Team PNoy links to Arroyo cited



MANILA, Philippines—It’s not as if Team PNoy is free of any links with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Toby Tiangco, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) campaign manager, on Sunday said he could easily come up with the names of many people in the administration camp who enjoyed close ties and worked with the former President before jumping over to the new ruling coalition.

This is why allies of the Liberal Party coalition should think twice before hurling such tags as “UNArroyo.”

Harvey Keh of Kaya Natin, an administration ally, had earlier said UNA could be in an alliance with Arroyo’s camp.

Keh made the statement as he denied allegations by UNA the administration was involved in vote buying with the distribution of Kaya Natin gift certificates in Quezon City’s third district.

Keh said UNA’s connivance with the Arroyo camp could be the reason it was allowing itself to be used by former Quezon City Rep. Matias Defensor, hence the vote-buying allegations.

Defensor, an Arroyo ally, is the UNA candidate for representative in Quezon City’s third district against administration reelectionist Jorge Banal Jr.

Tiangco again noted that Team PNoy senatorial candidate Paolo Benigno Aquino IV served under Arroyo and alleged that he had been silent on the allegations against the former President when many youth groups he represented were protesting against her.

Tiangco also said the law creating the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone in the hometown of administration senatorial candidate Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara was approved during Arroyo’s term.

Other administration personalities with ties to Arroyo are Liberal Party campaign manager Franklin Drilon and spokesmen Ben Evardone and Miro Quimbo.

“Maybe Keh should look in the mirror so that he could see who are in the Liberal Party now,” Tiangco said in a statement.

“GMA’s big man, point man, hatchetman, bagman, running man are all now with LP. So who is under GMA’s shadow now?” he said.—Leila Salaverria

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    • doncleo



        Di Ko sila iboboto pati si Bamarroyo, Angaroyyo, Villarroyo, Roxasrroyo, apostolrroyo , Sanluisarroyo,

  • DarkM

    If they severed the links then people will call them balimbing

    • doncleo

      abolish multi-party system para mawala na ang mga balimbing…

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Puede pa ring magbalimbing maski two-party system.

  • CPCook

    It is true that some in the Team PNoy were once associated with Pres Arroyo. Bam Aquino was appointed to a youth commission. Rep Miro Quimbo headed SSS. Sen Drilon’s LP supported Pres Arroyo in 2004. Actually, even PNoy was part of the LP that once supported Pres Arroyo in 2004. But Rep Tiangco forgot a couple of things, and foremost among these is the fact that LP disassociated from Pres Arroyo when it was neither popular nor convenient to do so. Then, Rep Noynoy Aquino gave up his post as deputy speaker in Congress. It also worth bearing into mind that not all who were in Lakas or were appointed by Pres Arroyo are in the same category. Sec de Lima was appointed by Pres Arroyo to head the human rights commission.

    Just to put names into categories…. Bam Aquino, Speaker Belmonte, Gov Salceda, Rep Miro Quimbo, Sen Frank Drilon, PNoy, Sec Roxas, Rep Erin Tanada, Leni Robredo, the late Sec Jesse Robredo, Sen Koko Pimentel, etc are with Team PNoy.

    Ernesto Maceda, Mitos Magsaysay, Rep Migz Zubiri, Sen Enrile, Rep Danilo Suarez, Raul Gonzalez, Gwen Garcia, Matias Defensor, Augusto Syjuco (formerly of TESDA), Chavit Singson, etc are with Team UNA.

    See the difference?

    • jga94

      Well put….

      • wawa2172

        No difference at all. It just leaving the Pandak to save their political future. That means after raping the government of its resources it would be easy for politician to fly over the other fence to be able to continue their never ending business with the government. So the fairy tale story that once upon a time, politicians now with Team PNoy and UNA are close to the pockets of the Pandak. I will never vote for Bam, he is like a makapili na namana niya sa mga ninuno nuong panahon nang hapon and I am sure he will have the best of both world, marami siyang namana kay the Pandak then, at kay PNoy if he wins the election. So it can he exposed, we will be voting for the candidates of Team PNoyroyyo and UNArroyo, many of both party candidates are former lovers of the Pandak.

    • repapips

      walang kwenta naman talaga yan si toby. walang laman pinagsasasabi.

      • Concur_Dissent

        lalo naman si wawa2172 sa taas mo…hehehe

      • repapips


    • jack_bagbaga2011

      so, itong team pnoy at partidong una ay pinaglololoko lang ang taongbayan. moro-moro lang pala na kalaban nilang mortal si gma, eh yon pala siya pa rin ang “the woman running the show”

    • leomar101

      If I may add to the lists of persons associated with former Pres. Arroyo, look at dinky soliman. She was clearly involved in the peace bond scandal with billions lost in the process. Look where she is now? She just jump on the other side of the fence when the sailing gets rough. And now she is again involved in a 3 billion unaccounted money lost in the the CCT fund. Is there anybody who cried foul? NO because the people now in power is her protector. Look at purisima the finance sec. His tax declaration was in question but since he belongs to the person in power, no further investigation were made. Most of aquino’s people now were the same persons who were associated with the person in power before. And all the persons you mentioned above have even cases like quimbo, tupaz etc. Time will come when there will be a change of person in power in the future, we will see that these vultures will jump again on the other side of the fence. what I find it so unamusing is: that these are all corrupt people who would declare that they are clean and on the right path.hahaha. It’s really sickening to see them pretending to be clean when in fact they are not.They are all but opportunists vultures. With all their sins in the past and their involvement in scandals involvinng billions of taxpayers money, it was only arroyo who is demonized by the yellow attack dogs. Why?

  • patukar

    Huwag istorbohin si Goria naka brace na nga ung leeg mamya magalaw delicado pero ang hindi alam ng karamihan may nakasilong sa palda ni Gloria. Kapg gumalaw siya makikita ang nasa ilalamin panot ang ulo niya at hiyang na hiyang siya sa ilalim ng palda ni Gloria. Di siya makakilos ng maayos kapag wala sa palda ni Gloria, Kapag may aberya sa administrasyon niya sisilong lang siya sa palda ni Gloria tapos ang kwento lusot na naman siya. Pati yata simoy ng ilalim hiyang na rin siya ahahahah! Di nya kayang kumawala sa ilalim ni Gloria!



      • Marx Louis Wang

        Tama! Kapag “gumagawa” sila ni asawa nito walang brace.

    • 33Sambuang2

      hindi ganon katapang ang apog ng panot na sinasabi mo. kasi sa ilalim ng palda ni arroyo umaalingasaw ang baho nya.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * * *
    The bottomline is the ideal equation, UNA = 0.

    But it does not mean, LP = 12.

    Do not vote for the sure-winners! Your vote would be useless as they can take care of themselves, and win without your vote!

    Make your vote matter!

    Vote for no more than Six Deserving Senatoriables.

    • boldyak

      i voted only one….Pimentel….kung candidate si erin tanada sana naiboto ko rin…

  • padrefaura

    the fact remains that in 2004, when GMA supposed cheated her way to defeating FPJ, Liberal Party was an ally of GMA and because of it, they won a lot of positions in the government. it was only after the convenient alliance with GMA that LP turned its back on her. even Pnoy was an ally of GMA in 2004 when she “cheated” FPJ. kaya lang naman bumaliktad ang LP kay GMA kasi alam nilang hindi na sya pwedeng tumakbo sa 2010, kaya siya na ang siniraan nila.

    • penoy2012

      FPJ wasn’t cheated. FPJ lost because Ping lacson ran and divided the opposition.

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Gusto mo sabihin nakatulong pa pala si Ping sa pagiging (fake) presidente ni Gloria?

      • penoy2012

        Ping is the single, biggest reason why the GMA presidency is legitimate, and not fake.

      • shaina banso

        Noong sumabit si Ping Lacson sa Dacer-Corbito, iniwan din ni Alan Peter at lumipat sa NP ng mga Villar. Napakinabangan na kasi si Ping kaya iniwan ni Alan.

      • sandra martines

        Wais talaga si Alan Peter Cayetano. Basta’t mapapakinabangan niya doon siya, pero kapag wala na, iiwan na lang niya. Wala

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Why is Tobby Tiangco is getting media attention when what comes out of his mouth is plain garbage, no substance, no basis. His designation as “campaign manager” of UNA only reveals the kind of people that runs UNA. Surely there are far more sensible persons in UNA than this ‘addict looking’ guy.



    • pete_delacruz


  • penoy2012

    Si GMA na naman ang topic ng kampanya?

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Si BAM ba tinitira ninyo?

  • skylord

    and here we are making sides as if the other one is with the evil and the other one is pure. Tsk tsk, bkit d na lng kayo mgtalakayan ng mga plano nyo, kapag kayo ay naupo sa senado. Pambihera

  • DonkeyKong1

    Basta para sakin, bakit ako boboto sa grupo na pinamumunuan ni BINAY, ENRILE, at ESTRADA?! Kung sino pa man ang boboto sa UNA medyo mangmang na talaga ang taong yun!

    • BonnieBailey9

      exactly… i don’t really understand why any of the members of una are in the magic 12… three kings of corruption? come on. gising naman diyan mga pinoy!

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Mahirap gisingin ang nagtutulugtulugan!

  • AriannaDraws

    Basically anyone that’s NOT UNA is definitely more worth voting than any of the members of UNA.

    • boldyak

      voting a senate that is not controlled by the executive should be the ideal senate…

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    i will only vote for 3 senatoriables to make sure they will be winners

    • prince_janus

      don’t forget the ang kapatiran candidates.

  • Guest

    Tagumpay si Alan Cayetano na ilaglag si Chiz sa No. 2 spots. ang next target niya si Loren Legarda. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

  • disqusted0fu

    Why has GMA become the centerpiece of this discussion? The former president is currently sick and in detention because of the administration’s persecution. The alliance of candidates with the previous administration shouldn’t be looked at here because that’s the least important thing at this point. Apparently everyone is applying Pnoy’s technique in campaigning by attacking the previous administration. But it has already been three years in this present administration so it would be better to look at the alliances formed in the past three years, the shortcomings that the candidates have had, and the anomalies that they’ve been involved in.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Talaga?!! May sakit(sakitan) siya????

    • 33Sambuang2

      nakarma ang magnanakaw.

      • boldyak

        napatunayan na ba?….

    • boldyak

      ang talangka para makaayat may hinihilang pababa….hahahaha

  • Janch

    This just reaffirms one thing. Association with Gloria is still viewed as a kiss of death politically.

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Tobyrroyo bugok na itlog ka talaga. Ang mga sinasabi mong mga bata ni GMA ay noon pa bago pa lumabas ang tunay na kulay ni GMA sa Hello Garci.
    Pero ang UNArroyo ngayon nakipagalyansa kay GMA at 3 bata nya sina Migs Daya, Mitos Arroyo at Enrilerroyo sa line up nyo.
    Tobyrroyo di ba ikaw ang prime protector ni Coronarroyo sa impeachment last year?
    Sina Binay at Enrile payag na tumakas na si GMA at patawarin na raw kahit napakaraming ninakaw at niloko ni GMA.
    Dadalaw pa daw sa ospital sina Nancy Alalay at JV PlundERAP sa amo nyo.
    Kahit di kayo umamin alam ng taong bayan na UNArroyo party talaga kayo.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Si Binayroyo kasali?

      • edleon

        Bagay ah!

  • Ako_Hiking

    The attacks against Gloria are all politically motivated. Aquino is in power and for some reason does not like Gloria…maybe because of the Hacienda Luisita land being returned to the farmers which probably upset Aquino since he owns the land…so Aquino has made it a missions to attack Gloria and everyone else is just following suit. Many who are under his banner were working with Gloria before not only Bam but also his buddy Mar Roxas.

    • Luthmar

      Aquino does not own Luisita. The Cojuancos do.

      • Ako_Hiking

        Aquino is a Cojuanco on the mom’s side so to correct you right back…Aquino does indeed own Luisita and thus must have been angered when the Gloria Administration did the right thing by returning it to the farmers.

      • boldyak

        hahaha…ang nanay cojuanco, tapos sabihin mo hindi cojuanco?…ano ba yan?…kaya nga uncle ni Pnoy si danding cojuanco, may ari ng SMC na may ari ng Petron na may ari ng Exxon Malaysia…na sa panahon ni Pnoy nabili ang Exxon…at Lolo ni Pnoy si Senator Sumulong na nagsabi na walang basehan ang claim ng Pinas sa sabah…bwahahahahaha

    • 33Sambuang2

      pwede ba maagresearch ka muna bago dumakdak? hindi si aquino ang may-ari nyan. mga conjuancos. intiende bogo?

      • Ako_Hiking

        So are you telling me that Aquino is not a Conjuanco? Because if you did your own research you’d be aware that Aquino is a Conjuanco on the mom’s side, unless you are not aware how family trees work.

    • boldyak

      simply put, ang talangka para makaahon, may aapakan at hihilahin…kaya panay sisi sa nakaraan…at panay kumpara sa nakaraan…typical talangka…haha

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Puro naghahanap ng butas. Por que may baho ang kapitbahay mo, may baho ka na rin. Utak ipis.

  • Erick Labandia


    • 33Sambuang2

      paghilom pisot.

  • Fancy Tan

    I dont care if team pnoy or una sila, basta as far as i know, iboboto ko mga bagong candidato para nmn mabawasan ang “DYNASTY” para dna madagdagan ang kurakot ng buong pamilya.

  • Concur_Dissent


  • reyzel Lasdi

    Nakipag-ally si Alan Peter kay Ping Lacson noon na siya naman talagang naka-discover ng German account ng mga Arroyo. Kaya lang inunahan ni Alan Peter si Ping sa pag-expose. Grabber si Alan.

  • cheng Aniong

    Pero nang tumagilid na ang mga Arroyon dahil sa various anomalies, iniwan na ni Alan Peter at lumipat sa genuine opposition at tumakbo sa pagka-senador.

  • jmee larosa

    During 2010 elections, it was Alan Peter who called then president candidate Noynoy Aquino, a “topak”, tapos ngayon dumudikit siya kay PNoy.

    • Charm Salis

      .Ang di alam ng lahat, si Alan Peter Cayetano was behind the fake psychiatric
      report of Noynoy, that was “leaked” to the media.

  • curatolo

    pinag tatawanan ni GMA ang team pinoy at UNA dahil palagi syang sanasali sa kampanya, kesyo kaalyado ang ibang LP , candidate, kesyo kakampi daw sya ng mga taga UNA. Puede ba tigilian na inyo ang pagbanggit kay GMA, lalo sya nagiging popular sa gawa nyo. Ang lalabas kayo ang katawa tawa. Ang ipkaita sa tao kung ano ang plano nyo pag naupo kayo, hindi yung masmang ginawa ng tao.

    • boldyak

      pasensya ka na sa mga talangka….

  • disqusted0fu

    Even Pnoy was for GMA back then. But when Cory died, he saw an opportunity to run as President and actually win it. But as an underachiever, he had no clue on how to be a president so he just focused on attacking GMA. Plus of course he got irritated with the decision on Hacienda Luisita during GMA’s term.

    • boldyak

      kahit underachiever basta supportado ni uncle, si uncle bahala jan…

    • Sarkasmos

      Cory called for GMA to step down after the Garci scandal. This was on the same date that LP–together with then Sen. Noynoy asked her to resign. By the time Cory died, Pnoy was already with the opposition. Noynoy, like Cory, was a reluctant candidate. It was Bam Aquino who remained loyal to GMA even after his Tita Cory (whom Bam now says is his idol) called for GMA to step down.

  • lostRunes

    So ganun pala yun…mabahiran lang ng pangalan ni GMA masama na agad.

    1. Si Noynoy kumampi siya kay GMA para huwag itugtog ang “Hello Garci tapes” sa congress

    2. Sila Evardone at mga kapalmuks na balimbing na LP kumampi kay GMA nung may impeachment complaint laban sa kaniya

    3. Ang pinagyayabang ni Noynoy na CCT program panahon pa ni GMA yan kasama si SOliman na Cabinet secretary niya

    4. Si De Lima, inappoint ni GMA sa Human Rights; kinampihan niya ang ampatuan laban sa media, sabi niya “innocent until proven guilty” so may rights pa siya

    5. Kasama ni GMA si Budget Secretary Abad, Purisima; kung totoo yung corruption ng time ni GMA, dapat sila witness o dapat kasuhan

    What goes around comes around. Recycled politicians and cabinet members who served under sh** are stil sh*tt

    Btw Noynoy’s guest of honor and best friend during his inauguration is the first and ONLY CONVICTED PLUNDERER ERAP ESTRADA

  • lostRunes

    Instead of campaigning about issues, this is still about the former president?

    Since we HATE GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO you will vote for us!

    What kind of issue is that? Anyway, Noynoy won because of that platform. No wonder hanggang ngayon si GMA pa rin ang sinisisi sa lahat pa rin ng issues. Pati away sa malaysians (-we-kill-filipinos-for-breakfast but Noynoy still loves us because we Malaysians are your peace negotiators with the MILF).

    Until 2016, lahat ng magandang nangyari dahil kay Noynoy; lahat ng masama nangyari dahil kay GMA!

  • calixto909

    Whatever propaganda you fling UNA the verdict will be 9-3 in favor of TEAM Pnoy but it may go to 10-0 once the electorates see UNA’s evil ploy

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