Pimentel worried by slip in surveys


Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III: Worried. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines—Reelectionist Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III is sounding the alarm over his supposedly suspicious “double-digit losses in Mindanao” in an unnamed survey.

Pimentel has a reason to be worried. He lost the 2007 senatorial elections mainly because of vote-shaving in Maguindanao in the Autonomous Area of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

It was only Pimentel’s tenacity in pursuing an election protest before the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) that he was able to enjoy that last two years of what should have been a six-year term.

And now he fears that the same thing may be happening again.

Wearing away

At a gathering last Monday of members of his PDP-Laban party, Pimentel warned that his base in the south seems to be wearing away.

“I need your help… there must be a well-orchestrated attack against me in Mindanao,” he said, citing the results of the survey that he did not name.

“We cannot detect anything, we cannot explain it but if you notice something, please relay it to us right away,” he said.

Pimentel identified his problem areas as Northern Mindanao, the Davao region, ARMM and the Caraga Administrative Region. Pimentel’s hometown, Cagayan de Oro City, is in Northern Mindanao.

In an ambush interview, Pimentel said the latest survey results showed him still performing well nationally.

“But after analyzing the regional presentations, my team noticed that I am suffering from double-digit losses among voters in the four Mindanao regions,” he told reporters.

Still gaining


He said the survey also showed that he still enjoyed relatively wide support, “even gaining more” in certain areas of the country.

Pimentel’s disclosure came on the heels of the release of the latest candidate preference survey of the Social Weather Station polling organization. From a rank of No. 5 to 7 with 47 percent in March, he fell to No. 7 to 8 with 43 percent in April.

From the beginning of 2013 until the start of the campaign period, Pimentel had been ranking 5th to 6th, with 48 percent.

Asked if he suspected anyone to be behind the drop in his numbers, the senator said he would not name anyone specifically until he gets information from the field.

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  • padrefaura

    the senator from mindanao should understand that nobody in mindanao likes him, so he should expect to lose there. he has done nothing good to the people of mindanao. like his father, he is abhorred there.

    • beatmanny

      nuff said

      • wawa2172

        I am from Mindanao and padrefaura knows what he is talking. Koko lost heavily in mayoral election then a karma of his being mayabang and like his father have done nothing for CDO. The development of CDO started only when Nene poltical power was no longer felt in the ciry of golden friendship and di yata tumitira si koko sa CDO. Somehow, I will still vote for Koko but I must hear something from him kung ano ang plano niya sa Mindano else I will have a reservation. If he wants the vote from Mindanao he must tell us his plans. Siya lang at si Migz ang iboboto ko sa mayo.

      • kumilos_tayo

        Ang totoo lang mahirap talaga mapaunlad ang Mindanao kasi nandun ang ABU sayyaf, MNLF at MILF at halos walang taga mindanao ang totoong tumutulong para maituro kung saan sila nagtatago kaya maraming mga investor na ayaw mag invest sa inyo kaya wag nyong sisihin ang govt. dahil dyan kasi kayo mismo hindi natulong para masugpo ang mga taong ganyan.

      • Ellee Bullo

        EXCUSE ME? sa buong Pilipinas pang ilan ang standing ng Davao base ng income ng mga probinsya? para sabihin mong di umuunlad ang mindanao? nilalahat mo ang mindanao eh samantalang ung may commotion eh nasa central mindanao lang un..Cagayan de oro city and Davao city including Davao provinces are performing well..

      • padrefaura

        joel = paid poster
        nuff said

    • cato_the_younger

      As if Migz Zubiri has done something. At any rate, he is probably slipping in the survey because of his support for the anti-RH crowd. As an RH supporter, I would be leery of voting for someone who cannot distinguish secular from religious concerns. It also bothers me that someone just refuses to see the facts on the ground – the poverty, the high rates of maternal deaths, etc. While I have no issues with a religious senator, I want him to be balance faith with reason.

      • wawa2172

        Migz did a lot for Mindanao, he even filed bills that has been pass into laws for the muslims of Mindanao. Now going back to Koko, he cannot even win in his hometown in Cagayan de Oro City dahil wala siyang nagawa sa siyudad katulad nang tatay niya. He lost the mayoral election then dahil sa yabang niya. As senator hindi man lang niya naiisip ang Mindanao at wala siyang programa dito. He wont win in Maguindanao, masyado niyang nilait ang mga tao doon and same thing will happen dahil sobrang clannish ang mga taga roon. Boto lang ang nililingon ni Koko sa Mindanao at wala naman siyang pag tingin dito. I will still vote for him still because he is from Mindanao but I will have reservation for him kung may magagawa ba siya sa kanyang “lugar nga natawhan”.

      • FILIPINOpatriot4ever

        Zubiri used stolen time which was supposed to be Pimentel’s. But in less than 3 years in offices, pimentel was able to prove his worth asa legal luminary in the senate. I have no doubt, pimentel will win in mindanao.

        Zubiri the cheat has been exposed.

      • Kirat

        Using the numbers of the Senate Electoral Tribunal, Pimentel did not do well in Mindanao, but did well enough in the rest of the country to earn a post in the Senate. If the Pimentels never enjoyed strong support in their own hometowns, then they go into every election with a disadvantage. But I would also like to remind everyone that Senator of the Republic is a national position, voted for and responsible for the entire nation.

        And the topic in this article is a sudden, inexplicable drop in numbers from certain areas in Mindanao, where earlier surveys of just weeks before showed more support.

      • wawa2172

        I agree with you that the senate is a national position thus a region lose in vote may not necessarily mean that you will lose in the election. If the survey is to be the basis then he will win handily. But he is complaining about his low rating in various part of Mindanao where he is supposedly strong being a native of Cagayan de Oro City. We know him better here, and as a senator from this island he is expected to help in its development by passing bills that matter most to the poorest region. Well, Koko should not complain if he loses again here, he is supposed to represent Mindanao in the senate but sad to say hindi niya feel ang pangangailangan nang mga taga rito kundi ang votes lang nang mga tao. What a selfish politician this guy is.

      • snow

        Migs Zubiri di lang ninakaw niya ang boto sa Mindanao Pinagyabang pa niya na sa kanyang angkan ang composer ng MATUD NILA song na very classical sa mga Bisaya kaya pinagtawanan siya sa taga Cebu dahil doun niya pinagyabang at inangkin sa publiko dahil ang composer nun ay Zubiri apilyido yung pala ay di galing sa kanilang angkan ( Maraming apilyido ang magkapareha sa Pilipinas pero di magkatulad ang angkan) .Turing ng mga taga Cebu ni Migz Zubiri MAGNANAKAW sa boto at sa kanta na MATUD NILA ..Kaya sabi ng taga Cebu MATUD NAMIN ikaw Zubiri pupulutin sa kankungan NO VOTES for you !!!

      • Bisdak_kaayo

        ahem, ano bang kinalaman ni Migz Zubiri sa worry ni Koko? Koko is an admin candidate.

        Bakit ba maworry si Koko, credible ba ang SWS? SWS the same survey which showed us GMA was leading FPJ by as much as 7% in the exit poll. Ang problema kasi ng mga PNOY alipores, kapag gusto nila ang resulta ng survey, sinasabing tama at credible ang survey, pero kapag ayaw nila katulad noong inihayag ng SWS na si GMA lamang kay FPJ ng 7 percent sa exit poll, sinasabi ng dinaya, dinoktor at binayaran ang SWS.

        Selective use of survey results. Walang kaibahan sa dati, ganoon pa rin.
        Ang laking sampal sa mga alipores.

      • padrefaura

        it is funny how you argue, i was talking about koko and you bring in migz. wala naman akong sinasabi na migz is doing better than koko.

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      Bakit ba maworry si Koko, credible ba ang SWS? SWS the same survey which showed us GMA was leading FPJ by as much as 7% in the exit poll. Ang problema kasi ng mga PNOY alipores, kapag gusto nila ang resulta ng survey, sinasabing tama at credible ang survey, pero kapag ayaw nila katulad noong inihayag ng SWS na si GMA lamang kay FPJ ng 7 percent sa exit poll, sinasabi ng dinaya, dinoktor at binayaran ang SWS.

      Selective use of survey results. Walang kaibahan sa dati, ganoon pa rin.
      Ang laking sampal sa mga alipores.

      • jack_bagbaga2011

        ano ba yan, nabubuhay ka pa sa nakaraan.2013 na tayo at eleksiyon 2013 ang pinag-uusapan dito hindi 2004

      • Bisdak_kaayo

        ahem, kesyo ba noong 2004 pa ang issue ng pangdaraya ni GMA namamatay ba?

        bakit hindi ba issue rito ang credibility at track record ng SWS?

        iyan ang malaking sampal sa alipores, selective use of survey results.

    • snow

      You right padrefaura !!! Kaya gusto mo vote !! Zubiri Ampatuan Abu Sayyap MNLF MILF Bangsa Moro Reformist Kiram ..

  • $8705409

    Can’t you at least think of the possibility Mindanaoans don’t like you at all??? I think you should be more open minded. Huwag lang lagi iisa ang conclusion mo na dinaya ka pag natalo.

  • paulo

    like Sen. Francis Pangilinan. When he ran for Mayor of Quezon City, his opponent then, now Speaker Sonny Belmonte gave him money to withdraw and he did, knowing fully well that he is not going to win anyway. But we are now suffering because of the stupid Pangilinan law on juvenile exemption from criminal liability. Pa cute, but millions are suffering because of this law. Speaker Belmonte should have just allowed this fellow to win in Quezon City then.

  • 2rey3

    Koko you are not campaigning enough in Mindanao based on your posters and you are not asking your friends to help you. You are not also capitalizing your being a pro lifer by contacting pro lifer groups. pro lifer groups are not at ease politically with PNoy for obvious reasons and so you have to go out of your way and contact these groups..

  • leodegardompruna

    Senator Pimentel better think of losing so that he won’t be disappointed when the counting of votes starts and ends. His approach and his conduct during election and post election times is below par and totally irresponsible. Just to name, look at how he dealt with the Pimentel-Migz case, Migz was an outright gentleman, Pimentel the exact opposite.

    • kumilos_tayo

      SUPID alam ang nagmamabait lang yan si MIGZ syempre malapit na ang election pakitang tao lang yun hindi tulad ni PIMENTEL prinsipyo.. STUPID….

      • jHdz

        sa mukha pa lang mukhang walang prinsipyo. mukhang iyakan pag inagawan ng lolipop.

    • Peter Lim

      Ang hina ng pakiramdam mo, chong! kaya nagbitiw kaga si Mig. para hindi na mahalunkat ang mga baho niya! matalino si Mig, hindi gentleman!!!

  • regd

    How about accepting that reality? Try it mr. pimpled-face.

    • marionics

      hahaha pimple face…

      ano ka haiskul???


  • noyab


  • Janch

    Ayusin mo kasi ang campaign mo sa Mindanao. Baka hindi ka kasi visible dun.

  • prince_janus

    senator koko pimentel, ano po ba ang plano mo sa mindanao? hambog ra man gud ka kaayo dong! dili mi ganahan nimo. pagtarong sa imong style. ayaw na sige balikbalik nga gitikasan ka. ayaw pud i-condition ang mga tawo nga kung mapildi ka, gitikasan ka. pagtarong na para modaug ka. kana ra.

    • eleazar66

      i will vote for pimentel hes mindanaon. are u? kay unsa man d i imo gusto di lang niya ipahibalo sa katawhan nga gitikasan siya ug hinoon imong ipadayig ang nanikas?. si zubiri nga maoy nanikas ug kandidato sa laing partido iyang kaatbang natural lamang nga ipahibalo sa katawhan sa kadaghan higayon. Ikaw price kon tikasan gusto mo dayon tingali patyon ang nagtikas nimo

  • jack_bagbaga2011

    koko in panic mode na. ang sinasabi niya ay pati yan SWS survey ay nabiktima na siya ng dagdag-bawas gang

  • jack_bagbaga2011

    kung doon nga sa cagayan de oro city na balwarte mo, hindi ka mananalo, buong mindanao pa. sisihin na naman niya si migz tungkol dito sa resulta ng survey

  • josefe38



    • penoy2012

      korek ka dyan. sa cdo nga, natalo. sasabihin nya nadaya?

  • darsmith

    Koko is waging a negative campaign by dwelling too much on his previous loss via dagdag bawas. Rather than projecting a “election victim”, he should instead focus his campaign on what he has done in the Senate and his plans if given another term.

  • penoy2012

    walang kwenta ang pagkatao ni koko. puro ingay. totoo namang natalo sya, pero paulit-ulit na lang walang patid, dinaya daw sya. sa balwarte nga nya natalo sya. parang si fpj – sa sarili nyany baranggay at precinct, natalo, tapos sasabihin dinaya.

  • Maldi2

    If a senator can’t even win in his own hometown where no other senator is running, guess he should be ashamed to sit as a senator if elected nationally. That win has no moral ascendancy. Sinusuka ka na ng mga kababayan mo baga! Kapal mo!

  • kris

    Baka nman nadaya sya sa survey?

  • http://www.facebook.com/erick.labandia Erick Labandia


  • Rolly257

    Kahit sana inindorso siya ng El Shaddai, hindi na siya dapat pang umakyat ng entablado na kasama si Mitos, Honasan at anak daw ni Erap.
    Malakas makabawas ng boto ang pakikibarkada sa mga nabanggit na pangalan.

  • ArmchairGeek

    Pati pala sa surveys, may dagdag-bawas na rin hehe

  • askal2u

    sasabihin na naman pag natalo dinagdag bawas ng mga Ampawtuan

  • Joseph St John

    I don’t believe in so-called surveys. It could be manipulated to favor one candidate over the other candidates. It would look like a beauty contest. Some voters who are uneducated seemed to vote who among the candidates are popular, though the candidates they are voting for are known crooks, cheats,ect,ect.

  • Joseph St John

    voters should not judge candidates by their personal behavior, whether he or she separated, or behaving badly with wife or husband as long as he or she is a good lawmaker.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005507922072 Pedro Noval Jr.

    I will personally campaign against Senator Koko Pimentel for his ANTI RH LAW stance. This man is plain stupid by ignoring countless mothers in need of a viable RH benefits. This is probably the reason why his lovely wife left him for someone else. Enough of this scumbag senator.

  • Rafaelito Solangon

    Pimentel, tumigil ka na nga. Puro ka iyak and ngawa. Para kang naagawan ng sorbetes. Just gogogogo!!! don’t complain!!!!

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    Ayaw ko sa kanya…puro negatibo vibe nya sa akin… iniputan este iniwan ng asawa dahil sa sobrang nega…

  • Peter Lim

    Dapat yun gagawin mo kung manalo ka ulit ang pagusapan mo, hindi yun nadaya ka na paulit-ulit, Matalino ka Koko gamitin mo naman, sayan yun dunong mo, paturo ka kay L Lapit, no read no write yun pero nanalo!!!

  • Benigno the Turd

    The more people know Pimentel, the more people discover he’s actually a major a-hole.

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