Pope tells priests: practice what you preach


Pope Francis. FILE PHOTO

ROME – Pope Francis told priests on Sunday to practice what they preach, saying the church’s credibility was on the line.

During a Mass to formally take possession of one of the Vatican basilicas in Rome, Francis said ordinary Catholics need to “see in our actions what they hear from our lips.”

Francis has made himself an example of a more humble and frugal church by refusing many of the trappings of the papacy, living in the Vatican hotel rather than the Apostolic Palace and wearing a simple white cassock of the papacy rather than fancy vestments and capes for formal occasions that his predecessors wore.

“Inconsistency on the part of pastors and the faithful between what they say and what they do, between word and manner of life, is undermining the church’s credibility,” he said.

Toward that end, Francis on Saturday took the first step toward following through on calls from cardinals that the Vatican be more responsive to the needs of the church on the ground, creating a group of eight cardinals from around the globe to advise him on running the church and reforming the Vatican bureaucracy.

The cardinals, from North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia, include prelates with whom the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has long collaborated, including Cardinal Sean O’Malley, a Franciscan Capuchin monk who knows Bergoglio well and visited him in Buenos Aires. Other members include representatives of regional bishops’ conferences, including Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai, India, who is the head of the Asian bishops’ conference.

The secretary of the group, Monsignor Marcello Semeraro, bishop of Albano, Italy, said Sunday the broad geographic distribution of the advisers was aimed at “enriching and amplifying the forms of communion in the highest echelons of the church institutions.”

Semeraro worked with Bergoglio during a 2001 meeting of the world’s bishops which Bergoglio chaired. In an indication of their close ties, Semeraro was one of the first people Francis received in private audience after his election, meeting with the new pope on the same day as the head of the Jesuit order, the Argentine president and the Vatican secretary of state.

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  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

    You mean the Vatican will sell all its properties and give it to the poor? WOW, that is amazing.

    Mark 10:17-31

    The Rich and the Kingdom of God

    17 As Jesus started on his way, a man ran up to him and fell on his knees before him. “Good teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

    18 “Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone. 19 You
    know the commandments: ‘You shall not murder, you shall not commit
    adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony, you
    shall not defraud, honor your father and mother.’[a]”

    20 “Teacher,” he declared, “all these I have kept since I was a boy.”

    21 Jesus looked at him and loved him. “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

    22 At this the man’s face fell. He went away sad, because he had great wealth.

    23 Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, “How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!”

    24 The disciples were amazed at his words. But Jesus said again, “Children, how hard it is[b] to enter the kingdom of God! 25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

    26 The disciples were even more amazed, and said to each other, “Who then can be saved?”

    27 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

    28 Then Peter spoke up, “We have left everything to follow you!” 29 “Truly I tell you,” Jesus replied, “no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel 30 will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields—along with persecutions—and in the age to come eternal life. 31 But many who are first will be last, and the last first.”

    Welcome to atheism………………

    • Edgar Lores

      Clap! Clap! Clap!

    • scolexx

      if you think Catholicsm represent Christianity, you’re seriously fooled my friend. true Christians practice what they preach, maybe you’ll find them, maybe you wont – but they exist.

      • lucidlynx

        So you’re saying your so-called true Christians don’t have possessions? Don’t take the Bible literally. Even Jesus owned a pair of slippers. What He, or the writer, said was a figure of speech. A literary device to put some dramatics in the story.

      • scolexx

        it’s you who take the Bible literally, you read this passage and apply it to all Christians.. that’s not a fair deduction my friend. you quoted the verse urself..

        22. At this the man’s face fell. He went away sad, because he had great wealth.

        not all people have great wealth, and true Christians are not selfish. ive seen that in my own eyes, and mind you, majority of them are poor. but you need possessions to propagate God’s word. however, if you see an organization who doesn’t have a single member begging in the streets, or has an orphan or a widow not cared for, you are close to finding the truth about Christianity. it exist.

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        If you base your “Christianity” on the Bible, better ask yourself first “who compiled the Bible?” Then come back here and lecture me about being “seriously fooled”, my friend.

        Tip: Google about The Council of Nicaea and the Bible.


      • scolexx

        who compiled the Bible? certainly not the council of nicea. dont you know there’s already a ‘bible’ when Christ came? he even read it.. Luke 4:17

      • johnlagrimas

        You don’t even know the meaning of the word “bible”.

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        OK. to make it even more simpler. Who decided which “books” are to be included and excluded in the “collection?”

        The Outline of History, Vol. I, pages 462-463, we read, “It (the Council of Nicaea) marks the definite entry upon the stage of human affairs of the Christian Church and of Christianity as it is generally understood in the world to-day. It marks the exact definition of Christian teaching by the Nicene Creed.” – H.G. Wells

        I’m no deist but I like their website: wwwDOTdeismDOTcom/bibleoriginsDOThtm

        Try some Thomas Paine and Bertrand Russell


      • upupperclassman

        The Council of Nicaea chose what the Catholic Church can use to manipulate the believers and discard the rest that will not fit into the racket.

      • scolexx

        well, if you ask the Chinese who has the right to spratlys they would say it’s them. and the Catholics would say they are Christian and they ‘compiled’ the Bible when what they are doing is contrary to what is written in the Bible.. that’s a bit of a stretch. what’s even ridiculous is when they say they compiled the Bible, then why they didn’t remove that part that prohibits the creation of graven images (that’s just one of many).

      • Noel

        What’s a Christian? A Christian is a follower of Christ. To follow Christ is to obey His teachings. His teachings are in the Bible. Catholics are not Christians because they base their doctrines mostly on man-made teachings and pagan traditions.

      • askal2u

        and they idolized those idols and images and even make feast every year for these dead people instead of following Christ. And why are the priests living in luxury in the Philippines while their followers are living in poverty. These priests and bishops are even taking gifts or suhol from crooked politicians.Check their schools, they have the most expensive tuition fees in the Philippines.

      • askal2u

        tama ka kaya tawag sa kanila Katokliko

      • Noel


      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        Exactly! Because the Bible “is” man-made. That’s why it contains a lot of contradictions. and not to mention a lot of similarities to other holy scriptures and myth stories.

        Our constitution is more reliable than the Bible, seriously. It’s updated, improved, and checked regularly.

        Homer is awesome.

      • scolexx

        of course gawa ng tao yan, pag ipinasulat ng Dios sa manok yan lalo mong di maiintindihan. ipinasulat yan sa tao kasi tao ang babasa. Look, bro, im 100% sure i cant bring you to this side of the fence and vice versa. but we can agree on this, Catholicism is a farce.. and i believe, is the poster child for atheism. that’s why im against it. have a nice day.

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        LOL. Have a nice day.

      • farmerpo

        There are 1.2 billion catholics and they are all wrong and you are right. Have a nice day.

      • Joey Sanchez

        ito pa ang isang ugok!

      • regd

        Doesn’t matter whether it’s man-made or not, my question is have you ever tried killing somebody (human)? If not then, why not? Then maybe later you school me on why there are laws and please include animal laws. I’m trying to learn your type of philosophy.

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        Are you implying that you get your morals from the Bible?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        most of the world doesnt follow the bible and they obey laws that are man made. i know atheists and they never steal or kill anyone

      • Joey Sanchez

        bopols! who was in the authority to say that the books were divinely inspired and those which were not? It was the Church that said so and your team were not just part of the Church because you were on the other side of the river…agnostic, heretics, atheist, Patarini, the Dulcinians, the Waldensians and theCathars! ito yun mga lolong nyo kampon ni satan which you were very proud of!

      • Crazy_horse101010

        who cares what you say pagan worshiper . you might go down to the mall they are having a sale on barbie dolls and you can get another idol to worship

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        Things the godly say. Irony.

      • marionics

        The Christian biblical canons are the books Christians regard as divinely inspired and constituting a Christian Bible. Books included in the Christian biblical canons of both the Old and New Testament were decided by the 5th century for the Catholic Church and reaffirmed in the wake of the Protestant Reformation at the Council of Trent (1546). The canons of the Church of England, Calvinists, and theOrthodox Church were decided definitively by the Thirty-Nine Articles (1563), theWestminster Confession of Faith (1647), and the Synod of Jerusalem (1672), respectively. The Old and New Testament canons did not develop independently of each other and mostprimary sources for the canon specify both Old and New Testament books. A comprehensive table of biblical scripture for both Testaments, with regard to canonical acceptance in Christendom’s various major traditions, can be found here.

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        Lupit talaga ni mang Mario!

      • Joey Sanchez

        and you re so amazed of this mario? wahahaha! labo tsong!

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        ” Joey Sanchez Lucky Luciano • 35 minutes ago
        − are your so amazed of this mario? wahahaha! labo tsong!”

        paki-ulit nga po. Bobo na ako sa English lalo pa akong mabobobo. Paki Tagalog nalang, sobrang labo, tsong! Wahahahahahaahah!

      • Joey Sanchez

        bobo ka nga!

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        Que horror! Que Barbaridad!!! Que troll!!!

        quess mi azz, senior!


      • Joey Sanchez

        The current canon of Scripture was affirmed at the Council
        of Rome in 382 under Pope Damasus, which included all and only the
        seventy-three books Catholics honor today. This canon was repeated at Hippo and
        at Carthage
        (A.D. 393 and 397, respectively) and has been repeated ever since.

        It was Martin Luther who tossed out the seven books
        considered canonical since the beginning of Church history. He also rejected
        the epistle to the Hebrews and the book of Revelation. He also called the
        epistle of James “an epistle of straw” because James 2:14–26
        conflicted with his personal theology on good works. He also added the word (in
        his German translation) only in Romans 3:20 and Romans 4:15, and he inserted
        the word alone in Romans 3:28.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        and the church removed the second commandment and split the tenth the second that says thou shall not make or worship graven images for god is a jealous. also jesus and the jews worshiped the sabbath on saturday but the church changed it to sunday to appease the pagans who worshiped their sun god on sunday hence the name. the church removed 22 books of the bible including 1 of peters 1 of thomas 1 of james and one of the other mary. james who was the founder of the first church the jewish christian church james was called james the just and brother of jesus according to matthew mark paul josephus and hegsippus and many modern scholars

      • Joey Sanchez

        and in what authority does Luther has to alter the bible? …only fools will believe in this guy!

      • marionics

        you’re preaching to the choir here. there are no lutherans here. luther is also a product of catholic teaching but he got ambitious and wanted to be a big shot pero di siya nakaporma so he started his own branch. parang si macoy at fvr nung di nila nakuha ang party nominations nila e nag break away. parepareho lang lahat ng mga pari na yan he he

      • Crazy_horse101010

        suggest you go ask him and dont call me a fool when the church rewrote history because they killed anyone who opposed them. including anyone who read or owned a bible and the ones who translated the bible into engish they counlnt stop king james but the ones before him died or had their bones dug up and destroyed.

      • Joey Sanchez

        “Dr. Martin Luther will have it so, and he says that a papist and a donkey are the same thing.” …For we are not going to be students and disciples of the papists. Rather, we will become their teachers and judges. For once, we also are going to be proud and brag, with these blockheads; and just as Paul brags against his mad raving saints, I will brag against these donkeys of mine! Are they doctors? So am I. Are they scholars? So am I. Are they preachers? So am I. Are they theologians? So am I. Are they debaters? So am I. Are they philosophers? So am I. Are they logicians? So am I. Do they lecture? So do I. Do they write books? So do I. <– just like crazyhorse! like Luther!

      • Crazy_horse101010

        well its people like you that im not catholic anymore because when they are wrong they resort to insults and name calling then brag how righteous they are besides your ranting so much you dont even make sense what do donkeys have to do with anything. people dont want to know the truth because they dont want their illusions destroyed freidrich nietzsche he wrote that just for you

      • Joey Sanchez

        insults and name calling? and you re not doing it? bopols? …your team were agnostics, heretics and with your lolong luther!

      • Crazy_horse101010

        sorry none of the above and anyway who cares what i am is none of your business period so go and pour gas on yourself and light a match because you havent impressed me one iota hypocrite

      • Joey Sanchez

        “Martin Luther ADDED words to the Bible that were not there. When he was confronted with this sin of adding to the Bible he replied: “Because Dr. Martin Luther will have it so!” This man was one ego-maniac with delusions of popehood.”

        What a freak! Yet you people believed in him!

      • marionics

        doctor ba si martin luther???

        alam mo they were all freaks. you believe whomever freak you want to believe.

        martin luther was a catholic priest and all of them wanted to be popes and all of them were backstabbing each other. yan ang politika sa RC noong araw pa hahaha

      • Joey Sanchez

        doctor of theology! ugok!

      • marionics

        haha you have proven yourself to be a true catholic

      • Joey Sanchez

        and you great great great….grandson of heretics! bopols! can’t know the truth!

      • marionics

        |: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
        Hallelujah! Hallelujah! :|

        |: For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth.
        Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! :|

        For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.
        |: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
        Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! :|

        The kingdom of this world
        Is become the kingdom of our Lord,
        And of His Christ, and of His Christ;
        And He shall reign for ever and ever,
        For ever and ever, forever and ever,

        King of kings, and Lord of lords,
        |: King of kings, and Lord of lords, :|
        And Lord of lords,
        And He shall reign,
        And He shall reign forever and ever,
        King of kings, forever and ever,
        And Lord of lords,
        Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

        And He shall reign forever and ever,
        |: King of kings! and Lord of lords! :|
        And He shall reign forever and ever,
        King of kings! and Lord of lords!
        Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

      • Joey Sanchez

        no matter how you sing or what you sing, you re still in satan’s fold!

        Protestantism is indeed a man-made religion for it does not have Christ as its founder, but man who rebelled against our Lord’s Church and broke from it.

      • marionics

        A drunk that smelled like a brewery got on a bus one day. He sat down next to apriest. The drunk’s shirt was stained, his face was full of bright red lipstick and he had a half-empty bottle of wine sticking out of his pocket. He opened his newspaper and started reading. A couple minutes later, he asked the priest, “Father, what causes arthritis?”

        “Mister, it’s caused by loose living, being with cheap, wicked women, too much alcohol, and contempt for your fellow man,” the priest replied.

        “Imagine that,” the drunk muttered. He returned to reading his paper.

        The priest, thinking about what he had said, turned to the man and apologized: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come on so strong. How long have you had arthritis?”

        “I don’t have arthritis, Father,” the drunk said, “but I just read in the paper that thePope does.”

      • Crazy_horse101010

        keep it up he is losing it i love it when hypocrites judge everyone else wnen they are worse. he dont even listen to his pope

      • marionics

        1. Veni, creator Spiritus
        mentes tuorum visita,
        imple superna gratia,
        quae tu creasti pectora.

        2. Qui diceris Paraclitus,
        altissimi donum Dei,
        fons vivus, ignis, caritas
        et spiritalis unctio.

        3. Tu septiformis munere,
        digitus paternae dexterae
        tu rite promissum Patris
        sermone ditans guttura.

        4. Accende lumen sensibus,
        infunde amorem cordibus,
        infirma nostri corporis,
        virtute firmans perpeti.

        5. Hostem repellas longius
        pacemque dones protinus;
        ductore sic te praevio
        vitemus omne noxium.

        6. Per te sciamus da Patrem
        noscamus atque Filium,
        te utriusque Spiritum
        credamus omni tempore.

        7. Deo Patri sit gloria,
        et Filio qui a mortuis
        Surrexit, ac Paraclito,
        in saeculorum saecula.

        V. Emitte Spiritum tuum, et creabuntur:
        R. Et renovabis faciem terrae.

      • marionics

        President Clinton and the Pope died on the same day, and due to an
        administrative foul up, Clinton was sent to heaven and the Pope gets sent to hell. The Pope explained the
        situation to the devil, he checked out all of the paperwork, and the error was
        acknowledged. The Pope was told, however, that it would take about 24 hours to
        fix the problem and correct the error. The next day, the Pope was called in and
        the devil said his good-bye as he went off to heaven. On his way up, he met
        Clinton who was on his way down, and they stopped to chat.

        Pope: “Sorry about the mix up.”

        President Clinton: “No problem.”

        Pope: “Well, I’m really excited about going to heaven.”

        President Clinton: “Why’s that? It’s not that great.”

        Pope: “All my life I’ve wanted to meet the Virgin Mary.”

        President Clinton: “Sorry, Your Holiness, You’re a day late.”

      • marionics

        The Pope arrives in heaven, where St. Peter awaites
        him. St. Peter asks who he is.

        The Pope: “I am the pope.”

        St. Peter: “Who? There’s no such name in my book.”

        The Pope: “I’m the representative of God on Earth.”

        St.Peter: “Does God have a representative? He didn’t tell me …”

        The Pope: “But I am the leader of the Catholic Church …”

        St. Peter: “The Catholic church … Never heard of it … Wait, I’ll check
        with the boss.”

        St. Peter walks away through Heaven’s Gate to talk with God.

        St. Peter: “There’s a dude standing outside who claims he’s your
        representative on earth.”

        God: “I don’t have a representative on earth, not that I know of … Wait,
        I’ll ask Jesus.” (yells for Jesus)

        Jesus: “Yes father, what’s up?”

        God and St. Peter explain the situation.

        Jesus: “Wait, I’ll go outside and have a little chat with that

        Ten minutes pass and Jesus reenters the room laughing out loud. After a few
        minutes St. Peter asks Jesus why he’s laughing.

        Jesus: “Remember that fishing club I’ve started 2000 years ago? It still

      • Crazy_horse101010

        another hypocrite

      • Joey Sanchez

        sola fide…altering the bible…wow, and you believe in these? bopols! as understood…with fake religion nothing will go right!

      • Crazy_horse101010

        feelings hurt so called christian changing the subject again i see you even call the church a liar because you are such a fanatic another one of those who if a priest was raping their child you would hold their robes for him your sure not what your new pope is talking about when he says all religions should get along so priest get in your suv and find some child to rape

      • marionics

        A little 12 year old boy is such a devoted Catholic that he
        decides to quit school and become a priest. (FORSHADOWMENT: Little
        boy+catholicism= not good). He goes to the church and there is the Pope with 9
        other older guys who want to become a priest too. The Pope says “As a priest,
        you must be free from lúst, therefore in order to test your faith, you will all
        strip down your pants and attach a bell around your pěnis. A naked woman will
        walk across this room. If any of you have an ěrection, the bell on your pěnis
        will ring.”

        So then the Pope left and this super gorgeous hot blonde stepped in. She was
        completely naked, and sensually strolled across the room, teasing the priest
        hopefuls. None of the other guys recieved an erěction but as the woman passed
        the boy (who by the way was just going through puberty) he could no longer
        control himself and has such a hard ěrėction, the bell flies across the room.
        Crushed that his dreams of priesthood were shattered he tries to conceal his
        pain and says “I’ll just go and pick the bell up and leave then” As
        he bends over to pick up his bell, 9 other bells were heard.

      • marionics

        What do you give a paedophile who has everything?

        A bigger parish.

      • marionics

        A Catholic priest, a Boy Scout leader and a lawyer take some boys out on an adventure trip. On the flight over, there is engine trouble and the plane is about to go down.

        “We have a problem”, says the pilot. “There are only three parachutes!”

        The Boy Scout leader suggests they give them to the boys.

        “Screw the boys,” shouts the lawyer.

        “Is there time?” asks the priest.

      • marionics

        A Catholic couple is about to get married, and the woman sits the man down for a heart-to-heart the day before the wedding. She says, “Honey, before we do this, I have something I need to get off my chest. You see, a few years back, my family was very poor, and for a while I had to work as a prostitute.”

        The man leaps out of his chair and shouts, “Oh no, absolutely not! I can’t get married to you!”

        The woman starts crying, and begs him to forgive her, “Please don’t leave me – surely you can live with a woman who used to be a bit of a whore…”

        The man sits down and says, “Oh, that’s fine. For a minute I thought you said Protestant.”

      • marionics

        A Catholic boy and a Mormon boy are arguing about
        which is smarter. The Catholic boy suggests they go to his priest in the
        Catholic cathedral and ask him to help them resolve the problem.

        Upon entering the cathedral, the Catholic boy tells the priest of their problem
        figuring out who was smarter – to which the priest quickly replied, “Well,
        the Catholic boy is smarter, of course.”

        The Mormon boy wasn’t convinced, so he asked the priest to prove it. So, the
        priest pointed up to the large wall in the cathedral where a huge cross with
        the crucifix stood – also with the two people crucified on either side of Him also
        on the wall.

        The priest asked the Mormon boy who the man in the center was, to which he
        quickly replied, “That’s Jesus on the cross – of course!”

        The priest nodded approvingly, then asked, “now who is that on the right
        of Him?” The Mormon boy didn’t know.

        “Now who is that on His left?” The Mormon boy didn’t know that one

        The smug priest now questioned the Catholic boy with the same questions – to
        which he answered all three correctly: “Who is that in the center?” –
        “Jesus, of course!” answered the catholic boy.

        “Who is that on the right?” – “That represents the Pope!”
        said the boy.

        “Who is that on the left?” – “That’s the High Priest of the
        Catholic Church!” answered the boy confidently.

        The catholic priest turned and smiled confidently at the little Mormon boy and
        said, “See? It’s clear the Catholics are smarter…”, to which the
        Mormon boy replied, “That’s not fair! All we were taught was that Jesus
        was crucified between a liar and a thief!”

      • Crazy_horse101010

        you know whats funny is he sounds just like someone who we havent seen in a while makes me wonder he shut up about the indians

      • marionics

        Four nuns are standing in line at the gates of heaven. Peter asks the first if she has ever sinned.

        “Well, once I looked at a man’s penis,” she said.

        “Put some of this holy water on your eyes and you may enter heaven,” Peter told her.

        He then asked the second nun if she had ever sinned.

        “Well, once I held a man’s penis,” she replied. “Put your hand in this holy water and you may enter heaven,” he said.

        Just then the fourth nun pushed ahead of the third nun.

        “Why did you push ahead in line?” asked Peter.

        “Because I want to gargle before she sits in it!” replied the nun.

      • marionics

        What’s the difference between a priest and a pimple?

        A pimple waits until you’re 13 before coming on your face.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        and yet the people at that time were paying the pope for passage to heaven and yet you believe in him . pope alexander v1 caused the death of 150 million indians because of his 1493 papal bull he had sex with his daughter his reign was called the reign of whores and he is on record for having the worlds largest orgy. he had naked women dancing at the dinner table and had sex with men and women he was a borgia which explains a lot now thats a freak

      • Joey Sanchez

        nice story! and you believe that from your pastor making storytellings? wow, 150 million indians killed! perhaps you can lend your info to the guinness of world records! hope they might believe you! ugok!

      • Crazy_horse101010

        son you had better go on the internet and look before shooting off your mouth the church even admitted by 1540 15 million indians had died in the west indies and mexico and they hadnt even gotten to the main indians yet ogok dont you ever look things up because you look like a fool when you are wrong. i even gave you the papal bull so why would i lie about something that can be proven and i dont have a pastor period. what do you know about the indians in latin america they are still being killed today because of greed. dont ever challenge me on indians because i lived with them

      • Crazy_horse101010

        the papal bull 1493 was used to divide the new world and assests it stated all indians shall give uo their land and be converted or they would not be considered human and shall be put to death and their children enslaved which worked out good because the indiand couldnt speak spanish so were killed and land taken this went on for 5oo years. i have a book called red gold that tells about the millions of indians who were killed in brazil and that was just one country. the tenino indians tried to get john paul the second to repeal the bull and he never did and indians are still dying i lived around ten different tribes and my best friend is mayan and he hates catholics because of what they did to his people anything else expert

      • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

        Pope harem is recorded history that you should accept.

      • Joey Sanchez

        “Romans 3:28 states, “Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from the deeds of the law” (NKJV). Martin Luther, in his German translation of the Bible, specifically added the word “allein” (English ‘alone’) to Romans 3:28-a word that is not in the original Greek. Martin Luther reportedly said, “You tell me what a great fuss the Papists are making because the word alone in not in the text of Paul…say right out to him: ‘Dr. Martin Luther will have it so,’…I will have it so, and I order it to be so, and my will is reason enough. I know very well that the word ‘alone’ is not in the Latin or the Greek text” (Stoddard J. Rebuilding a Lost Faith. 1922, pp. 101-102; see also Luther M. Amic. Discussion, 1, 127). This passage strongly suggests that Martin Luther viewed his opinions, and not the actual Bible as the primary authority–a concept which this author will name prima Luther.”

    • TheHappyAgnostic

      that remains to be seen… with all their wealth, they could have funded research to find cure for cancer and hiv… that would be a lasting gift that will benefit all humanity. but then, i maybe just fooling myself to set that high expectation.

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        Probably. I personally know priests who serve the poor and honestly do charity work. Hindi naman porket priest ay child molester na, hindi porket Catholic ay matuwid/masama na. It’s when their leaders start babbling nonsense dogmas and threaten their followers with “eternal damnation” if they don’t support the church’s “political” agendas, diyan ako natatakot.

        “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

      • Joey Sanchez

        The Catholic Church considers itself the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church that Christ founded. As such, the Catholic Church does not consider itself a denomination, but as pre-denominational, the original Church of Christ.

        All the rest are made by SATAN! There is only one TRUE CHURCH!

        He who is not with me is against me! Only SATAN is going against the LORD!

      • Crazy_horse101010

        you should get out more the pope dec 8 2000 says heaven is open to allas long as they are good all to the just on earth including those who ignore christ and his church nov 30 2005 pope says who ever seeks peace and the good of he community with a pure conscience will be saved even if lacks biblical faith i know you will call me a liar again because you are to lazy to look things up and you dont want to know just like with the indians when someone says something that i dont believe i find out the truth first before calling them a liar hats called manners which you dont seem to have and who are you to judge anyone your a poor excuse for god so quit your shouting because it makes you look stupid and you want some facts about the indians i have hundreds of them

      • Joey Sanchez

        is that what you pastor told you?

        No Salvation Outside of the Church :”Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus”

        There is no salvation outside of Christ, and the Church is
        the Bride of Christ — become His Body, one Flesh in marriage. Therefore, there is no salvation outside of the Church and not belonging formally to the Catholic Church is objectively sinful:

        Matthew 18:17
        “If he will not hear the Church, let him be to thee as a heathen and a publican”

        Luke 10:16
        “He that heareth you heareth Me, and he that despiseth you despiseth Me, and he that despiseth Me, despiseth Him that sent Me”

        Mark 16:16
        “He that believeth not will be condemned”

        John 3:18
        “He that believeth not is already judged”

        Luke 11:23
        “He that is not with Me is against Me and he that gathereth not with Me, scattereth”

      • Joey Sanchez

        Ignatius of Antioch

        “Be not deceived, my brethren: If anyone follows a maker of schism [i.e., is a schismatic], he does not inherit the kingdom of God; if anyone walks in strange doctrine [i.e., is a heretic], he has no part in the passion [of Christ]. Take care, then, to use one Eucharist, so that whatever you do, you do according to God: For there is one flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ, and one cup in the union of his blood; one altar, as there is one bishop, with the presbytery and my fellow
        servants, the deacons” (Letter to the Philadelphians 3:3–4:1 [A.D. 110]).

        …for those who knowingly and deliberately (that is, not out of innocent ignorance) commit the sins of heresy (rejecting divinely
        revealed doctrine) or schism (separating from the Catholic Church and/or joining a schismatic church), no salvation would be possible until they repented and returned to live in Catholic unity.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        dont preach to me im not buying i worship in my own way without you and i quit the church because of the lies and has fanatical has you are it turns me off anyway i cant stand holier then thous who think they are above everyone else .

      • Joey Sanchez

        Christ is revealed instituting a perpetually enduring truth–teaching, truth–handling authority in the Apostles.

        Mt 28:20

        … teaching them (all nations) to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.

        Jn 14:16–17

        And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always, the Spirit of truth, which the world cannot accept, because it neither sees nor knows it. But you know it, because it remains with you, and will be in you.

        Jn 15:26

        When the Advocate comes whom I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of truth that proceeds from the Father, he will testify to me.

        Jn 16:12–13

        I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. But when he comes, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth.

        Acts 1:8

        But you will receive power when the holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

        Roman Catholic Christians believe that Christ’s teaching authority and truth charism continues in His Body the Church in the successors both of Peter and then the apostles, and then to their successors: the successor of Peter in the Bishop of Rome, and the successors of the apostles, the episcopoi or bishops from apostolic time to the present.

      • Joey Sanchez

        Christ then gives Simon son of Jonah a new name and a commission.

        Mt 16:18 And so I say to you, you are “Rock”, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.

        The Council of Ephesus, 431
        No one doubts, in fact, it is obvious to all ages that the holy and most Blessed Peter, head and Prince of the Apostles, the pillar of faith, and the foundation of the Catholic Church, received the keys of the kingdom from our Lord Jesus Christ, the savior and redeemer of the human race.

        Only the kampon ni Satanas will say otherwise! bopols!

      • Joey Sanchez

        Christ continues with the conferral of the “keys” which appears to be a clear statement of a position of leadership authority.

        Mt 16:19–20

        I will give you (singular) the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

        This biblical commission echoes one other conferral of keys in the Bible. Eliakim receives the keys of the royal palace.

        Is 22:22

        I will place the key of the House of David on his shoulder; when he opens, no one shall shut, when he shuts, no one shall open.

      • Joey Sanchez

        Protestantism is indeed a man-made religion for it does not have Christ as its founder, but man who rebelled against our Lord’s Church and broke from it.

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        i am not a protestant. :)

    • johnlagrimas

      Do the same then. Instead of telling others to do so.

    • TheSmilingBandit

      ROFL I wonder when the CBCP will leave their palaces to follow the teachings of their faith. Let’s face it, the CBCP is more concerned with their privileges than with their god.



  • Crazy_horse101010

    who is going to watch the 8 cardinals

  • penoy2012

    Favorite spot na naman ito mamaya for the hate bloggers from born-againsts, bored-agains, inc, quiboly, br eddie, soriano, almeda, etc.

    • brunogiordano

      Sa mga maka-DAMASO bad spot ba sa inyo ito???????

  • Noel

    No less than the Pope has to remind the priests about this very basic duty and responsibility. The Pope knows how the priests behave. The Pope knows the reason why Catholics are leaving the church in huge numbers. To the Catholic apologists, no more excuse. Don’t be hypocrites.

  • mekeni62

    Yes that’s the word. “CREDIBILITY.” why would I confess my sins to a priest who has a mistress and a illegitimate child? why would I take communion from someone who rushes to play mah-jong after the mass? why would I hear a sermon about a sinless life from someone who seduces boys and girls? I’d rather spend my Sunday reading the bible and communicate with my God personally and privately.

    • Gat Peps

      You all are so judgmental as if you’re so righteous that you don’t have a log right in your eyes.

      • Gat Peps

        Including those who clicked ‘Like’.

      • mekeni62

        I’m not a priest. I said I won’t confess my sins to……I admitted I’m a sinner. Think before you comment.

  • ganipecson

    My prayers are for Pope Francis to succeed in his church reformation program and for the sincere soul-searching of the priests and bishops which is a very important tool for their conscience to prevail in their works.

  • catmanjohn

    Bravo Pope Francis. You give Hope to those who wish to see the Catholic Church return to its true and original mission.

  • Mr Moonlight

    Im going to say this in pilipino vernacular: oh hayan, si Pope Francis na nagsabi sa inyo at maliwanag na patumboksa mga pinoy priests and bishops, more specifically sa mga heeeendot na bishops oscar ksp cruz, Team captain ng Tatay si Narvassa., ang lunatic na Arguelles at daang daang priets na pedophiles na mahilig sa SUVs, majong, tong its, pekwa, palmo, karera ng daga
    Ako ay babalik sa pagsisimba sa simbahang katoliko but until then, id rather meditate and pray alone in silence sa ating Panginoong Diyos

  • disqusted0fu

    Someone influential should relay the same message to Pnoy and hopefully he listens. Pnoy is full of rhetoric but we never see him practice what he preaches, he even does the opposite.

    The Aquino admin is so full of talk that people in the PH already have an earful, but their mouths and their pockets are still empty.

  • Jomex

    The Church will stay in decline as long as the doctrines are hateful of women, homosexuals, reason and science. No amount of telling priests how to behave can change the Church. If it wants to change, it must overhaul its teachings on contraception, divorce, gay marriage, homosexuals, abortion, separation of state and church.

    • Noel

      God’s words written in the Holy Scriptures are never hateful of anyone or anything. It’s not obeying and following His teachings that are hateful to God, the Creator of all things in heaven and earth. The problem with the Catholic Church is she invented her own man made teachings and human traditions of pagan origins. The priests who claim to be Christ’s representatives on earth do not practice what they preach. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      • Jomex

        “God’s words written in the Holy Scriptures are never hateful of anyone or anything.” ???? REALLY????
        Leviticus 20:13 “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

        Leviticus 25:44-46 “However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way.”

        These are just two of the despicable things God allowed and said about homosexuals and slaves. There are laws also against witches, other tribes, women, infants, virgins, etc. Convinced ka na? o hindi pa rin at deny ulit?

      • Noel

        You sound like a gay. Without even going into the Bible or religion, it’s sickening to see man having sex with another man. Unless a man can become pregnant and give birth to a baby, no way I’m gonna accept it.

      • Jomex

        No I am not gay. But you do sound like a bigot.

      • Noel

        I don’t have a mustache. Wala akong bigote.

      • brunogiordano

        Hindi lang BIGOT.

        Tila HOMOPHOBIC din!!!!

      • Noel

        Whatever you say, nakakasuka at nakakadiri ang dalawang nag-eespadahan.

      • josh_alexei

        But how did you know? been a practitioner? Try it, you may like it and become its leading mouthpiece like that former SC court spokesman named Midas…

      • Crazy_horse101010

        when 40 percent of the priests are gay and priest die according what country that theyare in at 3 to 7 times ratio from aids than the the normal population the church used to list priests who died from aids as common laborers cause of death unknown america complained so now its common labor cause of death aids on the death cert.

      • brunogiordano

        “So what does the Bible tell us?

        Who should we kill? ?

        Homosexuals (Lev.20:13, Rom.1:26-32)
        Adulterers (Lev.20:10, Deut.22:22)
        Disobedient children (Deut.21:20-21, Lev.20:9, Exod.21:15)
        Women who are not virgins on their wedding night (Deut.22:13-21)
        All non-Christians (parable told by Christ – Luke.19:27)
        Those accused of wickedness by at least two people (Deut.17:2-7)
        Anyone who works on the Sabbath (Exod.35:2-3, Num.15:32-6) (not even to kindle a fire, and no exclusion for ambulance drivers)


        It is shameful for a woman to speak in church (1Cor.14:34-5)
        A man must OK his wife´s words if they are to have force (Num.30:8)
        A woman must not teach or hold authority over a man (1Tim.2:12)
        Lot saves the messengers from the men of Sodom by offering up his virgin daughters to ´do to them as you please´ (Gen.19:8) Kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourself every girl who has never slept with a man (Moses – Num.31:17-8)


        God supports slavery (Lev.25:44-6, Exod.21:2-8, Eph.6:5, Col.3:22)
        Instructions on how to sell your daughter as a slave (Exod.21:7-8)
        When to give your slaves severe or light beatings (Luke.12:42-8)
        OK to beat slaves only if they don´t die within 2 days (Exod.21:20-1)
        How to mark your slave: drive an awl through its ear (Deut.15:17)


        It´s best if all people remain unmarried. Marriage is a lesser-of-two-evils compromise for Christians too weak to resist their sexual urges, for it is better to marry than to burn. (Paul – 1Cor.7:1-2, 8-9, 25-6, 38)
        The rapist of an unwed woman must buy her and make her his wife (apparently a far more ‘holy’ union than a genuine, loving same-sex relationship) – Deut.22:28-9


        If a man suspects his wife of cheating he can serve her a cursed drink; if she becomes deformed, then that proves her guilt (Num.5:12-31)
        42 children killed by bears for calling a prophet baldy (2King.2:23-4)
        OK to beat your children with a rod – it won’t kill them (Prov.23:13-4)
        God commits, orders, or endorses every form of atrocity known to man (pretty much pick a page of the Old Testament at random)

        Do the Old Testament laws still apply?

        Every jot and tittle (Christ Matt.5:17-9)

        Christ, what a role model!

        Christ tells us we must hate our entire family, and even our own life, if we want to be one of His disciples (Luke.14:26)
        Those who abandon their families will be rewarded (Matt.19:29)
        ´For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother… And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.´ (Christ – Matt.10:35-6)
        I came not to send peace, but a sword (Christ – Matt.10:34)
        If you don´t have a sword, sell your clothes to buy one (Luke.22:36)
        Curses fig tree for not bearing fruit in off-season (Mark.11:12-4, 20-1)
        Didn´t want to help girl because she was a ´dog´ gentile (Matt.15:22-8)

        Of course there are several good passages in the Bible, the ones that are carefully selected by your minister for Sunday readings. But (and pardon the analogy) if you find some chocolate in a pile of dung you don´t eat it, right? No. The good is tainted by the bad that surrounds it.”

    • riza888

      For years, anti-Catholics have condemned the Catholic Church for not changing to meet their own un-Godly desires. The Catholic Church has not changed in over 2,000 years. What makes you think it will now or ever?

      • Jomex

        correction my friend, it was the Catholic Church who condemned non believers for at least 1800 years. the catholic church put everyone who go against it to the stake, or hanged them. when science and reason through the Enlightenment was born 200 years ago, the Church since then retreated into irrelevance! one more thing, the Church for 1800 had never had any serious opposition to it. The catholic church was the only game in town. It suppressed reason and science FOR SO LONG! Science has only been here for 200 years and yet it has given us so so so many good things. The Catholic Church has been around for 2000 years and what has it given us to advance the human race??? Ignorance and fear.

      • Dax Cogitlog

        like it! really true!

      • josh_alexei

        The Archbishop of Toronto, protesting against the law against bulying in Schools as proposed by the Provincial Government by allowing Counselling of Gay Students within the Catholic Schools reasoned that it is the Principals Prerogative and not the Government…the Premier countered (pls note that the former Premier is a devout Catholic and his wife teaches at the the Catholic School, the Current Premier who replaced him is an open Gay, a Lesbian) that when it comes to the WELFARE of the Schoolchildren it is the Government Responsibilities..the Law was enacted and the Catholic schools and the Bishops bowed to the Government…amen…our new Premier, has not yet has gone head to head with the Catholic Church on any issue yet, but it would be fun if the Church ever get near her Sexual orientation..she might take away the $7 billions funding of its schools…excluding capital funding

      • riza888

        The fact is, that 400 and more years ago that was simply how Europeans thought. Heretics (whoever was defining the term) were a threat to the social order, and threats to the social order were dealt with very harshly. I don’t know the last time the Catholic Church took an active role in executing heretics, but I suspect it was before my great great great great great grandparents were even born. So many of the ongoing conflicts around the world are the result of people not letting go of long-past offenses. Judge the Catholic Church by what she teaches now.

        As for your question, “what has it given us to advance the human race?” The Catholic Church has supported scientific research since the emergence of the European universities in the Middle Ages. Some of the greatest minds in science were Catholics.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        the last time was mexico 1850s should include jose rizal because he died for his beliefs they burned the greatests minds in the middle ages and the church admitted burning good catholic men women and children their excuse was we know we made a mistake but they have nothing to complain about because they will go straight to paradise i bet that made the families who survived feel much better

      • riza888

        Jose Rizal was executed by the Spanish Army following a false conviction for rebellion, sedition and conspiracy. The Catholic Church claimed that Rizal returned to his Catholic faith and was married to Bracken in a religious ceremony.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        depends on whos history you read that isnt what they say on the internet and that isnt what the freedom fighters said and that isnt what the spanish said they said he was killed because he wouldnt renounce being a free mason when he was shot a priest said they found a note in his shoe saying he renounced being a freemason which dont even make sense why eas he buried in a unmarked grave with no casket. as they say history is written by the winners for the losers. no where is it written that he returned to his faith

      • Crazy_horse101010

        on the internet it says there is no proof rizal ever married because he wasnt catholic they say he held hands with bracken and married her himself in front of a image of jesus. there never was any wedding papers signed.but the catholic church claimed no children were raped and look at how that turned out

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        “I don’t know the last time the Catholic Church took an active role in executing heretics, but I suspect it was before my great great great
        great great grandparents were even born”

        you mean just ignore the past as if it never happened?

        “Judge the Catholic Church by what she teaches now.”

        what about their practice? do you also have to ignore the rampant pedophilia and sex abuses?

      • Jomex

        Universities? I always here this comment. The concept of universities or higher learning is not uniquely catholic. In fact the chinese have beat the europeans for hundreds of years. Again, for 2000 years and all it managed to come up with were universities which were used to propagate its insidious doctrines. Of course it perfectly made sense to build schools to INDOCTRINATE the European continent and generations of people that only served the purpose of the Catholic Church! You cannot admit the fact that even though you built many universities to serve only a few so-called rich “intellectuals”, all the Church did was to keep rest of the masses in ignorance and fear of the church.

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        un-Godly desires? are you referring pedophilia and sex abuses? cognitive dissonance?

  • lucidlynx

    Hear that CBCP!

  • Jerome Punzalan

    The Vatican has a royal palace because the “Kingdom of God” emulated the kingdoms of European royalty. As the monarchies are mostly gone and their palaces became open to the people, the Vatican should become more democratic.

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Parang si Pope lang ang matinong pareng Katoliko. Kawawa ka naman, dito sa PInas puro bading at Damaso mga pare.

    • brunogiordano

      Kung si TAGLE magkakasunod sa bagong POPE minus one DAMASO na.

  • brunogiordano

    “Pope tells priests: practice what you preach”

    GREAT !!!!!!!!

    Pag nasunod iyan ng mga pari at obispo dito sa atin wala ng DAMASO at mga maka-DAMASO.

    Mga paring DAMASO masusunod ninyo ba ang utos ng bagong POPE??????

    Let’s “HOPE”.

  • TheHappyAgnostic

    hallelujah, praise the lord, amen… (followed by a snickering laughter)

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    How can somebody like the Pope preach humility, frugality, simplicity and charity while standing on a mountain of treasures and expect to be taken seriously? Like what Jesus said, a rich man should sell his belongings, take up his cross and then follow Him. A rich man acting and living like the poor will never know how it is to be really poor.

    • riza888

      The whole idea that Jesus would recommend selling Churches and religious artifacts is highly questionable. There is no evidence of him telling the Jews of his day to sell the temples nor the religious implements in them… and I am sure that they were very costly. He did rail against the hypocrisy of the ruling elite, against their interpretation of religious law.

      Jesus agreed to be baptized, his family paid the tax to the temple for his purification.

      There is no doubt, if the Gospels can be believed, that Jesus intended starting a new religion. A new covenant is what Jesus called it. With a new religion came new temples and new religious relics. The idea that Catholics are somehow wrong because they have temples is stupid…

      • TinimbangNgunitKulang

        How can you be so ignorant to think that the Catholic church’ riches are just temples and religious relics? Have you been inside the Vatican museum, the vaults of the Vatican banks, seen their investment and stock certificates, paintings, sculptures, gold bars, precious stones and what have you?

      • riza888

        The Vatican would be prevented from disposing of any of its art. Technically the works are owned by Catholics worldwide. In actuality they are the property of the Italian government which–after 19th and 20th century plunder–now forbids the export of its art treasures. Beyond that, the EU would also act to prevent the dispersal of Catholic art, the foundation of much of its civilization, to countries outside Europe.

        But if you do sell the Vatican to feed the hungry, do you solve the problem or merely make certain that more hungry get born? Certainly that is the result of providing food aid to cultures in which the women have no freedom of reproductive choice.

      • TinimbangNgunitKulang

        Hahaha! Coming up with excuses even before actually starting to do what it is preaching. And not even credible excuses at that. Pati na Italy at EU idinawit pa.

      • riza888

        And of course, you’re the expert….
        You need to read up more.

        Yes, the “inside the Vatican museum, the vaults of the Vatican banks, seen their investment and stock certificates, paintings, sculptures, gold bars, precious stones” – as you called them are part and parcel of Jesus’ temples and religious relics. Religion has created more art, music and literature than any other.

        On the other hand, you never did answer my questions about selling the Vatican to feed the poor….

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        you mean they will just stand there holding to their riches when they know that people, in some third world country, who are dying of thirst and hunger? what is more important, human lives or temporal riches?

  • brunogiordano

    “Organized religion is often defined by very specific lists of do’s and don’ts — rules that easily divide people rather than unite them. And here comes Francis and his emphasis on simple religious values that everyone can agree on: Be humble. Help people who are hurting. Treat as equals those with whom we disagree.”

    “It seemed like Benedict was always emphasizing ‘We’re the Catholic Church and you’re not,’ ” said Amy Butler, a popular blogger and pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington. “Now Francis is doing these things that invite the rest of us back in instead of just talking about Catholic Church teaching on birth control.”
    Washington POST

    OK talaga kung ang bagong POPE ay hindi tulad ng mga DAMASOng pari at obispo.

  • johnlagrimas

    People here are talking about selling church palaces and properties and give it to the poor. I’ve been asking myself if these people are really thinking enough or thinking at all. Be as it may, then these people should tell PNoy too to sell the Malacanang Palace, Provincial Capitols, City and Municipal Halls, and other Government edifices and give them to poor Filipinos. Or these people should tell Obama to sell the White House and give it to poor Americans. You see how crazy that idea is? You see how crazy and illogical these people are. That’s how foolish a person becomes when he’s just out to find fault on the church. It’s just so obvious how the fools think.

    • superpilipinas

      exactly. nailed it bro.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      the pope has the largest residence in the world 10000 rooms and the summer resort is even bigger the cardinals used to live there but john paul the second bulit them a 25 million hotel if the pope slept in a different bedroom every night he would be dead before he slept in all of them. the last pope who said he was going to sell church property. died in a little over a month under strange circumstances . and ive had my iq checked im not a fool. the church is the biggest landowner in the world why do they need all that property.and that land was paid for by the people who need money and food now

  • http://twitter.com/alfs_alfs Pons Corpuz

    101% agree to Mr. Pope.

  • ben987654321

    FINALLY! a priest that tells to fellow priests straight in the face. none of that “read between the lines” or “you’re ok so long as you keep it under the rug”, bull crap

  • Rossano Simeon

    Dakdak kasi ng dakdak mga pari dito. Batas na yung RH pero wag daw sundin. Magrespetuhan daw pero nang rarape ng mga bata. HIndi na tanga mga tao ngayon.

  • Yobhtron

    The current Pope is right on the mark. Hope the Damaso gang CBCP will listen to their leader. Now, the Pope should fire all priests and bishops who have criminal records and publish it so the people will know.

  • ryepim

    Calling on Fr. Pete Lamata (Davao City), Practice what you preach compadre! wag yung sex ng sex sa ibang babae dito sa Davao City!

    • marionics

      ouch! kung may ebidensiya ka naman pre e sampahan mo na ng kaso. kasi kung wala din naman e medyo libel na din yan. in fairness ika nga

      • Karabkatab

        Hahaha.. kahit naman may evidence si ryepim pre hindi rin sya maka sampa ng kaso unless victim sya ni padre. Suma total bawal sa pare maki pag sex for life di ba dre? Yun ang kanilang sinumpaan sa buhay na dapat panindigan. Kung hindi kaya ni padre ang ganitong termino, aba maluwag naman ang pintuan ng simbahan.

      • marionics

        he he tama ka din naman pre. talaga namang trabaho din ang mag sampa ng kaso at i-prosecute at sa sistema nga natin siyempre e skewed in favor of the accused ang rules as it should be naman. so hindi talaga madali. pero ganyan talaga. if there is a fight that needs to be fought then we should have the resolve to start and finish it. but as you know it is easier said than done lalo na at may mga personal na sakripisyong hihingiin sa iyo.

        pero, kung minsan din e puro intriga din naman ang mga akusasyon at malicious din naman ang pagaakusa sa tao lalo na kung may mga personal na isyu na involved o talagang pure chismis lang ang istorya at kinakagat na lang natin na wala naman talagang ebidensya o katotohanan. so we should also try to discern and evaluate all these. like i said, hindi madali he he

        gayahin mo kasi ang prinsipyo ng kumare mo na sukdulan ang pagka parehas niya he he

      • Karabkatab

        Hahaha… hindi mo talaga makalimutan si Maring Semiona pre. Safe sa kaso yun si kumare mo pre kasi all paid for naman ata ang kanyang mga acquisitions. Delikado lang baka e salvage sya ng mga kawatan. Uso yan sa pinas ngayon dre.

      • WeAry_Bat

        kelangan mey mareng mag salita kung saan ang balat at mga nunal ng pari na nasa parte ng brief.

      • marionics

        madre ba kamo? aaaay mare pala. sorry he he

    • Jomex


  • Dax Cogitlog

    To Fr. Juliano Retiquez(CDO City) , how many children do you have now …marami na cguro…..miembro ng Team Tatay…..$uck U!

  • Donardo Cuago


  • Joaquin Fernandez

    It is good thing that the good Pope sent such strong message to priests. But he should have made another strong one particularly for the priests, bishops and cardinals of the Philippines who have allowed their names and the sanctity of their offices to cover up for the abuses of the past regime, Arguelles, del Pueblos, Rosales, Vidal, et al.

  • Javaman

    In the Philippines the catholic church is very materialistic (secular), very particular on collection and fees, baptism marriage and death, their lecturers and priests needs spiritual renewal even bishops too, hope they will change for the better of their flocks.

    • $8866117

      hindut mo, ikaw ang dapat mag change, mga katulad mo ang sinusunog na sa impiyerno. Putangina mo at kaputaputahan ka ng ina mo, yan ugali mo ang dapat baguhin, typical na ugaling pinoy na pasaway.

  • cogito728sum

    If, in this digital age where the authenticity of a picture could easily be tampered, the cliche that a picture tells a thousand words still holds truth, then what a diametrically contrasting pictures that was I thought. I’m referring of course to that of Bishop Socrates Villegas, with its imposing grandeur and the implicit power of a bishop it carries and that plain and simple portrayal of the Pope. I find these encouraging because while the former dictates order not to vote for candidates that do not toe the line drawn by his CBCP the latter seems to plead for order, i.e. set the example of what you preach.

    Six centuries before the birth of that man whose teachings still stir the minds of man, there was this Chinese philosopher who said that “when wealth and honours lead to arrogance, this brings evil on itself.” Perhaps Christ was a keen student of Chinese philosophy himself particularly of Lao Tzu, the author of the above philosophy. Perhaps, Pope Francis himself, with his portrayal of humility, is likewise a subscriber to such philosophy. And what proof of adherence to this teaching for a man than to die with nothing but that piece of cloth covering the privacy of his mortal body as his material possession?

    Lao Tzu’s teaching still reverberates in our government offices today, those who are attempting to gain seats therein, among our spiritual leaders, and our very own being. “Because she’ my daughter” is enough arrogant statement to vouch for the qualification of a candidate for the office she’s running for? But backed by questionably gotten wealth, it may yet end in the title of (Honourable).

    What ails our society today is the lack of moral direction. It is replaced by this incessant quest for “wealth and honour”, power and influence. Forget the criminal past, criminal convictions. All that is necessary is to do everything to deceptively and undeservedly gain the votes of the electorates.

    In closing, I have this feeling that Cardinal Jose Mario Bergoglio believes in the belief of that ancient man from Melitus, Thales, “we can live most virtuously by never doing ourselves what we blame in others.” Perhaps that’s the reason why he’s, at the start of his papacy, setting an example of simplicity and humility, otherwise, he would not have adopted the name of a man who shunned wealth and comfort and be in tune with animals and nature. Merci beaucoup but let’s not forget to REMEMBER THE WOODS!

  • nakawan

    Like when they encourage us to control our desires and animal urges for sex, they should do the same with regard to children.

  • mike8232

    pwede bang isama diyan si Mike Velarde – putragis kahit di yan pari madami na yang nauto at nanakaw in the name of the Lord

  • Hey_Dudes

    One of the news item today from BBC web cited the Pope’s message claiming among many things; hypocrisy among church lay members is one of the reasons many are leaving church. It is as if the Pope was referring to the priest and bishops in the Philippines when he spoke of this. These sanctimonious mockers disguised as priest and bishops in the Philippines should show some remorse and shame for their own sins now subject of this Pope’s reforms.

  • Anqui

    I could not wait to see how and when the Bishops in the Philippines give up their Royalty Life Style. In the Philippines the Catholic Church appears to have welded its power equal or more than that of the President. Among Filipinos, the Church is revered to be the only way to heaven, and behave like members of a Cult. In provinces the men in the Cloak corrupt every Public Official and they have done it to the President during Gloria Arroyo’s term in office.

  • yumcha08

    Pag ganito na ang Catholico, ayaw ko na maging pari….tsk,tsk,tsk…..

    • Billy Moreno

      sa totoo lang kung ang pari pwede mag-asawa madami ang gustong maging pari. imagine libre na ang lahat! baka may donations pa na car!

  • Billy Moreno

    The pope also means the hypocrites in the Catholics of the Philippines. If there are 99% who are Catholics in the government like the President down to the Barangay kagawads to all governments employees, maybe there are 98.1 % of them corrupt. For the Pinoy Catholics maybe 99.89 % allows corruption, cheating and vote-buying during elections. Hard facts di ba?


    HOY mga alagad ni Damaso na mahihilig at nabubuhay sa numero ng kap at bers, MAKINIG kayong mabuti at nang di yang parati bukang bibig ninyo ay mga de-kahong numero….na sa bawat galaw ninuman, naka-numero kaagad kayo. Intindihin ninyo ang napapaloob sa mga numero at SUNDIN ninyo…hindi yong IBA ang pinasusunod ninyo tulad ng mga damaso.

    Habemus un papam bonam.

  • Dagxawin

    Same to you Pope, practice what you preach….allowall parishioners a taste of mompo wine during eucharist not only you and your priests!!!

  • david

    “practice” lang? hehehe

  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    I love this Pope.Start the cleansing especially here in the Philippines myPhilippines!

  • boybakal

    Pope tells priests: practice what you preach….

    The priests don’t preach, they just repeat the sermon Jesus said and delivered.

  • Simplify1

    That’s a very tall order for rich parishes in the Philippines…. wala ng SUV?

  • boybakal

    Why add some work….The priests just preach, they don’t practice.

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    This call from Pope Francis is for all preachers of all 28,000 religious group on this planet. Let all people see God in the way you live.

  • Eagle from davao

    “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheeps’ clothing but inwardly are savage wolves. (Mat 7:15)
    By their fruit you will know them. Grapes aren’t gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles, are they? (Mat 7:16)
    In the same way, every good tree produces good fruit, but a rotten tree produces bad fruit. (Mat 7:17)
    A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a rotten tree cannot produce good fruit. (Mat 7:18)
    Every tree not producing good fruit will be cut down and thrown into a fire. (Mat 7:19)
    So by their fruit you will know them.” (Mat 7:20)
    “Not everyone who keeps saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will get into the kingdom of heaven, but only the person who keeps doing the will of my Father in heaven. (Mat 7:21)
    Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, we prophesied in your name, drove out demons in your name, and performed many miracles in your name, didn’t we?’ (Mat 7:22)
    Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you evildoers!'” (Mat 7:23)
    “Therefore, everyone who hears these words of mine and obeys them is like a wise man who built his house on a rock. (Mat 7:24)
    The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, but it did not collapse because its foundation was on the rock. (Mat 7:25)
    “Everyone who hears these words of mine and doesn’t obey them is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. (Mat 7:26)
    The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and battered that house, and it collapsed, and its collapse was devastating.” (Mat 7:27)

    The fruit of roman catholism are evil in the Eyes of the Lord.

    1] covering and condoning pedophilia among the priest
    2] covering and condoning sexual immorality among the priest.
    3] accepting huge amount of indulgence for the forgiveness of the sins of their
    rich laity and members even the source of money comes from illegal and immoral activities.
    4] living in opulent and lavish lifestyle
    5] teaching that idolatry is acceptable but God said it is abomination and detestable in the Eyes of God
    6] helping and encouraging Nazi Germany by signing a Concordat in 1930’s.And help organize the Gestapo and SS in the pattern of training and indoctrination of Jesuits.
    Thereby causing the WWII and Holocaust which systematically killed more 10 million people ,which include the killing of 6 million Jews.
    7] Help and encourage King Philip II of Spain for the execution and culmination of Saint Batholomew’s Massacre which killed more than 200,000 protestants which makes that Seine River color blood. A week long killing orgy and torture.

    and hundred of other crimes,that also includes the sins expose by Jose Rizal in his novels.

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