Aquino orders PNP, AFP to dismantle all NPA checkpoints



MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang ordered law enforcement bodies, on Monday, to dismantle all makeshift checkpoints set up by the New People’s Army (NPA) in the countryside after Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona III questioned the rebels’ authority to set them up in a country under “one government” and governed by “one President.”

President Aquino himself expressed “sadness” over Saturday’s attack, which wounded Gingoog Mayor Ruth de Lara Guingona and killed two of her bodyguards when the mayor’s convoy passed by a makeshift checkpoint manned by rebels.

“I pledge, within my power and abilities (as President), and in the name of the law, to exact accountability from those responsible for this,” said  President Aquino in a speech at a campaign rally in Jose Pelaez Roa Park in Balingasag, Misamis Oriental.

“We will relentlessly pursue and sweep down on the people behind this violence,” President Aquino said.

The attack on Mayor Guingona’s convoy happened in the hinterland village of Alatagan in Barangay Upper Kapitulangan of Gingoog City, another coastal town in Misamis Oriental.

The President was in Misamis Oriental as part of day-long community meetings with local leaders and members of Team PNoy, which also took him to Marawi City and Cagayan de Oro City.

The President’s statement came on the heels of Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona III’s condemnation of the NPA attack, saying the latter “has fired upon an elderly and innocent woman who is already bowing out of politics.”

“We would like to remind everyone in this country that there is only one government of the Republic of the Philippines. There is only one President who is in charge of executing the laws of this land. That is President Noynoy Aquino. He is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” Guingona said in a statement.

At a Palace briefing, Lacierda echoed the President’s resolve to get the perpetrators of the attack.

Asked to comment on Guingona’s statement that the rebel group should not be allowed to set up checkpoints anywhere in the archipelago, Lacierda said that the Palace had already ordered the PNP and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to find out why rebels could freely set up checkpoints in areas supposedly controlled by the guerillas.

“We would ask the AFP to give us some (explanation). The AFP will be in a better position to explain this. But we’ve been told already that the Army’s 58th Infantry Battalion will be spearheading this investigation on this point,” he said, adding:  “But those in the local can inform us and we will let our AFP units go and make sure that there are no NPA checkpoints.”

Lacierda also repeated calls for candidates not to give in to the rebels’ demand for the payment of permit to campaign (PTC) fee.

“Permit to campaign is not tolerated under our system of government,” declared the President’s spokesperson.

Besides the dismantling of checkpoints set up by communist rebels, Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas also ordered the PNP to provide additional security blanket to local candidates if need be, said Lacierda.

“And, if you need personnel, if you need some help in campaigning,” the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) DILG can help, said Lacierda.

“Let me just clear it up with DILG because I’m not familiar how they (operate). They’re (DILG operatives) are not supposed to campaign for any candidate. But let me clarify with Secretary Mar Roxas as to what necessary protection can we give to them—to the campaign (in general),” said Lacierda.

On the stalled peace talks with the exiled rebel leaders, Lacierda said that there seemed to be a “disconnect” between Netherlands-based NDF leaders and their members on the ground.

“With respect to the peace process, it’s obvious that the CPP-NPA-NDF is not interested in pursuing peace talks with us. Our position has been very, very clear. We are committed to resolving the internal armed conflicts peacefully,” said Lacierda.

CPP-NPA-NDF stands for the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front.

Issuing an apparently veiled threat against the rebels, Lacierda challenged the rebels to show sincerity in pursuing the peace process.

“There seems to be a disconnect between the Netherlands and the people on the ground. So is it worth discussing peace with them? Certainly, we would like to pursue peace talks with them but the burden is on the CPP-NPA-[NDF]. If they want to do so, we will pursue peace with them,” said Lacierda, quickly adding:  “But if they’re not interested in pursuing peace, then we will prepare to defend our citizens.”

Asked if the Palace had given clear marching orders to the AFP or PNP to conduct an intensified crackdown on these NPA checkpoints, Lacierda said:

“The AFP is fully aware, and they have taken steps also to ensure that the politicians are spared from all these permit[s] to campaign. That’s the assurance that we were given by the AFP.

“Now, we would like to ask the local politicians, obviously, we, here in national government, would not be able to determine that. But those in the local can inform us and we will let our AFP units go and make sure that there are no NPA checkpoints. This is not tolerated under this system of government,” he said.

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  • Billy Reyes

    All out war against NPA like Sri Lankan government did to the Tamil Tiger.

  • Juan Cuevas

    Sa mga nagde=defend kay teddy casino at Makabayan bloc panoorin ninyo itong video from youtube.


    Yan ang nagpapatunay na ang buong Makabayan bloc ay front ng CPP-NPA-NDF. Hindi magkakaroon ng katahimikan sa bansa natin kung patuloy na ibinoboto ng nakakaraming pinoy ang mga terroristang iyan. Parang ibinebenta na din natin ang Pilipinas na maging isang komunistang bansa kapag bumoto kayo sa Makabayan bloc.

    Hindi ba kayo nagtataka na parating ang Makabayan bloc at CHR ang nagaakusa na ang AFP daw ay may mga krimen tulad ng forced dissapearances pero may napatunay na ba hanggang ngayon sa korte? Wala

    Ginagamit lang nila ang International Human Rights watchdog para maligtas yung mga nahuling komunistang terrorista at mapalaya. Pansinin ninyo wala kang maririnig pag ang CPP-NPA-NDF ang nakapatay ng civilian.

    Kung ebidensiya lang din naman ang paguusapan napakaraming balita na mababasa ninyo na ang daming pinatay ng NPA na civilian, babae, lalake pati sanggol. Mga taong nagce-celebrate lang ng festivities ay hinagisan ng granada ng NPA.

    • Fulpol

      kesa naman ibenta mo sa Malaysia..


      • Jose Laxa

        kesa naman ibenta mo sa Tsina na katulad ng gusto ni tita tyanak

    • txtman

      SI “MARIMAR”

    • Mamang Pulis

      talaga naman FRONT yan ng kabila mula’t sapul pa.

      mabuti na rin na lumantad sila Casiño ng masundan ng husto.

      ika nga :’keep your friends close; your enemies closer’

  • patriotic_act

    gas them.. burn their checkpoints with them in it, let the media cover it and show it to all people.

    this communist NPA rebel pigs should be killed on site, no warnings.. no second chances.. slaughter them and show it to the world.

  • Josemakabayan

    Good to know that the government is acting vs. the checkpoints of the other side, at last. The check points been going on for so long, so much so that the people think we are in Somalia, where the country is ruled by different warlords.



  • Oliver82

    Kill ‘em all!!!! Respect and discipline should be thought.

  • novaliches

    NPA are more entrenched than what the government want us to believe.

  • Fulpol

    while the police put checkpoints to kill their own, in the name of control.. monopoly of jueteng operation…


  • Fulpol

    they warned you… they warned the politicians…

    the enemy just warned you… so don’t take it like it just a joke..

  • Fulpol

    they will dismantle NPA checkpoints…????

    beware.. more ambush of AFP and PNP will happen..


    • Jose Laxa

      Isa iyan sa binabayan sa AFP at PNP ang pumatay (ng criminal) at mamatay (sa ambush)

  • Fulpol

    Issuing an apparently veiled threat against the rebels, Lacierda challenged the rebels to show sincerity in pursuing the peace process.

    “There seems to be a disconnect between the Netherlands and the people on the ground. So is it worth discussing peace with them? Certainly, we would like to pursue peace talks with them but the burden is on the CPP-NPA-[NDF]. If they want to do so, we will pursue peace with them,” said Lacierda, quickly adding: “But if they’re not interested in pursuing peace, then we will prepare to defend our citizens.”


    if you offer the CPP-NPA with wealth and power sharing in legal manner, they will seat for the peace process… like the MILF and Malaysia..

    as of the moment, they are getting power and wealth in illegal manner… they are contented with that.. and they will protect it whatever the costs…. LOL

    idiot Lacierda…

    • Jose Laxa

      Lahat ng klase ng kriminal ay gustong protekatahan ang kanilang pinagkukunan ng kapangyarihan at kaperahan. Kahit si tiyanak hindi niya binigay ng maayos ang kapangyarihan sa kapalit nya.

  • Commentator

    abu sayaf, milf and npa…the cashcow of the ph army.

    no rebels = no army budget.
    no army budget = sad army generals.

    war is good business.

    • jorgii0550

      Wrong our recurring territorial dispute with China already opened the Eyes of the Filipino that we need to maintain a strong military even in peace.

      • Commentator

        err…im saying that the reason abu sayyaf, milf and npa still exist is because they are the cashcow of the ph army.

        im not saying that we need to abolish the ph army. just saying that they are prolonging the “war” against insurgents because they get a lot of money from it.

  • BoyBakal

    Aquino orders PNP, AFP to dismantle all NPA checkpoints

    Why Checkpoints only, why not dismantle the NPA.

    • Jose Laxa

      Noong una may silbi sila sa bayan, dahil sila lamang ang sungbungan at tagapagtanggol ng mahihirap nating kababayan sa kanayunan. Ngayon naging terorista na gahaman sa kapangyarihan at kaperahan na lang ang CPP-NPA. Nalulungkot ako ngayon dahil may kamag anak akong namatay noon dahil sa kanilang adhikhain para sa mahirap, parang nabewala ang kanilang paghihirap at kamatayan sa mga pumalit sa kanila ngayon

  • JosephNess

    dismantle? it should be take over, guard the checkpoint and reclaim the rebel stronghold for the government…will there be enough resources to do this?

    • txtman


      • JosephNess

        my sympathy may you have back your sane mind and be at peace…

  • dummier

    Include ‘crush the NPA 101′ as top subject in PMA curriculum. Their graduates are still inutile since they cant find ways how to liquidate these bandits or miminimize their power such this ‘checkpointing’?

  • kapayapaan_1900

    It was so sad only a handful of our public officials took time condemning the NPA attack. The citizenry, with all its helplessness from the right, center, and the left, was again muted and let down by half-hearted statements such as “we don’t hurt women”, etc. condemning the attack, a purely lip service that lacks substance. The only meaningful response came from the victim’s son who questioned the NPA’s authority to set up checkpoints “under one government” and “governed” by one president” under our republic that moved the President to act accordingly. What’s so stunning is the silence of most senatorial candidates whom we are looking to lead us in this perilous time. Most of them are playing safe: every vote in NPA territory counts.

  • Fancy Tan

    Madami pa jan, yong iba nakapwesto na sa Senado at Congresso. Now is the time to vote out those politicians and replace them with the new candidates. Yan lang paraan para magkaron ng pagbabago sa ating lipunan. No to “Dynasty” NO to Binay, Estrada, Marcos, Ampatuans, Jalosjos, Enrile, at mga galamay ng Arroyo.Iboto ang “Kapatiran” at independent hwag lang si Casino.

    • txtman


  • Elnore

    The government should really crush insurgency in the Philippines. Bakit ang lalakas ng loob ng mga buwisit na mga NPAs na yan na pumatay ng tao? Mga walang takot sa Diyos.

    • txtman



    >>>Aquino orders PNP, AFP to dismantle all NPA checkpoints<<<

    NADINIG ko sa kanto, sabi daw ng NPA, "We will dismantle our checkpoints voluntarily if and when you dismantle pork barrels, graft and corruption in government offices like BOC, BIR, and LTO, and political monopolies. Till then, you can try what you think is right for you and we will try what we think is for our disadvantaged comrades." Or you can negotiate with Mike. :)

  • farmerpo

    There is no iota of doubt on the intention of President Aquino. But it is just a threat. It will remain so. If the NPA can set up checkpoints in the first place, the military and police are at the very least, complacent. They will not put their lives on the line for nothing. NPA ‘checkpoints’ are actually toll gates in the truest sense of the word. They are set up to collect ‘taxes’ from candidates who gladly pay. The bigger the better for they stand to have the NPAs campaigning for the biggest donors. Reality check lang po. And Mar Roxas should not even say ‘do it or else…’ sayang laway.

  • leomar101

    Hahaha. dismantle lang ang order? peanuts lang yan. Walang shoot to kill order, or arrests. tsk tsk tsk. Kay dami ng namamatay na mga sundalo at mga civilian pero dismantle lang ang order.. Mag hide and seek lang ang militar at commies niyan hahaha.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    Ang mismong grupo ng CPP-NPA-NDF na nasa Netherlands at mga narito sa bansa eh hindi magkasundo.

    Dahil sa hindi pagkakasundong ito nila, their cause is such an impossible and unpopular one that no well-established terrorist group can see any great advantage in supporting them.

    Porke walang suporta mula sa makabago at mayayamang terorista mula sa ibang bansa, eh naglalagay na lamang sila ng mga check points kada eleksiyon para mangikil sa mga kandidato.

    Jurassic na ang pamamaraan nilang ito para makapangalap sila ng Money: The Budget of Death!

    ANA: “Pa’no kaya pinasusueldo ang bawat member ng NPA, para din bang sundalo o pulis? Covered din kaya sila ng Social Security System?”

    LISA: “Ano ka. Ang AFP at PNP eh kompleto sa supply ng uniporme, bala, baril at iba pang benepisyo bukod pa sa tinatanggap na sueldo para sa pamilya, o, ‘di ba?”

    CION: “Korek ka r’yan ‘day. Hindi puedeng ikumpara ang AFP at PNP na pawang college graduate sa mga NPAs na karaniwa’y ‘di man lang nakatuntong ng high school. Hindi puede ang pulos tapang pero kulang sa plano na pakikibaka (read: terrorism) ng NPA.”

  • BoyBakal

    Why not All OUT Justice….courtesy of Sec. Jimenez.

  • tamoy garra

    kung wala palang namatay, never knew that this NPA Checkpoints were in placed? It makes local police force inutile.

    • Commentator

      correction: kung hindi pa PUBLIC OFFICIAL ang binanatan ng NPA hindi pa mapapansin na may NPA Checkpoints pala lol

  • pinoy_ako_ofw

    Elimination of npa na kunwaring makabayan kundi mandarambong ang sagot sa problemang matagal ng dapat wala.

  • Ros Feliciano

    This NPA check points in the areas where they are active are always known to our government officials for a long time, and why only now we are told that these notorious kind of activities of the pawn of the Chinese bully will be dismantled? Is it just because the victim happened to be member of the elite? We should not wait for a worst time to happen and act as if we are not having knowledge of such notorious activity of this pawn Chinese bully, the local communists whose master is seeking refuge in Netherland. This is ironic, Netherland is a friendly country and has a democratic form of government like ours and why it is harboring criminals in whose hands are bloods of the victims of innocent civilians and of their own members of the so called NPA.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Holland democracy can’t be compared with the Philippines Banana Republic.

      In fact is a perfect exemple of Philippines opposite on any aspect.

  • Ako_Hiking

    Don’t get it wrong…it is good that Aquino seems to be on top of this one giving orders and such. We just hope he follows up and makes sure that this order is followed through. Aquino in the past has had a tendency to say drastic things during drastic times but fail to make sure things are followed through and done properly.

  • arao_liwanag

    Dismantle the checkpoints? Hoy gising! Matagal ng naglalabanan puro ka lang Jackol.

  • disqusted0fu

    In other news… there are cops getting arrested for possession of illegal drugs and all sorts of crime. It is so extreme that these law enforcers being tasked by Pnoy to stop crimes could also be the ones committing them. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

  • eltee mulawin

    >>>wow magandang tanong at pangungusap ang sinabi ni Guingona na ““We would like to remind everyone in this country that there is only one
    government of the Republic of the Philippines. There is only one
    President who is in charge of executing the laws of this land. That is
    President Noynoy Aquino. He is the commander-in-chief of the Armed
    Forces of the Philippines,”



  • Ros Feliciano

    Our enemies
    are within; during daytime they are farmers, health care people and you name it
    they are civilians. When the agents of the laws are going after their notorious
    activities they get their support from the Commission of Human Right and the
    AFP are made as the culprit of violence. They kill people and blame the AFP and
    the PNP personnel. Those members of the Human Right Commission are their
    supporters. The local Chinese who are known as Chinese Filipinos are supporting
    them in terms of money and where is our evidence for what is being said by
    those who returned to the rule of law? Factual confirmation is suppressed by
    the HR commission because they are sympathizers of the local communists and
    some are indeed members of the commission. They penetrate even our august hall
    of congress. Now there is one whose name
    is Casino who said he’s not communist but only leftist and is a candidate for
    Senator. The whole nation must know that the communists are pawn of the Chinese
    bully and getting support from the them as well like they are getting from the
    HR commission.

  • Exo

    Ano kaya ang comment ni Teddy Casino dito?

  • Ros Feliciano

    Alexandre Amproz, we are not talking here about how wealthy Netherland is and how poor the Philippines is. What we are talking is about the form of government. I have
    been living outside our country since 1974 and I fully know that our country is
    full of people with crab mentality. I did not leave our country where most of
    our people are dwelling in nipa huts and moved into the house of a friend whose
    house is made of concrete. In all those years behind me I
    remain a full Filipino with no desires to migrate and swear allegiance to
    another country as others did.

    My intention is to help our government repair the bad image of country which some of our own people are doing the opposite. The way I am doing about helping our government is not only by sending money to my relatives back home. No, far from that! The kind of help I am doing though is comparable to a drop of water in a bucket.
    However, I hope that someday one of my children will do the best he can in
    where I failed to do as I was able to provide good education to all of them and
    none of them is inclined to leave the Philippines for good. They will use their
    talents in the Philippines as I am assured by all of them. I am asking God in
    my prayers to provide me at least one of them to be like LKY of Singapore. So it is true that the Philippines is a poor country unlike the Netherlands, but we share an identical form of democratic form of government. Do you agree?

  • kontra_boohaya

    who is going to dismantle the checkpoints when those guys those folks tasked are way too busy “securing” fiestas, parties, politicians, businessmen, celebrities, miners, and lords? atchaka busy sila seer sa sarili nilang modus, este, “negosyo” pala (alam na ninyo kung anong klaseng negosyo yan)

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