Honasan: A family guy, fierce warrior who will ‘run away’ when faced with a gun



(Editor’s Note: With a little less than a month before the mid-term elections in May, INQUIRER.net has decided to deviate from the usual platform interviews of senatorial and local candidates that have been aired and written about and instead get to know them up close and, perhaps a little more personal, as we hope so will you our dear readers. The series of interviews will be posted on our special election site, Vote 2013 under INQuest, starting this Wednesday with Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan. Is the exercise meant to make these candidates look good? Definitely not. But we enjoin you to watch and listen and let your candidates tell their stories because, believe it or not, their stories are ours as well.)

MANILA, Philippines – Many know Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan as a fierce warrior – the architect of at least three coup attempts, by his count, which tried to topple a government he helped install in 1986 in what we now know as the Edsa People Power revolution, a staunch ally of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile whom he considers a father and would “stop a bullet for”, and a former government fugitive who led authorities in a merry chase.

But people may want to know that Honasan is also, by his recollection, the “first truly independent” senator to win in a national election, the only one who can honestly say “Give me four” instead of “Give me five” because he does have only four fingers on his left hand, having lost his ring finger in an attempt to escape pursuing authorities during one of his Houdini acts years ago and who, after having taken bullets for a living, admits that he won’t  hesitate to “run away” when faced with a gunman today because “prudence is the better part of valor”.

He is also first and foremost a man, who faced with even the most tempting of situations today, won’t hesitate to choose his wife and children because “no force, sexy or otherwise, would allow me to divert from what I have settled down [with]”.

Honasan reveals all these and more in the first of a series of interviews by INQUIRER.net with senatorial and local candidates on INQuest: Vote 2013 ahead of the mid-term elections in May.

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  • Hey_Dudes

    Yeah. Darn right. I can still remember front page showing this famed Edsa coup plotter caught by the cops as he jumped from his mistress front window. He was wanted then for conspiracy in the Oakwood mutiny.

  • Seaflip

    This senator is no worse than a criminal whose part in several coup attempts to grab power in behalf of his patron Mr. Enrile had cost several innocent lives. He should be in prison instead of forever playing rubber stamp to his “daddy”.

  • $18209031

    Lumang tugtugin na ang mga coup coup na yan. People are dogtired of it. Pang sine na lang yan. HIndi na mabinta ng katawhan. People need jobs and food to eat , not to listen to these old warhorses of the past regime.

  • Guest

    I keep asking myself why the Philippine voters keep voting these kind of crooks. Should coup-plotters etc not be marked as enemies of the state and be locked up forever? This includes his “father” Enrile with his lies. What will the future hold for the country if these same people (UNA etc.) are elected and have their offspring in key-positions in the government? People, VOTE WISE!!! No to dishonesty, NO to dishonest people..!!!

    • siegfeil

      He is not only a crook , he is also responsible for the many deaths military and civilian in the late 80’s

    • Simplify1



      • BruinBearDad

        Sadly, the non-intelligent voters vastly outnumber the intelligent voters. I wish we could get these bastards out of office including Enrile himself. And prevent other killers like Jackie Enrile from being able to steal and kill again, this time as a senator

      • leubas


  • Putakte Naman

    ano ba naman yan, ala namang kabuluhan tong interview na to. Walang kwenta tong senator na to, walang nagawa. Naku naman inquirer hanap ka naman nga may kabuluhan na iinterbiyohin hindi na to, matagal na tong senator wala man lang ebidensyang makita na nagawa sa Pilipinas kong mahal. Naku talaga binibigyan mo lang ng exposure yan, mamaya iboboto naman yan! maawa ka huling huli na tayo sa Asia!

    • dannyflorencio

      kawawang mga pilipino walang pagpipilian na matinong politiko, bwisit na nga si Gringo mas bwisit pa lalo si bam aquino. Bayan ko kangkungan na naman ang kasasadlakan mo.

      • desi derata

        Ano ang ginawang kabuwisitan ni Bam Aquino?

        Magtanim ka na lang ng kamote baka may pakinabang pa sa iyo.

      • http://www.facebook.com/garcia.johnny Johnny Garcia

        ikaw na lang kaya ang maging senador. mukhang walang ibang magaling kundi ikaw.

  • $18209031

    He was right hand man of ENrile. ANg daming mga black ops ginawa nito noong panahon ni Marcos. Ilan yata ang pinagtiklo nila as in extrajudicial undertaking s upon orders of Marcos , Enrile, Gen Ver, etc.?

    • Michael Mallari

      kasama po ba duon si Gen Ramos ???

  • Mita

    Honasan’s coup attempts vs. the Cory gov’t destroyed whatever little momentum we had for rebuilding the PH economy after the 1986 revolution. Those selfish acts by greedy power-grabbers like him and his patron Enrile set the country’s economy back many years. Also, Gringo’s fierce loyalty lies with a crook like Enrile, and those loyal to crooks are definitely not loyal to the country. Never again to Gringo and no to United Nakaw Alliance!!

    • Guest

      Spread the word!! It’s educated views that we need, educate others. Use social media, talk to people, make a statement…THINK TWICE..VOTE WISE!!!

      • Michael Mallari

        yes… spread the vote…..we need to have Gringo.. VOTE for GRINGO!!!! to save the country …… boto ko po talgaa si Gringo.. IDOL KO SIYA!!!!

      • Guest

        Enjoy your Gringo..With people like him and you we don’t need enemies or corrupt minds..

      • Michael Mallari

        But i will never vote for TRILLIANES….. tsk…. ayaw na ayaw na ayaw… COUP PLOTTER TRILLIANES… bakit pag coup si Gringo lang ang tinitira.. di ba puedeng isama si Trillannes ?? nung nag coup siya laban kay Marcos.. IDOL ninyo siya. nung mag-coup siya laban kay Cory.. galit kayo.. SO MADALING SALITA. it is not about the coup process it is more of your PATRONAGE POLLITICS!!!

      • pete_delacruz

        kung hindi ba nag coup si Trillanes, mabbulgar ba ang mga PASALUBONG at PABAON SA MGA NAGING CHIEF OF STAFF SA AFP???

      • AllaMo

        Nakaka-inis ka sana, kundi ka lang katawa-tawa.

    • Michael Mallari

      I like cory.. she is very simple.. i met her personally na nuon…. talk, chat a little and take photograph with her.. but i like her as a person.. but not as a president.. FOR me… as a person. she is PLUS PLUS PLUS a MILLION TIMES.. but as a president.. sorry… she should not be…. =(

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    He is the architect of the deadly coup attempts and should still be in prison. Puro criminal talaga kandidato ng UNArroyo party.
    Mga bobo lang boboto sa mga rebelde, adulterer, murderer, plunderer, election cheater at alalay ng UNArroyo party.

    • Michael Mallari

      hmm.. rebelde.. murderer.. plunderer.. election cheater.. hmmm… can you please name names and say that in front of them…. can you be true enough to say that in their person and face legal action ??? tell me. are the candidate of team-pinoy a saint ???? I know no one among them as near-sainthood…. ang alam ko lang.. marami sa kanila ang hiwalay sa asawa… (bakit ?? ang pamilya nga nila di maayos.. bayan pa kaya ???)…. tsk….. how can one senator lead morally if he/she themselves dont practice good family values ?????

      • Guest

        It’s not about electing saints or sinners..It’s about electing reliable statesmen who can pull our country forward..Right now they all seemingly sit there for their own convenience, including porkbarrel and xmas bonus from the uppercrook,,,We need HONEST leaders who have the passion and will to make our country a better place for everyone..Not only for a few, but with justice, jobs, healthcare and a reasonable life for everyone..If that means: no UNA, or what every party, then so be it..

  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    Being in Military is just a Machismo Fancy.Guns can never be the solution.

  • Mamang Pulis

    buhay pa ba ang mga ‘false wall’ sa bahay mo senador? dba doon ka nag tago—sa likod ng false wall may maliit na kwarto–at sa ilalim pa ng kama nagtago noong ni raid bahay nyo.


  • 12JEM

    Protector number one ng mag-amang ENRILE.X

    Sa halip na Honasan….Vote Jun Magsaysay!

  • amado_guerero

    Pweeee I lost my respect when you joined UNA…a certified A-hole!!!

  • brunogiordano


    Hindi dapat iboto.

  • Jane Tan

    Okay… I really don’t see the point of this interview. If this interview is supposed to make us see Honasan in a better light, it failed. All I can see is a man who has repeatedly tried to sabotage the Philippines by never being satisfied with the government unless it is run by Enrile.

  • $16638896

    sa dami ng bobong botante sa pinas, nananalo ang mga kagaya nila honasan, estrada, enrile binay at iba pang trapo at dynasties kasama na rin ung nasa liberal party. sa may elections il vote for the independent candidates para maiba naman.

    • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

      Mga 80% lang naman ang voting population ng mga bobo at ignorante dito sa Pinas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    E-radication of R-acketeers And P-rofiteers syndicates.

  • ting0508

    Honasan has covered up a lot of murder activities committed by Jackie Enrile. Just to name two murder incidents where he is with Jackie Enrile, the murder of Alfie Anido and Lucas! Honasan was with Jackie Enrile when these two Gentlemen were shot point blank by Jackie Enrile!

    • siegfeil

      totoo ito, Honasan I would say is an accomplice to the crime, yung bodyguards na lower rank soldiers ang umaamin kaya sa court records sila ang criminal.

  • ting0508

    Honasan is nothing but the greatest bodyguard of the biggest anomaly in the Philippines in the person of Juan Ponce Enrile!

  • kabaliktaran

    Etong si Gringo, nagpaparamdam lang twing mageeleksyon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    He owns a lot of dummy companies here in the Philippines.

  • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

    COUP plotter…tumatakbo sa senado???….gunggong talaga bumoto dto….at boboto dto….

  • AllinLawisFair


  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    This Guy won’t die for his country because he is coward.

  • prince_janus

    Honasan will be my 14th senator after chiz in the 13th.

    • prince_janus

      kaso hanggang 12th senator lang yata ang balota. sorry guys wala na kaseng bakante eh.

    • carlorocci

      Huwag mo ng i-shade pangalan niyan Gonggonasan na yan kahit pa 14th o 13th senatong….Daming namatay na pinoy dahil sa walang kwentang kudeta niyan tarantado na yan, kasama niya si masamang damong Johnny Enliar….

  • rlo

    eh….he’s overrated and has already passed his expiration date. Move on.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Gringo Honasan’s support base is no different from Chiz Escudero’s. They are both supported by their constituencies largely for their looks, personality, sound bites and nothing to do with politics or policy. Both Gringo and Chiz are highly popular with homemakers, housewives, soccer moms, suburban moms, urban poor moms, rural moms, peasant moms, single moms, churchgoing moms, widows, spinsters, unfulfilled moms, dissatisfied moms and TV soap moms. It also helps that Gringo looks a little more exotic than your typical mestizo candidate. It certainly adds to his macho image that he was once a bad boy who risked his life in several coup attempts for some inexplicable cause. The fact that Gringo jumped from a several story-high residence and still landed on the ground in one piece, save for a broken ankle, definitely enhanced his superhero mystique. Unlike Chiz however, Gringo is cerebral but not the type who’d flaunt his intellect or come across as being too narcissistic. Unlike Chiz still, Gringo does not go to concerts and engages in protracted and rehearsed french kissing scenes in full public view. In fact, Gringo’s philandering ways are common knowledge but that has not turned his female supporters off. Even Gringo’s masculinity does not offend the male electorate because he doesn’t project it. All told, Gringo can easily capture the female votes which is roughly 50% of the overall voting population. The younger set of voters from ages 18 to 35 only have a vague memory of Gringo’s involvement in coups and Martial Law. All these put together explains the staying power of Gringo Honasan. Like him or hate him, he’s here to stay.

    • Romel Batallones

      touche. well said.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        thanks Romel.

    • Pia Pilar Francisco

      If Honasan is thriving on machismo, he can be defeated by emasculating his macho image. Now that would require expertise of sociologists and ad gurus.

    • Michael Mallari

      hmmmm.. you always talked with sense… with authority.. though i dont agree in some of your taughts, it seems to me that most are masterpiece… anyway, i wonder, are you some sort of PRO for some moneyed politician????? hmmm.. just asking……. well about Gringo. I DONT LIKE HIM ….. heheh.. i am for my good old man, Marcos… BUT i would vote for GRINGO… for i think, the senate need him there.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Actually it’s hard to complete my top 12 because of limited choices.

      • Simplify1

        Binay, kamusta na! Standard none-committing comment as usual…

      • Simplify1

        what? masterpiece? old school boy yan! Anti-feminist, chauvinist… laos na thinking ng mga ganyan! Hindi mo ba na pansin na nilalait nyan ang pagkababae mo? kung hindi, tama lang na idolohin mo yang si weder weder na balimbing!

      • Cruxofthematter

        For what good reason? Because he lead coup-d-etats so a good testimony of his being “submissive” to authority? Or his brilliant manuevering of bills of which he is not known of? Or simply because he is simply handsome?

      • ingbilat

        ha ha “the senate needs him”, well son-of-a gun the Filipino people don’t!

      • Guest

        Do you have a sense of what happened in the past? Enjoy the next Martial Law if it comes..with people that make choices like you, the history will repeat itself…until we learned our lesson..

    • Michael Mallari

      yung isa pa diyan topnotcher daw.. nagkipag-live-in sa batang batang babae…. tsk…. nasaan ang moralidad duon.. ? lalo na may asawa na daw ito dati???? malupit di ba???? pero bakit kandidatoo lang lng UNA ang napapansin nating may mga kamalian ??? nagtatanong lang naman po… =)

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        If bar topnotcher, you must be referring to Koko Pimentel.

    • Simplify1

      chauvinistic and an anti feminist comment… Honasan will be voted out this time because he is no longer relevant to the times as sure as your anti feminism is passe!

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        regardless of the terms used, people still voted for Ramon Revilla, Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Gringo Honasan and FPJ. if you prefer to use the lingo of earlier decades, they were called bakya moms, daster moms, martir housewives and many more. you are free to argue the semantics and political correctness of the issue, but I would rather get straight to the point and tell it like it is.

      • Simplify1

        it looks more like mga bobong lalaki ang bumoto sa mga yan… mga sobrang sine ng violence na naniniwalang hindi nauubusan ng bala ang bida…gaya ng mga idol mo…. BTW, I am not arguing on semantics, I’m just pointing out the fact and telling it as it is that you have been left behind in progress… try to travel to other countries naman so you can see how behind you are…. I truly doubt that you have been out of the country… just remember, if your wife or sister or your mom are “under the pantalon” not all women are like them! get out of your shell every now and then…

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        From Honasan to foreign travel …. that’s quite a jump. I’ll leave you to wallow in your bitterness, in your empty shell of course.

      • Concur_Dissent

        simplify is just telling you as it is! hehehe

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        oh well, both of you’ve run out of anything to say. hehehe.

      • kolambogan

        Try as I would to understand your discourse about Gringo, the Revillas, Lito Lapid even FPJ, being voted into office I could find no relevance to their being in public service, they are opportunist of the highest degree, banking on machismo and matinee idol looks to be voted as government officials. They are there only for their own selfish interests and not to serve, Gringo for one does not mind people dying and to cripple the economy of the nation along his perverted way of achieving his goal. The actors and their likes once elected gorge on billions of billions of people’s money devoid of the equal service for lack of knowledge to tackle the position suppose to be in the hands of personages of erudition, strong morality, conviction and integrity.

        So by telling straight to the point you are also trying to tell that majority of the Filipino voters are hopeless and has very little chance of changing their ways, that the Filipinos will always be an easy target to scheming politicians like pack of hyenas always ready to pounce on the weak and the defenseless.

        I often read much of your comments and I found them sensible, and believe that if you will comment on the actual motivations of the good for nothing politicians we have mentioned, in stead of giving them the chance to let loose and fool the people again and again, at least you can help your country. This forum and your writings can open their eyes to the folly of their ignorance and complacencies. As one like us here will say Merci.

      • gryzyxwoz

        As I’ve said, hero-worship. Or let me qualify: Misplaced hero-worship.

      • kolambogan

        I appreciate your clarification thanks. Yes you are right , misplaced hero worship and we could help those people know how misplaced they are in believing actors and villains/good for nothing politicians pretending to be heroes and saviors, expose them to be actual real life tormentors of the highest degree.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Thanks but no thanks. You can hate Gringo for getting elected through the years but that still won’t change the fact that he’s winnable. Stop being emotional for once, and try to be analytical. That spells the difference between an unexamined life and an examined life. Get a life Kolambogan, if you’re not too old and decrepit to still have one.

      • kolambogan

        Well, I’ve tried, but age has’nt got anything to do with ideas. Younger people die the same as old ones, especially the violent ones, I don’t hate Gringo the person if he remained ordinary just like you and me, but as a government official and functionary gorging on the needed public funds and all the rest of his likes at will he had not done anything for the Filipinos but mayhem and ignorance of his real worth, a traitor to his own oath as a soldier. I am comfortable with my life and to consider one voicing out opinions like I do as decrepit, what does that leave you? I guess you consider yourself already an expert having an examined life, well good for you.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Go spread your message of hate and we’ll see how much or little success you can achieve with it after May election. Good luck, you’ll need lots of it.

      • kolambogan

        For me it’s not about who win or who lose, it’s more on how I’ve done my part, it’s not as they say personal, hence your wish I believe should be addressed more to the real losers in the coming election should people of the same colors still lord it over the hapless Filipinos which actually includes you if I’m not mistaken.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Then live with it if you can’t change it. Putak ka ng putak, you can’t even change the minds of those who vote for the likes of Gringo.

      • kolambogan

        What do you think I’m doing, if I crackle as what you say I do, what do you think are you doing? I have no intention of changing any one’s mind, I’m no shrink or Dr. Frankenstein, I only say what’s on my mind. In fact in a few short weeks we’ll know the results, if your champions will still be winners, condolence is in order for you and the Philippines for another six dreary years to live in ignorance, continued poverty and be the subject of ridicule in the world of astute voters and politicians of the world. I pity you for being one with the bobotantes, but I can live with it also.

      • Concur_Dissent

        At this day and age, are you really surrounded with those types of weak, gullible, hopelessly lovestruck and heartstruck women, such that their atitudes have made you think them to be useless contributors to the development of the philippines? In that case, it is upon you to convince your mom and sisters and daughters and aunts and other female friends who interact with you to get a life!! tsk tsk such a pity///

      • gryzyxwoz

        It’s not only women, though

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Hello stalker, you’re back again, and even dumber still. If only you’d take it easy on your hatred for people who happen to disagree with your perverted views.

      • Concur_Dissent

        you know exactly the superlatives that best describes you!

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Honasan’s still going to win, and you can eat your heart out. Go on stalker.

      • ARIKUTIK

        The creature is Twin of Penoy.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Kaya naman pala.

      • ARIKUTIK

        It is possible to choose 6 good Senatorial candidates, after that anything goes. actors, singers, blabbering mouths, etc.. and there will always be some nice looking creature. That’s the way it is for it’s impossible for the brain to deeply scrutinize in picking 12 qualified aspirant.

        Change the rules. 4 senators to be voted by Luzon, 4 by Visayas and 4 by Mindanao. Only then the citizens can really think whose the best.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        I don’t disagree. I think it’s about time to have fair representation. I don’t necessarily agree with the 4-4-4 distribution though as it will have to be determined by population of each area.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Here’s a suggestion. The 12 senators will still be voted nation wide but the winning rule will be like presidential election in USA. It will be collegial vote on which 1 point for every province for the senator that got the highest vote. The others will get “0” point. It will be tallied by points and the 12 who gather the most point are the winners. This will filter out those who were voted just because the brain got tired thinking who are more to add aside from the 6 truly deserving senators. Winners by luck or by adorable face will become thing of the past.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        That’s a workable suggestion. I sure hope Koko Pimentel will push something for Mindanao and the others from Visayas will push for it, too. Luzon and imperial Manila have been lording it over the rest of the Philippines for so long now.

      • Concur_Dissent

        If the rules have to be changed, and you think that luz-vi-min delegation is the best, then representation should be based on population of luz-vi-min…. such that if luzon has 50% of voting pop , Visayas ha 30% of the pop with the balance of 20% in mindanao, ratio of equity should be 6-4-2….

      • ARIKUTIK

        Do you have any concept about National election? It is candidates voted nation wide to sit in National chamber of Senate. None of them can be Legally voted by region. It is against the constitution. Therefore the only way to skirt around so that all regions of different culture, language and brain structure are equally afforded with power to select Senator is through electoral college vote like the way it is done in USA presidential contest. The system IS > 1 point for the highest voted senator in every province the rest will earn “0” point. Then it will be tallied nation wide so that the first 12 candidates to gather the most points are the winners. Screen the 12 senators by provincial scrutiny such that nice looking creatures have no chance to win by luck.

      • Concur_Dissent

        What are you talking about? you just muddled the issue some more…. your first suggestion was 4-4-4, tapos ngayon electoral college ang gagamitin mo for senators? In the first place, the electoral college is only effective if there is only one candidate… if you will be voting 4 senators in one group (luz-vi-min) it would not mean proper representation of the people… at the same time, if you say my suggestion of equal representation is unconstitutional, how can your suggestion of 4-4-4 be constitutional given that instead of per province you simply used an across the board 4-4-4 representation? BTW electoral college can never be adoptable in the Phil because the electoral college is not designed to have multiple party system…

        BUT the real kicker in your suggestion is this – If Loren legarda is voted number 1 in ALL 17 POLITICAL REGIONS of the Philippines, ang mangyayari sa atin, isang senator lang ang maboboto!

      • ARIKUTIK

        The original suggestion of 4-4-4 was just an opening salvo for heated discussion. It is easier to splash simple idea first than go direct to complicated ending. See, now it becomes confusing but if dissected to the max. then we may come up with something better than simple as in “Eurika” we discovered the wackiest idea of all time. Now then, to figure out the feasibility of Electoral college vote as system of choosing 12 senators. Past data of election results is to be graph such that it can be revealed that only the best will win in this new system. I did figure it out on my mind and concluded Provincial screening is more credible than individual screening. No one will win by means of Maguindanao vote only where results is 12 – 0. No matter how they cheat, the point will remain 1 from a province. It will not make so much effect on educated votes from Davao city the cleanest city in PH…. weeeeeee >>>>>>>>>>

    • Cruxofthematter

      Honasan is a shame to the Filipino people and I do not understand why he is still there. if an Engineer or Nurse needs a certificate of good moral conduct before he can even partake in the board exams, where is this in the Senate and in the requirements for candidates? They should be required even more than this. If in his case of jumping of windows, and trying to oust and be disrespectful of installed and elected government are traits of a good moral character, then I deplore where this country is heading on to. JUNK HONASAN, HE IS A SHAME TO THE FILIPINO.

      • Cruxofthematter

        I never voted for him and will never vote and even if my vote is only one, I go home peaceful and contented, I have not been privy to his mischief.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        It’s not like Honasan’s in my top 12 list. You may direct your rant to those who voted for him again and again through the years. In the same way that they voted for onscreen superheroes like Ramon Revilla, Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid and FPJ. But ours is by no means unique. In the US, they also voted for muscleman Arnold Schwhatever, pro-wrestler Jesse Venture, teleprompter-dependent Ronald Reagan and even dirty Harry Clint Eastwood. I gladly yield to our national sociologist Randy David to write a more comprehensive piece about machismo, superheroes and Philippines elections. Feel free to weigh in when he does.

      • BruinBearDad

        Correct but at least there is some form of checks and balances here. Over in the Philippines, it is just checks and they steal all of the checks (and cash LOL). Having said that, Schwartz and Ventura were indeed awful.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        I agree, that’s the reality down here in this tropical paradise. Believe it or not, it’s more fun in the Philippines. LOL.

    • gryzyxwoz

      Hero-worship is the devil that we need to grapple with

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        There’s a lot of it around.

    • catmanjohn

      Wierd Wierdo… What a pathetic sissy you are. Fake Homosan and your narcissistic lackey culture will soon be gone. God willing.

  • XY ZEE

    People nowadays wouldn’t have the slightest idea how risky it was to go against Apo.
    For his role in dismantling the dictatorship and being a part of the legacy of people power, his courage, sacrifice, and principles have few equals.

  • tadasolo

    There is a saying that if ever you get a chance to kick Enrile’s a s s you will hit the head of Honasan himself. Honasan is a fake and has so many times forsaken his sacred oath of ideals from the halls of PMA and place himself squarely in confines of infamy and demolition politics. He does not deserve to be a representative of the people and should instead wallow in his evil ways and retire permanently in the company of discredited people.

    • Guest

      I wonder anyway why people with such a history are elected, and even more why these crooks are not behind bars..They are enemies of the state..Why are they allowed to run free and even get elected? Confusing..VOTE WISE!!!!

      • gryzyxwoz

        Because there are so many gullible and immature voters.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Expensive campaign jingles and empty promises.

    • pinoyobserver

      I just want to say the it seems that the majority of PMA’ers have forsaken their sacred oath of ideals so Honasan is just being typical.

  • R_RR

    Filipino voters are still ignorant that the Honasan led coup in late ’89 devastated the economy of the country. Pathetic.

    • bgc

      What can you do? Most pinoys can read but don’t like to read (much less do extensive research). They are opinionated but highly superficial. And they love watching moronic tv shows with equally moronic artistas.

      • Guest

        It’s people like you and me to educate the others..One person can make the difference..It could be your vote..Fight corruption..THINK TWICE..VOTE WISE… A fire starts with a little spark..Let’s enlighten the others!!!

      • gryzyxwoz

        Spot on!

      • Simplify1


    • siegfeil

      tingnan mo naman balik Marcoses sa senate at congress. kawawang bayan.

    • Simplify1


  • Albert Einstien

    I think during his younger days..DEUTERIUM ISSUE & .PATRIOTISM pushed him & RAM -you ….to take governance into to their OWN HANDS because of FAILURE of LEADERSHIP of sickly marcos & incompetent cory administration… ….that TIME superpowers wanted to SIPHON our DEUTERIUM resource at the GREAT DISADVANTAGE to the PEOPLE & COUNTRY..they want 40-40-20 while marcos wanted an 80-20 in favor of RP but marcos is sickly & US wanted RAMOS as caretaker president..but cory by strong backing of the church, some rightist economic US boys & the left ..finally became the president…but US helped cory to power only when deuterium issue was put on the TABLE…..


    CORY was merely an accidental president USA wanted originally RAMOS to
    be the next caretaker president….in 1983 when aquino died ( NINOY rumoured as
    CIA agent ) CIA was infuriated SUDDENLY ( cover story ) foreign banks stopped
    granting loans to the Philippine government & AMERICAN INVESTMENTS
    withdrwn…FDI’s stop coming in….” the state, Defense. CIA. Everybody wanted
    to bring him down. But Reagan, they had a close personal relationship,” MARCOS
    won “With the election,a lot of people felt that he lost. You know, he won. In my view, he really won,” Ongpin said ………………………….

    a so called REVOLUTION is BLOODLESS? ..because it is NOT a revolution it is a
    DESIGN with FOREIGN ARCHITECTS….the LANDSCAPE is DEUTERIUM…in fact during SNAP election marcos won over cory he got 10.8 million votes while cory ONLY
    got 9.2 million votes ….who says marcos cheated….. namfrel &
    technicians.. but who handled them ? who feeds them the data ?…. why US CIA,
    senator LUGAR & 44 americans were here during elections ? election
    OBSERVERS or more than observers.. ? MARCOS was a victim of ECONOMIC assassins………………….

    and why BOSSWORTH & HABIB forced marcos to signed five decrees..Marcos
    signed the five presidential decrees as did Bosworth and Habib, as witnesses.
    When the Americans were about to leave, the President said, “You know,
    gentlemen, it has come to my attention that there’s a coup plot being hatched.”
    The two were stunned.

    “Mr. President, we know nothing about this,” Habib said. “Why would we go
    through with this charade?” ( as ongpin admitted & witnessed 2/25/13 pdi )……………………..

    LO & BEHOLD….cory they ALMOST painted her as saint …CORY govt ..talked about DEUTERIUM ALREADY barely WEEKs after into office in march 1986 DUTERIUM is the IMMEDIATESUBECT MATTER of CORY govt. & US govt….NO longer be SURPRISED people the AGREEMENT is whatever the INVESTORS WANT…40-40-20 & they will be buying at 40% DISCOUNT…..if you will research further you will see that SUPERPOWERS sent mission for deuterium here in RP on june 1986..they talked again on SEPT 1986, then DECEMBER 1986, & FEB 1987….but young blood in AFP knows …rightist MILITARY became UNSETTLED the left became powerful in cory govt ….there is only chaos ahead.. superpowers suspended interest in deuterium….

    I hope to this date HONASAN & his buddies still possess the same PATRIOTIC bearings in their hearts….he could have been a good president…for a change.. : > )

  • panhase

    He is a traitor, a serial traitor. He repeatedly broke his oath to the Philippines. Why did people elect him in office? Are there people out there who really believe that good of the country would be at his interest?
    Well, as someone famous said “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.

    • Guest

      We have the obligation to educate our children, our friends, and tell them what happend. The schools won’t bite the hand that feed them, so it is up to us as parents, neighbours and friends to educate everyone..That way we can prevent the past from catching up with us…

  • virgoyap

    Honasan has done a a very serious damage to our economy and our future for what he had done during his 3 coup attempts. He is suppose to stay behind bars up to now.

    • Guest

      THEN STOP VOTING FOR THEM!!! Tell the people what happend..educate the people..!!!!

  • calixto909

    I did never vote for Honasan with a simple viewpoint that he’s a greedy person who traded his fame and authority reaped from the EDSA revolution to his whim to topple down the Cory gov’t. Had he not initiated those coup attempts then our economy during that time would have been better to provide an iota of fund to quench the needs of the marginalized families. But as we saw, the series of coup plots that he performed had created a worldwide notion that the Philippines is a volatile country to invest on.

    • kolambogan

      Gringo was one of the prime instigator and implementor of the several coup against the Cory administration, but it should not be forgotten Enrile was his patron and backer since the martial Law days up to the present. His coup exploits together with his PMA Batch 71 mistahs who were with him in the several coups implementation were all guilty to the nation and it’s not far-fetch to think that Enrile, his politician and businessmen allies have provided them some sort of not so behind the scenes leadership and all support necessary, armaments, monetary and otherwise.

    • gryzyxwoz

      Right. And the problem with the RAM is that they wanted to arrogate unto themselves the credit for the success of the EDSA revolt. The EDSA revolt happened because of a spontaneous confluence of many circumstances, people, and other factors. I don’t think the bulk of any credit should go to any (one) group or person. When RAM members found out that they wouldn’t be part of the main power equation of a post-EDSA government, it must have been a blow to their collective egos. And so.. the rest is history

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * * *

    The loss of his ring finger is truly symbolic of his being a “family man.”

    When he finally loses his head, up and down, it will be symbolic of his being a “statesman.”

  • Natx Bacalzo

    megalomaniac is the right term not a warrior.

  • carlorocci

    Ang daming naging collateral damage ng mga nakaraan ni Gringo na Coup de’ etat. bugok ka hindi kita iboboto….Et,et mong me asin…..Bugok…

  • Rolly257

    Murderous people should stay and remain in the jungle mingling with wild animals… that’s where they belonged anyway.

  • doublecross

    down vote ako d2…..user!

  • Ariel Molina

    para sa akin dapat, jhun magsaysay , Loren, Allan, Alcantara, Angara, pimentel, Bam, escudero,riza ,teddy cassino,maceda, pwedi pagkakatiwalaan… pag sila Nancy kasi nakakatakot na dahil sa Ina my kasong pandarambong, Ama mukha pa lang nag uuto na at di mapaliwanag na kayamanan plus ang Tax ng makati na hanggang sa ngayon di pa rin na ibalik sa BIR mahigit isnag bilyon, jack enrili wow ama utak martial law. plus pumatay ng tao ito. gringo tao ito ni enrili dapat itong mga ito nasa rehas na bakal. sana sa halagang 20 pesos na paki sali lang kahit sa pang 12lang di ma uto mga tao. sa probensya kasi isali si gringo 20pesos yan pag 50 pesos isama mo na si jack at nancy at jv estrada dyan. sabihin sa mga voters kahit sa pang 9,10,11,12 lang.. bahala na kayo sa 1-8 ganito sa mha liblib na lugar. taong bayan din kasi ang nag uutos na ilagay ang pilipinas sa isa sa pina ka corrupt na country. mas marami ang mangmang kisa sa my pinag aralan. kaya matagal pang taon bagoi maibago ang pilipinas. ng manalo si pres aquino akala ko mga mga taong ito sila Binay estrada enrili ay makikita nya iuto pero yeah nabawasan ang corruption pero, hindi pa rin nakulong ang mga magnanakaw na ito. sino kayang tatakbong presidente na walang isasanto kahit sino? how i wish merriam kasi medyo matapang ito.

  • Mang Teban

    “DISCRETION is the better part of valor” is the original idiomatic expression.

    Okay, I will be discreet and prudent to vote wisely.
    I don’t like to vote for one who has caused a terrible spin downward of the economy just when the dictatorship has been booted out, here came the coup plots that scared the wits out of the returning investors.
    I never voted for Gringo but I had hoped that he would prove me wrong.

    Honasan had stayed long enough in the Senate to have proven us that he had REFORMED. But, the former Reform the Armed Forces icon has maintained the same profile of a “rebel without justifiable cause”. He has not shown any substantial performance that merits his continuance in the Senate. He goes where it is PRUDENT to go for his own personal purposes. Sorry, I have enough of ex-coup plotters.

  • Bjdc

    Dakilang alalay ng mga engrile lang yan!

  • Hulabaloo

    i wont vote for this f***ker

    • Guest

      Good job..Tell everyone what your reasons are..Educate the people..THINK TWICE..VOTE WISE!!!

  • kumilos_tayo

    Si Ungasan ang dahilan kaya bumagsak ang bansa natin kaya tayo nag hirap na dapat nakabangob na tayo nung panahon palang ni Cory.

    • Fulpol

      you just don’t remember the Cory Constitution…

  • Fulpol

    i’d like to see a trio of Jack and Johnny Enrile and Gringo Honasan in the Senate…

    of course with the company of Nancy and Mitos, plus Bongbong Marcos..

    Lacson out and Miriam still in, Senate will be great again…

    • kumilos_tayo

      That’s why your username is Fulpol coz your brain is the same “Fulpol”..

  • TiradorDelaMuerte

    the fact remains that this man after giving a serious pep talk to his fellow Putschist/soldiers during one of those ill-conceived military adventures, turned his back, rode out on a Huey and left his men to dry in the middle of a firefight. a real sh*tty thing to do. so think twice my countrymen before you vote for this coward. he might just fold his tail between his legs and run away again.

  • desi derata

    Like Etude57, I am in disbelief that Honasan was elected as a senator and he has the gall to continue rubbing our faces in the mud as if he is capable of something grand and beautiful for the nation but in reality he is just another empty head who has done so much damage to the Philippine economy.

    Of course, I don’t believe that Enrile was not behind the dastardly acts perpetrated against the people of Manila and against President Cory Aquino.

    And llke a Magdalo foot soldier, he had to bear seeing and hearing the man whom he had given a direct order to his men to shoot on sight.

    [Young Filipinos should read “Diwang Kayumanggi” about the ceremony bestowing the undeclared first president of the free republic, Gat Andres Bonifacio, the honors as some of the surviving Magdalos have to patiently wait for the last rites to end.]

    Having mentioned Magdalo, allow me to somehow digress from the subject matter.

    I hate those soldiers who took the Magdalo label as if that Aguinaldo’s group was a band of honorable individuals. It is my opinion that in the 1960s, the government of Pres Garcia should have rounded up the remnants of Aguinaldo’s group of murderers and rapists and tried them, at least for banditry. Of course, there would be no witnesses to come forward and the octogenarians would not be imprisoned but that segment of history should have been highlighted for the young generations.

    I appreciate Teodoro Agoncillo for not taking lightly the crimes committed by those ruthless Cavitenos. Renato Constantino also ensured that the name of the honorable son of Tondo appear in his commentaries on the Philippine history.

    I don’t know about Sen Trillanes or others, but if I were Pres Quezon or Pres Roxas, I would have ordered the Magdalos, including the traitors main man, Emilio, to be tried and shot somewhere in Maragondon, several paces away from the execution site of the Bonifacio brothers.

  • Cue_Vas

    Gringo’s coups devastated the economy from which we still haven’t fully recovered. As to the hundreds he killed during those coups, it’s between him and his Maker.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Lynel-F-Joven/685946584 Charles Lynel F. Joven

    this guy was just tagged for his involvement in the Olalia slay..what an honorable man !

  • BatangSingapore

    bilib na bilib ako kay senator honasan, matapang may paninindigan. dapat tularan sya ng mga sundalo at hindi natatakot o nagpapadikta,

    labanan natin ang mga intsik at mongoloid sa politika NO TO BUM AQUINO.

  • Fayha

    I wish this Senator will not win again in the Senate. TAMA na ang lokohan. Tuta ni Enrile yan eh. nagpapayaman lang sila sa Pwesto. pangungurakot lang ginagawa nila.

    • superpilipinas

      lahat naman ay tuta. dapat palitan silang lahat. iboto mga bago. baka may pag-asa pa ang pilipinas. kung hindi umubra, masmadaling palitan mga baguhan.

      • Fayha


  • Brix Villapando

    PDI wag kau pagamit kay Punasan este Honasan…kuhpal yan…dami na nya naibulsa na pork barrel….lahat sila actually…tumatakbo lahat yan para lang makatikim ng pork barrel….naglalaway na naman sila ngayon sa pork..matitigok din ang mga ayup na yan!

    • superpilipinas

      tama ka. parepareho sila. hanap tayo ng bago. pag di umubra, eh di palitan. masmadali nang palitan kaysa itong mga kapit tuko na sa posisyon.

  • Corrupt_Jerk

    All these politicians are corrupt and TRAPO…better not to vote.

    • superpilipinas

      Better vote…but don’t vote for corrupt, trapos, political dynasties, and incompetents. Vote for new and better people. They might be better and we can see if they deserve to be kept them longer. If they are not, new people are easier to remove.

  • ting0508

    Bodyguard lang ni Enrile ibinoto nyo pa. Lahat ng bomoto kay honasan, walang utak!

    • superpilipinas

      He-he-he. Yun din ang sabi ni Bongbong at Imelda.

  • $18209031

    Yumayaman itong si Honasan since the time of Marcoses, Mama Aquinos and Ramos, and as closed in chief sekyu ni Enrile. Of course he was the henchman to effect all the blackops of the martial law years. ANg daming mga kabalbalan mga ito. Bakit ang taong Pinos ay madadaling mauuto sa ganitong mga crooks?

  • est

    he killed so many innocent people

  • http://twitter.com/Negastarr NegaStarr

    Why don’t you post a transcript of your interview?

  • DirtyHarryLim

    As long as millions of Filipino voters are still TANGA, then don’t expect that Philippines could move forward to progress. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of Filipinos who did not attain a higher education but they think smart and wise. There are also a lot of Filipinos who claimed themselves highly educated but with a poor judgement/decision.

  • kumilos_tayo

    Ewan ko lang kung masasabi kong TANGA o BOBO yung mga bumoboto dyan kina UNGASAN, ENRILE, BINAY, at EJERCITO siguro wala lang silang kadala-dala at choice nilang maghirap ang bansa natin. PLEASE don’t VOTE for UNA candidate lalo na yung gumagamit ng surname na MAGSAYSAY mahiya naman siya sa balat niya.

  • $18209031

    Hehehehe, typical tagalegleg and ilocandio dominating the halls of PMA Fort Del Pilar and ultimately into the hall s of power. These are the vestiges of the past Marcos Dictatorship who ruled this republic of Pinas and turned it into the Republik of Luzonians.
    Sobrang yaman nakukuha mga ito through sheer manipulation of govt powers. Crooks in military uniforms and there of.

  • jinx

    Mas iboboto ko pa si Risa Hontiveros kesa sa coup plotter na to. At akala mo matapang talaga….sa mga babaeng presidente lang naman to si Punasan umaklas at nagrebelde.

  • $18209031

    Repulblik of Luzon, ruled by old Oligarchs, Ex Militarymen and Moviestars. Examples, Aquixxx (mama and son presidents), Macapagal Arroyo( daughter of former president), Ramos (Korean Vet), Marcos (WW2 vet), Erap ( action star). Sinong susunod?

    Si Kris ang mahal ng chimamays at chimamoys !! Now she s being used as political gimmicky to promote honesty in govt daw as she ranks first in BIR returns. Ano pang e propromote ninyo mga nasa Yellow Party?
    We are seeing the signs of the next Aquixxx for office in 2016.

  • Paking

    Ano ito? Promo para kay Honasan? Tama na, sobra na. Wala namang nagagawang maganda ito sa senado kaya dapat nang palitan.

  • wazgoingon

    Tama na “kuya”. Iba ka talaga humawak nang tao. Grabe tiniis ni Trillanes, huwag ka lang mabisto. Panahon na para mawala kayong dalawa nang tuluyan sa political scene.

  • Pio Pusli

    i feel like crying or throwing up with this hypocrite.. btw, many slow brains did buy and dead because of your Reform the AF, anything happens during your senator years?

  • thecop

    unfortunately this man Honasan is not man enough to face consequence of his actions that’s why he always runs away showing his cowardice. but he and enrile is cunning enough to use the poor military who risked their lives to follow these two with their self-centered agenda..

  • Cruxofthematter

    Is PDI pro-Honasan? Shame on you PDI.

  • duhconsul

    this guy turned the nation’s guns on itself. a big no no on my part! It is a preposterous crime, yet we still elect him. i’d like to see the nation elect decent statesmen, but alas i spoke too soon. he’ll probably get elected again.

  • AllaMo

    punasan and juan purugganan: role-models of all pervading impunity and injustice spawned by the marcos-enrile martial rule.

  • kentjohn

    how much he pay for his personal marketing strategy…

  • mabyrik

    “Honasan won’t hesitate to run away when faced with a gunman today because prudence is the better part of valor.”-PDI reports

    I think the quote is incomplete. It should add “….And betray my friends when needed because it is the prudent thing to DO and to h& ell with valor”.

    We all know who was the “Kuya” that Trillanes was referring to when their Kuya in the Magdalo uprising was nipped in the bud. Trillanes and fellow young lieutenants and men all went to jail but their kuya remained scot-free. Later, we learned that their kuya embraced GMA and was later got all the perks and benefits as a senator. That traitorous act of their Kuya spelled what he meant by “prudence”.

    Prior to their “Prudence” thing, Honasan led several coups against Cory for the SOLE purpose of installing himself and his equally evil mentor Enrile. We alll know how greedy the mentor was. is and will be. Could his protege be different? No way. Had they been successful, there would had been no freedom that everyone enjoys today and would been had been worst that the ML regime implemented by the evil mentor in connivance with Kuya.

    Now is the time for this scheming Kuya to be stopped from continually fooling the people. No more schemer, no more TRAITOR in the senate.

    Just like Judas, Honasan kissed the cheeks of his friends but unlike Judas, Honasan did not commit suicide but instead wants to kiss more cheeks, the cheeks of the people he wants to betray.






    • Guest

      Exactly !!..But as long there are people who don’t see the evils of the past, things will simply never change…THINK TWICE..VOTE WISE!!

  • Simplify1



  • Cruxofthematter

    PDI is posting Honasan’s plus points and do not even mention the other facts. Is this still journalism? Now spike this again, I will bring it to another forum.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kung.tufo Kung Tufo Tufo

    Honasan is nothing but stupid senator of the Philippines. But Filipinos are still voting for him for nothing. He didn’t even help those people voted for him. But make monay for his family that’s all.

  • est

    he is like lacson a killer

  • ddano

    Voters, ask yourselves, ” Is this guy worthy of a senator’s salary and 200,000,000.00 Pesos of PORK every year?”.

  • Jojo Griffin

    Mag solo ka Honasan.ano ka sinuswerti.dapat nga tumakbo ka para malaman mong hindi ka mananalo..

  • ingbilat

    overheard from a Manila based radio station, a texter sent this message: “mahirap talaga maging pulitiko mantakin mo maghapon kang magiikot at magsisinungaling at mang-uto sa taong bayan under the sun sa loob dalawang buwan!

  • jcsantos

    Most people will run away when faced with a gun.

    Since we’re speaking about Honasan here, the real question that should be asked here is: “If he pointed the end of a gun barrel on a person, will he show mercy?”

  • Putakte Naman

    Pumili naman ng iba diyan na interbiyohin. Kayong mga reporter diyan ang may impluwensya para huwag nang bigyan ng atensyon ang mga ganitong politoko. Huwag niyo na kasing pansinin matagal na yan, ganyan parin walang pinagbago pati kabuhayan ng sambayanan tuloy nadadamay sa nga ganyang klaseng politikong kundi kurap ay napakakapal ng mukha at kurap padin! Interview ni Honasan? when was the last time na nain terview yan, walang pinag iba. Lokohim mong lelong mo, narinig na namin yan. Kaya nga di ko na tinuloy basahin yang walang kwentong article na yan. Header palang alam ko na na napakawalang kwenta! Gumising naman, mahalin ang bansang Pilipinas huwag yang taong yan naku naman!!! putakte talalaga!!

  • Putakte Naman

    Ngayon inquirer, sinong next na interbiyohin mo? si Erap? naku!!! is Enrile ? naku ulit, si Binay? naku! si Kris aquino? naku!

  • fernandoridiculo

    obviously, pambawi ng PDI dito sa naunang news, “Honasan cries foul over PDI editorial”.

  • whyinthisworld

    Anything you say is unbelievable. You are still under gloria’s loop. Don’t worry, we will not vote for you.

  • Ncarreonjr

    Just another jackass sob.

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Not only at the sight of the gun will Honasan run. He also ran away from responsibility hiding away from the coups he led. Tumakbong parang asong bahag ang buntot iniwan ang mga kasamahan nya sa kalokohan nilang mga coup coup. Nagtagong parang daga.

  • Randy Manuel Galutan

    kaya masarap maging pilipino, may demokrasya. i will vote for Honasan, why? there will be 12 slot to fill in, out of all senatoriables i think he is much more capable to do things compared from other candidates.

  • BruinBearDad

    Anyone who is staunchly for Enrile is not a good man. He is for corruption, greed, absolute power. This is not a man worthy of being a senator.

  • Marcos5

    Next time ……Vote Wisely. Move on folks- move on.

    Enough… your time is up….. lets hear the next candidate please. Younger progressive uncorrupted with clear goals for a better Philippines.

  • simondj


  • dikoy321

    There’s a Bicolano HERO and PMA Class 81 grad, Maj ROCKY VICTORIA, Legazpi City. He lived within his means, even reportedly slept on TV cardboard boxes, together with his 4 little kids, INCORRUPTIBLE, served the country BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY !
    Maj Victoria was murdered for his arrests, NO FEAR NOR FAVOR, of all Illegal loggers and illegal fishing practitioners in Region V.
    Confessed killer was Gringo’s mistah, Teodorico Viduya, PMA 71, like Ping Lacson, Acop and Gen. Carlos Garcia, Marcos’ BERDUGOs when Martial Law was declared !
    Teodorico Viduya, then Region V Chief of Staff, was reported to be the recipient of PROTECTION MONEY paid by Illegal Loggers, Region V.
    Maj Victoria’s widow reportedly SOLD the case for some Millions, and stayed away from court hearings !
    Or ever wonder why even DENR Legal/Regional officials NEVER SHOWED UP during hearings, to prosecute those Illegal Logging cases and those APPREHENDED by Maj Rocky Victoria ?
    Fear of Col Viduya or PAID by illegal loggers, or both ?
    Maj Victoria brought cases to Court, but when NO OFFICIAL showed up to PROSECUTE, cases were DISMISSED one-by-one !

    DO NOT VOTE for Honasan, SHAME the CORRUPT like Honasan, NO VOTES for TRAITORS like Honasan !!!
    For the good of the country, Philippines !!!

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