NPA making a killing selling permits—military




MANILA, Philippines—Communist rebels are raking in millions of pesos extorting money from candidates in next month’s elections and will likely use their loot to buy guns, a senior military officer said Sunday.

Maj. Gen. Jose Mabanta Jr., commander of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division based in Capiz province, warned politicians that paying the so-called “permit to campaign” fee to the New People’s Army (NPA) was tantamount to funding the armed rebellion, which is a criminal offense.

According to Mabanta, a candidate reportedly pays between P50,000 and P5 million to buy protection from NPA harassment during the campaign, particularly in areas where the rebels operate.

“My estimate is that half of all political contenders are paying up, half of them in my area. That is also true in other areas,” he told reporters.

Some 18,000 positions are up for grabs in the May 13 elections, among them for town and city mayor, provincial governor and members of Congress.

“With the amounts involved, they (NPA) will be buying arms and ammunition and these may be fired and used against them (politicians),” Mabanta said.

“This (election season) is when the NPAs really make a killing out of their extortion,” he added.

The money raised could dwarf the amounts regularly extorted by the guerrillas from mining, logging and other businesses based in the rural areas where the estimated 4,000-member guerrilla force operates, he said.

Mabanta warned politicians that paying for “permits to campaign” was against the law.

He said in an e-mailed statement that the military had “data to support (allegations) that a handful (of) political contenders is extending financial assistance and (are) giving in to the demands of the CPP-NPA extortionists.”

Legal repercussions

He warned: “We will not allow this and we will (ensure) that their decision to give in will have legal repercussions… We will be pressing criminal charges against those candidates who insist and we will make sure that they will be pinned down.”

Mabanta, however, did not name the politicians or give the positions they were running for.

By paying the NPA campaign fees, the Army officer said politicians were “just helping the rebels to regroup and further conduct (terrorist) activities that victimize innocent people.”

The NPA has been waging a 44-year-old armed Maoist campaign that has claimed at least 30,000 lives, according to a government estimate. Several rounds of peace talks since the late 1980s have gotten nowhere.

Mabanta also reminded politicians that securing campaign permits from the insurgents was “not a guarantee” the NPA would not harrass them.

Inconsistent command

“(Some) politicians who (gave) in to (the) extortion demands of the CPP-NPA (are) continuously being harassed. This is because of (the factions in the) organization. They lack leaders and have an inconsistent chain of command,” he said.

On April 20, NPA rebels opened fire on the convoy of Gingoog City Mayor Ruthie Guingona, wife of former Vice President Teofisto Guingona Jr. and mother of Sen. TG Guingona, shortly after she and her group attended a village fiesta in the outskirts of the city.

Mayor Guingona, who sustained bullet wounds in her arms and legs, narrowly escaped death, but two of her security aides were killed and two others were wounded.

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the CPP’s political arm, owned up to the attack but said that the NPA had merely tried to speak with the mayor and did not plan an ambush as the military had claimed.

On Friday night, Army personnel arrested 11 supposed NPA rebels who were purportedly going around Doña Remedios Trinidad town in Bulacan province collecting campaign fees from local candidates. Marlon Ramos, AFP

Originally posted: 5:01 pm | Sunday, April 28th, 2013

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  • mangtom

    Mabanta, stop talking and start working.

  • sk2tk

    lupulin na mga yan. all out war na…

    • sagbotgamot

      what do you mean – all-out war na? are you insulting the military not doing anything right now? is the government paying them for nothing? for your information battalions of scout rangers and soldiers are combing the mountains hunting for NPAs since the 80s. What you probably mean by all-out-war is kill their supporters and sympthizers. right? then don’t be shock if many of your relatives will be killed…. and many government offices will close.

  • Platypus09

    People are sick and tired of these terrorists.

    There has to be a way to trap them, or prosecute them.

    We should never call them as a group. I don’t call them as whatever group name.

    We just have to call them as ORGANIZED CRIMINALS and extortionsts.

    • sagbotgamot

      The NPA is the image of the philippine countryside. the people who are sick and tired of them as “terrorist” are people who are afraid of the countryside. people who wants to enjoy the luxury of life in the cities and their money and who wish the farmers, workers, fisherfolks, and the lowly… to stay where they are…in poverty.

      • skylord

        No it’s not, the image of the countryside is a peaceful place where you can enjoy nature without fear of being kidnapped or caught in a crossfire, where people are happy and enjoy simple things in life. I’m from the countryside and still sick of the NPA’s.

      • Carlos_Iho

        depends which countryside you’re in…in Negros, even poor civilians are not exempt from the NPA’s terroristic activities…they hate them…which group you’re with?


    And this is the time we miss the likes of Palparan. For all his perceived faults, one thing is clear, he’s done the country some favor by eliminating some pests ravaging the countryside. At hindi kuntento ang mga pesteng ito sa pangingikil sa mga nagpakahirap na mga magsasaka, ginagawa pang cottage industry ang pagpatay sa mga inosenteng sibilyan. Kaya Teddy Casiño, masanay ka na sa kalabasa at kangkong dahil sa eleksyong ito, hindi ka lang mangalabasa, sa kangkungan ka pa dadamputin.

    • josh_alexei

      But for all your admiration for Palparan, the Butcher, he was just good for going after unarmed Rebels and Student activists..During his Command, the NPA just laid low for a while and build up forces, and nothing did Palparan do that stop the NPA from its cottage industry…Strong words and no action the Generals and officers are just good for and Why? because they don’t want the Insurgency to End or their own business will also end. It is Big Business for them (Generals and Officers_ and the NPAs knew it. Their motto is Live and Let live and those who meet the bullets just their bad luck…

      • Benigno the Turd

        So? What’s the difference. The rebels use these fronts. They are in fact worse combatants because they are traitor combatants. Spies and collaborators are shot or killed all the time in war.

      • josh_alexei

        The Difference is the NPA insurgency is still alive and kicking and the Strategy of Palparan the Butcher was useless and did not win the war, as a General, he will be known that he can not even defeat a Rag Tag rebels but good at butcherings student activists and women…and now he is wanted Criminal.

      • Carlos_Iho

        armed rebels dared not challenge Palparan…and every time rebels, armed or not, are captured the communist propaganda machinery goes high gear…

        big business? another conspiracy theory?

      • josh_alexei

        So far the only remaining country that is still fighting communist insurgency and why? Big business for the Generals…Have you seen or met a Poor General or Admiral yet? And General Palparan is a Coward, he is on the Run, run and run and hiding..

      • MULEN

        He’s in hiding because the government has an arrest warrant for him, because of his perceived ties with the Arroyo regime. If he’s a coward, what would that make of the NPA bandits who choose to butcher civilians-so far 14 this year-in cold blood? Yes, there are corrupt elements in the AFP but these do not comprise the whole of the organization. Those who are fighting to eliminate the hardcore bandits far outnumber the bad apples.

      • Carlos_Iho

        There are other countries with ongoing communist insurgency.

        I have not met that many generals or had the chance to. However, from some knowledgeable individuals, I heard quite a few stories of retired generals who are renting apartments and could not afford to build their own houses. One retired army general even joined the NPA and did not have that much wealth to live comfortably.

        Ping Lacson was also a ‘coward.’ ‘He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day.’

        Why not tell it to their faces that they are cowards?

      • josh_alexei

        I can not find any country with communist insurgency at present, but there are many for other ideologies. As for telling these Officers what a coward they are to their faces would be a Pleasure, but can’t even get close to them because they are surrounded by security personnel because they are cowards and heavily armed and would no qualms in shooting their enemies at the back…and even burning them. But if these are not coward, I invite them to come to my place where we can be in the level playing ground..Palparan or Ping Lacson, both runners and yellows..

  • tarikan

    So what are you doing Maj.-Gen. Jose Mabanta? It’s not enough that you know what the NPA’s are doing about permit to campaign. Inutil na ba talaga ang AFP/PNP combined na hanggang hinaing na laang? Magaling laang kayo sa pasalubong at pabaon. PMAers over-rated. Bakit yong Tamil Tigers mas marami yon kesa sa NPA nasupil ng Sri Lankan army. You, what are you? Good for nothing charlatans.

    • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

      u hit the nail my friend

      • IsipPinoy

        In fairness to the AFP it has a tougher job than their Sri Lankan counterparts because Sri Lanka is a smaller country and I believe not even an archipelago.

      • scconcern

        Right on man

    • ppendoko53

      bwahahahaha!!!!! NASAPOL mo kaibigan!!!!!

    • Ralph Gene Flora

      sorry to interrupt but the Tamil was wiped out not by the Sri Lankan military but by the tsunami

      • tarikan

        Where’d you get this news from Aman Doronila? You mean god made the tsunami happen to also wipe out the Tamil Tigers? Why can’t He do that with the atrocious NPAs?

  • wawa2172

    The military is all talk, they should stop the NPA extortion activities by providing security to the candidates or simply pursue the NPA on their lair since the terrorist presence is more expose this election time. NPA is able to put up check points because the PNP and AFP presence is no longer available after 5:00 pm. In most cities police and traffic personnel are no longer visible after the afternoon office hour and its when the criminals including the NPA strikes. Police and military visibility should be strengthen at all time. It is even noted that comelec checkpoints are unmanned during the evening. Well, the military and the police lacks the capability to eliminate the NPA and in the case of Mayor Guingona, the so called hot pursuit by the military yielded nothing. The implementing the full force of the law speech of PNoy provided a negative result and as always the case it is already forgotten dahil di na hot sa media.

    • Platypus09

      I don’t understand why is it difficult for the AFP to capture their top leaders.

      These are rebels. Inorder for them to slow down or weaken them, their leaders should be captured.

      This group has been doing crimes, and the AFP should not be scared to pursue them. Their being Filipinos does not absolve them from their crimes.

      We should report any illegal activities and harassments to AFP and police these people are doing to others.

      I wonder if the Police in rural areas are instructed to pursue these criminals when they hear reports. This seems to be our police’s weak spot.

      Our police should be trained on how to outsmart them.

      • Benigno the Turd

        That’s because they’re politically hamstrung by a coward president surrounded by communist advisers. Last time a marine unit did their job, they were instead court martialled. If that’s your CIC, you’d be demoralized too.

      • Carlos_Iho

        absolutely correct!

      • rlo

        reel in the media specially the left leaning and combine socio-civic programs with military and intel operations. University and college campus anti-left propaganda and active infiltration of student groups.

      • doncleo

        it’snot really difficult to capture them but the AFP knows that both the NPA and Muslim rebels are necessary for its relevance.. kapag wala na ang mga rebelde liliit na ang budget ng AFP, aalisin ang combat pay at mga allowances, balik sila sa barracks at kaunti na ang magiging promotion sa position ng general,

      • VerticalPropulsion

        A country will never exist without it’s military. So kung mawala ang NPA/ABU SAYYAF/MILF, ibig sabihin ba di na relevant ang AFP?-eh sino ngayon mgpoprotect against invaders specifically the CHINESE?-gusto mo atang maging INSTIK????????????????????

    • rlo

      Math. 18,000 posts – how many candidates. The AFP services combined is a total of 150,000. Divide that?

    • Ralph Gene Flora

      are you a Filipino soldier? if you are, you will have a better view of what the country is undergoing. if you’re not, pls shut up because you don’t even know how the organization works.

      you said the AFP-PNP lacks the capability to eliminate the NPA? ypou must be one of those who howled when General Palparan was on the prowl. i hope you’ll meet him

  • Cobra

    Gen Mabanta knows that with the money NPA will buy more guns & ammunition & their usual source are members of the AFP.If everybody in the govt does their job from customs to AFP the NPA’s wont have the arms but again corruption in these ranks means a steady supply of weapons that they use to kill & maim not only soldiers but innocent civilians as well.

  • $26606290

    Name names! Sino ang nagbayad?
    Entrapment / buy bust para mahuli yang mga extorterrorists an yan.

  • rodben

    not only the politicians but small businessmen at poor farmers are victimized by these rebel criminals, thats why poor farmers are squatting in Metro manila…and this is also the reason why Pinas has a very expensive electric rate and telecom rate because they are also the victims of NPA extortion if they don’t pay they blown-up the facilities…anyway some of their comrade are now in the gov’t di ba nila alam ito? Just asking…hope another Marcos and Palparan will come out again just for peace in rural areas…or all of kotong Police send to combat NPA’s matira ang matibay parehas naman sila kutong gangs…

  • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

    This thing can only happens when the military is weak or indifferent in seriously running after the rebels. These rebels stood no chance if only the government and military are serious in running after these rebels and terrorists

    • sagbotgamot

      Another insult to our proud military soldiers who have been waging war against the NPA since the 80s. how many soldiers have died in battle fighting the NPA and you call them weak? The rebels are their because this government refuses to address the real cause of philippine poverty and backwardness while our neighbors are moving ahead.

    • zandro santos


  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    New People’s Army-SALOT

  • Juan Der Ful

    Noong una kay Marcos all out war…mga tao ayaw. Ngayon gusto nang all out war? tsk tsk….ano ba talaga kuya?

    • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

      Marcos time and now is different. Now our economy is improving with the country posted the highest economic growth in asia if not the whole world. To sustain these economic gains, all hindrances to peace and prosperity should be eliminated and the the NPA is a big hindrance to peace and prosperity. The government and the military should wage an all out war against these terrorist who are hindrances to developments in areas under their control. Wage an all out war against them once and for all for peace and prosperity of the country

    • zandro santos

      rebelde pa kasi ang mga npa nung time ni marcos. ngayong bandido na sila, dapat all out war na.

  • RomyLitz

    Why has been no action on this from the AFP group? Are the military men saying lets live with this?

    • Benigno the Turd

      That’s because the president is a traitor coward surrounded by communist advisers who will betray our brave soldiers.

  • josephsanchez

    sana pag nahalal si madrigal maiayos nya din itong issue na ito. mahirap kasi pag lumakas ng lumakas ang mga rebel sa pinas, baka itakeover ang bansa. tsktsktsk

  • Marx Louis Wang

    ganun ba kasimple yun? 46 lives na tinepok?

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Sa totoo lang ang Aquino administration ay nagbibigay ng financial assistant sa mga Salot na Communista sa ating bansa para manahimik at isulong ang peace aggreement pero ang tanong makikinig ba ang mga pinunong communista kay Pnoy, lalo na gusto nilang baguhin ang ating gobyerno sa communistang bansa. hindi natin kailangan pamihasain ang mga rebeldeng grupo dahil sila ang mga sumisira sa progreso ng ating economiya at sila din ang gumagawa ng maraming kaguluhan sa ating bansa

  • rlo

    Happy naman si Netherlands boy.

  • $8866117

    npa, salot sa lipunan, dapat sa inyo ay usigin at pagpapatayin

  • Brax82

    Thanks Ninoy Aquino. Nagbunga na Legacy mo…

    • Barney Stinson

      Thanks Macoy, daming walang silbi sa lipunan ngayon.

  • zandro santos

    Mali yang panawagan ng military sa mga politiko na wag magbigay ng pera sa NPA. Bakit? Kaya ba nilang protektahan ang mga kandidato sa harassment na posibleng gagawin ng NPA? Masisisi ba nila ang mga politiko na magbigay ng pera sa mga bandido? Hindi! Tingnan nyo ang nangyari kay Mayor Guingona lately. Inambush ng NPA. Kung ayaw nyong magbigay ang politiko maging ang mga private companies ng pera sa NPA, show sincerity na kaya nyo talaga silang protektahan. Ilang years na ba ang NPA? Wala nang pakialam ang mga pilipino sa kanila at pinaaasa nalang sa mga sundalo. Nakakasawa na talaga kasi. Puro hambog lang ang naririnig sa AFP na malapit nang maubos ang NPA, konti nalang ang NPA blah blah blah. Pero hanggang ngayon anjan pa rin sila. Nasa kongreso pa nga ang kanila kasamahan. Sino ba naman ang hindi magsasawa nyan? Kung seryoso talaga ang gobyerno at AFP na puksain ang NPA, noon pa sana nila ginawa yan. Ang daming mga nahuli na NPA, pinalaya pa. Alam na ng lahat na useless ang peace talk sa mga NPA, peace talk pa rin. Hindi ka ba magsasawa nyan? Kung gusto nyong magcooperate ang mga ordinaryong Pilipino na wakasan ang NPA, show sincerity. Dahil sa nakikita ko, never naging sincere ang gobyerno na wakasan ang NPA. Bakit pinahihintulutan ang mga kasamahan nila na makapasok sa kongreso eh sa kamay din naman ng NPA mapupunta ang pork barrel nila.

  • lemon88


  • Eric

    sayang ang pera mong ibabayad sa mga salot nato dahil kong mas malaki ang bayan nang kalaban mo sa politika – talo ka parin!

  • pedro Bato

    WHHAAT ? The NPA will use the money collected from extortion to buy guns . . Kanino po Sir bibili ? Mga pulis lang po at sundalo ang may mahahabang armas . . .kaya dapat po pala ay bantayan nyo na yang mga corrupt na pulis at sundalo nyo na posibleng magbenta ng baril sa NPA. . .

  • Vertumnus

    There’s 200,000 Armed Forces of The Philippines personnel with 170,000 in reserve. They can’t eliminate 4,000 communist insurgents? So what’s the point of having military budget when they can’t do their job anyway? Surely after decades and billions of pesos spent, citizens should be free of extortion from the NPA.

  • John_Galt_II

    Yung mga NPA pulitiko ang kinokotongan. Yun mga general yun mga tao ang nininakawan! Haaaaay Pilipinas! Wala ka talagang kinabukasan!

  • Jeo Jagonia

    Very sad our country cannot even wipeout these communist!

  • Pinoy Bodoh

    and how did these politicians get millions of $ to pay off the NPA?

  • Loggnat

    Major-General Jose Mabanta, commander of one of the country’s army divisions is admitting that they are incapable of putting a stop to the extortion of the NPA terrorists. He should keep these information of incompetency to himself because it shows shows the citizens of the country their inability to accomplished their assigned mission which is to neutralize the enemies of the State. Shame on the NPA for extorting from candidates but double shame on the military for being ineffective in confronting and putting a stop to the criminal act of the NPA. To add salt to the nations wound, the military admits and seem to gloat on the information to the media concerning their inability to protect the citizens of the Philippines.

  • randyaltarejos

    Giving huge permit-to-campaign fees to the communist rebels is taking place because there’s no way the government can consider it a violation of the election code. In the first place, perhaps, it wasn’t included in the provisions of the Omnibus Election Code. Although extortion can be considered a crime under the Revised Penal Code. And it’s a shame that military officials are helpless in curbing, if not stopping, this kind of extortion being carried in the upland areas controlled by the NPAs. What is the military doing? Just sit and relax? Now comes the budget hearings in Congress, and higher military officials would exhaust all means to defend the nitty-gritty of their budget proposals before the finance committees. One of them, for sure, is the budget allocation to fight insurgency in the country. What are you talking about? The extortion activities being carried out by the NPAs are part of that budget. Are the generals diverting the budget to other projects and only using the budget for insurgency an alternative to extract more funds for something else? If I were Congress, this kind of shenanigan should not be allowed next time the generals attend a budget hearing, they should be questioned as to why insurgents are still around to engage in extortion activities. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Why? Without the insurgency problems right now, they (generals) could not any reason to defend their budget proposals in Congress. Something that they can optimize for other purposes in the armed forces. The same is true with the Philippine National Police.

  • Val Sor

    So, when can we get rid of the NPA please?

  • scconcern

    Watha BS. The plutocratic goverment are blaming the left but doing nothing. As long are there is exploitation and social injustice the left will remain. The AFP and PNP makes money too, they get big budget; worst the comander of military get money from the business man for protection.
    Governance in Pinas is business not public service…The tribalism and dynastism is flourishing, indication desire for money and greed.


    the author says EXTORTION while PDI says selling. is PDI re-tuning or rewording the song???

  • Ommm

    Beyond the fact these politicians are just paying the extortion with YOUR money…..

    How is this country going to attract foreign investment, creating jobs, when they know they will be extorted by a bunch of thugs? They could pay and reduce the workers wages to compensate…. but it creates an atmosphere of insecurity in investors to know this government can’t control a bunch of terrorists.

    So they take their factories to China or Taiwan that does have an army to protect them. And we lose those jobs and the cycle of poverty continues…..

    It seems our president had high hopes to end corruption, yet fails to realize corruptions’ main enemy is inaction and apathy….

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Si Teddy ba napilitan mag ‘bayad’ para sa permit?

    Or was it ‘voluntary?’

  • ravindrama

    tignan mo ang ugat…. kasi mag mula noong binagsak si apo lakay lumakas na ang NPA at humina na ang AFP kaya di nawala ang kurapsyon….ang kalaban nila ay ang kaban ng bayan at lagi pa sila panalo sa kaban ni Juan Labas dila Kruz.

  • AllinLawisFair

    Are the Dys of Isabela paying revolutionary tax or protection money to the New People’s Army? Why have they been visiting jose Maria Sison in his hideout in Utrecht, The Netherlands? The last time a member of the Dy family “paid” him a visit was in the middle of September 2012.

  • chitetskoy

    kapag naging communist country ang Pilipinas ang mga namumuno lang ang magiging mayaman pero dukha pa rin ang masa. mga anay sa lipunan at kelangang lipulin.

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