‘Crazy’ JC: Of God and monsters


CENTER STAGE Ang Kapatiran Senate bet JC de los Reyes is all out against pork barrel and dynasty and for gun control. EV ESPIRITU/INQUIRER NORTHERN LUZON

In a recent interview on GMA 7, John Carlos “JC” de los Reyes, head of the Church-backed party Ang Kapatiran (Brotherhood), was asked by the anchor, “Do you get offended by comments that you’re crazy for running in the 2010 presidential election and, again, in this year’s senatorial polls?”

“I don’t know why he asked that question. But I told him I’m not offended by any question,” De los Reyes said.

De los Reyes launched his campaign for a seat in the Senate in his hometown Olongapo City on Feb. 12, he vowed to slay what he called the “monsters of political dynasties.”

De los Reyes, who lost the 2010 presidential election, was referring to most, if not all, the senatorial candidates of the administration Team PNoy and the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), including Richard Gordon, the patriarch of his own clan.

Gordon, a former senator, is the brother of De los Reyes’ mother, Barbara.

The two coalitions, he said in an interview with the Inquirer, fielded “candidates from the same families who have been in power for such a long time.”

De los Reyes called their style the epitome of “transactional politics and the politics of greed and hypocrisy.”

Some of them, he noted, are “part of the current Senate where there are not only too many political dynasties and too many pseudopolitical parties, but also too much interpersonal relationships and too much of the old-boy club.”

“Sad to say, in the Senate, the motivation is simply to win and win every election,” he said.

“In terms of speaking for the people as a collegial body and compared to the House of Representatives, the Senate is incomparable,” he said.

Grading the Senate

“In terms of siding with the people, I give them a 6. But in terms of really moving forward key legislation, it’s a 5. In terms of resources, it’s 9 for me and 1 for the people. That is, considering the customs and traditions in the Senate and how the norms are,” he said.

De los Reyes, a former Olongapo councilor, made special mention of Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, saying he was “hoping Miriam would deliver, but she later on became off.”

“Actually, she was there already, hitting the right buttons and speaking for the people in terms of speaking against political dynasties, pork barrel, how they spent public funds. But she made a 360-degree turn. She reverted to the old way. I was disappointed, to say the least,” he said.

De los Reyes described Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile as “simply a traditional politician, or trapo par excellence.”

“It’s about time we put people in the Senate who are willing to lose socially, lose financially, or even lose their lives so that radical legislative reforms can move forward,” he said.

“Reforms like a much-needed political dynasty bill, responsible political party bill and amendments to the Internal Revenue Code … We are here to push the Kapatiran platform, which also aims to go all out against the pork barrel system, gun control and fight for the freedom of information,” he said.

Right now, he stressed, “we have too many laws.” What the Senate needs to do, he said, is have “good faith” and focus on key legislation, such as the political dynasty bill and gun control.

Pork barrel

The Senate, De los Reyes said, should also review the “infamous pork barrel.”

“If elected to the Senate, I will execute an affidavit of undertaking that I will not avail [myself] of the pork barrel,” he added.

Asked what’s wrong with pork barrel, he pointed to the “discretion to spend the funds when priority projects have been identified and approved (by the National Economic and Development Authority) down to even the barangay development councils.”

“I don’t think (the senators) should be the ones to say where the money should be spent. Of course, they’re going to spend it where they will make money,” he said.

Like political dynasties, he said, “pork barrel will not be part of the new politics my party mates (Marwil Llasos and Lito David) will be championing.”

“No to the politics of immoral compromises. That is why, our battle cry is tatlo kontra trapo (three against traditional politics),” he said.

Last to finish

Of the nine presidential candidates in 2010, De los Reyes finished last, polling less than 45,000 votes. Then Sen. Benigno Aquino III won the election with 15.2 million votes, or 42.08 percent of the total number of votes cast.

“In 2010, several bishops supported the Ang Kapatiran party and even named me as their (presidential) candidate,” he said.

History is repeating itself, he said.

“When we go around, we really can feel that there are undercurrents among the Catholic laity and if the momentum would continue, there would be a Catholic vote,” he said.

De los Reyes said he was “confident of getting more Catholic votes this time,” although he was not sure whether that would land him a seat in the Senate.

Scarce funds

Asked about his party’s game plan, he said Ang Kapatiran was “planning to cover most, if not all the provinces, especially the vote-rich communities.”

“But I would be honest and say we’re very much in need of campaign funds. We’re really struggling, really struggling. We have nothing to brag about compared to the billions in pesos of the campaign kitties of our opponents in Team PNoy and UNA. But the elders of the party are buttressing our campaign funds,” he said.

Ang Kapatiran is “parish-based,” he said. “So we consolidate parishes and when we go there, a substantial number of people representing several parishes show up. We also go to Catholic fiestas and other religious events.”

The party’s recent campaign in Baguio City was “coordinated with the local Parish Pastoral Council,” he said.

“It was a small crowd. It was lean and mean. The leaders of the community showed up. But I have to admit, had the crowd been bigger we would have a hard time paying for the merienda. As I’ve said, we have so much difficulty with funds,” he said.

Despite the party’s financial woes, De los Reyes ruled out turning to celebrity endorsers.

“Not at all. I don’t think any celebrity would endorse people like me and my Kapatiran party mates. There’s really nothing worldly in what we are doing. It’s really a different charisma. What we’re pushing is politics at its best. We want to offer the Filipino people the politics of truth, politics of virtues, politics of conscience and all that would negate show biz, gimmickry and double talk,” he said.

“It’s in our character that because of some people’s blatant disregard for principles and platform, we just have to do something radical,” he said.

Despite what his detractors say, De los Reyes strongly believes he is cut out for the Senate. “I really believe that radical ideas and ideologies change the world,” he said.

“Communism changed the world. The social teachings of the Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II unmasked the Iron Curtain. It’s really new and radical ideas that are needed in the Senate. And controversial ideas like, for example, the idea that we’re setting standards in politics where politicians are there to speak the truth,” he said.

De los Reyes said his role models are “those who shun the system” and among them are former Sen. Rene Saguisag and former Rep. Ted Failon, who is again an ABS-CBN broadcaster.

“They’re people who say the system sucks and they won’t be a part of it … I believe that in this kind of environment, you either die a hero or you live long enough to be a villain. You really have to hit hard,” he said.

How about Gordon?

Asked if Olongapo folk, if not voters from other parts of the country, should also support his estranged uncle Richard Gordon, De los Reyes said, “That’s OK with me.”

He said he was not angry with Gordon. It’s just that “we’re just so different,” he said. “He is the brother of my mom. I’m respectful, but his personality is so strong. I won’t humiliate myself,” he said.

Uncle and nephew have not been on speaking terms for quite some time.

In a recent interview with the Inquirer, Gordon said: “They say I come on strong. I get into trouble because I am frank and candid. But that’s me. I’m sorry, but there’s no ill intention in what I say. If you don’t like it, so be it. They say I’m arrogant. Maybe they just have an inferiority complex.”

 First posted 12:03 am | Sunday, April 28th, 2013

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  • quirinomayer

    This man is crazy – no doubt about that. He has already proven that beyond dispute during the 2010 elections. A sane man would not run unless there’s a china man’s chance of winning which was very far from the case of that Olongapo councilor who got it into his brains that he could take a shot at Malacanang next. A sane man would not further destroy what little chance a relative of winning a political position by running for the same position. His uncle Richard Gordon was already perceived as crazy for giving up certain reelection by running for the presidency which was beyond his reach and here comes his nephew vying for the presidency also.

    It’s not only about his decision to run in 2010 that proves his insanity but his running for senator this 2013. He knows he has no chance but runs anyway. In fact, he will not even win his seat in the Olongapo council if he chooses to run there and here he comes wanting to be a senator of the republic.

    And the third reason that this man should be bundled off to the mental asylum is that he thinks that the time has come for religion to be the basis for politics and governance in this country.

    • Ulipur

      Use of religion….the same reason Eddie Villanueva will not win in any national elections.

    • abner

      mananatili po tayong inuuto ng mga pulitikong sila sila lang ang gusto manalo sa senado at pagka presidente kung ganyan ang pag iisip na kapag me bago eh nasisiraan na ulo kapag tumakbo sa pagka presidente..hayaan mong siya ang magsimula ng rebulusyon ng mga di kilalang pulitiko na magagaling….wag po nating hayaan na sayangin ang mga magagaling na pilipino pero walang nagbibigay inspirasyon na marami ang sumusuporta sa tulad nilang magagaling, mababait, at kayang iahon ang bansa sa kahihiyan at katarantaduhang pinaggagawa ng mga kasalukuyang nakaupo lalo na presidente na ginamit daw ang c1 30 para sa pangangampanya….un ang mga sira ulo…

    • dark 8eyes

      The same reason why you are post huh?

    • Paking

      I agree, JC De Los Reyes will not win because of people who thinks like you. Kailan pa naging mali ang magbakasakaling gumawa nang tama? Nakaka-awa ka, typical na Filipino na marunong manlait pero kitang-kita na ang problema, wala namang hakbang na ginagawa. Mas mabuti pa itong si JC De Los Reyes dahil sa gitna nang imposibleng situwasyon, nagbabakasakaling makatulong para mapabuti ang senadong hawak ng mga trapo at produkto nang political dynasty na walang ginawa kundi ibulsa ang Pork Barrel! Kung tutu-usin mas makakagawa siya nang mabuti kumpara sa mga walang kuwentang senador tulad nina Lapid, Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla at ngayon idagdag mo sina Nancy Binay at Jackie Enrile. Kay JC De Los Reyes may sinag nang pagbabago na pinapatay ng mga tulad mong walang pananaw para umunlad ang Pilipinas. Quirinomayer, ano naman ang masasabi mo tungkol kay Nancy Binay? Nasisiraan ba siya nang bait dahil gustong maging senador kahit walang sapat na kuwalipikasyon kundi ang pangalan ng salot sa puwestong Binay? Ito ba ang klase nang kandidato na gusto mo? Kung ganoon, isa ka sa dahilan nang di natin pag-unlad.


    Mentally challenged, demented, and megalomaniac.

    • Pok2

      Maybe it’s you. JC is a man of principle. Corrupt lang ang aayaw sa kanya.

      • UrHONOR

        It’s MOST DEFINITELY YOU! :)

  • Juan Der Ful

    This is a democratic country, let him be….kung tingin mo mas kaya nyo eh tumakbo din kayo!

    • pepito gwaps

      this is democratic country kung gusto ng maraming bobong botante na si pokwang ang maging presidente ay wala kang magagawa. …kasi magkaiba preference nyo

      • Juan Der Ful

        yehey pokwang for president!

  • Serious Comedian

    How dare you judge this man? You don’t even know him! He’s not crazy!… STUPID… But not crazy… Definitely a good fit for public office…

    • Ulipur

      There are many adjectives/nouns that can characterize JC de los Reyes, aside from CRAZY and STUPID….SMUG….Conceited…Self-Righteous,,ETC…Missionary, Idealistic…..Pero walang alam sa real politics….dahil laban lang nang laban ng walang preparation para manalo…Kaya sorry, sure loser si JC.

      Vote Jun Magsaysay for Senator!

      • Pok2

        I am a Magsaysay and I won’t vote to any of them. Jun is a hypocrite. I’ll go for JC and the KAPATIRAN at any given moment. Magsaysays are devils in disguise like most politicians.

      • UrHONOR

        TAGALOGIN mo na…..malakas ang kilya ng Ingles mo, pokpok.

  • pepito gwaps

    Even if he is really crazy he might win because many of the voters are like crazy at mga tangengot…

  • http://www.businessinsider.com/the-art-of-war-sun-tzu-2011-5?op=1 SunTzu

    Why can’t a crazy person win a senate seat? We have seen retards winning presidency

    • abner

      hahaha nakanganga lang un, nanalo pa.

      • Voice Combo

        isa ka pa alagad ni kalantsaw..npa…

    • dark 8eyes

      Indeed, I can’t agree more. The same reason why Merriam is still in the senate.

    • Voice Combo

      haizzt. ikaw ano ka….intsik beho…tang ina mo…-

      • http://www.businessinsider.com/the-art-of-war-sun-tzu-2011-5?op=1 SunTzu

        kahit ano sabihin mo you monkeys still works as slaves for us… ina mo mga unggoy

    • rlo

      Actually we have retards in the senate. Is the senate still relevant?

  • farmerpo

    “In 2010, several bishops supported the Ang Kapatiran party and even named me as their (presidential) candidate,” he said.

    And my friend, that is the downfall of your quest. Haven’t heard of the CBCP spousing anything that wil help the people. Just create more people.

    • dark 8eyes

      Another pathetic comment. tsk tsk.

    • UrHONOR


  • etomacq

    Gusto kasi ng mga botante yun inuuto uto sila.. pangakuan mo sila ng kung ano ano sabay abot ng pera, sigurado boto mo.

    Sinungaling, kurakot, bopols, sikat o mapera.. yan ang kwalipikasyon para maging Presidente ng Pilipinas

  • Simplify1

    Sayang yung space ng pdi. Kung pinagusapan pa kung bakit di talaga pwede si nancy sa senado dahil bobo, nagamit pa ng tama ang column na eto

  • Brix Villapando

    Gordon Ugok! His only talent is being talkative! Imagine he favors term extensions and dynasty! Di ba ugok ang ganyang tao?

  • http://78angles.blogspot.com/ JahreDistrict78

    vote this man !

    lets try new thing

    this country has nothing to loss

    and maybe its forever losser0(‘-‘)0



  • abbaj

    time for a change. this man will get my vote.

  • beboergosum

    I know this guy. He is good, intelligent, competent. He run a set of small businesses and is a good manager and administrator. A family man and a man of principle. He cannot be bought.

    • Ganymede

      But he may also he manipulated by the Church men. Politics and religion shouldn’t mix. Baka maging theocracy ang Pinas. Lahat nalang ng state policy e kelangan naaayon sa utos ng Simabahan. If that’s the case then magpasakop nalang tayo sa Vatican.

      • beboergosum

        Well, a guy with a business background wouldn’t just vote on a law that would spend billions on condoms and contraceptives. To benefit who? The poor or the big pharmaceuticals? And how many percent of the 21B would go to the pockets of implementors from high level politicians down to the municipal health officers? Come to think of it, 21B is way expensive than the 2 new frigates the Philippine government is buying to defend our country against Chinese aggression. And you can be sure, JC Delos Reyes will support such moves, and that isn’t even Church mandated.

      • Ganymede

        I didn’t even mentioned RH in my previous post. JC is really a puppet of the Church. If the Church is only allowed to blatantly support a candidate, JC would be the man! With regards to the Chinese aggression, I think anybody would support the acquisition of 2 new frigates for our country’s defense, that’s commonsense. With regards to the 21B, where did you get that figure? I checked the full text of the RH law and there is no mention of allocated 21B budget. The RH law will benefit and uplift the lives of the poor in the long run since they will be educated in family planning, given informed choice, and access to the methods they like. Would the lot of our poor countrymen improve without RH law? Definitely not, as the case for so many years up to now, their lot even get worse every year. Would it improve with an RH law? Only time will tell, but between without and with RH, I would prefer the latter, at least with it we still have a chance.

      • beboergosum

        I wonder, what your research says about how much would the RH law really cost the government. I am sure it is not anywhere less than 10 billion, and still billions. Do you know how much a condom or a contraceptive costs? Between 4 to 6 pesos. Now, can’t the poor afford that? What I think government should do with that money is to create jobs, to develop rural areas, so that people don’t converge in the cities. So that the economic gains this government is flaunting about would really trickle down to the poor and not just benefit the rich. Well, it is not about JC delos Reyes now, is it? :b)

      • Ganymede

        Haha.. it seems we’re getting out of topic, it’s your fault. :P You have your points (i.e. develop rural areas, etc), and I agree BUT I still believe that the gov’t should address the population specially of the poor, because any economic gain will be negated if our population will be out of control, since the economic gains can’t cope with the number of people, which is what’s happening today.

  • buttones

    De los Reyes whatever, but if he is of certain age, is Filipino and can read and write then he is eligible to run for office. Nothing in our Constitution says that a Congressman or
    President has to be of sound mind, it doesn’t say “Loony tunes are not allowed”
    This Brotherhood party, which sounds almost Steven Kingish and I’ve never even heard of, is this exclusively for males or are women allowed to join as well? Do they have a ‘Sisterhood’ branch?

    If this guy is looking for support we also need to know what the Brotherhood slogan or catchword is, what is their jingle or song, what are their dance steps and what is the color of their uniforms; are they bright primary colors or pleasant pastel? These are the important things we need to know first before offering any kind of support. On the dynastical thingy, if this guy thinks he can take this feudal system down he is completely off his trolley…

    • Pok2

      Bulok ka rin mag isip. You sound intellectual. SOUND LANG


      Since De Los Reyes is featured by PDI like some kind of Campaign Poster then this man is lackey of Penoy “Team Malaysia” out to gather Catholic votes to be wasted in garbage trash. He is a sure loser but will gather some wasted catholic votes for the enjoyment of “Team Patay”.
      Catholic faithful, Don’t waste vote for De Los Reyes, a paid gatherer of wasted vote meant to prop up “Team Patay”.

  • Oliver82

    I like this guy full of confidence! Sumobra pa yata pero whats the sense of democracy kong hindi cya bigyan ng chance to run. Mapagod karin dre!

  • virgoyap

    Bilib ako kay de los Reyes for his strong conviction against dynasty and patronage politics. But in term of his religious conviction I’m not for those Catholics to be there just to please their Bishops. I wish those Catholics who are having their own principle based on their conscience and not from anybody else.

  • drew_casta

    he is brave in challenging the system and sincere in his advocacies. I will vote for him.

  • dmaxx_trip

    it’s better to vote candidates like him than those same faces who done nothing but make the Filipino lives more miserable. If he won’t be fit for the job comes next election don’t vote for him, but if he will improve the lives of Filipinos then continue to support him.

  • upupperclassman

    JC just loses my vote when he said”That’s OK with me”. It means no conviction and no meaning.

    • jorgii0550

      Your the one who has no conviction if you only based your decision only on that statement.

      We need more politician who will speak against political dynasties and the continuation of pork barrel. If politicians like him wins it will send a signal to all politicians that the Filipino really want change.

      We keep on whining about the evils brought to us by the pork barrels and political dynasties to our country…..now is the time to act.

  • nakabahag

    he’d been a city councilor, he could have taken a shot first for a seat in congress in his district. There, he could have flaunted and fought for his advocacies. Then, the pipol would have known and saw what’s in stock with him.
    eh, senado ka agad…kangkungan ang pupuntahan mo…sayang kung totoo ka…sayang..


    PAGBIGYAN na lang natin ang mga GUSTONG magpakita ng kanilang KATANGAHAN sa madlang bayan……mga nagpaparangalan na sila ay SUGO ng langit upnag iligtas ang mga nanganganib sa mga problemang ginawa at inembento nila para manakot at gamitin ang mga pananakot na ito para sa kani-kanilang sariling kapakanan! SUV….SUV kayo dyan!

    • edcv27

      kung makapagsalita ka akala mo kung sino kang matalino, kung wala ka rin lang napatunayanng galing at talino, mas mabuti pang tumahimik ka nalang at huwag manlait ng tao…

      hindi lang manalo ang habol ng mga tumatakbo… sa tingin ko ang maipakita nila sa buong bansa na MAARING TUMAKBO ANG SINUMANG PILIPINO, KAHIT SIYA AY ISANG ORDINARYONG TAO BASTA MAY KAKAYAHAN, KATAPATAN AT KAALAMAN ay sapat nang dahilan para sila kumandidato, at nang hindi puro mga TRAPO ang nagkakandarapa at namamayagpag sa pwesto… sana magsilbi itong inspirasyon sa mga mamamayang Pilipino… ang pulitika ay hindi lamang para sa mga mayayaman, politcal dynasties at mga sikat na tao… ito ay para sa lahat ng mamamayang Pilipino!

      kaya tuloy walang pagbabago sa gobyerno dahil ang karamihan sa mga nakaupo ay TRAPO!… kailangan natin nang bago!… VOTE for JC DE LOS REYES, MARWIL LLASOS and RIZALITO DAVID of Ang Kapatiran Party…

      • UrHONOR

        IMPERTINENT, immaterial, and irrelevant. Immaculately commercial and histrionic. OVERRULED!

      • edcv27

        wala ka namang matinong sinabi, akala mo ba may maniniwala sayo dito?, excuse me, hate speech and name calling will give more votes to Pro-life candidates…

  • nakabahag


  • Pok2

    GODSPEED JC and the KAPATIRAN. Mga corrupt at walang prinsipyo lang ang di susuporta sa inyo pero ang mahirap karamihan ng Pilipino ay CORRUPT at WALANG PRINSIPYO. Ipagbibili ang lahat pati Katawan at Kaluluwa magkapera lang.

  • $5699914

    Mas nanaisin ko pang mailuklok ito kaysa kay Binay o Casino.

  • jorgii0550

    Mabuhay ka JC and you have my vote……you surely need some media exposure, this is the 1st time I learned about your candidacy and I’m one of those who read the news daily.

    With the kind of candidates we have now for senate (almost everyone is trapo), the Filipino people are force to choose the “lesser evil” or those candidates who knows how to modify their greed. Good thing to know that there is someone like you who is running.

    Is there any PayPal account or something where we can donate some money to help your campaign?

    • David Lim

      Thanks! You may visit our website: http://www.kapatiranparty.org. You may deposit your donation in BPI, Acct. No. 4330-0245-48, or BDO Acct. No. 005008004042, both with the Acct. Name: “Ang Kapatiran Alliance for the Common Good.” If you want an O.R. in your name, pls. mail a copy of your deposit slip with your name to: Ang Kaptiran, 550 Cabildo St., Intramuros, Manila 1002. Mabuhay ang mga sambayanan Pilipino!

  • gerp

    people tend to think you are crazy when you do the things not natural to men… nagkataon lang JC want to change the system…at tama siya he has to hit hard…but his personality is soft and even cannot scratch a crocodile skin headed politicians. but i hope there will be a lot of him to come out in the open, including voters and ordinary men.

    • jinx

      I don’t think he (JC) has the personality to stand up against political dynasties. He’s got ambition, yes, and plenty of lip service. But he’s like a lamb in a lion’s den. Everyone can shout against political dynasties nowadays, but putting this into action is another matter. All this talk against political dynasty is just pasikat. But for me, it would take another lion to crash the said problem.

  • rlo

    The much vaunted professionalism of our news media. Including PDI. “Crazy”. I didn’t vote for JC but I do admire his balls. Yes those two shiny brass things dangling. To run for the presidency even with his obvious lack of self-confidence but honest desire. Something that I wish I had. But I supported and voted for another underdog who has the same kind of desire. At least we have people like them trying and running even though they don’t win yet. I hope people like these don’t give up.

  • eltee mulawin

    >>>Sadyang mga Pilipino tulad din ng mga Hudyo nang kapanahunan ni Moses at Jesus.
    >>>Ang pagkakaiba ni crazy JC DR at crazy Nguyngoy: Si JC DR ay sadyang may mithiin para maging Pangulo o Senador upang isakatuparan ang kanyang makabayan at makataong layunin sa bansa. Samantala si Nguyngoy naging congressman at senador dahil sa salapi at udyok ng mga Conjuanco clan at ni walang ginawa sa congress, ngayon naman ay naging Pangulo kahit sa kaniyang guni-guni ay wala at hindi binalak, at nabigla na lang ng ipagsigawan at ihayag ng mga dilawan grupo na siya ang ikandidato hanggat sariwa pa sa isip ng mga tao ang pangalan at simpatiya sa pagkamatay ni Cory Aquino. Na naging sanhi ng pagkakatapilok ni Mar Roxas sa pangarap na tahakin ang landas tungo sa Malacanang Palace.

  • ravindrama

    iboboto ko ito..JC delos reyes.. mukhang karapat-dapat….

  • tongky80

    i’ll consider him for another position, if it was for the position of brgy. kagawad he’ll get my vote

  • Pok2

    GODSPEED JC and the Kapatiran.

  • Platypus09

    I don’t know why our country has too many political parties. There are too many ideologies all over the place. People would have a hard time tracking them down.

    Their ideologies, most of the time, are inconsistent, so confusing to average Filipinos to understand.

    For them to have too many political parties is not doing the Filipino people a favor. Most of us are confused as to who to follow and what to follow. That is plainly being mean and inconsiderate.

    Why can’t we have TWO main poltical parties to begin with, one is conservative party and one is liberal, making the election process simple and straightforward platforms? They can choose their political names, no more no less.

    I wish we can have two major political parties like the US, the liberal Democrats and the conservative Republicans. They are simple to follow by the people. Each political party has its own election or primary to determine which candidates to field for all the positions from President to local mayors, commissioners, and justices of the peace.

  • http://twitter.com/Marites_Hinlo Marites Hinlo

    you have my vote, JC.

  • Alexander d. Saya

    I believe JC, though he is quite idealistic, it can be done..go for it JC. I voted for you as one of the six I selected out 33 senatoriables. Why I voted only six? Because I don’t want to be guilty again and again if voted more than 6..

  • josephsanchez

    might get my vote along with madrigal. =)

  • Ganymede

    Mahirap itong si JC pag nanalo. I think he’ll be a puppet of the Catholic Church.

  • Paliwaweng

    another case of todays crusaders, tomorrows grafters?…, a replicate of Binay?, and I don’t like his position on religion. Bigoted beliefs, magiging tuta ng simbahan, pedophile priests will be stomping their feet should this man wins.

  • branlem

    i will vote for this guy if he convinces me how he will push the important reforms he mentioned..as of now no one in the senate is really showing concern to the issues he brought..yes i hate the pork barrel, yes hate the trapos and clans in politics JC you just showed me a very valid platform the question is how..how you will not loose momentum towards your goals like or unlike Miriam who simply succumbed to the system..

  • kolin borrek

    Alan Cayetano wants more pork for Cebu. I don’t believe him! Drawing lang yan!

    • shaina banso

      Chicharon ang sinasabi ni Alan Cayetano and not his CDF or pork barrel. He’s really a bolero.

    • sandra martines

      Hindi yun kailangan nila sa’yo Sen. Cayetano. They need your pork barrel for building schools, health centers, road etc. San mo ba ginamit ang pork m?

  • Rose LIsba

    Kurakot din yang si Sen. Alan Cayetano. I read in the paper that 30% ang hinihinging patong niya sa mga projects coming from his pork barrel.

  • http://pinoy-politics.blogspot.com Monsi Serrano

    When I started the group Stop Corruption Philippines in Facebook, just like you, I was sick and tired of corruption going on in the country. I invited some friends from all walks of life in the group. They are my colleagues in the media, local and national politicians, police officers, doctors, nurses, fashion designers, businessmen, youth, students, immigrants, OFWs, retired professionals, foreigner friends who love our country and decided to live here for good and many more. For sure, they share the same frustration about corruption and the intense desire to combat our country’s social malady that has been metastasizing for so many years now not only in the government but also in other sectors.

    Now, let me focus on an important upcoming event – the election on May 13. Again, we will be electing new sets of politicians both in the local and national level with a hope that our country will improve significantly under their leadership. Unfortunately, a lot of those running who say they will make our lives better are the same individuals who’ve spent a whole career in politics on empty promises. Are we toelect them again or the ones in their families to whom they’ve passed on the torch of ineptitude? What have we gotten out of electing someone with a familiar surname? Oftentimes, none. Wala. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Kaput.

    I remember when someone emailed me asking who I think should we vote for and I said, “Let’s try the new breed of politicians.” While I have nothing against those who have proven themselves to be worthy of being nominated again and whose parents’ legacy to the country is beyond reproach (Jun Magsaysay, Dick Gordon, Koko Pimentel) I will not hesitate to give them another chance. But those who lied, abused their position during their time and whose character is highly questionable, they don’t deserve an iota of chance to serve even in the barangay level.

    It is disturbing to see candidates resorting to the most pathetic gimmickry like fabricating wife-beater stories and having that trash reported on the six o’clock news. The accuser – despite being refuted by the alleged battered wife – showed no remorse in his false finger-pointing. In fact, just last Sunday in a TV program he was asked if he stood by his allegation and he said “yes.”

    Another candidate, the daughter of an ultra big politician, climbs up the stage to with even bigger zest for a senatorial seat – notwithstanding the fact she lacks experience in taking such a high post in Congress. Claiming to be the assistant of her father in the Republic of Makati when he was mayor, she thinks the Senate is hers for the taking while she’s not even qualified to run for barangay kagawad. I was asked: “How come she’s been shying away from debates?” My reply: “She’s Air Force – 99-percent air and 1-percent force.” No pun intended for our chivalrous airmen.

    As time ticks closer to the May 13 polls, so many voters are still undecided and confused on whether or not to believe what they see and hear on TV and radio campaign ads. If you ask me, they’re all too good to be true.

    In my mind, these are the simple guidelines in choosing the right candidates. First, if their names “ring a bell,” check the track record of those who served before him/her. They must be clean of corruption, lies and deceit. When you Google the track record of their parents, it is not just what projects they want to flaunt but what crimes they wanted to hide. Why take chances on the children of corrupt officials? Remember that a fruit never falls far from the tree.

    Second, if they are new, check also their past. Not all new candidates are good. I remember one of the new senatorial candidates lied through his teeth when he said he was not expelled from Ang Buhay Partylist where he used to be the Sectoral Representative. He even corrected the host that her statement was untrue. But before terminating the show, the TV network was smart enough to prove that the candidate lied and presented the actual video clip of the candidate before wherein it was proven that this new candidate lied despite that the TV show was aired nationwide. If he did that on TV, how likely would he do the same, lying to the people he is courting for a vote?

    Lastly, ensure that the candidate has clear, practical and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound) programs for us especially to those who have less. If the programs sound like “pie in the sky” and “too good to be true”, then we can safely conclude thatthey are not true!

    For instance, one of the candidates said that he wanted to have free education for everyone. That sounds good, but the question is why he did not pass a law on free education during his stint as congressman. And why not bring back the old State universities’ practice togive priority to the poor (based on ITR) instead of the rich and influential people who are enrolled in the State Universities like UP and PUP. UP is no longer a school for poor but deserving students. Now, you see a lot of cars parked along UP owned by moneyed students. They are stealing the opportunity for quality education from the poor. Another candidate promises capital for everyone to jumpstart a business. Where would the capital for the people come from? If this will be given free, then we are not helping the people to dream anymore and work hard. On the contrary, we are helping them to be social parasites and will always wait for the manna to fall from heaven. That’s pathetic. If politicians want to alleviate poverty, they are not supposed to give fish, instead teach people how to fish.

    For the new breed of politicians I would like to see in the Senate Messrs. JC Delos Reyes, Lito David, Ricky Penson, Mars Llasos and Samson Alcantara. Don’t get me wrong that I am a chauvinist pig. It just so happens that they are all men. They may be new and untested, but as I see them, they are not just willing and able candidates but also lesser evil than the “other” new ones who were only taught by their parents to learn that absolute power corrupts absolutely by continuing the posts they vacated for one reason or the other. I don’t go also for theocrats, who brandish their faith and say, “God told me to run” and be the instruments of change that our country need. For sure, they opted to ignore the separation of the Church and State because they are jaded by their eagerness to serve both God and Mammon.

    Truly, it’s time to change, and may the changes that we envision to happen really take us to where the Philippines ought to be and eventually regain the old glory and respect of the global community that we once had back in the olden days. As Walt Disney said: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

    To join StopCorruptionPhilippines, just search us in Facebook.

    • Fancy Tan

      I voted for all the new candidates.

  • Guest

    Walang pork barrel noon si Jamby pero may nagawa naman siya para sa bayan. Inipit kasi ni GMA ang pork barrel niya noon dahil kalaban siya.

    • Guest

      Eh ngayon, supportive naman si PNoy kay Jamby….kaya kung maibabalik siya sa Senado, maisusulong niya ang mga advocacies niya.

  • ArmchairGeek

    A scion of a political dynasty running for office hoping to stop political dynasties. What an OxyMoron

  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    Greed of Money and Power!Even the bullet cannot stop them because it is right built in the system.

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