Jack Enrile: Demolition job is to derail my plan to expose a gov’t project



(Following is the full statement of Rep. Jack Enrile on his alleged involvement in the 1975 death of Ernest Lucas Jr.)

First and foremost, I’d like to state categorically that I had nothing to do with the incident in 1975 wherein Ernest Lucas Jr. was killed. This matter was investigated by police authorities. Charges were filed, the case was properly heard in courts, and the suspect was tried and later sentenced to 12 years in prison which he served.

My father who was then defense minister offered to resign his position in order to avoid suspicions of pressure or influence on those who had jurisdiction over the case. When his offer was turned down, he went on official leave and left for Japan until the investigation was concluded.

The statements of the late former US Ambassador to the Philippines linking me to the killing were based on mere speculation and hearsay as the WikiLeaks report itself will bear this out. He was, at that time, known to be against the administration, and that incident provided him an opportunity to embarrass the Marcos administration and cast a high government official and his son in a negative light with Washington.

All documents submitted to the court prove the falsity of the allegations that were based on rumors.

That this is being resurrected and circulated at this time when I am running for senator is highly suspect. Some well-meaning friends have suggested that I file appropriate cases against those who are using that incident to harass me. But I would rather not be distracted as my conscience is clear and my mind is set on pursuing my advocacies for food security and fair prices for the consuming public to help our people and our country.

There are also reports that this demolition job is being done in order to derail my plan to look into and expose a government project that is highly questionable and grossly disadvantageous to the public.

It will no longer be surprising, therefore, if some other fabrications and vicious stories are hurled against me and my teammates in the course of this campaign.

However, I deeply regret the fact that such moves have had a serious effect on my father’s health. At 89 years of age, he is suffering from severe hypertension and serious vision impairment. I feel for my ailing father who has been agonizing in silence, seeing me suffer all these unfair attacks as a result of old and deep-seated grudges against him. My old man does not deserve all these. He has served this country well.

But I refuse to be intimidated. I will not be stopped.

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  • gikiness


  • koolkid_inthehouse

    The Enrile’s are capable of murder to silent anybody that crosser their bloody path. Enrile might still go for a last coup d’etat to save his son.

    • rodben

      At anong nangyari ngayon sa simbahan katolica na syang maypinakamaliking contribution para malukluk sa gobyerno ang mga taong dati araw2 sa kalasda …na ngayon ay naka-condominium na at iba ay nasa exclusive subdivision pa kanatira…ang hindi natin alam ugali ng mga Pinoy pag walang pera lahat ng santo tinatawag at pag nagkapera na at nasa pwesto pa SATANAS na ang sinasamba….

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        It’s their turn to be roasted.

      • redsnow

        SUV Bishop scandal is the answer …

  • ernievictory

    jackass enrile , repent !!!

  • http://twitter.com/brixvillapando brix villapando


    • pablosantino

      pre ang galing mong mag mura! sige mag mura kapa ng mag mura,pra kay jacky boy..ok yan pre..approve ako dyan

      • patrickinca

        approve din ako diyan hahahaha

  • http://twitter.com/brixvillapando brix villapando


  • http://twitter.com/brixvillapando brix villapando


  • kevin

    I don’t feel about you father…you don’t deserved to be elected…

  • http://twitter.com/brixvillapando brix villapando


    • Nisky Ocsave

      E yung amo nya na si Marcos anong palagay mo?

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        idol nya

      • boymanok

        salamat sa mga ungas na botante….ang mga marcos nandyan pa rin

  • Concur_Dissent

    Mr Enrile, raising of these issues at this time IS NOT SUSPICIOUS. The majority of pinoys did not care so much about these issues because you were then a congressman. It was Cagayan Valleys call to question these THEN. But now that you’re running for a senate seat, these issues automatically becomes front and centre of who you are!

    Your character has time and again come up in the negatve light. Although the intelligent voters may give you the benefit of the doubt, we prefer to look elsewhere for people who have no direct contamination on their records….

    • Simplify1

      tama! I too will look for AND NOT VOTE candidates who are just among the candidates because of a surname like Binay regardless whether she has not done anything worth emulating….Or a surname associated with the worst crime that a president can ever commit which is plunder! or a surname associated with martial law that threw us back 20 years relative to countries in SEA….

  • wvillaro822

    Karma boy- you may had escaped in 1975 but Lucas will hunt you & your father forever.

    • rinom

      he cant escape the wrath of God.

  • go88

    ‘I deeply regret the fact that such moves have had a serious effect on my father’s health. At 89 years of age, he is suffering from severe hypertension and serious vision impairment.’

    We need more of such moves and exposes then, let’s not make hell wait too long …. BOTH OF YOU B*ST*RDS HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH SATANAS!

    • rinom

      man lived once and then face judgement. man when he die is like he fall sleep, then he will be awaken in the judgement day.

  • mabyrik

    Jackie, remember Echegaray (Bless his soul)? Just few seconds before he was executed, he said he was not guilty while all the evidence and the his victim herself said he raped her.

    Jackie, go and ask the convicts in Muntnglupa and all the jails in the country, 99.99% will tell you, they are free of any any crime.

    Go and ask your another idol Erap who was convicted of plunder and he will tell you he did not commit any crime.

    See what I mean? Criminals are not only killers. They are also liars.

    Just like them, you said you did not kill Lucas, in the same way you denied the killing of Anido.

    All criminals are like that. No criminals admit any wrongdoings. It is easy for a corrupt politicians to deny and to call crimes as political harassment It is easy to lie to high heavens that he is clean.

    But the people are learning now. All the surveys show that you are going to lose big time. That’s good news for us. WE can accept plagiarist, bopol, stupid, sira -ulo and 1 killer in the present senate. But to add 1 more killer will be crazier.





    • kulittwit

      Junk the martial law berdugo!

      • Akoaykanoy

        ang mgay sikat na may bodyguard pag nakapatay pinaamin sa bodyguard at sila ang bahala sa pamilya habang sila ay nakakulong sa muntinlupa at ilang taon lang bibigyan ng pardon that is philippine politic style dihin puwede yan dito sa US.

    • lolo_Jose

      LAHAT ng sasabihin ko apo ay sinabi mo na lahat tungkol sa mga Enrile…
      Kaya me panahon pa, mangampanya tayo ng kusa laban sa mga animal
      at berdugo para hindi makalusot sa senado!!!

      • Dax Cogitlog

        good job!!

    • bisdakis

      If all accused are liars, then all accusers are truthful! I accuse you of killing your friend. Am I truthful? And you are liar if you deny my accusation? lol

    • ravindrama

      ni kalahating boto hindi makakatikim sa amin yang mga DYNASTY na yan…..

    • Noel

      The difference between Jack and those now in prison is that Jack is very rich and powerful.

      • buttones

        Maybe the guy who did the dirty deed and served time for it is also quite rich now….? Just asking…

    • rinom

      because according to the bible,,, they are slaves of sin, they keep on deceiving because they are slaves to whoever they follow,,, that is satan. Marcos until the day he died claimed he did not steal a single centavo,,, do you believe that? DO NOT VOTE FOR TATLONG HARI.

      • Kapitanbagwis

        You mean tatlong idiot.

    • patrickinca

      Like father like son. Familya berdugo!

    • CommonSens6

      I agree with you 99.99%… but who is left to vote for? Cheers!

    • Dax Cogitlog

      good job!

    • sanjuan683

      Do not vote plunderer, do not vote killer, do not vote coup plotter and do not vote nognog dynasty.

    • PinoyPinoyako

      Pare saludo ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo…Correct na correct ka!!! Kaya please mga kababayan wag na wag pong iboto ang mga lokotoy na ito (Enrile, Binay, JVR, etc…)…

  • quirinomayer

    I challenge Jackie and Juan Ponce Enrile to make their denials strapped to a polygraph machine.

    Among henchmen, 12 years in prison with you family well taken care off and with prospects of a better life when you come out on account of willingly taking the fall is not exactly a bad proposition. It is even welcome. This contention of Jackie that it could not be him who killed the victim since somebody went to jail for 12 years does not hold water.

    The Enriles father and son have blood in their hands and running down the side of their mouths. One murderer from the Enrile family in the Senate is enough. Let’s join forces to block the candidacy of Jackie Enrile!

    • ernesto

      yes bro agree,dont vote for this animal in our country

    • Simplify1

      its not easy as that QM, a lie repeated for weeks, months, years and decades will eventually make the liar believe in his own lies…. he or they may pass the polyg but the fact still remains that they are killers….plain and simple

    • darsmith

      Make that strapped to electric chair please!!

  • edm365f31

    How can he make such statement with a straight face; even I as a kid during those times knew that he shot that kid during that time. He’s soul is already burning in hell. Jackie Enrile should pay for his crimes and should go to jail. How can Filipinos even consider these candidates Enrile Sr and Jr; BongBong Marcos…how can we just forget what they did during Marial Law years.

    Don’t vote for these people they have blood all over their hands.

    • cowboys2

      ELECTION is “MONEY” in every ways…for the Candidates, if they win equals “MONEY” – for the Voters, whoever gave them “MONEY” get there votes.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    What was the general public reaction to Jackie Enrile getting away with murder?

    20-Sep-1975 (Sat) Ernest Lucas was killed.
    28-Sep-1975 (Sun) Press prints JPE’s letter of request for leave*
    06-Oct-1975 (Mon) Chief State Prosecutor decides no charges vs Jackie**

    In 10 business days, the uber-efficient Chief State Prosecutor Nocon decided in great haste not to file charges against Jackie Enrile. Defense Secretary Enrile himself had one full week from the date of murder until his “voluntary” leave took effect to mop up evidence, to silence loose lips, to tie loose ends and make sure that his son got off the hook.

    Although Jackie Enrile was ultimately let off the hook, his father’s prestige and standing within the inner circle of Marcos may have been diminished by this murder case. The possible loss of confidence, albeit partial, of Marcos in JPE may have also tipped the balance of power in favor of the Imelda faction, the long-standing rival of JPE within the Marcos circle.***

    (*source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13693_b.html)
    (**source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA14151_b.html)
    (***source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13785_b.html)

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      What else is new? Juan Enrile can stage/fake anything. He faked himself.

      • doublecross

        hehehehe….mukha kc nila puro FAKE!!!!!

    • manongcastro

      This is so true now! The skeletons in their closet are now being seen in the open.

  • kulittwit

    Martial law berdugo!

  • martial_law_baby

    Demolition Job, Jackie? Wow ha, parang napaka importante mo sa Wikileaks. I am sure hinid ka nila kilala. For your information, the Wikileaks release regarding you is part of thousands of document they have release. Kapal ng mukha mo. Ilabas mo na yung expose mo. I am sure wala iyan. Paano ka magkaka expose eh isa ka sa may pinaka maraming absence sa Congress. Lumitaw ka na lang nung ilalabas na yung lineup ng UNA.

    • doncleo

      Congressman pala itong kumag na ito..never heard ang pangalan sa kongreso..Jackie, ano ba nagawa mo sa loob ng 3 taon? kunwari ay born again ka kagaya ni Bingbong para patok sa masa., tagal nyong mamatay!!!.

  • sky explorer

    Jack Enrile, you think you can fool people forever…you may get away with it at that time coz obviously your family used power and guns, money to silenced them maybe….but you know what guys, IT’S PAYBACK TIME…I know this time hindi na nila maloloko ang new generation…marami na ang pagbabago..WE CAN ONLY ACHIEVE BETTER LIFE BY NOT VOTING ON THESE PEOPLE…MURDERERS, TRAPOS, THIEVES IN THE GOV’T, POL. DYNASTY etc, IT’S IN YOUR HAND..DON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN…TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILIES,,EVERYONE U KNOW OF… THEY MIGHT RESORT TO VOTE BUYING….SAY NO…IT’S YOUR FUTURE AND YOUR KIDS AND FUTURE GENERATION…LET’S IMPROVE OUR LIVES….LET’S UNITE FOR THE GOOD OF EVERYBODY….

    • $42337655


      Way to go !
      This is how a better Philippines will come eventually !

  • rodben

    Hayan Mr. Enrile binabalatan kana ng buhay ng mga taong natulongan nyo para kumita rin ng limpak2 na pera sa gobyerno…kong hindi ka sana nagtraidor sa amo mo di dapat life time kang masaya…ma-swerte si Mr. Ramos dahil walang anak na candidato pag nagkataon same2 din…ang di nyo naisip na ugaling Pinoy lalo na yong may lahing tsewa at kastila sa umpisa nagmamakaawa makapasok lang pag nasaloob na gusto lahat kunin na….GOD BLESS MGA KABAYAN IN PINAS

    • Peter Lim

      Bakit napasok ang tsewa sa usapan, masuelte ka nga kung maiputan ka ng tsewa. Tignan mo sa America, ang tsewa ay #1 sa lahat ng immigrant na pumasok duon!!! Dummy!!!

  • $46804224

    trapo talaga style nitong killer na to

  • Simplify1

    meron daw siyang expose ng government project………. tagal

  • Jojo Griffin

    Wala naman pala kinalaman si Jack Enrile sa pangyayari..Just leave him at peace at hayaan siyang tumakbo para malaman niya na hindi siya mananalo.

  • 12JEM

    This Jack Enrile …….Is supported by CBCP.

    • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

      Pera-Pera din lang ang RCC.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        araw araw siguro naglalagay sa simbahan.

    • John_Cruz

      I am challenging Jack to expose a government project that is highly questionable and grossly disadvantageous to the public.

      • JOHN


      • redsnow

        Project po ito sa school sa Ateneo na hindi niya na pass ..

  • nes911

    Demolition job? Yan ang nagiging excuse ng mga guilty na politiko kapag nabibisto ang kanilang katarantaduhan.

  • Maldi2

    No to Enrile, No to Binays, no to Estradas, NOT TO TRAPOS, and ALL POLITICAL DYNASTY!

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    What was the initial assessment of former US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan on Jackie Enrile’s involvement in the murder of Ernest Lucas, according to US Embassy’s NBI sources?

    “NBI sources have told us (US Embassy) unequivocally, and contrary to Sec. Enrile’s assurances to Ambassador, that Enrile’s son did the shooting . . . “

    (source: item no. 2 of wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13806_b.html)

  • WoBushi

    @Weder-Weder Lang: Your comment is a lament of a typical Filipino who consistently dig his own grave. Choose your battles and be done with endless self-destruction. Be smart enough and do yourself a favor by attending to your local situation. If you’re still sore, go masturbate.

    • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

      Will join you later. For now, truth and justice first before self-gratification.

      • WoBushi

        superficial truth and justice is all you know. nothing serious happens and that’s what you see all over. stop kidding yourself.

      • ernesto

        giant killer

      • WoBushi

        giant killer… 3 people liked this! wow, i should be impressed by the kind of crowd you have. stay out of the minor league if you can’t stand the heat.

  • Mamang Pulis

    si manong jack[ie]–the giant slayer

    panahon pa ni apo lakay–kahit si bong bong ay ilag kay jack[ie] the giant slayer

    matunog na matunog yan noon–basta si jack[ie] the giant slayer ang umasta, magtago ka na.


    Huwag kang mag alala Jackie, nasa likod mo ang mga BINAY at siguradong magiging SENADOR ENRILE ka. Ang mga gunggong na Pinoy pera lang ang katapat niyan. Tatapalan natin ng pera ang sinuman na hahadlang sa ating mga plano. Pera-pera lang ang usapan dito. Atin na ang Pilipinas forever at kahit na yung mga sinasabi nilang mga RELIHIYOSO KUNO ay kaya nating bilhin. Ilang buwan a lang senador a kayo ni NANCY. MABUHAY ANG MGA BINAY!!! CLAPS CLAPS CLAPS

    • aldren85

      Ang katapat ng pera ninyo ay cellphone lang. With more Filipinos having cellphones, it is now easy to spread murders like this nationwide. Kukunin ang pera nyo pero hindi iboboto ang Jack Enrile, JV Ejercito at Nancy Binay. Ipagkalat lang na pag tinanggap mo ang pera ni Binay, Enrile or Ejercito, at pag naging senador na ang maga yan dahil sa boto mo, babawiin ng 1,000 beses ang perang binigay sa yo sa pamamagitan ng pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Siguradong babawiin yang perang binigay sa yo (sample pa lang ito ng txt bago mageleksyon).

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Q&A No. 1

    Is there really a demolition job against Jackie Enrile or this is just the ghost of his dark past coming back to haunt him?

    To be sure, the cables sent by the US Embassy to the State Department in Washington in September 1975 were not intended to destroy Jackie Enrile. In fact, the cables were released by WikiLeaks and not by the US State Department. These cable messages are not being resurrected nor recirculated for they were never publicly available until WikiLeaks came along. Vast majority of Filipinos have never seen or read these documents. Besides, the US Embassy could not have foreseen that Jackie Enrile will one day be running for national office. One thing former Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan did foresee was how this mishandled case of homicide will come back to haunt Enrile the Elder and Enrile the Younger in the future. In the words of WLS:

    “Despite immediately favorable disposition of Enrile Jr’s (Jackie) case, Enrile’s (JPE) name has been tarnished somewhat, and (this) incident does provide residual weapon that could be used against him in future.” — sent 07-Oct-1975

    If Jackie Enrile is looking for someone to blame, he should blame WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for shedding light on his dark past.

    (source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA14151_b.html)

    • anton kinuton

      In the same manner that the admin of wikileaks has no intention to destroy jack enrile’s senate bid. pakialam ba naman nila. talagang walang bahong naitatago. malas mo lang nataon na kandidato ka.


    FIRST and foremost, GUILTY!

    The place of this KWAN is not the senate but the penitentiary.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Kung naaawa ka sa tatay mo berdugo iuwi mo na ng cagayan at tumigil na sa pulitika at isama mo na din ang sarili mo! duon na lang kayo sa cagayan at huwag ng bumalik sa senado o sa pulitika!

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Q&A No. 2

    Is Jackie Enrile being singled out by then US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan in his cable messages to the State Department in Washington?

    While there is reason to believe that Jackie Enrile was famous in those days for the wrong reasons, there’s no indication that Jackie Enrile has become so important in international affairs that he had to be singled out by the US Embassy’s data gathering machine. In fact, a cable sent by the former ambassador on 26-Sep-1975 contains an equally scandalous criminal case involving the sons of the rich and famous. On 19-Sep-1975, a day before Jackie Enrile allegedly murdered Ernest Lucas, the heir of the Lopez clan Gabby Lopez III and the grandson of then DFA Secretary Romulo figured in a rape case in Forbes Park, the victim being a girl afflicted with polio and drugged into submission before being raped. The case was hushed up and nothing was heard about it thereafter. In our country, it is always fair to surmise that money did work in mysterious ways as it still does today. The poor victim was never heard from again.

    (source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13617_b.html)

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Q&A No. 3

    Why did victim’s family not charge Jack Enrile?

    The answer is simple. 10 business days after the murder incident, the surprisingly uber-efficient Chief State Prosecutor Nocom decided in great haste not to file charges against Jackie Enrile. The decision to let Jackie Enrile off the hook diametrically contradicts what the NBI sources of the US Embassy at that time alleged.

    In the cable of then US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan to the State Department, “NBI sources have told us (US Embassy) unequivocally, and contrary to Sec. Enrile’s assurances to Ambassador, that Enrile’s son did the shooting . . . “

    With the system, the state’s resources stacked against the victim’s family, paano pa sila papalag? Of course, moro-moro lang ang investigation.

    (source: item no. 2 of wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13806_b.html)

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Q&A No. 4

    How reliable are US Embassy information, especially those coming from then US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan?

    It is true that WLS was not a big fan of the Marcoses and his cabal of cronies. It is also true that whatever WLS wrote in his cable messages were primarily for the consumption of Washington. As such, the cable messages were written in the interest and for the interest of the US by an interested US ambassador in Philippine affairs. WLS is not entirely without bias and has a habit of allowing his literary flair to sometimes jazz up what were supposed to be staid bureaucratic reports. Be that as it may, he was also careful to separate facts from personal opinions judging by the content and format of his cable messages. Had the Enrile father and son allowed the due process of the law to take its own course back in 1975, they could have addressed the undying speculations surrounding the case.

  • tulfotumbong

    You said you were acquitted from the crime of killing Alfie Anido. Hawak ng tatay mo ang mga military at judiciary noong martial law. Pano ka ico-convict at that time. Napakalabo ng explanation na nag-suicied si Alfie. Birnaril mo kaya walang naniniwala sa iyo.Ilang beses ka ba rin umattend ng session sa house noong representative ka?



  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Q&A No. 5

    Are the US Embassy cables to Washington always fair?

    It depends. It depends on who you ask and what’s being said about you. The cables of then US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan containing unflattering depictions of the Marcos regime in 1975 were by no means unique. Nor were they singling out the Marcos dictatorship just for fun. As recent as 2009 and 2010, former US Ambassador Kristie Kenney also sent cable messages carefully describing the strengths and weaknesses of each presidentiables at that time. PNoy would not be pleased to read the profile of him rendered by Ambassador Kenney. Of all people, Ambassador Kenney was most impressed by the intellect and depth of Gilbert Teodoro (and rightly so, if I may add). Here are some excerpts:

    On Aquino“Previous contacts with Senator Aquino, often accompanying his mother, former President Cory Aquino, left the impression of a diffident, unassertive man continuing a political tradition handed on by his parents but not carving out his own legacy. . . “ *

    On TeodoroTeodoro has many positive attributes, including an impressive intellect, an excellent grasp of policy and strong public speaking skills, but he clearly lacks natural talent for and interest in the glad-handing and backroom dealing that so often characterize politics . . . . . . . . . . **

    *source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/10MANILA135_a.html
    **source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/10MANILA60_a.html

    • Teresa Santos

      The problem with some of these Western ambassadors is that they think they are experts on everything – including on human personalities. This is particularly the case when they are dealing with Asians whom they feel they are superior to.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        The year was 1975. Asia was still largely poor and looked down upon by its former colonizers in the West. Some Asian countries were still mired in postcolonial conflict internally. Vietnam just kicked out their American colonizers. China was just on the heels of its devastating Cultural Revolution and beginning to take stock of the catastrophic damage it wrought on its people and economy. East Timor was absorbed by Indonesia after Portugal had to let it go. The threat or hyped up threat of communism was still very much in the air. Western ambassadors as you correctly pointed out arrived in Asia feeling high and mighty, bringing with them all their preconceived and condescending notions of non-white people as they often did in those days, and perhaps still do to this day. You are also right in pointing out that Western ambassadors did get quite a few things wrong. This very same US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan was involved in the secret US war in Laos and misjudged the situation there. Furthermore, he was stationed in Tehran when the Shah met his downfall. Ambassador WLS was completely clueless and did not see the Iranian Revolution coming. Suffice it to say, his contempt for Marcos, Imelda and Enrile are well documented in his cable messages. In fairness to him, his cable messages are just as contemptuous of Ninoy Aquino, the Lopez Oligarch and the Osmenas.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Western culture is different from Asian culture. It’s always the aggressiveness, modesty aside in western culture that will propel you to the top.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Not always. America’s aggressiveness in Vietnam resulted in humiliating defeat. Same in Afghanistan and Iraq. American aggressiveness in overleveraging got their country into a great recession. So much for American cool and aggressiveness. Colonial mentality, snap out of it koolkid.

  • Paking

    No matter what you say, nakakaduda ang pagkatao mo. Ibig sabihin, di ka puwedeng pagkatiwalaan.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * * * * * * *
    Serial killers, serial rapists, serial plunderers, serial liars, name it. UNA has it.

    • Albert Einstien

      please name them..and their case numbers…erap was pardoned already..for plunder but no conviction for SERIAL plundering ..yet if there’s any…lol

  • kabayandinako

    Jackie, panapanahon yan. Ngayon ang tamang panahon na ilitaw ang mga baho mo para malaman ng mga botante ang tunay na pagkatao mo. Noon, kung mamayagpag ka, dinaig mo pa si Bongbong sa kayabangan dahil nasa kapangyarihan kayo. Nagagawa mo lahat ng gusto mo. Bobo na lang ang mga botante kung ilalagay ka nila sa Senado katulad ng Tatay mo na akala mo napaka banal kung umasta, yun pala napakaraming masamang amoy na itinatago, kasindami ng kayamanan na nalikom nya bukod sa sweldo nya bilang Senador.

  • Pedro_Gil

    expose the project dickh##d enough with the BS!

  • JosephNess

    wherever you go…no one can just hide from their ghosts of the past, they will haunt them wherever they maybe…multo mo man daw ay daladala mo, tulad yan ng anino mo na dala dala mo kahit saan ka man magtungo…even the guilty accused of a crime will say of their non-involvement of the crime…that’s the standard, but in your silence, your conscience will always find your guilt, and that’s your worst nightmare…

    • $42337655

      unfortunately, some people have no conscience; it is a fact. these are the ones who sleep well at night despite their crimes. and they are healthy too.

      • JosephNess

        for now…

  • maypakialamtayo

    huwag kang magalala sa father mo jack, matagal pa yan, kasi masamang damo, ang kalahati ng kasalanan nya dito sa lupa nya pagbabayaran yun bang gusto na nyang matigok dahil hirap na hirap na eh! ayaw pa rin bumigay at yung natitira nyang kasalanan sa impyerno nya pagdudusahan.

  • regd

    LIES, LIES, LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let all decent pinoy in every facet of media available expose this animal for what he really is!

  • edleon

    It’s Payback Time folks!!!

  • Beersheva

    It’s ok Jack. Sa ‘yo na lang yang expose mo. I still wont’ vote for you.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Jackie, remember the sayings: Truth will pierce a thousand shields.

  • penoy2012

    Do not vote for political dynasties, UNA or Team Penoy alike. Do note vote for: Angara, Enrile, Cayetano, Binay, Bum Aquino, JV Estrada. Do nit even vote for nonsense candidates like Trillanes, Maceda, Poe.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      don’t vote for gangnam style and harlem shake dancers.

    • HarryK

      Will there be any left?

  • Carolina Amin

    wheeee!!! palayain nyo na po kami …,, sana sa paglaki namin di namin maranasan ang hirap ng mag may idad sana po pumili ng maaayos na uupo sa gobyerno ang mamamayan na boboto PLEASE LANG PO PARA SA FUTURE NAMIN!!!!!

  • bayankopdi


  • alex_diaz2014

    Eng eng ang maniniwala dito…

  • alex_diaz2014

    Kung maniniwala kayo dito, maniwala na rin kayo na totoo yung assassination plot kay Enrile prior to the declaration of martial law…

  • elgeepee

    You will all pay for all your sins when you die Mr. Enrile especially your father. God is a fair judge.

    • rinom

      God is not a respecter of person.

  • Hellomr

    But you should tell your father to get back all funds belongings to the tax payers that he has been given to all senators during last christmas as a gift…. It absolutely not acceptable. If you cannot do it nobody ever is to believed you….

  • tugakbatan

    Jack, thanks for your explanation. This is the first time I heard about this. It appears that you are really a murderer that cannot be trusted. You better quit now Dude. Filipinos do not want murderer like you. Regarding your father’s health? Let him suffer, because just like you he killed a lot of Filipinos when he was Defense Minister at the time of Marcos Regime.

    • rinom

      tama po iyan, hayaan na lang nating tumanda ang matandang enrile na wala na siyang panlasa.

  • Horst Manure

    To the voter’s of this country show your feelings when you vote, this is your only chance to pass judgement on theses candidates.

    Remember you have the best money can buy.

  • ernesto

    time will come you will sentence not by the court but by the lord,

  • JosephNess

    everyone can lie to all people, but never to God, who knew the truth in everyone’s heart…

    • Peter Lim


    • rinom

      correct,,, that is why God is the judge.

  • Nisky Ocsave

    You Enriles (father and son) should rot in jail.

  • Guest

    re your advocacy for food security and fair prices for the consuming public, your live (read backward) dad also promised the people of fair (read:low) power price (with his “gusto ko happy ka” crap!), it was never realized!!! now, how do you guarantee that people would benefit with yours??? why am i skeptic??? better yet, tighten your security, you!!! or better still, pray that your path don’t cross with mine!

  • Jane Tan

    Keep him out of office. That is the best thing voters can do. Idling at his age can only destroy him.

  • manual47

    “There are also reports that this demolition job is being done in order to derail my plan to look into and expose a government project that is highly questionable and grossly disadvantageous to the public”.
    Really…….why not investigate your own father for all the anomalies and corruptions he has done. Just check your own province who had built it’s own port. Guess who is using that port for their own gain. What about the money your father distributed to the senators. Where do you think those money came from. We can go on and on but it’s a waste of time because people already knows what kind of politicians we’re dealing with. So, before you tell the people that you’re going to clean up something, clean up your own backyard first. Include your father because he has a lot to answer to the people…….being hypocrite is what I see on you…….Jr.

  • Pio Pusli

    “….expose a gov’t project…”
    huh? really? bakit ngayun lang…..sir congreesman aka murderer

  • PH2011

    Expose government projects?

    He is spitting against the wind.

    “Your Family deceived all the Filipino people part of the
    time, and part of the Filipino people all the time, but not all the Filipino
    people all the time”.

  • pablosantino

    weehhh..”tell it to the marines jacky boy!”

  • g.s.

    I hope that your father will come back after his death and give you idea what it feels to be rotten in hell. He served the country but with personal interest.

  • HarryK

    The candidate is worthless as a legislator if he cannot defend his innocence in face of such blatant accusations.

  • Guest

    Bakit n’yo iboboto si Jack Enrile na isang trigger happy person mag-Jamby Madrigal or Grace Poe na lang kayo, sigurado maasahan n’yo sa Senado.

  • magsasakasanayon

    i would rather believe wikileaks than this ambitious motherf*cker.

  • jorgecapulejr

    Lokohin mong lelang mong sinungalin din. May pauso ka pang demolition job kasi may ibubuking ka. Magsalita ka na kung may sasabihin ka hindi yung puro ka dakdak

  • Fulpol

    foolishness of the young… the foolishness of Jack during his young adult years…

    how about the massacre in Hacienda Luisita? was that foolishness of the young?


    • marionics

      fulpy, the people have spoken. nanalo pa rin si pnoy despite this. so if manalo pa din itong hinayupak na jack na ito despite these revelations e di we deserve what we get. that’s democracy

    • eli toribio

      nice try to divert the issue… hehehe

  • jose b. taganahan

    I am not an apologist for Jackie Enrile and at first I am not inclined to vote for him but because of this issue i might just vote for him. I believe that the crime that happened 38 years ago should have been brought in to the open in 1987 at the height of the Cory magic which only Enrile and Erap survived out of the 24 senatorial slate in that election year. But then as now there is nobody who come into the open that would testify in Court that they saw it was Jackie Enrile who shot and killed the victim in 1975. The complaint will not even pass the Prosecutor’s office in 1987 or today without a credible witness that would pin down Jackie Enrile as the trigger man. So all these bruhaha in the press is just a trial by publicity against the father and son Enrile.

    Clearly the cases against Echegaray and other convicted criminals who swear their inoocence after being convicted by a Court of law is different form the case about Jackie Enrile who i believed until today was never accused in a Court of law an yet those Enrile haters would want him to be imprisoned in Muntinglupa without trial.

    • magsasakasanayon

      would you hire a man with questionable integrity? would you hire a yaya who is rumored to be a child molester? of course not. there are other candidates who are much better than this character.

    • rinom

      truth is truth no matter what. time can not and will not bury the truth.

    • aldren85

      How could you bring a murder case against Jack Enrile when all of the pieces of evidence were completely destroyed and all the witnesses silenced with death threats or money. Remember the old Enrile, sabi nila, was a good lawyer so he knows what to do to make not only a trial fail but first the preliminary investigation. In this case of Jack Enrile, you either believe he did it (if you already lived in 1975 as a young man and heard about the rumors being said in whispers) or you dont believe that he did it, that is, your were not born yet.

    • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

      “I am not an apologist for Jackie Enrile and at first I am not inclined to vote for him but because of this issue i might just vote for him “.

      Kunwari ka pa.Sa umpesa pa lang Enrile boy ka na.Huwag nang mag-lokohan pa.

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Like Father like son. Both are killers and his father was a martial law architect. The Senate is no place for killers and martial law perpetrators like the Enriles and Honasan.
    Cheaters and corrupt officials in the UNA party like Zubiri, JV, Binays, Maceda and Mitos are also not welcome.

  • cogito728sum

    A plea for sympathetic votes. Will it work?
    My conscience is clear has been the favourite phrase of the elder Marcos. Its still the convenient defense of people alleged to have committed infractions of the law. Can we assume then that indeed their conscience is clear because they have none? Merci!

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

    Expose it now and people will decide. Or improve on your daddy’s “ambush me” drama.

  • siegfeil

    naku naman Jack Jack the killer kahit si Jack the ripper who just disappeared in the early 1900 will say ‘I didn’t kill the prostitutes’. i intercede to God that you repent and apologize. No matter the documents you presented in court that you are innocent your conscience (if you still have) will still bother you to the very end. This maybe the reason why souls go to hell after the life regression right after death it is because up there you still deny it was you who did it and that’s when you will hate God or the Divine Light. Nothing is hidden with God.

    • rinom

      Jack is a slave to whom he obey,,, the devil,,, speaking lie.

  • honest man


  • fernan107

    enrile , walang aamin sa mga naging kasalanan niya hangga’t di napapatunayan sa korte , yan ang kalakaran sa pinas pakapalan ng mukha at walang mga konsensya …. ka indo makonsensya ka ….

  • Peter Lim



    >>>Jack Enrile: Demolition job is to derail my plan to expose a gov’t project<<<

    THERE is NOTHING to demolish…..whatever it is to be demolished has been demolished a long, long time ago!

  • Noel

    Usual alibi by those guilty. What demolition job? You’ve long been demolished.

  • pinoyislander

    lol. ano kaya ang motibo ni Assange para siraan si Enrile. hay ginagawa mo namang bobo ang mga pinoy.

  • Albert Einstien

    sige SIR…EXPOSE mo na …..Kung KKK o mas MATAAS pa ang involved sigurado PATOK yan…..IBOBOTO ka namin pag MAGANDA yan EXPOSE mo…dapat mas MAGANDA kesa sa wikileaks….mas maganda kung yun MALAYSIA pay-OFF sa mga POLITICIANS dito sa RP..ang expose mo..sundan mo tong ISYU ni DAVID..

    ‘PNoy received money from Malaysia’… ABS-CBN news 03/06/2013

    Citing his own sources, David claimed the President received money from Malaysia, which is the reason behind his stand on the Sultanate of Sulu’s claim over Sabah.
    “He never wanted [to pursue the claim] in the first place… It is not possible for them to take such positions and speak against their own people if they are not on the take,” he said.
    When asked what he would do if he is slapped with libel cases due to his accusations against Aquino, David said: “I would welcome it provided I will be given a day in court.”

  • 100345roselia

    Behold Jack, you refused to be intimidated & stopped. Good. In the same manner, I
    will not stop telling the public the big (repeat the BIG) gap between what you’re saying vs the track record of your father: 1) He was the martial law administrator &
    #1 human rights violator, EDSA fake hero, fake car ambush to justify declaration of
    martial law, immoral relationship w/ his COS Gigi, immoral distribution of senate’s
    MOOE funds to senators as x’mas gift UNMINDFUL of the sufferings of Typhoon
    Pablo victims, & the on-going smuggling of high-end used cars right in your home
    town at Port Irene, Cagayan. To recap, there’s a saying that “The apple does not fall too far from the tree.”

    • Naring

      Don’t forget the epira law. Gusto ko happy kayo daw pero lalong tumaas ang bayaran sa kuryente. pwe.

  • Jay Ramos

    I don’t believe you, don’t vote for Enrile!

  • Guest

    Pati nga si Loren kasama sa mga binabanatan ng mga Estrada. Malupit talaga ang mga Estrada ano po.

  • chubby bobby

    anong demolition job?, kayo nga magde-demolish nang bansa pag naupo kayo, mga Enrile chaka UNA, mandurugas, puro pera ang iniisip, mga walang kwenta

  • Naring

    What kind of a person would shot a man between the eyes?? Your guess is as good as mine. A devil indeed. Do bodyguards do those? Jack’s reply surely are escape acts.

    Oh i am wondering who really killed the late governor Aguinaldo of Cagayan?

  • Quirobin

    I’m not voting for anyone pero tayo focus sa isang tao lang na hinuhusgahan agad at hindi natin tanggap ang explaination nya, nasaan ang ating forgiveness kung ang pinas 90% Christians, kung totoo man. Bakit hindi tayo mag tingin sa ibang politiko na maraming ninakaw sa gobyerno lalo na sa mga pondo para sa calamity na ngayon palang nila nilabas at ginasta para sa pagtakbo sa poltika?

  • Jane Tan

    Does a person need to be a senator to expose a suspicious government project? Is this some sort of failed campaign tactic? Lol.

  • RyanE

    The son has perfectly inherited his father’s attribute.. both are excellent liars!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      fruit fall from the same tree.

    • patrickinca

      and murderers too

  • droccu

    Obviously, Jack (and of course JPE) is ready to officially answer all of these charges as they come as seen in the “template” press release above: deny, deny, deny..add some legal jargon to back it up…appeal to emotions with the “sick father”….etc. Just replace the names in the template and it can be used for all the other allegations! The problem is there are too many skeletons in his closet that it is very difficult to believe him…One murder charge would have been enough to destroy ones reputation but with Jack, there are now reported three or more coming out! PLEASE DON’T vote for JACK. The ENRILE legacy shoud end once JPE steps down from the senate.

    • chingnarciso

      be careful what you say,baka sisingilin ka ng utang mo,kahit wala kang utang sa buwayang Enrile..lol..sasabihing may utang kang P10milyon.. joke lang..lol.

  • tita_cacayan

    go go go jack ,expose mo yung anomaly sa Port Irene at yung logging na ginagawang posporo daw

  • Serom

    No matter what you say, what is important is that you are exposed ‘murderer’!
    What about the others you murdered. I believe there are a lot of others.

  • ever green

    B U L L * * * T

  • berong es

    ”a government project that is highly questionable and grossly disadvantageous to the public”

    if there is really such a questionable govt project,can’t your father—who is the senate president of the land –do anything to expose it? if not,he should resign his position then for he is not doing anything!

    God save the Philippines from these people!

    • buttones

      Exactly right, if ones father holds one of the most senior posts in government then he is in a very good position to expose this ‘project’. The question is, is there a project at all, it seems to me Jack will exchange his ‘project’ for a few votes…

  • glg_ph

    the issues raised against you sir is because you run as senator and people need to know who you are. the wiki leaks expose’ carries weight because it is a situation report and is more truthful compared to the police and judicial system we had during the marcos-enrile years. what surprised me most is that you blame other persons such as those behind your so called anomalous projects, sir, you reacted like your father, ready with dossiers when crossed.

  • buttones

    Looking at the comments so far this is certainly not Jack’s fan club…in fact I’ve read very little about people who think Jack is a good boy and worth of voting for. On the murder case, if it is the case that the murderer served his time of 12 years, at a time when the death penalty was in force for murder, [which sounds odd anyway] where is this guy now? Maybe a brave investigative journalist can track him down to see how he’s doing? Or did the guy manage to retire comfortably after his prison term?

    I’m personally not voting for ‘Jack’, not because he might have been a murderer, but just like his father, this guy gives me the creeps, irrational I know but there you go…On Jack’s father’s health, it’s not because of the attacks on his dear son, it’s because HE IS 89 YEARS OLD FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!

  • teraytaray

    forgive my ignorance, but why would it derail your plan to expose a gov’t project? it is going to be an interesting issue, so almost everybody would like to hear what you are going to say. besides, how long have you been working on this gov’t project issue?

    • buttones

      Exactly right, why would it derail his plan? Not only that even if the poor boy doesn’t get his seat he will still pursue his plan? Or is the ‘plan’ somehow connected to persuading confused people to vote for him?

  • dodong1

    However, I deeply regret the fact that such moves have had a serious effect on my father’s health. At 89 years of age, he is suffering from severe hypertension and serious vision impairment. I feel for my ailing father who has been agonizing in silence, seeing me suffer all these unfair attacks as a result of old and deep-seated grudges against him. My old man does not deserve all these.


  • dodong1

    DEMOLITION JOB nanaman, wala na ba talagang alam ang mga kumag na ito…

  • gerry2000

    Wag naman kayong ganyan malay nyo nagbago na yong tao. Kayo rin pag di nanalo yan baka maghuramentado lalong dadami mapapatay nyan..

    • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano


  • Kapitanbagwis

    A time for everything under the sun. Now it is Jackie Enrile’s time to pay for his sins.

  • Uragorn

    Yeah right, Jackie, that this issue “is being resurrected and circulated at this time” is really “highly suspect” because Mr. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, probably thought you are soooo important in world affairs that he singularly targeted you for a “demolition job”. You really, really should consider filing appropriate charges – as suggested by your “well-meaning friends” (I’m starting to laugh here) – against Mr. Assange.

    But before you do, I have one question for you (with apologies to The Professional Heckler because I borrowed the following line from his blog): What is the etymology of the word ‘presumptuous’?

  • Nitsog

    Bongbong Marcos and Jackie Enrile are the feared youngsters during the martial law.anybody whom they think as an obstruction to their ill wishes will be kidnapped or get killed.

  • Beersheva

    The Filipino voters will stop you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/clem.ibasco1 Clem Ibasco


  • pilipino

    Palusot pa itong si Jackie, para kang si Marcos na nagsasabing hindi sila daw nagnakaw sa gobyerno at sa katunayan nga daw malinis daw ang kanilang konsyensya. Tell that to the Marines, Jackie boy!

    But he could be right on one thing, that there is this government project under the LTO that’s being bid out regarding the new license plate scheme which I think is highly onerous in favor of the proponents. This has not reached the level of PNoy yet but some schemers in LTO have their hands deeply into it.

    I want PNoy to know about it so he can block and cancel its implementation but I do not have the copy of the pertinent docs yet, but I always have a way to get them. I just need time and patience.

  • Putakte Naman

    hehehe palusot! ay apo aya Jackie lou !!

  • Putakte Naman

    sana matalo ka Jakie lou

  • Putakte Naman

    saan nga ibotos detoy padak nga ilocano ta dakes isu. pati tatang na dakes. Bobo lang ang bubuto dito. Kaawaan ang Pilipinas nating mahal. Huwag iboto!!!!! May pag-asa pa ang Mahal kong Pilipinas!!

    • patrickinca

      Wen dagiti pada tayo nga ilokano ket haan nga masapul na iboto dagitoy agama nga dakes na tao! Wag na tayo magpabola sa dynasty na ito! Justice for all of the Enrile victims from the 70s all the way to the present.

      • marionics

        agsecond de motion ak met apo a talaga nga sobra ti pagka dakes ken ulbod na dagitoy agama nga daytoy

        saan da pay kuma nga matay yen ukinina da nga duwa

      • Putakte Naman

        salamat kaibigan! ipagdasal natin mabura na ang mga kurap sa mahal nating bansang Pilipinas. Tiyaga lang ang kailingan at maglalaho rin nang tuluyan at nang aasensong ang lupang hinirang.

  • marimaris

    There was also an incident that was mentioned before about how “NICE” this Jackie was. It’s just a good thing that it didn’t result on killing the guy. According to the story, Jackie was walking by and passed through a guy who was looking at him. Jackie walked back towards the guy and without saying anything, he spanked him!

  • pinoyislander

    sna mga ganitong tao, curropt, killer, sinungaling, manloloko ng botante, may ama na kasing sama o higit pa, murderer, kapit tuko, ambisyoso, buwaya, gahaman ay diretso bitay na malamang payapa amg mundo ang problema eh naghahaharian pa ang mgs ganito sa pilipinas kaya tsyo ang kawawa.

  • eli toribio

    weh! hindi nga… inosente ka? then mestizo si Binay! faithful sa asawa si Erap at ang tatay mo walang napakinabangan kay Apo Macoy!

  • john_constantine

    The fact that not only Mr. Lucas died just because they crossed paths with you says a lot. How about Alfie Anido and that guy who was killed because he happened to stare at him in a nightclub?

  • tuldok

    Jackie.. you are a good man. You have served our country well. You did not kill Lucas nor Alfie Anido. People still love you.
    Belated Happy April Fool’s Day….

  • speedstream2

    Isn’t it said that credibility is such a fragile and perishable commodity?

  • kilabot

    the victims’ families should break their silence.
    come out and speak what really happened;
    there is nothing to be afraid now;
    otherwise, the accusations are just that;
    all noise signifying nothing;
    “the only thing to fear is fear itself.” – noykapon plagiarizing e.roosevelt.

  • ozkid


    Like father like son.

  • ting0508

    What’s the connection? Those exposing your shenanigans are not in the government! And if it’s not true then why are you bothered? And if you have an expose, please do it now! The people welcome that. But you must also come clean! Because everybody knows that you killed Lucas! Repent now and put yourself in jail!

  • farmerpo

    kapal ng apog. Junk UNA

  • mfdo

    if your father had the moral conviction, he SHOULD HAVE RESIGNED, not offered. Even having any link to a murder is sufficient in many eminent people’s conviction to resign … and leave politics. Yes, legally you were exonerated .. but what happened to the witnesses who claimed otherwise ? of course, we all know what a great lawyer and survivor your father is !!!!!

  • patrickinca

    I remember those times na kapag darating and anak ni Apo sa Bar ay labasan lahat ang mga customers sa club dahil alam ng lahat ay mangugulo at nambabaril na lang basta basta. Inis na inis ang mga bar owners noon kasi ay hindi naman nagbabayad at nangugulo pa. Wala ding magagawa dahil ang tatay niya ay berdugo ni Marcos noon. Ang dami na kayang pinahirapan na tao ang dalawang mag amang iyan. Pati sa Cagayan mismo ay ang dami nilang pinapatay. Tawag namin noon sa millitary ay “elimination order ni Apo”.

  • Beth Grajo

    Burahin na ang mga Enrile na yan!!!

  • DGuardian

    Bakit itong mga pulitiko na may itinatagong krimen ng pagpatay o pagnanakaw ay palagi na lang na demolition job daw ang ginagawang pagbubulgar ng mga tao sa kanilang mga kasamaan? At saka bakit nila gustong kumandidato at mahalal sa puwesto ganoong wala naman silang pagmamalasakit at pagmamahal sa Pilipinas at mga Pilipino? Dahil ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas ang napakadaling pagnakawan at pagkakitaan ng milyun-milyon at bilyun-bilyong piso o dolyar. Sila Zobel de Ayala nga at Henry Sy, bago naging mga bilyonaryo ay katakut-takot na pagsisikap at paghihirap ang dinanas sa loob ng maraming taon bago narating ang kinalalagyan nila ngayon, samantalang itong mga pulitikong mga magnanakaw at maiitim ang mga budhi ay mag-papabuting image lang at magbabayad ng milyun-milyon sa survey para maihanda na o mai-kondisyon ang isip ng mga tao na winnable nga sila para oras na sila ay mandaya ay kapani-paniwala ang kanilang panalo. Isa rin itong pang-inganyo sa mga tao para sila iboto dahil may mga botante na ayaw masayang ang kanilang boto kung kaya’t iyong nagta-top sa mga polls ang ibinoboto.

    Malakas ang loob nitong mga mamamatay-tao at magnanakaw na mga kandidato dahil nababayaran nila ang mga mahihirap na botante para sila iboto. Hindi magbabago ang ating gobyerno at mauupo ang katulad nila Enrile, Binay, Estrada, Arroyo, at Marcos. Napakadali kasing nakawan at biktimahin ang Pilipinas, kaya’t para itong magnet sa mga magnanakaw. Lahat halos ng mga Pilipinong nakapuwesto sa gobyerno ay magnanakaw. Gold mine ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas sa tingin ng mga government officials at mga kandidato nating corrupt. Wala nang pagasa pang mabago ang Pilipinas. Nasa dugo na yata ng lahing Pilipino ang pagnanakaw.

  • elpobre

    Mr. Jack, your father also promise to lower the power rate, as in Gusto ko Masaya ka, while you’re also promises to eradicate the poverty in our Country, hindi kaya masasayang rin ang laway mo rito, dahil and inyong ama ay walang magagawa sa mataas na rate ng ating kuryente, 2nd na pinakamataas sa buong ASIA.

  • ShibumiNinja

    The Demolition Is To Derail My Plan for World Domination bwahahahaha

  • patrickinca

    According to the Bible that your children and your children’s children and a generation after that will suffer the sins that you never asked for forgiveness and without remorse. Sana nga jackie, sana nga…

  • doublecross

    ‘ he has served his country very well…’ pero marami siyang skeleton mystery!

  • doublecross

    saa dami ng baho mo, mabaho ka pa rin!

  • kilabot

    “vultures gather where there is a carcass.” – enrile plagiarizing the bible.

  • whyinthisworld

    You mean jacky you’re going to expose a questionable government project? So why not just do it now. People might be happy to know and who behind this criminal act. Maybe you can get 1/2 vote from me once you prove it. But be sure to also expose the source of your family treasure.

  • Amboy123

    Because you’re a natural born killer….got away with murder…

  • Amboy123

    This killer in another article admitted having spent 30M in pre-election campaign… that means when he gets elected he has to recoup that money plus interest and more and more… just what his father is doing…

  • James McTangay

    JACKass Enrile..if you have the evidence EXPOSE the project. What are you waiting for? You are not in the showbiz where everything is by the script. If this government project is really that “highly questionable and grossly disadvantageous to the public” why wait for election day? Puro ka met salawasaw.

  • Natx Bacalzo

    nice try.

  • likemike

    Please ask everybody you know not to vote for Enrile!

  • calixto909

    Every time an expose of evil acts hugged the dailies, the culprit uses the catchphrase demolition job as alibi to deviate attention from the facts unraveled. Hoping and praying that the voters are wise to use their common senses and not their emotions to pity the culprit or say that every politician were raised from the same flock

  • Anggoy

    To the elder Enrile I had forgiven him because of what he has done during EDSA1, although some would argue that he has no choice but to go againts MARCOS during that time. Again during the CORONA impeachment he make me feel vindicated with those masterful handling of trial and once again i feel proud being a filipino. But his son is a different story
    NO TO JACK ENRILE in senate!!!!!

    • indiosbravos2002

      JPE went against Marcos for survival. Nothing more.

  • BatangSingapore

    iboboto ko itong si Jack Enrile kasi lahing filipino at spanish. mas ok sya kesa sa intsik.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Lynel-F-Joven/685946584 Charles Lynel F. Joven

    wala kang kwentang tao Jack-ass Enrile!!!don’t vote for this buffoon!!!

  • raffy

    ano pa ba sisirain sa kanya e dati nang sirang-sira ang pangalan ng pamilya nya. di na kailangan. mabuti nga mamatay na ama mo para naman mabawasan ang mga demonyo sa Pilipinas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Lynel-F-Joven/685946584 Charles Lynel F. Joven

    do not vote for Jack Enrile!!!!

  • $14334231

    DENIALS are always the defense of liars…..and you, jackie, is the liar of ALL liars…..ooops…..i forgot about your father, “ponsyos pilato”, who is equally like you….or you are equally like him….anyway, the rope is about to tighten around your necks….the binays, estradas and your family are about to fade in philippine politics….’will visit you all at munti….

  • josh_alexei

    The former Ambassador reports to the State Department was confidential and it was not intended to be EXPOSED by the Wikileaks (there was no such thing when the reports were made) soo what Demolition job this Jack the Beanstalk is talking about? Was he that Important in the whole scheme of things that people from somewhere even stop what they were doing to spare time to demolish him? He just happened to be some very NOTORIOUS individual during the time with soo much ego and bravado and everything to Prove, including getting away with Murder and rape and by gosh he got away from it all…and just like many of the men and women before, he might as well follow their footstep…there was Marcos, convicted and imprisoned for Murder..(was that nightscooping some political opponent of Pa?) Senator Ping, for the disappearance of Dacer and Corbito? Papa Enrile for his dramatic staging of ambush as an excuse to put the country in the state of martial law? These are just a few of the very “distinguished” individuals who can fool the voters, most of the times and perhaps all the time…


    Blame yourself and your Dad.You actually destroy yourself….kasi spolied brat ka nung kabataan mo at ngayong matanda ka na naging smuggler ka naman nang mga imported cars.

  • axe musk


  • InterPoll

    Truth always demolishes Falsehood.

  • Jake Lopez

    let’s all wipe our tears on behalf of the enriles….bwahahahaha


    “Before I die, I want to say that the one who killed my son is Jackie Enrile.”
    ~Retired Navy Capt. Ernesto Lucas, father of 19-year-old Ernest Jr. who was allegedly killed by Jackie Enrile in 1975


    No demolition job.You demolished yourself and nobody else….naging spolied brat ka nung kabataan mo na akala mo sa inyo ang Pilipinas at ngayon naman na matanda ka na nagiging smuggler ka nang mga imported cars.

  • wawa2172

    Jackie Enrile was cleared by the court, so case dismissed. Dacer-Corbito case dismissed by the court of appeals, the result Ping Lacson is cleared with all charges. It’s election time so all issues crop up. Do I favor Enrile, No. Whatever the court says, I respect. Father Reyes may not agree with the court decision but his comments are not the facts that would find Enrile a guilty person.

  • Paliwaweng

    “I feel for my ailing father who has been agonizing in silence, seeing me suffer all these unfair attacks as a result of old and deep-seated grudges against him”.

    Did you feel the same when you are shooting a man between his eyes, impromptu?

  • jga94

    We all know what kind of courts we have….esp. during Martial Law….and we all know how powerful certain people were during those times….kaya nga never again….kasi people drown themselves in power…..

    “There are also reports that this demolition job is being done in order to derail my plan to look into and expose a government project that is highly questionable and grossly disadvantageous to the public.”

    Antagal mo ng nasa Congress ha…..may expose ka ba noon?!

    “I feel for my ailing father who has been agonizing in silence, seeing me suffer all these unfair attacks as a result of old and deep-seated grudges against him. My old man does not deserve all these. He has served this country well.”

    Eh anak ka kasi…..anong …he has served this country well…” baka he has served himself well…o kaya the country has served your family well……your father is a liar and an opportunist at the very least……that much has been proven over the years…..

  • suburbanmother

    Avoid voting for this guy!

  • sanjuan683

    Sa tingin ko mas malinis pa si Corona kaysa sa mag-ama Enrile. O ngayon nalantad ang mga kalokohan ninyong mag-ama. Pwe!!!!!!!

    • indiosbravos2002

      I have serious doubts if Enrile was really going against Corona. I think it was pressure that made him vote, otherwise plus the fact thst he voted last gave him ample time to rethink his position. So sorry na lang Coronakot.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Wahaha. Failed denial. Yon lang masasabi ko. If this was based on a local paper expose, I might have doubts pero it came from Wikileaks based on declassified documents ng US governmentt. Those info are hard to deny. Likewise, nobody saw this coming. Not the administration and certainly not Enrile. So, ying claim nya ng expose kuno ay questionable. Baka naman galng yan sa Baul ng tatay nya tulad nong utang daw ni Cayetano. Hehehe.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Karma yan. Nough said.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Ang layo ng intellect ng anak sa ama nya. Pero pareho pa rin silang animal.

  • $16638896

    hindi ka pa nakaupo sa pwesto iyakin at balat sibuyas ka na…masanay ka na…ginusto mo yan eh. si sotto nga sanay na eh, pakapalan nlng ng mkha hihihihihi

  • DirtyHarryLim

    Wala ako pake kung hindi ka man umatras sa pagkakandidato bilang senador. Mas importante malaman ng maraming bobong botante ng pinas kung ano nakaraan mo at sino sino ang mga inagrabyado mo. Pareho kayo ng tatay mo.

  • isellnuts

    Tell that to the marines dummy, no sane Filipinos will believe you.

  • $14334231

    I-expose mo na kasi….para ka nang si bondying….kaya lang ang sa’yo hindi “pulo utos” kundi “pulo satsat, pulo sat sat”…….

  • AllaMo

    Sana kunin na lahat nang enrile at marcos nang lord taning nila.

  • sky explorer

    As I read Jackie’s defense, I can’t help but wonder, where’s the bodyguard who was imprisoned for 12 yrs,? Were they paid a wholesome amount to be silenced?…I pity them…but power, guns and goons…he had no choice but to accept to be the fallout guy…or else he will be killed…coz aside from the Marcoses, the Enrile family were one of the most powerful during the martial law era….but as they say you can run but you can’t hide. It will haunt you up to your grave. And whatever you say, nobody will believe you.

    Senate position? wow, there’s pork barrel there that’s why you covet it…No way Jose…you will just rob it and put it in Port Irene…guys, you know…SO, PLS DON’T VOTE FOR JACKIE and NANCY BINAY et al….

    Survey says….thumbs down for ENRILE AND U.N.A…

  • Beguine

    Hopeless case named Jackie Enrile.

    The Filipinos who value truth and honesty are not that stupid to vote for him. And his father has already a place waiting in a short while in you know where.

  • PinoyPinoyako

    Like father like son…huling huli na ito noong binaril niya si Ernest Lucas Jr but then ang kawawang military/police aide ang naging fall guy…tapos yon pang binaril niya si Alfie Anido hindi rin ito nakulong…Mga kababayan please wag na wag po ninyong IBOTO ang taong ito at ng matapos na ang hawak nilang power..

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    JACKOL Enrile ,the rapist and killer…

  • manongcastro

    Really? Expose a govt project? Come on Jack, you’re not really known for that. You’re actually known for your absenteeism in Congress. If you didn’t bear your father’s last name, like Nancy Binay, you’ll be virtually unknown.

  • joeybg



  • Magsasaka

    sino pa kaya ang maniniwala sa mga mamamatay taong katulad ng mga enrile, gusto ko happy ka este gusto ko paktay ka

  • Janch

    Nasan na ang expose?

  • Yobhtron

    Why not finally expose the numerous crimes your family committed? Now, that would be more believable. IBASURA SI ENRILE! NOT TO POLITICAL DYNASTY!

  • antiscam

    JUNK JACK!!!

  • jga94

    I will make a conscious effort to avoid voting for persons belonging to political dynasties—worst are the Binays, Ejercitos and Enriles (grabe itong 3 tatlong ito–lalo na sila Binay at Ejercito—ganid sa pwesto)….not too far behind are the Cayetanos(altho I would vote for Pia anytime, amybe not her brother) and Aquinos (I wish Bam would have had the delicadeza to have just waited until his uncle’s term finished) and to a certain extent the Villars.

    I do not consider Jun Magsaysay part of a political dynasty–Mitos is just not a Magsaysay and if there’s a Magsaysay that should be in a position–it’s Jun Magsaysay

  • fernan107

    enrile , di mo kailangan maging senador bago mo i-expose ang nalalaman mong anomalya , bakit di mo gawin na , NGAYON NA KUNG TOTOONG MERON KANG NALALAMAN ANOMALYA SA MGA GOV’t PROJECTS… KA INDO NAMAN , WALA TAMA KA LANG TAMANG MAISAGOT SA PAGKAMATAY NI LUCAS …

  • ApoNiLolo

    A pathetic appeal for the sympathy of the public or a different spin of the political slogan – “Gusto Ko Happy Ka!” >: D

  • inquirercet

    questionable government project – baka project ng tatay mo yan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559905500 Victor T. Fernando

    “There are also reports that this demolition job is being done in order to derail my plan to look into and expose a government project that is highly questionable and grossly disadvantageous to the public.” isnt this something that you can expose NOW? your candidacy has nothing to do with your expose!

  • diamond_digger

    Tama ka, Jackie! Don’t be intimidated and neither should you stop. If you were able to escape from the clutches of the laws when your dad was only the defense minister, how much more today when he, as Senate President is the third highest official of the land – just the president and vice president above him. Show them you still have the capacity to pull the trigger in front of many eyewitnesses. Am certain though, you already have a place in hell waiting for you, prepared by your comrade, Lucifer.

  • Rodolfo Inferido Villarmia

    Your father deserves to be executed if he is in other country. You ran for senator not to serve our country but to the protect and preserve the ill gotten wealth of the Enrile.

  • doublecross

    mahiya ka naman jackie, your name dirt to the household of the enrile’s. kahit anong linis ng pangalan mo, naka buntot pa rin ang MURDERER sa name mo.SHAME!

  • doublecross

    di ba ninyo nalalaman, ang pera sa cagayan economic zone ay ginamit na lahat ni jackie, para ano ba eto,CEZ ay nasa gov’t. natin, ano ba etong si enrile?

  • Mark

    The past of Jackie Enrile is haunting him now.

    The “Roman” Catholic Church supports this maniac killer.

    The past and present of the “Roman” Catholic Church are also haunting them with fewer members and low in offerings.

    The prophesy is happening.

  • RomyLitz

    What did the CBCP say about this issue?

  • isellnuts

    Majority of the Filipino people expect a complete demolition job for you.

  • Rodolfo Inferido Villarmia

    For God sake don’t vote the BEE (Binay, EnRIChle, and Estrada.

  • sepultorero

    Jack Enrile should instead expose what’s going on in Cagayan — from illegal logging to killing. If he really wants to expose a wrong-doing and help the filipino people, he should start with what the Enriles did and are doing in their bailwick. Of course, we have a new international airport there which is so huge that the media did not see it. Hahaha…

  • Rolly257

    Dapat manatiling buhay si Enrile hanggang siya’y magsisi at mangumpisal sa kanyang mga kasalanan sa bayan.

  • doublecross

    a murderer is a murderer, no matter what the dictionary lies in it.

  • white scorpion

    ye! ye! i’ve heard that same excuse before. in fact, many guilty na lang ang gumagamit niyan.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Mukhang confident si Jackie na mananalo siya kaya defensive siya ngayon.

  • lex

    RIP na lang sa father mo! Dapat magpahinga na talaga siya. Ang tanda tanda na sakim pa rin sa PULITIKA. Lahi ng mga SAKIM kayo!

  • ayupayupan77

    wag matakot….nancy binay……..ipaglaba nancy binay…………Nancy Binay, Jack Enrile….JV Ejercito……..wag po ninyong kakalimutan sa darating na ahalalan….sila ang mga tunay na pagasa ng bayan…….kung papaano at kailan…….yun nga lang …………..

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