Aquino: Crush NPA checkpoints

President vows action vs Guingona attackers


President Aquino on Monday ordered the police and the military to dismantle New People’s Army (NPA) checkpoints and protect politicians campaigning in areas controlled by the communist insurgents.

Aquino issued the order two days after NPA guerrillas attacked and wounded Gingoog City Mayor Ruth de Lara Guingona, wife of former Vice President Teofisto Guingona Jr., at a makeshift checkpoint in the hinterland village of Alatagan in Misamis Oriental province.

The President, campaigning in Misamis Oriental with his senatorial candidates in May’s midterm elections, said he was saddened by the attack on Mayor Guingona, a member of the ruling Liberal Party.

Aquino took time out from the campaign and visited the mayor at Capitol University Medical City (CUMC) in Cagayan de Oro City.

He issued the order after the mayor’s son, Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, questioned the NPA’s authority to set up checkpoints and enforce its will on a country that has only “one government” and governed by just “one President.”


“I pledge, within my power and abilities (as President), and in the name of the law, to exact accountability from those responsible for this,” Aquino said in a speech during a rally in Jose Pelaez Roa Park in Balingasag, Misamis Oriental.

Police said Mayor Guingona was returning from a village fiesta with a six-member escort when a group of about 50 NPA guerrillas attacked her entourage in the remote village of Alatagan in Barangay (village) Upper Kapitulangan, Gingoog City, late Saturday.

Mayor Guingona, 78, survived a hail of bullets and grenade blasts, but two of her civilian bodyguards, who shielded her with their bodies, were killed.

A policeman in her entourage and another civilian bodyguard were wounded.

The rebels withdrew after a 10-minute exchange of fire with policemen in the mayor’s group.

Mayor Guingona suffered bullet wounds in the arms and legs. She was also wounded by shrapnel from a grenade blast.

Chief Supt. Catalino Rodriquez Jr., police chief for Northern Mindanao, said the police would bring criminal and war crimes charges against the NPA rebels who carried out the attack on the mayor.

The military’s Human Rights Office said the communist rebels violated nine human rights laws as well as election rules.

Stable condition

Senator Guingona told reporters Monday that his mother was in stable condition after undergoing surgery at CUMC.

A bullet shattered the bone in Mayor Guingona’s right arm. Doctors removed the fragments and used metal to link the two ends of the arm bone, the senator said.

The doctors also successfully extracted slugs from the mayor’s body, but the “numerous shrapnel” from the grenade blast would be removed later, the senator said.

Dr. Jesus Jardin, CUMC medical director, said the mayor was recovering from the operation.

Military pursuit

Government security forces went after the NPA band that attacked Mayor Guingona.

Maj. Gen. Ricardo Rainier Cruz, who took over the leadership of the military in Eastern Mindanao on Monday, said government troops caught up with and engaged the guerrillas in a place near the site where the mayor was attacked in Barangay Upper Kapitulangan.

“The NPA rebels were the same ones who ambushed Mayor Guingona. It was near the (ambush) site,” Cruz said.

There was no report of a body count, but Cruz said the security forces found matèriel in the area.

NPA permits

Military and police officials called the attack on Mayor Guingona an “ambush,” but the NPA said its fighters were only forced to return fire when the mayor’s group tried to shoot its way through a roadblock the rebels had set up to enforce a prohibition on firearms in the area.

The insurgents prohibit candidates from campaigning in areas under their control without permit, for which they must pay. The rebels also forbid candidates to bring armed bodyguards or carry firearms except if the weapons are for protection against bandits. But the candidates must have NPA gun permits, which they must also pay for.

Don’t pay

Malacañang on Monday advised candidates in May’s midterm elections not to pay protection money to the NPA and instead seek help from the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) if they are campaigning in rebel-infested areas.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda told reporters that the Palace had ordered the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to explain why the NPA could freely set up checkpoints in areas the rebels supposedly controlled.

Lacierda said the Army’s 58th Infantry Battalion was spearheading an investigation into NPA checkpoints.

Local candidates may report NPA checkpoints to the DILG and the military would take care of dismantling them, he said.

Lacierda said Interior Secretary Mar Roxas had ordered the police to provide security to local candidates campaigning in areas influenced by the NPA.

Security operations

Lt. Gen. Allan Luga, AFP vice chief of staff, said the military would send one Army battalion to Misamis Oriental within the week to intensify security operations.

Luga said two Army battalions were already in the province helping the police keep the peace during the campaign for the local elections.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) said it might include Gingoog City on the list of election hot spots after the attack on Mayor Guingona.

Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes told reporters that the election watchdog may tag areas where NPA attacks occurred recently as “areas of immediate concern.”

He said seven more areas would be added to the 15 provinces the police had listed as areas of concern and election hot spots.

NDF apologizes

The National Democratic Front (NDF) in Mindanao apologized to the Guingonas for the injuries and deaths in Alatagan and promised to extend medical assistance to the civilians wounded and indemnify the families of those killed.

But Jorge Madlos, a spokesman for the NDF, insisted that Mayor Guingona’s group had failed to secure NPA permission to campaign and to comply with the NPA prohibition on the carrying of firearms in areas controlled by the guerrillas.

Mayor Guingona is not a candidate, but her daughter Marie is running to take her place in Gingoog City Hall. Military and police officials said the mayor was not campaigning but was returning from a village fiesta when her group was attacked.

Not ready to forgive

Former Vice President Guingona said his family was not ready to forgive the NPA for the attack on his wife.

Speaking at a news conference in Cagayan de Oro City on Monday, Guingona said it would take some time before his family could forgive the rebels for the assault on the Gingoog mayor, whom the family described as “an elderly woman who was bowing out of public service.”

Guingona said his family was going through a “harrowing experience” and should be given time for healing.

“My heart is sorrowful and I am saddened very much by what happened,” Guingona said. “I thank God that my wife was able to survive.”

Senator Guingona called for a resumption of the peace negotiations between the government and the communist rebels.

“It is only when we have a genuine peace agreement that we can move forward,” the senator said.

He praised the military and the police for rescuing his mother, who was trapped inside her car and was recovered early on Sunday, seven hours after the attack.

The mayor was found under the lifeless bodies of brothers Nestor and Bartolome Velasco, civilian aides who took the bullets to save their boss’ life.

Bartolome Velasco had been the mayor’s driver-bodyguard for eight years. Nestor Velasco had been employed at the mayor’s office for just a month.

Rosalie Velasco, sister of the two men, said Bartolome was hit several times. Nestor was hit once in the head.

“When I was told that the mayor was found under their bodies, I could not help but think about their promise to protect her,” Rosalie said.

“Tome had always been saying he was ready to give up his life for the person who helped to feed his family,” she said, referring to Bartolome by his nickname.

The bodies of the brothers were taken to their parents’ home in Gingoog City Monday afternoon for the wake.

Cristy Velasco, Bartolome’s wife, could not look at the body of her slain husband. Instead of braving it, she called their daughter Cherry Mae and told her, “[Child], go take a look at your father.”

Then, turning to the Inquirer, she said, “I want justice for my husband.”—With reports from Bobby Lagsa and Cai Panlilio, Inquirer Mindanao

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  • Mamang Pulis

    about time somebody in malacañang grew some cojones….

    GO all the way.

    • Pio Gante

      pag nagkataon tiba-tiba na naman ang mga butakal sa logistics at comptroller ng afp at pnp.

      • kismaytami

        Mauuso uli ang pasalubong at pabaon!

    • sharp

      Crush poverties.

    • Kirat

      Agree. Even though the cojones seem to be growing from his forehead, at least they are present. :-P

  • jgl414567

    It is time the communist NPA is annihilated by the government!

    • Brax82

      Then Pnoy will lose a lot of friends…

    • Fulpol

      perhaps, BS Aquino-Makapili III could seek the help of his master, the Malaysia…

  • Pinoy Bodoh

    You mean its the year 2013 and the NPA still controls some areas in the Philippines? Snigger :)

    • sagbotgamot

      It’s good that you know now…

  • Fulpol

    crush NPA checkpoints..???

    I don’t really know, if NPA checkpoints were put in regular basis.. or just place randomly depends on the target…. like the checkpoint of Marantan in Quezon killing the jueteng lord..

    this is an intelligence war between AFP and NPA… if the NPA gather an intelligence report that a battalion of soldiers will sweep the area, of course they won’t put check points.. but if there are only few soldiers escorting the politician, that might be a tragedy.. an ambush..

  • sharp

    “Crush NPA checkpoints”.

    Typical Aquinoish.

    Now he is the most influencial leader of the world.

  • patriotic_act

    whatever opinion I have against PNoy I will gladly set aside to show my support on his order to destroy all this Communist NPA Rebel checkpoints..

    and if they resist? I hope they kill them all and show it to the media and the whole world.

    • Fulpol

      of course they will…

      with the help of his master, the Malaysia…


      • Noredlac

        @#%^&*(&^%$#@! fulpol

      • txtman


      • Scorpio15

        Naging Ulyanin ka na Fulpol o kaya sirang plaka.

      • jpmd88

        troll lang eto wag pansinin

      • Pinoy Bodoh

        LOL. Certified idiot.

      • nakawan

        @Fulpol:disqus dude you really just love antagonizing everyone here huh?

      • sagbotgamot

        actually, there is some truth in what you are saying….

      • dipaloloko

        been analyzing Fulpol’s comment and looks like he has some point. you see, if Pnoy takes the bait of moving into all-out war against the rebels, surely that would take away valued resources that should have instead been earmarked for strengthening our nation’s defenses against Malaysia & China. …hmmm, makes me think deeper that these 2 countries would be all-smiles by now.


        100% SUTPIDO!

    • Concur_Dissent

      I concur…You have just proven that there are reasonable people and real patriots within the ranks of the people against PNoy, amidst the talangka mentality of some people like the guy who also made another useless and ignorant remark to your comment…

      • patriotic_act

        well even if the people I dont personally like do a good thing for the country I will definitely set aside my opinions and preferences to support him.. ayoko naman isama ang buong bansa dahil lang sa “preference ko”.

        just like what marcos said that cory is “sacrificing the filipino people” just for petty revenge when cory refused to use the BNPP solely because “the people will remember marcos for it”.

        so as long as PNoy is doing it for the sake of our peace and order I will support him.. I did not vote for him but he is already our President and it is my duty as a citizen of this country to atleast “give him a chance” to prove himself..

        oh lets not mind Fulpol as he was just asked to buy vinegar but end up in the computer shop.

    • TreadLikely

      Well I certainly hope this hunt for NPA check points will continue even if the elections are over.

      Also, why stop at NPA checkpoints? these fvckers has been terrorizing citizens and turning the elections into a cashcow for exploitation. I say we should annihilate this communist scum rebels and free the country from them. But I guess giving too much work for our military might overload their laidback brains.

      • patriotic_act

        I actually prefer that more than the tearing down of their petty checkpoints.. I dunno why this government cant even TRY annihilating communists and their armed wing.. even if it is already proven that they are a bane of this society and a liability of our government.

    • joboni96

      nagpapaniwala kasi si pnoy sa akbayan

      umusad na sana national consensus talks with ndf/npa/cpp

      kaya lang pag nawala npa
      sino pa kokontra sa big foreign mining companies

      • Yxon

        anong sinong kokontra? kamo, sino pa ang gagatasan o kunan ng kanilang revolutionary tax kung mwala ang mga mining companies! hindi na ideology ang ipinagalaban nila. ang kanilang ginagawa ay banditry na.
        hindi makausad ang mga mamamayan kasi kung medyo malaki na ang kanilang negosyo papasok naman itong tagapagtanggol RAW ng bayan. ang kaso, hingan naman nila ng pera mas malaki pa kesa gobyerno. kung totoo sila, ang dami namang undesirables dyan bakit hindi yun ang titirahin nila.

      • joboni96

        ignoranteng kolonisadong utak

      • Yxon

        do away with banditry and extortion, and i will believe in you

    • zandro santos

      Communist-terrorist NPA checkpoints po. Wala na pong rebeldeng NPA. Ubos na po sila dahil sa Oplan Bantay Laya ni Arroyo noon. Mga bandidong NPA nalang ang natitira.

    • Allen Douglas

      Agree. But the question is, is the govt or Pnoys sincere in really crushing communism in this country? As far as I know, Pnoy’s cabinet is not lacking of leftist idealism.

      On different note, the Guingonas were known supporters of the left and communists. Now, they are shooting each other. They are also known advocates of anti-political dynasty during the Marcos regime. But look at them now, they are building their own political dynasty with the son as the incumbent senator, the mother as the mayor and the daughter to take the place of the mother.

      Indeed, this govt is full of HYPOCRITES….

  • Billy Reyes

    What??? how does this possible that some areas are allowed to be control by them.
    Mr. President you are the Commander in Chief of the Arm Forces do it destroy them.

  • Fulpol

    The National Democratic Front (NDF) in Mindanao apologized to the Guingonas for the injuries and deaths in Alatagan and promised to extend medical assistance to the civilians wounded and indemnify the families of those killed.

    But Jorge Madlos, a spokesman for the NDF, insisted that Mayor Guingona’s group had failed to secure NPA permission to campaign and to comply with the NPA prohibition on the carrying of firearms in areas controlled by the guerrillas.


    that place is their balwarte, not the balwarte of Guingona??

    i don;t know if the area is not only geographically controlled by NPA but also controlled the community… that is really a problem..

    you need the vote of the community, you must pass through the NPA first..

    now you give the MILF to geographically control a portion of Mindanao, you also abandoned the claim of Sabah… then expect a more intensive control of territories by the rebel group..

    kanya kanyang tribo na ngayon… hoy Kalbo? anyway, may tribo ka na sa Sabah courtesy of Malaysian gov’t…


    • etomacq

      Autonomous region for the NPA.. just like the ARMM….

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Mommy Guingona and NPAs in a heated argument:

    NPA: Sorry po Mommy Guingona, you were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Mommy: WTF do you mean? NPAs are not supposed to have checkpoints to begin with.
    NPA: The checkpoints are divided into shifts between PNP & NPA. 50-50 din ang kita.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Aquino: Crush NPA checkpoints like we crushed jueteng!

  • $46804224

    …….wala din palang pinagkaiba sa mga private army ng mga warlord at mga sa mga rogues ng armed forces and PNP …ang mga NPA

    ..losing the battle for the mind, and yet losing the battle for the heart of the people…

  • Fulpol

    Senator Guingona called for a resumption of the peace negotiations between the government and the communist rebels.

    “It is only when we have a genuine peace agreement that we can move forward,” the senator said.

    just propose wealth and power sharing to CPP-NPA, they will happily approve any peace process you initiate… like what you have agreed with MILF and Malaysia..

    what they are doing right now and the past decades is accumulating significant power and wealth.. kaya lang illegal laang.,…


  • $18209031

    Kaya ba sa AFP ang NPA? Ang tagal na yan sila noong 1969, hanggat ngayon hindi pa na kontrol sa AFP. AFP and PNP are only for the protection of Oligarchs and their derivatives, and solely for the Republik of Luzonians ang Katoliks. Saan ba sila noon kailangan sa Sabah to help our Tausug brothers in arms?

    • sagbotgamot


  • GaryFil

    Kaawa na ang simpleng tao sa inyo. Bakit ayaw nyo na lang mamuhay ng lumalaban ng parehas? Lahat kayo may kasalanan dito, pulitiko, rebelde, militar, lahat!

    Sana naman, magbago na tayo, nakakalungkot…

  • disqusted0fu

    This would be great… if it is really going to be done. But the PH is under an administration that’s more on a talker than a doer. Besides, nowadays it’s been hard to figure out which is which because the AFP and the PNP are also capable of committing these crimes as we’ve seen in the Atimonan killings that up to now is still unresolved

  • BoyBakal

    Aquino: Crush NPA checkpoints….Why checkpoints only, why not crush the NPA.

    • Fulpol

      he should seek the help of his new master, Malaysia..

      he just simply say the magic words: i’m your doggy aw aw aw

      • sagbotgamot

        hwag naman… najib has already a very hard time thinking about the MNLF inserting the NPA into the equation might not be good for malaysia’s business interest in the Philippines as the NPA are all over the country unlike the MNLF

    • kipbuts

      takot sa NPA kaya checkpoints na lang ang gibain?

      • Pulis Na Pogi

        kakampi ang npa kaya checkpoints lang ang gibain.

        itanong nyo kay daldalima…

    • Ellee R. Bullo

      may existing peace negotiations ang NPA pati government panel, di ba ka nagbabasa na si senator guingona mismo nagsabi na dapat ipagpatuloy ung peace process, kaya instead na NPA ang tugisin ung mga checkpoints nila muna ang i-dismantle kasi makakaapekto un sa usaping pangkapayapaan pag nag all out war ka sa NPA.. ngaun kung isasantabi mo nman ang peace negotiation anu nman ang lehitimong paraan para mapigil ang kaliwat kanang bombings at gantihan kung walang peace..

      • $44479964

        The NPA is a terrorist group. Any self-respecting government will not engage in negotiations with terrorists.

      • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

        you are right, they are not only terrorists but also pretenders to negotiate peace in the government when in their minds they will not stop at nothing more than the destruction of the democratic system of governance in this country. This is their final goal so their agreement to negotiate peace is just to tied up the hands of the government and the military

      • Ellee R. Bullo

        eh sa andun na nga eh may existing peace negotiations na anu pa magagawa natin? kung naturingan man yang silang terorista eh sa may negotiation na nga…

    • m1600

      HAHAHAHA !

    • sagbotgamot

      if it can be crushed, it had been crushed already a long long long time ago. Just like a grass. what the military is doing is just cut the stem. but the roots are still there.

  • $18209031

    Ang daming achievements ni Noy. Pending peace agreement with MILF who were a creation of Malayo Bhumiputras cousins of Tagaleglegs. Then the division of Hacienda Luisita for the tenants of Central Luzon. Then the nomination as top influential people at Times Magazine. Then the stance against Chinese in the South China Sea by naming it West Philippine Sea. Then the order to crush the NPA checkpoints.Anong susunod? Si Kris will be declared as next Aquxx x in Malacanang to follow him is the most likely scenario. Makikita na namin the PDI is promoting him , even BIR was naming her as the most honest taxpayer.

    This will be a family affair. From the airport tarmar where his dad died, to his mom being put to the pedestal during the people power , to him being the son president , Then the coming of the celebrity president Kris Aquino.

    Mabuhay ang Oligarka sa Pino Nation !

    • Concur_Dissent

      It scares the living daylight out of you thinking someone like Kris, a consistent top 50 taxpayer ever since the BIR was REQUIRED IN 2007 to annually release the list of top 500 individual taxpayers, to be President in 2016 eh?

      On the other hand, you seemingly find it fit to support an opposition led by a convicted felon, an aging philanderer and an obviously nepotistic opportunist! What’s with that?

      BTW, the BIR list simply reported the top tax payers and NOT the most honest taxpayers as you wrongfully concluded (AS USUAL)

  • Guest

    People gave their lives for one of you, Guingona family. Please continue to show everyone you’re worth dying for.

  • Fulpol

    the NPA apologized.. but they really intend to kill her.. only that the bodyguards did their job, to protect their boss…

    if BS Aquino-Makapili III said to soldiers of Kiram, if you will die in Sabah, the blame is yours… I have warned you… that is not your territory… even if you have legal documents to prove of your claim in Sabah…

    the NPA warned Guigona by entering into a NPA territory… the NPA said, I warned you..

    they are just following the policy of BS Aquino-Makapili III…

  • $18209031

    If only the Tagaleglegs of Republik of Luzon stop being the bullies and highlevel corrupt officials , then there will peace in this country called Pino Nation. Tagalegleg and Ilocandio oligarchs, poltical dynasties and alipores have amassed so much fortunes since 1946, kaya nagkakaganito.

  • $18209031

    Guingonas , help the bereaved families of this tragedy. Dios ko po !

  • Albert Einstien

    me half point pogi point ka sa akin sir pnoy..good yan..kesa nangangampanya ka para sa mga kamag-anak mo……presidente kn di na kelangan mangampanya kapa.. start governing ..sangkatutak ang problema ng bansa…..bkit npa checkpoints lang LAHAT ng check points na hindi govt forces ALISIN AGAD dont defeat sovereign will..ELECTION is sovereign will….protect it at all cost….that is your prime duty…as administrator…

  • tra6Gpeche

    The government of Mr. Aquino is not ready to fight the lawless & violent NPA. Ordering the military just to crush the NPA checkpoint is the sad proof of the cowardice or the incompetence of the AFP. Is the NPA more advance, determined and smart when it comes to warfare than the Philippine government military?

  • Andre Mitchell

    Yahoo! Hooray!
    Finally! Some progress!
    But what happens pagbaba ni PNoy?
    Balik tayo sa dati…
    We regress into typical pinoys again.

    • Brax82

      Nope, you will simply remain as a Noytard..

      • Andre Mitchell

        Cruel remark, really.

        Perhaps you’ve never been an NPA victim.

      • Brax82

        Perhaps I’m more of a victim that you will ever be and that makes me more knowledgeable of what the real score is between these ingrates and the Filipino people. Do you even know where these communists came from. Check your history, it might help.

  • $18209031

    Alam ng Guingona Camp na NPA held territory yan so they knew what they were up to. Kumpyansa sila at busog sa pag fefiesta . When you least expect it, then you are caught dead in your tracks. They should have brought along extra security . WHy was the mayor left last inthe convoy ? Meyrong assassination plot ito.

  • dummier

    Quite impossible to crush these bandits, you know why? They have this ‘chameleon’ characteristic that they can get away from military by blending with innocent people. This is one of the complex styles of terrorism, hence, spend more on spies/entrapment and of course strong political will to really adress this issue.

  • $18209031

    Maganda pakinggan na e crush ang NPA checkpoints but these are just pure tagalegleg propaganda. NPAs been operating for a good 43 yrs. AFP is using them before to increase defense fundings . They too were racketeering the funds amongst themselves like AFP comptrollers and general s while diverting the money into their pockets. So yes, the AFP hierarchy have practically used it as a money magnet for their retirement accts. The reason why AFP is not winning , its only for publicity stunt to attract US aid money.

    ANd who controlled the AFP hierarchy during Marcos time when the NPA started ?Of course the Enrile Ramos Ver camp, all of the Ilocandio tribes. Ang galing nila. Lahat ng AFP generals were from the Northern regions of Luzon, the bulwark of high govt officials. Pinag monopoly nila pati ang Fort Del Pilar PMA din.

  • Pio Gante

    sure ka ba dyan at approve ba yan ng mga komunistang tagapayo mo?

  • calixto909

    For the nth time, Mr. President this humble self says otherwise but to pulverize them by means of an all out war is the answer to all these miseries the Filipino People suffer from their dastardly act is the answer. Even the growth of our economy had greatly been affected by the long existence of these rebels due to the volatile peace and order situation of our country that dismays would be investors and tourist. Our country and its people can live in prosperity and peace without them so in short you’ll be doing a great service if you engage them to an all out war. It’s costly as everyone knew for life and money is its price but God and us understands because these rebels/terrorists are evil people who have no place nor right to live in this world

    • Platypus09

      I don’t understand why the AFP needs an order like this from the President.

      AFP leaders should have taken cared of these checkpoints and all things related to NPAs, or destroyed them ANYTIME before they get worse.

      These things (NPAs attacking civilians) could have been prevented if they know what they are doing.

      Can’t believe this…,!!!!

      That just shows how INDECISIVE and USELESS (inutil) AFP is when it comes to things that undermine our democratic processes, peace, and order.

      This is so SHAMEFUL, my dear AFP military personnel.

      This is so disturbing. What else do (fruitless efforts) we get from our AFP?

      This country has failed its military, and vice versa.

      • D_BystandeR

        You are just voicing out your ire against what you consider as ineptness of the authorities. But if you analyze the situation it is not as easy as what you would think. It is only easier said than done. Those people have their own arms to defend themselves. You cannot solve a problem by employing knee-jerk reaction. You should know that NPA problem started to take roots at a time when Marcos declared martial law. At that time people’s lives were just comparable to chickens.’ And yet they were able to survive up to this time. You can just be amazed by their staying power. This problem cannot be solved by “utak pulbora!” A peaceful dialog that will set its perimeter based on reasonable factors to avoid the loss of more lives is better than an “all-out-war.”

      • skylord

        I’m not against peace, but my thought is that the government is the one that must set things straight, peace can be achieved if the NPA will lay down their arms 100%, but I don’t see it that way. The NPA and the Government will not trust each other 100% as well, they will always hide something up their sleeve. Either one must give up or agree to the cause of the other, in this case, it should be the NPA who must give up, which is as I see now is very unlikely. Peace negotiation is just another war strategy from both sides. There’s no real peace talk as I see it.

      • dipaloloko

        in addition, all-out-war has been proven ineffective by previous administrations. and most importantly, it bleeds away a lot of our country’s valued resources that could have been earmarked for our nation’s defense against Chinese aggression and protection of Sabah against the Malaysian alibabas

      • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

        Thailand has been infested with communists decades ago but when the Thai government ordered an all out war against them without let up, they were suppressed in the end. Just remember that it would have been harder to suppress the communist because some of the neighboring countries were also communists and the rebels can easily hide there. But with sheer determination of the Thai military to flush them out, they were finally suppressed. There might be some truth in this that the NPA have some high connections in the military and in the government otherwise they should have been suppressed long time ago. Their backers whether military or civilians should be identified and jailed.

      • Platypus09

        I agree. That is what I am talking about.

        All these excuses as stated above are simply excuses for AFP’s bureaucratic INEPTNESS..

        Politics within the military itself is KILLING the country.

        I really don’t believe that it is difficult to eradicate the NPAs. The miilitary does NOT want them to go…

        Military officers are using them to go up the ranks, with their simple reports coming from the rank and files, making them look good for promotion.

        jUST SAD…

      • Allen Douglas

        Agree. The communists have high connections in the govt? Why not, least you forgot, Pnoy’s cabinet is so infiltrated with leftists and communists. Ask Rosales, et al….

      • sagbotgamot

        that is because the NPA is not easy to crush. How many newly appointed military generals in the past who promised they are going to wipe out the NPA in 6 months, 1 year or even 2 weeks? they failed. why? are their tactics better than the military or how can you crush the NPA whose intelligence unit received orders from Camp Aguinaldo or Camp Crame.

      • Platypus09

        I don’t believe in that.

        AFP can crush them if they want to and once and for all, now that people in general, don’t have sympathy for them.

        For the sake of our freedom, meaning “freedom from fear to live, to vote, etc..”, NPAs have no place anywhere in our society.

        NPAs have NOT done anything good for us but terror, harassment, and extortion.

        In short, they are TERRORISTS…!!

        They have no place in a democratic society like ours….

      • nakawan

        How many battles have the NPA won ever?

      • Platypus09

        It is not matter of how many battles they have won. It is matter of when can we achieve PEACE without interruptions coming from these terrorists.

      • Loggnat

        The answer to insurgency is mobility. The NPA has to congregate before they can mount an offensive because they normally travel in small group to prevent detection. The military have to form an elite mobile, well armed, and highly trained quick response force that is capable to respond quickly when NPA forces are detected and located. This quick response force has to own the night the time when NPA normally congregate and strikes its intended target. They should provide this force with all weather and night capable aerial close support and properly equipped with FLIR, low light cameras and state of the art communication equipments. Each soldier should be equipped with night goggles and individual comm. which connects them to their field officer and to each other. There should be redundancy in the comm. system from the smallest unit to central command and from forward control personnel to the armed aircraft support to coordinate the attack against the insurgents. And the most important aspect of the system, training, training and more training until all players of these quick response force can act and fight as one well oiled unit, and trained that everything they do will be like second nature to them. The quick response force should always engaged the insurgents when they are congregated and always initiate contact so they can choose when and where the firefight will take place. They should also relentlessly pursue them when they disengage and ran until maximum damage is achieved. Annihilation is not really necessary, just let the NPA insurgents know that the government forces owns them and will do heavy damage to them if and when they engage them. And engage them whenever possible to keep them unbalanced and on the end of their nerves all the time.

      • CommonSens6

        Thank you for warning the enemy!

      • Platypus09

        I have yet to see a strong military performance that could redeem their long standing bureaucratic ineptness.

        Just be honest, military officers are not the smartest ones. They are smart just to serve their personal interests being self-serving corrupt individuals.

        If they want to subdue NPAs, they can do that. The government has the resources to spend, but the military officers, especially the top brass are dumb, perhaps acting it deliberately.

        I still have NO respect for them.

        They have NOT gained my respect.

        They have NOT done anything that wows me, yet.

        In short, they are ordinary people to me, even though they have the titles, pins, and stripes in their chests and shoulders.

        Tell me something that they did that I should be proud of and their capabilities.

        Their skills, especially the officers, DON’T admire me. They still have to prove their extraordinary power and tactical skills.

        The country has been waiting for years.

        In short, we just don’t believe our military.

        They have NOT done anything yet that makes me admire them.

        For one thing, they MUST subdue these NPAs completely.

        I still don’t understand why American military can pursue their enemies as planned according to timelines at a very short period of time, but our Philippine military cannot do the same thing? Both groups have brains and training to brag about.

      • dapat_tama

        Walang patutunguhan kung puro paninisi at pagtuturo kung sino ang mali dito. Kung nais natin matigil ang mga ganitong klaseng insidente, huwag tayo magpaimpluwensya sa matatamis na salita at mga pangako ng mga politikong sumusuporta din sa teroristang NPA na sa kalaunan ay atin rin pagsisisihan.

      • dapat_tama

        Walang patutunguhan kung puro paninisi at pagtuturo kung sino ang mali dito. Kung nais natin matigil ang mga ganitong klaseng insidente, huwag tayo magpaimpluwensya sa matatamis na salita at mga pangako ng mga politikong sumusuporta din sa teroristang grupo na NPA na sa kalaunan ay atin rin pagsisisihan.

    • regd

      I say send an assassin and put a hole in joma’s head. Any leaders and sympathizers that comes out and threaten to escalate the war, send them to a one way trip to meet their maker who is happily sitting on thrones of fire.

      • CommonSens6

        Joma will be pardoned by Pnoy just like Cory released him from prison and he will be given a high ranking job or even a cabinet position just before Pnoy ends his term. That’s my prediction.

      • Fredie Cadungog

        I agree to your prediction….hahahha….There’s a big possibility that JOMA will end up a cabinet secretary if peace negotiations with CPP-NPA-NDF push through…..I believe the government should pulverized the criminal NPA!

    • etomacq

      Checkpoints lang pala ng NPA ang pinadudurog ni Noynoy kala ko yun NPA organization na mismo…

  • $18209031

    The AFP has not crushed the NPA insurgency for 43 yrs. What makes Pnoy think this will be the end of the NPA checkpoints of today? This should have been done back in the 1970s when the AFP was the most powerful force in SE Asia. They were well funded by the American aid money and inspite of that it has grown enormously. Maybe Pnoy will do a good job for a change. Good luck …

  • scconcern

    Small cheap instruction, why not crush the psuedo democratic elitist judicial system with democratic and “beyond reasonable doubt” judgement in courts. People of Pinas act as judges not a bias and corruptible lawyer.
    The NPA are fighting for the people social justice.
    Dysfunctional justice is the root cause of all the mess in Pinas. Justice is the foundation of good governance. Forget economy for a while, it will be fixed when justice prevail, to create a fair playing field for everyone.

    • skylord

      Humans are subjective and have their own personal interests. There will be no fair playing field, reforms will only do a reshuffle of who will be on the top after the said reform. Communism is not a totally bad idea, but i still like democracy more.

      • scconcern

        Democracy is goverment with people participation, weather capitalist, communist, facist, etc. What exist in reality in Pinas, is plutocartic pseudo democarcy. Goverment run by wealthy; goverment FOOL the people, BUY the people and OFF the people.
        Capitalism and communism is obselete, most develope countries now combined all the “ism”.

    • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

      There is justice for everybody, especially for the hard working people. What kind of injustice are u talking about? the NPA communists are not working for social justice but for their own selfish interest. Can they call it justice when they extort revolutionary taxes from the poor farmers? They are nothing but bandits and terrorists who are willing to kill anybody that will stand in the way

      • scconcern

        What you should understand is the cause, in breeding discontent. NPA, MNLF, MILF, etc exist for reasons. What I mentioned is one reason, there is discontentment.
        Laws is different from Justice. Justice determines, the law is fair/just.
        If you don’t understand the meaning of social justice. I suggest you read books on communism (manifesto and karls), as well as capitalism and socialism.

  • $18209031

    Ang daming nakakapera sa AFP budget sa ibat ibang pamaraan. Ang mga corrupt AFP generals closed to Marcos , Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo then Aquino again. Ang mga pamilyas mga ito at anak anakans ay talagang living the good life lalo na yung may hawak sa AFP budgets at meyrong hawak na commands sa ibat ibang units sa Pinas.. Dios ko po, ang daming mga katarantaduhan dyan hindi lang ninyo alam. Even a lowly sargent has his own racketeering business. More so sa Phil Constabulary now rebadged as the PNP.

    • Spartacus

      tumigil ka dyan! Komunista! Rojo!

      • $18209031

        Hoy, isang alipores sa mga kurakot sa militar. Mag hunos dili ka. Mukhang hindi ka naka mahimulos dyan kayumangmang ka!

  • jeff justice

    Mr Guingona and your entire worthless family:

    You were so great in kicking the US forces out of this country that the Chinese and the left (Joma, NDF and all) are all so grateful to you and your family.

    I hope you do not turn around and seek the reinstatement of US Bases in the Philippines to counter the growing leftist menace and the chinese occupation of our islands in the china sea…….So that you will look like a US supporter… and allows you to seek refuge once again in the US where you feel the safest before you promoted and fooled the entire nation about your all so grand delusional promise of public service.

    You and and your entire family have fooled this country long enough.
    What a truly pathetic ungrateful family you have.

    I now wonder what else can be more unforgivable.

  • Beguine

    The so-called pockets of communism in Pinas have lasted so long
    it’s a wonder there’s now yet another decades’ old order to crush them and
    destroy them if possible.

    It always takes a high profile attack on a politician to bring the communists
    once again in the limelight spotlight.

    It’s just like the never-ending campaign against illegal logging. Every time
    there’s flooding and mud landslides the illegal loggers are suddenly in
    hot water again. After that, the usual silence and negligence till the next

    Life is full of disasters, and Pinas must have one of the highest incidence of
    both natural and man-made disasters. But never mind is the Pinoy attitude.
    Life goes on willy nilly and even now included in local slang Noynoying,
    named after its originator though actually akin to the classic Juan Tamad, of
    which this latter day version is in more or less the same mould.

  • Jack Wok

    eh paano bang maubos yang mga npa kung ang gobyerno kawatan. nagrerebelde mga tao kase walang makain ultimo relief goods ng biktima ng pablo ninakaw pa.

    • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

      kung meron kang alam na kawatan na government officials, report them for them to be punished and jailed. NPA rebellion is not about people but about their own selfish personal interests

  • Corrupt_Jerk

    The Filipino people are very tired of these insurgents encounter, do we want peace on our country? When is the right person to come to stand all these problem so we could unite? The chinks are already on our backyard waiting for to conquer our land.

    • etomacq

      Our country will not prosper as long we kept on choosing a president who is only popular.. We need gov’t officials who are smart, intelligent ang trsutworthy not those elected only beacuse they are popular.

      Ipagbawal na dapat ang mga paid surveys during elections.. nililoko lang nila ang mga tao.

  • Noel

    Why would NPA conduct check points as if they own the government? The problem is the same is happening in Mindanao. MILF, MNLF and Abu Sayyaf are also doing it and the government does nothing. There’s clearly a double standard, though.

  • Brax82

    Kung titignan mo ang mga nka paligid sa pangulo ngaun, malalaman mo na NPA ang nagpapatakbo sa kasalukuyan… Panu yan, kung galit ka sa Gobyerno di ka na pwedeng mag NPA kasi sila ang nasa kapangyarihan ngaun. So meaning para maging rebelde dapat kang maging sundalo? Tama!

  • $20722540

    hindi talaga nagiisip itong mga ndf na ito…bagay lang talaga sa bundok lang

  • Almighty Creator

    narinig ko na yan. masmatapang pa nga ang pagkakasabi ni erap at gma. umubra ba sila? wala na sila sa puwesto at nakulong na silang pareho ang mga NPA nandiyan pa rin. ang problema ay kahirapan, kung marereresolba yan ng gobyerno walang MILF at NPA…

    • Platypus09

      There is always poverty whichever country you want to live, even the US, but it has no communist rebels. It has the best military money can buy. Plus, they know how to get these lawless elements and prevent them from proliferating.

    • skylord

      Too good to be true. Guns are symbol of power, these men are not willing to give it up just easily, they will give reasons so that they can hold on to their weapons. Marami na ring pro poor program ung ginawa ng iba’t ibang administrasyon.

      Tanong? bakit marami pa rin naghihirap?

      Sagot: Mas malaking factor sa kahirapan ang Pag-Uugali kaysa sa anumang reporma o proyekto.

      Gusto ng mga tao ang direktang tulong, pera bahay, lupa at direktang trabaho, ayaw nila yung bibigyan lng sila ng oportunidad o kakayahang makapagsimula lng. Kulang na nga kita marami pang bisyo. Takot humiwalay sa grupo, kung saan yung iba dun din sya, kung ano trabaho o negosyo o pinagkakaabalahan ng iba yund din dpat sa kanya. Pagboto ng kandidato dahil sa utang na loob, pagiging, kapamilya kababayan o kaptbahay nito, o dahil sa idol lng sya. Panghuli siguro ay ang paggawa ng mali para maitama ang mali.

      Insurgency is not the answer, true that there is Insurgency because there is poverty, likewise, it is also true that THERE IS POVERTY BECAUSE THERE IS INSURGENCY.

  • Brax82

    Tapos si Rosales at Llamas asa likod mo nakangiti… Parang drug lord na pinaraid yung sarili niyang drug den. Sino ba pinaglololoko niyo? Di lahat ng Pilipino ay Noytard.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Nakalimutan mo si Delima na in-law ni Jalandoni ng NDF.

      • Brax82

        How can I forget. Just sat beside her in an airport, sarili niya na ngang bottled water di nya pa mabuhat, kelangan nasa bodyguard din. Eto yung mga iniidolo ng mga noytard na pro komunista.

  • mangtom

    jeff justice: you are 1,000 % right on the money. The former vice-president is Gagona-alias Guingona. Kasama niya si Jovito Salonga na traitors.

  • Benigno the Turd

    As far as I know, the only true dedicated soldier feared by these criminals General Palparan. Beg him to come back and wipe these communists off the land of the living.

  • farmerpo

    The military will not engage the NPA for nothing. No motivation. The NPA on the other hand, stand to gain in terms of money should they succeed in terrorizing people. US coast guard personnel said explicitly that engaging drug smugglers may cause injuries or death to them which is not worth it. They just make their presence known. Our military do the same with the NPA. Money is a great motivator. In the jueteng country, no NPA dare to set up check points much less even try extortion. Jueteng money would rather go to the police and military rather than NPA, so the NPA fizzled out.
    Government bureaucracy and pay scale for soldiers and police officers automatically exclude the monetary motivation to do their risky jobs. Hazard pay is not even peanuts compared to what they get protecting jueteng.

  • farmerpo

    No papogi comments from Teddy Casino or CHR?

    • frudo

      hindi sila ang nalagasan eh kaya tahimik sila hehehe pag nalagasan sila tignan mo lang

  • leomar101

    The npa’s are there all these years. Many soldiers were being ambushed, civilians were killed, etc. Did mongol make any move to stop their atrocities? NO! Only now that somebody close to him, o ka partido ang biktima . So mongol move heaven and earth to get these commies. hahaha. What is clear for the ordinary people is: mongol will only move if the victims of these npa’s are his friend’s love ones. Pero kapag sundalo lang o mga taong hindi ka alyado or kaibigan ay hindi kumikilos ang malacanang. hahaha.

    • sagbotgamot

      The mongol does not know what is going on deep in the countryside. his concern is make sure his political machineries in the countryside assures his and his family political agendas. Besides, he has generals to do the job. unfortunately, his generals also makes sure that when they retire they have millions to enjoy. it’s more fun in the philippines.

  • padrefaura

    why do i have the feeling that this is an order not intended to be carried out? do you think the boys of Pnoy, from Llama to hontiveros, will be happy about this?

  • dandankid

    Mga salot ng bayan…wala ng ginawang matino. Perwisyo talaga !!!

  • speaksoftlylove

    Ganyan naman yang NPA tuwing election, may tongpats sa teritoryo nila para pwede kang mangampanya, At syempre yong mga kandidato na ayaw maambush nagbibigay na lang dahil alam naman ng NPA na marami silang panglagay. Kaya ngang bumili ng milyuonmilyon na boto yan pang lagay sa NPA? Yon lang may private armies ang di nagbibigay dahil meron silang armed goons na kasamang mangampanya.

    Panahon pa ni Cory ganyan na yan pero ngayon lang si kulot nagdrama.

  • Hey_Dudes

    This is only one of many flawed policies not being carried by those tasked to do specific jobs under command responsibility. If you are someone considered a bigwig within the military and police, are you not embarrassed that your president need to order you to do your job and paid well to do it? Why do you think a president of a country need to remind those expected to do a job if not for the simple reason these individuals are not capable of meeting the responsibility? This again falls under individuals with thick skin not capable of feeling shame.

  • BurgerBeacon

    What if Mayor Gingona belongs to UNA Party? Will PNoy still order the armed forces to ‘crush’ NPA checkpoints? PNoy has a proven track record of being partial and being selective in trying to execute justice.

  • BatangSingapore

    lumalabas na talaga ang pag suporta ni abnoy sa mga teroristang NPA. taena wasakin daw yun checkpoint ng NPA pero wag ang mahal na mahal niyang NPA. kayong mga bobong filipino kapag binoto nyo pa ang LP ay kayo na talaga pinaka tangang lahi sa mundo.

    • frudo

      nahiya naman ako sayo ang talino mo! ano kaya trabaho mo jan sa singapore?

  • Danny Bravo

    sira naman ang ulo ng mga rebeldeng yan ang pinapatay mga kalahi niya,,, subukan ninyong sa ibang lahi isabak yan at puro bahag ang buntot..,,bibitayin na at lahat ayaw pang tumigil ng panggugulo,,,yang communismo mga panis yan ang sumasama diyan panis din,,,hindi yan kabilang sa tinatawag na human akala lang nila galit sila pero ang dugo ng mga yan ay may halo ng dugo ng alien,,,sa mga mangmang na walang kaalaman sa science ang sasabihin naimpluensiyahan lang o nahimmok,,,,,,hindi,,,pagkasilang niyan naka programa na yan,,hanggang sa tumanda at mamatay ang magiging anak ng mga yan ganon din dahi yung memory sa dugo ang kinokopya ng gene para gumawa ng stem cell,, kaya pag pinatay ninyo ang isang rebelde at hindi kasama ang anak useless din,,,hindi rin namatay ,,,yan ang mga pandaya ng demonyo na hindi kayang sanggahin ng pilipino,, kakulangan ng pagtuklas,,

  • wawa2172

    Wala akong narining na condemnation sa Bayan, Akbayan, LFS at other lestist organization on this regard. Tahimik rin si Trillianes and other Team PNoy members and let the president do the talking. “Dismantle those checkpoints” sabi ni PNoy, yun lang? I guess hangang rhetoric lang magagawa ni PNoy at walang magiging resulta sa pagtugis ang mga taga AFP kundi mamulot lang nang materials na naiwan daw nang mga NPA. May pa forgive pa ang mga NPA dahil di sinuportahan nang media ang attempted and plan to kill very old Mayor Guingona. Di sila tumiba sa takilya and it was a wrong move, a terrorist act. The ambush was treacherous act since VP Guingona is known to be leftist and has supported the peace negotiation with the rebels since. Now Teofisto maybe acting like Ninoy in 500 peso bill, nalulungkot sa pinag laban niya. Madlos and his men should be captured and punished, else baka nasayang lang ang laway ni PNoy sa sinabi niya sa media na using full force of the law na naman? Noy please demand result naman sa AFP at PNP mo, ala yatang nangyayari sa front page na hamon at order mo. Nagiging lame duck na ba tayo? In Boston, suspect 1 and suspect 2 were disabled as ordered by Obama and that is a day after the bombing incident. Mga utos ni PNoy may resulta ba? Nababali wala yata ang utos ni presidente ah.

  • $20926843

    Why is it that this present inutile and autistic president in malacanang had to issue an order to dismantle these NPA checkpoints kuno? Is the AFP not doing its job? For the info of civilians, there is no need for this inutile president to issue this order because it is an SOP and a regular activity of AFP units in the area to conduct routine prophylactic combat patrols to prevent these NPA from doing their nefarious activities. There is a big possibility that the NPA was bold enough to conduct this ambuscade because the Army unit in the area is not doing its job. And some of the reasons are systemic, like; the unit has only a skeleton force, it has a weak intelligence and a creeping low morale that has a paralyzing effect on their ability to fight the enemy. And the soldiers may have a low respect to their superiors up to their commander in chief which is no other than the present inutile president.

  • 2rey3

    Mayor Ruthie is very fortunate for having two aides who were very loyal to her who gave up their lives to protect her. The family of the former Vice President most probably will give the support to the families of these two valiant public servants in such a way that their families would experience as if they were not lost especially their children. May they all rest in peace. Their families especially their children should be very proud of their fathers!!!!

  • $44479964

    Dismantling checkpoints will not solve the problem. Crush the NPA down to their roots.

  • m1600

    NOON PINAKAWALAN NYO NI DELIMA YUNG MORONG 38 (43 original number but later five of them later seek the protection of AFP) tapos ngayon bigla kang kambiyo ano ba talaga lolo simeon ayusin mo nga ang isip mo. tapos itong si Palparan na lumalaban sa mga salot na NPA wanted mo.

  • m1600

    kung GAWIN din kila casino renato reyes yang ginawa ng npa sa mga sibilyan sigurado andiyan agad ang KARAPATAN BAYAN MUNA ETC ….pati si eta rosales ng HUMAN WRONG .

  • m1600

    PU$%#@#@@ INA NYO MGA SALOT npa

  • nakawan

    Communism used to be about inciting the middle class to take a more prominent stand in society, then it evolved into equalizing all the classes because of the growing poor in society. In other words, it’s the lazy man’s answer to getting rich without really trying.

    • patriotic_act

      nice observation my friend..

      communism lost all its purpose over time when lazy-a$$ sc*mbags started to join their ranks and corrupted the essence of their original ideology..

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Durugin dapat ang buong NPA di lang ang kanilang mga checkpoints. Mga kriminal at terorista ang mga NPA kaya di dapat nagkakaroon ng peace talks kunde all out war.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Bakit kaya pinuproblema ni kulot yang checkpoints ng NPA samantalang mga tauhan naman niya ang mga eksperto dito? Ipadala na kaagad si Marantan sampu ng tribo niya at sila ang eksperto dyan sa checkpoints, pronto.

    By the way, joke lang yang kay PNoy, kasama sa campaign strategy yan. Kayo naman nagkakagulo pa. Ano yan double order? Standing order as commander in chief tapos order ulit as president. Kung ngayon lang siya nagorder ibig lang sabihin may permiso dati yong NPA sa administrasyon niya at nabulabog lang dahil sa ambush, correct? Parang di ninyo kilala si kulot.

    • LAD

      nagmagaling ka na naman ate, manlalaki ka na lang

      • speaksoftlylove

        Dogyot, yong tribo lang ni Marantan ang may checkpoint muna bago mangambush. Nagtatayo ba ang NPA ng checkpoint bago mangambush? Ano kayo hilo?

        Alisin mo yang punctuation mark na colon sa title at basahin mo ulit. Yan yong totoong istorya dyan, dogyot.

      • LAD

        papareho kayo nina marantan mga sira ulo,puro pera nasa ulo mas dogyot, kahit ano pa sabihin NPA mga tulisan ,basta subukan nyo ulit dito sa baryo namin at pati apo ng apo nyo kakatayin namin , wala na sa aming pulis o militar abala lang pagsinumbong sa kanila dahil idadaan na naman sa human rights ,kalokohan. tatlong ektarya namain hihingian pa ng tax , ung una pwedi pero sobra na di naman namin ninakaw ang aming sinasaka mga tamad.

  • penoy2012

    Crush the checkpoints? Why not order, “crush the NPAs” – period.

    • patriotic_act

      I agree.. crush the NPA, no more peacetalks

  • Jimmiboi

    Easier said than done…. Combating veteran insurgents with Vietnam war capabilities and insufficient troop numbers will always condemn counterinsurgency warfare in the Philippines into an endless cycle of rebel raids and and government reactionary sweeps…. Sad truth the AFP is neither equipped or big enough to cover 115,000 square miles at once…. Its fairly easy for the Reds to set up check points here and there for a few hours then just withdraw before government troops arrive to react…. to cover every possible area of concern will mean dispersal of troop concentrations into unacceptably small units…. Unless we put serious efforts into improving capabilities, the AFP and NPA will simply play hide and seek indefinitely :P

  • ricelander

    That the NPAs are bold and confident enough to set up their own checkpoints should tell you one thing. It matters a lot that they have a growing number of friends in very high places now. Meanwhile, the military must tread so very very carefully baka ma-human rights violations pa, mahirap na.

  • novaliches

    Crush NPA checkpoint, — also crush the NPA “Toolway”.

    • Fulpol

      so NPA are toolmakers… CNC or lathe machine???

  • LAD

    putang ina mo madlos bakit hihingi saiyo ng permisong putang ina mo ,sino ba kayo eh mga tulisan lang naman kayo ah, mamatay na sana boung lahi nyo,mga manloloko kayo sa masa

  • Fulpol

    hoy kalbo, mind your own business.. di kami pakialamero sa monkey business mo at na iyong mga tauhan… may hacienda ka na sa Sabah kapalit ng hacienda luisita mo… mga tao mo hawak ang smuggling, jueteng…

    tapos panghihimasukan mo pa ang aming business at teritoryo..

    hoy kalbo, we warned you.. mind your own business…



    Sino ang may crush sa mga NPA checkpoints?

  • tarikan

    AFP (Officers mostly PMAers) and PNP (officers mostly PMAers & PNPAers), are like drift-woods, good for decorations, good for nothing inutils. Kailangan pa bang kalampagin ng presidente para labanan ang mga revolutionary tax collectors ng NPA? May sariling checkpoints sila kaka pero ayaw puntahan ng AFP/PNP baka singilin sila ng permit to operate. Magaling laang kayo sa pabaon/pasalubong, again mga inutil…pweee.

    • Fulpol

      mind you own business…. monkey or illegal man niyan…


      • tarikan

        It’s my business to mind your business or better scram and get lost here. You don’t make sense anyway. Salaam.

  • Alala Peter

    pogi points

  • Don

    mga bandido lang yang NPA. nabubuhay sa extortion. Bakit hindi naglalabas ng statement ang mga kaliwang partylist ?

  • sagbotgamot

    you may crush an NPA checkpoint today or tomorrow. but next week they will be back. if you really intend to crush the NPA i suggest you carpet bomb the whole mountain ranges of misamis oriental and agusan del norte and close your eyes if women and children will be among those who will be shattered into pieces. but of course, this move will be very effective recruiter for the NPA. or deal with the aspirations and visions of the leftist movement which is actually not difficult for the 90% of the filipino people but impossible for the less than 10% who are in power and the big business. your choice PNoy.

  • Peter Lim

    Why should P-noy always have to order the military & PNP to do there job, don’t they know w/o being told to do so??? Dummy! Dummy! Dummy!

  • skylord

    Since I was I child, I can always hear this Peace Talk thing, yeah it’s not bad to advocate peace. The question is the sincerity and trust of both parties to each other. Peace Talks is just being used as a War Strategy here. Not real. The only thing that will stop this is Unconditional Surrender of the CPP-NPA.

  • Kirat

    This is the response I was waiting for, and it came from Aquino himself. Yesterday’s endless repetition of “this is not tolerated” from Edwin Lacierda was starting to sound hollow. I hope Aquino sustains this level of resolve, and may the police catch the ones responsible for the Guingona ambush.

  • commentator

    I think the Guingona’s are not expecting this and felt betrayed by the NPA. The impression is that they are left leaning and the NPAs doing this shows their backstabbing nature and cannot be trusted. That is why talking to them is useless because they are already ingrained in their ideology.

    • patriotic_act

      Absolutely agree..

      They dont respect people and their ideologies are locked within a narrow outlook of life.. they are all lazy-a$$ sc*ms that cant get a good life and hated those who earned a fortune by sheer hard work thats why they wanted to pull everybody down to be “common” like them to rid off their hatred and envy.

      thats why communist sympathizers are bound to get into trouble themselves because either the government will purge them along with their communist friends or be killed by their communists friends themselves.

  • DinngMae

    Why not crush the rebels? Checkpoints simply come and go. Here is another clear example why a knee-jerk reaction will not solve any problem.

    • patriotic_act

      you are correct.. taking pain relievers will only ease the pain temporarily but will not cure the disease..

      but I will personally take the President’s initial move.. we may never know what those sc*mbag rebels will do when the military starts tearing down their “checkpoints” if they dare fight back I hope the military will “fire at will”..

      then lets borrow a Drone from uncle sam and equip it with Nerve Agents and drop them all into their camps.

      • DinngMae

        Do you honestly believe that these NPAs will wait for the soldiers to dismantle the checkpoints for them? NPA checkpoints are temporary in nature, now you see and now you don’t. It will still be a cat and mouse game which is what guerrilla warfare is all about.

        The Defense Secretary could have advised the President better.

      • patriotic_act


        But whatever the case is I personally prefer the President making a move than criticize him more.. (altho I would really love to).

  • boyod

    anong destroy? matagal na itong atrocities na ginagawa ng mga salot na NPA bakit ngayon pa niya sasabihin na destroy all checkpoints.wala talaga itong panot na ito. bakit hindi mo tanggalin ang mga galamay nang mga NPA/komunissta na nasa iyong kabinite, wala ba? o meron.

  • kismaytami

    Ha’ay naku, another puro-paganda. Pagkakaitan ba niya ng kabuhayan ang supporters ng kanyang mga among tsekwa?

  • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

    The order of the President is good but lacking. He should not only order to crush the checkpoints of the NPA but should order all out war against these pest in the society. They should be suppressed once and for all to maintain the economic gains. If they are allowed to make havoc then the investors might leave the country for safety reasons and thats what the NPA wants

  • ravindrama

    kung may checkpoint may kampo bakit checkpoint lang ang idi-dismantle???
    parang SLEX & NLEX ng Luzon meron din sila sa Mindanao………….

    sana yung COMELEC may say dito na hwag ng i-count ang boto ng lugar na kontrolado ng NPA at para hindi puntahan ng mga kandidato…

  • Wakats


    PNoy: crush all NPA checkpoints – why not the movement?

    Sen. TG Guingona: resume peace negotiation with the NPAs instead of condemning them.

    PNoy’s cabinet has lots of known leftists, including one of his senatorial candidates.

    No wonder the NPAs are getting stronger by the day….

  • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

    Thailand has been infested with communists decades ago but when the Thai
    government ordered an all out war against them without let up, they
    were suppressed in the end. Just remember that it would have been
    harder to suppress the communist because some of the neighboring
    countries were also communists and the rebels can easily hide there.
    But with sheer determination of the Thai military to flush them out,
    they were finally suppressed. There might be some truth in this that
    the NPA have some high connections in the military and in the government
    otherwise they should have been suppressed long time ago. Their
    backers whether military or civilians should be identified and jailed.

  • Mang Teban

    I regret that Senator Guingona wanted to resume the “peace talks” with the NDF. I do not know he had to say that. Is he afraid that the NPAs will continue to attack his family and ruin the chances of his sister to win as replacement mayor for their mom?

    Why should we resume talks when the other side has been betraying the government panel and the Filipino people as a whole? Let the Armed Forces and PNP do their jobs and Human Rights Commission stop playing as referee to human rights violations of the NPA, the terrorist armed wing of the criminal network of the NDF.

  • Alajero

    ….and you thought april fools day is april 1….

  • Guest

    modernize our armed forces in this way they can reach out their help and protect us against the atrocities, cruelty and evils of the CPP-NDF-NPA…. may god bless our mother land…..

  • whyinthisworld

    Meaning the police and military doesn’t know that NPA’s are putting their own checkpoints elsewhere and that they still need order from the president to dismantle them. Wow only in the Philippines. We’re just wasting people’s money to pay for their salary and this is the reason why criminality is being proliferated because they are sleeping yes sleeping soundly from director down to lowest rank in the police and military. Kawawang pilipinas but it’s good that we have the president that consciously working fairly for the filipino people.

  • doloresmagtangol

    modernizes our armed forces in this way they can reach out their help and protect us against the atrocities, cruelty and evils of the CPP-NDF-NPA…. may god bless our mother land…..

  • jeetkaido

    “The military’s Human Rights Office said the communist rebels violated nine human rights laws as well as election rules.”
    re: Anober???? pagiging communista (salot ng ating bayan) ay violation na. Ibig sabihin matagal ng mga ogags may check point at walang ginagawa ang mga militar para alisin. Ibig sabihin ngayon lang nalaman ni pnoy kaya nagbigay na ng order para alisin ang mga check point kc nadisgrasya c Guingona na ginagalang ng mga salot….. Wow!! maraming lumalabas na mga secreto.

  • $16638896

    Anakanampucha namna pnoy…checkpoint lng ang ipapasira mo? eh bakit di mo pa ipapatay yang mga hinayupak na npa na yan!

  • concern_pinoy_citizen

    Ibalik si General Palparan, ang berdugo laban sa mga rebelde. Let him try one more time to kill and crash these bandits. Allow Gen. Palparan to redeem his name by killing all these rebels without a cause.

    • patriotic_act

      ito I will definitely support..

  • $28797156

    takot ang npa, ah! una daw si aquino III nahaharap sa problema at ok lang yon, pero 2 days late ang utos para sirain ang checkpoint nga mga kaibigan niya.

  • kilabot

    in fairness to noykapon,
    he was also a victim of an ambush and survived;
    in that incident he got so scared he urinated in his pants;
    this time as president and cic
    it is within his power to act like rambo
    and wipe out the npa, even if only in his wet dreams;
    this will land him in the magazine cover of the mercenary.
    go noykapon go.

    • frudo

      hehehe okey ang banat ah may panlalait muna pero positibo,

  • Pedro_Gil

    pnoy is just full of semantics and band-aid solutions. In order to lessen support to the NPA.he should create livelihood, health and housing programs for the poor. Enough with Famas award programs. He thinks that the people are so stupid that he can fool all the time. he is an awful administrator like the previous one and her mom, known as ms diesel generator.

    • frudo

      uu nga mag create nga ng livelihood health etc, kaya mag iimbinta ng inverstor para mag tayo ng factory sa isang probinsya at ng sa gayun magkaroon ng kabuhayan mga tao dun sa lugar na yun pero ano mangyayari hihingan ng revolustionary tax ng mga npa, kaya ayun ang negosyante umatras nalang sa ibang bansa nalang magtayo ng negosyo di kikita eh kasi dalawa dalawang tax ba nman babayaran, so nasan na livelihood nawala, nganga na tapos mahihirap tao, isisisi now sa gobyerno,

  • epros

    Yari na naman si Fp ha ha ha move on dude!!!

  • Manga Gamud

    Why not AFP ambush Teddy Casino or Ka Satur para quits na………….

  • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

    I can’t understand why some politicians and high government officials are leftist or communists when it has been proven around the world that this dinosaur communist ideology never works in any society. Look at China and Russia, they are all embracing capitalistic system because their communists system never works. They are only communists in name but democratic in their ways by allowing ownership of businesses and companies. The only pure communists communists country is Cuba and they are poor as a rat.

  • frudo

    kung communista sila pwede naman sila sumali sa goverment as communist party, at meron nyan sa ibang bansa, pero di sila yun mga armado at mga nakikipagbaka sa gobyerno , cummunista lang ang ideolohiya nila, at dahil may party sila pwede sila lumaban sa election at maaring manalo, dun siguro makaka kuha pa sila ng simpatiya.

  • etomacq

    Aquino took time out from the campaign and visited the mayor at Capitol University Medical City (CUMC) in Cagayan de Oro City.

    He issued the order after the mayor’s son, Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, questioned the NPA’s authority to set up checkpoints and enforce its will on a country that has only “one government” and governed by just “one President.”

    Sana sabihin din ni Noynoy yan sa MILF……

  • zdrx

    peace negotiation sen. guingona? do you negotiate with terrorists? if you recall, previous administrations tried to talk peace with them…then the communists baits the government a misstep. then withdraws out of the talks accusing the government of bad faith for capturing an NPA who’s a “member of the peace panel”…even though he’s not listed as one…nor has he a “safe conduct pass” to confirm his peace panel membership. another of their tricks is to issue impossible demands just to sabotage the talks…and pull out of the negotiating table, blaming the government of “insincerity”.

    the government tries to talk peace…but this monkeys just plays around…and make the government chase its shadows. they fool around unmindful of the death and destruction, they create…not to mention the damage to the economy and our society. and you negotiate…when the situation requires KILL, DESTROY and ANNIHILATE? you’re out of your mind, senator.

    • CommonSens6

      I agree with you totally however don’t hold your breath… it will not happen while the country is run by an Aquino. Did not Ninoy exhort if not spurred the birth of the NPA? Did Cory not pardon Joma its co-founder? Pnoy will not destroy his fathers legacy yet the NPA has outlived it’s purpose and it has become just like another Abu Sayaff. They must be annihilated indeed for our country to move forward…but are we going to see it in our lifetime?

  • Manuel_II

    These communist pigs must be destroyed at all cost… hunt and kill them all like pigs they are!!!

  • etomacq

    Check points lang pala ng NPA yun dudurugin.. kala ko un NPA organization na mismo.

  • AJ Giorgio

    para sa akin, kawawa itong mga NPA.. hindi na sila naka move-on.. napag iwanan na sila ng panahon.. they’re stuck in that mentality .. ayaw na nilang umasenso..

    i don’t think they still believe that what they are doing is right..
    they’re just a bunch of stup!d id!ot l0sers with guns..

  • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

    I challenge any UP pofessor who are leftist for debate: Democracy vs. Communism

    • frudo

      wala makikipag debate kasi lam nila na di mangyayari ang sinasabi nila na pagiging pantay pantay, natural na dupang mga tao at hindi marunong makuntento, napatunayan na yan ng mga taga eastern europe na ang ilan ay mga kumunistang bansa pero ngayon democratic na, ibig sabihin laos na ang kanilang ideolohiya

  • Dan Joseph Magno

    Hindi ba tuta ng NPA si Teddy Casino? Why does this man has not yet offered condolences to Guingonas?

    NPA cites that the shootout happened due to ‘self-defense’. THE NERVE! Imagine a 78-year old grandma with few men to attack 50 well-armed NPA cadres?

    This is clearly a massacre, and a part of NPA’s reign of terror in the provinces.

  • zdrx

    we even tried to accommodate them by by widening our democratic spectrum. we invited them to join our society…and campaign their agenda peacefully. they refused!!!!!

    we created party list system so they can enter politically…and they just took advantage of it. now they have legal fronts and another source of funds…while they didn’t lay down their weapons and continued with their bloodshed and violence . DO WE NEGOTIATE WITH THIS KIND OF PEOPLE?

  • ruthieem7

    Speaking of checkpoints, whatever happened to the Atimonan rubout? Nawala na lang ng parang bula sa media reports.

  • rlo

    NPA violating 9 human rights laws? Where’s the outrage from the left? Where’s Teddy Casino? Oops. The NPA is a pro-people, pro-human organization. Cops and military are not human.

  • durian

    “The insurgents prohibit candidates from campaigning in areas under their
    control without permit, for which they must pay. The rebels also forbid
    candidates to bring armed bodyguards or carry firearms except if the
    weapons are for protection against bandits. But the candidates must have
    NPA gun permits, which they must also pay for.”– These NPAs are a bundles of criminal and bandits…, mga BALIW!!!

  • Ako_Hiking

    It looks like nothing new in these elections…same ole ole. The government has to do a much better job at not only protecting candidates but innocent Filipinos who sometimes get caught in the crossfire.

  • etomacq

    Gun ban during campaign period????? Anong gun ban???? Applicable lang ang gun ban sa mga pangkaraniwang tao hindi sa mga bigating pulitiko at mga rebelde.

    Checkpoints lang ng NPA ang pinadudurog hindi ang NPA… so pwede pa rin mangikil ang NPA basta wala lang checkpoints?

  • john_constantine

    Boo NPA.

  • pinoysadubai

    lipulin na yang mga salot na yan sa lipunan…NOW NA!!!!!

  • dennis_genio

    Who´s to Blame? Noon pa mang January,ng may namatay na sunod-sunod sa bansa natin sa dahilan ng sobrang kaluwagan ng batas about “Total Gun Ban” eh walang nagre-react? Sa halip eh puro kontra na lang? Kaya tumataas ang bilang ng crime sa Pilipinas because we all want guns to be regular member of our family! Nandiyan ang Holdap,massacre,riding in tandem atbp.Ngayon na may nangyaring hindi maganda sa isang kilalang tao at saka tayo magre-react?…WHY ONLY NOW? If we don´t want to have a “Total Gun Ban” (private citizen or lawless elements) then we have to accept all the consequences happen around our country.Tanggapin na lang natin sa bawat isa na lahat ng bagay na nangyayaring patayan eh normal na lang kung ganun.

  • Jun Dano

    will you still wait for the President to order you dismantle this NPA checkpoint – there is something very wrong here. this army people are sleeping on their job. Gentlemen, this is YOUR JOB AND YOU ARE PAID to do this . . .

  • dennis_genio

    “Hindi sasala ang sandok sa palayok!”
    Hindi malayong mangyari na magkaroon ng Martial Law! Mark that consequences!

  • TuwadNaDaan

    Sa administrasyon ni Simeon ay lalong nagkagulo ang bansa….!!!

  • TuwadNaDaan


  • virgoyap

    They must have to admit that what they were doing was a big setback to their movement.

  • Mark

    Forget about the Peace Talks, CPP-NPA wants a piece of the government, which is not possible. Let’s face it, CPP-NPA is not a political entity anymore, they are more of a criminal syndicate who can’t find a job in the city so they just decided to join the NPA to get instant money from helpless businessmen and politicians. CPP-NPA is a notch lower in criminal ranking to the Abu Sayyaf Group.

  • pubringjuandelacruz

    calling jovito palparan!!!

  • nuke24

    NPA has an aid from HUMAN RIGHTS.. The problem is we had tooooooo much HUMAN RIGHTS……….

  • $8278216


  • Fulpol

    simple lang naman ang issue… mind your own business..

    sa inyo ang jueteng at smuggling, sa amin naman ang revolutionary tax..

    fair di ba Marantan, ano sabi ng big boss mo Marantan….????


  • Fulpol

    mind your own business…

    sa inyo ang jueteng at smuggling..

    sa iyo naman ang Bangsamoro…

    sa amin naman ang revolutionary tax…

    fair di ba??

    kanino pala ang Sabah?


  • Brix Villapando

    Hoy mga NPA na kupal para may mapala ang bayan sa inyo ay sa Senado at Kongreso kayo sumugod at ratratin ninyo ang mga buwayang naroroon! Go na! Now na!!!!

  • dikoy321

    HIGH TIME for civilians to take up the STRUGGLE to RID the ccountryside of these NPA Pests/Bandits, ABUSIVE, CORRUPT, and INUTILE !!!
    The elderly Mrs Guingona was returning from a Fiesta, NOT Campaigning !!
    Sugod mga Kabayan, be ACTIVE and REPORT all NPA Movements so they can be HUNTED and DESTROYED !
    Forward Philippines !!!

  • $8866117

    now I see abnoy doing the right thing, thumbs up for you. hope you keep it that way

  • BatangSingapore

    kaya kayong mga bobotante sige iboto nyo ang partido ng ungas na pangulong abnoy na yan at ng mamayagpak ang NPA na terorista sa bansa.

  • Jack Wok

    nakakatuwa mga reaksyon dito. ganito mga utak ng pinoy kaya umaasenso ang pinas hahahahahaha. mga 0g4g.

  • Orod II

    Ordering the PNP, AFP to destroy the NPA is like ordering anyone to dump their trash and garbage in it’s proper receptacle. Here’s what I always say to the managers and leaders that I trained, “you can delegate or order anyone to do something but if you don’t follow up and make them accountable, nothing will ever change”. And that’s the reality of life in the Philippine government way of doing business.

  • randyaltarejos

    Eventually, the true color of our good leader, P-Noy, is coming out from the pit. This after he issued an order to crush the New People’s Army, after Mrs. Carmen Guingona, the mother of Senator Guingona, was seriously wounded when NPA guerillas ambushed her, along with her police escorts at a check point set up by the NPA last week. While it is true that he hated what the NPA did, he favored the sealing of a compromise to solve part of the Muslim insurgency in Mindanao through the frameworks of agreement that the national government inked with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) recently. As far as I’m concerned, the P-Noy administration closes its doors on the communist rebels but it went beyond its comfort zone to entertain the request of the MILF to create a Bangsamoro Sub-state in Mindanao. Mind you, I don’t side with any of the parties concerned. I’m just airing my observations. However, I’m still praying that the peace process between the communist rebels and the government panel can be pursued in the wake of the recent ambush.

  • Ommm

    “areas controlled by communist insurgents”……???…..

    Who is running this country and why do we have an army?…..

  • Guest

    marami sa mga NPA miyembro ng mga primyedaong unibersidad. i assume matatalino sila. malamang may nakita sila sa kabundukan. Yung mga militar na mahilig magcomment dito madalas mali ang spelling at barok ang ingles siguro may nakita ang gobyerno sa inyo.

  • Almighty Creator

    marami sa mga NPA estudyante ng mga primyadong unibersidad. sa tingin ko
    matatalino sila. malamang may nakita sila sa kabundukan. Yung mga
    militar na mahilig magcomment dito madalas mali ang spelling at barok
    ang ingles siguro may nakita ang gobyerno sa inyo.

  • Guest

    kasalanan ng nanay mo yan pnoy..pinakawalan si joma nung term niya..tapos tatay mo supporter nila nung marcos years

  • ruben_bush

    Crush them all including all its legal fronts….. its part of the civil war!!!!!! (sabi nga ni Renato Reyes!!!)

  • The Squire

    are you sure the NPA will be erased ? No way .. not with the current attitude of ‘tolerance’ and allowing them to even exist .. sounds a hollow threat whihc will win votes anyway ..

  • Allen Douglas

    The Gingonas were known supporters of the left and the communists. Now, they are shooting each other.

    They were also known advocates of ANTI-POLITICAL DYNASTIES during the Marcos regime. But look at them now, they are building their own political dynasty, with the son as an incumbent senator, the mother as the mayor and now the daughter to take over the place of the mother.


  • eltee mulawin

    >>>sa mga nag-comment, maitanong ko lamang. Ano ang pakakaiba ng rebeldeng MILF,MNLF sa CPP/NPA? Kung isasama sa eleksyon 2016 alin ang pagpiliin ninyo sa dalawa para kilalanin isang independent govt sa ilalim ng Republic of the Philippines?

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