No smooth ride for Aquino on UP elevated train


‘BUMPY RIDE’ FOR NOW President Aquino, Alliance Global Group chair Andrew Tan, Science Secretary Mario Montejo and UP president Alfredo Pascual ride the automated guideway transit on Monday, April 15, 2013, in UP Diliman. MALACAÑANG PHOTO BUREAU

HAPPY RIDERS University of the Philippines students were among the passengers during the demo ride. MARIANNE BERMUDEZ

Taking a break from his busy election-campaign itinerary, President Aquino on Monday tried out a locally developed monorail service now undergoing tests on the University of the Philippines campus in Quezon City, and found the ride bumpy.

Aquino took a brief ride on the sleek automated guideway transit (AGT), an elevated train system built by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) on the UP campus. It was a “demonstration run” intended to test the AGT for functionality.

After disembarking from the two-coach train with Science Secretary Mario Montejo, UP officials led by Chancellor Caesar Saloma and reporters, Aquino shared his experience with Montejo.

‘Wavy track’

“The President noticed that the ride was bumpy. He also noticed that the track was a bit wavy. He said this might scare off the passengers,” Montejo told reporters later.

Instead of steel wheels, the AGT runs on tires to reduce the noise. The DOST’s version of the monorail is capable of transporting up to 60 passengers from station to station.

Montejo said he assured the President that the kinks will be dealt with when the third prototype of the AGT becomes available.

“The third prototype will be more comfortable and the ride will be less harsh,” he said.

Montejo admitted that the AGT is a research and development effort in progress. The goal is to “perfect a local version” of a mass transit system, he said.

The AGT is emission-free and electrically driven, similar to monorails and other elevated light-rail transport systems in other countries.

The AGT, a joint project of the DOST and the UP, made its maiden run in December last year, nearly a year and a half after it was launched.

Tests till June

DEMO DRIVE A Department of Science and Technology engineer drives the automated guideway transit. MARIANNE BERMUDEZ

The DOST completed the AGT’s main components in November 2012, including the elevated track, coaches and power system. It remains in the testing stage until June.

The AGT’s elevated, 6.1-meter high, 465-meter-long track runs from the College of Fine Arts on E. Jacinto Street to C.P. Garcia Avenue.

At speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour, the trip takes less than five minutes.

The project costs P55 million, according to Montejo.

Its prototype in UP Diliman is being developed into a fully automated or “driverless people mover” by the DOST in consultation with UP experts.

It came two years after the President announced in his 2011 State of the Nation address to Congress a research and development collaboration between the DOST and the UP to produce a new “train system” for the country.

Larger version

A larger version of the AGT in Bicutan, Taguig City, is expected to be completed by the end of the year, Montejo said.

“This AGT is still a light version of the intended mass transport. The regular version is comparable to our present rail systems MRT and LRT, capable of carrying up to 120 passengers at 30 per coach,” he said.

Montejo said that the AGT could help ease traffic congestion in urban centers, and it could be replicated in other places in Metro Manila once the system is “perfected.”

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  • Pulis Na Pogi

    is this reinventing the wheel?

    • wawa2172

      Yes, the AGT runs on tires instead of steel. It solved the problem of noise but not the stability. European and Japanese trains uses steel as wheels and their trains are known to be the best in the world. Though AGT made an innovation using tires its might encounter problems on wet and greasy track dahil baka mag slide. In addition madaling masira ang rubberized tires kaysa steel. Anyway, AGT is a good research in progress. Ganito dapat ang research sa Pinas, more on technological innovation at hindi pang book shelves lamang. The country’s research must focus on mass transport, renewable energy source and waste conversion or disposal. Research on mining should be scrap and the industry should be keep smaller to prevent the destruction of the environment.

      • leop23

        hmm i multiple rubber tires ‘might’ provide stability. Maybe they have copied the idea from other countries that’s why they used rubber tires, or the weight of 60-120 people can be accommodated by the rubber tires? Anyway let’s hope for the best with this project…

      • Romeo Padre Orio

        cguro naman mas alam ng mga technical engineers yan anoh? puede ba mga pinoy, talk only on what you know! marunong pa kau sa mga experts sa project na yan!

      • Drillon Recto

        Kaya nga. Talangka mentality syempre pa.

      • Mamang Pulis

        talangka mentality ba yun nag tatanong?

        sa forum maraming ‘talkies’–kasi forum.

      • Mamang Pulis

        at 55million php price tag

        meron karapatan mag tanong lahat at mag usisa….

        at ang malupet na tanong—

        bakit pa?

      • huseng_batute

        Para may matutunan.

      • Mamang Pulis

        right–no arguments on that….sige sir at 55 million price tag–we are now pioneering our own version—which has been LIFTED FROM EXISTING PLANS…nice naman.:D

      • huseng_batute

        Build from an existing plan…. you learn how to build it… you learn new things while building it….. after its built you run it…. you see how it runs… study how it runs… find out what needs to be improved…. then you make an improved design…. build the next prototype…

        This, my friend is a common approach in research and development.

      • Mamang Pulis

        Right–no arguments on that. Having a technical background i can see your point. My next question is—how come it cost the Filipino taxpayers 55milion php?— we need transparency on how they have arrived on that cost…is it enough? is it too much? why not spend on existing railways?—is it practical to build that? how many passengers it can carry vs. the cost?

      • rajo

        tama ka kaka.

      • patukar

        Ganon talaga pagdating sa mga talkies ang mga pinoy mas magaling pa sa where credit is due. Lol!

      • wawa2172

        Engineer po ako and ive been to Europe and Japan kaya may alam po ako sa train nila, safe and ang efficient po. Anyway, I am supporting the government project on AGT. Magandang panimula po ito at magigina malaking tulong sa mass transport.

      • Drillon Recto

        Yes steel wheels if the the goal is high-speed (less friction). Kung hindi naman rubber wheels are safer and cheap.

    • oh_noh

      literally, yeah… instead of steel, they use tires :)

    • Romeo Padre Orio

      ayan na naman eh. r u going to depend on foreigners for all ur needs forever? there is nothing x re-inventing for strategic purposes. y not? d tama na porque available sa divisoria o ayala eh wag nang gumawa. dapat gumawa ng mas maganda at mas mahusay….

    • huseng_batute

      Yes, they are reinventing the wheel. Inventing a wheel than can be manufactured locally, by local manpower. And generating local jobs.

      Do you think the same wheel that was invented thousands of years ago can be used for today’s cars?

  • farmerpo

    Why reinvent the wheel? Copy it and improve on it. High tech na tayo, you don;t invent what is already available, just improve on it. DOST pa mandin. Tingnan kung paano function ng stabilizers and shock absorbers para alang ‘air pocket turbulence’ and hindi maalon, he he…

    • leop23

      air pocket turbulence? teka hindi ba sa pag lumilipad lang eroplano may ganun

    • Drillon Recto


    • Mamang Pulis

      very relevant..bakit pa?

    • rajo

      baka kelangan usisain ang pagkakagawa ng “rail” din?

      ang gulong at suspensyon ay maayos kung ang daan ay patag at hindi bako-bako.

      tingnan ang pagkakawaga ng “riles” at malamang sub-standard ito.

  • mangtom

    I don’t understand: DOST engineer drives a automated guideway transit. Kung kailangan ang driver, di hindi automated. I am not trying to be facetious and flippant.

    Introduction of such mode of transportation will certainly contribute tremendously in decongesting our urban roadways. Let’s get on with it.

    • Drillon Recto

      Root words? “being developed”. The prototype is being developed to be an AGT.

  • Stun Black

    Magandang idea yang mga reverse engineering projects. Dyan yumaman ang Japan, South Korea, Singapore at China. Wala kasing lakas ng loob ang gobyerno dito na mag-invest sa mga unibersidad. Ang alam lang weteng, casino at lotto.

    • rlo

      I don’t think it’s about lakas ng loob. It’s just that 3 whole generations of Filipinos were brought up to believe that “imported” is better and “local” is bad quality thus we all don’t believe in ourselves not just the government. I remember a DOST during the Cory years saying on TV that it was difficult to support alternative fuels because what will happen to the oil workers/companies? Had he said that we were not able to invest in it for lack of funds or know-how that would’ve been much better.

      • Carol Lee

        sa totoo lang magaganda ang ating mga products pero with low quality. Bumili ako ng sandals made in the Philippines, maganda so nagustuhan ko at ginamit ko agad. Unang suot ko nasira agad ang straps ng sandals.
        What an embarrassing situation, pauwi ako naka paa, meaning barefoot.

      • leop23

        hehe hindi kaya ‘made in china’ nabili mo? flooded kasi tayo ng chinese products… :)

    • Drillon Recto

      Syempre easy ROI. Easy money.

      • kismaytami

        Kelan ba naging for the service of the Filipino people ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas?

    • turkak

      tama ka at saka yung bumpy ride tama lang sa kanya yun yan din naman ang napala natin sa administration ni Abnoy panot. 3 Taon na bumpy ride

      • Ramil Abalon

        bakit ano ba ang expected mo… good as better…???? man 4 years si obama humihingi pa ng extension dahil di kaya ayusin eh..look si gloria isang dekada ni isang AGT wala… ni isang barko pandigma wala…. ang mayroon lang helicopter…re-sale lang may corruption pa….ganyan dapat itanong mo kay gloria hindi kay pnoy…

      • Carol Lee

        Excuse me, project yaan ni GMA, ngayon lang na implement. Aakuin na naman ni abnoy.
        ang call centers all over the Philippines for wider employment, it was only GMA who was able to initiate and ask the foreigners to invest here. Up to this time, libo libo nakikinabang na employed sa mga call centers, hindi project ni pwenoy yaan.

      • Ramil Abalon

        responsibility ni gloria bilang presidente na gawin nyan…at kahit hindi si gloria ang presidente papasok at papasok ang mga yan sa PH…kaya walang new dyan

      • boldyak

        so anong project ngayon na nakinabang ang bayan sa admin ngayon?…

      • kgd_tdp

        “Add the wasteful P45 billion CCT dole-outs” which every taxpayer is burdened to pay sabi ni murton… tingin mo.. ilan nakinabang? :)

      • dannyflorencio

        WALA. parang congress yan , walang nagawang batas si Panot nung congressman siya, ganun din sa senado. Talo pa siya ng mangmang na si Lito Lapid.

      • INQ_reader

        “…The AGT…made its maiden run in December last year, nearly a year and a half after it was launched…”

        Dec 2012 minus 1.5 yrs = June 2011. Si PNoy na ang presidente noon, di ba?

      • dannyflorencio

        correct na correct ang banat mo carol. Ang isang inutil na tao ay magaling lang angkinin ang tagumpay ng iba. Ngak ng ngak na kurap si GMA di naman maipakulong hangang ngayon wala pa rin mapatunayan sa korte.

      • boldyak

        hahaha…nagkompara na naman…uytakj talangka talaga,….kailangan may hatakin para tumaas…

      • dannyflorencio

        tanga mo ! World Bank naglabas ng finding bakit walang foreign investors sa bansa – mas kurap daw ngayon kesa sa nakaraang administrsyon kaya walang foreign investment na pumapasok bagkus madami pang investors na nasa loob na lumalabas. Di lang kurapsyon ang problema ng mga foreign investors pag dating sa pilipinas ang pinakamalaking problema nila ay yung laking sira ng ulo ni Abnoy panot. Isipin mo kumain ng hotdog sa bangketa ng New York at pinagyabang sa mga pilipino na matipid daw siya kumpara kay GMA na kumain ng halagang 1 million sa restaurant sa parehong lugar. Ok lang kumain si GMA sa mamahaling resto nag-uwi naman ng foreign investment na 2 call centers na nagbigay ng job sa mga pilipino. Si panot nagtipid nga wala naman dalang investors kundi kwento na mahilig daw ang mga kano sa buko. Aanuhin nang pilipino ang kwento mo panot para kang character sa Batibot. Bakliw ka talaga ! bakla na baliw pa !!!! Asan na yung 35 dambuhalang kumpanya na nakikipag-usap sa iyo ng nagpunta ka sa Davos Switzerland na pinagyayabang mo ? malamang natuklasan na nila na bakliw ka kaya umayaw na.
        asan na ung pinagyayabang mo Abnoy na by 2013 ay rice sufficient na ang bansa ? bakit nag-import na naman tayo sa Asean neighbors natin ng bigas ? Isa kang Bakliwsin Noynoy abnoy ! bakla baliw sinungaling na tao.

      • axe musk

        Kampon ka siguro ni Gloria Arroyo or UNA??? Can you enumerate what have you done “good” to help our country???

      • Carol Lee

        sino ka para sabihin ko.ang nagawa ko sa bayan. Let us put it this way, I am not rich but I have been sending quite a few indigent but intelligent students to school. 2 already graduated from college. I never asked for return, just help their siblings to school. Isa yaan sa nagawa ko, so stop asking kasi ewan ko saiyo kung may nagawa ka na..Hindi ako voter, ang alam ko hindi si GMA ang corrupt but siguro yoong asawa niya. Wala silang worth billion of pesos na properties, kasi documented yaan, I do not like Mike, he destroyed GMA.

      • dannyflorencio

        kampon ka siguro ng isang baliw sa Malacanang Axe musk ?

    • $14141131

      Add the wasteful P45 billion CCT dole-outs which every taxpayer is burdened to pay.

      • Carol Lee

        very wasteful, and unaccountable. siguradong daming kurakot sa DSWD.

    • kgd_tdp

      maybe wasteful for you .. but for the thousand families/beneficiaries.. a direct benefits from the government.. so stop crying about CCT… hehehe

  • divictes

    A driverless train, on rubber tyres,on an elevated rail, who’s going to change a flat tyre?

    • Pulis Na Pogi

      hahaha. ayos a…

    • big dawg

      it’s a result of a brilliant mind. if oyu’ve traveled to other countries, you’ll see it common.

    • Mamang Pulis

      naitanong ko rin yan….paano nga ba–pasensya na ha at tangke dinadrayb ko dito :D

    • Pinaslover

      Sa Dubai, driverless train on an elevated trail..pero steel ata yung mga gulong nun. Don’t know about rubber tyres siguro dun sa ibang bansa gaya ng sabi ni big dawg

      • Ellee R. Bullo

        saan sa dubai may driverless train? kasi ang alam ko 2 lang ang train sa dubai eh, i mean 2 ung red line at green line..

      • Pinaslover

        Yung metro train dito sa dubai ay automatic at walang driver. Sumakay ka sa train kung andito ka at silipin mo walang nagmamaneho. Yung green line at red lines ay route ng trains.

  • mangtom

    Does rubberized or rubber tire necessarily mean tire with air? Could it mean solid, no-air tire? These details should have been provided in the report.

    • 1voxPopuli

      i hope its solid rubber tires. just imagine it going flat in the middle of the tracks.

      plus i also dont see any escape doors – what happens when it catches fire? it being fully electrical, chances are high.

      • Drillon Recto

        Have you seen an electric train caught fire?

      • 1voxPopuli

        i dont know where to start? you mean in the philippines or overseas? MRT or LRT?

        Nov 3 2012 MRT catches fire
        Feb 13 2013 Singapore MRT catches fire
        Sep 15 2011 Indonesian Electric train catches fire

      • mfdo

        in Singapore, MRT didn’t catch fire. Some wire short circuited and immediately the system went to safety mode and all were evac’d. And there are regular drills to verify the safety of the evac process itself. Give some credit to the DOST people. Though they should have done some JV, like in Singapore the LRT was developed with Bombardier for one project and Mitsubishi for another – fast forwarded the Development time frame. Most signalling kit and all were locally developed. It is better to JV than go 100% local and spend 10 years and by the time you go live, it is already outdated, says me ..

    • Drillon Recto

      Does it matter? Your point is?

    • Hurtlocker1

      yes i agree.

      but if the system is feasible in other countries using “tires”, that would be excellent.

      • kismaytami

        Alam mo naman ang mga kalsada dito sa Pinas kumpara sa other countries. Idagdag mo pa na yung mga bagong gawa eh low quality ang mga materyales at sirain.

    • jajabeltran

      gulong ng tricycle ginamit nila.

  • KpTUL

    i am happy for this. but i hope they really did lots of testing especially safety tests coz i dont want it like abandone after 6 mos or something. In Japan for example i heard that although their new super fast train is up and running since a couple of years, yet it is not out for commercial run until some 3 to 4 years for safety tests and everything… just saying

  • ingbilat

    hey dummies please make a study tour of Sentosa you will definitely learn a lot from their elevated train!

  • motorcyclemama

    There is a reason why cargo trains and high speed trains do not use rubber tires. One I can think of is how does AGT behave when a tire loses air when for instance, punctured? Does the train maintain its course, or will it result in a wreck?

    • leop23

      i don’t think the train will use pneumatic tires or tubeless tires…just rubber tires. I don’t think the train will be as fast as high speed trains. these are commuter trains in the city. a ‘rational’ speed of up to 65kmh would suffice.

    • r41

      Pretty sure they’ve considered that the moment they considered using tires. They’ve probably engineered it in such a way that there are excess tires, so one puncture wouldn’t hinder the train. Think 8-wheeler trucks, you can see the redundance of tires in the rear, that if one fails, there are still extra.

    • rajo

      that is why it’s not a high speed train. saka redundant naman ang design nyan at over-engineered para kahit isa ang masira ay may sasalo sa weight.

      saka may guide rails yon – ginagamit lg ang rubber tires as opposed to steel wheels for the smooth ride – obviously kelangan pa nila iwork (dost) yung suspension.

  • mangtom

    Hey, coty, the genius. I googled Sentosa and it was about cable cars. We are talking here about trains. You are off track, Mr. Genius.

    • duralex_sedlex

      mang tom the cable car is just a ride or attraction in Sentosa. tens of thousands of people go there during holidays. the main transportation in Sentosa is mono rail train which is $3 fare.

    • Cruxofthematter

      Google more, better still, go there. Even better, try both.

    • madam01

      you based your comments on what you googled. if you’ve not been to singapore, let alone to sentosa then shut up

    • 1voxPopuli

      google is a powerful tool if you know how to use it! try googling this Sentosa Express so you will be enlightened.

      • leomar101

        That’s the problem when you rely on google to argue your case. Google only gives definiton of terms not on specific value on particular case. I just bumped on somebody who argue with my case presented base on google alone. Sensing that he never touched on any particular specific case and values which I mentioned, i just stop engaging with him. Yan ang mahirap sa google eh very broad and general ang terms. Well just don’t show off na lang baka mag ka bukingan pa eh. hehehehe. Pre, reaction ko lang ito kay mang tomas eh, nakasandal siya sa google kaya hayun. bingo!

    • Drillon Recto

      HAHAHA. Ayan kasi @mangtom:disqus nagmamarunong ka. Nadale ka pa tuloy ng mga nakapunta na sa Singa. Wag kasing ganun.

      • leomar101

        Pre, hahaha, huwag mo namang todasin si mang tomas, ang google naman ay malaking tulong para sa lahat basically on general info and knowledge pero yon nga kapag doon ka lang naka sandal tapos walang addtional first hand knwoledge and experience etc., eh medyo tagilid. hehehe. Pero sa mga political issues at mga current events ay hindi na kailangan ang google, eh gugogulin mo na lang ang time mo sa mga nangyayari araw-araw. hahaha.

  • duralex_sedlex

    In Singapore they having been using rubber tires and i think its very safe. You can see it in Sentosa Mono Rail, Changi Airport Terminal Sky Train, LRT at Choa Chu Kang Train Interchange and in some other places in the country.

    • anyalaketdin

      Sigurdo DH ka sa Singapore ano?

      • Ellee R. Bullo

        anu nman kung DH? lalaitin mo? eh anu ngaun kung DH wala na ba karapatan mag comment?

      • duralex_sedlex

        thanks kuya ellee. your right what’s wrong with being a DH. Ang gf ko po ay DH and i’m very proud of her. meron rin pong pinag-aralan at dignidad ang mga DH kaya huwag naman sana hamakin kagaya niyang si anyalaketdin.

      • duralex_sedlex

        naku kuya nde po ako dh. seaman po ako based d2 sa singapore. sir just for your info marami rin po kaming mga pinoy na professionals d2 sa singapore.

  • mangtom

    duralex_sedlex: thanks for the info

  • Hey_Dudes

    If you are only anticipating ridership of 60 or more in-between schedules, do you think it is worth the cost of pursuing this project specially when this is more or less like a -pro-type thing? Knowing how we Filipinos are prone to disasters of the human kind, a fine example is the constant glitch of the LRT/MRT service, how do you propose engineers handling any or all future problems?

    • leop23

      LRT/MRT are not filipino made. Anong constant glitch? Hindi naman laging may aberya ang MRT/LRT. Talagang nagkakaroon lang ng mechanical failures.

      Ganun na lang ba un habang buhay, na sa tingin mo ang mga pilipino ay prone to disasters? sus napaka myopic ng vision mo pre,

    • madam01

      prototype. it’s the system they’re perfecting that’s why the cost is high.

    • Drillon Recto

      Disasters of the human kind? Huh?

  • Guest

    Sa sobrang focus ni Sen. Alan C paglaban sa katiwalian ng Arroyo admin, ayun di siya nakagawa ng mga batas parama-improve ang buhay ng mga Pinoy.

    • Guest

      Korek! ginagamit na naman ni Alan Cayetano ang mga maliliit na mamamayan
      para sa kanyang ambisyon na maging VP. Bolero!

  • Carmel Jean Madanguit

    sana maging free ito sa mga UP students

    • $5699914

      Puro na lang libre…

    • Ramil Abalon

      minimum pay kasi may inventment din yan…di pwedeng libre…

  • Cruxofthematter

    We have not perfected even the idea (never mind the reality first) of becoming a producer of smooth vehicles, much more safe ones. If only Sararo and Francisco innovated, they would have been the “Apple” of today’s transport business not only the Philippines but in Asia. It is sad people talk about dynasties and deplore about it, but we are hard pressed on how to build on our gains and we are contented with stagnation, a constant enigma that will never fail to describe us as a whole.

    Well, as they may say, better late than never. I hope being late all the time do not have its woes.

  • mangtom

    cruxofthematter: I have passed through Changi airport a number of times but had not gone to the town. Next time I will try to see for myself what this Sentosa is all about. Monorails are fairly common in Sydney and airports such as, Chicago’s O’Hare, Detroit and Kuala Lumpur.

    • madam01

      and that also is based on what you googled, huh?

  • mangtom

    madam01- sorry, madam, I have been to Singapore and other countries worlwide. Ikaw saan ka na nakarating? Baka ikaw ang kailangan mag-SHUTUP, little girel

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    bumpy sa standard nya pero sa madlang people baka ok na yan..para ka lang nman nasa roller coaster nyan

  • mangtom

    madam01- should I put up with someone like you who may have not seen the inside of passenger airline?

  • big dawg

    it is good to know a lot of people are curious about the rubber tires. for the unfortunate ones who’s never traveled to other countries and only knows how to complain, obvious na puro criticism and comments. there are a lot of mass transport system that uses rubber tires in a lot of countries. so bago kayo dumadada, mag isip isip. buti nga nag eevolve na tayo mga pinoy.

    • Mamang Pulis

      maybe you could enlighten us about those tyres…you seem to be an expert.

      are you an engineer who specializes on those kind of wheels? —tamad mga readers mag google—-isa na ako doon—

      so please feel free to ‘educate’ us. :D

      • magarito

        nakapagcomment ka dito pero hindi ka makapag google? lol

      • Mamang Pulis

        :D mas maganda yun galing sa experto—ikaw–expert ka ba? inaral mo ba yan? paki explain nga na hindi nag kopya sa google…

  • mangtom

    By the way, madam01, how many thousand miles do you travel a year? Zero? To quote txt(woman)man, your are downright pitiful.

  • mangtom

    madam01: how close have you come a SuperJumbo A380 jet, or have you ridden in one? Pitiful.

  • carlorocci

    Bakit kaya ang bagal ng mga research ng Pinas para sa ganito? Hay naku, yun mga kapitbahay natin bullet train na gamit. Tayo de gulong pa rin yun ginagamit.

    • rajo

      try mo mag magbullet train ng isang istasyon?

      you can’t compare oranges to apples. ang bullet train system ay para sa pang-malayuan na pagbiyahe samantalang ang mono-rail na ito ay sistema para sa urban setting na mass transport.

      maraming sistema ginagamit jan. ang malaysia monorail ay de-gulong, ganun din ang singapore lrt system, sentosa monorail, at inter-terminal transport system sa changi.

      • carlorocci

        Bakit nga hindi? Bullet train from Manila to Mindanao. Why not? Sa Sydney CBD monorail nila hindi de gulong!

      • rajo

        depende nga yan sa gamit o sa teknolohiya – mas magastos gumamit ng riles kesa isang direchong rail na ginagamitan ng gulong na tren.

        nasa gamit yan… wala pa tayong kaalaman sa pagpapatakbo ng high-speed bullet train — ang first step natin ay ang mono-rail system.

        check chinese bullet train accidents… di nga natin maayos pagpapatakbo ng mga train system natin na maging efficient, bullet train pa ang hinahangad mo? :D


  • mangtom

    carlorocci: That is the $64,000 question. It is really puzzling and baffling because we do have the engineers and I would say the technical know-how and yet we are light years behind in many areas, not only in transportation. Several months ago, the MMDA head, I think that was who it was, asked a priest to bless the EDSA so that the traffic congestion would be relieved. Once in a while I go to Metro-Manila from the province. I observe drivers who completely disregard stop signs and lane markers. It results in utter traffic chaos. I begin to suspect that a lot of our administrators lack the training to run their agencies. Political appointees?

  • ruthieem7

    Regular trains carry 120 passengers, 30 per coach? Edi sobrang overloading pala ang MRT/LRT!?!

    • Drillon Recto

      Off course. Kasi makulit ang mga pinoy. Siksik ng siksik. Tapos pag tumirik, tren pa me kasalanan.

      • Andres Bonifacio

        Yan ang pinoy…bobo ang mabaho pa! LOL!

    • pubringjuandelacruz

      kelan ba sumunod ang pinoy sa mga maliliit na detalye at regulation sa MRT/LRT dito sa pinas???

      hindi nila ginagawa yan sa ibang bansa kasi mapapahiya sila…

      dito sa sariling bansa… ang kakapal ng mukha.

  • aspirin200

    The concept is actually from the electric bus and which i think is very clever. It saves a lot on establishment cost as rails are quiet expensive to install. Rails are more economical if installed at ground level.

    Solid-jelly filled rubber tires would be ideal in the DOST version

    Getty Museum in California, which is located on top of a hill, uses a similar transport system to ferry visitors up and down the hillside, but instead of having its own motive power, it is run by a complex system of cables and pulleys due to steep gradient of ascent.

    • Mamang Pulis

      ah yun pala yun…:D

  • KappaPhiPhi

    this was planned more than 10 years ago but it’s good that it has finally moved on.

  • Drillon Recto

    Bumpy ride is better than bumpy walk.

  • benjpal

    Developed? Is there something in this project that the world hasn’t seen yet?

    • john_constantine

      Hindi naman sinabing “invent” e.

      • benjpal

        If you develop something dapat may bago sa ginawa mo or else construction or replication lang ang tawag dun.

      • john_constantine

        I beg to disagree. I develop software and I am not doing anything new really. Some people develop properties and infrastructure and they’re not doing anything new, they just apply their knowledge to create stuff for people. Developers don’t claim they are doing anything new.

      • john_constantine

        define:invent – Create or design (something that has not existed before); be the originator of.

        define:develop – to bring out the capabilities/possibilities of; bring to a more advanced/effective state.

  • Meow Ming

    pag tumirik at nasa gitna ng elevated track, kanya-kanyang talon na lang.

    • Mamang Pulis

      :D pag na flat—may baon bang tire jack?

  • Mamang Pulis

    it runs on elevated track with rubber tires?

    solid? inflated?

    I could just imagine running at top speed (45kph) with full capacity and they had a tire blow out…**mahirap ata mag palit ng gulong sa taas ng track

    they didn’t mention about the motors…where does it get its power? batteries? from the track?

  • mangtom

    Drilon Recto: Ikaw ba nakatuntung ka na sa Singa? Paano mo alam na ako hindi pa? Ang pagkakalama ko hindi naman ako under the influence ng droga sa mga pag-daan ko sa Singa. Mahirap yung sobra ang assumption, tsong.

  • Mamang Pulis

    at 55 million php price tag—

    is it not expensive to reinvent the wheel?

    what is there to develop? are we pioneering now in rail system?

    why can’t we just rehab the whole PNR? put the money where it is needed?

    • kismaytami

      Si Marcos kasi ang nagsabatas ng PNR, tapos si Arroyo naman ang nag-resurrect at nag-rehabilitate. Kaya ayun, nilalangaw na naman ang PNR.

      • Mamang Pulis

        parang sinasabi mo basta previous admin—lahat may anomalya at hindi na dapat ituloy?:D

    • pubringjuandelacruz

      PNR is in rehabilitation if you don’t know… The rehabilitation and expansion of PNR was initiated by GMA. for further updates and details about the rehabilitation project please ask GOOGLE. :)

      • Mamang Pulis

        :D yes I know–my point is why not ADD MORE to the pot rather experiment…. 55 million php to carry only 60 passengers per trip? masyado atang mahal na ‘experiment’.

      • rajo

        dude you missed the point – kaya ginawa ito is to create help create a sustainable mass transport industry. –

        meaning? instead of importing train systems, whatever we learn from building this we will be able to help companies locally to put up businesses that support this endeavor.

        ano ano ang mga ito?

        1. supplies and parts

        2. maintenance
        3. manufacturing and metal works
        4. maybe spur the growth for mechanical engineering, automotive, robotics, controls you name it

        magandang simula ito.

      • Mamang Pulis

        Thank you for pointing that out, I was expecting that kind of reply.


  • mangtom

    Drilon Recto asks: have you seen an electric train catch fire? Answer in the form of a question: were you in Chicago a several years ago when the CTA electric train in the Loop caught fire? One or two Pinoys perished in the fire.

  • mangtom

    divictes asks: who will change a flat tyre? Sagut: no problem. magtayo ng vulcanizing shop sa tabi ng rails and fix the flat on the spot-diyan tayo magaling na Pinoy. Joke lang, adre.

  • disqusted0fu

    This train ride of Pnoy is similar to his self proclaimed tuwid na daan, both of them are actually bumpy.

    Pnoy took a break from his busy election campaign itinerary to test a functionality of a train and cite its flaws… Are we really talking about the President of a country here? What about the flaws of projects for the poor? For infrastructure? For the economy? When is Pnoy ever going to address those?

  • kilabot

    well, at least up folks have done something different this time;
    not just running naked around the campus;
    wasting taxpayer money on perversion.

  • PCD_2012

    Philippines must start somewhere and this is it, so stop whining and let the research take its course!

  • mangtom

    PCD_2012: right on.

  • $2931613

    Duh.. what do you expect from UP engineers? Maglev speed trains?

  • enteng

    pwede ba sumakay mga skwater dyan?

  • Juan Delacruz

    465-meter-long.60 passengers.P55 million.

  • shane oy

    is this their version of advancement?

  • batmanlaijai

    why not ask the CBCP to pray for the project so that the ride would not be bumpy and wavy? or maybe, post a notice at the entrance for the passengers to pray during their ride?

  • Ako_Hiking

    President Aquino is taking a break from his busy election campaigning?? That does not sound right…he’s not running for office. Why is the Palace trying to make it appear that Aquino being busy with campaigns is somewhat a good thing, when in reality Aquino should be busy fixing the problems of the nation.

  • magarito

    admin it pnoy, kinabahan ka kasi bumpy noh? haha. pag nakaroon ng mass production yan, di hamak na mas mura kesa bibili pa tayo sa ibang bansa.

    focus kau sa safety at quality mga taga dost. sayang ang hirap nio kung pumalya at maaksidente. baka itigil din ang project pag nagkaganun.

    sana bawat siyudad may kanya kanyang sistema na ng ganyan. :)

  • Isko

    “Locomotive mindset” pa ang Pilipinas samantalang sa ibang bansa ay “bullet train or high speed train” na! Dapat ay ayusin ng mabuti ang serbisyo ng train mula Manila hanggang Bicol o kaya’y mula Manila hanggang Aparri. Dapat mga bagong coaches at railroad tracks (walang illegal settlers sa tabihan), maaliwalas at malinis ang daanan ng train. Kaya lang tiyak na di ito susuportahan ng mga bus owners/operators na mga pulitiko.

  • manuel yaptangco

    It might interest the president to know that most road projects done under the auspices of the DPWH in the provinces have the same constructional defect. Of course, you would hardly feel the bumpy and wavy terrain if you’re riding on a luxury vehicle fit for a head of state.

  • Fulpol

    wavy and bumpy?? that is the 21st century engineering of the Philippines..LOL

  • Fulpol

    just kill the project… just create a trailer bus system.. no need for train track.. no need to build elevated track.. “trailer bus system” in EDSA, the best… just need high HP powered engine and good air brake system…

    another version: “trailer jeepney system”… innovate what you have, idiots…

  • Roy Batty

    Bumpy ride dahil oblong yun gulong na ginamit.

  • $14141131

    The country has bumpier ride under his silly administration. Imagine the daily brownouts in Mindanao that get no attention from this diffident President. You can’t imagine that to happen while he is wasting P45 billion for his CCT (Continuing corruption and treachery) dole-outs.

  • $14141131

    Instead of appreciating, this President is gay on complaining. Uneducated trait!

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Sa ngayon under develop pa ang prototype train at naniniwala ako na mapeperfect din itong sasakyan na ito sana huwag tumigil ang gobyerno sa pagpopondo ng ganitong uri ng sasakyan pampubliko na malaking tulong sa ating bansa at economiya.

  • akoombulator

    lahat ng public works substandard yung edsa na lang sementado pero walang tigil ang talbog ng sasakyan pinatag lang ng sinelas

  • kismaytami

    When I saw the working prototype on television, I only thought of one thing, that train system will be short for the high number of passengers, specifically in Metro Manila. Not that I don’t trust their ingenuity for coming up with cost effective train system. But the reality is our current train systems with more capacity fall short on the demand. But I’m also crossing my fingers. I bet these guys should take a ride on PNR’s DMU. Don’t forget your towels.

  • tagasugod

    Maganda ang tren, efficient. What if kung sa halip na skyway, tren ang inilagay mula buendia hanggang Alabang, Di ba less traffic at less cost din kc hindi ganung kalapad ang flatform. Dapat nating suportahan ang project na yan. Sabi nila, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

  • Ako_Hiking

    It would nice if Aquino did something to help college students who are struggling to pay tuition. He and his Administration has barely done anything to uplift Philippine education. We know how much Aquino does not like Gloria but at least she did a lot for colleges like UP. She helped set up ground-breaking programs like the ERDT that was a program to improve engineering as well as R&D. She even did a lot for science, like funding state-of-the-art buildings on the UP campus.

  • oh_noh

    two words – ELEVATED JEEPNEY :D

  • boybakal

    No smooth ride but bumpy ride for Pnoy….that’s what you get in tuwid na daan.
    Talagang talbog talbog…..

  • tulironghenyo

    start nuclear arm and space programs. These will put the country on the world map. Tired of sick of reading papers about Filipino domestic helpers.

  • speak_only_the_truth

    ok yan locally developed. pero mas maganda ba quality at performance compared sa mga maglevs na gawa ng germany or france?

  • louieboy

    rubber wheels? why?

  • Carol Lee

    Bakit laging buka ang bibig ni BS aq. sa picture, hindi naman nakatawa ang mga kasamahan. weird.

  • $14141131

    Aquino is gay in complaining about the bumpy ride instead of appreciating first and congratulating for the scintillating idea and local engineering. This is how uneducated people look at things. Shallow. And the best thing to do is divert his P45 billion CCT dole-outs to this kind of programs, improvement and constructing shipyard for modern fishing boats and factories for agricultural tractors and other machines. Projects that create jobs not leeches and maggots through dole-outs.

  • Ako_Hiking

    Aquino can ride around that train all he wants and see the many of the buildings and good contributions that his predecessor provided for UP. She did a lot in upgrading the science & tech, R&D, and engineering departments, not only in UP, but in the entire Philippines and other universities like La Salle, Ateneo, and colleges in Visayas. What has Aquino done?

  • Ian

    This would be perfect for Mactan Island-to run parallel to the circumferential road, with a special station for the airport.

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