Some Customs employees delay retirement–Biazon



Customs Commissioner Rozzano Rufino Biazon said he was planning to set a single day for all Bureau of Customs employees to submit their birth certificates to ascertain their true age.

Biazon, in an interview with Inquirer editors and reporters on Thursday night, said his office had encountered several cases of employees delaying their retirement by producing documents that showed they had not yet reached the age of retirement.

“People suddenly get younger when they are about to retire. They get a court order or a record. All of a sudden, they’re three or seven years younger and they can’t be retired yet. They must have found the Fountain of Youth at the Bureau of Customs,” Biazon said, referring to the source of youth-restoring water that the 16th-century Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon failed to find.

Biazon said he would soon issue a memorandum requiring all career employees at the bureau to submit on a single day their authentic birth certificates, complete school and employment records, and other documents.

No extension

“Everyone must check and state their age on this day. After this, changes will not be entertained,” he said.

Biazon, while not accusing anyone in the bureau of wrongdoing, said scheduled retirements were part of the “organizational restructuring” that he was planning for the bureau.

Aside from prolonging their employment by becoming “younger,” customs employees get politicians to lobby for their extension, Biazon said.

Political game

But being a politician himself, Biazon said he knew how to handle this problem.

“We have to insulate Customs from politics. My advantage is that I am a politician. Others would point out that my being a politician is a problem because that means I would have to make deals. But the difference [with me] is that I’m not pressured by fellow politicians,” Biazon said.

He recounted that shortly after his appointment to the bureau, one employee resorted to such a tactic.

“He wanted to be extended. A politician called me up to lobby for the extension. But my policy is, retired is retired, no extension. If he gets extended, then we cannot promote somebody to that post. When the politician became insistent, I said I would consult the Civil Service Commission and the President. That’s when the lobbying stopped. So the guy (the employee) retired,” he said.

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  • LucianoChing

    Employees at BOC don’t want to retire…they want to be with BOC until death…sa tagalog;makikipagpatayan sila para manatili sa BOC….hehehe

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      hindi lang yon..ipapasok din nila ang anak nila or kapatid nila para pumalit sa kanila..

  • 711sense

    If the Bureau’s personnel office keeps good record, all they have to do is to check how old the employee when he/she joined the Bureau and based it’s record from that. How hard is it to do that? If their personnel office cannot locate the employee record, find someone who can. Again, it should not be hard if everyone does it’s job for he/she is hired to do. If they can’t then they should be fired on the spot. Everyone should stop the polliticking and once and for all, stop the graft and corruption is all government offices. Their should be a hotline in each office for any customer to report when they see government workers are just goofing off or not working according to their mandate. If supervisors cannot do their job, get someone who can.

    • FahKimYang

      lahat sa BOC may presyo,including the commissioner!

      • yew_tan

        Fcuk’em young, ha ha ha funny.

    • dodong1

      they are too busy counting their kickbacks not their year of services and even ages

    • chingnarciso

      Amen for that.

    • Leo Capurictan

      Di nyo naintindihan, may court order na nga na iba daw ang birthday at age nila. soi ibig sabihin may record talaga. pero naiba, napababa ang gulang, dahil sa huwes/korte galling.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Corrupt customs employees fight tooth and nail to stay in BoC.

    Incompetent customs chief Ruffy Biazon fights tooth and nail to stay in BoC.

    Parehong mga walang hiya.

    • Pio Pusli

      we all knew that uhugin brain, but even you hire Jesus H Christ the next BOC commissioner, can you guarantee with your barely educated brain that it’ll work? if you look back at the history, this was the the culture up to the present, no matter who was the commissioner. what we need is a solution, completely different from the existing policy.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Thanks for defending Ruffy Biazon.

        01. Care to share with us why the castrated commissioner is uhugin brain?

        02. Care to share with us how Ruffy went under the knife for his prostate ailment and became what he is today, the castrated commissioner?

      • lolo_Jose

        wag mo naman isali un prostate ailment niya…

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        sorry po, but if you get a chance to talk to people in the customs, it seems that everybody’s talking about his prostate ailment, as if people know him that intimately. matatawa ka if you get a chance to visit there.

    • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

      Let me ask, sino ba talaga ang gusto mong kapalit ni Biazon?

      If you are talking about solutions, tell us who?
      Si Mike Arroyo ba?

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Mr. Marcos, bakit pikon na pikon ka na?

        Running out of excuses ka na kasi eh.

        Iyak ka na lang, baby bonjing.

      • j0sua3

        He was asking a valid question. who do you want to be in BOC? aber?

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Why not try Gibo Teodoro or Dick Gordon?

      • dodong1

        si boy

  • kapayapaan_1900

    Of course! Mr Commissioner! Kahit uugod-ugod na, wala silang balak magretiro agad. Wala silang kabusugan. Kung possible nga lang na habang panahon sila’y hindi tumatanda. Bakit nila iiwan nang ganoon na lang ang lugar na may balong ng pera’t walang katuyuan? Kung ang mga “fixer” naglipana’t ayaw magsialis, sila pang nasa puwesto? Alisin mo ‘yang balong, hindi magdadalawang isip ang mga ‘yan na magretiro pagdating ng takdang panahon. .

  • Pio Pusli

    the only solution for this very extreme rotten culture is to burn to the ground. start from scratch, ask for saln for every hired and review yearly, give a generous reward for every whistleblower and hanging or firing squad for every offender.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Disease in BOC is contagious, they even want to live there forever. I agree, burn everything. Let all ports open. Millions of Filipinos will benefits more rather than just a few at BOC.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        You mean open all the ports as in walang duties na dapat bayaran biling open ports? Ano namang solusyon yan. Imbes na may makolekta, gusto mo pang gawing duty free. Naman naman.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        think about it. cheap goods from other countries will benefits Filipinos. Smuggling will be eradicated no BOC corruption, no corrupt politicians control ECOZONES. This will benefits all not only a few rotten people.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Have you even thought about the locally produced product? How can they compete when they pay taxes and the imported products are not paying taxes/duties. Saan mo pupulutin ang mga trabahador na dependent sa locally produced products. Take the example of onions. You let the onions come in without duties/taxes. Obviously, their price will be lower than the onions produced locally. It means the local producers of onions will not be able to sell their produce. If they dont sell, then they have no income. No income, they cannot eat and they just die and fade away while the onion producers in china are counting their money. A balance is required in everything. You have bad economics bro.

    • benjpal

      I do think this strategy will work. Encouraging whistle blowing and strategically alienating a particular group will drive them to extinction. Hitler almost succeeded in using the very same strategy to root out and eradicate a particular sect.

      • beardedone

        Comparing Hitler to this is quite rich and misguided. There isn’t anything wrong in alienating a group of corrupted people breaking the law and making the country less efficient. The faster they’re out the better.

      • benjpal

        I did not say that I see something wrong with it. I was simply talking about the methodology in an objective manner so I don’t see how it is misguided. Is it a fact that the method proposed by Pio Pusli is the same method used by Hitler to eradicate particular sectors of society during his time. Now, Right or wrong it will not change the fact that it is the same method.

      • Simon Ward

        Hmmm, you’re right, if Pio Pusli was being serious about the hanging and firing squad. I assumed he was exaggerating to make a point, but now I think about it, maybe he wasn’t! Gulp!

      • benjpal

        Well the part about encouraging whistle blowing will still work and within legal means though. As far as I know the 2nd step is still illegal so I guess we should just be contented in filing charges for now.

    • Magsasaka

      yon ng masakit ang mga whistleblower dito sa atin ay laging napapasama.

  • randyaltarejos

    Just make sure that the birth certificates that will be presented to Biazon are duly authenticated by the National Statistics Office (NSO). Otherwise, some of the retiring employees will just secure it from the Local Civil Registrar, who may tamper the date of birth in the certificate.

    • Ravind Krish Rama

      sa RECTO lang marami niyan authenticated pa at may ribbon pa……hahahaha…kahit anong gawin Gobyerno butata sa mga ulupong na BOC….

  • nano

    In Bureau of Custom , some employees found not only the Fountain of Youth but also Fountain of Gold .

    • Winniejoy Lumayag

      and biazon is one of them. soliciting funds for his family and friends. sino ba ang tumatakbo sa muntinlupa? kaibigan nya at kamaganak.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Paano mo naman nasigurong sa BOC galing ang pondo sa election? Bakit hindi mo ipagbigay alam sa Ombudsman yan at ng maimbestigahan sila. Baka naman gawa gawa mo lang yan para lang mag mai post ka sa forum. Di kaya?

      • Winniejoy Lumayag

        taga customs ka siguro. sa muntinlupa, alam ng lahat na yang tumatakbo na vice-mayor ay asawa ng kaibigan ni biazon. alamin mo.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Kung hindi ka ba naman luko luko. Ang gusto mo bang mangyari, pag government official ka, bawal kang magkaroon ng kaibigang gustong lumaban sa eleksyon? Utak crab ka rin hanggang ngayon. Magbago ka kaya?

  • randyaltarejos

    They wanted to delay their retirement because they want to extract or extort more money from traders who are willing to connive with them.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Force them to retire.

  • Albert Einstien

    alam nyo na pala e….FILE perjury & falsification cases at lifestyle checks at PAPIKTURAN nyo at ILABAS sa TV mukha at mga ARI-ARI an nila…isama nyo na pati KKK protektors at SMUGGLERS……” SHAME CAMPAIGN -this is WHERE YOUR TAXES GO. ipaskil nyo sa mga dyaryo at tabi ng BAHAY nila….. ” ang SOLUSYUN dyan …..para TUMULONG din ang mga TAO at mag-padala ng ADDITIONAL INFORMATION sa inyo….i-didisolve ang isang sovereign function agency dahil lang sa INCOMPETENCE.. ……ano ba yan…

  • Simon Ward

    “We have to insulate Customs from politics. My advantage is that I am a politician.”

    There’s something wrong with this statement! It reminds me of the lecherous father who doesn’t want boys near his daughter because he knows exactly what they’re thinking.

  • Hellomr

    Even their own ages their trying to corrupt what kind of human being is that… Siguro itong mga ito kahit day off nila hindi nag deday off at hindi narin nag tetake ng vacation .
    Dahil sa dami ng malilikom na pera sa araw- araw…

  • bayankopdi


    • dodong1

      kaw naman; totoo kaya…mentalidad nila parating KULANG, kaya hanggang kamatayan doon sila para magnakaw…

  • carlcid

    The first one delaying his retirement from the Bureau of Customs is Biazon. His “kapit tuko” tactics are wearing thin. Biazon has run out of excuses. He is the first one who should be retired.

    • pubringjuandelacruz

      he should also bring the entire firm with him when he retires.

  • Maldi2

    The advocacy of Gen. Danilo Lim is all but in a piece of paper. Where the heck is he now? He was one of those crying Generals of then under GMA clamoring for changes. Now after being put into 2nd in command at the BOC, what changes has he initiated and done? Once people get the taste of money, they forget everything – their advocacies suddenly changed to get more money instead! LOL!

    • rudy_boy

      Precisely, the silent get the most.

    • tarikan

      Now Gen. Danny Lim (his silence is deafening) is no different than Gens. Garcia, Ligot, Reyes (RIP), Euro generals, etc.

  • $26606290

    Too little too late pre. Umalis ka na.

  • wakats

    After the May elections, the plan to abolish the BOC will be seriously studied. The BOC culture of bribe taking/asking is deep rooted because of the colour of money unlike in other countries especially the US where bribing is a big “NO WAY”, and the briber is immediately charged.

    Raffy can start rebuilding the tattered image of BOC by prohibiting the entry of genuine/fake journalists who frequented the agency daily not for news but for grease…..

  • rudy_boy

    I hope Biazon is not ignoramous in running a government agency.

    Request authentication to other agencies of their previous records at NATIONAL CENSUS AND STATISTICS (NSO), THEN CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION, PRC IF REQUIRED.



  • disqusted0fu

    Okay. So why not do something about it immediately rather than just telling the people? For certain, Biazon already knew about this problem even before. But why does he have to wait to be highly criticized before he moves? This style is very much like Pnoy’s, and majority of his administration officials. Noynoying is indeed contagious.

    • j0sua3

      yeah youre probably right, but i rather have the atmosphere these days than that of gloria.

    • mave

      WTF! connect naman sa kay Pnoy, maybe yong LBM mo still fault by the President? Hoy unghang hindi ka pa ipinanganak ganyan na kalakaran sa BOC kahit sa BIR.

  • Horst Manure

    Name change to the Bureau of Cash.

  • Noriel Bernabe

    Reasons why people are happy under noy’s govt.
    -Noy bloated budget of each congressmen’s PDAF while cutting budget on education
    -Almost 10% of our Nat’l budget is loss each year due to corruption
    a hundred of noynoy’s political allies have pending corruption charges
    in the office of the ombudsman (Even COA wrote to legislators mostly
    from noy’s liberal party questioning the use of their PDAF).
    -Recent study showed corruption perception in the government is high hampering economic growth
    – unemployment rate increased by almost a million despite of gdp “growth”
    – More than 1 billion was loss because of the unaccounted CCT
    – 32 billion pesos estimated loss revenue due to rice smuggling
    – P3.6 billion in loss revenue due to missing container vans
    -30 to 40 billion loss due to oil smuggling
    -Very low FOI inspite of the president’s juncket trips abroad and noy’s claims of billion dollar investments
    -the much vaunted PPP has no project to show off after three years
    -Philippines lags compared to other ASEAN nations when it comes to FDI
    -2011 Philippines was named as worse country for investors (East ASIA)
    -Philippines lags in terms of infrastructure compared to its ASEAN neighboring countries
    -Many people from Mindanao were killed by flood due to cancellations of existing flood projects under noy’s admin
    -5 million and 30 million were donated by noynoy to MILF and ABB this happened after MILF ambused our soldiers in mindanao.

    Estrada (July 1998- Jan 2001) 3.1
    Arroyo (Feb 2001 – June 2010) 3.8
    Aquino (July 2010 – June 2012) 19.6

    (Based on IMF’s Direction of Trade Statistics)

  • j0sua3


  • boybakal

    Reform is about policies and procedures in the Bureau of Customs.
    And not force the employees to retire….they have family to feed.

    • nicosan fopalan

      haha… at age of 60 they still have family to feed?

  • les21reago

    From a view of a total abolition of the BOC, Biazon is now simmering to retiring of BOC employee…This is a testament of a NO no direction at the BOC under his watch.

  • klepto

    Ang purpose nito ay isa lang: Para ma bigyan ng chance ang mga naka babata na mga magnanakaw na maka puwesto rin dahil tiba-tiba na yong mga matatanda na sa trabaho.

  • Kapitanbagwis

    Abolish BOC, outsource tax collection to reputable foreign companies to isolate the bureau from politicians and complete revamp of the corrupt bureau.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    palitan niyo lahat ng employee(BOC) ng hindi magnanakaw …

  • dragon

    dapat kinakasuhan na yun mga ganun gawain (falsification),napakabulok talaga ng sistema.

  • buttones

    This is getting bizarre, and why is this trivial issue even being spoken of? I assume the BOC has employee records, including a birth of date [supported by a birth certificate to prove the employee is also a Filipino?- my little joke!] so this is the date of birth- end of story. All the Commissioner has to do, as he is the one in charge, is to issue a memo to all employees that no amended records of birth will be accepted, and sign it ‘The Boss’.

    The mention of Ruffo being a politician is very valid, that is the reason he cannot handle the job, no management experience, no business experience- a politician has the fault of listening to everybody, in the case of BOC it needs a manager where everybody listens to him, at this stage of the game employees comments, interferences and suggestions are totally irrelevant..and the guy should also learn to say NO!

  • lolo_Jose

    RAFFY, masisira ka diyan sa mga tauhan mo sa BOC!!! Kundi man halos, karamihan diyan mga bata bata ng mga politiko na mainpluensiya!!!
    Marami sa kanila mga sindikato, mahirap kang makapagbaba ng bagong utos, pag ayaw nila kakasuhan ka o kaya magbabayad sila ng full page ad sa diyaryo at palilitawiin ikaw ang me problema!!! Ganyan sila kalakas at kasama..
    Mga janitors pa lang diyan mga corrupt na, mga guwardiya pati di lalo na iyung mga tauhan mismo sa loob , kaya tama ang mungkahi mo na i abolish na ang pinamumugaran ng mga sindikato!!!!

  • Fancy Tan

    Life style and SALN should be checked.

  • iping2sison

    Kapit tuko talaga mga kurakot na BOC employees. Kasi pera sa BOC nalalaglag kusa sa bukas na cabinet ng lamesa parang bang hulog ng langit. Saka pag retirado na putol na mga layaw at wala ng pang casino at pang Ermita..

  • jpastor

    Mr Biazon, why not expose those politicians lobbying and charge them with Ombudsman. They represents chinese traders who pay them to lobby on their behalf.

  • penoy2012

    Kasuhan agad ang mga mandadaya. Huwag puro praise release.

  • boybakal

    Birth Certificate….for what….to prove that they are filipino citizen and not Illegal Alien.
    My God….just look at the face, he is filipino, young but looks old.

    • nicosan fopalan

      my god! madami sila pera madami pam pa belo!

  • axe musk

    Include “Lifestyle Checks” in the process, as you may have younger employees already starting the same “Raket” as what the “BOC Veterans” have been doing ALL their life since day 1 of their employment in the BOC…..

  • Yanong_OFW

    sino paba ang gustong mag retire kung dami ka pang mahuthot?

  • Magsasaka

    ang tanong bakit ganyan ang kultura ng mga taga custom na iyan?dahil ba magkakasangkot ang sindikatong nagpapatakbo sa ahensya na iyan?mga pukang na nagagawa pang pumunta sa korte para lang hindi matuloy ang retirement

  • Noa

    if found falsification of his age to become younger, fired without any benefit.

  • chubby bobby

    kaya ayaw pang mag retire agad kasi nagpapakabusog pa sa pangungurakot ang mga komodo dragon na mga customs na yan.

  • ConcernedCitizenPh

    The reason they cannot stop smuggling is because they would not account for all the importations that pass through our ports and they destroy all documentary trail of import transactions that compromised duties and taxes. No BoC employee will dare to smuggle an importation if records of cargo that every ship or plane submits to BoC is controlled and recorded (even manually). A lot of them will also be retiring much earlier if BoC can establish accountability. Commissioner Biazon can solve the extreme corruption at BoC if he really wants to.

  • Cano Manuel

    So what happens if they find employees falsifying their ages? Do they get to retain their posts?

    • dodong1

      they get retain and get pay increases

      • Cano Manuel

        That is ridiculous.

  • dodong1

    kaya nga tinawag na Bulok of Customs dahil pati edad they CUSTOMIZE IT..kapal mukha talaga tong mga kumag na to…

  • Mark

    Damihan nyo ung tao sa customs na nagccheck lahat ng mga cargo na pumapasok para madali ang pag check ng lahat g mga cargo at mahirap ang mga taga customs na magkuntsabahan dahil hindi sila magkakakilala, tutal mahilig mangialam ang simbahan romano katoliko, isama sila sa customs para maging spy sa mga kalokohan na ngyayari dun, kaya lng naisasagawa ang mga kalokohan sa customs kasi ay magkakakuntsaba silang lahat, pero pag may isang magbubulgar doon sigurado lilinis ang trabaho sa customs

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    close the customs bureau!…it would be better if a private agency runs the ports…

  • Cobra

    well we got what Quezon wants for the our country.” I’d rather have a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos than a Philippines run like heaven by Americans”.I suppose it’s like a curse.

  • carlorocci

    Kitang-kita ang pagka-gahaman sa salapi. MGA HAAAAYYYYUUUUUUP!

  • pinoynga

    Wow! Even with mere retirement processes in the bureau of customs, people are already distrustful, how can they be entrusted to perform with any bit of integrity at the bureau? And there you are. The biggest problems of customs is the politicos and the padrino systems. If Biazon really has balls, he should name the politicos who interfere in customs’ processes. Consult the President about a retirement? This is ridiculous! On the contrary being a politician himself, Biazon dances with the wolves. What does Biazon mean that one has to be a politician to effectively run customs? Politicians are number one in corrupting customs. If Biazon were in a private corporation, he would have been fired by the board already for such reasons he is presenting. Truly, no other way but to dissolve the Bureau of Customs and replaced by a private entity totally insulated from senators, congressmen, judges, police chiefs, governors, mayors, and barangay captains, all of which have placed their respective dogs to work for the bureau. Well, as the BOSS of PNOY, I say Biazon is incompetent.

    • TGM _ERICK

      One has to be a politician o effectively run the BC only means that he doesn’t have to go b the rules all the time. Shameful coming from the younger Biazon!

  • Ako_Hiking

    People are trying to abandon ship at Customs seeing that problems are already out of hand. The lower staffers will all be blamed for sure but the upper brass ultimately deserve as much blame for neglecting the problem for so long and allowing people at Customs to just have their way. When a problem gets ignored and procedures are not corrected, major problems will definitely ensue.

  • siegfeil

    4th stage cancer na yang sa BOC. When Pres Pnoy campaigned in his election na tuwid na daan, how can he act on it, the BOC, BIR, DPWH, AFP etc. Total revamp is a must otherwise the bad eggs are still there in cohort with top politicians and military. Walang gusto mag retire sayang yung kurakot na pera. Parang sa Judicial natin yan ngayon.

  • whyinthisworld

    well, if you can do it soonest, may be your image will change a little bit. You are surrounded by crooks and crocodile you know that so if you are not hard as iron or not yet eaten by dirty system, fire 90 pct. of your men. Hard but must be done for a better BOC. This is true to BIR and many government offices like BID etc………

  • William Dave

    it’s raining money in that bureau that everyone just wanna cling on even if they are already ugod-ugod to the bones!

  • Anla-hoy Pablo’y

    buti pang gawin..di ito labag sa batas konting justification lang…early retirement sa lahat ng employee (kung may budget) in all ports.(one at a time)..tapos re-hire those carrier service only and open the vacant positions sa new recruits…

  • chubby bobby

    ang Bureau of Customs ay isang malaking Crocodile Farm

  • marithefrancois

    go go go

  • Viktorio Ungasis Coronel

    Tanga. Dumiretso ka na lang sa NSO para siguradong hindi peke yung birth certificate.

  • Noel

    Who was that politician who lobbied? Biazon must name him or all politicians were suspects.

  • Winniejoy Lumayag

    after all his incompetence of not meeting targets and not doing anything for his agency, he solicits sympathies for all his incompetence. mag resign ka na lang. don’t put the blame on others.

  • chingnarciso

    Magaling ang mga Pilipino na mag magic, pati ang kanilang mga birth certificate ay maiiba. Katulad yung mga barrels of oil sa warehouse na nawala,na magic din. only in the Philippines could do such a impossible magic..even the money for Arm Forces modernization ay na magic pati ang kanilang edad ay mamagic din yan,they found the fountain of lambanog…lol..

  • Ariel Molina

    Lahat ng my cargo business …tulad ng box from abroad Lahat sila nagbibigay sa custom para mapadali ang labas mga second hand furniture old tv . Ilalagay Lahat sa container tapos pag parating na sa pinas I tawag Lang sa kilalang custom 130k ok na ..hehehe ma binta na sa mga my kaya sa buhay mga furniture from Europe. Charity for the victims of flood unwanted cloths na ibibigay ng mga Tao sa abroad Dahil naawa sa biktima ng bagyo binibinta dyan sa Luzon . Kumita ang my ari ng cargo Padala at custom ..yan ang pinoy …mga ganid.

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Gusto ka nilang paalisin Raffy sa BOC para maipagpatuloy nila ang mga maiitim nilang balak. Stay put ka lang dyan. Part lang ng demolition jobs ang mga ingay na nababalita. Matagal na yang mga smuggling na yan. Kailangan mo lang sigurong ibandera ng maayaos ang mga accomplishments ng higit na nakararaming BOC personnel na maayos magtrabaho. Ang mga maiitim na budhi lang kasi ang nababalita. Bakit hindi ninyo ilista sa news bukod sa BOC website ang mga napaalis at mga nakasuhang mga BOC personnel.

  • Rolly257

    Sa Customs, meron ng baka, me kalabaw pa na pinag gagatasan.

  • Clem Ibasco

    gawin nyo yan. wag puro kwento.

  • lito

    Why retire?BOC is the cash cow of the employees’number one sa corruption na branch ng
    Gobierno.Dapat tawag as mega empleyado ng BOC at mega taking grass,mahilig as grease money.

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    bakit sila magreretiro eh daming pera jan makukurakot, t

  • Ricky Nazareno

    They don’t want to retire as a corrupt employee of BOC, coz they are not yet contented of what they have achieved as a ” magnanakaw ” in BOC,,,

  • Leo Capurictan

    If its a court order, that is already legal, and you have to honor that. That is already their (twisted) birthday/age. And if they submit the original Birth certificate from NSO, the amendment will be their already, . That is already a court order.
    Ano kaba, utak anga ka talaga biazon.

  • China_Lee

    Gen. Lim is in silence. When you get a bigger stashed it sealed your mouth.

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