assorted impostors and liars.

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