Tycoons not on BIR list coming forward

Megaworld founder says he paid P60M in taxes in 2011


TRENDING Billionaire Andrew Tan wonders why he is not on the BIR list of the country’s top 500 individual taxpayers. INQUIRER PHOTO

A day after it was reported that members of the Lopez family were excluded from the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s top 500 individual taxpayers’ list, a taipan has come forward to show that he, too, had paid a large amount of taxes to the government.

Both incidents mark what could be the beginning of a trend where the country’s wealthiest businessmen—once eager to stay below the taxman’s radar—are now eager to be seen as having contributed generously to the state’s coffers.

Like many of his wealthy peers, businessman Andrew Tan did not find his name on the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) top 500 individual taxpayers’ list, but his tax payments were enough to catapult him over show-biz personality Kris Aquino, who is No. 1 on the roster.

Data from the tycoon’s office showed that the founder of the Megaworld Corp. real estate empire, who was one of the Filipino billionaires named by Forbes magazine, paid P60.1 million in taxes for all his sources of income for 2011.

Kris, the youngest sister of President Aquino, paid P49.8 million in taxes due, to a large degree, to her earnings from commercial product endorsements.

Tan was the third businessman who sent word to the Inquirer that he should have been on the BIR list of the country’s top taxpayers.

Sources within the Lopez group of companies on Tuesday pointed out that family patriarch Oscar Lopez and his brother Manuel had paid P37 million and P11 million in taxes, respectively, for 2011.

“In the last few hours, our office has been receiving inquiries about the taxes that our chairman and CEO … has paid to the BIR,” said Megaworld chief financial officer Francis Canuto in a letter to the Inquirer Wednesday, which came with documents showing Tan’s tax payments.

“There has been a lot of interest generated in the last few days about the payment of individual income taxes,” Canuto added. “This is a very positive development for the country because such an interest is creating awareness on our obligation as Filipino citizens to pay taxes and do our part in fueling economic growth.”

Tax on dividends

In 2011, Tan—who also chairs conglomerate Alliance Global Inc.—earned P518.1 million in cash dividends from his stock holdings. On this income, he paid P51.8 million in taxes, representing a 10-percent final withholding tax that is, in practice, excluded from one’s income tax return filing.

During the period, Tan also earned P22.2 million in salaries from the companies he owns and worked in, for which he paid P7 million in income taxes—an effective tax rate of 31.5 percent.

Finally, the tycoon earned P3.8 million in director’s and consultant’s fees, resulting in additional tax payments of P1.2 million.

His total income for 2011 from all three sources amounted to P544.2 million, compared with his combined tax levies of P60.1 million for the period.

Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares explained why certain people were not on the list of top taxpayers.

“Only those who filed income tax returns (ITRs) will find themselves on the top 500 list,” the BIR chief said on Tuesday.

“If you did not file an ITR—if you had a ‘substituted filing’ where your company withheld income taxes for you and remitted it straight to the BIR, just like regular employees—it doesn’t matter how big your salary and tax payments are. You will not appear on the list,” she added.

The annual list of billionaires released by Forbes magazine shows that Tan is the Philippines’ fourth-richest man for 2012, with an estimated asset base of $3.95 billion.

“Dr. Tan is very supportive of the continuous efforts of the BIR in putting good governance in place,” Canuto said. “He also believes that through the leadership of Revenue Commissioner Henares, tax collections will improve, and taxpayer compliance and satisfaction will increase.”

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  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    BIR magpaliwanag kayo kung bakit itong bilyonaryo ay wala sa mga listahan ng mga malaki magbayad ng buwis!

    • anu12345

      Read the article

    • Photogeneratedholes

      Please read the article carefully. Nandun yung sagot.



  • ewanski tolongges

    All hail Henares! Where have you been all these years? If all the other bIR Commissioners before you attacked their job with the same tenacity, we could have greatly off-setted the economic leakage stemming from graft! XD

    • speaksoftlylove

      All hell broke lose, Henares!

    • luvphilippines

      Great achievement in a matter of less than 3 years! This is a very good start that tax payment is now beginning to be a virtue especially among the billionaires. They want to be seen on THE LIST. A very good sign indeed!

      Ms Henares explained well enough that those who did not file the ITR as an individual did not appear on their list. This includes those who may have sources of salary from more than one company or employer.

    • PinoyPower1

      Mabuhay si Mr. Andrew Tan! keep it up sir!

      It is now the IN thing to come out as a top taxpayer!! This is the positive impact of Ms. Kim’s innovative leadership. While in the past, businessmen hide from the nosy BIR, now a more positive attitude has set in among taxpayers.

      Its good to know, the BIR has explained itself on this matter.

      Coming up with the list of top taxpayers is a good idea and I am sure will even be improved in the future. Maybe the BIR should also have a separate list for those people like Mr. Tan who have different sources of salary or income, that is, from different companies or employers.

      • http://twitter.com/erncastillo ern

        I think for the BIR to research on the totality of one’s tax payments from various sources is just too much….. or they will become choosy. Let the taxpayer come forward and bring to the BIR his proofs of payments….this is better….

        If the taxpayer chooses to be known to be a top taxpayer, give him that option. What is important is that he pays the correct taxes from all sources.

      • gryzyxwoz

        I agree.


      Mainam! Nagpapataasan ng ihi ang mga bilyonaryo. Ang mga lopezes na insecure dahil lumabas na mas mataas ang binayad na tax ng GMA7 kumpara sa ABS-CBN.

      Sana magreklamo rin si Kim Chiu, bakit mas mataas pa ang binayad nyang buwis kumpara kina Manny pacquiao at willie revillame???

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Manny pacquiao and Willie Revillame? Mga tax cheaters ang mga yan kaya mababa ang ibinayad na buwis.

    • FILIPINOpatriot4ever

      The more tycoons that will come out, the better! This is definitely good for the country. The essence of Ms. Kim Henares’ strategy of publishing the list is working!

      Keep it up Kim Henares!!!

      • buritos

        Not so sure if purely Kims ideal.Dapat ginawa 2 years ago para mas magnda
        Na ang koleksyon ngayon.

    • Albert Einstien


      Data from the tycoon’s office showed that the founder of the Megaworld Corp.
      real estate empire, who was one of the Filipino billionaires named by
      Forbes magazine, paid P60.1 million in taxes for all his sources of
      income for 2011.

      WALA pa jan ang 20% final tax withheld & remitted on interest on BANK DEPOSITS…of the BILLIONS or TRILLIONS of bank deposits by tycoons..wala pa din yung CGT payments nila at iba pa……mas LALO na LALAKI yan kung yun corporate arms nila ISINAMA sa total taxes paid & remitted in billions yun..xempre di kasali kasi me distinct personality under the law…pero sila din yun dahil me corporate fiction lang….

      KRIS clearly is NOT the top taxpayer…based on REALITY & on HENARES
      explanation…but why go to MEDIA and give the TITLE to KRIS as top
      taxpayer for ALL to see if she is NOT really the TOP taxpayer.. what
      is the purpose or REASON for such PROPAGANDA…. : > )

      BIR & DOF should have the COMPETENCE FIRST to TALLY final taxes,
      compensation income, business income & withheld taxes BEFORE they
      PUBLICLY come out with LIST of TOP TAXPAYERS……The LIST is

      • Daang_tuwid3

        Please read before you post… His taxes came from dividends not itr

      • Albert Einstien

        ha ha ..read what are SOURCES of INCOME taxes…EDUCATE yourself first sir….to determine TOP TAXPAYER…they should RENAMED it as ..BIAS TOP taxpayers LIST…..or PROPAGANDA LIST…..lol

      • Daang_tuwid3

        Whats the big deal pre? Kris running for president in 2016? Do you believe that kuya germs? Lol

      • rolando mendoza

        tax withheld ang mga ito sa tinanggap nilang dividents, directors fee etc. and didnot come from his individual tax returns.

      • jeetkaido

        “Please read before you post… His taxes came from dividends not itr”
        re: misleading ang inaccurate list na yan para sa aming walang pinagaralan. Kino-condition lang ang isipan ng mga tao para sa 2016 election.

      • NeilFuentes

        mag aral ka boy, para hindi yung kino-condition ng ibang tao yang utak mo!

      • jeetkaido

        “mag aral ka boy, para hindi yung kino-condition ng ibang tao yang utak mo!”
        re: Di na kailangan, gusto naming walang pinag-aralan, honest at accurate na balita lamang para di kami magduda manong.

      • Daang_tuwid3

        Huh, ikaw lang nagisip nyan,:-)


        You simply refuse to understand to make an issue. The full explanation is in the article itself under the subtitle Tax on Dividends.

        Most of Mr. Tan’s income tax were not included in his ITR or income tax return as kris did. The biggest income of Mr. Tan is from cash dividends of stocks amounting to P 518 for which he paid P 51 M and was not included in his ITR because it is in a different BIR form. Mr. Tan paid other forms of income taxes like salaries and consultancies which were filed in different forms.

      • Albert Einstien

        ha ha ..read what are SOURCES of INCOME taxes…EDUCATE yourself first sir….to determine TOP TAXPAYER…they should RENAMED it as ..BIAS TOP taxpayers LIST…..or PROPAGANDA LIST…..lol

      • gryzyxwoz

        Precisely my point. Henares and the BIR know this, for a fact. So, why did they release such an inaccurate list in the first place? Sorry, I am NOT impressed.,

      • boldyak

        para mapabalita si queen of talks….may balak na maging president at kung gumastos mam siya balanag araw, alam na ng tao na maraming pera…kahit pondohan pa ng malaysia ang kandidatora nya, hindi halata…

      • ewanski tolongges

        Yung capital gains tax ay hindi ata computed as part of Income Tax. Magkaibang saging ito. Kaya nga may disclaimer si Henares na ang list ay purely from the perspective of those that filed income taxes. Hindi kasali yung may ibat ibang taxes pa, at hindi rin kasali iyung taxes withheld.

        bakit sa tingin ko maganda yung list? Kasi dahil sa list,, naglalabasan yung mga businessmen para i explain kung bakit maliit yung contribution nila. Nakakatulong yung list para i inform ang masa kung sino sino yung mga dapat bantayan.

        Ang suggestion ko ay maglabas ng supplemental list para ma cover ang lahat ng klase ng taxes. Tingnan natin kung talagang may karapatang imangal yung mga businessmen. Baka sa ibang uri ng taxes eh mababa pa din ang ibinayad nila. Kataka taka na yan

      • Albert Einstien

        CGT ay income tax din…dre

      • jeetkaido

        “The full explanation is in the article itself under the subtitle Tax on Dividends.”
        re: bullsh*t, whatever Henares’s alibis, their inaccurate list is misleading to the public. What about us, just high school & elementary graduates? Kino-condition lang ang isipan ng mga tao para sa 2016 election. Kitang kita sa mga bloggers, gusto ng maging presidente agad si Kris.



      • http://twitter.com/christianreazon Christian Reazon

        It’s not inaccurate, the Top 500 individual taxpayers pertains only to the taxes paid on annual ITR which was due on April 15, hence, the final taxes withheld were not included in the list.

      • martin

        the issue naman is not kung sino ang highest taxpayer. the isssue is who paid taxes. kahit di ka highest taxpayer, for as long as nagbayad ka ng tamang buwis, tama na yun.

    • Rogers Nelson Uy

      ulul mo, sa mga kurakot na mga buwayang politiko lang mapunta mga binayad nating tanga! all hail ka jan, bayaran! Sino bang matino gusto magbayad sa bir kahit wala tayong napapala. Tana talaga itong taong ito

      • ewanski tolongges

        may anger management issues ka brad.

  • tadasolo

    The positive impact of publishing the list is generating good positive response. Mr. Tan and those billionaires should not be worried about not making it on the list after all most are aware your companies are paying corporate taxes and this list is for earned income excluding capital

    • speaksoftlylove

      Nabisto lang ang pautot ng administrasyon, nagngangawa ka na dyan. Hugasan mo yang yellowmuta mo dogyot. Kaliwaliwanag sa sinabi ng balita na “Income Tax” ni Adrew Tan, hindi corporate tax dogyot. Kulang ka lang sa dosage.

      • ernievictory

        clueless ka talaga no. magaling ka lang sa pag batikos sa internet pero hindi mo naiintindihan ang subject.hopeless and helpless ! ha ha ha

      • tadasolo

        You cannot accept good news pare and compare their assets. The asset of Kris are less than one billion pesos while the assets of Mr. Tan are 40 billion pesos and Kris paid 50 million while Mr. tan paid 60 million. I have nothing against Mr. Tan and he work hard for his money and I admire the guy. What about you spitfire did you pay more than Kris Aquino? Otherwise you are just an empty hypocrite who cannot accept the success of other people

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Mukhang kailangan kang magbasa ng NIRC. Passive income kahit income yan, you do not file in your ITR. Those passive incomes are subjected to final tax by third parties like banks and companies. The list as explained by Henares are only for the incomes as per submitted ITR.

        Mr. Tan’s lawyers are being less than fortright in telling you that the bulk of Mr. Tan’s income came from passive incomes like dividends whose final tax was not in ITRs but was auto remitted directly to BIR. In short, Mr Tan’s paid income tax were not paid via his ITR.

  • wawa2172

    Kris is this government leading endorser of controversies. I need not be surprised because she is the presidents youngest and spoiled brat sister. From failed relationship with older men and failed marriages to a basketball star, Kris always grab the news using Bimby and Josh as pawns. Lalo pa kung nasasapawan na siya sa balita. Heart relationship with Chiz has been topping the headline and ayaw ito no Kris so nag drama na naman siya. BIR got a free endorser in choosing Kris as the top individual taxpayer of 2011 na hindi naman talaga siya. Now with the list in the open, the criminals now have the target on whose who in the country’s rich men and women. If they could pay taxes they can pay ransom too. The BIR listing maybe good but it also endanger the rich and famous in the country.

    • ernievictory

      eto pa ang isang gunggong na hindi alam ang pinagsasabi. haaayst . magaral ka nga ng taxation , e ngot , para hindi puro showbiz ang laman ng utak mo…

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Hindi mo na kailangan pa ang BIR list para mangtarget ng ma kikidnap. Buksan mo lang ang newspaper, sa lifestyle section, nandoon ang mas legitimate targets of kidnapping. The kidnapper will have the leads kung saan sila mambibiktima.

  • mariobig

    dapat gawin ng BIR consolidated yun income sa mag salaries and wages at mga dividends na subject sa final withholding tax na 10% ng di nalilito yun ibang mga tao… nakaseparate kasi yun preparation nung ganun income sa income tax….sana sa susunod gumawa ng summary re income from salaries and wages at mga dividends(10% final withholding tax) ng maintidihan ng masa.. salamat po

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      May problema lang Bro. Ang final tax remitted directly to BIR on dividends and other passive incomes, is a separate system than the tax filing of ITRs. Di ba doon nadale si Corona noon? His income tax is separate from his other passive incomes.

      The corporate filing is also on a separate system. Each one works independently satisfying what NIRC contemplated. The objective of the NIRC is to collect taxes from all taxpayers from their different sources of income. Active incomes are filed in one’s ITR including the deductions one can think of while passive incomes are subject to final tax witheld and remitted by third party agents like banks and companies. In the complexities of sources tax collection, you cannot incorporate everything in one system. Besides, there is no point of incorporating all these data just to satisfy the curiosity of people to know who paid the most. For the NIRC, maximizing the tax collection is paramount than curiosity.


    SY, TAN, CAKTIONG, TAN, TY, ONGPIN, SY, GO….parang na sa TSINA, ano po?

    Henry, Andrew, Washington, Joseph, Peter, John…..para namang na sa Tate, ano po?

    SANA ang susunod ay yong mga Pilipinong Pangalan naman tulad ng Batongbacal, Binungcal, Biglang-awa, Punongbayan, Duhaylungsod, Bagonggahasa, Batongmalaque, Batobalane, Banguera, Imbournal, Tinahip, Mabenta… at Macabenta.

    • novaliches

      listahan yata ng mga family of informal settlers ang gusto mo.

      • http://www.businessinsider.com/the-art-of-war-sun-tzu-2011-5?op=1 SunTzu


      • UrHONOR

        PARA sa iyong kaalaman, si Raymundo Punongbayan ay dating Director ng PHILVOCS at si Benjamin Punongbayan ay founder ng Punongbayan & Araullo accounting Office; si Benjamin Binungcal ay isang matagumpay na businessman sa Texas; si Tess Duhaylungsod ay isang nurse sa CA; si Greg Macabenta ay isang columnist sa Bay Area newspaper; si Joe Banguerra ay isang lawyer; si Fred Bagonggahasa ay isang Aviation Technician sa Oakland, etc. Hindi sa kung anupaman, ang mga pangalang ito ay mararangal at hindi dapat patutsadahan o salingin ng kahit na anupamang kababaan ng antas.

        Gayunpaman, ang mga squatters, na pinakagandang informal squatters, ay may mga pangalang Jones, Santos, Lopez, Sarmiento, de los Reyes, at kahit na Ayala. Samakatuwid, walang kinalaman ang pangalan sa hanay ng lipunan…..ang may kinalaman ay ang pagsisikap, tiyaga, at ambisyon ng may pangalan.

        Ang magandang kwento ay yong tungkol kay Jonas Utot……pero sa iba ng pagkakataon.

      • Paitan

        ituloy mo na kuwento ni Jonas Utot sir,,hahaha..mgandang pang weekend yan,,

      • tarikan

        Remember Tess..ie Pok..pok of the O’gag impeachment fame? Good name but bad karma, hehehe.

      • UrHONOR

        FOR you exclusively, Paitan:

        Si Jonas Utot ay pumunta sa isang court at nag-petition na palitan ang pangalan niya.

        Tinanong siya ng Judge, “Jonas Utot, bakit gusto mong palitan ang pangalan mo? Ano ang dahilan at naisip mong palitan ang pangalan mo, Jonas Utot?”

        “Judge”, sagot ni Jonas, “maliit pa ako, pinagtatawanan na ako pag tinatawag ang pangalan ko sa classroom. Pag roll call ng titser at binanggit ang pangalan ko—Jonas Utot, nagtatawanan na ang mga classmates ko at tinutukso ako! Nung nag-high school ako, ganun din ang nangyari, Judge….pag tawag sa akin ng titser for recitation ng Jonas Utot, humihirit ng tawa ang mga ka-eswela ko. Pag college ko naman, sa ROTC, pag check ng attendance sa field, sisigaw ang platoon leader ng malakas na…Cdt JONAS UTOT…, tapos nasisira ang formation sa katatawa ng mga kasama kong naka-uniporme. Ngayong professional na po ako…. at lawyer na…at may ambisyon namang maging Congressman, ayaw kong makilala ako sa JONAS UTOT, yer oner.”

        “OK…All right…I got your point and I appreciate the facts of your petition”, riposted the judge. So, ano ang gusto mong ipalit sa pangalan mo? Ano ang gusto mong maging bago mong pangalan, JONAS UTOT?” tanong ng judge.

        “Yer Oner, gusto ko po sana na palitan yong JONAS to GRINGO!”

      • Simplify1

        ayos…. Bihira ako matawang nagiisa… U made my day!

      • UrHONOR

        Salamat naman at natuwa ka sa kwento!

      • Timujin King

        You can include your beauty queen SOPSOP – CHUPA

      • bayankopdi


      • UrHONOR


      • novaliches

        kaya naman pala hindi nakasama sa listahan, puro nasa abroad sila. ano kaya ang ginagawa nila doon, naglilinis ng puw-t.

      • boldyak

        Inggit ka sa mga nasa abroad?…

      • chingnarciso

        my friend,hindi mo ba nabasa na silay mga professionals ang kanyang tinutukoy? yung isa ay aviation technician,may A&P license yan at hindi basta basta makakuha ng license doon sa State,hindi katulad diyan sa pinas na mababayaran ang mga nag i issue ng A&P license.Hindi lahat ang mga pilipino na nasa abroad ay nagpupunas ng puwit,some do, but some don’t.

      • novaliches

        cool ka lang my friend, mga fictitious names ang mga yun, huwag mong sakyan kaagad.

      • robinhood

        Benjamin Punongbayan for one is not a fictitious name. As what UrHonor mentioned in his earlier post, he is the founder of one of the top accounting and auditing firm in our country. And whether nagpupunas ng pwet ang mga taong nabanggit, what’s the problem with that? As long as hindi ka naman yata hinihingan ng basahang pampunas sa pwet ng ating mga kababayang marangal na nagtatatrabaho sa ibang bansa at nagcocontribute sa ating ekonomiya, ay dapat itikom mo ang iyong bibig.

      • novaliches

        Miss sensitive, basahin mo ang lahat ng post ni Urhonor from punongbayan to jonas utot, it is part comical or joke joke lang. huwag kang masyadong serious. at saka may sinabi ba akong may problema ang pagpupunas ng puwit, ang may problema ay ang reading comprehension mo, minamasama mo kaagad ang sinasabi ng ibang tao.

      • robinhood

        novaliches, i said Benjamin P for one. i did not say all of them.

        “kaya naman pala hindi nakasama sa listahan, puro nasa abroad sila. ano kaya ang ginagawa nila doon, naglilinis ng puw-t.. ” so you think this statement of yours should not be taken seriously? katatawanan ba ang ang magabroad at magpunas ng pwet dahil yun ang available decent work sa mga kababayan natin? You know what, what you should do is punasan mo bibig mo ng basahan baka sakaling mabango ang lumabas dyan at mag improve din the way you communicate your not-so-funny joke.

      • novaliches

        Miss sensitive, there you go again. sinabi ko ba na nakakatawa yung pagpupunas ng pwet, or hindi yun isang desenteng trabaho? bakit mo pinipilit na may masamang meaning o intention ang sinasabi ng ibang tao. lungkot ba ang buhay mo? oops, hindi ko sinabi na malungkot ka, nagtatanong lang, huwag mo sanang masamain, kung masaya ka d mas mabuti.

      • UrHONOR

        VERY SALIENT POINT. Yong linalait at ina-aglahi nyang mga nagpupunas ng “pwit”, baka lingid sa kanyang kaalaman….yong katas ng pagpupunas ng pwit ang siyang nagpapalakas sa ekonomiya ng bayan at nagpapagawa ng kalsada na tiyak ko ay dinadaaan-daanan nya araw-araw …nagbabayad sa mga pulis na tinatawag nya kapag may problema siya sa peace and order…..at marami pang ibang paglilingkod bayan na kundi sa kinikita ng nagpupunas ng pwit ay mahihirapang ipatupad.

        Ang nabanggit kong mga pangalan ay mga TUNAY sa buhay at hindi gawa-gawa lamang. Marami pang mga nakaka-aliw na pangalan ng ating kabayan na hindi madalas na mabasa o marinig. Ang iba pa nga ay Calabasa, Angtuaco (he he he), Quique, Borat, Susing, Binayu, Banayad, Cuoto, Sapin-sapin, at Turete.

      • the_ownage


    • noyab




      • tarikan

        Si Rizal din pala BADING. Nagtago sa pagka-playboy kuno pero BADING. Nasusuka pagnakakita ng p**e, kaya hindi nagkaanak. Bakit nasabi ko na bading? Kasi ang kamag-anak ng great, great grandma ko ay naging GF ni Joey R. ni hindi man laang daw nakahipo ng hita hehehe ayon naunahan sya ng asin-diro.

      • Polding

        pare bakit di mo icompare ang iq mo sa presidente ?panay ang batikos mo sa presidente, para bang mas marami kang alam kesa sa kanya. have a look at yourself bago ka magcomment sa ibang tao. tingnan mo ang sarili mo kung umasenso na ba ang kabuhayan mo.i pity you. you spend time. waste your time, commenting on other people’s lives and yet you forgot to look at yourself kung mabuti na ang buhay mo at mga mahal mo sa buhay.. kuntento ka na ba sa buhay mo ngayon ? kumayod ka at maawa ka sa sarili mo..HINDOT !!

      • padrefaura

        magkano ang bayad sa ganitong post?

      • sinful_lustful69

        1 lang ang masasabi, ung mga taong kinukutya mo ay nagtrabaho ng maranggal at kumita ng marangal, hindi ka ninanakawan o ninakawan……….

      • kismaytami

        Anong marangal sa pagpatay sa mga magsasaka?

      • sinful_lustful69

        nakita mo ba siya ang pumatay sa magsasaka……………kung nakita nang dalawa mong mata………maging eye-witness………..hindi yung puro ka na lang bintang

    • tadasolo

      Hahahaha. Love it. Anyway if those will become billionaires it will be fashionable to change their name to mutate into English

      As an example: Punongbayan to Chiefcountry or Topdog or Sirnation
      Batongbacal to Rocksteel or Stoneiron or Rocksolidik

      • magisipngkonti

        got a classmate surnamed Manaog who is now australia based..He established his company and named it McDowner.

    • Simplify1


      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Ha ha! Sila ba ang mga pasaway at mga reklamador dito sa disqus?

      • UrHONOR

        OO nga…..pati na di yong MCMXX2PdCXMDC at mga MANG-MANG!

      • Concur_Dissent


      • Hurtlocker1

        isama mo na c fulpol LOLLLL

      • Simplify1

        Montik na makalimutan ah!! Hehehe

    • huseng_batute

      Does the surname matter? Does the ancestral roots matter?

      Ang mga apelyidong binaggit mo ay mga adopted names na pinili ng mga Pinoy noong panahon ng Kastila. Ang iba sa mga iyan may dugong Chinese din. Ang Mercado side ni Jose Rizal ay Chinese. Pinili nila ang apelyidong Mercado as reference to their merchant trade.

    • Emerald

      Funny hehehe…

    • tarikan

      B.B. Bayag-Hari, Dimatira, Dimasupil, Dimalanta, Dimaculangan, Natira, Nasupil, Nalanta, Naculangan, Magtanggol Guni-gunimolang, Mayumi Waykurat, etc.

    • onionskinned

      Hindi mangyayari yan dahil hindi marunong magipon ng pera. Pagkuha ng sweldo, party party kaagad kaya ubos. Magbabale pa nga e.

    • Albert Einstien

      nakalimutan mo ata LOLO ni NOYnoy..

      1861..from CHINA to RP…..change of name…..the Cojuangco family can be traced back to Hong Chian( hongjian FARMERS village ) in Tongan province, China.. His actual chinese name, Mr. Co Yu Hwan change his name to Mr. Jose Cojuangco.

      at si Si Limahong. Lim Ah Hong o Lin Feng (Tsinong tradisyunal: 林鳳; Tsinong payak: 林凤; pinyin: Lín Fèng) ay isang mandarambong na Intsik at panginoong-pandigma na sumalakay sa hilagang kapuluan ng Pilipinas…( wikipedia )

    • boboposter

      Anong kinalaman ng Chinese na surname dyan? Legal na Filipino yang mga tycoon na yan. Dito nagbabayad ng tax, dito nagne-negosyo, Pilipinas ang pinapaunlad.

      Ang hindi Filipino ay yung mga certain na taong may apelido na Mars, Sanchez, Trias, Pineda, Hudgens etc na pinipilit nyong maging Filipino! (if you know who I mean…)

    • JoyVi

      What about Pujeda???

      Alfredo Pujeda of Gen Nakar, Quezon? How can he be not in the list? He operates all illegal businesses in the province. Why did run for mayor in 2010 – to amass himself and his “beautiful” wife enough wealth to evade paying taxes!

      Ask their victims from towing services of STAR toll and numerous labor complaints?

      Making it to the top tax evaders> Very soon!

      • UrHONOR

        OO nga…yan ang magandang listahan…..TAX EVADERS! Maaari din naman na yong top tax payer ay kasali din sa top evader….kulang ang binayad!

    • rodben

      ploblema mga Pinoy di nasyunalistik o patliyot kya hilap asinso tingnan mo kano nong may nahuli suspek sa Boston bombing sigawan sila ng USA!!!!USA!!!!ganon sila ka-patliyot sa bansa nila…tulad namin mga tsekwa kahit saan kami bansa china patliyot kami nagtutulungan dati kami punas puwet sa ibang bansa pilo ngayon kami na pinupunasan puwet kasi pag di sila punas puwet amin wala sila pila lalo na election tulad ngayon…pala kahit di kami bayad tama sweldo at benepisyo mga manggagawa ok lang..SOLE HA…

      • UrHONOR

        MOKANTA sayo kwento yan kabise….talaka mokaling sa sispsip sa kabise sa hepe pulis, sa BIR, Customs, LTO kaya kayo yaman bikla. Dati sa kabise pupulot lang sa mote, ngayon sa kabise ngawa na mote….melon na siya pablika pala ngawa mote yan. Hinne punas sa Kabise sa powet…..si kabise yan hahalik sa molami powet sa mamae sa kaha. Molami mosyalo mata mamae sa kabise tatago sa molami apaltment sa Ongpin. Lakas pa inum sa Kabise sa Si Hoc Tong…palati yan lasing sa ngabi melon kasama mata mamae. Mokaling talaka sa kabise sa hokus-pokus kaya molami sa inisek bikla yan yaman. Hi hi hi….

    • elKapitan

      filipinos should emulate these taipans! why are so many filipinos going out of the country for a job when somebody else can make it here in the country? lalo pa nga sila lumalaki. anong sikreto? mas matapang ba sila? mas madiskarte ba?

      • UrHONOR

        SOME or even many can make it in the country, BUT not all can be accommodated by the economic size of the nation. The situation of the CH taipans is sui generis. There are only a handful of them and it requires special talent/skill to achieve what they have had by any means. Ang sekreto ay tiyaga, walang-reklamong pagtratrabaho, pag-iipon, simpleng buhay at kabuhayan, lakas-ng-loob, at galing sa negosyo. Hindi lamang sa PH nakikita ang tagumpay ng mga Ch, bagkus sa buong daigdig. Matutunghayan na sa bawat major cities sa kahit na anong bansa, merong CHINATOWN kung saan doon naninirahan ng simpleng buhay ang mga Ch habang lumalago ang kanilang TNL na kwarta. Baliktarin mo yan, at yan ang Pilipino….gastador, pasikat, magarbo, reklamador, pag nag-negosyo, gusto kinabukasan ay bilyonaryo, walang tiyaga, mainipin, swapang o mapagsarili at higit sa lahat INGGITERO.


    The amount of Pesos is not as important in determining rankings as percentage of all income. Most wealthy pay a lot of Pesos in the view of a poor man but when you figure out the percentage of what they actually made it will reflect a much lower percentage of taxes paid than that of the average citizen.

  • noyab


  • novaliches

    di hamak na mas mataas ang tax sa mga earned (employment) income compare sa unearned (real estate, stocks) income. yung mga mayayaman nag-concentrate sila sa unearned income, tayo naman mga pinoy tuwang tuwa na kapag-nabigyan ng wage increase. kaya mas bilib ako kina Sy, Tan etc, i-diretso niyo nalang sa mga charities ang tulong niyo, huwag ng ipadaan sa gobyerno. kasi kung umasta yung politico parang galing sa bulsa nila ang ibinibigay nila, na pera ng bayan.

  • wvillaro822

    The question is, do you need to issue a revise high paying tax payer listing to include these people, or not? Or, something happened that the taxes paid by these people can not longer accounted for?

  • Roy Batty

    Walang ikatakot sa mga Pinoy itong mga mamayamang instik kung ganyan naman pala sila magbayad ng buwis.

  • WoBushi

    Kris Uquino being in the top list is a prelude to a coming elective post. BIR indulged in the scheme.

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Bakit hindi mo pa isama lahat ng kasama sa conspiracy theory mo.

      France gave them a visa. They must be preparing to recognize a Kris presidency the way France in 1986 immediately recognized the revolutionary government of Cory who incidentally speaks fluent french.

      The US gave them a visa. They must be part of this conspiracy to take care of the Aquino family starting from their Boston stay in the 1980s, to coddling Cory, and then Pnoy.

      China is not far behind. The Cojuancos were originally from China. China must be part of this conspiracy theory of yours.

      Since the BIR kamo is part of the scheme, you forgot to mention that BOC must be part of the scheme too. Biazon being an LP member must be asking the smugglers to contribute to the campaign kitty of Kris.

      Bakit hindi mo isama si Bishop Cruz sa mga pakana mong tsismis. Crab!

      • WoBushi

        What is a crab, spewer? Make sure you keep your saliva from flying around. You can’t even reason out well.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        You are a freaking crab. Dont you know it? A crab who would resort to conspiracy theories to justify hatred in bringing down success. Its Aquino BTW not Uquino. Dumbhead.

      • WoBushi

        What is a freaking crab, dumbkopf? You can’t even handle success and much less sniffed it. Isn’t Uquino a drag queen of some sort? Ukim!

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        You do not know what is a freaking crab is? You need to stop sniffing your drugs bro. You cant even spell a name right Its Aquino not Uquino dumh head!

      • WoBushi

        Tonto ka pala. You can’t even read between the lines. I bet you, pikon ka pala at niloloko mo lang ang asawa mo.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Unfortunately, sa mga bugok na katulad mo, I do not read between the lines. Freaking crablet!

      • WoBushi

        stay dumb and a fool and you will be alone. you’re not even a proud filipino, just low self-esteem and superficial.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Stay as bugok as you are. Crab!

      • WoBushi

        see how far you have drifted from the main subject. fake cris ibarra.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        You can bring your conspiracy theories somewhere else bro. No one believes you anyway. Mr Uquino. BIR my foot.

      • WoBushi

        i suspect your equilibrium is tilted. your daughter should be worried of her safety from you.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        May worse pa ba sa iyong mental state bro? Pati asawa mo hindi ka pinagkakatiwalaan eh. Itanong mo ke kumpare kung nasan sila kagabi. Lol!

      • WoBushi

        wala kang original pendejo. gaya gaya ka lang. magpatulis ka muna.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Bro, ang pikon talo. The way you phrase your thoughts, pababalikin kita sa grade one. “wala kang original”???? Di kaya “wala kang originality”? Kulang ka sa nutribun siguro. Lol

      • WoBushi

        now you start sounding like pedantic. show off. cris ibarra does not suit you. it’s all superficial and vanity. recalculate big shot.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        I am not showing off. I am simply telling you ang pikon talo. You are calling people names not me. It shows that you cannot handle arguments, bro. Dahil napipikon ka, you can no longer distinguish the right use of words.

  • WoBushi

    BIR misfiled its report. File an amended report.

  • Concur_Dissent

    namimilipit nanaman sa ingit ang mga pasaway na anti-pnoy at mga anti kris dahil may magandang balita nanaman ang aquino family!

    • Maldi2

      I don’t see any good news about this article for the Aquinos. On the contrary this article proved that there seems to be a manipulated release of the top 500 Tax payers.

      I’m for sure is one of Aquino’s critics, but on constructive stand. I do salute and appreciate whatever good deeds he’s done. To say ingit is none in my vocabulary. Again, I can’t be taken for a ride on this tax issue payment being Kris number 1. Mga bading lang at ang mahilig sa showbiz ang naniniwala dito.

      • Concur_Dissent

        This issue only came out because of aquino critics who can’t leave his sister alone! The fact is that kris has been a consistent top 40 (fourty) since 2008 before his brother even thought of running… It is good news in the sense that it proves they help the economy by paying the right taxes! You can’t be constructive if you hit the family on a personal basis…

  • im_earth

    baka hindi ni remit ng mga accountant nila ang tax ng mga Tycoons. hahah

  • dandankid

    Buti na lang hindi ako bilyonaryo, kundi wala rin ako sa listahan ng mga highest taxpayares.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Boycott their businesses. They’re milking Filipinos.

  • isalexus

    “:“If you did not file an ITR—if you had a ‘substituted filing’ where your company withheld income taxes for you and remitted it straight to the BIR, just like regular employees—it doesn’t matter how big your salary and tax payments are. You will not appear on the list,” she added.” What a crock!! It means that the BIR has no capacity to correlate their tax record!!!!!.When corporation remit taxes of their employees– it include the names and TIN of the employee!!! So why can’t this be correlated to find out how much tax is paid by the
    individual and specific taxpayer?????????

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Mr Reklamador, ang issue ay listahan ng nag file ng ITR. Kung substituted filing, its a separate listing na hindi isang requirement ng batas na isapubliko. Hindi mo ba naintindihan yun?

      • isalexus

        Crisostomo- kung hindi ka naman isang malaking tangengot– anong katuturan
        ng listahan kung hindi kumpleto? Mahilig ka kasing malagay sa parating bitin!!

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Mr. Reklamador, basahin mo ang nasa batas para naman magkaroon ng saysay ang buhay mo.

        RA 9480 SEC. 14. Publication of List of Taxpayers and Filers.

        Then saka ka bumalik dito at mag report sa amin.

      • Maldi2

        I doubt if you’ve read this Act in it’s entirety. You seems to be too pretentious or knowledgeable about legal issues. I can’t even understand why Malacanang and Henares use this particular LAW to defend their brouhaha on this issue. My dear, RA 9480 of 2007 is simply put, an Amnesty Tax LAW to encourage businesses payment of unpaid or less declared or completely undeclared taxes from the year 2005 and prior years. This has life of six months only after enactment. Thus, payment by 2011 of any tax payers should not be referred to this LAW.

        What should be referred to is RA 8424, the main TAX Law, which clearly defines publication of tax payers or filers. But, again, that LAW does not categorically specifies top 500 for those that have filed their ITR’s only.

        Malacanang and Henares are making a fool of us on their palusot!

      • Concur_Dissent

        you still want an answer, or have you found out your own response?

      • Maldi2

        huh? Am not getting you, just give your rebuttal if you got any, else = plain dada ka lang.

        BTW, R.A. 8424 should be referred to with regards to the publication of tax payers or filers. I’ve erred referring RA 6388.

      • Johnny

        Kunti alam ko sa law – ibig sabihin unconstitutinal ang list na ito? Pede mademanda si deceiving Henares ganun ba? Kasi ang top 500 na ito ay di nagcomply sa law at gawain ng manloloko.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        My dear maldi2, binasa mo ba ang sinabi kong section 14? Hindi mo ba naintindihan ang mga katagang sumusunod:

        “Following the implementation of the tax amnesty authorized and granted under this Act……, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall,…prepare a list ,….

        Kung hindi mo naintindihan ang purpose ng section na yan, mukhang kulang ka sa bitamina. Sinasabi ng section nito na following this RA 9480, tungkulin NA ng BIR commissioner na taun taun nitong dapat ilathala ang listahan. You do not need a lawyer to understand the section.

        You are also being ignorant to say that the RA9480 only has a shelf life of six months at invalidated na lahat ang nasasaloob ng batas na ito. Saang lugar nakalagay yang sinasabi mo? Anong kabugukan yan? Congress will spend years to make a law for a 6 month effectivity? My golly! FYI RAs are passed and will remain part of the laws of the land until it is repealed or deemed unconstitutional.

        Mr pretender!

    • nicosan fopalan

      wrong. it does not include the name and tin. you have to file it yourself

  • calixto909

    Henares is doing a great job and she must be given the due accolade. Let her explain the matter involving Andrew Tan prior to criticism which is uncalled for this very moment.

  • Concur_Dissent

    News for all pasaway na anti Pnoy at Anti Kris na namamatay sa ingit dahil respitadong mga mamamayan ang mga aquino, please read:

    Top 500 individual tax payers for 2008 – Kris Aquino #8 = 25M pesos

    Top 500 individual tax payers for 2009 – Kris Aquino #39 = 13M pesos

    Top 500 individual tax payers for 2010 – Kris Aquino #17 = 32M pesos

    Top 500 individual tax payers for 2011 – Kris Aquino #1 = 49M pesos

    This is not the first time Kris was included in the top 500 list. The above information can easily be googled (for those who know how to use google). Is Kris really that desperate and devious enough to spend more than 100M dollars just to ensure she wins as president in 2016? Remember there are still at least 4 more tax years before the presidential elections!!

    PNoy was not yet president nor was kim jacinto BIR COMM!!!

    Please naman tumahimik na kayo lalo nat kakapiranggot lamang ang naibayad nyo sa taxes ninyo, ok ba?

    • Simplify1

      I never liked Kris ever since she joined showbiz, but because of this latest “issue about her taxes”, I find myself respecting her as a good citizen of the Philippines…. as opposed to many showbiz people who find themselves being hounded by BIR for tax evasion, Kris definitely is a breath of fresh air!! GO KRIS!

  • anu12345

    Fully explained naman ni Henares kung bakit hindi sila kasama pero agreed ako na flawed ang report. Dapat isama ang lahat ng payments, if possible. Kasi kung tulad ni Donald Trump ang taxpayers, magrereklamo nga. Hindi ba’t marami ngang nagtanong kung bakit hindi kasama ang top ten richest. Nagdududa tuloy ang mga tao sa honesty ng mga iyon.

  • ConcernedCitizenPh

    How can Revenue Commissioner Henares motivate people to pay taxes with questionnable reports that do not recognize those who pay properly?, Looks like BIR based its list only on withholding taxes.

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Ano ba naman yan. Di ba ipinaliwanag na yan na ang listahan ay listahan ng mga nag file ng ITR? Yung mga final taxes withheld sa dividends, capitax tax gain, etc ay wala sa ITR so hindi ito kasama sa listahan. Mas mabuti siguro, ilabas din ng BIR ang listahan ayon naman sa taxes withheld.

    Mga tax lawyers natin hindi marunong umintindi or sadyang hindi lang pinapansin ang fine print.

  • Rey

    Why would the BIR make certain conditions on whose income tax gets listed by saying if it was paid personally it may get into the list; and if it is paid another way it will never be considered? Is this a way of grooming Kris for a possible political career?

  • Maldi2

    There you go. Malacanang ComsOp in cahoot with Henares did it again – deceiving the public to portray the Aquino’s as the No. 1 good samaritan kuno! LOL! Hamo pa man at kaduda na ang mga figures na pinalabas ng mga ito!

    Sincerity and truthfulness of paying tax is very much different than paying tax just for a show!

  • farmerpo

    now it is paying off! Kim Henares, time to publish the all inclusive tax paid by individuals and corporations. It is fast trending. This might just be the straw that will break the corrupt camels’ backs.

  • ed_dAVAO

    Hindi, nag alala sila baka mapag initan.

  • ReneV

    nasaan ang mga kastilaloy? just asking….

  • KpTUL

    Kim Henares is so st**pd. Is she planning to make another list for these guys ? She should have thought of the outcome of her st**pdy . Im just wondering if she is runnig as Kris’s vice president ?

    • tagasugod

      Ay naku, ilamg bese bamg sasabihin na ang pagpapalabas ng listahan ng mga nagbabayad ng buwis ay itinatadhana ng batas? Sa Ingles, BIR is mandated by law. Whether Hhares likes it or not, she has to publish it.

      • Johnny

        Ang issue ay hindi COMPLETE ang list at hindi fair kaya misleading na parang gawain ng mandaraya. Eh di ba lahi daw ang mga Aquino ng mga santo at matuwid?

      • tagasugod

        The thing is we are making an issue out of non issues. Lets accept it as it is( the publication). We dont have to put a twist to it, as if we are concocting a conspiracy theory here. Its just that it is coincidental that Kris is a sister of the pres. During the time of Gloria no one seems to bother to look at her taxes even she consistently landing in the top of taxpayer’s role. I am reacting to KpTul’s comment that Henres is so stupid and surmising that she is running as Kris’s Vice. What a comment, but rest assured that all comments mabuti man, masama man or being too partisan is being respected by tagasugod. Well it may be incomplete as you say, BIR should come out with the list of taxpayer in the corporate world so the public may know.


    Ung mga puiltiko nagtatago ang tax sa mga negosyo para hindi halata.dun nila finafile…in a form of bussiness tax…logging bussiness,apartment rentals,bus terminals,and the likes…

  • md500

    Great job Henares. Now can you show a statistic on the tax rate payed by working class compare to the tax rate of multi millionaire and billionaires. Looks like that dividend income are taxed way lower than income derived from salary. Working class income are from salaries and billionaires are mostly dividend income. Looks like salaries are taxed 3 times more that dividend.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Mga “MAY-ARI” ng BIR, ingat kayo sa report niyo baka may magtampo, lumiit tuloy ang kita niyo pati sambayanan damay. Marami akong alam na honesto mga mestisong intsik (ako ginamit ko lang ang Wang kasi gusto ko lang asarin si ikik5 na patay na siguro) na nakatulong sa akin ng malaki.

  • BatangSingapore



    • Photogeneratedholes

      Yun nasa list ay mga top payer ng ITR. Nagpalabas din Ang bir ng top company tax paper. May ibat-ibang klasing taxes.

    • ernievictory

      yariin mo ang etet mo . low IQ ka lang kaya hindi mo maintindihan ang report at explanation ng BIR. stay there in singsing gapore. bwa ha ha

  • speedstream2

    This is what we need: leadership by example, something sorely lacking among those in high places in government. Btw,a “flawed” listing notwithstanding, transparency is better than none at all.

  • Albert Einstien

    Data from the tycoon’s office showed that the founder of the Megaworld Corp.
    real estate empire, who was one of the Filipino billionaires named by
    Forbes magazine, paid P60.1 million in taxes for all his sources of
    income for 2011.
    WALA pa jan yung FINAL tax on INTEREST 20% na BINABAWAS ng mga BANKs sa billion o trillion DEPOSITS ng mga TYCOON…

    KRIS clearly is NOT the top taxpayer…based on REALITY & HENARES
    explanation…but why go to MEDIA and give the TITLE to KRIS as top
    taxpayer for ALL to see if she is NOT really the TOP taxpayer.. what
    is the purpose or REASON for such PROPAGANDA…. : > )

    HENARES said ” if you had a ‘substituted filing’ where your company
    withheld income taxes for you and remitted it straight to the BIR, just
    like regular employees—it doesn’t matter how big your salary and tax
    payments are. You will not appear on the list.”

    Dividends from stocks are subject to a 20-percent final withholding tax and not subject to further levies.

    BIR & DOF should have the COMPETENCE FIRST to TALLY final taxes,
    compensation income, business income & withheld taxes BEFORE they
    PUBLICLY come out with LIST of TOP TAXPAYERS……The LIST is

  • tagasugod

    Still.60M is only 11% of 544M. Below 12% , the VAT ceiling.

  • patawad

    IMO, nag sisipsip lang ang BIR ni Henares kay bff Penoy D Abnoy by giving a massive credit for her sister Kris A, for brownie point, a teaser for her political ambition. “Anak ng bakang dalaga!!!!!”, sabi nga ni kate ka Louie Beltran.

  • Danilo Dela Cruz

    Huwag sana mawalan ng saysay ang effort ng BIR (Kim Henares) Don’t support tax


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cali-To/100001548147821 Cali To

    i dont even earn a million but my tax rate is 35% while Tan earning from his salary of 22M has a tax rate of 31%
    Dapat taasan korin kita ko para di ako ma tax ng mas mataas….o kaya wag magbayad ng tamang tax para matulad sa mga taga BIR, BOC, AFP, Congressman, Senators na yumaman ng husto

  • buritos

    Brilliant Job Kim Henares!!! But Im wondering why its only now?
    It should have been done two years ago.I think its not purely Kims idea.
    A simple strategy turned into gold. Mabuhay BIR!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Negastarr NegaStarr

    BIR to Mr Tan: we will investigate you.

  • Johnny

    Sino ngayun manloloko?

  • gregory robinson

    Informing the BIR on tax evaders and scammers seems to fall on deaf ears and apathetic attitudes. They don’t care, they only want the pity of the govt to give them more funding.

  • gregory robinson

    Kim Henares is wasting money trying to shame people using the newspapers. She needs to get off her fat lazy but and prosecute them by using the legal system.

  • ikulong


    • Johnny


  • panugda7

    Next time Kim..Explain you findings in Tagalog at sa mga salita na madaling maintiendihan ng mamamayan..Paki publish it sa ibat ibang pahayagan. Hindi ba ang purpose nito para malaman ng mga mamamayang Filipino? Keep up the good work Kim. God Bless You.

  • Braincleaner

    Bankers are very happy they will be able to collect from the Benigno Aquino III Administration more than 700 Billion in debt servicing for this year alone which is at the heart of this tax campaign, not really to improve the lives of the majority of the Filipino people. Meanwhile, milions are starving, and victims of typhoons, more recently in Mindanao are forced to beg in the streets to survive. Hundreds dying from malnutrition each day will continue while the elite led by Aquino III will continue to prosper. The bureaucracy as a matter of Aquino III policy will continue to suffer reduction in personnel and services rendered to the people as this administration promotes the so called “public-private ownerships and partnerships” and further privatization of government services. Cost of government services will continue to increase, specially in health services, burdening further those in need. This bruhaha about the tax campaign and impositions of new legislated increase in taxations is nothing but to ensure the bankers are paid the demanded debt services annually while the demand of the people for even those considered as humanitarian attention are denied! This Administration was supported to succeed the GMA Administration by the foreign chamber of commerce led by the US and well developed countries precisely to help in bailing out their collapsing economic and financial system. The interests of the Filipino people is farthest from their agenda.

  • ting0508

    What about Tony Tan Kaktiong of Jollibee and Injap Sia of Mang Inasal? Are they also like Andrew Tan of Megaworld whose income is derived from dividends?

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    Now the rich are complaining why their names are not included in the BIR’s list of 500 top individual taxpayers. This is short of a miracle, Ma’am Henares. Your list did the magic trick! If all the rich in our land would come clean with their earnings on ITR, wow, this can alleviate poverty in the so-called marginalized. It’s up to PNoy to allocate a mbig chunk of this government revenue to the alleviation of the poor. By all means, don’t leave the BIR, Ma’am Henares, please!

  • guest

    So the list is not really accurate. Then why they have to release it? What is the purpose?Better to pass the FOI bill and repeal the bank secrecy law then I think it will really be good for the country.

  • Johnny

    I think Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares you should be smarter and provide 2 lists.

    List 1:Only those who filed income tax returns (ITRs) (already provided)
    List 2: Complete list (Include all those who filed and those who didn’t)

    Yan para fair at di kayo magmukha bias and sipsip (if it’s not ur intention in the first place).

    • common_juan

      I believe the question here is…why are they hell bent on releasing such controversial lists within the edge of the may 2013 elections where she announced last year that the good office will not be releasing such lists in the future? It raises so many questions that lead to so much doubts especially the youngest sister of the abnoy president is exposed, isn’t it?

      • Johnny

        True. Pag di tayo nag-ingat at nag-da-doubt lolokohin tayo ng tanghaling tapat. Madami mapangpanggap at manloloko be very vigilant guys. Ingat lang.

  • Karabkatab

    Na kuryente na naman ata dito si Com Kim, mali mali ang data ng BIR. Just like during the Corona senate hearing, sinabi ni Com Kim hindi nag submit ng Alpha list ang SC. As usual, the PH Govt is lousy as far as data integrity is concerned.

    • maximus_meridius

      What can you expect from a mongoloid official?

  • gryzyxwoz

    Sorry… such an inaccurate list. I am NOT impressed

  • Romulo

    Ngayun nyo sabihin na Abnoy ang pinuno ng Pilipinas, napakaraming magagandang bagay ang nangyayari sa direksyon ni Pinoy!!

    • common_juan


    • penoy2012

      pareho kayong abnoy. pinilit ilagay ng media na top taxpayer si kris, pero hindi naman.

  • prince_janus

    Dapat gawin din ng BIR na ipakita yung mga individual na malaking nai-ambag sa kaban ng bayan (yung kinakaltas na buwis base dun sa TIN number natin). Di lang yung nag-file ng income tax return para malaman natin kung sino talaga ang nagbayad ng tamang buwis. Mas mainam yun kung dun ang gagawin nilang basehan.

  • virgoyap

    My annual income may only be a molehill as compared to those big tycoons who may have an income as big as the mountains but I’m paying my income tax diligently and honestly.

  • gryzyxwoz

    Someone deleted my other comment.

  • halfpunk

    yung mga politikong mayayaman kagaya nina enrile,estrada,binay…..saan na kayo….

  • phantomofhope

    so BIR just wanted to make the Aquinos popular by putting her in top spot even though she is not top, after all? crap!

    • martin

      magbasa ka muna sir bago ka magcomment para naman masagot mo ang sarili mong tanong.

  • madam01

    win-win scenario. if you’re a top tax payer, it raises your market value, more would follow suit and of course better cash collection for the government. now the next target: eliminate corruption!

  • penoy2012

    Syempre, gusto lang kasi ng presidential communications dept na mailagay si kris as top taxpayer. tuwing umaga, ang bukang bibig to tetay ay, “sino’ng sikat today?’.

  • penoy2012

    dapat i-lifestyle check si kim henares. lalong tumaba sa pwesto, parang si delima. si tetay din lalong tumaba.

  • marionics

    he he nagpapayabangan ngayon ang mga bigshot sa bayaran ng buwis a hahaha

    • Karabkatab

      oo nga pre. ckumadre mo pang ilan kaya?

      • marionics


        naku pre di lalabas yang kumareng simeona mo diyan sa top 500 list na yan at siguradong mga tax evasion style ang tinuturo niyan sa seminar niya.

        kaya lang mukhang obobs naman yun e kaya wala din kayang i-evade yang kumag na yan.

        talagang nawala na siya ng lubusan a. ikaw kasi e tinira mo ng tinira e kaya napahiya tuloy hahaha

  • http://www.facebook.com/clem.ibasco1 Clem Ibasco


  • juanibarra

    Mga ibang tao talaga hirap tantyahin… Sala sa lamig sala sa init. Walang gawang matino ang gobyerno sa inyo. Mga damuho. Kumain na lang kayo ng kamote at ng lumabas ang masamang hangin sa tiyan nyo. Pakers.

  • amelius23

    This will be the beginning of the end for high profile businessmen to be included in the BIR top lists of tax payers. If they can line up to be included on the Forbes lists of billionaires how come they are trying to limit payment of their their tax dues. Between a poor employed tax payer and iconoclastic high profile businessmen who would like to hub nub with socialites in the society pages of leading daily newspapers, hatch off to the man who will pay the correct tax even if it is the last money he has to buy his food rather than the brazen powerful and mighty taipans who can only share a morsel of their profits.Kudos to BIR Kim Henares in issuing in public the yearly tax payments of the rich and mighty and from now on this should be a yearly campaign of BIR to publish the names of the Filipinos taipans’ tax payers and let the lotto afficionados bet on a winner take all prize if who can predict the name of the top ten including the amount of tax they pay as a yearly fare of tax information drive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.buenaflor Anthony Valenzona Buenaflor

    BIR should have been more careful in revealing good citizens who paid their taxes. Maraming mabubuting tao na nagbabayad ng tax nang hindi nabibigyan ng recognition. What’s behind the press release? marami talagang aangal.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    kris a top 1 taxpayer???

    wow…yellow ribbon talaga itong si henares…sobra pasipsip sa boss…at damage control sa image ni kris bilang poker…

    • TGM _ERICK

      Tama ka, sipsip iyang si Henares!

  • caloyski65

    wag naman gawin yun pagyayabang yan ginawa nilang pagbabayad ng malaking buwis. ang importante eh nagbabayad sila ng tama at walang daya…..tama ng yan publicity na yan!

  • ed_dAVAO

    Nagtataka pa si Tan , si Kris ay planong tatakbo nx election ikaw hindi eh.

  • 1voxPopuli

    the culture of paying taxes will soon change. this indeed is a good start, i do hope they publish a complete list.
    kabog siguro mga tongressman natin, ang gagara ng bahay, kotse, alahas tapos ang income galing sa lang sa pasahod ng govt?

    • Albert Einstien

      TAX FREE ang kurapsyon ng mga politiko at taong gobyerno ngayon….lalo na KKK..wala rin withholding tax….

      DAPAT mag labas din LAW ..me withholding tax ang UNDER the TABLE INCOME…kahit 2% lang DAAN DAAN bilyones ang buwis nyan kasi 2 trilon na ang BUDGET na GAGASTUSIN ni pnoy…courtesy of taxpayers and national debt increase….5.3 trilyon na UTANG ng RP…1 TRILYON agad jan ke PNOY…umuunlad tayo sa kahirapan at utang…pero sa jaryo…IBA ang pinapalabas..tulad ng PROPAGANDA list ng bir at dof..

  • niejannkhumar

    Pang ilan kaya sa corporate tax payer ang Hacienda Luisita Sugar Mills(C.A.T.)???

    • martin

      wala na kasi suspended ang HLI sa corporate listing ng PSE at ang operations nito since 2004 ata. more or less and binabayaran nila is realthy and other taxes nalang.

  • $18209031

    Stop the Oligarchy in Pinas , the legacy of the dirty Kachilas and their kind! Isuka ninyo ang dynasty that has deeply rooted in Pino Nation !! Dios KO santisima ! Tama na Phil Inquirer. !! Bakit ba ninyo pinag promote palagi ang mga Aquixxx?? Wala na bang iba ?

    I pray to Santo Papeng de Imahe that we will rise to end this dynasties that s plaguing this nation for far too long since 1946 !

  • ruthieem7

    I still don’t understand why associate dues and membership fees are taxed for condominiums owners. Lahat na lang gusto patawan ng tax!! Daming gimik ni Kim Henares para hindi halatang di namemeet ang tax target!

  • novaliches

    noong araw no. 1 sa pakyaw sa taxpayers list, ngayon na politico na rin bumaba ng husto. ang ranking niya. kasi daw gusto niyang makatulong sa tao. huh?

  • $18209031

    BIR is controlled by the Tagalegleg oligarchs ! This is a sham !

  • novaliches

    Do not blame Kim, blame the moron lawmakers they make the laws, Kim is just the collector.

  • tarikan

    Next time magbabayad ako ng 100% more than required of my ITR para makasama sa listahan kahit pang 499th. Kung mayabang si Kris bakit kaya namang pantayan ah hahaha. Kung maraming maghahabol sa sacred list the better for the BIR.

  • sasama

    ….Kims RDO does not remit to govt coffers….kanya-kanyang bulsahan na!..

  • Hurtlocker1

    hey guys!! as they say “Laughter is the best medicine”, u make sure pass by the comments in every article of INQ…jejejejeee….LOL…LOL…

    its a mixture of laughters, “face-punching & nakakainis”, panghihinayang…. as u go along the comments…….jejejejejejeee.

    its more fun to read at INQ, than in abscbn abanteph, kc walang comments to air our side..

  • Hunter421

    Make you think BIR doesn’t have a clue whats going on.

  • johnvforeighner

    Makes you wonder, if these guys actually did pay, what happened to the money? and why does it not appear on the BIR lists, if its fish then it smells fishy.

  • NoPeopleLuck

    If all rich citizen of the Country come forward and declare their income tax to the masses and compare it to the BIR listing, how come they cant meet their quota’s, I admire their honesty at least this people pay their taxes, kudos to all small earners too, who still trying to pay their hard earned pesos to this struggling Government…OFW’s your the #1 $ earner, yet the country cant move on…whats wrong…?Corruption, Politicians? Business tycoons Monopolies? bad leadership? Laws loopholes…hay naku kailan kya, uuland ang Pinas, na stress me pag iisip palang…lol good luck nalang sa atin…

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Henry Sy who is the Philippines’ richest man whose net worth is at almost $13 billion (PhP520billion) is strangely VERY QUIET. PhP16.6 million LANG ang tax na binayaran ? Pero nang i-publish ng Forbes ang pangalan niya bilang pinakamayaman na tao sa Pilipinas ay labas lahat ng ngipin sa ngiti at ibinandera pa ang kanyang libido.

    • novaliches

      matalino si Sy, bakit nga naman niya ibibigay ang pera niya sa gobyerno. idiretso mo na lang yan sa mahihirap, sigurado ka pa.

    • Tommy

      Malamang pareho ang situasyon niya kay Tan, at ang karamihan ng kita niya ay di nangangailangan ng ITRs. Malamang yung 16.6m ay ang sweldo lang niya.

      Pero oo, Dapat nga tingnan yon.

  • superpilipinas

    We need FOI.

  • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

    ano ba yang paliwanag ni henares? paliwanag ng tamad at ayaw mag isip…

    • Tommy

      Simpleng simple ang paliwanag niya, di mo lang maintindihan.

      Yung pera lang na nasa filed ITR ang kasama sa listahan. Kaya ang 51m filing na nasa artikulo, na saang di kailangan ng ITR, ay di kasama sa sistema ng pag-calculate nila ng listahan.

      Kailangan ayusin ang sistema, pero walang problema sa paliwanag niya,

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

        e di paliwanag nga ng tamad at ayaw mag isip.

        taxpayer ako and it is only this year na hindi na kami pinagfile ng bir ng aming individual itr dahil kesyo nasa w2 na ang lahat ng taxes namin. ano epekto nito:

        1. una, paano ko malaman na tama ang kinaltas na buwis sa akin ng pnp? ang withholding tax ay paiba iba sa bawat empleyado depende sa sweldo at sa dependents. paano kung in the course of the year, nanganak misis ko? e di mas malaki ang exemptions ko so liliit dapat ang wt ko, so in the end may refund ako!

        2. pangalawa, sa dami ng magnanakaw sa finance service, paano ko malalaman na niremit nila lahat ng pera ko especially kung may refund or overpayment ako? this is also true sa private companies and their employees especially sa security guards.

        dapat lahat ng tao pag filin ng itr para bawat isa, eksakto ang buwis at pirmado pa ng tao mismo ang itr nya. sa sistema ngayon, e kasabwatin ko lang ang taga finance at paliitin ang tax ko, di na ako makasuhan ng ta evasion kasi in effect, wala akong direct hand sa payment ng tax ko…

        katamaran at kab0b0han ng bir ang reporma-kuno na ito hi henares. di pinag isipan or sinadya para mas madaling nakawin ang mga overpayments ng mga tao…

      • Tommy

        Para sa isang listahan lang ang di paggagamit ng ITR. Walang kinalaman sa mga reklamo mo.

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

        elaborate please…

        wag tatamad tamad gaya ni kim…

      • Tommy

        What’s the point? Malamang di mo rin naman maiintindihan. Reklamo ka ng reklamo na tamad si Kim, pero mas tamad ka kaysa kanya. Di ka nalang nag-isip, diretso na sa iyak.

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

        hahaha. wala ka maisip no?

        palusot pa…

        esep esep…

      • Tommy

        Hahaha, tingnan niyo itong bobo, feeling importante.

        Bobo ka, di ko problema yon, at di ko responsibilidad na ipaliwanag sayo ang simple.

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

        naghahanap ka ng kakampi? hahah sino ang bobo ngayon?

      • Tommy


        Ikaw pa rin.

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

        hahaha, one word? as if may iba pa nu? kasing tamad nga ni henares. kim, ikaw ba yan? hahaha!

      • Tommy

        Pulis Na Pogi = proof that the Philippines needs the K-12 programme.

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

        hahaha, wala maisagot kaya kung ano anong tira sa character ng poster ang ipinopost. get back to the issue tommy…


  • Tommy

    If it really is just ITR filers in the list, then the list is pretty pointless, isn’t it?

    I like the initiative (or whatever you want to call it), but it badly needs fine tuning.

  • boybakal

    It is not unusual that a tycoon or billionaire is not the no.1 taxpayer.
    Personal Income Tax Return is different from Business Tax.

    Just like Facebook founder….he receives only one dollar for his salary, so his income tax return has no tax at all.
    kris is no.1 taxpayer is not a surprise at all..She declares all her incomes.

  • novaliches

    huwag sisihin ang mga mayayaman, ang sisihin ang batas. kasi yung pag-empleyo (earned income) malaki ang tax 32% max, sa stock market benta o bili ay 0.5% lang, sa lupa hanggat hindi binebenta walang tax.

  • novaliches

    Kung may tax ang net worth, siguradong sina SY at Tan ang mangunguna. kaso kung mangyayari yun, ilalalabas lang sa ibang bansa ang pera nila.

  • novaliches

    ang mayaman pag mag transfer or wire ng pera sa mga secret account sa carribean ang bagsak. ang mahirap naman pag nag transfer doon naman bumabagsak sa mga kamag-anak na naghihinatay na sa SM Mall.

  • speaksoftlylove

    What I am interested is not whether or not Kris Aquino is the number one tax payer. I’ll give it to her. But what bothers me is how did Kris’ income more than quadrupled in just one year when in fact, she reportedly retired in 2011? This is the bugging question that should be addressed. Even with all her current endorsements surely she could not have earned such huge income. Perforce, my question is: Are all the income she reported in 2012 her personal income only or did she consented to be used as a dummy for someone else’s hidden wealth? If the BIR report is correct, Kris Aquino only paid 11 million plus for her 2011 ITR, now she is paying almost 50 million. See the huge jump of income in just one year? To reiterate , even with all her endorsements, which allegedly “constitute largely her income” will not suffice to explain her sudden accumulation of wealth in just one year.

    Looking back, Henares maybe too eager to satisfy her benefactor but in the process, she just opened a can of worms.

    • Tommy

      See, it’s stupid, knee jerk responses like this that are the problem.

      Before you make ridiculous accusations like that, you actually try and look up the details. You look at what information is available BEFORE posting. First off: her taxes in 2010 were over 30m, and her 2011 taxes were 50m. The 2012 numbers you claim aren’t actually out yet, and your 11m assertion is wrong. I learned all of that in 2-3 minutes of Googling, because I actually think before I post.

      As for the spike in income, she likely simply worked more in 2011. Based off news, she left two hosting jobs in June 2010 and only started working again early the next year. Would it not be likely then that she had increased income in 2010 because SHE ONLY WORKED HALF OF THE PREVIOUS YEAR?

      Look up the actual details before making stupid accusations. By posting garbage when you’re uninformed, you only mess up the discussion (which, granted, might be your purpose on here).

      In conclusion, do some research before spouting your garbage all over the internet.


  • Joey Guevarra

    i have a suggestion to commissioner kim. maybe it would be transparent on the part of the bir if they would expand their database and allow it to link all taxes paid by an individual to their TIN. the taxes can then be easily combined regardless of whether they are taxes on salaries, dividends, professional fees,etc. only the taxes need to be combined in the database for each taxpayer. then at the end of each fiscal year, one can generate a complete and more accurate list of taxpayers, along with the correct aggregate amounts they remitted to the government, with one click of a computer button.

  • boybakal

    Tycoons are coming forward, hope it is not the Typhoons coming.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Something wrong with that P518 million dividend with 10% whitholding. See, its a form of tax evasion, the company declared a dividend and he got that much while his salary is only P22million with 31% tax rate. Is that legal?

    • Albert Einstien

      dividend is the fruit for the use of his investments…..while salary is the fruit for use of his services…..

  • AJ Giorgio

    I think it’s ok if your name is not listed, as long as you know you paid the right taxes. A lot of people do not pay taxes. The sad part is, most of these people will be used by politicians for their votes in the coming elections.

  • kilabot

    besides the bir list,
    govt should also come out with condom list;
    so taxpayers know how much was spent for condoms&contraceptives
    broken down by province, age, and sex orientation.

  • Bisaya

    first of all kudos to bir. hope this trend of fiscal awareness continues not only among prominent figures but even to ordinary juan. now is a great time to aim higher and increase personal wealth. the economy is setting records and jobs are available. gone is the time of too much complaining and no work. all the best to rp. peace!

  • banana na

    oo nga naman, kaya nagtataka si ANDREW TAN bakit di siya kasali sa top 500 taxpayers, ang dami niyang company at CEO pa ang position niya di siya kasali sa top 500, mabuti at nagtatanong siya kung hindi ay pagkamalan siya na tax-evader ng taong bayan…haaa

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