Customs man loses P1.4 M to robbers, family dog



MANILA, Philippines—Five armed men waylaid a Bureau of Customs employee two weeks ago in Quezon City, forcing themselves into his car and driving 12 kilometers to his house where they robbed him of about P1.4 million in cash, appliances and other valuables plus his family’s pet dog, police said Saturday.

A Shih Tzu worth P6,000 was among the belongings that lawyer Julito Doria said he lost to the robbers, who hogtied him and his family as they ransacked his home in Barangay Batasan Hills at 2 a.m. last April 6.

“The robbers saw the dog wandering about the house and even took it,” said Insp. Alan dela Cruz, chief of the theft and robbery section of the Quezon City Police District. Dela Cruz said the crime was initially reported to the Batasan Hills police station but was endorsed to his unit, which handles investigation of robberies involving more than P1 million, only last Thursday.

Doria, 42, claimed losing a total of P1.427 million in cash and other valuables. The amount included the equivalent of P615,000 in Philippine currency, US dollars and Chinese yuan.

He said he and his nephew ran into the robbers as they were driving through New Manila in his silver-colored Toyota Innova.

In their statement to police, the victims claimed they were blocked by a black Toyota Grandia on 9th Street. Five men got out of the van and commandeered the Innova, tying up Doria and his nephew before driving the vehicle to Doria’s address in Barangay Batasan Hills, a distance of 12 kilometers.

“The suspects appeared to know their target victim. They even knew where he lived,” Dela Cruz said.

Police said all five men wore shorts and hooded jackets and were armed with pistols.

At Doria’s house, the robbers forced themselves in and tied up Doria’s wife, Kristine. In 30 minutes, the robbers hauled off several gadgets and electronic appliances such as TVs, sound systems, laptops, external hard drives, cell phones, digital cameras and sports gear.

Doria said he also lost three pistols of different caliber, ammunition, IDs and credit cards, while his wife lost her IDs and credit cards to the robbers.

Dela Cruz noted that the robbers took even documents from the Toyota Innova, such as folders containing tax cases.

Dela Cruz said the robbers’ Grandia may have waited outside the subdivision where the victims lived. The robbers fled with Doria and his nephew aboard the Innova, where the stolen items were first loaded.

Upon exiting the subdivision, the Grandia was seen trailing the Innova, which was eventually abandoned along with the hogtied Doria and his nephew on E. Rodriguez Boulevard in Barangay Manuel, Galas, Dela Cruz said.

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  • letch00

    Hanep sa headline. Di na talaga mapagkakatiwalaan mga aso ngayon.

    • Rey L. Esguerra

      got the same impression. that the customs personnel lost the money to robbers and his dog. must be an inside job.

      • glances2

        PDI, fire your headline writer please!

    • $5699914

      Oo nga eh!
      Biruin mo, kasabwat ng mga magnanakaw yung aso!

  • leomar101

    Madaling mabawi yon sa custom. peanuts lang yon. I can not condole with this man.

    • mad_as_Hamlet

      * * * * *
      How about with the dog?

      • leomar101

        Ang mga smuggler pre ang mag provide ng aso. O di kaya kumuha na lang siya ng aso sa malacanang. magaling din tumahol ang mga iyon. hahaha.

      • buttones

        I think the robbers thought the dog might be a witness who could tell all to the police, like Lassie. One bark for no, two barks for yes, and three barks for ‘I refuse to answer that question on the grounds it might incriminate me’- even more surreal, I wonder if canine evidence is admissible in a PH Court?

      • Gordo Viejo

        Maybe it was an inside job; the dog told them where the loot was hidden. Wonder what the Shih Tzu’s share of the take was. :D

      • buttones

        Well with a name like Shih Tzu, and a promise from the robbers to change it to something like ‘Doberman’ I’m not surprised the dog left….I would have done the same- woof woof…

      • Gordo Viejo

        Four barks: “I am experiencing a hypoglycemic attack, and wish to be excused for the day.”

      • buttones

        Five barks, “ I was castrated when I was 4 months old- think about that Mr Estrada- read it and weep…you should have been so unlucky”

      • panhase


      • ARIKUTIK

        The dog must have been a gift from someone who got irritated for not receiving the thank you note. So all the gifts were taken back as a sign of broken relation. The missing dog, say’s it all.

  • speedstream2

    It’s tempting to say ‘easy come, easy go’, but that would be unchristian. Btw, did those robbers have to cart away the dog too? If only for that, they deserve to be nabbed and punished to the max.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * *

    Like the country where it was originally bred, the Shih Tzu cannot be fully trusted.

  • Albert Einstien

    PNOY accomplishments..HIGH CRIMINALITY nobody is SAFE now in RP…even MALLS are now favorites of armed robbers….the GROWING INCIDENCE of POVERTY, hunger & UNEMPLOYMENT…is the ROOT Cause of looting & robberies..NOBODY wanted to be a criminal but they are FORCED to bite the bullet bec govt is TOO INCOMPETENT in all aspects of governance….GRABE….mag martial law na lang mas me SAFE at me disiplina ang mga TAO…PALPAK ang noynoying govt…sayang yun shih tzu…iba na amo nya….lol.

    • j1u2a3n

      Parang iba naman ata ang nababasa ko.

    • doncleo

      yung Boston bombing kay PNOY din ba dapat isisi?

      • popeyee

        Sino ang dapat sisihin? Di ba kung sino ang nakaupo? 3 years na si Penoy kaya nanakahiya namang isisi pa kay Gloria..

      • ranjoranido

        puro ka sisi, wala ka naman ibang alam gawin. kurutin ko singit mo dyan.

      • popeyee

        I am not blaming anybody, please check how i came up with my comment.

      • ranjoranido

        nagdedeny ka pa kasasabi mo lang. lahat gusto mo i sisi sa presidente, para kang mga militante walang presidente na hindi sila nag welga, kahit ata si jesus christ maging presidente mag wewelga parin. parang ikaw, di na kukuntento at puro pangit naikita. not to mention wala ka naman din ginagawa on your own para makatulong besides sa naninisi ka.

      • popeyee

        di ka lang pala bobo, tanga pa..

      • ranjoranido

        “3 years na si Penoy kaya nanakahiya namang isisi pa kay Gloria..” so sino ang gusto mo sisishin? hahahha. kurutin ko singit mong maasim eh.

      • Goodluck Jonathan

        You are moron…

    • bayankopdi


    • Luthmar

      Excuse me, a lot of Filipinos do not like to work. They very much prefer easy money and stealing is one of the best.

    • ranjoranido

      reklamador wala ka naman naitutulong, ikaw lang perwisyo na eh,

  • Olibo

    The robbers know who are they going to victimize.

  • R.Baylon – SEO Specialist

    Customs man = 1.4M = ????

    • Diepor

      It can be his savings, it’s not that big amount, but strange to keep it in the house instead of the bank.

      • AntiAko

        1.4 M in savings? wow, are you hearing yourself? can an ordinary government employee have this much savings? I am single and was government employee for 15 years. Couldn’t even buy a car and only had so much for savings.

      • tarikan

        Don’t be too naive, Diepor. Banks have paper trail. P1.4M, perhaps a few weeks’ savings. Yung Chinese dog regalo yun ng Chinese rice smuggler.

      • Margaritabythebeach

        He is actually a lawyer and his wife is a dean of college. Prior to his practice in Customs he was a private lawyer with a firm.

      • Diepor

        Still. its strange and not very smart to keep cash in the house. You can use plastic if you need to buy something. Its a big risk to have cash. I only keep small amounts at home in case the helpers need some.

  • Freddie73

    Customs Employee with 1.4M in cash?????? Highly suspicious!

    • popeyee

      P615,000.00 lang daw ang cash. P 1.4M includes other valuables..

  • j1u2a3n

    Ang galing ng aso! Paging, PDI!

  • calipso_2100

    Now the police will have to question the victim too. Where did you get all the money from?

    • Goodluck Jonathan

      You are correct…an ordinary employee is keeping money such huge amount.

    • jHdz

      Pa Ombudsman na yang hayop na corrupt na yan.

  • Horst Manure

    Must be good money being a liaryer here, you fleece your clients and they do the same to you.

  • glances2

    Kahit pala Chinese yuan tinatanggap na ng mga taga BoC. Lifestlye check,please.

    • Leo Capurictan

      Julito Doria ang name nung BoC employee. yaman niya ano, 1.4 million cash, cold cash wow.

  • dikoy321

    If this attorney Julito Doria were not CORRUPT, Robbers won’t bother approaching him, much less rob him !
    How could this customs guy have available P1.4M inside his home, if he only HONESTLY did his customs Job?
    I’ve been here in Germany about 30 yrs, but never could I have P1.4M at any given time!
    Proof that this Julito Doria is indeed C O R R U P T !
    Put him in jail, his CORRUPT wife too !

    • ranjoranido

      kilala sya ng mga robbers. baka yun din ang mga kinotongan nya sa customs binawi lang yung kinotong nya. buti nga di pa sya tinuluyan.

      • tarikan

        Dapat si mrs tinuluyan, I mean tinuluyan para lumigaya.

    • Margaritabythebeach

      Sana lahat ng CORRUPT ma kidnap at itali ang pamilya. Umpisahan na sa mga nangangandidato.

  • $26606290

    So much cash at home. Kaya nga may bangko. Ayan tuloy.

    • bayankopdi


  • bayankopdi


  • akramgolteb

    Wowwww P1.4M sa loob lang ng bahay. Ano pa kaya ang nakatabi sa bangko at mga ari-arian. Kahit pagsamsamahin lahat ang lahat ng loob ng bahay namin magkakapatid at magulang ko walang makukuhang P1.4M ang mga magnanakaw.

    OK lang yan tita Julito, madali mo naman bawiin yan sa trabaho mo. Kaya lang warning na ni Lord sa yo ito. Kung hindi mo pa naririnig itong binubulong sa yo, sa susunod hindi na pera o ari arian ang kukunin sa yo.

  • kevin linsao

    Good for you…it takes a thief to rob a thief…

  • ranjoranido

    @ Julie M. Aurelio (author) ayusin mo yung title ng article mo. misleading, parang kasabwat ng robbers yung aso!

  • Noel

    Saan galing ang kayamanan ng isang empleyado ng BOC? Binawi lang siguro ang mga perang ninakaw niya sa BOC. Ganyan ang dapat gawin sa mga corrupt na BOC officials.

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    at paano nagkaroon ng ganung kalaking pera ang isang ordinaryong empleyado ng kawani ng gobyerno?

    I smell a rat…

  • JMbilisyos


  • Pio Pusli

    look into his SALN

  • Diepor

    It’s not good to take files out of office.

  • mynnyx

    karma na yan……………

  • Leo Capurictan

    so they knew where you live and they knew your rich. maybe one of the trucking company you make kotong with. sometimes a bad news is alos a good news. just be careful now, and repent your sins, you don’t know next time.

  • windsor

    Pity the victim here, no one dare to give sympathy from their misery:)) Mr. #Ruffy Biazon, pwede ba natin mapa lifestyle check itong tauhan mo? Please lang dahil nakapagtataka talaga ang pera nyang mahigit 600K sa bahay nila. Please lang. Salamat.

  • AntiAko

    Karma: hindi pwedeng kabig ka lang nang kabig.

    • ranjoranido

      buti di pa sya pinatay. haha buwaya din yan umasta sa customs malamang. baka nga binawian lang sya.

  • Guest

    How can a customs employee become so rich? Everyone keeping this amount of money and luxury at his home has something to hide..Hope we will find out more of this..Maybe it is a case where the criminal got a cookie of his own dough.

  • Eric

    Ang galing nung aso, kunwari ninakaw sya pero malamang yun ang mastermind. Inside job!

  • jpmd88

    funny news headline, maybe the writer was trying to make it look more sensational at the expense of journalistic integrity, if she even had one.

  • Yanong_OFW


  • isalcordo

    Your headline is CONFUSING! Did you mean that this custom man lost his 1.4 million and
    family dog to robbers or that this custom man was robbed of 1.4 million by robbers and by his family dog as your headline implies?
    Isabelo S. Alcordo

  • $14334231

    “Doria, 42, claimed losing a total of P1.427 million in cash and other
    valuables. The amount included the equivalent of P615,000 in Philippine
    currency, US dollars and Chinese yuan.”

    A value of P615,000.00 cash in different currencies is a lot of money (valuables excluded) to be stashed in his house!!!……bureau of customs employee?….fishy….fishy….fishy…..oh, by the way, when did doria reported this incident as it happened two weeks ago??…..this is the first we heard about this….mukhang nag dalawang isip muna kung i-re-report o hindi…..o, sige, kotong uli para mabawi ang nawala…..

  • tarikan

    I think if the perpetrators could only correct the victim’s claim, they would. It was more than P1.4M mind you. Now the victim has a lot of explaining to do…to his boss in BoC and to the BIR. This is a welcome news — BoC employees (the perps should know who they should go after) are regularly being held up. Next, BIR. Amanos.

  • tarikan

    “Customs man losses family dog, P1.4M to robbers”. Or “Customs man losses P1.4M, family dog to robbers”. Ano ito si Ms. Aurelio, “tapos laang ng elementary graduate” hehehe! Daig pa ito ng aking 5th grader ah.

  • pedro Bato

    Marunong pumili ng mabibiktima ang mga holduppers na ito. . . taga Customs na madaming pera !! I-lifestyle na tong taga Customs na to. . HULI KA !!

  • pedro Bato

    OO nga, madaling mabawi yan sa Customs ATTY., chicken feed yang P1.4 M. . . yung karma ang mabigat dyan, hindi mo alam kung kelan dadating . . at gaano ka-grabe!!

  • buttones

    The irony of it, robbers robbing from the robbers- very funny! Pity about the dog…One more on my ‘bucket list’ – get a job at the Customs….

  • napali808

    hey you must be feeling being on the victim side. You must be trying to launder the money that’s why some people knows you got cash. Ha ha ha serves you right!! Easy come easy go. Top luck..I hope they kick you out of BoC.

  • 33Sambuang2

    buti nga sa yo. kawatan ka kasi. ordinary employee magkakaroon ng milyones?

  • jhonny

    The robbers knew the exact victim to prey on…


    Ilang buwan lang na extra income, bawi na yan, di ba Commissioner Biazon ?

  • ofwsagitnangsilangan

    No honor among thieves????

  • Margaritabythebeach

    Geez, how easy for you to judge the character of the Lawyer who was victimized. Did it ever occur to you that he had a sensitive case in BOC that prompted the other side to kidnap him? Madumi sa BOC, si atty Doria may nabanggang kaso ng isang big fish na malakas sa Pnoy administration. Di ba napaka timing naman na habang inimbestigahan si Biazon sa Customs may kasong ganito.

  • randyaltarejos

    It could be that he stepped on the shoes of one big smugglers out there. Pero mahina pa rin tong si attorney. Yan ang mahirap pag di mo binabago ang yung mga routine gaya ng streets na yung dinadaanan at. anong oras ka umuuwi. How would the robbers knew that he was passing by New Manila at 9th Street? Probably, he always uses that route to get home. Or it could be that a vehicle was tailing him from behind and then informed the other cohorts that the target is passing through 9th street. Di kaya? New Manila is a place where not so many vehicles are plying on any given day, especially at night.

  • Joel_Delano

    Alam nila na may pera itong taga BOC. Kaya mga taga BOC ipamigay nyo na mga pera nyo para di kayo hantingin ng mga magnanakaw. Kayo namang mga magnanakaw, doon kayo tumambay sa may BOC. Marami kayong makukuhang biktima doon.

  • jHdz

    this guy should be charged by the Ombudsman afterwards. having that amount of money is just a tip of the iceberg

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