This political ‘late-bloomer’ seeks more than just follow in father’s footsteps


(Editor’s Note: With a little less than a month before the mid-term elections in May, has decided to deviate from the usual platform interviews of senatorial and local candidates that have been aired and written about and instead get to know them up close and, perhaps a little more personal, as we hope so will you our dear readers. The series of interviews will be posted on our special election site, Vote 2013 under INQuest. Is the exercise meant to make these candidates look good? Definitely not. But we enjoin you to watch and listen and let your candidates tell their stories because, believe it or not, their stories are ours as well.)

MANILA, Philippines — Being the son of a senator, Aurora Representative Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara admits feeling a big “pressure to  deliver” the first time he ran and won a seat at the House of Representatives.

He says, however, that his father and namesake, outgoing Senator Edgardo Angara, never forced him to go into politics although he ended up following in his footsteps anyway, owing this to his own interest in “political histories.”

In this third installment of interviews with senatorial and local candidates by on INQuest: Vote 2013, the young Angara also talks about his family, interest in books about history, government, and politics.

Growing up, he recalls how his father would spoil them – not with expensive toys or clothes— but with  books.

Angara says inside a mall, they would always have a “trip” to the bookstore where they would be allowed to get as many books as they want.

Studying for five years in England has taught Sonny to adapt and be independent — learning how to cook (he says he can whip up a dish in 30 minutes or less), doing the laundry and budgeting his allowance. He even learned to love the sound of British rock music.

Back in the Philippines where his entry into politics became inevitable, Angara served a full three terms or nine years at the House, describing himself as a lawmaker who would rather “find a solution to a problem instead of giving a speech on it”.

He admits though that he’s a “late-bloomer” in politics but considers himself “hardworking, productive, creative, imaginative and a good decision-maker.”

He says he easily gets irritated when he sees time and money  being put to waste.

The young Angara talks about his happy marriage with wife, Tootsy, and of his bond with their three kids aged 8, 7 and 2.

He says his wife understands his work that in fact she would sometimes help him research for a bill that he would file in Congress.

Asked if his wife was a jealous type, Sonny admits, “A little bit” but quickly adds that she has nothing to be jealous about.

But like any other human being of the male species, he also has  crushes on some showbiz personalities — the “very pretty and stunning” Heart Evangelista (Senator Francis Escudero’s girlfriend) Anne Curtis, Kim Chiu and the “very pretty Rhian Ramos”.

At 40, the young Angara of Team PNoy may become one of the youngest members of the Senate should he get elected in May.

It seems, however, that the young Angara is determined to carve out his own political destiny, borrowing a quote from Japanese poet Matsuo Basho, “Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the wise but of what they sought”.

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  • jgl414567

    Sonny Angara albeit a son of a senator is an exception to the evils of a dynasty because he is clean and very qualified unlike the other sons and daughter of UNA leaders who are so tainted and the motives highly questionable that it makes one puke in disgust!

    • Guest

      Dynasties are an evil, there is no good or bad, all dynasties are unhealthy. Dynasties are stopping the process of democracy..The power of a whole government in the hands of a few. When will the Filipino learn to say a big NO to Dynasties? Did they not already prove what they are up to? Marcos and all the other scum…THINK!!!!

      • panhase

        Yes, spot on. There is nothing healthy about Dynasties in politics. They just want to perpetuate their power and the people will always have to pay the price. One cannot at the same time complain about politics and politicians in the Philippines and still elect the very same families into office again.

      • Sarkasmos

        If Sonny wins, he will be the only Angara in the Senate since the old man’s term is ending. Unlike JV or Cayetano whose siblings will still be incumbent senators should they win or Nancy Binay, whose father wil still be VP.

    • John_Galt_II

      Clean? Why? his father already did the stealing for him?

  • ThePattern

    trapo in the making.

  • talbosngkamote

    i personally think that congressman angara has a good potential in the senate. was actually surpised to know how many bills he already passed and this is already his third term as a congressman. He’s more than ready to be a senator for me.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Yup! 3rd “termer”. No where else to go but up! >: D

  • ApoNiLolo

    That’s what offspring of politicians typically says when they join the “family business”. Kesyo “pressured”, kesyo “reluctant” at iba ang pananaw. What ever they say and however they project themselves, it all comes down to this; they consider positions in “public service” as if their natural birthright.

    • Simplify1

      ibig sabihin hindi mo rin bobotohin si nancy, jackie at JV?

      • ApoNiLolo

        If I can vote, yes. Sadly, I can’t. : (

    • repapips

      it’s a very conclusive point of view. so this type of thinking won’t consider performance? hindi lahat ng anak ng politiko nananalo lang dahil sa pangalan. better scrutinize and evaluate the person. nakakabulag ang pagiisip na sarado.

  • Castronaut

    I reviewed his background.. this guy definitely deserves to be in the senate, one is his effective platforms and especially the hardwork of this guy is so unbelievable since he was in the congress..

  • TylerZO

    napakatalino ng tao na to, magaling na lehislador.. maraming pinasang batas na epektibo

  • repapips

    kapag ba anak ng politiko trapo na agad? nde ba pde tingnan ang mga nagawa?
    mas ok sa akin itong si sonny compared sa ibang mga anak at asawa ng mga politiko. kita naman sa performance.

    • vanibee

      oo nga eh, dapat kinikilala agad muna sa nagawa hindi yung utak talangka sa paghusga. anyway, ganyan tlga kpag nalalapit ang eleksyon, maraming babatikos kahit malinis na tao titirahin nila para mawala sa ratings..

    • joboni96

      mag pa bloom pa ng mas maigi
      bago senador

      tuloy mo as congressman
      ng angara fiefdom sa aurora

      baka ituloy mo pa pagkakalat sa edukasyon
      sa senado

      IBASURA ANG K-12
      anti poor, pro business

      • repapips

        alamin mo kung ano nagbago sa k-12. mahirap maging mangmang.

      • joboni96

        dahil sa kamangmamang mo
        kaya di mo matanto


      • repapips

        makitid ang utak mo kaya ang tingin mo sa kontra mangmang. magbasa basa at umintindi. mahirap magmagaling kapag mangmang.

        miseducated? look at yourself.

      • joboni96

        that’s a good self description

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      for this person who studied political science, they never mentioned the plight of poor Filipino people. Nothing about job creations, the economy and the corruptions. What a waste of bandwidth.

      • repapips

        magbasa, magmasid. talking about plight of the poor, job creations the economy and corruptions. san ka ba nanggagaling? para kang militanteng puro dakdak, pero sa sarili walang pagsisikap.

  • Janinskie

    He is a very passionate senator lalo na sa Edukasyon. I know he can make it to be in the Senate

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    dumale na naman yung mga bayaran ng politikong ito, kung yung tatay walang kwenta, lalo na itong batang ito. san ba napunta mga pork barrel nyo ha? pwede bang ireport nyo lahat simulat sapul? sigurado ako atras ka.

  • DoReMiFaSoliman

    A very bright and intellectual guy,.. I will definitely suppoRt him….

  • tommyhilfinger

    We need quality Education in our country,,, Angara has the caliber and potential to support and improve our Education system..

  • antlagdamn

    He finished his undergraduate studies at London School of Economics and Political Science, all I can say he’s a deserving politician. hindi ung iba jan Artista naging Senador??? watda..

  • corymoran

    basta ako alam ko tong tao na to na maganda ang gngwa Pra sa Bansa. my friend worked with his office.. and she knows the harworks and passion of this man when it comes of helping and urging different laws for us.

    • ApoNiLolo

      You made your conclusion based on infos from a friend employed by Angara?
      Very “deep” and “perceptive”, indeed! >: D

      • Ian

        You might have missed the past tense of the verb work, which, I think implies that the friend no longer is employed by Rep. Angara. Who would better know the work ethic and character of a person than someone who has experienced working with him/her? Just a thought.

      • ApoNiLolo

        Did I? Why then did I use the past tense of “employ”? Semantics aside, it’s still more prudent to believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear. Just a thought too. : )

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * *

    Eulogies are intended for the dead.

    A dynast is a dynast is a dynast is a dynast . . .ad nauseam.

    A man of true virtues and principles will put the clear intent of the Constitution over and above personal vanity and ambition. And thereby teach all by example, not words.

    Political dynasties in the context of Philippine politics breed greater evil than meets the eye.

  • Horst Manure

    Not another liaryer so he has potential.

  • Guest

    Don’t fall for their nice words..Dynasty is Dynasty..Just as someone said: Dynasties are like a cancer to a democratic society. They are like monopolists in the business-life..Just another trapo in the making? You are right: Another one smells the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow..What do these people not understand about: NO TO DYNASTIES!. Give independs a chance..We have enough of the fathers, daughters, wifes, etc in goverment positions..Open the senate for everyone..THINK TWICE… VOTE WISE!!

  • mindforce

    sana matalo sya…a dynasty is a dynasty is a dynasty…tama na yung ama nya naging senador…he is running for senator to perpetuate the angara’s grip to power not only in Aurora, but on a national level. what if he studied at LSE? there are Pinoys smarter than him, and who could study at the LSE if they had the money. hmp.

  • BoredRomeo

    It’s about the track record and the background. if the politician is doing his job, he has the right to stay. we have our choice. we have different perspectives. It’s not about dynasty. the future is in our hands if we still vote them. I respect that, but I have respect for those who deserves It.

  • JohnBernabe

    sya lang siguro ang nasa dynasty na may mabubuga sa senado. di tulad ng ibang lugar satin like Cavite na wala naman binubuga kundi magpapogi lang like the Revilla’s? bakit number 1 siya sa last Senatoriable Election?

  • jejembe09

    he has the potential and maganda ang mga advocacies nya even before. di dapat tingan kung dynasty, may iba nga jan di dynasty pero talamak pa sa pagnanakaw.

  • kismaytami

    Natawa ako sa patalastas niya na ‘libreng edukasyon’ tapos may elementary at high school student na props. Hoy utoy! Panahon pa ng mga Amerikano, libre na ang basic education. Hindi mo kailangang ipagwagwagan na ikaw ang dahilan ng ‘libreng edukasyon’, dahil hindi naman talaga ikaw.

  • mindforce

    walang level playing field, at kung member ka ng political dynasty you have a distinct advantage, even to those who are more qualified than you..itong si sonny boy can tap the vast financial resources of his family, tapos ang dami pang kaibigan (at sycophants) sa media ng pamilya nya. di nyo ba napansin na sa lahat halos ng mga issues lately, palaging may comment si sonny boy, and media reports it..kahit na mga walang kwentang comments ni sonny boy get reported for media mileage. promise-mas maraming qualified kesa kay sonny boy, lutang lang itong si sonny boy kasi nga may media mileage sya..iba na ang member ng political dynasty…kaya matalo ka sana, at yung mga senatorial candidates na member ng dynasty.

  • RyanE

    This guy is a waste. I would like to vote for him, but when he manifested his subservience to the bishops, I changed my mind.. sayang..

  • Nanci Binay

    manalo kaya ito?

  • kenzhinn

    If Angara wins, he’s the only Angara in the Senate. last term ng ng father nya. so I will say wala ng political dynasty dito. politcal dynasty kung magkakasabay silang nakaupo sa pwesto.

    • vanibee

      I agree.. kailangan din kasi natin tingnan sa track record nila bago tayo maghusga about dynasty. kung wala naman syang nagawa at napasang bill na importante dun nalang natin tirahin.. against din ako sa political dynasty, pero this guy deserves to be in the senate.. matalino, epektibo ang plataporma at tiyak gaganda ang sistema ng Edukasyon dahil ito ang main priority nya

  • mang_tomas

    Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara attained national prominence and hugged exhaustive publicity when he convincingly performed his role as one of the prosecutors’ mouthpieces at the height of Chief Justice Corona’s impeachment trial.

    I dare say, he is no longer novice to take on the herculean task of politicking his way and continue the legacy left behind by his father Sen. Edgardo Angara. What keeps him on edge though is the fact that he needs to carve his own identity to make himself his own man. Good luck Sonny.

    • lostRunes

      Legacy? Stealing farmers’ land? Uprooting Aetas and fisherfolk from Aurora? Building an airstrip for family use using govt money? I see. Legacy…

  • Jaime O. de Vera

    Sorry, I will not vote any member of the political dynasty.

    • Simplify1

      including jackie, nancy and JV ha?

  • boybakal

    Late Bloomer?… young age, a congressman for nine years.
    And at 40 running for senator….that is not late bloomer. He is not even an upcoming rising politician.

    At young age of 40, Angara is already a political veteran.

  • rlo

    How much did he pay to get this piece printed? Reads like a resume.

    • Simplify1

      Ganyan din ba ang comment mo noong ininterview rin si honasan na tatlong araw na nasa PDI?

      • rlo

        I don’t like Honasan either.

  • Benigno the Turd

    Kumusta na kaya yung mga magsasaka ng APECO? Yung binastos ni Pnoy as Ateneo.

  • Concur_Dissent

    I tried to checkout how many political family dynasties their are in the US. I knew there were a lot. What really struck me the most was that out of the 26 letters in the alphabet, the only letter without a political family name was the letter “X”…. So, the question to: Is political family dynasty evil per se? I got my answer, did you?

    • Simplify1

      nice and simplified….

  • John_Galt_II

    Follow his father’s corrupt footsteps!

  • Castronaut

    Late bloomer is the wrong word. more like veteran entry. This is actually how senators enter. well over around Angara’s age, with a lot done during his time as a congressman, and work that can easily be mentioned as his. He’s fits the bill as an actual candidate. Not like many that was in office before him that we still question to this day why are they there?

  • TylerZO

    puro dynasty talk . wala nga ung tatay nya this year. bakit pa iniisip yun parati? hindi ito isang candidate na wala masyada sya experienced sa politics o sa lawmaking. tingin nyo naman ung ginawa nya dati??

    • vanibee

      yan parati e. pag bago hindi sila tingnan kung ano ginawa nya, ung ginawa ng tatay nya muna tingnan. sayang kasi ung trabaho nya para sa education ay grabe e.

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