China, US vow to end N. Korea nuke threat

Kerry: Partnership based on mutual interest


US Secretary of State John Kerry. AP FILE PHOTO

BEIJING—Bound by threats from North Korea, the United States and China agreed on Saturday to rid the bellicose nation of nuclear weapons in a test of whether the world powers can shelve years of rivalry and discord, and unite in fostering global stability.

Beyond this latest attempt to restrain North Korea, the burgeoning nuclear crisis has so frustrated the United States and China that they are forming a new and tentative bond with the potential to carry over into areas that have vexed them for decades.

But they will need to overcome the longstanding prickly relations between Beijing’s communist government and Washington’s free-market democracy. The two are economic competitors, and China is far more reluctant than the United States to intervene in international military conflicts.

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday described a “synergy” between the two countries to achieve worldwide security and economic stability.

“We have a stake in China’s success. And frankly, China has a stake in the success of the United States,” Kerry told reporters in the Chinese capital. “And that became clear in all of our conversations here today. A constructive partnership that is based on mutual interest benefits everybody in the world.”

Kerry met with the new Chinese leaders to discuss a range of issues, most notably the persistent and increasingly pitched threats that North Korea has issued against the United States, South Korea and Japan over the past several months.

North Korea appears to be readying a missile test, in what the United States says would be its third since December, and there are varying opinions in Washington as to whether the North is able to develop and launch nuclear-tipped missiles.

One US intelligence assessment suggested North Korea had the capacity to put a nuclear warhead on a missile, even if any such weapon would have low reliability.

Kerry and the Chinese foreign policy chief, State Councilor Yang Jiechi, said the two nations would work together to create a nuclear-free Korean peninsula, effectively forcing North Korea to give up its arsenal.

The reclusive North Korean government and its young leader, Kim Jong-un, are more likely to listen to China, its main economic and diplomatic partner and lifeline to the outside world, than anyone else.

Committed to peace

Yang, through an interpreter, described China’s stance on North Korea as “clear-cut” and called for resuming the six-nation talks that fell apart four years ago and are aimed at ending the nuclear threat.

“China is firmly committed to upholding peace and stability and advancing the denuclearization process on the Korean peninsula,” Yang told reporters. “We maintain that the issue should be handled and resolved peacefully through dialogue. … To properly address the Korean nuclear issue serves the interests of all parties.”

But Kerry made clear that the United States would keep close watch on how China continues to deal with North Korea “to make sure that this is not rhetoric, but that it is real policy that is being implemented.”

North Korea was but one issue that was high on the priority list of discussions, Kerry said.

China and the United States have the two most powerful economies and are two of the largest energy users. They agreed to hold high-level talks on climate change and to ease business investment cooperation.

Kerry also raised the possibility of scaling back America’s military presence in the Asia-Pacific region once the Korean nuclear crisis is resolved. Beijing has been disgruntled about US missile defense systems in China’s backyard.

“Obviously, if the threat disappears,” meaning a nuclear-free North Korea, “the same imperative does not exist at that point in time for us to have that kind of robust, forward-leaning posture of defense,” Kerry said. “And it is our hope in the short run that we can address that.”

Deeply skeptical

Western experts predict that China will move slowly and cautiously, if at all, toward becoming a more reliable US ally. China remains deeply skeptical of President Barack Obama’s policy shift to Asia, which Beijing views as US attempts to contain its economic might.

It’s also unlikely that China will sever its long ties with North Korea. The Chinese dramatically have boosted trade with their neighbors and maintain close military relations some six decades after they fought side by side in the Korean War. They provide North Korea with most of its fuel and much of its food aid.

China has a history of quickly reversing course after talking tougher with North Korea. In late 2010, as American officials were praising Beijing for constructive efforts after the North shelled a South Korean island, a Chinese company agreed to invest $2 billion in a North Korean industrial zone.

“The US has to be cautious in expecting a major breakthrough on North Korea out of the new Chinese leadership,” said Christopher Johnson, a former CIA analyst who is now a China expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “There’s a risk of too much exuberance on the US side. … The Chinese just can’t turn the battleship as quickly as we might like.”

But Johnson said even minor progress on North Korea could translate into a warming between Washington and Beijing, which appears now to be “at least willing to talk.”

“If we can talk on an issue that is as sensitive as North Korea, we can talk about other issues,” Johnson said. “It speaks very well for other touchy issues in the relationship at the moment.”

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  • guest

    How they are going to do this? But I think North Korea will listen to China if they tell them to disarm because they are their main supporter and without China, North Korea will just disintegrate.

    • erica

      Yes, and China will use North Korea as their leverage to get more business from the US.

    • Yet Jua

      and the biggest trade partner of NK is China….

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    The US did not even have to pressure Iran. The US and Israel just released a deadly computer virus Stuxnet specifically targeting Iran to jeopardize the uranium enrichment of Iran and delay their nuke development.

    What’s stopping the US from doing the same to Pyongyang’s nuke development? Not unless the North Koreans have learned from Iran’s vulnerabilities and beefed up heir own cybersecurity.

    • WeAry_Bat

      Not unless NK has no modern computer network :D

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        I think that was the same assumption the world had on Iran, which is not true.

      • WeAry_Bat

        Iran maybe has the porous borders thus they got the AMD quad-core computers. Since China makes computers also, hm, maybe you have a point.

  • Iris2

    What a comittment.
    While PH is eager to looking forward for a “emergency war” situation, Kerry went to Beijing in China to find a peaceful solution.
    Why is PH always one step slow, two steps behind and three steps wrong ?

    That is chachacha 1 2 3.

    • erica

      Because PH elected a wrong leader.

    • Yet Jua

      The Philippines must be prepared at all times just in case the US-China talk will fail and for sure this was already discussed by both the the PH and US panel before Sec.Kerry’s departure to East Asia.

    • gryzyxwoz

      Not necessarily. Typical U.S. strategy.

      • Chihuahua

        wake up to the smell of coffee…finally!

    • Chihuahua

      diplomacy by amateurs, this is phl diplomacy!

  • TulisangDagat

    this what you war mongers doing….built up your economy so it will not collapse or all of us will be hungry next time ..make a chilling effect stocks will fall and powerful will buy it cheap same as crude oil based on speculation not world demand but in control of the demand …….

    • Crazy_horse101010

      poor baby go somewhere else peace loving like north korea im sure they would love you things are cheap there

  • Oniichan, its too big

    If I were US, I wouldn’t trust China. Be always skeptic when dealing with the Chinese.

    • $18209031

      China will allow US to take out NK once and for all. NK has been too maverick and can only lead to more troubles down the road. As part of the deal, US will wipe out the regime of Kim Un and let the Chinese take over entire land of NK . Then peace will reign in Korealand. SK will maintain its borders and republic. At no point in time China will allow US SK UN forces to cross the DMZ into NK or China will defend NK.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        meds arent working are they

      • $18209031

        Eating horse shzt still hasnt given you pleasure?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        better than the chinese shzt that you eat comrade daku at least my lips arent round from dropping to my knees when they call for you

    • gryzyxwoz

      Yes, “never trust Beijing” is a good rule to follow

    • Chihuahua

      but you are not USA. you think you are smarter than kerry and the us national intelligence agency? who cares about what you think or your opinions and sentiments. This is big national international diplomacy unfolding. You are seeing and hearing what they want you to hear. there is a lot of back door diplomacy at work which is not publicly disclose.

      • Demo001

        finally a comment with sense

      • Oniichan, its too big

        lol you mad? what made u mad? Luckily, what you say doesn’t matter too, and no one cares what you think as well

      • ReneV

        he thinks he is part of the politburo but he is just a simple keyboard operator getting his 50 cents for every comment.

    • $14141131

      America can’t do that because they’re already hanging on the economic strings held by China. Poor Uncle Sam.

  • farmerpo

    The miracle of McDonald. There is never a war between nations with McDonald golden arches on their landscape…….Freakanomics.

    • $18209031

      Fck Mr McDonald. He s responsible for spreading too much polysaturated fat fastfood.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i know fetuses must taste better and supposed to cure anything. cninese health food

      • $18209031

        China can export NK fetuses to Pinas. They are good preventive and cure meds for dengue fever . A good clotting intrinsic factor in its components, sought after by western medical experts.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        yeah and compressed hair makes your wees wees hard sorry most countries arent cannibals. i sure they can ship nk fetuses since when they escape the north china has the mothers killed and rips out the fetus

  • $18209031

    Time for US and CHina to join forces and clean up the criminals of WW 2. Time to let US SK forces clean up NK and let Chinese PLA roll into Pyongyang and administer it as part of its ancestral domain.

    US should also allow China to wipe out Japland the criminal nation who committed unspeakable crimes against the Chinese nation from 1931-1945. US must also allow CHinese PLAN to take over Diaoyu as part of this deal.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      what criminals from ww2 they are dead now and the criminals were tried and hung you want to kill their children i suppose who werent even born japan was wiped out remember dont you ever read history why dont we go to ww1 and kill grandchildren while we are at it were you in ww2 are just renting

      • Chihuahua

        the biggest criminal of them all..emperor hirohito was never accounted for his crimes. all others were mere scapegoats and a convenient sacrifice as the US need Japan after WW2 as an ally against the emerging iron curtain and the unfolding cold war. these criminals are still being venerated by the right wing nipponese on their annual pilgrimage to the yakusune shrine to the dismay and irritation of the nations who were victimized by the nipponese cirminals during WW2, like korea and china (of course not the phl as they have already kiss and made up and conveniently chose to forget the whole sordid episode to the chagrin of its many patriots victims who are turning on their graves).

      • $18209031

        It didnt take long after WW 2 when in 1952, the Philippine President Garcia, officially forgiven the Japo Criminals including the Emperor Hirohito. Pres Garcia was a softie and an apologist for reasons we dont know.

        The many unspeakable crimes the Nips committed the Pino People were swept under the rug bec of his forgiveness to Japos. What this Garcia did was unforgivable. The Japo Criminals went scathe free again .

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i grew up on history i believe he is dead now also go dig him up. and im sure the patriots arent turning over anything have you looked in a grave and seen anyone turned over. i had family who died in ww2 so what i cant bring them back can you anything else comrade.

      • awesome

        Crazy gets even crazier.
        Who isn’t grown up in history ?

      • awesome

        What a distorted and disconnected logic from a disrupted Crazy brain.

        I hope you don’t conclude that a horse is your ancestry.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        your ancestry still eating shzt and climbing trees better crazy than a blooming idiot. comrade azzsome

      • awesome

        China and Japan has more than 3000 years civilized people to people exchange. Japanese are Chinese in Japan. China had forgiven war compensation that could bancrupt Japan overnight. In what way that Chinese are seeking to revenge or even want today’s Japanese to pay for their war crimes done to China 60 years ago ?

        What China is upto against is Japan’s denial of crime, even excuse for the crime.

        There are some Japanese still having the idea that they wanted to help Asians in the WW2 to drive imperialism out.

        That is absolutely unacceptable. Japan had killed millions just to help ?

    • hu_yu

      just cut off your utin, i think that would do good to the world

      • $18209031

        Maghaharikiri ka kasama ang inyong kaibigang Nippos. Hala bira…

  • BatangSingapore

    yan ang china kahit kinaiinisan nila ang isang bansa tulad ng USA ay pihadong kakampi siya dahil sa ingit.

    imagine naunahan pa ng north korea na maging mas threat kesa sa china ahhahahahhahaha. low quality gasi gawa ng china kaya sablay, unlike korea ang husay ng quality.

  • gryzyxwoz

    “Kerry also raised the possibility of scaling back America’s military presence in the Asia-Pacific region once the Korean nuclear crisis is resolved.” — OMG! Wrong line! Is that official U.S., policy? Kerry should not be shooting off his mouth like that. Problems of Asean and the Philippines will NOT end if even North Korea denuclearizes.China may be using this North Korean crisis as bait or a bargaining chip for the U.S. to reduce its presence. As it is, we have enough problems with the hegemonic ambitions and island-grabbing actions of Beijing. Of course, this should make all the pinkos happy.

    • Isagani Gatmaitan

      Or…China has a large stake in reigning in NK. The forward emplacement of US military assets in reaction to NK rhetoric is welcomed by most ASEAN nations. The Philippines and its neighbors are constantly worried over renewed Chinese geo-political resolve.

      • Chihuahua

        US values its relationship with China more than anything else. That’s the reality. Sorry to disappoint those naive key board call center cubicle warrior. Just continue to day dream or maybe get back to reality and pick up that phone from your irate overseas callers.

      • Billy Reyes

        That’s true China its the only country that owns a majority of the US debts that’s relationship is so vital for US economy… The debt of the United States is bigger than the GDP of the whole world combined together ( more than 13trillion$).
        IF China stop buying majority of those debts it will hurt US economy big time.
        Its like the relationship between Saudi Arabia & the US. Saudi Arabia is the largest supplier of oil in the US. If one day Saudi Arabia declare embargo of oil to the US America is doom.
        We Filipino should stop thinking that Philippines were the priority of the US before China. There is no significant interest between US-Philippines.

      • crazy_horse_101010

        Decisions with major ramnifications made by big and powerful states or nations are driven based on “How this would impact or what is the net benefit to their national goals (economy, standard of living, and power)?”. All other factors is secondary and will be measure on how it will support its core goals.
        As how it stands today, the economies of China and US are tighly intererelated and symbiotic. Since they are the 2 largest economies in the world, their economic output and activities have major influence and impact on the rest of the world’s economies. U.S.A.’s priorities which was recently echoed by Kerry on his trip to China reflects the strategic goals of both nations. It would be better for smaller nations like the PHL to either ride with the tide of the world order or be swept aside by the tsunami driven by major decisions of the world powers.
        As history would be our lesson, it would be extremely naive and reckless for a nation like the PHL to pin its hope and its future on a guarantee that USA will stand to its Mutual Defence Treaty at their calling due to its current dispute on the SCS Islands with China.

    • awesome

      I read Kerry’s speech in Beijing.

      He oppose unilateral actions in South east China Sea.

      That could be a problem for PH.

      Unilateral going to UN is too compulsive to the regional peace.

      • $18209031

        Why would you want USA to fight China ? Is it bec of your tagaloglog greed?

      • Chihuahua

        welcome to the real world of international diplomacy! the small nations are but pawns of the powerful, to be used and discarded as the need arises.

    • Chihuahua

      welcome to the world of high stakes politicking! its is for the big and powerful and not for the small and hapless like you guys. that is the reality and you can continue to day dream.

    • $18209031

      IT is the very reason the NKs are going nuclear after being classified as one of the Axis of Evil in 2003 by Pres Bush. They were next on the Kanos gunsight after Iraq was taken.

      Kanos will move to Asia Pacific no matter what. This is their plan to encircle China and take over the South China Sea for its oil and gas. China will have to move elsewhere is what these Whtieazzed wanted to do.

  • bgcorg

    A tricky world is diplomacy indeed, working on the principle that you should not allow your hand to be caught raiding the cookie jar. Important that diplomatic success, though, is how nations develop, singly and as a community of nations, with peace and prosperity for all in a climate of social justice. War should be renounced as an instrument of domination.

    • Chihuahua

      high stakes international diplomacy is for the powerful. it is not for the small, amateur and weak nations like the phl. All you PHL Dorothy Lanes should snap out of your day dreaming in the Land of OZ.

  • jgl414567

    Never trust China until it is a democracy because its current communist leaders are corrupt and will kill just to retain power!

    • $18209031

      Never ever ever trust a kayumangmang. The backstabbing kayumanggis of the Malayo bloodline.

  • aris alfaro

    ….same old talk(we’ll do this, we’ll do that). obviously, the u.s. does’nt know or just want to ignore the potential message this is sending to other countries with nuke-armed ambitions: if nk can screw around with u.s and other countries, then so can we.

  • Albert Einstien

    RP read between the LINES of ALL imperialists permanent policy…….GREED…

    US POLICY ” “We have a stake in China’s success. And that became clear in all of our conversations here today. A constructive partnership that is based on mutual interest .”


  • tonygadoy

    This is how Chinese do believes that the impending war in the Korean peninsula is the LAST one if it ignites. The Chinese knows better. NOKOR will cease to exist if the imminent will happen. There will be one Korea and the FAT BOY, definitely will meet its end. And china’s barrier from the west sector border will be wide open from the democratic influences of SOKOR. The chinese will choose to keep NOKOR rather than leave it to be dissolve in a full blown war.

  • boldyak

    China will help US on NK issue…for sure at a cost, not to US but for countries with having dispute with China…

  • eltee2012

    >>>US and China did the talking and agreed on the issues about North Korea. And they toldl the whole world that THEY BOTH HAS A STAKE IN THEIR SUCCESS!!

    >>>The problem or conflict in Korean Peninsula is a matter between the North side and South side of the peninsula. But now the China are US could talk, negotiate and agree somehting about even outside the


  • eltee2012

    and China did the talking and agreed on the issues about North Korea.
    And they told the whole world that THEY BOTH HAS A STAKE IN THEIR

    >>>The problem or conflict in Korean Peninsula is a matter
    between the North side and South side of the peninsula. But now the
    China and US could talk, negotiate and agree something about it even
    outside the

    >>>But in the case of Phl vs China and Phl and Malaysia

  • Crazy_horse101010

    they hire locals to do their killing for them in africa they supply money and guns for poachers and there the poachers are also rebels who fight against their governments with the weapons supplied by the chinese. i read a story about 50 game wardens ran into 5ooo poachers it was a one sided battle and hundreds of game wardens have been killed. it is shoot on sight no quarter. in america they buy bear gall bladders and they are killed by the hundreds out of season they take the gall bladder and discard the rest. in south america they buy rare birds and animals soon there will be nothing left but pandas

    • Crazy_horse101010

      whoops wrong forum this was meant for the chinese poachers

    • $18209031

      Jealous ka lang , pisot na kabayo. Chinese are not the cause of the demise of engangered species. It is the people n those countries who wanted to make money and kill them. In fact whtie azzed hunters saved their entire life’s savings just to go to Africa and shoot elephants, tigers, lions , cheetahs, zebras , hippos, etc for the thrill of the hunt. These hunters only wanted a good photo of their kill to increase their manhood , machismo and put themselves in the ranks of safari record books. Once thats done they dont wanna even bring the meat home but just gives it away.

      THe ivory tusks they cannot bring home . So where do the tusks go? The Africans sell them to China to make money.. Why, is that wrong? CHinese are only the customers, not the actual killers. Dont spew your horsecrxp on Chinese but on your white azzed horse- riders.

  • Jimbox88

    China: Ok Kerry off the media. Ill try to help you in N. Korea but you have to help me too to get the Philippines…

  • Arnie Rossel

    Anyway, Communist China will soon collapse to pave way for democracy. They have growing educated youth hungry for freedom. It’s a slow Berlin Wall collapse in China. By then, we will expect more rational and discerning government. Today, its hopeless. Their claim in West Philippines Sea alone is an exaggeration that you cannot imagine a highly civilized country would do.

  • tarikan

    “Imperialistic, hegemonic Americans…death to America!” China said not too long ago. And what America did? Gather all her multi-nationals operating in friendly neighborhoods in Asia and moved them to China. In the process owing China something like over One Trillion U.S. dollars. Yes, that’s America. They take good care of enemies. Friends of long standing…forget it.

  • $18209031

    US and China will make a deal. US SK will make a strike to wipe out NK but they must not cross passed the DMZ . China will take over NK once the dust settles and administer Chinese control of NK. This is to ensure peace and prosperity in the region.

  • HarryK

    Behind the agreement is another agreement, i.e., the US will not interfere in the Sino-Japan island dispute and leave the South China Sea dispute to “bilateral” negotiations between China and the claimants?

  • $18209031

    As part of the agreement , China will have sole responsiblity to govern NK with no US SK interference . This is to help the NK s regain their identity as free people and live in peace under protection of China.

  • $14141131

    It’s a fallacy that the US and China are competitors. America is the prime supporter of China’s economy taking all the trillion dollar trade deficit continually by sucking China’s products. China wouldn’t be the no. 2 global economy if not of America. And in gratitude, China provides America with the needed money to sustain its spending and dull economy.

    • $18209031

      IN same token, the rich elites of the USA depended on the huge CHinese markets and capital to buy their products . And they set up factories in China to manufacture their good s for cheap labor. Then sell them to USA and others for 100 x the capital they invested in China.
      CHina is not indebted to USA for one iota , for USA doesnt give then any freebies nor are they giving freebie s in return. So both are as business partners.

  • $14141131

    It is a fallacy that the US is a competitor of China. It is the prime supporter of the communist country having sacrificed its continual annual trillion dollar trade deficit by sucking all China products exported to America. To appease the generosity (read gullibility) of the Americans, China keeps on writing checks for America so the latter can continue the spending habit and support to its drubbed economy. Practically, Uncle Sam is hanging on the economic strings being held by communist China. Poor Uncle Sam.

    • $18209031

      IN same token, the rich elites of the USA depended on the huge CHinese
      markets and capital to buy their products . And they set up factories in
      China to manufacture their goods for cheap labor. Then sell them to USA
      and others for 100 x the capital they invested in China.
      CHina is
      not indebted to USA for one iota, for USA doesnt give then any freebies nor are
      they giving freebie s in return. So both are as business partners.

  • banana na

    sa problema nito ay US will talk to CHINA, bakit naman tumutulong ang china sa nokor, ayaw ng china na kapag naging democracy ang nokor ay katabi na ng US MILITARY sa CHINA…ganoon din ang US sa carribean nation, ayaw ng US na lumakas ang CHINA investors sa carribean kasi malapit na sa US mainland…NOKOR KIM JUNG UN have studied in SWITZERLAND at ang NOKOR ay matindi ang communism nila kaysa CHINA..

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    US and China ar on the right path in handling the Korean Peninsula crisis.

  • pedronimo

    You can say I’ve been watching a lot of war pictures. Known only in the Oval office and the Pentagon, there are already Special Forces tracking and casing the movements of the Nokor leader and his generals Their mission is: Take down the jerk and get the hell out of there. Should they fail and get caught, they will be disavowed and the tape shall self-destruct.

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