Trickle-down effect takes time, says Cayetano of economy



Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano. RYAN LEAGOGO/ FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano on Saturday called on Filipinos to stop downplaying the economic gains made by the Aquino administration in the wake of reports that the country’s poverty incidence had remained practically unchanged as shown by the National Statistical Coordination Board’s latest figures.

“The economic growth we now have is an economic milestone,” Cayetano said in a statement.

“While we continue to have great expectations, let us look at this more as an opportunity to work hand in hand with the government to ensure that the trickle-down effect is felt sooner than later,” the reelectionist senator said.

Cayetano, who is running with the administration coalition Team PNoy, said that even leading international economists prescribe a seven- to 10-year period of continuous growth before improvements in quality of life and standards of living could be felt by the poor.

Time for growth

“The President has only been in office three years. It’s not fair to expect a trickle-down effect overnight. It will take time for GDP growth to result in an improvement of the quality of life index,” he said.

Cayetano cited the experience of China, which recorded sustained growth for over 10 years but has continued to experience extreme poverty.

Cayetano reiterated his proposal for a second-tier Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program for small and medium enterprises and local industries.

“I believe the growth of small businesses and the development of local industries are key to stimulating the economy further and a direct effort at increasing jobs and achieving greater income for all Filipino families,” he said.

Cayetano said he believed President Aquino was determined to make the 6.6-percent economic growth felt by the poor.

Reacting to the NSCB report, Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman said the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) would take it as a challenge to improve its contribution to the national antipoverty program of the Aquino administration.

The NSCB had said that the poverty incidence was estimated at 27.9 percent during the first semester of 2012, compared to 28.8 percent in 2006 and 28.6 percent in 2009.

3.8M households served

“We would like to assure that the DSWD is doing its best to implement programs and projects that will contribute to the poverty alleviation efforts of the government,” Soliman said.

She said the CCT program or Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program being implemented by the DSWD had served 3,841,992 poor households as of April 3. It is being implemented in 1,627 cities and municipalities in 79 provinces in 17 regions nationwide.

Soliman said the CCT was a long-term program and was not expected to improve the poverty situation immediately.

“It will benefit the next generation by breaking the inter-generational cycle of poverty. If children are educated and healthy then productivity may be achieved and productivity means income,” she said.

Based on the program’s evaluation by the World Bank, Pantawid Pamilya is on track to achieve its objectives of promoting intervention in the health and education of children while providing immediate financial support to poor families.

Pantawid Pamilya is one of the three core poverty reduction programs of the DSWD. The other two are the Sustainable Livelihood Program and the Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan–Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (Kalahi-CIDSS),  a community-driven development program.

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  • Cobra

    Mr. Cayetano there are poor people everywhere China included,even USA for that matter but only the poor in the Phils. eat pagpag & for some there are no option if thay want to eat.Go to the nearest dump and ask the poor there on how many are on CCT program.

    • thenewpulahan

      Oh please, that pagpag story has been long overused by crabs. Why always blame the government?Have you thought about how people like you contributed to the desperate state of the mind of the poor of this country? It is the most extreme result of this negativity and the loss of pride and dignity of what we can do as a people. Poor people in China took 30 peso a day jobs in the 90s, as we speak garment workers in Cambodia get 2,000 peso as monthly wages….., no one is /eating

      • piskay

        paano mo hinde masisisi ang ngayong nanungkulan.lahat na gastusin ay tumaas at ganoon pa rin ang sahod.walang ginawa kundi pambobola ,ang daming katiwaliaan sa mga sangay sa gub. pero dinedepensahan ang mga alalay na sangkot.puro kampanya lang ang inatupag ng pangulo,hinde tinututukan masyado ang mga problema ng bansa.puro paasa lang ang ginawa walang gawa

      • thenewpulahan

        Nakakaintindi ka ba ng inflation rate? Kung magsibagsakan ang presyo patay tayo. Ibig sabihin niyan walang bumibili. Ganyan pa rin ang sahod? Ang minimum nung 1998 150 pesos a day, ano ang minimum ngayon? Baka di mo alam may mga factory sa Vietnam na ang pasweldo ay 3 thousand kada buwan, sampung oras pa ang trabaho at ang inflation rate last year nila humampas ng 22 percent. Sa atin 2 to 3 percent lang. Igoogle mo na lang. Diyan tayo magaling, magreklamo, lagi inaasa sa gobyerno lahat. Kung makita niyo ang ibang parte ng ASEAN tulad ng Cambodia, Laos at Vietnam, maririalize mo na mas marami tayong dapat ipagpasalamat. I google mo na rin. Eh panahon pa ni Quezon yan na ang sinasabi ng mga mahilig magdiskusyon sa barbereya eh. Magbasa kanaman please. Wag ka nang makikinig sa barbero mo, sa taxi driver mo at ang di nakatapos na paboritong comentarista mo sa radyo.

      • Cobra

        Hunger & poverty when it hits a person will definitely affect ones state of mind some goes crazy.No amount of propaganda or mind conditioning (like what they do in North Korea) will cure hunger.It’s food & quality affordable food.It doesn’t matter how little people in other countries earn it’s how they manage to put food on the table for themselves & their family.Oh BTW that pagpag story? a lot of people are still eating it,it’s all they could afford.

      • thenewpulahan

        You didn’t get it. My point is, we as a people has stopped believing in ourselves because of people like you who trumpets the negative side of our country. Poverty is not just about the absence of money, it is about losing faith on dignity. Parents pimp their children, women gets prostituted, people try to act stupid on Willie Revillame’s show. Squatter philosophies like pera pera lang yan, or bakit makakain mo ba ang dignidad, proliferate. They do it because we as a society accept it. I don’t know where you are from but back home people don’t eat pagpag. It will be frowned upon.Yes, as province Leyte has so much lower per capita income than in NCR but do the poor eat pagpag? They don’t.
        You see, the problem in this country is not really corruption or poverty. Our problem is that we lost our pride as a people. We have stopped believing that we can be better than this. That is why people like you find it so strange that this country is finally moving forward.

      • Cobra

        I lived overseas for the last 38 yrs. & visits the Phils. as a volunteer for Ausaid,being a local I know what I’m talking about.I also lived in different parts of Leyte in the “70s for about 8 yrs. & yes people don’t eat pagpag.There is a big difference in seeing what is there & apathy.Some people lives like the proverbial mullet (banak) all shiny outside but mud inside.We go to malls & see all the trappings of modern day life but all around the Phils. for every one that can afford to patronize those malls there are more people who missed out on basic meals including children.If there is improvement in the economy well & good,but it doesn’t have to be trumpeted as well like it is a miracle.That’s why we put the politicians & leaders there it is their job to look after the well being of ALL Pinoys.You don’t read or hear the govt of Singapore crowing about upgrades from rating agencies.They just keep doing what is needed for their people including a lot of Pinoys who chose to work there inspite of heartbreaking separation from their families.It’s one thing having dignity,but another is also having to look at yourself in the mirror & ask if one has been honest to themselves & not ignore what’s happening.

      • thenewpulahan

        Jesus Christ,how long have you been away from the country, 38 years? You visit my country so, ergo, you know what is happening? And you still think you’re a local, you volunteer for the USAID, you are an American! You visited Leyte in the dark ages of the Philippines and you think we are still the same? No wonder you view my country as such because you lost faith. I thought so…

        People like you who flew the coop are always the first ones to criticize this country. Wake up, this is not the country that you left. We, who struggled and kept on, managed to make this nation into what it is today.

        All you do is criticize and ride on your high horse and think that you are better than the rest of us who remained in the motherland. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti OFW, I am an OFW myself. I have been away for a year, 8 more months and I am coming back to put up a business so I can employ the rural poor. I do not care about how you want to live your life but this is all I ask of you before you start your litany about how bad this country is, come here and settle . Live with the people here so may know the real score.

        Leyte? We now have extensive roads, kids are getting IT education in the hinterlands, tourism is growing, farms are growing cash crops, Maasin is now bustling, Baybay and Sogod as well. Ormoc has grown by leaps and bounds and Tacloban is now an HUC (highly urbanized city status). We are not Malaysia yet, and God there is too much poverty we need to address but I would rather look at the progress my people are taking because really, that is what is happening now.

        Now to address some of your points, why put all the responsibility of nationhood to the government? That is why we’re bamboozled by a lot of politicians because we left everything to them. It is our duty as citizens to be part of building this nation by supporting and controlling our leaders to do what is right. The system is corrupt, we all agree to that. If we don’t help our leaders they will indeed screw us up.
        You don’t hear crowing from Singapore because they have a AAA investment grade, what is left to crow about? (Funny but if you have been to Singapore, you will see that it is one of the countries in ASEAN that crows a lot about the good things that the government has done to their people and they really make good TV ads in this pursuit. Check YouTube.) We on the other hand became an investment grade country for the first time. Coming off from the destructive Marcos regime, the weak Cory administration, the could have achieved more Ramos presidency, the younknowwhat administration of Erap, the spotty reign of GMA, the upgrade is something to crow about. What do you want the people to talk about after the upgrade, THE PAGPAG? FYI, Bloomberg, CNN and bbc were the ones who really made the crowing in the global stage and not us.

        Change is happening to my country and you don’t see it because you’d rather be away than here, besides you relish on the bad stories about the Philippines. You want to tell your self that your decision to leave us was right. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, things are getting better. Not because of the politicians, it’s because of the people. They voted well in the last elections and are doing their part in making this country better by creating jobs, making inclusive projects like bahay kalinga, joining anti dynasty movement, to name a few. You see, people have choices. If you ask me I can stand the heat in the kitchen but I am not taking it as it is. Me and the others Pinoys are buying an air conditioner. The kitchen will be a nice place to work in.

      • Cobra

        Yup you can talk alright but can you walk the walk?Every time there is a calamity, the Phils. can not even help their own people,it openly begs for help from overseas. at local streets in Manila & other places where a lot of people congregates it’s the beggars!you made the country what it it now?if not for the people like me who chose to to work overseas where would the economy be.The money from OFW’s is spent by relatives & in turn is used to employee a lot of the locals.Still the Phils. is one of the biggest recipient of aid in the Asean region.I admire people who wants to improve themselves & our countrymen but the only way to do it is not to ignore the facts.The poverty,the very young prostitutes,the beggars on the street,the informal settlers (squatters) & most of all the state of peace & order in the country.Criminals ply their trade with almost impunity because of corruption.I am proud to be a Filipino but I can tell you that there were a lot better times in the Phils. than now.

      • thenewpulahan

        I don’t brag like you, I don’t have to tell you what I do or what I did for the motherland. Besides helping the country is never a secular effort . It is inclusive, all people contribute to the betterment of the country. So this belief of yours that you are the savior of this country betrays your conceit. Acting like you are concerned but in the end it’s all about misplaced pride. You are proud all right, As I said, I am an OFW myself but I don’t trumpet to everybody that I am saving my country because the money I’m sending because it is but just a part of the whole effort of the country to get better. No one, I say no one should feel that he is contributing more than the rest. If you want to help, help, but stop telling us that we are desperate people. Now let me again dig deeper into your post…

        1. The Philippines openly begs for help from overseas. …Ok, I want you to substantiate this with a URL here on the Internet . I’m sure if this is true there will be an article about it. Funny but the Philippines like Indonesia has allocated 1billion dollar aid for WB ‘s bail out funds for Europe. I never heard the government beg for help when the floods happened. Help came without any prodding from the government. Even Japan needed help in the tsunami floods.
        2. Beggars- why you don’t have bums in your beloved America? Pushing grocery carts, eating from the thrash bins, sleeping on the streets? You are in America and you don’t see this? Mister, it’s not only you who has travelled the world. I see beggars,even in France , even in Geneva …. Why talk like we are the only country in the world with beggars? Hypocrasy in bold letters.
        3. When you left the country did you leave because you wanted to give your salary to government? Of course you didn’t! You left for your self and your family, it helped the country along the way and for that I thank you. But that doesn’t give you the right to talk down on people who plodded on despite the challenges back home back then. If it is their fault, it is our fault as well. See, this is why we can’t grow as a country, it’s because of people like you who like to grab credit from everyone.
        4. Still the Philippines is the biggest recipient of aid in the ASEAN region- wha ha ha ha, Tatang Cobra, check the date it is not the late 70s and early 80s anymore. This statement is a big fat lie, Ph is now a middle earner country and that disqualifies us from many aid programs. Mynmar, Laos, Cambodia and East Timor are the biggest recipient of aid in the ASEAN.
        5. Who says we are ignoring poverty, as we speak the government is doing cash transfers for the very poor, relocation sites are being done for the squatters and the DSWD is making a deadline for taking the kids out of the streets, please have the time to read these things, it all on the Internet.
        4a. State of peace and order on the country- Except for that small area in the south, the Philippines is safe. I walk alone in the streets of my town at 2 am, can you do that on where you are? Most of the towns where I come for has zero crime rate. Now if you compare the school shootings in America, the recurring terrorist attacks and the gang wars with the crimes in Manila, you will find out that where you are is more violent than your old country.
        4. This would hurt the most but you asked for it, you said i made the philippines what it is now. If your saying the country is better now because of us then I say thank you, kasamo, po kayo dun. Now if you mean the county is in a bad situation because of me, then this is what I ask of you. I am now in my late 30s, I was born in the 70s. I grew up in a very desperate philippines ruled by a dictator, very high inflation rate, economy buoyed up by loans, low exchange rate, abominable corruption , controlled media , monopolies everywhere…a country that was shamed . Why blame me for what happened ? Older people Ike you talkabout how things were great before Marcos took power in the late 60s. Since you left this country 38 years ago, that would mean you left around 1975, assuming you we’re only 20 then probably you around 60 now. Now let me throw back the question to you. Why did you let the country become poor and distitute? Why did you not fight Marcos and instead leave the country?But you see, that is unfair. In this nation, we are all responsible for the state we are in. We are part and parcel of all the boo boos and success of the Philippines . However, i choose to look at the positive change happening and find my pride despite the odds stacked against us. I am the new Filipino,ready for change, ready for a better country.

        You a Filipino ? Ha ha ha ha, you must be joking, can i see your passport?

      • Cobra

        Young man read what you wrote above “we who struggled & kept on managed to make this nation into what it is today” those are your wors so who is bragging?1 Billion aid to to WB? you’re kidding this is a loan to the IMF.In the ’70s I use to go w/ my friends eat & drink tuba right at the Tacloban public market fish section,clean people even fish at the pier,where many boats are anchored.Two years ago when I went for a visit there were signs of development alright but the waters around the whole of Tacloban is black,polluted,now is that progress?You can not even eat the local seafood anymore because of red tide.
        BTW USA just approved another $178 million aid to the Phils.
        I left the country after spending 5 months in Fort Bonifacio with other so called activist at that time.
        For the record I am not blaming you for anything,it’s our political leaders & govt people who let the people down since.What I’m saying is that we the people have to be on guard all the time,be critical of the wrongs of the govt.Not just patronize.
        Also I don’t live in America,I go there a few times for visit & work.I live in a peaceful country where me & my family can walk safely day & night & not worry about getting mugged or worst killed.
        Lastly may you have a long healthy life,so you can enjoy all the changes in the Phils.

      • thenewpulahan

        That is not bragging,that is simply the situation, what is to brag about plodding? Eating rice and soy sauce for a lunch or dinner, being forced to stay under the sun to wave the flag when Imelda makes her rounds around the city, growing up with my father away from me because he lost his job in INCO mining when Kokoy Romualdez intruded in its operation… That is plodding. Nothing to be proud about.
        You see that is the problem with visits, it is seeing ,not feeling. With development comes consequences. I agree the waters at the port area in tacloban is murky but that is only on the port area. I grew up seeing that . I never saw it clean. You are luckier. I don’t know what they are doing to fix it but yeah, besides that the city is cleaner, business sentiment is up , jobs are being crated and it recently placed as the 4th best LGU in the country. A Romualdez is running the city, while he is part of a dynasty and is not immaculate on record at least he is doing something. He he he, red tide is not in Taxloban, it is in Maqueda bay, near the Catbalogan areas. FYI, red tide is not a constant thing. There are times when it occurs within a year. I grew up in the 80 s dealing with red tide all the time. I am not sure but I think the DFA have a found a way to deal with the problem already. Just look for it in google.

        What is wrong with getting that aid from the US? I’m sure they want to give, given the current geopolitical situation here in Asia. Still that aid doesn’t mean the we are one of the biggest of the biggest recipients of ASEAN, even Indonesia and Thailand gets aid. Yes a loan can come in a form of aid, right?

        I think you and I agree that we shouldn’t just patronize, we have to be critical of our leaders. Poverty, corruption, social enequality needs to be addressed and we can see that the government now is doing what it can to solve the problems. So in my opinion , why keep on going back to the same old issues that is already being addressed. If someone dips his hand in the government coffers again then i am sure we will rage. Ngayon pa! You know what we need to be critical about? Ninoy’s penchant for always linking the bad things to GMA and the good things only to his administration. I cringe whenever he starts his tirade. In fairness to the corrupt GMA, she initiated a lot macroeconomic changes that benefitted our country today.

        This is my wish to you, I hope you look at our country on a more positive way, that indeed change is happening and the people, not just the politicians are making it happen.
        You are going to live through a Philippines that will rise from the ashes. If you can wait for 10 more years then believe me, your will see a Philippines that is completely different from what you see now. However, to do that we must believe in ourselves, we need to see our good side and not just criticize what is wrong about us. We need to believe that the Philippines can be a great country again. If we don’t then we will remain as the sick man of Asia.

  • TheGUM

    Since Sen. Alan Peter Cateyano mentions that China still experiences extreme poverty (which the World Bank defines as persons living on less than $1.25 a day), let me remind readers the following facts:

    The poverty reduction in the last couple of decades almost exclusively comes from China:
    -China’s poverty rate fell from 85% to 15.9%, or by over 600 million people
    -China accounts for nearly all the world’s reduction in poverty
    -Excluding China, poverty fell only by around 10%

    Now contrast that to the Philippines’ rate of poverty that remains virtually unchanged, under Pnoy and the past administrations.

    Trickle-down economics has never reduced poverty in the Philippines, Senator. It never will.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    Cayetano – stop fooling the people! With every politician like you fooling the Filipinos and stealing people’s money, the trickle down theory will always be a theory. Since 1986 when Marcos was driven out, nothing has trickled down to the people lahat sinipsip ng magnanakaw na mga politiko gaya mo. Na pa pogi lang at panloloko at entertainment lang ang ginagawa tuwing eleksyon sa mga Pilipino na kulang sa kaalaman. Masahol at Worst ka lang kasi sinisira mo pa ang moralidad ng ating walang alam na mga kababayan sa inyong RH law.

  • piskay

    isa pa itong taga depensa ng yellow,inilayo ang isyo sa katotohanan.alam kaya nya na ang paglago ng ekonomiya ngayon ay epekto sa mga ginawa ni gloria noon ayon sa taga ibang bansa.bantayan daw nya presyo at trabaho e matagal na sya sa senado at ngayon lang ba nya nalalaman na tumaas na ang mga presyo at marami ang walang mga trabaho?ano ba ang ginawa nya noon at umabot na sa ganito?

  • divictes

    Trickle down economics? Sorry for my ignorance sir; but from where I stand what is visible are more malls selling products imported from elsewhere, from toothpaste to computers, bought with money mostly sent by OFWs. Our manufacturing sector has become repackers or investors have taken their businesses elsewhere. Something is terribly wrong somewhere.

    • $8705409

      I agree. Our economy floats because of OFW more than anything else.

  • Ulipur

    China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and other counties that have been successful in hugely reducing incidence of poverty have emphasized more on POLICY CHANGES that would contribute more to sustained ECONOMIC GROWTH than on poverty alleviation programs.

    An sustained economic growth of at least 7% annually for the next 12 to 15 years would reduce poverty from present 29% to around 15% by 2020 to 2025. Reduction of incidence of poverty could be accelerated only with a rate of economic growth in the double digit figure.

  • yesyesyo

    Totally agree with the senator on this one.

    I also read in many articles the IMF, World Bank and leading economists say that a country needs at least 10 years of sustained GDP growth of more than 6% for economic growth to really trickle down and uplift the poor in general.

    • PinoyPower1

      Absolutely true. I believe the senator and those reputable institutions rather than the naysayers commenting here.

  • Urbane_Gorilla

    It most certainly does takes time…But, hey! What’s the rush? We’ve been waiting for Trickle Down to work since 1989 when Reagan left office…..Any day now! Right?

  • Horst Manure

    I don’t recall any thing being said about the judiciary and legal system it is rated worse than Vietnam and only slightly better than Indonesia and with out a fully open and functioning judicial all you have are Caughts and any one who used one is guaranteed to be caught.

    They are no even professional enough to be professional parasites.
    Just a chocolate tea pot.

  • etomacq

    super sipsip itong mga Cayetano na ganid sa kapangyarihan. Hindi pa ba sapat ang yaman mo at gusto mo pa rin maupo sa Senado?

    Dapat ng tapusin ang magkakamag anak sa Senado.. No to pol-dynasty!

    Wag iboto si Allan Cayetano.

  • july13a

    let me say that the money passes through the public officials pocket first before it goes to the masses that is what we call trickle down effect

  • padrefaura

    cayetano is like saying that “kami muna yayaman bago kayong masang boboto sa amin”

  • nice_boy

    Job creation is the answer to poverty. Let foreign investors come in for more jobs. Stop protecting the local oligarchs. Lack of competition rises prices without corresponding service. Just think, we have the highest priced electricity, communication cost, petroleum products. All because the local investors are protected for foreign competition.

  • delpillar

    This comment of Cayetano is the best comment regarding this matter so far.
    Better than the comments of those who had PhD in economics and Survey agencies.

    Japan and Korea had 15 consecutive years or more of SOLID GROWTH RATE of more than 7% before they officially became NIC and landed in Top-20 in per Capita Income.

    From 1955 to 1985, even these two countries were long became NIC and huge per c apita income, most workers are still working 13 to 15 hours per day with a salary of just 8-hours work. No Overtime pay. They were working long hours for their love of their companies and of their countries.

    Even from 1990 to present… most Japanese and Korean companies are working overtime of 2 to 3 hours without overtime pay.

    Since 1970 when these governments started compiling up to present, about 15,000 Koreans and about 25,000 Japanese committed suicide PER YEAR mostly due to extreme economic conditions.

  • Guest

    Trickle down? Nonsense…It is a lack of a social face and social policies..As long as there are no jobs, no proper accessible healthcare for everyone, no free education. there will be no progress for the poor. The CCT is not a helptool, what has to be done is incorporate social laws in our system that is until now positive for the oliarchs and dynasties, and senators and congress. Where are policies and laws that show a social face? Trickling down is a farce…It is a passive move..hoping that someday it will happen. A justice social system is a choice..and here a dream.

  • delpillar

    If the Philippines continued to have CONSISTENT GROWTH of 7% annually yet there are still more poor people, then the possibilities (of logical reasons) are:

    1. Maraming BOBO at TANGANG Filipino voters.
    2. Maraming TAMAD at Gusto lang instant-yaman na mga Filipino.
    3. Maraming Filipino ang ubod ng YABANG. Spending more than what he/she earns… just to show to the world around them in FAcebook and in actual daily living that they are doing well. Maraming Filipino ang social climbers.
    4. Puro asa sa gobyerno at sa kanilang familia. 24 years old na ayaw pang magbanat ng buto kundi puro hingi sa magulang. Pati tirahan ay sa mgaulang pa rin at magulang pa rin ang pinapag-alaga ng anak.

  • Carlos_Iho

    Again, people aligned with the current administration are claiming that the growth of the economy are due to their own efforts. Only two sectors are keeping the economy afloat, the OFW’s and BPO’s. What were the current government’s participation in these sectors?

    Manufacturing is almost dead and exports are only half of Vietnam’s and a fifth of Thailand’s.

    What has CCT got to do with improving the economy, creating jobs and controlling commodity prices? China and South Korea’s economic success and consequently improved standards of living were due to sustained improvements in manufacturing and exports and not in CCT. You’re way off mark Cayetano.

  • buttones

    Nobody is expecting a trickle down to happen quickly, [which, strangely enough is why it is called a TRICKLE DOWN, doh!} we have waited 67years so far, so we are all prepared for another 67 years, not a problem…Let me see- by that time I will be quite old, very old in fact, and Enrile will be even older…This guy is NOT well…..

    • Guest

      Si Alan Cayetano naman yumaman din dahil sa
      protection money na tinatanggap niya sa mga smugglers. Di po ba senator?

      • tatlonghari

        Protector ng smuggler na si Boy Valenzuela si Sen. Alan Cayetano. Ang gastos ni Alan sa kampanya galing sa kanya.

  • delpillar

    Walang Gobyernong Perfecto. Kung sino man ang nasa gobyerno ay dhil sa kabobohan or katalinuhan ng mga mamamayang botante. Makipag-cooperate sa sinu mang nasa gobyero as much as possible dahil producto nyo yan. Hwag isipin na ang mga negosyante at ddayuhang manganagalakal ay masama. They have the money to invest to make factories and companies.

    Una ay matutong magboto ng nararapat, at least the least evil and the most qualified. Turuan at unti-unting i-brainwash ang mga anak na ang PAGNANAKAW sa KABAN ng BAYAN ay napakasama at napakawalanghiyang gawain at TRABAHO na syang gawain ng karamihang DYNASTY dito sa PILIPINAS right from the BGY CAPTAIN LEVEL and TOWN MAYOR. Marami na kasi ngayon na iniisip na NORMAL na LANG ANG MAGNAKAW sa GOBYERNO at pat i na rin mga ballpen, papel at working hours sa mga company.

    magbanat ng buto at pagtapos na ng pag-aaral, let your parents have time to do business by letting them invest their retirement benefits… hindi yung naipon lang nilang pera ay kinukuha mo pa para palakihin ang mga anak mo na nabuo dahil sa napakawalang responsibilidad mo. The small businesses of the retirees can uplift economy of a small town and trickle-down to the economy.

    In the late 70’s to early 80’s ay isamg mahirap na familia kami at yung iba pang kakilala ko. Wala kaming makain at naghihitaman pa ng sipilyo at king minsan asin ang toothpaste. Walang CCT noon pero may BULGUR, YELLOW-CORN at NUTRIBUN na libre sa mga schools. Mahirap man aminin ay isa sa mga nagbigay lakas ng sikmura a amin para mag-aral at pumasok sa schools. HIndi naman kami yumaman after 20 years pero may sarili ng mga sweldo kamin magkakapatid. Napaganda lalo nung nakapag-abroad ang iba sa amin.

    Pero kahit mung hindi pa kami nag-aabroad, dahil sa tyaga kahit maliit lang ang sweldo sa unang mga taon ay nakaahon din sa hirap. TUlong-tulong lang ang kailangan kasama na ang pagtutulong sa gobyerno. Hwag puro rights at karapatan kundi RESPONSIBILIDAD.

  • popeyee

    I agree that Penoy has only been in the malakanyang for 3 years.. But how long have the Cayatanos been in the government? What about the Enriles? the Estradas? the Binays? Even Noynoy? and all other politicians that has been their even before the EDSA revolution? You’re all liar..

    • Guest

      Kahit anong gawin ni Alan Cayetano, di niya maibabagsak si Chiz Escudero. Ang masamang damo[Alan C], di nagtatagumpay.

  • Guest

    Non-stop pa rin ang black propaganda kay Chiz. Sabi text blasts vs Chiz, nais daw niya i-lower kita ng airport personnel. Definitely not true!

    • Princess Almon

      Fact: si Alan cayetano ang nagpapakalat ng black propagandan laban kina Chiz Escudero at Loren Legarda.

  • virgoyap

    Instead of attacking the trickle down effect on our economy due to our ignorance why not just be having a wait and see attitude? Is it not very elating for us to have our economy on the verge of progress? And this has been proven by some world economic experts.

  • joboni96

    senador cayetano

    nagpapaniwala ka pa rin sa mga miseducated kolonisadong utak
    foreign capital apologists economists natin

    yang trickle down theory na iyan
    perfume lang sa baho ng pagnanakaw nila ng kayamanang pilipino

    kung talagang pro pilipino ka
    do laws that directly benefit the poorest of the poor

    not fatten the fat already obese foreign capitalist cats
    fleecing the pilipino people

    at latak na lang sa ating mga pilipino
    na syang may ari ng bayan na ito at angking kayamanan

  • Guest

    Ang camp po ni Alan Cayetano ang gumagawa ng lahat ng black propaganda kay Chiz. Salbahe itong si Alan. Yan po ang tunay na Alan C.

  • Ako_Hiking

    One of Aquino’s men making statements or more accurately giving excuses as to why the poor masses have continued to remain poor with no improvement. Now they are giving explanations and reasonings but just a few days ago Aquino was essentially denying the accuracy of the NSO survey. For all the gains the economy has had starting in Gloria’s Administration, the Aquino Administration has not done a good job letting it reach the poor…which is why poverty is still so bad under Aquino’s term.

  • Guest

    Mga kababayan, marami po kayong dapat malaman tungkol sa tunay na Sen. Alan Cayetano. Una siya oo ay protector ng smuggler na si Valenzuela.

  • Killua Sandokk

    Naalala ko, may balitang si Sen. Alan Cayetano ang isa sa pinakatamad ng senador dahil konti ang bills na nai-file niya sa Senado.

  • Princess Almon

    Mas marami pang bills na nai-file si Lito Lapid kesa kay Sen. Alan Cayetano. Ibig sabihin mas masipag si Lapid at tamad talaga si Alan.

  • felix semondo

    Eto pa. Ang sabipinakamaraming late din si Alan Cayetano sa lahat ng mga senador. Ibig sabihin natutulog lang lagi siya sa kanyang tanggapan.

  • girlie santiez

    trivia: Lumapit din ang mgaCayetano kay Mike Arroyo noong 2004 elections para humingi ng pera para sa kanilang kandidatura.

    • girlie santiez

      Mismo: tapos noong nanalo ang cayetano siblings,
      trinaydor na ang mga Arroyo, pinagbababantan na.

  • jmee larosa

    Walang permanenteng kaibigan si Alan Cayetano dahil alam ng lahat ng manggamit lang siya, isa ring ahas si Alan!

  • sandra martines

    Nag-aambisyon na maging VP or President si Alan cayetano sa 2016. Kapal ng mukha, di na nahiya..

  • Guest

    Si Jamby,malinis walang bahid ng corruption. Kaya bakit ka pipili ng isang Alan Cayetano na isang marumi rin naman. Kay Jamby na tayo!

  • kilabot

    how come the effects of rising fuel, tuition, unemployment…
    trickle down right away.

  • go88

    The trickle down effect takes time … JUST BE PATIENT FILIPINOS ….

    if not on earth then in heaven … if not in this life then in the next one.

    Trust us chinese mestizos, listen to my boss Annoy we will take care of the trickle down for you … now if you just give me your vote and return to your contractual jobs.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Alan Cahitano is just proving that he is a glorified critic turned sepsep to PNoy. “Trickle down” your behind. Here’s the truth or proof which news was carried by GMA:

    Moody’s and Standard and Poor (S&P) both financial rating companies settled their 2 suits with Morgan Stanley Investment Bank. Had they not settled it they have stand to lose billions of dollars. The suits originated from complaints filed King County, Washinton, USA and AbuDhabi Commercial Bank. Guess what was the nature suits. Voila – “he defendants failed to properly disclose the risk of their investment
    in a fund that bought bonds backed by subprime mortgages.” which caused complainants to lose huge sums of money. In other words both financial institutions over rated those financial portfolios. Question is, why did Moody’s and S&P gave an over rated rating? What was the motivation?

    And the administration would like us to believe that Moody’s is holier than thou so that it’s rating for PH is gospel truth. This administration is hopeless.

  • kismaytami

    “It’s not fair to expect a trickle-down effect overnight.” These yellow politicians keep on saying this overused words. But wait! It has been 1,034 overnights. Haven’t you have any more excuses?

  • Descarte5E

    Bring in foreign manufacturing investors and revive the export sector. Local oligarch don’t even want to pay minimum wage, abuse contractualization of labor while raking in profits. The GDP is based mainly in spending incidence and not really about how people’s lives improved. And Mr. Cayetano, the foundation of China’s continuous growth is the manufacturing industry mainly based in the eastern part of the country. Between 1981 to 2005, poverty incidence in China improved from 85% to 15%. Most of Chinese poor are in the western part as there is not much manufacturing. China controls domestic migration so those western Chinese could not moved to the east although the eastern part is experiencing severe labor shortage.
    The Cayetano’s family life improve several folds. Before only the patriarch received the pork barrel. Now there are 2 siblings earning pork barrel money.

    Educating the people, how many college graduates has the country just recently produced again? Where are they now? Are there jobs waiting for them? The engineers will probably go to Saudi to work as plumbers and mechanics. Nurses and HRM grads will go to Japan, US, Europe, elsewhere as caregivers and waiters.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    It takes time ?
    How much time ?
    Pagputi ng uwak, pag-itim ng tagak !
    With proliferation of corrupt political dynasties, this will never happen.

  • $8705409

    Mahirap talaga makarating sa mahihirap ang asenso ng bayan. Una kailangan muna matutunan ng mamamayan ang pinagkaiba ng tanso sa ginto. In short, poor people needs education first and foremost. Low education and low quality education prevent this people to enjoy and be part of the Philippine changing status. Pangalawa, kung maganda ang platform, kailangan ng continuity sa susunod na uupong presidente. Problema sa atin tuwing may bagong uupong presidente either babaguhin ang programa o hindi susuportahan. Mas gusto pa ng bagong upong presidente ang gumawa ng bago para may iiwanang legacy. Pangatlo, turuan ang masa ng tamang pagpili ng leaders ng hindi sila basta basta madadala sa political ads. Halimbawa, ang katulad ni Nancy ayaw ng debate at umaasa sa ads ay isang halimbawang opportunistang umaasa sa kamangmangan ng masa at sasamantalahin ang mabangong pangalan ng Binay sa ngayon. Paano kung corrupt ang mga Binay’s? Eh di nasayang lahat at nauwi sa wala ang anumang momentum ng bansa.

  • Guest

    Yahoo!!! Talo si Cayetano sa survey. Patunay na
    di uubra black propaganda niya

  • Vertumnus

    “Trickle-down effect takes time” that is an understatement! Trickle down doesn’t work and you only have to see how the rich get richer while the poor stays poor. Only when the middle income family out number the poor will the country finally be on its way to real prosperity. Politicians will say anything to look good. That’s the way they get re-elected so they can have access to pork barrel money.

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