One Boston bomb suspect dead, manhunt for second



This photo released by the FBI early Friday April 19, 2013, shows what the FBI is calling suspect 1, in black cap, and suspect number 2, in white cap, walking through the crowd in Boston on Monday, April 15, 2013, before the explosions at the Boston Marathon. (AP Photo/FBI)

WATERTOWN, Massachusetts — One of the Boston marathon bombing suspects was killed in a shootout early Friday as police raced on a house-to-house search for the second, with the entire city placed on lockdown.

NBC News reported that the two young men believed to be responsible for Monday’s deadly carnage at the finish line of the prestigious race are brothers of Chechen origin who were permanent legal residents of the United States.

The police order means that roughly 900,000 people in the greater Boston area have been told to stay put, virtually shutting down one of America’s main cities after the twin attack that left three people dead and 180 wounded.

“We’re asking people to shelter in place,” Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick told reporters. “Stay indoors with the doors locked, and do not open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer.”

The two men, dubbed “Suspect One” and “Suspect Two” by the FBI, led police on a violent cavalcade that left inhabitants of Boston and nearby towns cowering in their homes as gunfire and explosions erupted through the night.

Public transport was suspended throughout the region and all schools closed as police chased the second suspect, identified as 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The dead man was identified as 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

One police officer was killed and another wounded in the operation, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said, confirming that the dead man was Suspect One as labeled in photos released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The man died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds and an injury in an explosion, a doctor at Beth Israel hospital told reporters.

The surviving fugitive was “armed and dangerous,” Davis said. “We believe this to be a terrorist, we believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people.”

Police said the dead suspect had explosives on his body, and there were fears the second suspect still at large was also strapped with bombs.

The pair first tried to rob a convenience store late Thursday in Cambridge, across the river from Boston, Davis said.

They then proceeded to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the world’s top universities, where one campus police officer was shot dead, the commissioner added.

The pair then hijacked a Mercedes car and eventually let the driver out in Watertown, which is close to MIT, Davis added.

The chase went on through Watertown where the two were seen throwing explosives out of the car, local media said, citing police reports. Blasts and gunfire were heard in several districts.

During a shootout, the first suspect was shot and killed, Davis said. Another police officer was also wounded. The second suspect, who has been shown in pictures wearing a white baseball cap, managed to escape.

Police with rifles flooded the streets of Boston, and search helicopters patrolled the skies. Sirens blared across the city as bomb squads carried out house-to-house searches.

The attack in Boston, which sent a hail of nails and shrapnel into a crowd of thousands at the end of the marathon, was the worst terror assault on the United States since the September 11, 2001 suicide airliner attacks.

Just hours before the chaotic manhunt unfolded, the FBI on Thursday released pictures and video of the two suspects, appealing for help to identify the pair, who were carrying large backpacks.

Both appeared to be young men, one dressed in a white baseball cap and the other in a black cap. The FBI named them only as Suspect One and Suspect Two.

The men are seen in the video walking calmly, one a few paces behind the other, weaving between crowds on Boston’s Boylston Street where the race finished.

President Barack Obama vowed to the people of Boston Thursday that the “evil” bombers would be brought to justice.

“Yes, we will find you, and yes, you will face justice,” Obama said at a service at Boston’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross attended by 2,000 people including blast survivors, relatives of the dead, rescuers and city leaders.

“If they sought to intimidate us, to terrorize us,” Obama said, “it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it.”

Boston has held emotional tributes to the dead — eight-year-old Martin Richard, Boston University graduate student Lu Lingzi of China and Krystle Campbell, a restaurant manager. Obama paid tribute to all three at the service.

More than 100 of the wounded have left Boston hospitals and fewer than 10 of those still in hospital remain in critical condition. some with horrific injuries. Some will require new operations, doctors said.

 First posted 8:59 pm | Friday, April 19th, 2013

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  • marionics

    mala wpd pala itong mga fbi he he

    • speaksoftlylove

      Not really. First it was not the FBI but the Boston Police Force who were engaged in the car chase or running gun battle. Second, the Boston Police were forced to spray the SUV when the suspects threw IEDs to the police force.

      I would surmised that the older brother acted as a cover for his younger brother to escape hence the cover of those explosives. One of the police officer was severely wounded in that encounter but it is unclear whether he was wounded by a bullet or by the explosives.

      • Simplify1

        As usual, your story is totally wrong… the FBI was the agency that plastered the pictures of the brothers all over the news… the brothers panicked and decided to go out in glory by killing a cop and stole a car for getaway…

        Also, the younger brother was the one who ran over his older brother!

      • speaksoftlylove

        As usual you are always pestering me without thinking. Scroll up and read my other comment, dogyot. Change your name to complicated, it best suits you.

      • marionics

        my point was the wpd

  • Jose Viduya

    Dedicated and determined American police work, not like the bumbling, fumbling, corrupt and arrogant Philippine Police.

    • JanofVA

      Not really…they do rely very heavily on the public to give them tips. That’s why they setup a tip line.

    • Simplify1

      but their not good enough to stop frequent killings of children by other children in schools on a regular basis….it boggles the minds of pinoys why children kill children in schools….never heard of anything like that in the Philippines…have you??

      • charlie_oscar

        It happens here just with bolo knife all the time dito

      • Simplify1

        hahahaha funny…..NHAAT!

      • Crazy_horse101010

        haw haw haw yourself dummy

      • JanofVA

        Are you kidding me?????? You obviously do not watch the news. It doesn’t happen in schools, no, but it happens all the time on the streets. 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds getting raped, mutilated, and killed by 15, 16 year olds, even their own family members. There are BAD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE….it’s an unfortunate and sad truth.

      • Simplify1

        there are crimes happening all over the world. Rapes happen everywhere, even in the states, At least in the Philippines nambubuntis lang ang mga pari, sa states nangrerape ng altar boys, even in schools, you always read about teachers, principals, coaches raping students….

        What is unique in the states is that kids actually shooting and killing kids…and this is what I can’t find in the Philippines…this particular crime simply does not exist in the Philippines! Haven’t you heard of school shooting in the states?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        no what happens here is kids are raped and killed 9 year old girl cebu yesterday picture in the paper 2 days earlier in the week young girl raped and head cut off 9 year old girl again gang raped by 6 teenagers the boys were sent home. one of the things foreigners wonder about is why so maant girls are aped by their fathers grandfathers cousins and uncles. in the cebu papers it sems to happen ever week..bad things happen everywhere and in every country. in some countries grown men shot school girls just because they go to school

      • Simplify1

        there are crimes happening all over the world. Rapes happen everywhere, even in the states, What is unique in the states is that kids actually shooting and killing kids…and this is what I can’t find in the Philippines…this particular crime simply does not exist in the Philippines!

    • Akoaykanoy

      Basta ba mayroong gayla dihin na massolve ang kaso dat s Phil style of in vestigation

  • themask celestial

    Tsk tsk mga legitimate Visa applicants sa pinas hirap na hirap makakuha ng visa.

    • JanofVA

      MONEY talks…if you have the resources to come and prove you can support yourself here, you will be able to get a visitor or student visa. Most rich Pinoys are able to come and go here as they please. Besides these two were legitimate VISA applicants before they turned terrorists…they’ve been the US for 10 years.

      • Simplify1

        In short, people have to prove that they don’t need the US to be able to get a visa to go to the US…

        BTW, seems that these two turned to the dark side only in the US…

      • speaksoftlylove

        “turned to the dark side only in the US?” Is that how you understand when a journalist who featured the flight of these brothers brfore said that Tamerlan Tsarnaev confided to him and said, “I have no American friends”? There you go, complicated or scattered brain ka nga. Ang lakas ng loob mong lokohin ang sarili mo, tsong.

      • Simplify1

        Those two came to the US as kids, not as radical muslims…. Even their blood uncle has already stated that that these kids came to the US in 2003… He knew the kids to be quite, teachers claim how respectable these kids were in high school, they’re good athletes… All they’re saying is that these kids were only recently “radicalized”!

        Just the facts, tsong,don’t think to hard, hindi mo kaya yan… don’t get your news from weder weder na alam lang wikileaks!

        BTW, May CNN ka ba? Makinig ka lang malalaman mo na ang tunay na story… tsk tsk tsk

      • speaksoftlylove

        At a young age of 19 only proves that these guys were brainwashed since their childhood, bulok. The second suspect who is 19 years old is already a determined killer. Look at his demeanor in the original video. His face shows that for him it’s just another walk in the park. Walang kakabakaba ang pagmumukha which only shows that they were trained since childhood, dogyot. Pwede kang imbestigador ng DOJ na laging palpak.

        By the way, unlike you I am not just watching CNN. I am continually watching live broadcasts without advertisement from Watertown, Mass so I know the developments. The call of the uncle for his nephew to surrender and ask forgiveness to the victims. The contrary belief of the aunt and the interview of the father that his kids were “framed up.” The stand off at the suspect’s house were the operatives are planning to conduct a “controlled explosion” later because the house is believed rigged with explosives.

      • Simplify1

        ati yung youngest when he came to canada in 2003 at the age of 9 terrorist na? You should know your history kahit na konti… The US only gave asylum to refugees from Chechnya because they were persecuted by the Russians in theie own country. Socould they have been terrorists in 2003 when they seeked refuge in the US against atrocities in russia? Aber?

        If you’re up todate with the news, it definitely means that you don’t understand what you’re hearing as usual!! You believe in their uncle who hasn’t seen them in years and who are at odds with the family due to internal family issues? But you wouldn’t believe in the parents who knew them better? Also for your information, a controlled explosion is done so as to ensure that suspicious packages will be blownup regardless whether they contain bombs or not…this is a common procedure in iraq and afghanistan. When the bomb expert can not exactly say whether a package has a bomb or not, they simply blast it out of the way to simplify procedures …

        Finally, I am not saying that they are not the marathon bombers, I still think that they should be given the benefit of the doubt and have to be proven guilty…

      • JanofVA

        Stupid… obviously can’t read…the older brother said he didn’t have American friends because he can’t understand them….my guess is they got brainwashed by an Imam in a Mosque….

        You don’t have to prove you don’t need the US, stupid, you just have to prove, you’re not going to mooch off the government and seek public assistance when you get here….there are enough American citizens leaching off the government, they don’t need any more.

      • Simplify1

        I don’t know what triggered your rantings, anyway, back to your question whether I can read… you wrote…. “Besides these two were legitimate VISA applicants before they turned terrorists …they’ve been the US for 10 years”…. wouldn’t that mean that they turned to the dark side while living in america? This I tell you, it may be bad not to be able to read, but not be able to read what you wrote yourself, that’s the incurable disease…

        here again, read what you wrote…..”you just have to prove, you’re not going to mooch off the government and seek public assistance when you get here….there are enough American citizens leaching off the government, they don’t need any more.” – Now, If I will be leaching off the government, wouldn’t that mean I don’t have money? Since I can prove I don’t need america to get my dough, I would be the strongest visa applicant, shouldn’t I be??

        When I was first asked by immigration whether I have any plans of settling down in the US permanently at some point in time, I told them that I like america, go to vegas, watch an LA game, go to disneyland, disneyworld, but live in america? I said no and thanks… I just want to visit, but live there? and raise my kids there? no way, jose! What, and get my kids killed in school by other kids like many of them are?

        Finally, will I go down in the mud trading insults with you?? NO! I’m too sophisticated to go down to your level…I don’t trade barbs with offsprings of tolerant canines….

      • Crazy_horse101010

        your an idiot i went to many schools there and never seen any dead bodies my kids went to school there again no dead bodies your chances of dying are hundreds of times greater driving down the roads here do you stay home and hide under the covers i have seen dead bodies here smashed up in their trucks and cars but none in a school

      • Simplify1

        why many schools? always expelled? Anyway, for your information, just in 2011 and 2012 alone, there have been more than 60 deaths from in excess of 30 school shootings! These does not include any deaths resulting from bombs (oklahoma), or deaths by knives or other deadly weapons, or even bullied to death!! Have you forgotten newtown, connecticut, December 2012 wherein 27 people died, all killed by a single deranged kid??

        Save yourself from people knowing how uneducated you are by simply going to wiki and google school shooting in usa…and be amazed!!

        I really doubt you went to a single school in the US given that you’re not aware of this phenomenon of children killing children in school in the states…. now who’s the idiot? hahahaha

      • Crazy_horse101010

        you want to see a idiot got a mirror you american hating piece of dog crap im from america stupid 60 deaths in a country of 350 million people since you are so smart llook up killings in america and look up killings here per 100000 people dont me about not going to school in america high schools i went to in oregon prairie city huntinton dayville corvallis blue river lakeville coquille . grade schools pilot rock, joesph ,bates, hood river, troy, in oregon carson wash. lyle wash. college oregon state been to any of these. azz wipe. i lived in 6 states and the schools they are still standing have you forgot the over 50 people killed in minadano and the bunch killed couple of months ago at q city and im sure i have read ore books and read more papers than you. i doubt you ever went to schol anywhere because your remarks show your iq is lower than a palm tree in case you dont know you could put 50 philippines in america. and how could i be expelled and go to college brain dead .. ..

      • Concur_Dissent

        Dito sa comment mo naman na eto, bukod sa nanggagalaiti ka sa galit, halatang gigil na gigil ka sa pag type mo. hehehehe… relax lang, baka ka malagutan…

      • Crazy_horse101010

        you are full of crap if you had a chance to go there you would be running over people at the airport to get there you are crying because they rejected you. anyway good because we dont want your kind there dont need anymore racists bigots sophisticed yeah like a tapeworm who i have more respect for.its funny you insult people when they do it back you cry like a spoiled child racists

      • Concur_Dissent

        Mukhang nanggagalaiti ka naman kabayan relax lang… halatang pikon na pikon ka na… mali mali na ang english mo tapos, makes no sense pa ang mga sentences mo…

  • JanofVA

    Good riddance…may you rot in hell…

  • alfred sanchez

    ready na ang mga virgin sa langit para sa pagsalubong sa dalawang ito, ang religion of peace nga naman abala sa mundo kahit kailan, o mga anti catholic nasan na kayo????

    • Simplify1

      If you’re expecting the church to react to this story, don’t hold your breath…’will never happen anytime soon….among other things, their hand are still full trying to kill the MORE IMPORTANT EVIL TO THEM…. THE RH LAW…

      • alfred sanchez

        not church, i mean kagaya mong mga anti catholic, maraming sinasabi sa rh law pero sa mga atrocities ng mga muslim nasan kayong mga anti catholic?

      • Simplify1

        ibalik mo tanong mo… marami kayong sinasabi laban sa RH law, dapat mas maingay kayo sa atrocities ng mga muslim na sira ulo! Di ba mas mahalaga na patayin nyo ang RH Law kesa magsalita bilang isang simbahan laban sa mga muslim na hindi naniniwala kay Hesus?

        BTW, being pro RH Law does not neccessarily mean anti catholic… Maraming tao ang tutol sa abortion tulad ko pero naniniwalang dapat may sex education sa schools para malaman ng mga teenagers ang repercussion ng sex, etc etc..

      • alfred sanchez

        hindi ako catholic pero ayoko ng rh law, hindi porket ayaw na sa rh law ay catholic na, and besides why dont you buy your own condom or pills bakit mo iaasa sa gobyerno? and sex education tinuro sa school namin yan elementary pa lang, ewan ko baka absent ka lang or hindi ka nakikinig sa teacher mo

      • Crazy_horse101010

        dont ever take IQ test im afaraid you wont like the results when you find out a tapeworm has a higher one than yours. and what does rh have to do with this preach somewhere else

      • Concur_Dissent

        talagang na pikon ka nga masiyado.. hindi ka na pinapansin ni simplify nagiging stalker ka pa…..wag ka magalit sa akin naman ha? obvious lang masiyado ang habol mo…parang gustong gusto mong makaganti na hindi maka ganti ganti…hehehe relax kabayan

    • chingnarciso

      40 virgin pa ang bawat isa, wow kaya pala gusto nilang maging martyr sa kanilang religion. Instead na bomba ang naka strap sa kanila, dapat sana energy drink…at vitamin …lol..

      • JanofVA

        72 po yung virgins nila, hindi 40…he..he..

      • LAD

        teka anong klaseng virgin, baka lalaki din o di kaya yung mga otsentahin na namatay virgin di nakatikim , kawawa naman tung mga ungas na to, ihanda nyo na lang wetpaks nyo kay satanas inaantay na kayo sa impyerno, daming bading na demonyo

  • speedstream2

    The US authorities certainly know how to respond to terrorism. They go after terrorists with relentless tenacity, with both barrels blazing, which is the proper course of action for the protection of their citizens. Needless to say, we can learn a lesson or two from this episode..

    • mariovill1950

      ..unfortunately and sad to say,Filipinos never learned.

    • TinimbangNgunitKulang

      Overacting, overkill. There’s a bigger chance of a Bostonian being shot by these law enforcers than by the suspect himself.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        been there to know

      • Platypus09

        Unfortunately, you survived.

    • Concur_Dissent

      Sooner rather than later, the Philippines will be up to par with developed nations… Though it would be quicker getting there if we don’t have too many crabs pulling down the president for doing his job competently and effectively that even foreigners see and appreciate. Ironic huh!

  • alfred sanchez

    Boston jihad bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev: “I’m very religious”

    Tamerlan says he doesn’t drink or smoke anymore: “God said no alcohol.” A
    muslim, he says: “There are no values anymore,” and worries that
    “people can’t control themselves.”

  • speaksoftlylove

    I appreciate the calculated gamble of the FBI to publish the initial video of the suspects. That video did not came from any civilian tip but appears to be stationary video of a building in the area near the Boston marathon. With the publication, the suspects panicked and exposed themselves. Initially, the Boston Police rushed into three succeeding incidents and these were first, the robbery in a 7/11 store at Cambridge; second, the killing of a police officer assigned in the MIT; and third, the call of the owner of the SUV Mercedes Benz that his car was taken by the suspects. But it was the video footage of the 7/11 store that give away the identities of the suspects. This is an exemplary job for all operatives concerned.

    • zdrx

      much like what happened a few months back. a model was kidnapped and killed… and her body was dumped in cubao clutching a bag of uneaten mcdonald’s burger. in it was the receipt where it was bought a few hours back. police checked the cctv at mcdo where the burger was bought…and voila…the suspects were caught. the mastermind was none other than her fellow model who has grudge against her. LOL

  • charlie_oscar

    The MIT police break this case…America thanks them and they lost a member of the force there…We lower our flag for you. From: City of Boston,

  • Noel

    Good thing the two are Whites even if they’re Russians. If they’re Arab looking, another bad day for the Middle East Muslims.

    • JanofVA

      It’s still bad for the middle east muslims because they are muslims. They are from Chechnya in Russia, a predominantly Muslim area.

    • LAD

      parehas din yun maputi o hindi mga sira ulong moklo pa rin

    • $42337655

      they are still all Muslims. They bite the hand that feeds them.

      they were given asylum then look at what they do in return. Beware of these types.

  • $16638896

    if i were the US govt, ill kill them both but in a slow manner like torturing them first, like putting them inside a crematorium while they’re still alive so that they’ll feel what hell is.

  • wawa2172

    Obviously the kids prepared to bring their mission to strike fear and damage to the American community that treated them well. They were Muslims and sad to say took refuge in US to escape from their troubled country of origin. They were clearly brainwash and forced to do the job in the name of Allah? A very wrong belief and only the devil can order them to do such a thing. What a wasted future for the kids they were deceived by their own religious belief.

    • LAD

      lasing kasi yata yung kanilang propheta ng sinulat yung aklat nila, kaya habang lumalalim ang pananalig ng mga kabataang ito nasisiraan ng ulo,sana bantayan ng america yung pagpasok sa US ng mga galing sa magugulong lugar sa gitnang silangan, yung mga pumapasok kunong studyante tapos pagnasa US na iba na ang ginagawa

  • banana na

    yan yata sinasabi ng US na sleeping cell ng mga muslim fanatics…mabilis lang kasi bumili ng armas sa US of A…basta you got the money you can buy it kaya daming mga sira-ulo na gunman na may baril at ang kawawa ang mga innocent civilian..

  • WoBushi

    Tenacious police work is after the suspects, not money. PNP has something to learn from this to protect its citizens, and know their true leaders.

    • Platypus09

      That is because they know what their job is all about and what they are being for, plus they know that they are serving their own people good, ultimately preserving freedom in their own country.

  • Thomas Edison

    mulsim terrorists: both usa and malaysia know how to deal with them. philippines should take note


    ANUPAMAN, kahit na mapatay ang mga terorista, nagtagumpay sila sa misyon nilang maghasik ng takot at kilabot sa kapaligiran…nagsara ang mga tranport systems, nagsara ang mga tindahan, nagsara sa loob ng kanilang mga bahay ang mga naninirahhan sa pook ng pinangyarihan, at halos ang buong galaw ng buhay at kabuhayan sa lugar na yon ay nagsara. At ang buong bayan ng US ay naskindak at nagitla sa nagawang kalapastanganan ng mga terorista. Pati na ang buong mundo ng nabalitaan ang pangyayari…..lalo na nang ang pinangyarihan ng terorismo ay sa isang paligsahan na dinaluan ng mga atleta na galing sa iba’t ibang mga bansa sa buong daigdig, kasama na ang PH (maraming ulit na nakita ang watawat ng PH sa news film footage). Napakalungkot at nakakakilabot na pangyayari, ngunit nangyari. At, ang nakakalugmo ay ang tagumpay na nakamit ng mga terorista sa mithiin nila.

    Tulad na din ito ng nagawang terorismo ni Makoy sa sambayanan ng ipinataw nya ang Martial Law sa buong kapuluan. Ang sabi pa nga ng mga Kano noon…. “59,999,999 terrorized citizens and 1 SOB terrorist”. Wala na nga siya, pero nagawa na nya ang gusto nyang gawin. SUBALIT ang nakakalungkot….tunay na nakakalungkot ay ang hinasik nyang lagim ay na sa kapaligiran pa din natin….sampu ng kanyang mga alipores noon ay sa kasalukuyang namamayagpag pa din sa buong kapuluan….enrile, maceda, cojuangco, romualdez, reyes, tantoco, cuenca, mendoza, ramos, at marami pang iba na napipiho ko ay sariwa pa sa ala-ala ng maraming mga kabayan sa mga sandaling ito. At heto ang golpe de gulat sa mga nagpaparangalan ng , “NEVER, NEVER AGAIN”…yong kanyang junior ay may ambisyon pang maging pangulo ng bayan! Patay na nga si Lolong, pero ang kanyang kaluluwa ay buhay-na-buhay sa lahat ng sulok ng kapuluan.

    • $42337655

      UrHonor, just wondering, bakit despite the pag-traydor ni Enrile kay Marcos, walang magawa ang mga Marcos sa kanya. Takot ba ang mga Marcos sa mga Enrile ?

      magkatabi pa man din ang dalawa sa Senado, parang walang nangyari.

      • UrHONOR

        YAN ang tinatawag na PROFESSIONAL COURTESY…..pero sa labas, isang katutak ang mga bodyguards ng mga yan. Pero sa tanong mong bakit “walang magawa ang mga Marcos sa traydor ng Enrile”, palagay ko ang dapat na itanong ay: BAKIT WALANG MAGAWA ang TAONG BAYAN na INALIPUSTA, HINALAY, BINABOY, PINAGPAPATAY, KINULONG, PINAGSAMANTALAHAN, PINAGNAKAWAN, at kung ano-ano pang kahayup*n ng mga MARCOS, ENRILE, ROMUALDEZ at marami pang ibang mga nakinabang at nagpayaman na ngayon ay hindi lamang nakabalik sa bayan, bagkus ay naka-pwesto ulit sa gobierno at NAAAAPAKaRIWASA ng buhay at kabuhayan. Yan ang dapat na itanong natin sa ating mga sarili na noon ay galit-na-galit sa mga TNL na mga buayang yan, pero ngayon ay hinayaang nakabalik ulit sa kani-kanilang lungga sa lipunan.

        Ako ay isa sa mga NAKUTUSAN NG LUBUSAN ng ML at wala na akong iba pang kahilingan kundi ang mabigyan ng katarungan ang buong sambayanan hindi sa pamamagitan ng kabayaran ng SALAPI kundi ang kabayaran sa pamamagitan ng piitan.

      • $42337655

        naiintindihan ko kayo at ganyan rin ang aking tanawin sa nakaraan.

        “ay hindi lamang nakabalik sa bayan, bagkus ay naka-pwesto ulit sa gobierno at NAAAAPAKaRIWASA ng buhay at kabuhayan.” – napakadaling makalimot ang Pilipino at madaling utuin. Bukod na narito sila muli sa Pilipinas, sila ay nakaupo sa matataas na upuan. Ang nakakatakot nga niyan ay kung tumakbo at iboto pa ng mga tao ang anak ng pinakamalaking magnanakaw sa history ng bayan natin. Si McCoy ang nag-institutionalize ng corruption sa Pilipinas.

        still nagtataka ako kung bakit hindi magantihan ng mga Marcos si Enrile. Takot siguro sila sa mga Enrile.

      • UrHONOR

        PALAGAY ko hindi magandang strad ang kontrahin ng mga Marocs si Enrile sa mga sandaling ito dahil nakapwesto ng matatag-na-matatag si Enrile at marami siyang na-enganyo sa kampo nya tulad ni Estrada at ni Sotto, Naghihintay lang ng maganda-gandang pagkakataon ang kung sinuman para sa isa. Pag nakabalik na naman sa pinakamataas na pwesto ang TNL na mga Marcos, balik na naman sa dating gawi. Tanging ang taong bayan lamang ang makakagawa ng kung anupaman ang nararapat sa mga buayang yan.

  • fromuniversityofthephilippines

    Amateur video of shootout between Boston bombing suspects & MIT police uploaded… to view, type in your url bar: marichu wordpress

  • Concur_Dissent

    Funny how people praise the FBI and the Boston police so quickly…. these people are quick to please…. I just hope its not a rubout to please Obama…. I was just wondering why the FBI posted some pictures about their two “suspects” while claiming that they traced back and have pictures of how one of them leaving his bag by the road shortly before the explosion….. Question: why don’t they show that picture of one them “actually leaving the bag”?

  • speaksoftlylove

    The uncle’s interview who lives in Maryland showed that he is convinced that his nephews did it. What is compelling is that he believes his nephews were “radicalized” but was quick to add that it was not their father who radicalized them. What I did not fail to notice is that the uncle added that the father “just returned” to Russia which I noticed something compelling. Did the kids asked the father to return to Russia ostensibly to deodorized him in the event they will be caught of their dastardly act? Who knows?

  • tra6Gpeche

    FBI and other law enforcements of the US are really incredible. They have done unbelievable work to track “suspect one and suspect two” in just a matter of days.I have no reason to doubt their world class competence! Amazing, indeed!

    • matalino matalino

      I wonder why we haven’t captured yet those behind the fatal bombings in Makati and Taft Avenue. My source told me that some political heads like Jejomar Binay were involved in such bombings- as part of their plot to destabilize the P-Noy’s government or perhaps a psychological warfare- just like what they to President Cory Aquino- to drive P-Noy crazy and then would be forced to resign- and then, of course, slick, bloodthirsty, corrupt, self-serving Vice-President Jejomar Binay would succeed him.
      We have very intelligent intelligence agents but the big problem is, corrupt, slick political heads get involved when they do their investigation. Also, many of our investigative reporters are bayaran or simply lazy or so duwag. (But, you can’t blame them because the mafiosis are so bloodthirsty and they know the addresses of such investigative reporters.)

      • tra6Gpeche

        There is no need to wonder, kabayan. You already have all the answers to all your questions. And may I add, Philippine law enforcements have no credibility and not trustworthy. All they have is hot air and empty head! To me, they are very far from being world class in many, many ways! I don’t think it will ever change. But I really hope I am wrong

  • warillaman

    In today’s technology, it only takes days to find and pinpoint a terrorist in a city full of cameras, we should have it in manila too, install cameras in public places where we can see malaysian dogs, he,he,he,he,


    Possible reasons: racial discrimination, academic pressure, religion, etc/

  • matalino matalino

    It is a huge karma. The U.S. is trying to destroy the economies of Iran and the other enemies of Israel by any means- now, its enemies are trying to destroy its economy by any means. It seems that the God of Iran is a very vengeful one.

    CIA knows that the rebellious Chechens (The bombing suspects were born in Chechnya.) have strong ties with Al Qaeda and the Saudi Monarchy are funding them just like they are funding Al Qaeda. The Saudis are so insecure troublemakers- they want to control Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon- and they are using the U.S. and the European members of NATO in trying to achieve their greedy, shortsighted goals.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      are you still doing your jew hating babble i bet you look under your bed every night to see if a jew is under it. why arent you being a hero and strapping on a bomb and going out and and blowing up a school. instead of doing your boring brain washed ranting how many muslims got blown up in the last year by your beloved al qaeda i know its karma. been shooting any school girls lately

    • zdrx

      they are chechens born in dagestan

  • Serious Comedian

    I would just like to comment that the writing is awesome! It felt like I was watching a movie as this unfolds. No feelings, just good descriptive writing, leaving the emotions to the reader… I wish writers would write this way, hindi yung puro sensationalism.

  • speaksoftlylove

    It’s done. Injured suspect number two in custody and is being brought to the hospital.

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but…..about 1800 PST the 2nd “boston marathon” bomber is captured and alive.
    the watertown, mass. residents are on the street and celebrating.


    TALAGANG mahirap na kalaban ang mga taong hindi natatakot mamatay alang-alang sa kanilang sinumpaang layunin. Tulad din SIGURO ng mga tauhan ni Kiram na walang takot mamamatay sa kanilang pagpunta sa Sabah upang ipaglaban ang kanilang paniniwala.

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