No happy landing for Aquino at Catarman airport: A highway runs through it


CATARMAN, Northern Samar—President Benigno Aquino III discovered on Friday that it’s no fun to land on this town’s short and accident-prone runway, especially on board a Philippine Air Force C-130 Hercules cargo plane.

Mr. Aquino had a rough landing on Friday morning in this sleepy town, site of the first leg of his three-town swing through Northern Samar and Southern Leyte provinces intended to ensure a 12-0 win for his handpicked senatorial candidates.

Only a day after returning from Brunei, the President was already back on the campaign trail, but his eagerness to resume campaigning for Team PNoy was met with one minor air turbulence: the Marcos-era Fokker F28 presidential plane conked out during a scheduled trip from Dumaguete City to Cebu for a campaign rally last week.

So he had to fly in a C-130, which is built for maneuvering on Catarman’s perilous 1.6-kilometer runway.

He last boarded this Air Force workhorse when he brought back the remains of the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo from Masbate City to Naga City in August 2012.

‘Rocks are coming out’

“When I disembarked (from the plane), many wondered why I kept on staring at the pavement. I told them, ‘look, the pavement is almost gone and the rocks are coming out. A tarmac should be on level ground,’” said Mr. Aquino, recounting his initial impression of the airport during a rally at the Freedom Park here.

He recalled that the airport was actually “intersecting a highway,” meaning it is also used for other purposes (people and vehicles cross the runway since houses serve as the airport’s de facto perimeter fence).

Some airlines had already ceased plying the Manila-Catarman route as the number of passengers using the airport had dwindled through the years because of safety concerns.


State of disrepair

“Of course, a runway should be flat. There may come a time when tourists would start flocking to this place and they would find it incredulous that the runway is littered with humps. That’s the end of our tourism program,” said Mr. Aquino.

The President learned from local officials that the runway has been in a state of disrepair for the last 40 years.

The President was also greeted with the unseemly sight of a dilapidated terminal in dire need of a fresh coat of paint and major renovations.

Security was also evidently lax.

Right then, the President decided to provide allocation for the rehabilitation of the terminal and the upgrading of the runway.

The transportation department has already bid out the P7.6-million Catarman Airport Development project, which consists of an asphalt overlay of 128 meters of the runway and the construction of 264-meter perimeter fence.

Time to buy new plane

Brig. Gen. Ramon Mateo Dizon, Presidential Security Group chief, agreed that although the C-130 was a safer alternative for landing and takeoff in shorter runways, he deemed it wise for the leader of Asia’s so-called “rising star” to rely on the services of a new plane.

“What we’re saying is it’s time to buy a new plane. As to what kind of plane, it’s up to the experts (at the Air Force),” said Dizon.

“I don’t want to preempt the Air Force. Their procurement process is not finished yet,” Dizon added.

At the Freedom Park, Mr. Aquino announced before a sea of yellow-clad Liberal Party supporters that the National Economic Development Authority (Neda), which he chairs, had already approved the Samar Pacific Coastal Road project that will connect Northern Samar and Eastern Samar.

‘Abortion road’

The Neda also assured funding for the 220-kilometer Samar road rehabilitation project that is presently under construction, including the so-called “abortion road” in Eastern Samar, an unpaved highway filled with large potholes.

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    Sus Ginoo…Ha ha ha !…propaganda talaga tuwing …”ELECTION”…the people of Catarman has been calling the attention of the Conressman,..Governor.. & Mayor for that Airport problem but no one cares,…ngayon ay may solusyon na ?….ha ha ha !

    • Romulus Fenandez

      tama ka haahahaha, 30%-50% ba naman kotong ng mag amang governor at congressman ano mapapala ng proyekto e di sub standard………

      • Isang Berting

        Kahit sino umupo meron yan! Sa palagay mo, kung ung ung MANOK mo manalo, wala ba yan? Nasasabi mo yan dahil ibang partido ka. hehe.. Isulat mo sa tubig…

    • tarikan

      Tanong ko lang: Ginagamit ba nila mayor,congressman, governor yang runway diyan sa Catarman? Baka nagpaparaglide laang sila mula Manila or Cebu. 128 meters laang kasi ang haba, eh sarangola laang eh baka kapos pa haha.


        OOOPPPS!..baka naman may sariling AIRPORT ang mga BIGTIME na Congressman , Governor,…at Mayor dahil dami ng KWARTA Na nakulimbat nila sa GOBYERNO…ha ha ha !

    • NoPeopleLuck

      Bilis mag bigay ng issue for allocation…tapos na uli ang term nila di pa naimpisahan gawin ang airport na yan …pustahan?

  • farmerpo

    Fix the airport first, then buy a plane. Visit us again soon Mr. President and see if the runways is not showing stones anymore.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      I like to hear the history of this airport. Where’s income went for maintenance and staffing?

    • NoPeopleLuck

      They cant buy a new plane new airport pa kaya?…

  • Ciano Malandag

    hay naku! puro na lang pangako tuwing eleksyon…pagkatapos ng eleksyon wala na. kinalimutan na ang lahat!.tatlong taon ka ng nanunungkulan di mo pa alam? sus! kung di ka lang nangangampanya,di mo malaman yan! hala! pangakohan mo na sila!!! bakasakali magkatotoo!!!

    • Handiong

      “Right then, the President decided to provide allocation for the rehabilitation of the terminal and the upgrading of the runway.”

      Hindi ka pala marunong umintindi ng English.

      • billy gunner

        Yeah he decided. Is something new here? No he’s just up to saying he decided but his decisions remain as promises which have yet to come to fruition. He even decided he’d push for the foi. Until the decision has still to be executed. And the irony is hes d chief executive.

      • Handiong

        That’s a sweeping statement and you know that. The FOI matter is something that has to be studied very carefully. I would rather have no FOI than something that will only cause more problems. A lot of evil things can be done by evil people with the use of an FOI that has no proper safeguards. The decision to put the FOI under further study is a prudent one.

        The decision to allocate funds for the rehabilitation of the Catarman Airport is straightforward. The P7.6 million project has already been bid out and with the order to allocate funds, it’s as good as done.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        is there a bidding posting in major newspaper for this project? How can ordinary Pinoy get a contract on this project at least to create job for them?

      • Handiong

        Of course there will be jobs when construction starts. The winning bidder will probably hire locally in Catarman or Northern Samar.

      • Usbaw Ka

        Tsssk tsskk. I still remember Pnoy, when he was still a Senator, insisted GMA to have the bill certified as urgent to have it immediately approved. The inaction of GMA on FOI was even one of Pnoy’s campaign propaganda. But now, when he has the power to make it urgent,……Wait, he needed time to study ….tsskkk tsssk.

      • Tamarindwalk

        Remember when the Americans had “the decider”? Perhaps Aquino is headed the way of Bush -> failure.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      how come no local government for 40 years have ask for repair? This is also the fault of poor Filipinos who have no level playing fields to air their issues against any political leaders. This poor Filipinos can be easily manipulated and promised by political candidates but shorts on follow up or been shut up with favors or cash.
      Ask your elected leader what they should do about it. Don’t blame, its you to blame.

  • Hey_Dudes

    The biggest discrepancy these mediocre officialdom keepers keep piling up is their building for themselves grandiose city halls, provincial halls, city and town plazuelas but gives very little priority on the more bigger infrastructures like airports and roads. I cannot think of when I have traveled back home not encountering potholes even in major cities. Yet, the country is trillion in debts with nothing to show for it except having boxers and beauty pageant candidates all paporms and no substance.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      don’t be surprise this country is full of prostitutes, criminals, plunderers, fake statemen and thieves and they’re dying to run this forsaken ‘rising tiger’ country.

      • Tamarindwalk

        The rising tiger is more like a sick puppy!

    • scconcern

      Tama ka….. yan ang problema dulot ng pork barrel…tinga tinga ang project at pang epal lang…dapat yan pork barrel ay nasa executive at gamitin sa malakihan prohekto na makaka-eempleyo ng marami at pagkakitaan para magamit sa ibang malaking prohekto uli.

  • punto_lang

    Show to your constituents Mr. President your political will. Help these people.

  • Teresita Sy

    Neglected. Now show us you have the balls to fix a lot of these!

    • NoPeopleLuck

      They cant fixed it naubos sa campaign nila…ang budget no budget syempre no airport…mga taga Samar(Pilipinas)…its time to choose well…your good leader to progress and till the next term.

  • maxwellalvarez

    New plane? Get a helicopter. Problem solved.

    • buttones

      EXACTLY! That way a President can actually visit every single island we have- Sikorsky S92- end of problem end of story…and Kris would simply love it..

      • Mark Peralta

        afford naman ni kris ang private jet or small plane

  • Romulus Fenandez


  • kismaytami

    And why the hell is he using government resources for non-official things like campaigning for his dogs?

    • Pio Gante

      he’s doing the rounds and campaigning hardly for his candidates while attending so and so meetings or inaugurating this and that, ang sipag talaga ng ‘his excellency':))

  • ingbilat

    “samantala, si meyor, si gobernor, si kongreaseman at si senador ay yumayaman by serving the poor”! _ _ through a Manila based radio station, sent by a texter

  • billy gunner

    The president s forgetin sumthin. He is the president and shud be acting like one. Kelangan ba talaga nyang personal iindorso mga tao nya? He could have endorsed them but not actvly in such away na lumalabas mas inuuna pa nya kampanya kesa sa mas mahalagang bagay. At hindi ko rin maintindiha. Kung bakit kinokonsinti pa ito ng kAramihan dito!

    • Jose Laxa

      kinokpya natin ang ginagawa sa Singapore, USA, Japan at iba pa… ng kanilang prime minister at president.
      Dapat pagsabihan mo rin yung lider na nasa Singapore, USA, Japan at iba pa… o pagsabihan ang mga tao doon na sundin ang sinasabi mo.

      • billy gunner

        Really? san mo nman nkuha impormasyon na yan? chek ur facts. even the US presidents merely endorse their partymates but not fly around the whole country. besides, ok lang pla sa yo na mas unahin nya kmpanya? Seems lyk a misplaced priority! And u seem to be defending a misguided priority! Wtf!

      • desi derata

        You should be here in the States before you say smething about the US presidents.

        I will tell you something which you may not believe, President Aquino is much, much better than President Obama.

      • billy gunner

        Hold ur horses! First of all its not gud claiming ur statesyd wen ur obviously frm the palace comm group. 2nd, aquino s beter than obama? Thats preposterous! Lol

    • Horst Manure

      He should be funding school’s to teach English so people like you can spell.

      • billy gunner

        This s a coment section. Not a fomal theme buklet! Lol

  • billy gunner

    And to think that the incumbents in town are from LP.

  • speedstream2

    Where have all the concerned local, national officials and congressmen been through all these years? Were they wearing blinders that nobody noticed the sorry state of that runway? Or could it be that, like their counterparts all over the country, they simply don’t care because they are more concerned with themselves and their families rather than the millions of hardworking taxpayers? When will we ever learn?

  • speaksoftlylove

    Congressman – LP

    + Governor – :LP

    + Mayor – LP

    Equals – Matuwid na lubakliubak na airport. No wonder.

    • desi derata

      How many years you have these people lording it over?

  • Fulpol

    Kris Aquino hates to ride on that plane…


  • Fulpol

    Catarman airport, just for VIP use only…


  • tangaangpinoy

    Samar’s story is hardly original. A family that allegedly built its war chest from state revenues rules, while other emerging clans incessantly challenge it. Here, politics is all about patronage and, in some areas, violence had been the means to achieve political goals.

    As corruption continues to persist, the province plunges deeper into poverty.

    The ruling political family, led by former governor and now 2nd district Rep Milagrosa “Mila” Tan, has been in power for 15 years. In this year’s elections, Mila, 55, is running for re-election and also fielding her 4 children and brother-in-law for various posts. If they all win, the provincial capitol, the two congressional districts, and key cities will be under their control.

    For their critics, the reason Mila is fielding her entire family to these posts is obvious: they want access to pork barrel funds and the largest internal revenue allotments (IRAs).

    (Pls. Google: The Tans of Samar: Expanding a dynasty)

    • NoPeopleLuck

      Its up to the people of Samar i really dont know why they’re so blind not to see what kind progress they have under this govt officials…how many years? same same parin…wanna change? Pwede ba? your vote is so important, for your future and progress.

  • tarikan

    A 128-meter runway? Never mind the 264-meter perimeter fence although in itself is incredulous. A 128 m. length multiplied by 2 is 256 already. You have only 4.0 m. on each end for width to make 264 m.? A perimeter is the total length of all sides. I had built close to a dozen runways including lengthening of shorter ones. A half decent paved runway that could accommodate a Boeing 737 type aircraft would have at least 1,800 m. length and 30.0 m. width. Fokker F-28 types can be accommodated on half of that length. But a 128-m. runway? Come on! Even an F-1 race car would have a difficult time stopping within that length.

    • speedstream2

      Based on your inputs, my friend, would it be correct to say that landing and taking off on a 128-meter uneven runway has to be quite scary, a dicey proposition or something akin to putting oneself in a high-risk situation?

      • tarikan

        Never heard of a 128-m. runway even from an aircraft carrier. Could it be that the journalist did not know a meter from an electric meter? He even did not know the meaning of the word perimeter, I suspect. Unless you use a helicopter, landing a Hercules on an 128-m. runway (even Fokker plane) is unheard of. Ridiculous!

      • billy gunner

        The writer must hav heard it from aquino himself. No wonder its ridiculous!

      • desi derata

        Your conclusion is ridiculous.

    • tagaDumantay

      Baka width ang sinabi hinde ang length

      • tarikan

        A single runway width of pavement is no more than 50.0 meters. The unpaved shoulders could be 10.0 meters on each side. That’s a total of 70.0 meters. Still out of specs that 128.0 meters. That journalist who wrote the article was incompetent. He should have verified from the authorities first.

  • tagahuron

    Welcome to DOTC, the experts in Airport designs. Only in the Philippines..

  • RyanE

    “He recalled that the airport was actually “intersecting a highway”

    No problem.. just install a boom with warning bell just like in a railroad crossing.. lol

  • padrefaura

    3 years into your presidency and only now you noticed this? Kung di pa kampanya, hindi ka magkakaplano at mangangako na ayusin ang airport.

    • HoyGago

      Sa laki ba naman ng Pilipinas lahat ba ng problema makikita mo agad?

      • billy gunner

        After all hes d president. Bakit nman nya hindi maayos gobyerno nya…

      • Peace!!!!

        ikaw kaya ang maging presidente?

      • Guest

        Nung nakita niya ang problema, binigyan agad ng solusyon.
        Magreklamo tayo kung nung nalaman niya na may problema, hindi siya gumawa ng kahit ano.

      • padrefaura

        Its an airport, my dear friend. Yan ang una mong mapapansin paglapag mo. Im not talking of a busted lampost bulb.

      • HoyGago

        An airport that, in 2009, handled 659 takeoffs and landings for THE ENTIRE YEAR. Maliban na lang kung may bahay si Noynoy sa Catarman e I doubt kung paano niya mapansin personally yung airport.

      • padrefaura

        kaya nga may DOTC, di po ba? at dahilan ba yun para hindi matulungan ni Pnoy ang mga taga-Catarman in 3 years? kung sabagay, alam naman ng lahat na tamad ang boss nyo.

      • HoyGago

        May ongoing bidding ang DOTC para sa improvement ng Catarman Airport. So napansin na po ito ng DOTC. Inform yourself muna bago tayo magtatatalak.

      • padrefaura

        Kelan pa yung on going na yan, sige nga.

      • HoyGago

        Nung Feb 12 pa. Search mo sa Google nang makita mo yung news article.

        Available pa sa DOTC yung bid documents. Baka gusto mong magbid para hindi naman puro satsat ka lang.

      • padrefaura

        so kung tama ka na feb 12 pa lang gumalaw, hindi nga ako nagkamali, almost 3 years from Pnoy’s assumption from office sila gumalaw. di po ba? sige pa noytard, ipagtanggol mo ang boss mong batugan

      • HoyGago

        Sa isip mo ata e genie ang pangulo na isang pitik, ayos ang problema. May mga proseso yan, alamin mo. Reconcile your expectations with realities and you won’t sound so cynical and stupid.

      • desi derata

        Don’t lump us with you, Bobo.

    • Guest

      bakit malilibot mo ba buong Pilipinas? kahit nga ang Megamall d mo kaya libutin lahat ng
      sulok.. kung maglagay ko ng coins sa Megamall mahhanap mo ba?

      • $28797156

        nasaan ang common sense sa tanong mo? aquino III ka nga!

      • Peace!!!!

        aquino?.. wala ko sa pinas.. d ako botante.. puro paninira ka sa Pilipinas..kaya hindi tyo umuunlad

      • $28797156

        hindi ko sinisira ang Pilipinas, ikaw at mga kagaya mo na mga walang common sense ang sumisira sa Pilipinas. ngayon alam mo na kung sino ang sumisira sa Pilipinas?

      • Peace!!!!

        Peace pare..

      • $28797156

        bakit mo binura ang reply mo kay padrefaura, Peace!!!!? wala bang common sense? haha

      • padrefaura

        Eto talagang mga paid apologists, nagpapaobvious nanaman. President ng pilipinas si pnoy. Expected na malibot nya ang buong bansa. Nagawa nya nga yun nung nangangampanya sya ng 2010, ngayon pa kayang pangulo na sya.

      • NoPeopleLuck

        Tama?…alam nya yan inuna muna yong kakampi nya syempre at malakas sa kanya…si gob, congressman, mayor walang silbi saan na yong pork barrel nila napunta? Sa bulsa nila?anong project ba ang natapos nila….housing? Housing nila?

    • ike1684

      kung itong 2013 election ang sinasabi mo kaya sya nangangako ipagawa ang airport dapat noong 2010 pa kasi kandidato sya. Dapat kayong mga mamamyan dyan maging vigilant sa nga local officials nyo at wag kayong magpakatanga na iboto ang mga dating pulitiko na tumatakbo ngaun na walang nagawa i puro pangungurakot lang ang alam. Kaya nga may tinatawag na local Government units kasi nd lahat dapat iaasa sa pangulo.

      • padrefaura

        parekoy, ang airport, under the jurisdiction ng DOTC, which is under the departments under the president. about 2010, ang punto ko, malamang dumaan na dyan si Pnoy nung nangangampanya sya, so i presume alam nya na ang sitwasyon ng airport, at kung sabihin natin na hindi, dapat man lang, as president, napuntahan nya ang airport na yan in 3 years of his tenure. masyado kasing noynoying ang amo nyo.

      • ike1684

        alam mo kahit under ng DOTC yan initiative parin yan ng LGU’s na imungkahi sa mga kinauukulan. Kung napansin na nya yan di sana nabanggit ba nya noon pa. Wag taung mag tayong magbulag bulagan sa nakikita natin Hindi porke nd ka makapnoy sarado na mga mata mo sa mga bagay bagay. ano bang ginagawa nyo bilang mamamayan? wag puro sisi kumilos ka at gumawa para sa bayan mo. Nd lahat kayang gawin ng pangulo. buti nga napansin pa eh ilang presidente na ang lumipas wala man lang nakapansin sa airport na yan. wala masama kung nd ka.makapnoy pero maging balanse ka sa pag aanalisa ng mga bagay.

      • padrefaura

        Fyi, governor paul daza is a member of liberal party. Dont ask me what i can do for my country, at the very least, i am paying my taxes properly. The taxes i pay is being used to pay the goverment to do its job properly.

      • ike1684

        Nd sapat na nagbabayad ka ng tax, dapat vigilant ka, dapat may nakikita kang pagbabago sa bayan mo wag maging tanga. sino may kasalanan kung si daza ay taga LP? walanv ibang sisihin kundi kayong mga taga bayan nya kasi ibonoto nyo sya. nd ibig sabihib taga LP malinis na, ang iba nagmamalinis lang. dapat marunong kayong magsaliksik kung sino ang nararapat at tapat at higit sa lahat kung sino ang nd kurakot.. ngaun alam nyo na ang pamamalakad ni daza dapat matuto kayo, wag nyo iboto. iboto nyo ung taong alam nyong nararapat kahit saang partido pa sya, ang mahalaga alam nyo na nd sya kurap at may malinis na track record

      • padrefaura

        lumalayo ka na sa usapan. eto lang sinasabi ko, only after 3 years ni Pnoy napansin yung problema sa airport. sabi mo, kasalanang ng LGU yan. sabi ko, kung ganun ang sinasabi mo, tandaan mo, LP si daza. alam mo ba na LP din si Pnoy? so dapat magkalapit sila, diba?
        eh, ikaw, ano na ba ang nagawa mo sa bayan? superhero ka ba?

  • kilabot

    noykapon is utilizing govt resources
    for election campaigning;
    and wants a new plane;
    while pablo victims still don’t have rice to cook;
    while mindanao is in a state of constant blackouts.
    abnoying priorities.

    • $28797156

      alerto yang electioneer aquino III para sa 12-0 ng kagrupo niya, pero pagdating sa trabaho bilang empleyado ng bansa, patulog-tulog ang tamad na iyan.

  • $28797156

    bakit alam ni aquino III na dapat level ang runway, di naman siya engineer? di nya nga alam ang mga batas na ilang taon syang naging mambabatas. nagmamarunong wala namang alam kung magkaproblema magtuturo sa iba.

    • Peace!!!!

      Pards common sense na lng.. anong gusto mo sa airport lubak lubak? d na kailangan ang engineer ang magsabi..

      • $28797156

        common sense? alamin mo yan!

      • Peace!!!!

        baka ikaw pare.. ikaw ang mag alam

      • $28797156


  • parefrank

    Since his campaigning anyway is illegal and uses tax money for his LP campaign, there should not only be a highway, but a highway blocked with sand loaded trucks. Means go back or crash. Since when the president is above all rules and restrictions about election and campaigning? Since when he can dip his fingers into taxpayers money and spend billions just for “his” candidates? He blamed this during the previous administrations and up to now against Gloria, but if he does it much more excessive, then it is OK and following his “Straight Path”.

  • divictes

    I am extremely amazed at the pilot’s expertise, maneuvering a 30-meter , 40-ton plane to a safe landing in a 128-meter runway. By the way, how did you manage to get airborne again?

    • dorky boy

      LOL vtol daw yung C130

  • Joe Kano

    It’s simply ridiculous that a working airport would be in such condition.

    And even more ridiculous that a nation’s president would land at an airport in such condition.

    And it’s even more ridiculous than that when a president’s bumpy landing leads to immediate action to fix such conditions, as if nobody could take responsibility for an obvious problem or provide the necessary funding until then.

    It all simply reeks of incompetence, dependency and paternalism.

  • amongBOSS

    If the demography, business and tourism warrants a new improved airport then by all means make one. The government does not need to invest in a new airport just because the President one day decided to use it as part of his campaign sortie. Local businessmen, investors, civil society and politicians should work hand in hand in determining the infrastructure to be made or improved to cater to the needs and growth of the community.

  • billy gunner

    Crash landing?

  • carlorocci

    “Of course, a runway should be flat. There may come a time when tourists would start flocking to this place and they would find it incredulous that the runway is littered with humps. That’s the end of our tourism program,” said Mr. Aquino.

    Yan na nga sinasabi ko. Mag-invite ka ng tourist tapos sira-sira yun mga airport natin. Kalimitan pa na delayed ang mga flights. Buti at naranasan ni Penoy itong ganito, para nakikita nya talaga ang kalagayan sa mga probinsya.

  • parefrank

    Since the first comment was quickly removed, here again:
    The president has no right to campaign for his LP with taxpayers money. He blames this to previous administrations but does it much more excessive. And he is not satisfied anymore with choppers, he uses military Hercules plane which can transport an armed group of more than 100 fully armed soldiers and is the biggest fuel guzzler. What was he bringing? Banned give aways or money for vote buying? Are the Comelec rules and restrictions not valid for the president who spends gigantic sums of tax money for “his” candidates? A Straight Path to 12 : 0 in senate? GMA was only talking about but is charged for election sabotage….

  • axe musk

    Mr. President, majority (if not ALL) regional airports in our country needs rehabilitation…. The Kalibo In’tl. Airport for instance, is likewise having potholes on the landing runways, as I experienced when I went to Boracay for vacation last December 2012…. And to think that it is an international airport at that and one of the mostly visited region by tourist yearly…. The Baggage claim area is too small proportionate to it’s conveyor, so all passengers of a fully booked flyt won’t be able to take the shade if it’s raining during their arrival….. Our country invites alot of tourists but the airports of the major tour destinations were really bad….. with this, tourists may not be able to comeback after their first visit….

  • Pinoy Bodoh

    Experts at the air force? What experts? What air force? LOL

    • dorky boy

      experts daw? kailan pa?

  • nparvus1202

    Campaign manager pala ang trabaho ng ABNoy. Wala sigurong magawa sa palasyo.

    • Peace!!!!

      aba nanghusga? buti nga may panahon pa sya sa pagbisita.. ung iba nga dyn walang pakialam..

      • dorky boy

        di naman sya binoto para mangampanya di ba? masmaige na marinig ng lahat pumunta sya doon para makita ang kalagayan ng mga kababayan natin doon… yun ang tama…

  • beardedone

    “So he had to fly in a C-130, which is built for maneuvering on Catarman’s perilous 128-meter runway.”

    The runway is 1,600m long.

    • Peace!!!!

      iksi pala ng runway..

  • nano

    Mr . President, Catarman airport is not the only one that needed upgrade, try to look Maasin airport and other airports of diff. provinces. If you want that tourist reach to the
    provinces , please give attention about the condition of diff. airports in our countryside .

  • Ommm

    Mr. Aquino…… welcome to the Philippines!…..

  • BoyBakal

    Sa totoo lang talo pa ni Pnoy ang kandidato sa pangangampanya gayong di naman siya kandidato.
    Ang tanong….sino ang tao sa Malacanang.
    Siya ay iniluklok na Presidente para siya ang taong bahay at hindi runner ng mga kandidato.

    On the other hand, ang swerte naman ng mga empleado sa Malacanang….the cat is always away….the rats always play and eat.

    • BatangSingapore

      yun nga ang hiwaga diyan at bakit ang presidente ang nangangampanya at hindi na niya nagawa ang trabaho niya bilang presidente. ang sagot kasi abnoy ang presidente hahahhahaha.

      ikalawa alam ni abnoy na talunan ang team niya, pero kailangan niyang mag pwesto ng kaniyang magiging galamay after niya umalis ng poder. kasi nga wala ng aquino o cojuangco na naka pwesto sa gobyerno. paano na proteksyon nila diba.

      • Mark Peralta

        tawag diyan eh investment, kung kaalyado mo ang mananalo sa congress mas mapapadali ang pagpasa ng batas na gusto mo at makakatipid pa ang taong bayan dahil di na kailangan ng ibang suhol (aside from PDAF) sa mga nanalo na kalaban sa pulitika…

      • BatangSingapore

        lokohin mo lelong mong panot. walang kandidato na magsasabi sa iyo na hindi PDAF ang pakay nila sa senado. hahahhahahahha. 21st century na ngayon at wala ng maitatago pa yan abnoy na presidente na yan kasama ang pinsan nyang baliw na si BUM AQUINO at si TING TING COJUANGCO na adik sa laman.

  • bicolokano

    hahaha “Abortion road”!

  • Katuwiran lang

    Ask the local politicians how they are spending their pork barrel.

  • Benjamin Vallejo Jr

    Gloria Arroyo wanted a new plane for herself and her successor. Perhaps Congress should consider allocating funds for a safe presidential transport

  • $16638896

    mabuti na rin ang ganyan at nararanasan mismo ni pnoy ang problema sa mga infrastructures natin, pondohan na yan pnoy!

  • delpillar

    Actually Catarman Airport is 1280-meters to 1,600 meters long…. depending on how you measure the start/end point.

    There are two Touchdown Marks on each end. One end of the runway is at the seaside.

    From the Touchdown mark on the inland-side (not on the seaside), at a distance of about 350 meters on the left-side and about 400 meters on the right side, there is a ROAD DISSECTING or CUTTING the runway. This road is called “ALLEN-CATARMAN ROAD”. In other countries, roads like this should not be called as “HIGHWAY”.

  • NoPeopleLuck

    Catarman, Samar folks look at your place you have suffered long enough to see this kind of progress in your place… its time for change!!! …vote wisely dont vote for the folks who made this place so bad…not so fun anymore. Good luck people.

  • D L

    what an idiоt wrote the article? 128 meter runway? what about the state funeral then. this is not a helicopter. 1280 meters maybe?

    • KarlosRegaza


  • BoyBakal

    Kakatawa naman si Presidente.
    Daming patayan, national problemetc etc….nagkakampanya.

    Sometimes, it is better to ignore what is happening in the country.
    Tomorrow is another day….another happening.

    • Mark Peralta

      so anong gusto mo sumama siya sa raid? pursuit operation or mag ronda sa manila?

  • wawa2172

    As if he is concern of Catarman Airport but his purpose in going to that city is to campaign for the Team PNoy candidates using the government C-130 cargo plane. Di ba masyadong malaki ang eroplano para sa kanya, anyway he is the president. Hope he will be able to provide the funds for the airport for smooth landing of waray passengers na hilong hilo na siguro every time plane lands on the airport.

  • Tamarindwalk

    The F28 that the president currently has is a perfectly good aircraft. The Queen of the Netherlands has one and still uses it frequently. The problem with the presidential aircraft is sloppy maintenance, a by-word of our Air Force due to the lack of or pilfering of funds for its aircraft.

    As a matter of history, that plane sat in a hanger at Singapore’s Selatar Airport for a very long time without engines because the government failed to pay the bill to fix it.

    Safety for presidential flights (and all others!) is a prime concern. Negligence caused by corruption or otherwise should be handled swiftly and without forgiveness. The “forgive and forget” attitude lumped upon us by Cory and company has to be dispensed with and some discipline re-instilled in people.

  • KarlosRegaza

    Nothing to wonder! Samar had been forgotten by our national leaders after Marcos. Aquino is trying to appease Samarnons for Team Iroy Pinoy.

    • dorky boy

      go figure his wife Imelda is from Samar….natural!

  • KarlosRegaza

    Let him use that old plane. We need a new president anyway.

  • Ako_Hiking

    The President hard at work not doing anything for the Philippine people. He just keeps campaigning to benefit himself and his candidates while the poor remain poor and the unemployed remain unemployed. On top of that people are still starving and not provided any assistance by Aquino and his Administration but they are ready to spend more money on a plane…poor poor Filipino people.

  • D L
  • bayankopdi


    • dorky boy

      lam ko lahat kayo galit ke bansot GMA…pero di ba nga kaya nga gusto ni mdm bonsai bumili kc para may gagamitin daw mga future presidents… kontra lahat hehe…(overpriced kc)

  • JosephNess

    wait till somebody gets hurt or a major disaster happen till this neglected airport get repaired…that’s how politics made this place miserable…

  • randyaltarejos

    The Palace needs to buy a tiltrotor aircraft like the AugustaWestland AW609 or the V-22 Osprey being used by the US military. It could land and take off like a chopper but flies like an airplane.

  • dorky boy

    Sayang!!!! tsk…

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