‘Von Boyage, Von Voyage…’ Happy Trip ‘na lang’


How do you say “best wishes” to a departing traveler?

After an uproar on social media, airport authorities scrambled to correct a funny—or embarrassing—greeting recently flashed on a LED display at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) Terminal 1, which left spectators either amused or mortified.

“Von Boyage,” the misspelled French greeting for good or safe journey, was promptly changed to “Bon Voyage” after a photo of the blooper became viral on the Internet, particularly on Facebook.

“We were alerted to the mistake when we saw it on the airport authority’s Facebook and Twitter accounts so we corrected it soonest,” Connie Bungag, chief of the Public Affairs Office of the Manila International Airport Authority, told the Inquirer on Friday.

GMA Network’s official website, gmanetwork.com, found humor in the blooper, as it quipped beside a photograph of the misspelled popular French phrase: “Who’s paging for Von?”

Others thought it was no laughing matter, as it gave visitors, particularly foreigners, the impression that Filipinos are ignorant of widely used foreign phrases.

‘V’ for ‘B,’ ‘F’ for ‘P’

But perhaps it has something to do with some Filipinos’ penchant to mispronounce the letters “V” for “B” and “F” for “P.”

An airport source told the Inquirer that even some government personnel assigned at Naia 1 were unsure about how the French phrase is spelled.

“We had corrected it already when someone from the DOTC (Department of Transportation and Communications) called up the airport official in charge of that LED display to tell him that the send-off greeting was misspelled,” the source said.

The airport official himself checked the LED display and saw “Bon Voyage” crawling on the display.

But the DOTC representative said it should be “Von Boyage.”

“Finally, the airport official called me up to ask what’s the right spelling. So I told him, ‘It’s Bon Voyage,’” said the source.

The next day, the source said, there was a meeting among airport and airline personnel on the preparations for the Brunei trip of President Aquino.

“My staff texted me and said, ‘You won’t believe this. The PowerPoint presentation showed ‘Von Voyage,’” the source said, laughing.

So how did airport officials finally resolve the spelling issue? The airport terminal manager decided to use this: “Maligayang paglalakbay! Happy trip!”

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  • Pio Gante

    pwede rin godsfeed o goodvye

    • iara

      O kaya “au reboir”

      • AlexanderAmproz

        “au revoir”
        Félicitations pour votre photo !
        Vous êtes très belle et j’espère qu’un jour
        j’aurais le galant plaisir de vous dire “au revoir”

    • Marx Louis Wang

      tama na! hindi naman natin ginagamit ang French, a? Sana sinabi na lang na “Adios!”

  • MrRead

    Are you surprised there are so many stupid so called educated Filipinos? Moi? Non.

    Average IQs of Filipinos, below 60. Need I say more?

  • farmerpo

    Parang PDI. Computer program ang editor kung minsan. TOP ginawang TAP…

    • david


  • nes911

    Mor pun in da pilipins!

  • Kristoffer Atienza

    Filipinos don’t have a penchant to mispronounce words. What we should have a penchant for is to pay more close attention to what’s correct and proper.

    • Ulipur

      “don’t have a penchant to mispronounce words”……..???????

      • Kristoffer Atienza

        Thank you for pointing it out. I meant to say was “penchant to mispronounce words that starts with the letters “V” for “B” and “F” for “P.”” It got deleted for some reason. Anyway, teachers should be tested on how they teach students in school.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Filipino’s pronunciation is charming and belong to the identity.
        Please don’t change it !
        What has to be change urgently is the Officials accountability !

      • Kristoffer Atienza

        Who says any thing about or unique pronunciation? That’s okay. What’s more okay is for teachers to teach themselves more about the proper pronunciation of words rather than allowing what is wrong. I found out from a Bisaya that “a” is pronounced like the letter “e” and was not having a hard time correcting himself when I pointed it out. He was not offended at all and in fact was more appreciative. Let’s be Better Filipinos.

  • Cheryl Joy Estrada-Lumapas

    if you are not sure of anything, for our country’s sake, please refrain from doing so,you are in an international place where foreigners passes through……shame on you

    • Ulipur

      May agreement ba between foreigners at saka passes!

      • denicio lozada

        Ulipur — Tanga! Ang ganda na ng punto ni Cheryl Joy Estrada-Lumapas.

      • Ulipur

        Sure pala si CJEL na tama ang kanyang sentence.?I give allowance for her to commit mistake in English because we are not native English speakers…Eh sa Franch, mas lalo na. I am not angry but you can Whack your forehead with the back of a “V” hand (that may be you) Merci.

      • Denzel Boksingero

        I was initially confused by your reply post: ” May agreement ba between foreigners at saka passes.” Kuha ko yung magandang punto ni Cheryl kahit walang subject-verb agreement yung “foreigners passes” . Anyway kung gusto mong i correct yung grammar ng iba, be clear on what you intend to say–subject-verb agreement ang proper phrase hindi agreement.

      • Ulipur

        Confused ka nga. My post was in reply to denis a lozada…not to Cheryl…para makita niya (ni denis) na kahit si Cheryl nagkamali rin sa paggamit ng foreign language. I give you credit for making it clearer for both Denis and Cheryl. okay lang na magkamali sa English dahil di naman tayo native English speakers…At saka yaong ginamit ko na “at saka” para sa akin for my posting sapat na iyon to substitute for subjelct-verb agreement….Confused…Don’t worry. Champ…correcting grammar sa English, French, Tagalog, Kapampangan,Tausog, Ilocano, Hilagaynon is not my pre-occupation.

      • Denzel Boksingero

        Ikaw yata ang confused. You were the one who raised the subject-verb disagreement of Cheryl’s post. You were the one who first threw a punch on somebody who made a good point (na kahit me konting mali sa grammar ay ok lang sa akin dahil ok yung point nya). You were trying to correct her grammar instead of appreciating the good point she made. Ang pagkakamali mo, hindi klaro ang punto mo.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Just don’t say or write any foreign languages if one is not familiar with them. Better safe than be embarassed. Besides, we have our own local words, anyway! Do we feel low class and uneducated if we use them? Bumababa ba ang uri natin kapag tayo ay nangusap o nagsalita ng sariling wika sa ating bansa?

    • http://www.facebook.com/charlie.d.morales Charlie Morales

      sabihin mo na lang po sa tagalog. Mali ang grammar mo eh hehehe…

      • tra6Gpeche

        Please tell me where I made mistake in my English grammar. I would appreciate it. Sa Tagalog….maari bang sabihin mo sa akin kung anong balarila ang aking pinagkamalian upang sa ganoon ay maiwasto ko? At ang nais ko ay isang buong pangungusap na may simuno, may pandiwa at may pang-uri kung kinakailangan. Kung hindi, lalabas kang walang tamang pag-iisip at palapintasin na katutubong masama at baluktot na ugali at kultura nating mga Pilipino. Walang patutunguhan ang iyong pagpuna kung hindi mo ipapaliwanag kung saang balarila ako nagkamali. Ayaw ko na magkahalo ang Tagalog at English sa isasagot mo. Lalong ayaw ko ng taglish dahil mangangahulugan ito na kulang ang alam mo sa Tagalog at kulang sa English. Maliwanag ba? Hindi ko rin minamabuti ang nangungupo sa akin sa panlabas subalit sa panloob ay pangit at kasuklam-suklam ang kinalakihan at pag-uugali! Maghihintay ako ng iyong kasagutan, kabayan.

      • ofwsagitnangsilangan

        natakot yata at mukhang mapapalaban sya sa yo Kabayan. Dami kasing epal dito sa forum….

      • http://www.facebook.com/noel.g.mayor Noel G. Mayor

        hihintayin ko ang inyong balagtasan …

      • tra6Gpeche

        Baka matakot siya. Ako ay kamag-anak ni Antonio Raymundo na kilala sa balagtasan nuong kapanahunan ko. Hindi ko natitiyak kung kilala mo siya, kabayan

      • tra6Gpeche

        There is one more thing in addition to my first reply to you. You have to capitalize the word “Tagalog.” Also, you have to translate “grammar” in Tagalog. Mixing Tagalog and English either in writing or speaking is despicable and inappropriate. Doing that will definitely tell me who and what you are!

      • Denzel Boksingero

        Knock-out ka Charlie Morales. Mukhang namang walang mali sa grammar ni trap6peche

      • tra6Gpeche

        Kung may pagkakamali man kabayan, hindi kailangang pansinin. Wala namang kakwenta-kwentang pag-usapan ang mga ganoong pagkakamali. Ang mahalaga ay ang buod at kahulugan ng sinasalita. Tama ba, kabayan? Thank you and have a good day.

      • pelang

        his english grammar was correct, but there was an error in his tagalog, “nangusap ” but it isn’t really not bad. ikaw naman. the bisayans are not really that good in the pilipino language, but most of them are good in english, i notice.

      • pelang

        i hsould have said “that bad” instead of not bad.

      • pelang

        sorry mali pa rin ang spelling ko ng should. matigil na nga.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Again, it is okay, kabayan. We know it is just a typographical error. Don’t be too self-conscious about it. Americans, British and Australians make this kind of error very frequently. How much more us, Filipinos. Huwag nating dibdibin and hindi mahalagang bagay. Most of the times, we have the wrong priorities. That is why we, Filipinos, as a whole, do not progress.

      • tra6Gpeche

        That’s okay. Everyone should understand what you meant. Hindi gaanong mahalaga kung may pagkakamali man. Ang mahalaga ay ang kahulugan ng mga pangungusap. Besides, I assume that no one in this forum is really expert in English. Even English, Australians and Americans make mistakes in writing and speaking English. We, Filipinos, are just too conscious and very sensitive about it. Why? We have this culture of false pride and baggage.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Kabayan, bakit magiging mali ang “nangusap?” Ako ay hindi Bisaya. Ako ay katutubong taga Batangan. Ibig kung malaman kung taga saan ka o kung saang paaralan ka nag-aral ng wikang Pilipino o Tagalog. Hihintayin ko ang iyong kasagutan.

  • Simplify1

    Tanong nyo kay nancy binay anong tamang spelling….sasabihin nya, after election na lang kasi busy sya sa kampanya nya para mag spell…saka na lang daw…hehehe

    • ye854bela729

      ha ha ha that is good one bravo! Eh bakit ba kailangan makigamit ng salitang banyaga eh mayroon naman tayong sariling WIKA huh di gamitin? Porke ba tagalog wala ng Class! Kita tang kita talaga ang pagka sosyal sosyal nyo ha!
      Maganda naman ang ” MALIGAYANG PAGLALAKBAY” So what kung di nila maintindihan? Den ipagtanong nila sa airport anong kahulugan nyo diba!

  • Hadji Killa

    “Happy Trip” is NOT correct either. You don’t find that anywhere in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, or NZ — unless, of course, a Filipino says it. Just because Americans say “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary”, etc; does not make “Happy Trip”, “Happy Shopping”, “Happy Day”, “Happy ____________”, etc. a proper English phrase.

    • Barak_O

      it’s correct

      your basis for correctness is wrong

      happy analyzing

      or analysing

      doesn’t matter

  • david

    eh bakit kasi hindi sariling wika ang gamitin. nagpapa-sosyal ba ang nakaisip nun? kung di mo gamay, wag gamitin.


    They better ask Senator Miriam Santiago, she will surely and happily give you a two hour talk about the source and background of the words ‘Bon Voyage.’

    Btw, is it Meriam or Miriam, or ‘bruha na lang.’

    Ciao or chow, o kita kits na lang.

    • Cossain Upam

      or better ask the Abnoy in Malacanang….why pinpoint Meriam or Miriam, when Abnoy Panot can join the ranks of the mentally ill!?!

      • Voice Combo

        ikaw makapagsabi kalang,, ikaw ang mental hospital….tikmol..

      • Luthmar

        You are a disgrace to the human kind. SHAME ON YOU.

    • Barak_O

      brenda sounds better

  • bayankopdi


  • Guest

    You are all used to copying,that’s why…

  • pinoyreacts

    GOOGLE IT! GOOGLE IT! Grabe, sometimes I wonder what kind of people our educational system has produced… sigh… inhale… exhale… ommmmmm…

    • joey

      I totally agree!!! Google is a very useful tool to use to help you with almost anything!! From the simplest of things to the difficult!!

      In-input sana nung nagdunung-dunungan na representative ng DOTC na kung ano ba ang wastong spelling ng “Bon Voyage” ay “Von Boyage” ba gaya ng kaniyang pagkakalaman,

      Daming computer sa Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) Terminal 1, kung ginamit niya isa sa mga computer dun, at nagdouble check siya sa Google, nalaman niya agad na ang correct spelling ay “Bon Voyage”!! Hindi sana humantong sa ganitong kahihiyahan!!

      Pinakita lang ninyo (kayong nakadestino) diyan sa NAIA Terminal 1 kung gaano kayo “katalino”!!

      • Carlos_Iho

        busy lang kasi sa mga diskarte….wala namang pera sa signage…

  • resortman

    Shows the sorry state of education in the Philippines…my son of 10 can perfectly spell the word, this airport personnel must have refreshers courses for spelling….they could even have googled it…tsk tsk…..

    • Barak_O

      where is your son attending school?

      can your son spell asalaam alaikum as well?

      • resortman

        You bet,,,,,!

  • $5699914

    Yob vas na lang?

  • denicio lozada

    Showing ignorance is no laughing matter! Kaya maraming arrogante sa NAIA dahil alam nila ignorante sila.
    Showing ignorance is no laughing matter! Kaya hindi nakakatawa o nakakatuwa ang magsabing “nosebleed” sa simpleng English dahil pinapakita lang na ganun kabobo ang tao na sa mga simpleng banyagang salita, dudugo na ang utak sa ilong.
    Showing ignorance is no laughing matter! Nababaon lang tayo sa kababawan dahil ayaw iangat ng mga tamad matuto ang kalidad ng kaalaman nila.
    Gising Pilipino. Hindi ka bobo.

    • denicio lozada


  • Mark

    Hirap dyan sa NAIA, magaling lang manghuthot ng pera sa mga OFW at foreigners.

    Connie Bungag, walang quality ang trabaho nyo, pero ang lakas nyong mag OT mahiya nman kayo!

  • efriend

    This just a single proof on how our international airport, our window to the world, is terribly mismanaged.

    Up to now, I cannot understand why the incompetent managers at NAIA starting from Honrado still hold on to their positions.

    • Carlos_Iho

      Is the mismanagement only at the airport?

  • ofwsagitnangsilangan

    Maligayang Paglalakbay is a good choice. Keep it that way.

    • alex ca

      pwede na ring humayo ka ng mapayapa kaya lang parang aalis na sa mundo

  • Barak_O

    dapat kung anong dinaramdam yon ang sinasabi

    maligayang byahe, pasalubong ha

    welcome balikbayan, kayo na pong bahala sakin

    • Carlos_Iho

      napaparating naman yun sa tingin pa lang…di na kelangan sabihin…. :-)

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Do the airplanes and security are maintain by the same peoples ?

    Its safer to travel with Cathay Pacific

  • Denzel Boksingero

    “Halong pangga!” would be much better. Or “ayo ayo sa imong byahe”.

  • Carlos_Iho

    Just shows the utterly pathetic IQ level of ‘some’ of these people in government. But let them devise ways to extort travelers at NAIA and you can marvel at their ingenuity.

    Many of them are like vultures all the while only looking around for helpless potential victims instead of doing their jobs. Being at the airport gives them the opportunity to make money through whatever nefarious means.

  • $14334231

    marami daw ang nakukutongan na mga umaalis….di hindi dapat ang “Maligayang paglalakbay! Happy trip!” dahil masama ang loob ng aalis…..dapat “Balik Kayo Agad! Huwag kalimutan ang PASABULONG”!!!!…..or, “lagay muna bago maglakbay”…..

  • Pio Pusli

    as i’ve always said, we are a second class human race. majority with diploma but barely educated. most of these can be found as govt’ employees. they pretend to work and gov’t pretend they’re being paid. the area they’re really good, “kurakot”. did these morons heard about “google or googling”?

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Human race is a wrong concept as every human are the same, mentally disables excepted.
      Carelessness is a Philippines speciality, accountability, respect and dignity don’t belongs to the landscape, a colonial inherited education problem.
      Clergy, Plutocrats, Politicians, SC Judges, Generals, high officials are the best example of that, the leadership is showing the way, “A laps of judgments” GMA, Erap or Enrile could have said !

    • Luthmar

      Excuse me, I do not consider myself as “a second class human race, majority with diploma but barely educated.” Please speak for yourself.

  • Cobra

    karamihan ng mga empleyado sa airport mga recomendado ng mga politicians kaya maski row 4 pwde.Sa Pinas ka lang makakita ng ubod ng daming mga airport employees na nakatunganga pero kunwari may ginagawa.Sa tube pa lang dami na.I wonder why?

  • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

    Bawal kasi ang may utak sa gobyernong ito ng abnoy…

    • Luthmar

      Kaya ka ba wala sa gobyerno?

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

        kaya asar ako sa gobyerno ngayon…

  • Beersheva

    Is this what passes for news these days at the Inquirer? This is not a big deal, English, and French for that matter are not our native languages. Mga Pinoy lang talaga ang palapansin sa sarili.

  • JosephNess

    the one who placed it there in the LED display at NAIA forgot to surf the internet for the correct spelling…maybe, just so excited or careless to be in a hurry to plugged it there…just remember, that everything you wanted to know are now available in the internet, just pick the right website for the information you’re searching to know, they are there…

  • penoy2012

    Haffy Thrift!

  • alex ca

    Ito ang pinakamalaking pilit tinatanim ng mga dayuhan sa ating mga Pinoy, ito ang dapat pahalagahan ang mga wika ng ibang bansa hindi pa ba sapat ang mga wika ng bansa bakit pa ipagwagayway na mga gagaling sa ibang salita na sa sariling salita pa lang ay hindi alam. Kung sino ka man magsalita ka ng purong tagalog diba makukulangan ka ng sasabihin kasi mas pinalago mo ang salitang banyaga kaysa salitang iyong iyo talaga. Ano? feel mo uneducated ka kung magsalita ka nang nakagisnan mo dapat palang ikaw ang binaril sa Dapitan hindi si Rizal. Kahit anong aral mo sa ibang larangan mangmang ka pa rin. Di mo na lang tanggapin na ang tao talagang limitado. Hambug ka lang kung ganoon.

  • jack_bagbaga2011

    a simple problem needs a simple solution, why complicate it? airport personnel should have googled it and their problem is solved but they did is make palusot on their fiasco.

    • resortman

      They are not capable of sound solutions…look at the immigration in international arrival area..all mess…wala ngang lubid para maayos ang pila eh…magulo, all chaos, walang pakialam at di propesyunal…all fun in the Philippines!!

  • jack_bagbaga2011

    ang mahirap nito ay baka nilagay yan “maligayang paglalakbay” sa arrival area

  • themask celestial

    Dapat alam din ng mga airport personnel ang simpleng foreign phrases or better may mga proficient sa airport ng foreign language. Sa ibang airport may mga telephone hotline sila na ang sasagot ay non-native speaker. Besides may mga visa na written in non-english ie French. No wonder ng minsan paalis ako sa NAIA at may annotation na “for work: ang bussines visa ko, di ako pinaalis kahit nag fax pa ang embassy ng “NOTE VERBALE”. Tanong ng immigration officer, anong “NOTE VERBALE”- di pala naintindihan hehe. Pero pag money talk kahit Sa Swahili maiintindihan ng mga immigration agent hehe

  • BoyBakal

    Be original, be our own….Maligayang Paglalakbay.

  • BoyBakal

    Whether Von or Bon….No Big Deal.
    What is important is the message and care of safe travel.
    Besides, spelling does not matter among foreigners….they understand that.
    Enough of your nonsense spelling debate….it is no laughing matter.
    Von or Bon Voyage.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Iyan kasi ang mahilig magmagaling ng pinoy! Nasaan na ba si blogger “Nagmamagaling”?

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