Brillantes rues: Is SC running the Comelec?


Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Who’s running the elections? The Comelec or the Supreme Court?

An emotional Commission on Elections Chair Sixto Brillantes Jr. blurted out this question on Tuesday in front of TV cameras as he threatened to resign after the Supreme Court issued a status quo ante (SQA) order on Comelec rules limiting airtime for political advertisements for the May elections.

Brillantes said he would meet with President Benigno Aquino III to find out if he should stay as Comelec chief, pointing out that the SQA order was the fourth adverse ruling that the Comelec received from the high court in recent months.

“As far as I’m concerned, with the series of decisions coming from the Supreme Court, I said `it looks like they are the ones who are running the election. I thought it was us?’” Brillantes told reporters.

“I don’t understand … If they want to to regulate the campaign … the way of campaigning, then what will the Comelec be? Ano kami (What are we)? We’re useless here? Everything we do will be (stopped with a temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court)?” he said.

Brillantes said the high court was apparently issuing TROs and SQAs “without really seeing all of the consequences.”

“I think their provisional authority to issue a TRO or an SQA is being used without really seeing all of the consequences. Every day we study (the elections) while different petitioners go (to the court),” he said.

“When you issue a TRO and you don’t know the consequences, maybe it was not properly studied,” he added.

Brillantes questioned the timing of the high court order against airtime limits for political ads and said it put the Comelec and the senatorial candidates “in limbo.”

“The petitions were filed in February, when the campaign period for the senatorial candidates began. Why issue a TRO or SQA in April? Why did it take so long?” Brillantes said.

“The (Comelec) resolution (on airtime limits) came out a long time ago. Why issue now when the first half of the senatorial campaign is already over? We don’t understand,” he said.

“So, everybody will be kept in limbo. Even the commission will not even know (what to do). Are we now going to keep quiet because of the status quo ante order and therefore there will be no regulation in so far as the advertisement period is concerned?“ Brillantes said.

Brillantes then noted that the Supreme Court had also issued a TRO on March 5 against the Comelec letter ordering the Diocese of Bacolod to pull down its “oversized” tarpaulin identifying the candidates it supported.

Then last week, the tribunal issued an SQA on the party-list groups that the Comelec had disqualified and then remanded to the poll body the electoral protest case regarding 2010 mayoralty race for Imus, Cavite.

“I’m not just disappointed. I’m very, very disappointed,” Brillantes said. “From the start, I felt bad. You could have allowed what happened in Bacolod to pass because it was a small thing and also the party-list issue because we had a hard time tackling that. Maybe, they also had a hard time.”

“But then, Imus came and what was an 8-7 vote (in favor of the Comelec) was reversed … We don’t know what to do in the Imus case because, up to now, we still don’t have a copy of the decision. So, it’s left hanging,” he added.

Brillantes met with his fellow commissioners before facing the media on Tuesday at the Comelec main office in Intramuros, Manila after hearing about the high court order.

“Initially, my reaction was maybe I’m the problem. Maybe I’m too strict. Maybe they think I really like this post. So, I met my colleagues and told them I will just have to rest a little (for) one day or two days and maybe talk to the President,” Brillantes said.

“I’ll talk to him and say, `Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe I should leave for now and you appoint someone else.’ I will study this. Seriously,” he added.

Brillantes said the critical phase in the preparations for the May elections was over and the Comelec senior staff can already handle the elections.

“Our work is finished. We’re winding up already. The dangerous (part) is over. I’ve even been able to travel. I think it’s about time. If I decide not to continue as chairman of this commission, I would have done my job already,” he said.

Mr. Aquino appointed Brillantes, 73, as head of the Comelec in January 2011 to replace then retired Comelec chair Jose Melo.

“I did not want this. I’m just doing my job here. I’m making the reforms necessary but if we get TROs and status quo ante orders, why should I make it hard for myself?” he said.

When asked if he already “had enough,” Brillantes said: “Not yet but I’m already getting tired. I’m not young anymore.”

The Comelec chair then became teary-eyed when asked if the tribunal was laying waste to the “reforms” he wanted to implement in the Comelec.

“Not really. I have an ambition. I want something…,” Brillantes said, his voice breaking. He did not finish answer and went inside his office.

Originally posted at 07:13 am | Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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  • mekeni62

    huwag muna Ka Sixto. hindi pa tapos ang mission natin. Paano na ang 12-0? he he.

    • catherine sien

      hindi naman po siguro tama ang sinasabi ninyo. sa press release nga kahapon, sinabi po nitong chairman na impossible na mag 12-0. ang hirap po sa ating mga kababayan, ayaw ninyong bigyan ng tulong ang sadyang gusto sanang ayusin ang palakad. lahat sinisita ninyo. ano naman po ba ang makukuha pa nitong chairman kung hindi nais lang niyang ayusin ang eleksyon. pati ba ito masama pa rin siya?

      • mekeni62

        ipagdasal mo nang mataimtim iha na sana nga. mas mainam yata ipag-novena mo pa.

  • Twister12

    It’s obvious. Majority of the Supreme Court are all against reform.

    • Benigno the Turd

      The ruling favors Team Pnoy.

      • catherine sien

        of course po. they are the ones who have all the resources.

      • Winzum Daoas

        Its not really just team PNOY. Like UNA doesn’t have money. UNA’s big three are some of the most corrupt people in Philippine government history, and you still say they have no money?

      • Benigno the Turd

        It favors team Pnoy absolutely. Yellow media will rake in the ad money like ABS CBN , PDI and Philstar and then contribute to Aquino.

    • catherine sien

      yup. obviously. besides there is money involved. can you imagine who does not get funds when there is air time limit? it is the networks. ang lakas talaga nila, they can convince the SC to take their side.

    • Simplify1

      The long corrupt arms of the tiny lady still work wonders!!

    • catmanjohn

      Purge all corrupt Arroyo appointed lackeys, by any means necessary.

    • Mamang Pulis

      at sabi ni spitfire sa baba :

      kasama si mister leonen doon sa majority.

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      SC Jusrices think they are omnipotent, whereas they are impotent. Also indirectly, its a way of hitting back against PNoy

    • Ganymede

      I think the Justices appointed by GMA are getting back at PNoy and his appointees. GMA appointees outnumbers PNoy’s. They should be impeached like their former boss Corona.

      • Rex Robles

        ha ha…dami appointee ni Gloria. Si Drilon, Mar Roxas, Dinky Soliman, Purisima…pagtatangalin na mga balimbing na yan at mga corrupt !

    • Jlgp Jong

      Tinanggal ni Brilliantes ang Partylist ni Mikey Arroyo..baka Resbak na .. nakararami ang SC justices na appointed ni Gloria sa SC

    • magiting78

      Simply if they let the reforms done..they will no longer received money from protest of politicians.

  • sigena

    mag quit na. ayos na commission sa automated polling machines

  • Fulpol

    what timing Brillantes?

    anong magagawa mo kung lately lang nilang itong napag-usapan…

    there is complaint.. SC discussed the complaint based on merit.. SC decide…

    hindi SC ang nagpapalakad ng COMELEC.. idiot..

    Brillantes, if you are there to regulate, there is the SC to determine if your regulation did or did not violate the constitutional rights of the candidates or other parties,, if only there is complaint…don’t be idiot..

    • sk2tk

      Are you saying that all decisions made by SC were all correct??? or should i say were all based from the ACTUAL MERITS? That we (except you ) the sovereign people would just have to accept that??? If you actually believe that, then i guess it’s time for you to SLEEP. IDIOT…

    • catherine sien

      kung lahat ng reforms, puro palpak ang decisions ng SC, ok pa rin ba? kawawa ka naman. mali ang logic mo. ah…hindi ka nga pala idiot. lahat idiots at ikaw lang ang hindi.

  • Hunter421

    Contrary to popular belief, its seems its the SC Justices who are ruining this country, not politicians.

    • Fulpol

      what an idiot… your Cory constitution is the one ruining your country…

      • sk2tk


      • magiting78

        Fulpol don’t have any beliefs he just fail to understand and comprehend…lol

      • catherine sien

        see, sabi ko na lahat idiot. si fulpol lang ang hindi idiot…

      • gikiness


      • patukar

        Mga yellow jersey ay idiot piniwalang paniwala sa tamang daan pag nawala si Corona magiging tuwid ang Korte suprema!

      • ARIKUTIK

        Agree ! Cory ruined this nation.

      • Hunter421

        God Bless you.

    • catherine sien

      yes, obviously it is po.

  • bicolokano

    so who checks the supreme court? tsk tsk tsk

    • regd

      Its’ called ‘Impeachment’.

    • Fulpol

      you have your constitution and laws… interpret it.. that is the only way you can check the SC..

      but if everyone are all idiots on laws and Constitution, how can they check the SC..

      • sk2tk

        TARANTADO kwento mo sa pagong BWAKA NG INAMO.

      • catherine sien

        ayusin po ninyo ang grammar ninyo mr. idiot. everyone “Is an idiot” hindi po “are all idiots”. ay, hindi po pala kayo idiot. sorry po.

      • TEAM PNOY

        hahaha, thanks Catherine for reminding him.

      • Bunot-Supo

        Ha ha ha! At least di lang ako naka observe. Send Fulpol back to high school (if he indeed graduated high school). Tell him that nouns like anyone, anybody, everyone, everybody are singular in form. Until now, he does not know? Dapat ang PDI mag screen ng grammar

      • tarikan

        Fulps! Giving out unsolicited advice through bad grammar (a very wrong mistake hahaha!). I think only IDI..OTS are capable of this thing. I have an unsolicited advice to you: Better to keep your mouth shut and presumed an idiot than open it and remove all doubt. Btw, I am a semi-idiot unlike you, you are full-blown one.

      • gikiness

        nagmamarunong ka, mali mali naman grammar mo

      • gikiness


      • gikiness



      • magiting78

        Kayang kaya nya interpret yan sign language nga

    • catherine sien

      right. maybe mr. fulpol can do that. he is NOT an idiot di ba? everyone else is.

    • tarikan

      “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes”? Who will guard the guards? The SC feel it is way beyond any mortal’s reach at least the majority of justices feel that way. But hey! we, the vigilant netizens can pull them back to solid ground.

    • boldyak

      prove that they are wrong and abusing there mandate, impeach them…that is the way to check…you can’t impeach anyone of the justices because you have no proof that they abuse their power…you should ask, who can impeach the senators?….if all senators are under the control of the president?…

  • Fulpol

    brillantes, if your regulation or your reforms you are talking violates the constitutional rights of the candidate or other parties, the Supreme Court will act on that.. that is to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens..

    but SC will not just issue decisions without any complaint from the citizens.. there is a complaint… SC discussed the merit.. SC decide…

    SC will not just issue orders or decision without any basis..


    • catherine sien

      and therefore each and every complaint the SC will take its side? e di ang gulo? why doesn’t the SC just be also the comelec? you keep on saying the word idiot. it takes one to know one?

    • regd

      Hi Fulps, everytime you post I felt the urge to go and POOPS!

    • sk2tk

      Are you saying that all decisions made by SC were all correct??? or should i say were all based from the ACTUAL MERITS? That we (except you ) the sovereign people would just have to accept that??? If you actually believe that, then i guess it’s time for you to SLEEP. IDIOT…

      • catherine sien

        he he he. i agree din po sa inyo.

    • Hurtlocker1

      c spitfire at Fulpol ay kambal..iisa ang layunin….nyaaaay..

      grabe naman kau…kaung 2 lang lagi ang kakampi..

      peace dudes..

  • sk2tk

    SC is one of the MOST CORRUPT institution in this country… Or maybe, just maybe, SC is getting EVEN with the GOVERNMENT because of the new CHIEF JUSTICE appointment. See how the system is being MANIPULATED by few INDIVIDUALS who acts like GOD…

    • Fulpol

      what an idiot…

      judged based on the merit of the SC decision… don';t be an idiot like Brillantes.

      • sk2tk

        Fulpul ka talaga. Kwento mo sa pagong TARANTADO.

      • catherine sien

        agree po ako sa inyo. sk2tk. ang alam lang po ni mr. fulpol ay magsabi ng idiot. kawawa naman.

      • OleSapra aka ARGUS

        Hindi nagagamot ang tarantado.

        Kahit na bugok, hindi rin.

        Si Fulpol, bukod sa tarantado eh bugok din!

        Pitbull ng UNA na punong-puno ng rabies.


      • gikiness


      • catherine sien

        oh, mr. fulpol you are not an idiot pala.. everyone is, except yourself.

      • sanjuan683

        Ganun ba sige sila na lang magpatakbo ng Comelec. Magaling ito SC, ngayon talo ka, bukas panalo ka, bukas aalis ka sa puwesto, bukas babalik ka sa puwesto. Para may GOMA itong mga decision nila. hehehehehehe Nagtatanong lang po?

      • motorcyclemama

        Pulpol ka nga kasi.

      • gikiness



      • nakawan

        So if the SC tells us it’s ok for them to have you take it up the wazoo, then WE SHALL RESPECT THE DECISION BASED ON ITS MERITS

      • jose_rizal11

        bagay sayo pangalan mo engot!!!

      • M_FLO

        DONG, BUGOK KA!

      • Cano Manuel

        It becomes ridiculous when things become too political.

      • Felix Alcantara

        Correct! However, we have to take note that the Tribunal have yet to rule on the petition. The SC issued only a Status Quo Ante order and such action is normal given the prevailing circumstances. Brillantes should instead focus on the preparations for the coming election so as to assure that it would be orderly and free of inconveniences. The issue raised before the SC is not that gargantuan for Brillantes to be overly dismayed.

    • speaksoftlylove

      So, Marvic Leonen, an appointtee of PNoy is one of the MOST CORRUPT” dahil kasama siya sa majority vote, ganun ba?

      • tonyoks

        we all knew that ML is a new addition of that “corrupt cabal” in the SC…
        and he is a pnoy protege.

        obviously he doesnt belong to that group…

      • ARIKUTIK

        Sereno and Leonen appointment say’s it all…… the appoint er is corrupt !

    • edward barroso

      I agree, Chief Justice should not be appointed by the president because that’s were the corruption comes in. If the Judiciary and the executive are co equal branch of goverment then the appointment of the chief justice should be decided by the president.

  • speedstream2

    Doesn’t it look like a button has been pushed to set this high tribunal on a mysterious course? What gives?

    • catherine sien

      yes, po. i agree with you. what is happening?

  • regd

    So freedom of speech overides fairness & equality? I thought our Constitution is founded on the basis of equality? The preamble states “truth, justice, freedom, love, EQUALITY and peace do ordain and promulgate this Constitution”. It’s the FUNDAMENTAL REQUIREMENT.

    It is written that way for a reason.

  • pedro Bato

    Alam kaya nitong matatandang justices na ito ang ginagawa nila ? Maybe its about time to have a constitutional convention that will review the powers of the SC. I fully agree, COMELEC chairman Sixto Brillantes is trying to institute reforms but such reforms are being shot down. . .Its either people power who will drive these problem people out of Intramuros or constitutional convention. . . we have to choose

    • catherine sien

      sometimes it makes one think that there is so much at stake for these justices especially when pressured by moneyed people, e.g., networks. the one trying very hard to institute reforms is the one being shot down. how very sad.

      • kapayapaan_1900

        You got it! Estelito Mendoza could have done the trick. His letter is more than enough to get a favorable ruling from the SC. Only in the Philippines! LOL

    • AntiAko

      Kuya, nasa Faura po ang SC. Yung COMELEC po ang nasa Intramuros.

  • Lucky Luciano

    cute talaga ng SCoRP lately

  • Coolegleg

    Just Do It!…..QUIT or SHUT-UP!!!!!!!!!! Every time something displeases Brillantes, he always threatens to quit……who cares????

    You cannot threaten SC by quitting….these people are FULL of IT that they only care about themselves and their Patrons…..

    • catherine sien

      sige po, kayo na lang ang mag chairman. mas magaling po kayo di po ba?

      • Coolegleg

        Hay naku, marami UTAK-BIYA dito sa Pinas. Basahin at intindihin ang sinulat ko. Kung sa ganyang position ng gobyerno di ka dapat “balat-sibuyas” at maraming kang makakasalubong na makakapal ang mukha. Huwag kang mag-banta at wala kang matatakot….
        Ngayon, Kakarine, siguro naintindihan mo na!

      • catherine sien

        hindi po ito a matter of balat sibuyas. kung ikaw ang chairman at ang mga reforms mo e palaging shot down, ano pa nga ba ang gagawin mo? sa lakas by ng mga networks, e di siempre talo comelec sa air time limit. mayayaman lang ang nakakagamit nito. ang networks ang nakikinabang pag no limits ang air time. paano uunlad ang bayan natin, lahat na ginagawa upang maayos pero may kanya kanyang interes tapos ang masama pa yung gumagawa ng mabuti upang maayos ang eleksiyon. kakalulngkot.

      • Coolegleg

        I agree…but you don’t need to sulk in one corner and lick your wounds… have to fight because these people in SC (bar none…maybe, Leonen) are shameless. What he is doing right now is good, except threatening to quit!

      • catherine sien

        siguro po mahirap din kayanin. gumagawa ng mabuti pero pinapahirapan.

    • sk2tk

      What?!? Full of IT???

      • Coolegleg

        Sorry if you don’t understand “Full of IT”…..”IT” means SHEEEEET…it’s an American lingo……not common in TAGLISH!

  • blade_29

    The COMELEC under Chair Sixto Brillantes is doing an excellent job in regulating the excesses of politicians and candidates during campaign and election time. I can see improvement in terms of the reduction of unnecessary campaign paraphernalia thrash as well as lengthy irritating media political ads. The reforms are good. This is a step towards being organized. Yet, the SC decisions are pulling us back into the old days of chaos and confusion where trapos dominate and thrive. This is frightening and threaten the recent progress that has been made.

    • catherine sien

      salamat po. kayo lang po siguro ang nakakaintindi.

    • Johnny

      Wag iboto si Cayetano para makaganti tayo.

    • magiting78

      Agree what an excellent reform but SC and corrupt politicians like Cayetano ruins these reforms…I hope Brilliantes would run in the Senate o 2016 so that he can initiate a constitutional reform that would limit the power of SC…

    • boldyak

      reforms without violating existing laws is a must….revise the law if needed to implement the reforms…good intentions are not enough…no one is above the law…

  • Horst Manure

    What happened to the separation of powers????

    • Benigno the Turd

      Pnoy buried that last impeachment.

  • boybakal

    Brillantes dismayed over SC ruling on political ads, threatens to quit,
    he would meet with President Benigno Aquino III if he should stay as Comelec chief.

    I thought the Comelec is an Independent Constitutional Body.
    Why this Brillantes will consult Pnoy if he should quit or stay.
    Then it is run by Pnoy and Commissioner.
    Just like De Lima, Brillantes does not want to be corrected, and making tantrums.

    Of all Brilliants, this Sixto Brillantes is Sinto sinto at sumbong sumbong baho tumbong.

    • catherine sien

      kayo lang po talaga ang magaling. kung kayo po nasa lugar nya. ano po ba ang gagawin ninyo?

  • buritos

    Dapat pala ang Supreme Court na ang mag patakbo ng eleksyon.
    Para pag may reklamo final agad ang disesyon.

    • catherine sien

      dapat na nga po. tutal, lahat naman ng gawin ng comelec ayaw nila.

    • teraytaray

      pwede! kaso nga pag nag final desisyon, final term na din yung naka upo.

  • berong es

    the answer is simple—the 1987 constitution is defective.too much democracy in the Philippines,the law is toothless and designed to serve the rich.kahit gaano kagagaling ang uupo sa gobyerno,hanggat ganyan ang constitution natin,walang mangyayari.

  • Rolly257

    Si Enrile merong bilyon, Si Erap, bilyonaryo din, gayundin si Binay…idagdag pa ang tulong ni Gloria at ng mga Marcos. Gaano karaming pera yan na hindi magagamit sa Radyo at TV advertisement. Kung isasali pa ang donasyon ng El Shaddai at ng sekta ni brother Eddie Villanueva…lalu na.
    Hindi kaya nabiyayaan ang Supreme Court dito??

    • catherine sien

      napagandang tanong po.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Itanong mo kay Marvic Leonen dahiil kasama siya sa majority vote.

  • superpilipinas

    TRO is a double-edged sword.

    The problem is not the sword. It is the one carrying it.

    The timing is so very suspicious. So much that Supreme Court is now put on a bad light or in a dark shadow.

  • Manuel_II

    Ang tagal naman mag resign nyan, mag resign ka na, i can assure you our government can fill your position in an instant. it’s not our loss. LOL

    • catherine sien

      opo. kayo na lang po. siguro po kayang kaya ninyo.

  • Eric

    why not have a TRO for the election so that there will be not election this may, or better still the SC run the election

    • catherine sien

      i agree po. SC na lang ang magpatakbo ng lahat sa pilipinas.

  • boybakal

    Airtime, advertisement, Team Patay tarpaulin are just paraphernalia of election campaign.
    Minor ruling, minor correction….this will not affect the election.
    What is important is….the people exercise the right of Suffrage and the people exercising their right to choose their leader.

    Enough of your tirade and threat…..Mr. Brilliantes.
    You….cry baby.

    • catherine sien

      yes po, enough na nga po. kaya nga po mag re-resign na di po ba? kayo na lang po ang magpatakbo kasama ng SC.

  • jinx

    I’m telling you this Supreme Court must have been revamped long time ago. It’s obvious majority of them are there for personal vendetta against this administration. They had showed solidarity with their erstwhile chief before his impeachment. Corona to them was Enrile to the Senate, a good benefactor. It didn’t help that a new SC Chief was appointed. If anything, the appointment of Sereno only created a deep chasm between the reformists and the traditionalists. It’s like adding insult to injury. So now, what do you expect these traditionalist judges do for the country? They would be happy to watch this country burn!

    • Benigno the Turd

      You mean Pnoy appointees Leonen and Reyes hate Sereno too! They voted FOR the TRO. epic fail on the facts noytard.

      • jinx

        Can’t you analyze simple English? I didn’t say all, but majority of these clowns. Critics like you need enema to the a=s.

      • Benigno the Turd

        why, did you enjoy your enema?

  • wawa2172

    Hey, Sixto you should have the best lawyers to defend your stand at the SC but it seems that your camp is not able to justify your actions when questioned by concern citizens in the higher court. I am sure that it was not the opposition who made the complain about airtime but some members of the Team PNoy because they have the machinery and resources. Why do you need to involved the president in your decision to resign. You have to decide for yourself at walang kinalaman si Simeon sa balak mong mag resign. Para kang si de Lima na nagtatago sa brief ni Noy. If the SC decided against the comelec order, it is because the SC is able to see some reason for it. Wala na bang pweding makialam sa comelec at ayaw mong mapag sabihan. The SC did its mandate to decide on the issue but kulang yata ang paliwanag mo sa SC. Kung ayaw mo na, e di mag resign ka na lang and leave the comelec to other commissioners. Recommend Padaca to replace you, gusto niya yan.

  • $26149191

    Philippine Supreme instead of resolving pending cases was there of decades. Their idiocy is to resolved another out business for stupidity.

  • mabyrik

    SC is telling the whole world that “Mess with me and you will feel my wrath”.

    Looks like SC is running the show, not only of the judiciary, but also of the executive, the of the legislative and even Comelec by issuing TRO left and right.

    Twister12 is correct. The majority of SC are against all kinds of reform. It looks like the majority of SC wanted to restore back the impunity during GMA’s time to spite Pnoy and Sereno discreetly telling them that they are the gods.

    I would suggest to Carpio, etal to choose among themselves who is going to replace Brillantes since they think they know better in running an election.

    Better still, they should also choose among themselves who can be the commander -in-chief, the new SP and the new speaker of the house since they the gods (sarcasm).

    • catherine sien

      a very good suggestion. they might as well run the whole country. they think they are the gods.

    • speaksoftlylove

      So Marvic Leonen, an appointtee of PNoy, “wanted to restore back the impunity during GMA’S time”?

      • mabyrik

        maybe. he is now part of the Mafia, in all probability, he absorbs the venom in just few months.

      • boldyak

        why not just say that SC decision is against what you want…if it decides against your will, it is corrupted?…do you have the monopoly to know what is right?…

  • jga94

    I actually think Brillantes is what Comelec sorely needs–someone who is not afraid to institute reforms.I am with Brillantes with most of the reforms he has tried introducing including limiting TV ads in the elections and the disqualification of certain partylists….

    Hindi pwedeng status quo na lang parati….ang hirap nitong SC marami sa kanila ayaw ata ng pagbabago…..

    • catherine sien

      sinabi po ninyo. kaya po nakakalungkot. kaya po hindi na tayo umasenso. puro makasarili lahat. gusto man po ni mr. chairman patakbuhin ng maayos ang eleksyon at ang comelec, siya pa po ang inaatake at hinahadlangan po ng may mga interest. .

    • sanjuan683

      Kung ako si Brillantes magreresign na lang ako. Sarap ng walang kana iniintindi. Gusto kasi nila mga ads na puro kasinungalinga, puro bola, lalo na si Hanep galing ang bola niya trabaho daw. Iilan lang yan, ni hindi umunlad ang bansa sa kaunti trabaho nilikha mo pangmatagalan ba yan. May retirement pay ba yan nabigyan mo ng trabaho. Baka ngayon lang may trabaho ang mga iyan dahil election. Hanep ka talaga mambola. Ito naman si Angara libre edukasyon may magpapamatay ba estudiente kung libre ang edukasyon. Wala ako nakita totoo ads ng mga pulitiko purong panloloko sa taong bayan. Mabuti DE REMOTE CONTROL ang TV ko kapag nakikita ko mga mukha ng mga halimaw na pulitiko tulad ni Abnoy, Angara, Magsaysay Jr, Bam, Cheat, Enrile, Erap, Loren, Grace Poenga, Hontiveros, Cayetano at si bansot Hanep nilalagay ko agad sa MUTE o Lipat sa ibang TV stations. Nakakabuwisit makita ang mga mukha nila, nakasusuka sa totoo lang.

      • Mamang Pulis

        sino si HANEP?

  • gisingpinas

    the more airtime for candidates the more money for the networks. BIR abangan malaking kikitain ng GMA7 ngayong taon.

  • boybakal

    What’s wrong in Airtime….more airtime, more money.
    Anyway, airtime does not mean votes….people’s vote matters not airtime.
    Cry Baby….Briliiantes…act according to your age.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Unfortunately, there is no need to question the obvious. This is a supreme court no better than the catholic church ayatollahs. Both seems to have this heart driven stake it is their word or none at all. This is why as a country, with all these distraction coming from all sides of the box at times with callous impunity, you would think it must be the reason there are some of us who chooses to join the ranks of those in the mountains.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Si Marvic Leonen pala kasama sa “no better than the catholic ayatollahs” dahil kasama siya sa majority na bumoto?

  • scconcern

    As long as the judicial system is ELITIST, the country will never have peace and fair playing grounds. They amongst lawyers will conspire, broker and fix cases based on considerations.

    NOW IS THE TIME TO OVERHAUL THE WHOLE SYSTEM TO A DEMOCRATIC COURT. The citizenry will be participant in judgement, not buy a single lawyer. Time to try the jury system, were written law are not judge as-is but by its context for justice.

    SC should not involve itself on minor case and should follow the protocol of courts; lower courts, appeal court and final w/finality the SC.

    Justice is the foundation of nation building. Unjustice is the source of upheavals, revolution and reform.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Oh come on Brillantes, you are completing the zarzuela by using the Supreme Court as a convenient excuse, right?

    Is quitting now prevents you from the blame of the certain consequence of failure of elections owing to your insistence of the hocus PCOS machines? Ang dami mong drama but I am not one of those who will be hoodwinked by your “veiled concerns.” You are part and parcel of the problem pervading this nation and that’s the bottom line. Surely, quitting now will never exculpate you from the huge charade that will bring this coming elections to an unprecedented failure and chaos..

  • Mamang Pulis

    tama ka mang sixto—bakit pa? pinapagod mo pa sarili mo–at pag nag retire ka na –akala mo matatahimik ka na? HINDI! hahabulin ka pa at ikaw pa ang ididiin….kaya maganda ay magbitiw k an alang—anjan naman si padaca.


    • speaksoftlylove

      Nilalampaso na kasi ang Team Malisya, kaya kailangang may bagong drama. Di na maitago na nagangamote sila. Tingnan ninyo merong news blackout yong overseas voting. Dati rati ang bilisbilis ng “exit poll” ng abs cbn pero ngayon wala. Alam nyo na kung bakit. Tapos ito may drama na, mukhang magkakalutuan talaga which I predicted noon pa man. At si Sixto ay mukhang umiiwas pusoy ang kumag.

      • Ellee R. Bullo

        ha? may exit poll dati para sa oav?… owssss di nga?… sino me sabi may news black out eh halos araw araw laman ng balita ang oav..

  • tonyoks

    i have a strong spidey sensation that the remnants of the Arroyo/Corona tandem of corruption and punity still rule “in banc” and are out to get their revenge….one way or another….

    • speaksoftlylove

      Si Marvic Leonen na kasama sa bumoto ng majority ay isa sa “remnants of the Arroyo/Corona tandem of corruption”?

      “I have a strong spidey sensation” that you are ignorant or did not understand the voting “one way or another..,,”

  • Mita

    Majority of SC justices are still Arroyo appointees who block reforms and hinder progress. Kiss FDIs and a fair judiciary goodbye if these biased justices remain. The next Congress can do us a favor by impeaching them.

    • Benigno the Turd

      Yeah. But Pnoy appointees Leonen and Reyes voted AGAINST COMELEC. biased at corrupt din sila based on your comment?

  • farmerpo

    As xCJ Panganiban said. SC is the most powerful court in the world. And so it goes. Even its mistakes becomes law. Live with them or prepare another round of impeachment proceedings. The Justices need Depend to avoid stinking up the SC…

  • KappaPhiPhi

    as long the comelec can monitor the candidates’ expenses and make sure they do not go beyond the limit, there will be no problem. kaya lang, better said than done. ang prime time at abs cbn is already resered for the admin’s candidates.

  • Amador Amor

    The Phil. is the only country where TRO’S are issued so often. Never heard of TRO here in the US nor in other countries. The SC adds up to the backward progress of the nation because most of the justices are remnants of the Arroyo administration. The CO MELEC is doing fine until the SC intervenes due to he lobbying of powerful politicians.

  • Mr Moonlight

    It appears to be that way, the Supreme Court is not called supreme fr nothing, if someone petitioned the Supreme Court to abolish the office of the President more than likely it will be entertained by these “bright” supreme court justices mostly appointed by GMA
    This s a nation of TROs
    Only in the Philippines, folks

  • Mr Moonlight

    impeach the current supreme court justices
    check out their lifestyles

  • AntiAko

    Simple lang ang solusyon para di na tayo magkagulo: dapat lahat ng desisyon ng mga government agencies na may kinalaman sa reform ay pabasbasan muna at paaprubahan ng Supreme Court. Tutal sila din naman ang masusunod eh mas mainam nang desisyonan muna nila para wala nang gusot kung gusto nila. Di ba?

  • speaksoftlylove

    I wonder why this issue is being emphasized when Brillantes can not do anything about it. The SC Resolutions must be respected and followed to the letter no matter how reasonable your reservations are. My suggestion to Brillantes is just move on and perform his mandated duties. Do not act like a copycat of Delima.

    In fairness to Brillantes, he tackled the issue of political surveys. If one must support Brillantes then his pronouncement in this issue should be highlighted instead of this SC resolutions. Brillantes assured to compel SWS and Pulse Asia to reveal to disclose the identities of their subscribers. He said that, “We feel that they have to disclose and we shall order them to disclose. And if they do not, then we will probably prosecute them for violation (of the law),” he said, noting that they have enough legal reason to
    compel the survey firms as provided by the Fair Election Act and Comelec
    Resolution 9615.

    The law states that “during the election period, any person, natural as well as juridical, candidate or organization who publishes a survey must publish the name of the person, candidate, party or organization, which commissioned or paid for the survey”.
    Violation of election laws constitutes election offense cases, which carries a
    penalty of one to six years imprisonment, removal of right to vote, and
    disqualification from public office. He further added that, “Can you just imagine if the main source of the survey are political
    party and candidates? Of course, there will be a question mark on the
    surveys’ voter preference.”

    In this issue, I fully support Brillantes.

  • padrefaura

    tindi sa drama ni lolo. parang hindi obvious kasi na election operator naman si brillantes noon, ngayon at magpakailanman.

  • watsupdoc

    Relative to the Comelec’s problem practically any thing the lower courts decide can be elevated to the Supreme Court, courtesy of the Cory Constitution which P-noy refuses to agree with Congress to amend it. Now you have TROs every time there is some disgruntled losing bidder in a government project that slows down implementation and drives out investors.

  • Noypi11

    What will you expect from a Supreme Court the majority of which was appointed by a corrupt GMA administration?

    • Benigno the Turd

      Leonen and Reyes, two Pnoy appointees voted against COMELEC. they corrupt too? There goes that theory.


    SC is running not only th COMELEC but the ENTIRE COUNTRY!

    Privatize SC!

  • $20926843

    Why blame the SC in intervening to the actions of the COMELEC? The actions of the SC is within their powers being a justiciable issue as provided for in the 1987 CURSED cory constitution. Blame it on the yellow horde commissioners in the constitutional commission commissioned by the inconsequential and accidental clueless late president cory aquino who in their effort to prevent kuno a repeat of the indifferent SC during the much vilified Marcos administration, expanded the powers of the present SC to include even mundane issues that they have defined as justiciable issues. So the country is suffering now from this chaotic experimentation brought about by this cursed legacy from the aquinos and being continued by the heir who is now sitting as the inutile and autistic president!

  • Galit_bird_ko

    Brillantes himself showed lack of delicadeza when he attended the birthday party of one of the Estradas.
    No wonder, u ruled descision in favor of Erap!
    Geeeez! Quit now! Pa iyak iyak kapa!

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      anu kinalaman ng comment mo sa news sa itaas? pakiexplain naman at baka mahina lang utak ko talaga.

      • Galit_bird_ko

        Kulang cya ng leadership! Kupal!
        Gmaworstpresident! Kumag!

      • catherine sien

        wala ngang kinalaman. mali ang logic po. judgemental pa.

      • Galit_bird_ko

        I was just trying to picture out, what kind of chairman do we have. Walang delicadeza!
        Briliantes, he’s judgemental too, w/ SC, because SC was just rectifying his rules~! logic kapa! pag-uutugin ko ulo nyo ni Gmaworstpresident eh!

      • gmaisthebestpresident

        at least alam ko na ikaw pala ang mahina ang utak kaya kung anu anu lumalabas sa comment mo. masaya na ko. at naniniwala din ako na gmaistheworstpresident.

  • motorcyclemama

    Bakit walang Pinoy na unstable ang nag aattempt puntahan ang SC at magpasabog para mapalitan lahat ang mga yan? Para silang nakakalalake ah.

  • Ric Atencia

    Commissioner Brillantes, you have been doing a good job! If the highest court will always preclude you doing your job, it is honorable to leave now than being bombarded by reversal after reversal of any of your good resolutions. People know that the Commission is supposed to be an independent body and has the mandate to do what you are doing, but if the Supreme Court will always intervene, even when your resolutions are for the general good of the Republic, then we have (and you) have a much bigger problems to faced with mandates that are unclear. Commission Brillantes, in my opinion, based on your performance, you have done well. It will be futile to be heading an independent body which could not do its duty, even small reforms, because another body would always intervene. It is too messy indeed and I could not blame you Commissioner Brillantes for your frustration. You’ve done well!

    • catherine sien

      salamat din po mr. karding markiss. tama po ang mga sinasabi ninyo. ako po, nagbabasa lang po ng press releases pero nakikita ko po ang noble intentions ng ating si mr. chairman at ang iba pang commissioners. paano na tayo uunlad kung ang mga maayos ang ginagawa e pinahihirapan pa lalo? wala naman po silang nakukuha kung di makatulong lang sa bayan. sa tanda na po ni mr. chairman, hindi naman po siya siguro nangagailangan pa. talaga lang gumagawa lang ng mabuti para sa bayan. hwag po kayong umalis chairman po.

  • Joseph Tesoro

    It’s hard to study law and be the one of the highest justices of the land isn’t it? It takes many years to study before you can deliver justice to people.

  • Albert Einstien

    PNOY my ADVICE to you ..huwag mo PAKAWALAN si brilliantes, tolentino at de lima……kahit GUSTO nila UMALIS…pag umalis mga yan WALA na kwenta ang gobyerno ….sila lang ang TUNAY na NAGTRATRABAHO ng TAMA… iba INCOMPETENT na at NOYNOYING DIN…!

    • catherine sien

      wow! this is the first and really very sensible comment in this page. salamat po mr. albert einstien. kung sino nga po ang mga nagtatrabaho ng hindi para sarili at para sa bayan, yon nga po ang pinahihirapan. ang SC po napakadami ng hindi tamang ginagawa, isa na po yung mga reverses. bakit po nag re-reverse? may mga pressure po ba upang i- reverse?

  • azkal futbol

    purge the supreme court of non-performing, biased and senile justices

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Tanggalin na lang ang batas na TRO walang silbi to o kaya mas mainam tanggalin na ang Supreme court ginawa lang yan para sa mga Elitista at para sa mga magnanakaw.

  • Belinda Belle

    That’s how Philippine politics works. When you introduce reforms, you create enemies. We tell our constituents to excel and yet our system sucks.
    If we must aim for excellence, we must also support it by a system conducive to reforms and changes.

    We are anti-reforms, well, we can all go to wasteland.

    • catherine sien

      thank you po. this is exactly my point. the person or persons trying to help this country, its institutions and the wrong systems are the ones being shot down. very sad. how can our country progress this way. only the rich, the powerful can get their way.

      • Jane Tan

        i think you mean “only the rich, the powerful and the Church can get their way”

      • catherine sien

        no, i meant the rich and the powerful. i did not mean the Church. the church is only doing its duty to guide its flock and they are not getting their way. as you can see overwhelmed na ang Church but it cannot crumble. it will never crumble. it is instituted by Christ Himself.

      • marionics

        never is such a long time

  • tarikan

    Hindi ako lalaban ng chess sa ibang SC Asso. Justices. Urong-sulong sila eh laging panalo. Dapat “touch move”. Pag na touch mo envelop (maraming laman hehe) dapat move na…now na!

  • Aisa Pangdan

    Mr. Brillantes must abide by the Supreme Court orders. He cannot just release orders that are against the Constitution. Unlike Mr Brillantes who covers up his commissioners about a Diamond Hotel incident on “pili nuts” – the Supreme Court’s decision must be respected – be it in his favor, or against his will. There is a process for reforms but law and order must not be sacrificed.

    • catherine sien

      who said anything about the chairman releasing orders vs. the constitution? who said anything about him sacrificing law and order. siguro po hwag naman natin i-judge. pag may claim po kayo sana po i prove ninyo muna. what he is saying is that he is instituting reforms and we see that he has been doing that – purging the party list, being consistent in rules to be followed about campaign tarp sizes, being fair in air time, limiting it so that others who are not as rich can also make use of it. and yet the SC, who keeps on reversing their decisions, shoots down all the good endeavors.

    • Jane Tan

      Ano, freedom of expression nanaman? What if someone were to walk-up to a TV camera and call each of the SC judges, by name, as stupid? You don’t think they’d issue a court order for your arrest?

  • Eileen Marasigan

    It is the law that runs COMELEC, it gives them authority and at the same
    time limitation,, petitioners saw either excesses or
    deficiencies,,,,the SC determines if indeed there are excesses or
    deficiencies,,,,in the case of COMELEC, it seems meron sila either
    excesses/shortcomings in the eyes of SC thus the ruling,,,, so it is
    wrong to say that SC is running the election, they are just doing their
    job,,, COMELEC should also do their job maybe in a more judicious
    manner,,, just an opinion!

  • Jane Tan

    Frankly, Brillantes should start looking for a successor. But, I will agree with him that, for the last few months, the SC has been pushing its weight around.

  • honest man

    These justices are still loyal to GMA. They’ll make it hard to make reforms. Masyado nang nag pa power grabbing.

    • Benigno the Turd

      you mean Pnoy appointees who voted for the TRO like Leonen and Reyes are loyal to GMA and are conspiring to do a power grab?

      • honest man

        You know the answer, don’t you?

      • Benigno the Turd

        It’s in the article, if you bothered to read and understand it before firing off your comment.

  • RyanE

    I guess SC has become the instrument of the rich and powerful, including the RC church. There are lots of pending issues that need SC intervention and action to serve justice to the poor but this institution opted instead to first resolve issues serving the interests of the rich politicians, big media and the church.

    High time to review and amend the constitution and curtail the powers of the SC because it is now abusing such powers.

    • Pinaslover

      Sus dinamay po ang RC church.

  • Maximumaries

    Corruption is not just at the Government level but even at the private level!!You could just imagine even ABS, GMA 7 and TV 5 complained about the restriction given by the COMELEC on Air time usage by politician!!Ano ang pikialam nila doon?Porki affected ang business nila?Sino pa ba ang pwede magdeciplina sa atin when the Government is too short in doing and now private institution is now doing the same?Oh my GOD ano na ba ang mangyayari ng bayan kong Minamahal?Ano naman kaya ang mangyayari ng pinas after PNOY’s term? Back to square one ulit? Truly “Sickman of Asia” tayo forever dahil sa mga GANID na mga Politicians!!!

  • 2rey3

    Chairman Brillantes committed a most grievous error when he said that perhaps he will see the President due to these reversals the COMELEC is receiving from the Supreme Court. Does this mean that he is taking orders from the President when COMELEC is a constitutional body in charge of elections where the President has his own favored candidates?? The cat is now out!! Many more important matters have to be resolved by the COMELEC foremost of which is the possibility of not getting from Dominion the all important source code. In this score yes Chairman Brillantes should resign immediately!!!

    • indiosbravos2002

      I think he is going to the President to seek his replacement. Sino ba nag-aapoint sa Comelec? Ikaw? Hahaha

      • catherine sien

        correct po indiosbravos. yung reynaldo quijada parang walang alam…

    • Ozamis7

      Ang galing galing mong mag english pero hindi mo naintindihan yong binabasa mo sa itaas…para tape recorder…

  • Noriel Bernabe

    It is indeed shocking that a practicing lawyer like Brillantes acted like fool when he questioned if it is the SC that runs the COMELEC. Apparently, he knows that answer to his question. As a Lawyer, he also understand the essence of a TRO and he should not have questioned it.

    Brillantes is acting like a legal-ignoramus like Leila De Lima. Mr. Chairman, perhaps you can start by asking the right questions the way good lawyers do. Be objective and be fair with your words please. You’re a COMELEC Chariman, please give some respect to your position. Stop acting like that brat in Malacanang.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Are you a lawyer? because you sound like one. You remind me of those brainwashed lawyers who would not want to go against Corona or the SC because their training says so. Pity.

  • Mang Teban

    It must be totally frustrating for the Comelec Chairman to be besieged by a reversal of his decisions by the Supreme Court in the heat of the electoral campaign period and calls for him to back down or follow the SC order no matter what.

    In the Philippines, the candidates rely mainly on promoting their best angle on photos and all the political gimmickry, from television/radio commercials to catchy jingles to bouncy loud drumming to distributing personal souvenirs to using celebrities (and columnists) to endorse them. The contention of media (e.g, TV networks) that the cost of these promotional activities goes down when the ads are repeated frequently is self-serving for the suppliers. On the other hand, the Comelec wanted to limit the airtime precisely to lessen the TOTAL EXPENDITURES by the candidates that translates to the “uneven playing field” where only the rich and well-funded can afford while the less-financially supported candidate cannot. So, when Alan Peter Cayetano argues that there is “leveling of the playing field”, he is erroneously putting the less-moneyed candidates to a disadvantage.

    What voters need to know about candidates are the essential things. When we watch political ads like the one whose main star is P-Noy, we only get disappointed. We see each candidate, from both coalition parties, promising like they are all running for presidents. Senators, for one, are only to MAKE LAWS, not to implement them. Instead, almost nothing about their exposure in public administration, if there is one, or relevant work experience that would qualify them for the position being sought for, or similar criteria based on the candidates’ past accomplishments.

    Comelec Chair Brillantes should get out of this circus where the Supreme Court has gone too far in frustrating electoral reforms we direly need in complete tandem with the wishes of the sitting, and always intervening, president. P-Noy campaigns like it is a matter of life and death that his candidates MUST WIN. So, what if the Senate will be consisting of a mix of winners from different political persuasions? We are in a democracy, are we not? Gone are the days of the Marcos-rubber stamp KBL…are they not?

    • catherine sien

      very well said po.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Wrong premise Mr. Brillantes. The supreme court do not rule Comelec. The Philippine supreme court rules the country.

  • patrickinca

    Our judicial branch are INUTILES, our legislative branch are INUTILES and also is our executive branch. God help us!!!!

  • Mario_Garcia

    For our country’s sake, please let Chairman Brillantes finish his job according to his vision of reform in the COMELEC.

  • Albert Einstien

    if brilliantes will RESIGN..there will be FAILURE of ELECTIONs failure of election is FAILURE of GOVERNANCE…failure of governance…is CHAOS…!

  • jose_rizal11

    assasinate all corrupt justices!!! kong sagabal sa tamang landas patayin nakakapagod na bansa natin urong sulong kdalasan paurong pa!!!

  • teraytaray

    Comm Brillantes, matagal ko na din tinatanong sa sarili ko yan. Ano bang kalokohan yung me nag protesta, inaksyonan ng Comelec tapos yung resulta ng desisyon ng Comelec pag hindi nagustuhan ng kung sino man ang hindi pabor sa desisyon, iaakyat sa SC. Ang gagawin naman ng mga SC judges maglalabas ng desisyon kung kelan patapos na ang term nung nakaupo. Kaya ang pangalawang question is what is the point? Pati mga taurpalin at adverts pinakikialaman. Hindi ba busy ang mga SC judges natin?

  • maximus_meridius

    This Brillantes character is a stupid megalomaniac.

    • catherine sien

      ooops. alam po ba ninyo ang ibig sabihin ng megalomaniac? at kayo po siguro hindi stupid di po ba?

  • magiting78

    Poor Commelec…kung kailan gumaganda ang usad at performance saka naman may mga ganitong order anf SC…SC takbuhan ng mga corrupt at gung gung n pulitiko like Cayetano…

  • felix1959

    ano pa nga ba ang aasahan sa supreme court na yan kundi kumontra sa reporma, palitan ang mga corrupt sa SC!

  • boldyak

    Mr. Brillantes, SC interprets the law…which you maybe violating…if your interpretation of the law is questioned, SC will interpret it for you…

    • catherine sien

      mr. boldyak. ang laki po ng galit ninyo sa comelec. bakit po kaya? halos lahat dito ang question nila ay tungkol sa SC pero kayo palaging comelec ang may diperensiya. tsk tsk tsk. paano na violate ang law? gumagawa nga ng paraan para gumanda ang sistema at puro fair. may problem yata kayo mr. boldyak.

      • boldyak

        hindi ako galit sa comelec…nagtataka lang ako bakit ang comelec galit sa SC, bakit kinikwestion ng comelec ang decision at nagtatanong kung SC ba ang nagpapatakbo ng comelec? di dapat itanong yan dahil sabi ko nga ang SC only interprets the law…

  • Benigno the Turd

    its funny how noytards say bad things about the SC justices but ignores the glaring fact that two Pnoy appointees voted to grant the petition filed by a candidate of Team Pnoy.

  • jack_bagbaga2011

    SC has decided, file an MR brillantes, you can’t get favorable decision from the media. lalabas lang na sourgraping ka. parehas lang kayo ng amo na inagawan na naman ng lollipop at naglulupasay sa sama ng loob

  • Jocken Dano

    well, the old man seems right. lahat na lang pinapakialaman ng SC, ok lang sana kung yong mga decisions which involves life and death pero itong mga maliliit na bagay parang atang naging bario council itong SC natin . . .

  • Joe Chua

    The SC is elitist most of their decisions supports the elite, the powerful,and the wealthy. The SC should be privatized, because of their decisions so that the people would no longer wander.
    The anti-dynasty petition before the court was acted upon in favor of the political dynasty, in spite of a quarter of century that the enabling law was not pass upon by congress. Because of fear their relatives in congress and high office might remove them from office, Now the comelec ruling that would make the political theater fair to all candidates was overruled by SC.The rich partylist that was removed from the list of candidates in this election were reinstated by SC, The numerous set back experienced by the comelec is ruining the independent constitutional body. The comelec should resign en banc, so that SC maybe given a free hand to run run this election
    No body believe the SC anymore, people think they are corrupt and not the guardian of justice anymore.

  • boldyak

    are the TRO’s against the law?….has the supreme court don’t have the power to issue TRO’s?..if they have why are we questioning their TRO’s….is it because the TRO is against our wish?…is our wish more important than to have law and order?… if SC is abusing their power, impeach them…who is abusing their power, comelec or SC?…

  • Magsasaka

    Pukang nang supreme court yan, dapat dyan buwagin din, approved without thinking ang mga hinayupak

  • M_FLO


  • disqusted0fu

    Little do we know, Brillantes might just be creating a diversion because the Comelec still doesn’t have the source code for the PCOS machines up to now.

  • disqusted0fu

    This Aquino administration is so showbiz… full of drama and controversies. Stop complaining and just do your jobs. If the Comelec was efficient in doing their duties, maybe the SC doesn’t have to step in.

  • Manuel_II

    I-contempt na yan si Brillantes at ng masampolan. LOL

    • catherine sien

      ano ang kasalanan niya at pina ko contempt po ninyo?

  • Guest

    pakaalaman nga naman sc ang comelec, dapat sila na nga magpatakbo ng comelec..Takot at sunodsunoran sa mga politiko mga SC …justices

  • kilabot

    brillantes has 2 choices:
    1) accept sc decision and then quit;
    2) defy the sc. noykapon/delima do it always.
    if he chooses (1), padaca will become chairman for sure;
    the womanization of govt bureaucracy continues under noykapon.

  • Albert Einstien

    sa mga pnoy fans..alamin nyo kung ANO ang BOTO at gusto ni LEONEM gawin sa mga MAYAYAMANG PARTY-LIST….alamin nyo rin kung bakit HINDI pinakikinggan ni pnoy ang gustong reforma ni BRILLIANTES ….kumoNOY na DAAN…road to perdition…talaga……lol

  • rauloreto

    seems that SC gloria holdover appointees are sabotaging reforms and decisions. they are still in the majority hence their votes are putting the reforms ito disarray

  • eltee2012

    ……sabi ni Brilliantes..”ano kami?”,
    >>> sagot diyan …eh di appointed ni Nguyngoy sa COMELEC, natulad din ni Ma,L,A.
    Serano at ng ibang Justices na appointed ni Nguyngoy at dating PGMA sa Supreme

    >>>Ano COMELEC ? iyan ay mangasiwa ng halalan. Ano Supreme Court? I’m sure and I believe Mr. Brilliantes knew it noon pa man nag-aaral siya till he became a
    politician also.

    …..sabi pa ni Mr. Briiliantes…“I think their provisional authority to issue
    a TRO or an SQA is being used without really seeing all of the consequences.
    Every day we study (the elections) while different petitioners go (to the court),” he said.
    “When you issue a TRO and you don’t know the consequences, maybe it was not properly studied,” he added.

    >>>para kay Mr. Brilliantes at sa ibang mga tao katulad niya, may kasabihan sa abugasya at hukuman….’IT IS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW THAT NEEDS TO OR HAS TO BE PROVEN IN THE COURT…!!!!”

  • boybakal

    Sixto is a whiner.
    He is whining in media, in public to get sympathy.
    He is a lawyer, then present your case to SC. Show your wisdom on what you think is right.
    Hindi yan ngak ngak ng ngak.
    Whiner and old man cry baby….sign of senility.

    • catherine sien

      tatanda din po kayo…

  • Monsi Serrano

    No Chairman Brillantes. Supreme Court is not running the COMELEC, they just wanted to rectify your power tripping because you rocked the boat instead of just focusing on something important, like electoral reforms. You are publicity hungry and you want COMELEC to be your own playground doing all the whims and caprices to feed your bloated ego. The Supreme Court simply got a needle and pricked your ego that seems to bring you to Cloud 9. Now, BTR (Back To Reality), as you were as they say in military. You ought to stay where you are okay???

  • josh_alexei

    that is what you get if every Agency, Institution, Branch, or anyone knows not what he is doing…one thing, there is NO TESTS for any institution (for example, the Legislators, the Courts, the Policy Makers, to test their action or legislation, or policy or any proclamation if they can pass the Acid Test of propriety, legality and Constitutionality..Even the Highest Court of the Land, the SC can not tell the difference between the hole in the ground and their own holes …pathetic bunch of individuals

  • X44

    not Gods, only devils

  • X44

    brilliance lost courtesy of the SC

  • Ako_Hiking

    Is that a trick question?Because from the looks of things…maybe no one is really running the Comelec. Many campaign violators don’t receive any consequences for violations…the PCOS machine don’t work properly…and all the Comelec can do is give excuses and say they are undermanned. Then the President even tried to place a person with a poll sabotage past into the Comelec…so who honestly knows who is running the Comelec.

  • X44

    If the law doesn’t make things right, it is the problem.

  • Johnny

    Manong Brillantes wag po kayo quit kayo po nakita ko pinakamaayus na Comelec chairman kumabaga kayo na po. Keep up the good work and always do the right thing. Tapangan nyo lang yan.

  • Alberto Ansoc

    why don’t you ask the sc first and get a copy of their decission for you to know why they come up with that? kesa naman nag eemo ka dyan. kung talagang nasadaktan ka, well the door is widely open, uou can leave!

    • catherine sien


  • Charlemagne G. Lavina

    Don’t quit Comm. Brillantes. Maraming nagtitiwala sa yo.

  • eltee2012

    ni Brilliantes..”ano kami?”,

    >>>sagot diyan …eh di appointed ni Nguyngoy sa COMELEC, natulad din ni Ma,L,A.
    Serano at ng ibang Justices na appointed ni Nguyngoy at dating PGMA sa Supreme

    >>>Ano ang COMELEC ? iyan ay mangasiwa ng halalan. Ano ang Supreme Court?

    I’m sure Mr. Brilliantes knew it noon pa man nag-aaral siya till he became a
    politician also.

    …..sabi pa ni Mr. Briiliantes…“I think their provisional authority to issue
    a TRO or an SQA is being used without really seeing all of the consequences.
    Every day we study (the elections) while different petitioners go (to the court),” he said.
    “When you issue a TRO and you don’t know the consequences, maybe it was not
    properly studied,” he added.

    >>>para kay Mr. Brilliantes at ibang mga tao katulad niya, may kasabihan sa abugasya at hukuman….’IT IS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW THAT NEEDS TO OR HAS TO BE PROVEN IN THE COURT…!!!!”

  • pedro Bato

    The battleground between the forces of the government of President Noynoy and the real enemies of the Filipino people had been shifted from the jungles and mountains of Mindanao to the courts of law. . . the enemies of the people are no longer armed with armalites or AK-47 or rocket propelled grenades but. . . robes and attache cases . . .President Noynoy should now mobilize an army. . . an army of honest and brilliant lawyers . . and top notch graft investigators. . who will fight these new emerging enemies who are more dangerous, more greedy and more powerful. . .

  • Kamoteng Baging

    If you don’t like your job, quit. Acting like a petulant child and running to your mommy (PNoy) is unbecoming.

    Supreme Court is there for check and balance. They are doing their job, do yours.

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