Will Boratong walk out of detention cell?



The Court of Appeals is set to free convicted notorious drug trafficker Amin Imam Boratong, unnamed police officials have complained to reporters.

Boratong operated a tiangge (flea market) selling methamphetamine hydrochloride (“shabu”) at the back of Pasig City Hall before it was raided in 2006.

“Boratong is making a deal with the Court of Appeals for his acquittal through his lawyers. We heard the CA is about to reverse his conviction during the campaign period so the issue would not be blown up,” said a police official to reporters from the Journal Group.

If the report is true, may the justices who will acquit Boratong get what they deserve so people  believe there is justice after all, even if it was meted out by the Universe.

Unless they use hocus-pocus, the justices hearing Boratong’s appeal don’t have any reason to acquit him.

Boratong destroyed so many lives, including the mothers of small children.

* * *

Why am I so upset over the possible acquittal of Boratong?

Because my brother Erwin and I exposed the Pasig shabu tiangge, which led to the police raid.

Erwin and I got the information about its  existence from an informant who was  a customer of the place.

The informant approached us through our public service show, “Isumbong mo (sa) Tulfo Brothers,” on a TV station which has since closed down.

When we showed then Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Art Lomibao a video of the inside of the drug flea market, he nearly fell off his chair. He ordered then Director Marcelo Ele Jr., chief of the PNP antidrug unit, to investigate the matter.

*                              *                              *

For weeks, Ele, Erwin and this columnist planned the raid on the tightly guarded compound. Erwin and I went with the police raiders, including members of the Special Action Force (SAF), an elite unit within the PNP.

What we found inside the 2,000 square meter compound shocked us: Mothers with toddlers in tow, shabu being peddled like fish and meat in various stalls; shacks, reeking of urine and sperm, where female customers sold their bodies to pushers in exchange for shabu.

Some housewives with their tots in tow, who were caught inside the compound, told me they passed by the compound on their way to the wet market to “score,” a term used by drug addicts which means “to get high.”

Can you blame me if I am so mad over reports that Boratong is about to acquitted by the Court of Appeals?

*                              *                              *

In the 1980s, I was riding high on my popularity as a police reporter and columnist who wasn’t scared of exposing wrongdoing in the Marcos martial law government.

I could hit anybody, but I couldn’t criticize Ferdinand Marcos, his wife Imelda and their immediate relatives. All other officials and their relatives were fair targets.

My first target was Jack Enrile, son of then Defense Minister and martial law administrator Juan Ponce Enrile, whom I wanted to crucify for the alleged murders of Ernest Lucas and actor Alfie Anido in the 1970s.

I dug into police and hospital records and interviewed people who handled the investigations into the deaths of Lucas and Anido.  I discovered that when the press is muzzled, as it was during martial law, rumors and gossip are taken for gospel truth.

Jack Enrile was a victim of rumors and gossip.

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  • http://go4kangen.com/ Reynaldo

    Tila nag-cash-sundo na sila.

    • tlb6432

      cash-cashero kasi eh.. :-)

    • $14334231

      oo naman…ngayon, mag cash-suyo na sila….

    • kontra_boohaya

      May mga cash-abwat kasi from within.

      • inaanokobayashi

        siguradong bu-cash iba na statement nyan

      • Angry Bird

        cash-amahan na nya ngayon si jack enrile..close friend na sila

    • AngLagay

      Talagang itong si tulfo… typical na tabloid reporter. Hmm… na-cash-sunduan na talaga. “Victim of rumors and gossip”???? Tamaan ka sana ng kidlat, tulcash!


      Mag cash-sabwat sila sa panloloko sa taong bayan?

      • Noel

        Cashi nagbabasa pa kayo ng kolum niya eh.

  • jdelacruz13

    madulas pag may padulas …..

  • $14334231

    sabi ko na…mag-iiba ang tono ni tulfing tungkol kay killer bee…..naduling lang nung una ang pag tuldok sa keyboard ng computer si tulfing…..ayos na ba ngayon, ha, tulfing….pakanta-kanta ka na naman ng paborito mo….MONEY, MONEY, MONEY……recorded by the swedish group ABBA……

  • archerfan

    nagkabigayan na tulfing hahaha!!! konting parinig lang sa column ok na si jack. kaya itong drug lord pinaparingan kasi nakatunog yung magkakapatid na magkaalagayn eh di sila kasama sa hatian kaya nagwawala si tulfing.

  • juno93

    magkano ang binayad ni Enrile sa yo?

  • go88

    ‘Jack Enrile was a victim of rumors and gossip.’

  • juno93

    Sino ngayon ang nagsasabi ng totoo…Si Tubeza o si Tulfing?

  • TT Knew

    Nancy Binay should learn from Jackie Enrile how to handle Mon Tulfo

    • AngLagay

      I am wondering, why did they allow this type of columnist in PDI? THIS GUY is surely a fake opinion writer… definitely a cash for hire opinion writer.

      • TT Knew

        The only reason PDI allows this because Tulfo, believe it or
        not, attracts a lot of readers to the newspaper thus it gives them good
        advertising revenue. But it does not mean Tulfo is a real journalist. He can be compared to a circus where people read his columns not to be informed but to be entertained. Or he is like a car wreck on a highway where people stop to look at a gruesome sight.

        Tulfo did not start corrupt. He was really very good at the
        start. He was straight and really writes articles with a lot of sense and sometimes fights for the less fortunate. He became a star reporter.

        He went downhill when fame went into his head. Became arrogant, a bully, a drunk and a womanizer which he believes to be the correct image of a macho man. He slowly forgot the meaning of humility, honesty, truth,
        faithfulness and fairness.

        He is now lock in a high maintenance lifestyle and the only way he knows how to support this is to accept payolas from the moneyed and powerful like the Ongpaucos, Enriles, Razons, etc. But his favourite cash cows
        are the Chinos such as the Sys, Tans, Gokongweis, Tans and Tys.

        He is still powerful with his pen but in actuality nobody takes him seriously.

      • Amador Amor

        I agree with your blog 100% kabayan. I could have added more but you hit it right on the nail.

  • koaks2

    the boratong part is okay, but, jack enrile a victim? c’mon mon.

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    The reason for the acquittal is mainly based on sloppy police work, according to my mole inside the presiding justice’s office. Some evidences needed to NOT ACQUIT were either missing, insufficient, not current, and some were fabricated thus it all became inadmissible and unacceptable. My mole also confided that this was somewhat due to the pressure made by Tulfo and his brother Erwin forcing the police into premature and questionable actions that resulted to sloppiness or carelessness in gathering evidences so the Tulfos can air it on a primetime TV to beat rival TV stations. If this was true, the Tulfos were more concerned about TV ratings as oppose to giving honest public service and correct justice. No wonder he is fuming mad.

    • kontra_boohaya

      It’s not so convincing that that as huge as the intels of government agencies (afp, pnp, nbi,pedea, and yes lgu’s, etc), nobody noticed the “unusual” activities behind Pasig City Hall. It’s not so surprising, therefore, that “sloppy” police work will not stand the scrutiny of the court. May mga CASHabwat and under payroll yan within.

  • randyaltarejos

    Was there any video footages when the raid was conducted by the PNP operatives? If there wasn’t at all, what about the witnesses in the persons of the Tulfo brothers who went inside the compound at the time of the raid? Can’t the personal knowledge and observations not prosper in the court of law? Doubt it? If Boratong will be freed due to technicalities, I don’t think people will believe it? Instead they will think that huge sums of money changed hands among those who have a say in this criminal case.

    • Ekalam Gnekup

      There was but good only for TV shows. The crucial footages needed did not pass the rule of evidences. Tulfo and his brother have credibility and conflict-of-interest issues. A self respecting prosecutor will not put them as witnesses. So goes for others who are addicts, pushers, prostitutes, murderers and scums of the earth. There was also rumours that Boratong was tipped-off about police actions. Boratong will be acquitted because of sloppy police work not because of money changing hands. Boratong is broke as fcuk. He is guilty as sin but will be a free man.

  • Mamang Pulis

    1980’s –wala pang internet-wala pang forum–kaya lahat ng sinusulat ng mga KATULAD MO ay hindi nga ma verify.—

    1980’s–wala pang wikileaks, kaya nasa dilim pa ang karamihan

    kung may papanigan sa column mo ngayun ay ang mga tulad ni AMIN IMAM BORATONG ay hindi na dapat pa pinalalakad ng malaya sa mundo.

  • tulfotumbong

    tila na dungisan ka na ng malaking halaga tulfing. ngayon defender ka na ni jack the giant killer. hehehehe! magkano kaya ang hinatag sa iyo. as usual you are an AC/DC columnista.




    >>>Jack Enrile was a victim of rumors and gossip.<<<


  • parengtony

    I am sorry but this piece goes way beyond “pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko”.

    And the writer’s take on Jackie Enrile goes way beyond “chutzpah”.

  • dexter

    nearly jump off my seat!!! Jackie as the son of the martial law architect? victim of rumors and gossip.. deym… suddenly its christmas once again eh… Mr. tulfo… victm of rumors MY EYE!!


    PAG ito nasapalan ng makapal-kapal na envelope ni BORATONG na pang kotong, lalabas na VICTIM of GOSSIP and RUMORS din ang TNL na drogistang ito! :)

  • kilabot

    in fairness to montulfo,
    he was right about the webb murder case;
    he was right about daniel smith rape incident;
    he could be right in this too;
    unless the victims’ families come out,
    and tell their story;
    otherwise, it’s just a case of
    vultures gather where there is a carcass.

  • JMbilisyos


    • AngLagay

      Pakiusap sa mag-asawang Claudine and barkada… puwede ba paki bugbog uli si Tulfo. Lol

  • diamond_digger

    Yeheeeeey! Mon Tulfo may now take the place vacated by Gigi Reyes in the Senate. Or he would be replacing Toby Tiangco as spokesman for UNA. Patikim pa lang muna itong pag-depensa niya ngayon kay Jackie Enrile. Mon, you truly stink!

  • $16638896

    pag nakalabas si boratong, naka ready na ang mga vigilante para sa knya hihihihi

  • rudy_boy

    NICE try Mon.

    The 1st issue about Boratong , we are with you.

    The 2nd issue
    in defense of Jackie Enrile, we are not with you.

    Any Blank checks?

  • DarkJustice

    Score means “to buy” in street lingo,not necessarily “to get high”. :D

  • limcat

    “I dug into police and hospital records and interviewed people who handled the investigations into the deaths of Lucas and Anido … ” those were your sources??? LOL

  • RyanE

    “Jack Enrile was a victim of rumors and gossip.”

    Palagay ko ay naka “score” itong si Mon sa mga Enrile. Not the drug thing, but a thick envelope.

  • D3marketers

    So it’s now the credibility of the US Ambassador’s own observations as shown in the leaked diplomatic cables
    that time against the “extensive” investigation made by Mon Tulfo. Aba eh saan ba tayo ngayon maniniwala? Mukhang maniniwala ata ako ke Mon, he was so popular pala according to him that time as a reporter and mukhang napakagaling pala nito sa imbestigasyon. Rumors nga!!!

  • stealth ice

    ON TARGET is for sale to the highest bidder. JAJAJA
    Mon’s principle is also on sale.
    money talks. this guy is a lackey to enriles.
    next time tulfo will commend the binays.

  • stealth ice

    Mon is upset on possible acquital of Boratong?
    musta na pla ang kaibigan mo sa zamboanga city? medyo tahimik siya ngayong eleksiyon.

  • AllaMo

    And, once more, we are all witness to tulfo’s murder (for hire) of truth.

  • $44843778

    I wonder if Ramon Tulfo spoke to the victims’ families. They did their own investigation too. And the families know that Jack is behind those murders.

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    The Martial Law days were intoxicating specially when you were in the seat of power. The power they had were absolute thus after a while they were corrupted absolutely. A close cousin of Jackie Enrile once told me he was a violent and vicious person during those days and his parents cannot control him. He had NO feeling of guilt or moral scruple every time he and his bodyguards beat up someone that crosses his path. Most decided not to complain due to fear for life or had been paid. One of his mottos was ‘Rule Maker and Rule Breaker’. Committing murder is not off limits to this type of personality.

    • Noel

      He killed not only Lucas and Anido but many more.

  • Amador Amor

    Tulfo has really gone to the dogs. So he believes that the murder of Lucas and Anido was really not perpetrated by Jackie Enrile but his bodyguards. Who in his right mind will believe that it was only a rumor circulated by media? Remember, the murders happened during Martial Law when the Enriles were so powerful that no one .. I mean no one could have dared face them or contradict them. I am now inclined that Tulfo received a handsome fee from the Enriles to cover up the crime. Tulfo sucks!

  • Noel

    Everyone knows that Jack Enrile killed Lucas, Anido and other civilians except Mon Tulfo? How dare you Mon say and certain that Jack was a victim of rumor? How much are you being paid for this favorable column again?

  • gisingpinoy12

    Quota na ang kumpare ni Satanas! Tiyak mataba yung envelope bigay ng handler ni Jackie. Well anyway wala naman naniniwala ke Tufling maski sabihin niyang patay na si Rizal.

  • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

    hahaha! nakarating na kay tulfo ang sobre ni jack enrile!


  • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

    …haha hanep sa closing line. alam niyang mag re-react ng todo ang mga haters nya e. at ang masaklap pa nyan, mag aantay pa tayo ng ilang araw bago na naman siya magsulat ng rason kung bakit nya nasabi ang ganun. aantayin ko na lamang ang susunod na artikulo, ang prublema, naiinip din ako e. so, bakit mo naman nasabi yan, mang mon?

  • siegfeil

    Kulang yata nabanggit ni mon yabang na rumors kay Jack Jack the Killer, yung napatay ni Jack jack the Killer sa Hyatt hotel na businessman sa tinginan lamang. if I can recall si sgt. garma bodyguard ni jack jack the killer and umamin sa crime same tactic kay Lucas!!!! Gossip lang yon dito sa mundo, sa kabilang buhay katotohanan kasi natatpalan nang pera ang tulad nitong si mr. tulfo. Aba mr. Boratong kailangan nang pera ni mr. tulfo……….para tumahimik na sa media.

  • http://pedestrianobserver.blogspot.com/ Political Jaywalker

    Este Mon, when you are on a roll, don’t spoil it by inserting a last minute highly unbelievable claims like that of Jackie being a victim of rumors, hehehe.

    Susmaryopes naman Mang Ramon, 2 people are dead in your story telling a lie and there is even a 3rd one you failed to mention and you want us to believe that Jackie is the victim instead of the people whose life was cut short with a bullet?

  • Pio Pusli

    ayos na ang retirement ni lolo mon. puede ng pa renovate ang beach resort daw sa palawan.

  • berong es

    ho-hummmm…tulfing .that may be the reason why you are in good mood lately.
    money in your bank account.

  • berong es

    it looks like,the UNA campaign fund is being controlled by ERAP and Enrile.napag-iiwanan si Binay.advance scenario in 2016 where expect erap and enrile to dump Binay for their dynasty candidates.

  • tanong lang

    dati sa inilabas na biography in enrile, isa ka sa pinaka masugid na pumuna na mali,ngayon biglang 360 ang ikot ng storya!!!!

    magkano ba talaga TONGFO

  • Noel

    Is Boratong the leader of the Boratong Baleleng gang ?

  • Noel

    We only need to check the lifestyle of this columnist to know how corrupt he is. Even if he’s been working as a journalist for many years, his income cannot afford him to have many high powered weapons, several vehicles including those being used by his battalion of bodyguards, frequent visits to luxurious bars in QC. So, there do all his money come from?

  • droccu

    “Jack Enrile was a victim of rumors and gossip.”- New “client” Mon?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001449126715 Vinson Fernandes

    “Jack Enrile was a victim of rumors and gossip.”

    Nagkaroon na yata ng NANA ang utak ng tulfong ito! Bakit may mga kumampi sa ^%$%£$” na ito nung bugbugin s’ya ni raymart at claudine? Sana nabalda na s’ya non!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001449126715 Vinson Fernandes

    “Jack Enrile was a victim of rumors and gossip.”

    Hah? Akala ko pa naman ay talagang patay na si Anido. Kawawa naman si Jackie Enrile, buti na lang at inilabas ni FULTO ang katotohanan.
    By the way, ito bang si FULTO ay tao o demonyo?

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