Truck loaded with LPG explodes in Cavite town



CAMP VICENTE LIM, Laguna—An explosion occurred at a liquefied petroleum gas refilling station in General Trias, Cavite before noon on Saturday.

The explosion occurred around 11 a.m. in Barangay Tejero, Cavite deputy police director for operations Superintendent Romeo Baleros said in a text message.

An initial report from the General Trias police said a truck loaded with LPG tanks exploded while inside the refilling station, Baleros said.

Senior Police Officer 3 Brendo LLanda of the General Trias police station said by phone that the authorities were still determining what caused the explosion and the extent of the damage.

He said no casualties were immediately reported.

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  • juliustravon

    Naman. Parang bomba din pag sumabog ang LPG. Yumayanig ang paligid. Refilling station pa.

  • Alex Alvarez


  • $18209031

    Its bound to happen and it did happen. Crack tanks and daming mga yan dapat e condemn na for good.

  • muddygoose

    We really need better enforcement of precautionary measures. One common practice is the storage of LPG tanks indoors, which is actually very dangerous.

  • patriotic_act

    oh well if ever the original plan of Marcos for a centralized gas system was realized..

    • Juan Der Ful

      ayaw nila kasi hindi na kikita ang mga smuggler at hoarder ng LPG.

      • patriotic_act

        sad but true, self-interests are always the main culprit

    • malvar pagasa

      wow it is really reassuring to always mention the name of our greatest kleptocrat whenever and whatever is happening at present… marcos only legacy and way of doing things was through kleptocracy, his solution to dismantling the oligarchy was just to confiscate it and took it as his own… fortunately he was stupid enough to treat his regime as just a pure money making venture, he was just too stupid when it comes to business so he failed.

      • patriotic_act

        im talking about one of his “could have been” good projects that is related to the topic in this article and not to his faults and failures as a human being that is NOT part of whatever we have to talk about here, try not to stray away from the topic itself.

      • malvar pagasa

        marcos has no other plan but to rob! and it was you who is trying to talk a different topic.. maybe you can try god instead he has wonderful plans for all of us.

      • patriotic_act

        so as the other presidents after him, so why single marcos out?

        I talked about the centralized gas system, and it happens
        that only Marcos has thought about that, so what makes it out of topic?

        anyways.. how about you? didnt you done anything wrong in your life? it seems to me since you kept on judging other people by their mistakes and started to insert god in the topic you appear so self-righteous enough to do that.. are you a clean person? can you walk on water? did you not sin?

      • malvar pagasa

        well i am not greatest kleptocrat for one, centralized gas system? how stupid can it get? do u know that philippines is an archipelago? made up of at least 7,1007 islands? and u think u can say something as cute as centralized system and u think u are right? it was just a truck ; it could be part of your “wonderful centralized system” and it exploded! or perhaps you are thinking of lopez-like infra for distrubution? well it leaked right? perhaps it wasnt marcos so it could go wrong? hays you are just as stupid like your kleptocrat idol!

      • patriotic_act

        here we go again.. name calling, insults and foul words.. so easy hiding behind a PC doing it.. orrayt lets get it on.

        It seems I cannot talk sense with someone born in the toilet, I pity your mother she thought she was only taking a dump out but found out she gave birth.. you should thank her she didnt flushed you down..

        she loved it being popped from behind, your dad has no plans of having a kid.. but badluck seems greater.. and here you are.

      • malvar pagasa


      • patriotic_act

        good you enjoyed the truth.. nice!

      • malvar pagasa

        well ur funny even ur stupid :)

      • patriotic_act

        yeah you enjoy your mom’s state of mind.. I understand that.. she never thought that she can conceive in the gut.. thats why she asked your dad a “rear entry” popping.. path*tic right?

        but she’s your mother.. you gotta love her even for her faults and imperfections

      • malvar pagasa

        but im loving ur stupid comments!

      • patriotic_act

        yeah like what your mom tells you everyday.. I can see that, you dont need to say it man.. it shows.

      • malvar pagasa

        ill give it a rest you already made my day :)

      • patriotic_act

        yep you better.. even fecal matter needs a day off..

        I understand

      • huseng_batute

        So pinapatawad mo na sila Marcos sa kanilang “mistakes”? I don’t see anything wrong with forgiving. Ang kaso lang hindi sila humihingi ng tawad, eh. Ni hindi nga nila inaamin yung ginawa nila.

      • patriotic_act

        who says I forgive them? what I only did was use the centralized gas system as an example on how would we had eliminated the use of reusable gas tanks that might degrade, leak and explode, including their refilling stations that lack quality.

        I had a knack of looking into the accomplishments of our leaders more than their faults, just like the accomplishments of Cory, FVR, Erap, GMA and PNoy.. but it doesnt mean taking their mistakes for granted.

        but thats not the point of the topic, had we used a centralized gas system we could have controlled the quality of service, eliminating those people who use it to engage in gas refilling service but sacrifice the quality for more gain that results to dangerous results.

      • huseng_batute

        No, our topic is what you said:

        “anyways.. how about you? didnt you done anything wrong in your life? it
        seems to me since you kept on judging other people by their mistakes and
        started to insert god in the topic you appear so self-righteous enough
        to do that.. are you a clean person? can you walk on water? did you not

        You consider what the Marcoses did as mere “mistakes”. Tanungin mo sila kung inaamin nilang nagkamali sila.

      • patriotic_act

        I am airing my opinion about the news article tapos eentrahan nyo ako komo nabangit ko pangalang “Marcos”.. even if hindi naman sya ang gusto ko pag usapan kundi yung project nyang “centralized gas system”..

        nga pala eh sagot ko yan kanina sa isang kausap ko eh, ikaw ba sya? kung ikaw sya bakit nagpalit ka pa ng username?

      • huseng_batute

        My reply was deleted.

        Nope, hindi ako yung kausap mo kanina. As you may have noticed, I don’t resort to name-calling.

        Centralized gas… Right now we have centralized electricity and centralized water. Andaming illegal connections, di ba? Now imagine lalatagan mo ng gas pipes ang buong Metro Manila. Tapos may mga illegal connections.

        Add to that the uncoordinated diggings of PLDT, Globe, Manila Water, Maynilad, DPWH, etc. That will be a safety nightmare!

        The Americans are more organized than us. And yet they still have these:

        March 22, 2001 – A 12-inch natural gas pipeline exploded in Weatherford, Texas on . No one was injured, but the blast created a hole in the ground about 15 feet in diameter and the explosion was felt several miles away.

        May 1, 2001-A 10 inch diameter propane pipeline exploded and burned in Platte County, Missouri.

        June 13, 2001 – In Pensacola, Florida, at least ten persons were injured when two natural gas lines ruptured and exploded after a parking lot gave way beneath a cement truck at a car dealership. The blast sent chunks of concrete flying across a four-lane road, and several employees and customers at neighboring businesses were evacuated. About 25 cars at the dealership and 10 boats at a neighboring business were damaged or destroyed.

        August 11, 2001 – At approximately 5:05 a.m. MST a 24 inch gas pipeline failed near Williams, Arizona, resulting in the release of natural gas. The natural gas continued to discharge for about an hour before igniting.

        August 19, 2000 – A 30 inch diameter natural gas pipeline rupture and fire near Carlsbad, New Mexico killed 12 members of an extended Family camping over 600 feet from the rupture point. The force of the rupture and the violent ignition of the escaping gas created a 51-foot-wide crater about 113 feet along the pipe. A 49-foot section of the pipe was ejected from the crater in three pieces measuring approximately 3 feet, 20 feet, and 26 feet in length. The largest piece of pipe was found about 287 feet northwest of the crater. The cause of the failure was determined to be severe internal corrosion of that pipeline.

        September 7, 2000 – A Bulldozer ruptured a 12 inch diameter NGL pipeline on Route 36, south of Abilene, Texas. A police detective, with 21 years of service, was killed. Nearby, a woman saved herself by going underwater in her swimming pool. Her house was destroyed by the explosion & fire.

        September 8, 2000 – For the second time in 24 hours, a state contractor building a noise wall along IH 475 in Toledo, Ohio struck an underground pipeline, and for a second time the contractor blamed faulty pipeline mapping for the accident. In this incident, the pipe was a six-inch gas pipeline. The crew was digging a hole with an auger for a noise-wall support when it hit the underground pipe less than 500 meters from the previous day’s incident.

        August 5, 2002 – A natural gas pipeline exploded and caught fire west of Rt. 622, on Poca River Road near Lanham, West Virginia. Emergency workers evacuated three or four families. Kanawha and Putnam Counties in the area were requested Shelter-In-Place. Parts of the Pipeline were thrown hundreds of yards away, around, and across Poca River. The Fire was not contained for several hours because valves to shutdown the pipeline did not exist. The orange glow from the fire at 11 PM could be seen for several miles.

        February 2, 2003 – A natural gas pipeline ruptured near Viola, Illinois resulting in the release of natural gas which ignited. A l6-foot long section of the pipe fractured into three sections, which were ejected to distances of about 300 yards from the failure site.

        March 23, 2003 – A 24-inch diameter gas pipeline near Eaton, Colorado exploded. The explosion sent flames 160 meters in the air and sent thousands of Weld County residents into a panic, but no one was injured. The heat from the flames melted the siding of two nearby homes and started many smaller grass fires.

        July 2, 2003 – Excavation damage to a natural gas distribution line resulted in an explosion and fire in Wilmington, Delaware. A contractor hired by the city of Wilmington to replace sidewalk and curbing, dug into an unmarked natural gas service line with a backhoe. Although the service line did not leak where it was struck, the contact resulted in a break in the line inside the basement of a nearby building, where gas began to accumulate. A manager for the contractor said that he did not smell gas and therefore did not believe there was imminent danger and that he called an employee of the gas company and left a voice mail message. At approximately 1:44 p.m., an explosion destroyed two residences and damaged two others to the extent that they had to be demolished. Other nearby residences sustained some damage, and the residents on the block were displaced from their homes for about a week. Three contractor employees sustained serious injuries. Eleven additional people sustained minor injuries.

        November 2, 2003 – A Texas Eastern Transmission natural gas pipeline exploded in Bath County, Kentucky, about 1.5 km south of a Duke Energy pumping station. A fire burned for about an hour before firefighters extinguished it. No one was injured and no property damage was reported.

        August 21, 2004 – A natural gas explosion destroyed a residence located at in DuBois, Pennsylvania. Two residents were killed in this accident. The NTSB determined that the probable cause of the leak, explosion, and fire was the fracture of a defective butt-fusion joint.

        November 8, 2004 – A NGL pipeline failed in a housing division in Ivel, Kentucky. The vapor cloud from the leak ignited, seriously burning a Kentucky State Trooper evacuating those living in the area. 8 others were injured and 5 homes were destroyed. The pipeline had 11 previous corrosion failures, and is only 65 miles long.

        May 13, 2005 – An underground natural gas pipeline exploded near Marshall, Texas, sending a giant fireball into the sky and hurling a 160-foot section of pipe onto the grounds of a nearby electric power generating plant. 2 people were hurt. The OPS concluded that stress corrosion cracking was the culprit.

        September 19, 2005 – A pipeline pumping station employee was killed in Monroe, Ohio, when leaking propane was ignited and exploded by an arcing pump. Flames reached 300 feet high in the following fire.

        December 13, 2005 – Workers removing an underground oil tank in Bergenfield, New Jersey undermined a 1 1/4 inch steel gas pipeline. The gas line later failed, causing an explosion. Three residents of a nearby apartment building were killed. Four other residents and a tank removal worker were injured. Failure to evacuate the apartment building after the gas line ruptured was listed as a contributing factor.

        July 22, 2006 – A gas pipeline ruptured, resulting in an estimated release of 42,946 MSCF of natural gas near Clay City in Clark County, Kentucky. The gas ignited, but there were no injuries, and just minor property damage. External corrosion was suspected.

        October 12, 2006 – A pipeline explosion occurred when a tugboat pushing two barges hit the pipeline Thursday in West Cote Blanche Bay, about two miles from shore and 100 miles southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana. 4 crew members were killed, and 2 were missing and later presumed dead.

        November 11, 2006 – A jet-black, 300-acre burn site surrounded the skeletal hulk of a bulldozer that struck a natural-gas pipeline and produced a powerful explosion 2 miles north of the Wyoming-Colorado line. The bulldozer operator was killed.

        November 1, 2007 – A 12-inch propane pipeline exploded, killing two
        and injuring five others near Carmichael, Mississippi. The NTSB
        determined the probable cause was likely an ERW seam failure. Inadequate
        education of residents near the pipeline about the existence of a
        nearby pipeline and how to respond to a pipeline accident were also
        cited as a factors in the deaths.

        February 5, 2008 – A natural gas pipeline explodes and catches fire
        near Hartsville, Tennessee, believed to have been caused by a tornado
        hitting the facility.

        August 28, 2008 – A 36-inch gas pipeline fails near Stairtown, Texas
        causing a fire with flames 400 feet tall. The failure was caused by
        external corrosion.

        August 29, 2008 – A 24-inch gas transmission pipeline ruptured in
        Cooper County, Missouri. Corrosion had caused the pipeline to lose 75%
        of its wall thickness in the failure area.

        September 9, 2008 – Workers constructing a new pipeline hit an existing natural gas pipeline in Wheeler County, Texas.

        September 14, 2008 – A 30-inch gas pipeline ruptured & gas
        ignited near Appomattox, Virginia. 2 homes were destroyed by the fire.
        External corrosion seems to be the cause of the failure.

        February 1, 2009 – A gas pipeline explosion rocked the area 2 miles east of Carthage, Texas.

        May 4, 2009 – A gas pipeline bursts near Hobe City, Florida on
        injuring 2 people on the Florida Turnpike from flying debris. The
        escaping gas did not ignite.

        May 5, 2009 – Natural gas pipeline explodes and catches fire on near
        Rockville, IN in Parke County, about 24 miles north of Terre Haute,
        Indiana. PHMSA indicated the possibility of external corrosion in its
        Corrective Action Order (CAO) to the pipeline company. Pictures have
        been released around the area showing the damage caused. 49 homes were evacuated in a one-mile area of the explosion. No injuries reported.

        November 5, 2009 – Two people were hurt when a natural gas pipeline
        exploded in Bushland in the Texas Panhandle. The explosion left a hole
        about 30 yards by 20 yards and close to 15 feet deep. The blast shook
        homes, melted window blinds and shot flames hundreds of feet into the
        air. The home nearest the blast – about 100 yards away – was destroyed.
        Bushland is about 15 miles west of Amarillo.

        November 14, 2009 – A newly built 42-inch gas transmission pipeline
        near Philo, Ohio failed on the second day of operation. There was no
        fire, but evacuations resulted. Several indications of pipe deformation
        were found.

        January, 2010 – A gas pipeline exploded near Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana killing a pipeline employee.

        February 1, 2010 – A plumber trying to unclog a sewer line in St.
        Paul, Minnesota ruptured a gas service line that has been “cross bored”
        through the house’s sewer line. The plumper & resident escaped the
        home moments before as an explosion and following fire destroyed the
        home. The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety ordered that gas utility,
        Xcel, to check for more cross bored gas lines. In the following year,
        25,000 sewer lines inspected showed 57 other cross bored gas lines. In
        Louisville, Kentucky, 430 gas line cross bores were found in 200 miles
        of a sewer project, including some near schools and a hospital. The NTSB had cited such cross bore incidents as a known hazard since 1976.

        March 15, 2010 – A 24-inch gas pipeline bursts, but did not ignite near Pampa, Texas.

        June 7, 2010 – A 36-inch gas pipeline explosion and fire in Johnson
        County, Texas, was from workers installing poles for electrical lines.
        One worker was killed, and six were injured. Confusion over the location
        and status of the construction work lead to the pipeline not being
        marked beforehand.

        June 8, 2010 – Construction workers hit an unmarked 14-inch gas
        gathering pipeline near Darrouzett, Texas. Two workers were killed.

        August 25, 2010 – A construction crew installing a gas pipeline in
        Roberts County, Texas hits an unmarked pipeline on seriously burning one man.

        August 27, 2010 – A LPG pipeline sprang a leak in Gilboa, New York, forcing the evacuation of 23 people.

        September 9, 2010 – A high pressure gas pipeline exploded in San
        Bruno, CA, a suburb of San Francisco. The blast destroyed 38 homes and damaged 120 homes. Eight people died and 58 were injured. Ten acres of brush also burned. Later, PG&E was unable to supply the California Public Utilities Commission with documents on how PG&E established pressure limits on some of its gas transmission pipelines.

        September 28, 2010 – A repair crew was working on a corroded gas
        pipe in Cairo, Georgia when the line exploded. One crew member was
        killed, and 3 others burned.

        October 15, 2010 – A gas pipeline under construction in Grand
        Prairie, Texas was running a cleaning pig without a pig “trap” at the
        end of the pipe. The 150 pound pig was expelled from the pipeline with
        enough force to fly 500 feet, and crash through the side of a house. No
        one was injured.

        November 12, 2010 – Three men working on natural gas lines were injured when a pipeline ruptured in Monroe, Louisiana.

        November 30, 2010 – A 30-inch diameter gas pipeline failed at
        Natchitoches, Louisiana. There was no fire, but the pipeline had a
        Magnetic Flux smart pig test earlier in the year that indicated no flaws
        in the pipeline. The deadly 1965 gas pipeline accident occurred on a
        different pipeline owned by the same company nearby.

        December 17, 2010 – A gas line fire and explosion just outside of
        Corpus Christi, Texas city limits left one person critically injured. A
        man was working on removing an abandoned pipeline when it exploded, and the man’s face was severely burned.

        December 28, 2010 – A pipeline at an underground gas storage
        facility in Covington County, Mississippi exploded forcing the
        evacuation of about 2 dozen families for over a week.

        January 18, 2011 – A gas main being repaired in Philadelphia,
        Pennsylvania explodes, killing a repair crew member and injuring 6

        January 24, 2011 – Gas pressure regulators failed and caused a gas
        pressure surge in Fairport Harbor, Ohio causing gas fires in numerous
        homes, and one apartment. 7 homes were destroyed, and damaged 45
        furnaces, 10 boilers, 19 water heaters, and 10 other gas appliances. Gas
        company Dominion East Ohio says it found fluids and debris in a failed
        regulator and is investigating how that happened.

        February 10, 2011 – 5 people are killed and 8 homes are destroyed in
        an apparent gas explosion and fire in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The NTSB had warned UGI about cast iron gas mains needing replacement after the 1990 gas explosion in that city. Between 1976 and the date of the letter, July 10, 1992, two more gas explosions occurred. Three people were killed, 23 injured and 11 homes were destroyed or damaged in those explosions.

        February 10, 2011 – A 36-inch diameter gas transmission pipeline exploded near Lisbon, Ohio. No injuries resulted.

        March 17, 2011 – A 20-inch steel natural gas line running through a
        Minneapolis, Minnesota neighborhood ruptured and gas from it ignitied,
        caused evacuations to buildings nearby, and Interstate 35W was closed
        from downtown Minneapolis to Highway 62. There were no injuries.

      • patriotic_act

        and yet they are still using it right? ive stayed in the US for a long time to appreciate how they use the centralized gas system and continue to upgrade it and utilize it even with those incidents you compiled above.. and learn from the mistakes that made those incidents.

        its just like how we continue to use vehicles that run on gasoline that can explode anytime if not used properly.

        oh its good to know na hindi ka katulad nung mga kausap ko kanina, atleast we can talk with sense.

      • huseng_batute

        The disasters here will be much worse if we used a centralized system. Our culture isn’t just ready for that.

      • patriotic_act

        sadly yes.. but it doesnt mean that hahayaan nalang natin na ganito tayo right? yung ngang mga nagtitingi ng LPG hindi iniingatan yung service nila eh, sumasabog pa.. yung mga basyo ng LPG luma at kinakalawang na ginagamit pa rin.

        atleast there will come a time na kailangan nating i-adopt ang mga modern technologies ang approach, kahit na meron flaws since lahat naman meron.. or else mapag iiwanan lang tayo ng husto..

        I agree na hindi handa ang society natin sa mga “ways” ng mga progresibong bansa.. pero di ibig sabihin na ganun nalang.. so atleast we have to accept that change is inevitable and still try to utilize modernized approaches to make our lives easier.

      • malvar pagasa

        haha! huseng batute and u still really trying to explain things to someone as idiotic as patriotic act? geez!

      • huseng_batute

        Well, that’s the purpose of this comment section, right? To communicate with others, to get the message across. There is no guarantee that others will agree with you, but at least there is a chance they will listen.

        Calling people “stupid” or “idiot” is a sure guarantee that they will reject whatever message you’re trying to get across.

      • malvar pagasa

        well a spade is a spade, but u can have it your way :)

      • patriotic_act

        malvar pagasa’s mom regularly calls him like that.. thus he does it to other people aswell.. waste no time on a person never really planned by their parents that hides behind a username calling people names..

        atleast his mom realized his a living sh*t and pitied him..

      • patriotic_act

        well not like being sh*t out by your mom and almost get flushed down the drain id say acting like your dad would be better.. it feels good popping your mom from behind and shooting loads of white.. hell, never your dad knew something can be born out of it..

        thus here you are..

      • Billy Reyes

        Marcos started the culture of Barkadas, Pakikisama, Kumpadre, Companero.Kamag-anak, kaibigan,
        Completely reverse for What President Ramon Magsaysay government.
        You should realized this too.,

      • patriotic_act

        what about that? im not talking about that, Im talking about his proposal on a centralized gas system that we could have utilized well that eliminates the need for this small time LPG distributors that sacrifice quality for extra income..

        im not talking about Marcos as a president or his “humanity” and “mistakes” as all of us makes mistakes ourselves, it just so happened that he proposed it as a project thats why I mentioned his name.. so why kept changing the topic?

      • panhase

        “try not to stray from the topic itself”.
        The topic is an explosion and not the greatest kleptocrat or his plans and neither his wuld-be plans.

      • patriotic_act

        Centralized Gas System is a related subject for the topic.

        why bother changing username by the way?

      • panhase

        Ehhh, “changing username”? Are you a clown by any chance?
        And by the way, following your logic roads would also be a related to the topic since a truck was mentioned diba?

      • patriotic_act

        clown? oh just like your dad

  • wawa2172

    Safety first is not observed in many industries in the country and some of this are the LPG refilling stations. Damage gas tanks, pipes, hose and carelessness are some problems affecting the refilling stations. I hope no one hurt else baka mangyari sa atin like what happened in Texas where scores died after the devastating explosion.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      14 died in texas

      • catmanjohn

        People should go see the movie GasLand II. A real eye opener, just as the original GasLand. Global world domination by the oil/gas companies ( evil Bush & Co.), at the expense of the people’s health, especially those who live on the land, is a rude wake up call for strict environmental standards and accountability. Unfortunately, the PH is one of the areas in their sights. Beware!!

  • Pio Gante

    still hoping for zero casualties because it’ll be horrible for the victims.

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