Aquino likens Madrigal to Mike Tyson


Former Sen. Jamby Madrigal. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

BULUAN, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III has likened former Senator Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal to boxing legend Mike Tyson.

At a campaign sortie here on Friday, Aquino pointed out how Madrigal’s fierce look could easily scare away corrupt people—a look that is scarier than that of Tyson.

“Si Jamby Madrigal, kapag nakikita natin sa kanyang mga posters sa  television, maaliwalas ang mukha dahil hindi kayo tiwali [When we see her posters, her face looks fresh  because  we are  not corrupt],” the President said when she introduced Madrigal, who was absent at the  proclamation rally held at the Peace Center Compound in Barangay (village) Poblacion, Buluan.

“Pag tiwali kayo’t tiningnan ni Jamby, parang talo  pa ho na masama ang tingin sa inyo ni Mr. Tyson, noong kasikatan ni Tyson bilang boksingero [When you are  corrupt and Jamby  looks  at you,  her look is worse than  that  of Mr Tyson,  when Mr. Tyson was still a popular boxer],” he said.

Aquino, meanwhile, described former Las Pinas Representative Cynthia Villar, another Team PNoy bet, a “straightforward person,” and not a “turncoat.”

He said he has known Villar for being straightforward, and a person  who  stands by her words.

“Pag sinabi nyang puti, klarong puti. Pag itim, klarong itim. Hindi pag kausap, sasabihing puti tapos sa susunod pag sinabi ng iba itim, itim. Hindi ho balingbing yung tao. Diretsong kausap [When she says white, that’s clear white. When it’s black, then it’s clear black. She would not say white then black to another person.  She is not a turncoat. She is straightforward],” Aquino said.

“So pag sinabi po nya, magiging hanep ang buhay kung maraming hanap buhay. Alam ko po pag si Cynthia nasa Senado, magkakatotoo yan [So when she says  life would better if there  are more jobs available.  I know that it will come true when Cynthia is elected in the Senate),” he added.

Villar is the wife of outgoing Senator Manny Villar, who lost to Aquino during the 2010 presidential election.

The President endorsed all 12 senatorial bets of Team PNoy  during the rally although only four were present when he was giving  his speech –re-electionist Senators Loren Legarda and Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, former Akbayan Representative  Risa Hontiveros and Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, the President’s cousin.

Former Senator Ramon “Jun” Magsaysay and Aurora Representative Sonny Angara, who are also running under the administration team, came and joined the rally but left even before the President arrived.

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  • Adrian Asis

    kasi siraulo?

  • BatangSingapore

    si mike tyson adik at malakas uminom. para ba si jamby yan kasi parang nabubulol magsalita.

  • sigena

    kamukha ni mike tyson si jamby, pwede rin punching bag ni mike

  • Palku Kha

    ang galing talaga mag uto ang taong ito! palibhasa uto-uto naman! at pinarehas pa kay Tyson na isang adik, barumbado at sira-ulo pa….parehas nga!!!

  • KappaPhiPhi

    made their fortune in illegal logging


    puro puri kay Villar pero nung 2010 panay akusa ng katiwalian. Yan ang abnoy na presidente. Mabuhay ang Team Brownout/Blackout (AKA team PNOY)

  • divictes

    Nangangagat din ba ‘to ng tenga?

    • magiting78

      hnd tenga kinakagata nya….na ngangagat sya pag naka

    • Guest

      k.O kay JAmby yung mga kurakot. .

  • regd

    Layo naman, mas kamukha nya manugang ko galing bewang pataas.

  • Billy Reyes

    How can this be qualified to be a headline in the national news. No wonder our country is stuck to the mud, we are talented people but we are shallow & lack of common sense.

    • turkak

      tama ka Billy reyes. Nung magsanib si Villar at madrigal ay isang malaking ehemplo ng lack of common sense at delicadeza.

    • Guest

      Marami na syang nagawa sa senado nung nakaupo sya. Isa si JAmby Madrigal sa napili ni PNOY dahil galit siya sa currupt . kesa naman sa bago kaya tumatakbo kce sabi ng tatay nila. hahaha

  • Guest

    mike tyson? bagay pala siya sa boxing ring wag sa senado…kalabanin niya si pakyaw

  • XY ZEE

    Parang si Tyson…Mahilig sa babae

  • 4goodgovt

    Sinabi daw ni Jamby na “committed” na siya sa mga Pineda ng Pampanga. !!?? Diba ayaw ni Pnoy sa mga Pineda? Diba si Jamby miyembro ng Liberal Party slate? What gives???????

  • JosephNess

    mike tyson? baka mangagat din yan…iwas kayo, iwas…:LOL.

  • JosephNess

    nakulong din ba ito?

  • boybakal

    Napakababaw at napakabakya naman ni Pnoy, presidente pa naman.
    Ang daming sikat at role model na babae sa mundo, kay Mike Tyson pa ikinumpara si Jamby.
    Pwede naman ikumpara si Jamby kay Queen Elizabeth, Hilary Clinton, Thatcher bakit sa butangero pa.
    Si Tyson, walang pinagaralan, laking kalye, mainitin ang ulo, labas masok sa presinto, wife beater, at kung ano ano pa.
    Kung sabagay, may hawig ka si Jamby kay Tyson.

    Sino ngayon ang boboto kay Jamby, mga boksingero at preso.

    • Herman Near

      Or mga taong alam ang mga ginawa nya sa Senado– unlike people na walang relevant track record.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Noong nag senado si Jamby ay walang nagyaring pag unlad ng Pilipinas. Huwag ng ibalik si Jamby, lulubog ang Pilipnas sa bigat nya… eeewww >>>

      • Herman Near

        Here’s an example of a bloody imbecile who totaly ignores the capabilities and track record of Jamby as Senator and calls her names, under a pitiful excuse of “no progress”, when progress is a highly subjective word.

        What an intelligent way to make your vote, eh?

      • ARIKUTIK

        Once is enough, twice is too much. No more Jamby again. A recycled item, specially politician, Saks!!! Jamby was given a chance but did nothing of any good for Filipinos. Jamby just become richer than rich and now she wants more. Greed has no satisfaction. Even an imbecile can see that the poor become poorer and now to be eliminated by RH Poison pill. “Team Patay” is “Team Penoy” of “Team Malaysia, Traydor” Jamby is one of them, Rich Dynasties, Bloody Titans !!! nyaaaa…..

      • Mario Salinas

        Kapatid, I am curious how you got the idea that she became richer. Do you have access to her records? And it seems you are insinuating she got the additional riches from her being a politician, presumably from her pork barrel? She never got her pork barrel during her years as senator. If any voter is to select his/her senators, he/she should base the choices on some criteria, being incorruptible as one of them. Highly charged emotional reaction with no basis in fact is a poor criterion.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Kabayan, I don’t care who will become senator. It’s all the same anyway, the judiciary will remain shameless corrupt with lawyer impunity. Aside from the line up of candidates are compose of 90% dynasty clowns or shall i say just a joke for they do not have party principles. What i wish is that those who robbed the Filipinos for so long like Hacienderos and their elk should not win. They are traitors that binds together like Jamby and Penoy.
        “Team Patay” of “Team Penoy” is murderer of poor peasants.
        You see, it’s not about the person but on what they represent and Jamby represents the monopolistic rich. Vote not by person but by principle.

      • Herman Near

        And your reasoning behind them… what a joke.

      • ARIKUTIK

        In the heat of battle, there is no such thing as reasoning. What matters most is to defeat the enemy. The monopolistic rich like Jamby is enemy of poor Filipinos. They are the robbers, friend of Hacienderos since time immemorial.

      • Herman Near

        Um, you can’t find weaknesses if you don’t entertain reasoning, let alone think.

        You’re saying one should be a loose canonball and let your fate be decided by whatever forces there is. That’s an attitude of a defeatist, and those who see people above themselves as oppressors. And your description of Jamby and the rich people is very similar to telenovela plots.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Aquino had already declared a verdict > “Jamby is like Tyson”, the ear biting ex-convict boxer. What is more better description of Jamby, the ex-senator. Let’s leave it that way and move on to the latest fashion of SC verdict on Party list. Sereno the fantasy brain vs. Carpio the brute realist. I am with Carpio for he calls a spade, a spade. Justice founded in truth as in > “Sereno, Stop fooling the poor”.

        With that let’s hunt each other for you are a worthy prey… weeee >>>>

      • Herman Near

        And there goes credibility…

      • Herman Near

        Utter nonsense.

  • Boy_08

    Wala nang magandang masabi ang pangulo kay Jamby kaya kung anu-ano na lang..hoping na kahit papaano may mauuto at boboto ka Jamby. Typical na ugali ng pnoy…”pwede na yan”.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Sabi ng kaibigan kong “kristo sa sabungan” ay “Kaya daw ayaw ng sumama ang kandidato niya dahil kung anoanong pinagsasabi. Mukha daw na nakapusta sa kabila. Perde gana yata ang labanan kaya 12-0.”

    • Guest

      kesa naman iboto mo sila JV no.1 violator, jack enrile kriminal, at nancy binay mukhang tanga lang. .. edi kay Jamby Madrigal kna tsaka sa TEAMPNOy

  • B3ntong

    Kaninong EAR naman ang kakagatin ni Jamboy.. or pareho silang BiPolar!!! Galing talaga ni Pnoy

  • Mr. Skeptic

    LMAO of all people si Tyson pa. Who is a rapist, ex-convict and ear biter.

    • turkak

      Mr. skeptic ganun talaga pag abnoy ang nagsalita. Senseless at kabaliwan lang.

    • magiting78

      Hehehehe paranoid ang nag sasalita kaya ang sample nya paranoid

      • ARIKUTIK

        Ang tingin ni Penoy kay Jamby ay boxer sa halip na chicks. Puro lalakwe kasi ang nasa isip ……. nyaaaaaaaa …….

  • ConcernedCitizenPh

    She has more similarities with Pong Pagong of Batibot I think.

  • Albert Einstien

    ano ba yan…WALA man lang ka sense sense ang pres. ng tayo pinagtatawanan ng ibang bansa rerepresent nya ang filipino…grabe….lol

    ISIP BANYAGA talaga si pnoy…wala man lang FILIPINO PATRIOTISM …..ayaw nya ke PACQUIAO at ke DONAIRE o FLASH ELORDE….total chinese blood si pnoy..dapat si YAO MING na lang sinabi nya……..magRESIGN ka lang sir..APLLY ka sa COMEDY central…


      Mas may utak pa ang batang paslit kesa sa presidente ng Pilipinas. Sabi ng bata > “Ang pisngi ni Jamby ay kamukha ng ‘Wit ko…. ” nya…… hahaha……

  • magsasakasanayon

    well, the resemblance is uncanny…

  • boybakal

    Mike Tyson is a wife beater, ear biter, ex convict….of all people why Mike.
    Poor Jamby….for sure you’ll be knocked out this election.

    • Yet Jua

      you misunderstood the statement my boy….don’t be narrowminded.


    >>>Aquino likens Madrigal to Mike Tyson<<<

    TAMA si PNoy….malaki nga ang pagkakahawig…pati baba!

    • Guest

      Aquino likens madrigal to mike tyson. . kce matapang sya ayaw sa katulad mo kurakot at nagapapauto hahaha.

  • turkak

    si madrigal inakusahan ng corruption si Manny Villar nung nakaraan presidential election tungkol sa circumferential road ngayon magkakampi na sila ni Cynthia Villar. Yung nag-akusa at inakusahan magka-partido na . hahahahahahaha Yan ang daang matuwid sa kataranduhan ni Panot. hahahahahahah

  • Guest

    malapad eh

  • Herman Near

    Hmm. Personally, I’d not make comparisons between Tyson and Jamby.

    Still, Jamby has track record to speak– She deserves a senate seat.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Ano na mga yellowcluelessvultures?

    Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na walang laman yong malnourished na bao ni PNoy. Need more proof? As I repeatedly posted before, no need to look for the psychological records. Kitang kita ang ebidensya. Hunghang lang ang magkukumpara sa senatorial candidate niya kay Tyson.

    I don’t like Jamby Madrigal and I will never vote for her pero nagmumukhang timawa si Jamby sa ginawa ni PNoy. Kawawa naman dahil siya yong pursigidong mangampanya at palaging present sa provincial soprties. Maybe the gimmick they want to portray is: Palalabasin nilang kawawa si Jamby para tumaas ang rating dahil nangangamote. But the result is the opposite. Ikumpara ka ba naman kay Tyson na asal hayup, anong kabalbalan naman yan PNoy? Magisip ka naman ng matino.

    • Herman Near

      I can think of better reasons to vote for Jamby, track record being a major one.
      As I said previously, I can think of better comparisons than what PNoy said.


      Ang ibig sabihin ni Penoy ay kamukha ni Jamby si Tyson. Kuma kagat pag nangigil, parang beybing gurang ! weeeeeee >>>>>>>> Si Penoy ay beybi gurang din! kautak ni Jamby…… yeheyyyyyyyy…….

  • Herman Near

    For people who do their homework, I don’t need further endorsements.

    Ang kulang sa mga tao? They don’t like researching on candidates, defend their choices very poorly, make sweeping statements that have no truth behind them, and worse, when you challenge their choices, will think you work for a candidate.

    Seriously, it’s pathetic.

  • wawa2172

    Yes Jamby look likes Mike Tyson tiyak na mandadaya sa election at pag natalo ingat ang katabi dahil nangangagat ng tenga. Well, si PNoy compared Jamby to a cheater and a loser..ha ha ha. Noy you just announce to the world na sa Team PNoy may cheater at ito ay walang iba…si Jamby Madrigal a.k.a Mike Tyson.

  • epros

    Move on sir turkak ha ha ha

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    baka yung katawan ni jamby parang si tyson

  • Palparan

    bungal ba si Jambi? di ba bungal si mike tayson?

  • sanjuan683

    Tama si Abnoy mukhang naman lalaki si Jamby. Tingin ko mahina tuhod nito tulad ni Tyson di bali huag lang siya mangangagat kung mangagat siya kagatin na lang niya si Abnoy.

  • pogiako

    whatever… talo uli yan

  • padrefaura

    Para ngang boxer si jamby…. Mahilig sa fisting

  • Herman Near

    And here’s why the Filipino people don’t make informed choices– voter choice based on the mundane, the immature, and the senseless.

    All that which crumbles upon scrutiny.

  • jcsantos

    She may have punched people before, some she left to her bodyguards whenever she wants to “skip the line” whether in DFA, supermarket or the bank. No ear-biting yet though so she’s still amateur compared to Mike Tyson’s level.

  • boybakal

    Aquino likens Madrigal to Mike Tyson….

    Mike Tyson was called then Man Child.
    Only a child who idolized Mike will make a comparison to Jamby.
    Jamby would be better called Jambolaya.

  • $8866117

    si abnoy magkukumpara lang ng isang tao ay duon pa sa isang bokisinggero na nabilanggo, ng rape, at kinagat angt tainga ng kalaban wow what a comparison

  • boybakal

    Kidding aside, Is Jamby a boxer before.
    Pnoy would not compare him to Mike Tyson if he does not know the ring exploit of Jamby.
    What weight category was Jamby before, was he an eight division champion like Pacquiao.
    If our boxer Pacquiao can be a congressman, why not Jamby.
    Let’s give Jamby a chance ….another boxer politician in the making.


      Si Pacquiao ay muscle man, a true boxer in form. Si Jamby ay Fat woman, a true box office in form. Box office hit ang negosyo ni Jamby pag nanalo siya… yeheyyyyy………. walang bayad ang pasaherong nilubog ng barko ni Jamby !

  • Herman Near

    And so the proof that people don’t really analyze candidates intelligently continues, with the riding-on of name-calling, with infantile reasoning.

  • maypakialamtayo

    sabi ni jamby noon magnanakaw si villar, so naniniwala ka pala pnoy?

  • maypakialamtayo

    si jamby rin ang tumawag sa media people na PG (patay gutom)

  • Maldi2

    WTF! Are we hearing this from a president? Utter careless in his speeches. Ang hilig lang talaga mag salita ng basura!

    What if Tyson comes back with a libel to Panot? Very un-presidentiable, very degrading to the Filipino race!

  • Guest

    Si Jamby ayaw sa kurakot nilallabanan nya ang mga currupt yan ang isang nagustuhan ni PNOY sa kanya. hindi kasi katulad ng iba pagnakaupo na pera lang ang mahalaga.

  • JasonBieber

    There goes Aquino again showing the public that it is more important to campaign than to do work in improving the Philippines.

    It looks like his priorities are all out of order…instead of lowering unemployment and fixing the problems with the BuCor, BI, and Customs and instead of resolving issues with Sabah and China…Pnoy makes impeaching Corona, jailing GMA, and campaigning more important when these things do nothing to help the country.

  • sanjuan683

    OO nga mukha boxer sa biglang tingin, ano kaya pagsuotin ng gloves bigyan ng isang matindi upper cut at isang rin matindi right hook si Abnoy, baka sakali tumino ang mokong yan.

  • Benigno the Turd

    Right. Any more IPad contests I can join?

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