Why victim’s family did not charge Jack Enrile


The family of a 19-year-old student who was shot dead on the night of Sept. 25, 1975, during an alleged quarrel with Juan Ponce “Jack” Enrile Jr. did not pursue charges against the namesake son of the then defense secretary and chief martial law enforcer, activist priest Fr. Robert Reyes said Thursday.

“It was dangerous to cross paths with Enrile at that time,” Reyes, an uncle of the victim, said in an interview Thursday, referring to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Jack Enrile, who is running for senator in next month’s elections, has vehemently denied accusations that he killed Ernest Lucas Jr. who, according to Reyes, was shot in the head “between his eyes” during a high school party at San Lorenzo Village in Makati City.

The public prosecutor decided not to charge Jack after his aide, Danilo Cruz, confessed to accidentally shooting Lucas Jr.

“This wasn’t really properly investigated. (Cruz) eventually was just transferred (to another assignment). He was not jailed,” Reyes said.

Even after martial rule, Reyes said many of the victim’s family members had already fled abroad after the killing so no charges could be filed.

His father, retired Navy Capt. Ernesto Lucas, claimed in a court deposition in 2011 that Enrile allegedly even offered him “two blank checks” purportedly in exchange for dropping the case. The father remains in Manila.

Reyes publicly talked about the Lucas case in 2000 in a TV interview with Paolo Bediones, prompting the elder Enrile to sue him for libel. He said the Quezon City Regional Trial Court in 2011 “provisionally dismissed” the libel case.

“That means it will be dismissed if Enrile doesn’t object within two years. That was in 2011. I have to check if that has really been dismissed,” Reyes said.

To help Reyes with his libel case, the elder Lucas executed the aforesaid deposition in 2011.


The issue resurfaced after WikiLeaks, an international nonprofit organization that publishes confidential information, divulged secret diplomatic cables from then US Ambassador to the Philippines William H. Sullivan showing that American sources in the National Bureau of Investigation said that Jack shot Lucas Jr.

“NBI sources have completed their investigation and have indicated to us that both the Enrile boy and his bodyguard are liable to prosecution,” Sullivan said in an Oct. 1, 1975, cable to Washington, D.C.

“We are not informed as to specific charges NBI would prefer although some NBI sources have told us unequivocally, and contrary to Secretary Enrile’s assurance to ambassador, that Enrile’s son did the shooting,” he added.

No show in hearings

In another cable sent on Oct. 5—after the prosecutor decided not to pursue charges against Jack—Sullivan noted that the young Enrile did not even attend the hearings on the case.

“Jackie did not even appear in person at hearings since he was ‘attending classes.’ While taking sworn statement accords with recognized Philippine procedure, in cases of this importance, witnesses are normally interrogated in person by investigating fiscal. Government relied on his deposition,” Sullivan said.

In another cable, the ambassador said Lucas Jr. was killed after he escorted his sister to the party at San Lorenzo Village on the night of Sept. 20, which Jack Enrile also attended. Reyes said it was a soiree for high school students from St. Paul and Ateneo de Manila.

“Lucas reportedly asked to be admitted as well but was told (the) party (was) private. Lucas and three companions returned later to pick up Lucas’ sister. During unexplained altercation, Lucas was shot in the head by Enrile Jr.’s security guard. He died five hours later,” Sullivan said.

Witnesses disappeared

Reyes said that during the days immediately after the shooting, witnesses told the victim’s family that it was Jack who quarreled and shot Lucas Jr. He said among their sources of information were Lucas’ two companions that night.

However, these companions later disappeared and kept quiet while Jack’s security guard admitted to the shooting, Reyes said.

Reyes also noted that during the night of the shooting, Captain Lucas and then Secretary Enrile were in the same hotel in Cebu.

“When my cousin’s wife informed him that their son was killed, he went to Enrile and told him: ‘Your son killed my son,’” he said.

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  • Pio Pusli

    ENRILE jr., the MURDERER future SENATOR? nothing new with that!!!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Let the whole country be aware who’s Jack Enrile, the son and who really is Juan Enrile the father. Filipino bloods in their hands.

      • leodegardompruna

        Who are we to judge? Jesus Christ is the one. God bless the Philippines.

      • rinom

        mali ang verse mo. the saved are encourage to judge even themselves. but those who have log in their eyes were encourage not to judge, those who do sinful things and judge the same sin will be judged more severely.

      • marionics

        huwag mo na patulan yang mga damage control pr agency ni jack. kahapon pa yang mga yan sa gma news forum kaya lang walang tao kasi doon e kaya sabi ko sa kanila sa inquirer kayo pumunta para masulit bayad sa inyo ng amo niyo. kaya ayan nagdadatingan na paisa isa hahaha

      • white scorpion

        we are not judging him. we are just EXPOSING his kaGAGOhan. if we are to judge him, we will be sending him to HELL.

      • Cesar Evangelista


  • rene

    enrile’s reply to this revelation: it’s black propaganda to discredit his son this coming election…

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Just like JV’s response on BVI secret dollar account. UNA sa denials ang mga ito. Denial to death.

    • gryzyxwoz


    • siegfeil

      sanay naman si Enrile sa pagsisinungaling. ang mga killers manhid na yan sa pagsisinungaling.

    • white scorpion

      enrile forgot. if his jack is a saint. it would hardly create any BLACK PROPAGANDA. look at una and p-noy. which one has more ROTTEN REPUTATION?

  • Noel

    Sen. Gringo Honasan, then the Enrile family’s Chief Security know the real story. In fact, the report says Honasan was present when the crime was committed.

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Talaga? Wonder what will be Honasan’s claim now. Maybe he was looking the other way when the incident occured.

    • Cesar Evangelista

      No wonder. Baka kasali pa sa cover-up.

      • Noel

        Sigurado iyon. Eh si Honasan ang Security Chief ibig sabihin siya ang humawak sa mga bodyguards ng mga Enrile noon. Dahil sa kanyang katapatan sa pamilyang Enrile, inalagaan siya ni Enrile hanggang sa naging Senador. Wala si Honasan kung hindi dahil kay Enrile. Pero may alas si Honasan kaya ganyan na lang ang alaga sa kanya. Iyon nga, alam niya ang lahat ng kalokohan ng mga Enrile pati na sa pagpatay ng mga civilians ni Jack noon.

      • Cesar Evangelista

        Mukhang ganun nga.

  • ernievictory

    toby tiangco , is it another demolition job vs UNA candidates ? i don’t think so…

    • indiosbravos2002

      Naunahan mo na pre. Tingin ko eto hihirit nila mamayang umaga.

    • siegfeil

      katotohanan yan it is not demolition job, contemporary ko si Jack Jack the killer, students avoided him and scared to death at the Ateneo where he studied his high school. Why not? his father during that time was the Himmler ( aide of Hitler) of Marcos. One teacher I recalled described him as a student as arrogant and hot headed…..mahirap makabangga…..

  • Jojo Griffin

    Ang tatapang ng mga politico at anak ng mga politico sa atin..Why,dahil kasama ang mga Bodyguards nila.

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      To Jojo Griffin:
      Pare,are these politicians and their family members look and act tough?(during peacetime).I want to see their toughness if ever ,in the near future ,when this country is about to be invaded by a foreign nation.Will we see these people act the same way?There is a possibility that these well heeled crowd will leave us as they clamber to the last airplanes out of the country to the place(country) where they hid their money before.What will remain are the people,the true Filipinos, who really care for this nation.Mga pasiklab lang yan.There is so much hypocrisy in our society.And they will come back when things get settled down ,and try to be leaders again.What a despicable way of doing things.People need to open their eyes and see the reality of how these section of society manipulate the masses.

      • white scorpion

        buti pa si marcos, may maririnig tayo kwentong giyera. hannggang ngayon wala pa ako naririnig ke tandang enrile.

    • Cesar Evangelista

      Maging bodyguard mo ba naman ang Gringo at that time. Bigatin talaga!

  • ohmypinas

    reporter: …. Sir Jack, may kinalaman ka ba sa abduction-rape na sina Liezel at Pops……

    Jack E.: …… ano kamo yun anak ni amalia at yung isang anak ni eddie…… hmm, sorry hindi ko na matandaan dahil mramami sila….. buti pa pag-usapan na lang natin yung bago kong type si Bea Alonzo…

  • norbert falg

    Tingin ko mayabang din naman itong si Ernest Lucas Jr kaya siya binaril

    • picker_blend

      yan ang solution mo pag may nayayabangan ka? barilin ang “mayabang”?

    • gikiness

      tingin mo lang yun, mamangyayari din sa yo yan para malaman mo personally

    • hustlergalore

      kaya ba gusto ni jack enrile siya lang ang mayabang? LOL

      • white scorpion

        sana nga…. LOL!!!!!

    • 33Sambuang2

      pag mayabang patayin agad? ano yan manok?

    • el_latigo

      Magyayabang ka ba sa harap ng isang notorious na sanggano na nakapaligid ng mga armed bodyguards, ano ka bale? Sa isang banda, matatapang lang ang mga ganitong tao kasi nasa kapangyarihan sila at may mga baril. Sinusundo lang ang kapatid na babae, binaril na?

  • tiopaero

    Everything written on this article is correct except for the location, It didn’t happened in San Lorenzo Village, it actually took place in Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati metro Manila then, near Kalayaan Avenue. Lucas’ sister was a good friend and guest of Ms. Elena Ocampo in her party while Jack Enrile was a gatecrasher on that dreadful night.

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      If Jackie Enrile is simply a gate crasher, he must be powerful gatecrasher to even assign his security detail to man the entrance driving away people like Lucas and his friends. A powerful man indeed.

  • hustlergalore

    UNA talaga! LOL

  • hustlergalore

    magkaliga pala sina ping lacson at jack enrile.
    parehong level.
    kill. kill. kill.

  • mabyrik

    Who in his right mind will dare to challenge the Enriles in court or in any arena during those years of the father and son’s notoriety? No one unless he was insane or suicidal.

    And this family of murderers has the courage to announce to the whole world that there was an investigation conducted and the murder was owned by his security. That’s a lot of bull. And beside, that security won’t pull the trigger unless Jackie nodded.

    Who owned the police, the military, everyone during ML? It was the father Enrile. The son Jackie Enrile was always tagged as the murderer of whoever looked at him in the eyes and Jackie would get away with it because his “Kunsintedor na ama ng killer” was always there to shield him. With just one click of the father’s finger, any wrongdoings of the son was erased in police records. That’s how powerful the tandem of the killers was during those days.

    The sad part is, after killing so many people during ML with the consent of killer father, the son Jackie wants to kill more by being a senator. Wow, as if Anido, Lucas and many more are not enough.

    Are the Filipino that pathetic and gullible to see a criminal roam freely in halls of senate ready to mangle more waiting victims? This Jackie should be staying in jail instead of in senate. This is too much, nakakasuka na.


    • 33Sambuang2

      dito pa lang sa lupa sunog na kaluluwa mo tandang enrileng kunsintidor. kukunin ka na ni satanas.

      • panugda7

        The Good LORD is Just ! Money and Power will not be written in our hearts..What we will remember is WHO the ENRILEs are ? Ang Panginoon ang Huhusga. Only God knows what really the Truth is?

      • 33Sambuang2

        kasabihan nga kahit anong yaman mo, hindi mo madadala yan pag nawala ka na. me isang story ng isang mayaman na nagbilin na pag namatay siya ilabas ang dalawang kamay niya sa kabaong para makita ng mga tao na wala siyang dinala sa pagkawala niya sa mundo.

      • jglori

        I believe that was Alexander the Great. It was apparently a part of his three last wishes/commandments he made at his death bed. First was he instructed his generals that his physician would carry his coffin alone, to symbolize that doctors actually do not posses the power to cure illnesses especially when a person is near death. This way, people should learn to take care of their lives and not waste it away.

        The second wish was to have all his treasures (jewels, gold coins, etc.) be scattered along the path towards his tomb. This is to show that people should not devote or waste their time in pursuing wealth just like he did. This of course is connected to his third wish which was, have his hands shown outside of the coffin to symbolize that a person will not be able to take anything (eg, his wealth) with him when he dies.

      • rinom

        tama po iyan Diyos and huhusga, at sa Diyos lahat pantay pantay.

      • askal2u

        Yon lang mali bat pinababayaan ng Diyos mga taong ganyan na gumagawa ng mga karumaldumal na krimen at pagkatapos sila pa ang nabibiyayaan ng kapangyarihan at kayamanan, at pag malapit na mamatay hihingi ng tawad at ayon sa Bibliya, pag humingi ng tawad at naniwala sa Diyos patatawarin na sila at makakapunta na sa langit, nasan ang hustisya doon. Samantalang taong pinatay nila baka sa impierno pa bagsak kung hindi nakahingi ng tawad o di nabigyan ng pagkakataon na maniwala sa Diyos dahil pinatay? San ang pagkapantay pantay doon?

      • elpobre

        Una po ay confusing ang iyong paniniwala, tanggalin niyo po sa inyong isipan na hindi makatarungan ang diyos. At pangalawa, alisin niyo po sa inyong isipan na merong impierno, dahil hindi ganyan ang diyos, ang ating diyos po ay mapagmahal, hindi niya ibig na tayo’y paparusahan ng walang hanggang sa apoy, and doctrina pong iyan ay hindi nakasulat sa kanyang salita ang bible. At pangatlo po ay, isipin niyo pong wala ng magagawa ang isang taong patay, nakasulat sa bible na ang mga patay ay wala ng magagawa, para silang tulog na tao gaya ng sinabi ni Jesus. Ang katarungang minimithi po natin ay hindi natin makakamit ito sa ngayon, sapagkat patuloy pa nating pinananalangin ang kaharian ng diyos na siyang magbibigay ng walang hanggang buhay sa maayos na paraiso na promise ni Jesus sa mga taong maamo. Ngunit itoy sa sandaling maisakatuparan na ng ating diyos ang kanyang layunin na sinabi sa Psalm 37:9,10,11. Pwede niyo pong basahin sa inyong bible.

      • Pinaslover

        Kapatid may impyerno…ilang beses yan nakasulat sa bibliya. God is just..HE punishes the sinners and bad people sa dagat ng apoy. But HE is also merciful..if the sinners repent sincerely and change his ways ..then by the Grace of God he shall be forgiven. WE may motivate ourselves to do good because of the promise of salvation..to be with God’s loving embrace in paradise or we do good and avoid evil deeds because we fear the Lord’s wrath by punishing our soul in hell. Jesus died for our eternal salvation but there are conditions. We should accept HIM as our savior and we should follow his footsteps. We are sinners but God wants us to reform our lives. If you are a good child of God, you’ll be forgiven and you’ll be saved by his grace. But if you are wicked, then God will punish your soul in the sea of fire where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth

      • manuel

        God is just and merciful. God’s gift of salvation is for all of us who will believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
        No one is without sin and those who will not believe will not inherit the kingdom of God. This is the first judgement.
        The second one is the giving of reward to those who are saved for the good things they have done while they were living on earth. Each according to what they have done.
        No one knows when death will come upon him so it’s important for everyone to come to a decisionright now to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, on what he has done, that he lived, died, and rose again for the redemption of the sins of those who will believe.
        God is good, just, and merciful

      • Pinaslover

        Merong mga bagay at pangyayari sa mundo natin na hindi abot ng ating kaisipan. Alalahanin mo sabi ni God ‘vengeance is mine”. God is just and our human mind cannot understand.

      • siegfeil

        kaigibagn, tama ka…. pag na life regression na yan at the time nag aagaw buhay na yan I can just imagine how the old Enrile will face the light. We are not judging but ‘sincere’ repentance is his only salvation and that is to expose the truth and apologize publicly. Akala rin siguro ni Jack Jack many many years ago na yung mga pinatay niya limot na yon just like that no way may naagrabyadong buhay at daming nasaktan.

      • pinoydin

        Maraming hindi nakaalam sa mga ginawa ni Jack Enrile dati kasi kontrolado ni Marcos ang media nung martial law….dito ko nga lang nalaman na sya pala ang pumatay kay Alfie na pinalabas nilang nag-suicide. ..nakakatakot , baka nga manalo ang murderer na Jack na yan dahil ang karamihan sa voters ay bumoboto sa kilalang pangalan (Enrile) kahit notorious… kawawang Pinas talaga. .

      • siegfeil

        kaibigan, noong etudyante iyan si jack Jack the Killer sa Ateneo High School, iniiwasan yan nang mga classmates niya kasi may temperament. Contemporary ko yan. Yung relative kung teacher sa Ateneo naging estudyante yan sabi masyadong arrogante at hotheaded. Mismo si Bongbong Marcos na anak ni presidente Marcos ilag diyan. Si Bongbong La Sallite iyan from La Salle Green Hills kaya magkalabang school sa sports. Maraming na kasing mga bata ngayon na hindi alam yang si Jack Jack the Killer. Kaya pag lumabas yan sa Senatorial naku nakakaawa ang bansa natin. Yung tatay niredeem niya ang sarili niya noong EDSA revolt kasi papatayin na rin siya ni Marcos. Si Alfie kaya niya pinatay nahuli niyang sinaksaktan yung kapatid niyang si Katrina Enrile na girlfriend ni Alfie. Pagmakita mo yang mag ama na yan sa personal mangingilabot ka ” there is something EVIL in them”. Kaya pagdasal na lang natin yang mag ama na magkaroon nang TRUE repentance para masalva pa ang mga kaluluwa nila. Life on earth is very short…..what we will bring is only our internal self and our deeds, our bodies will decay and or become ashes.

      • redsnow

        rosaryuhan lang pala ang iwagayway mo pag nasa harap mo ang mag amang Enrile … hehhehe Si Gigi lang ang makapaglomu nyan ni Enrile kaya lagi dumudugo ang mata niyan dahil putingputi ang legs ni Gigi

      • white scorpion

        haven’t you heard,….relihiyoso na yan ngayon. madasalin na yan.

    • EOJ

      Una talaga sa kabulastugan at kawalanghiyaan ang United Nakaw Alliance!

      • Peter Lim

        UNA, dapat Unahan Nakawan Alliance!!! He!He!He!

      • sanjuan683

        Para sa akin pareho lang mga magnanakaw ang namumuno sa dalawang partido yan. Kaya sa election day iboboto ko mga independent senatorial candidates mainam na masanay bumoto ng isang independent candidates para walang na utang na loob sa mga namumuno ng partido yan din kasi ang ugat ng mga corruption lalo na kung ang namumuno ay isang president ng Pinas na kilala rin isang Abnoy.

      • TON_SING_WAH

        mukang nalilimutan nyo na si Ramos din kaya kasabwat oo o hindi tanong lang po

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      if this can be crystalized and let every Filipino feed with awareness about every politicians profile in all corners of the country. This is only wishful thinking.

    • ingbilat

      one of these days they’ll gonna catch up with this monster! one of these days is the election day. hey people let’s get even, deny them our sacred votes!

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

      di ba dapat iboto pa rin sya para consistent? ano b composition ng mga gov’t officials natin? plunderer, corrupt, philanderer, womanizer, rapists, killers, opportunists, communists, coup plotters, smugglers, jueteng lords, drug lords…naku lord kuhanin mo na po sila..on 2nd thought, let the voters suffer from whom they’ve elected

      • Cesar Evangelista

        TAma ka jan. Kaya pati si Binay ndi dapat iboto kasi plunderer din ang mag-ama di ba?

    • boymanok

      no doubt about it…everytime na may natotodas na involve si jackie, yung mga bodyguard niya ang laging sumasalo ng responsibilidad (the lucas case, the alfie anido case, the dude who got shot in a disco atop a popular hotel in roxas blvd) ..see that pattern? power and influence to the max…but guess who were the bigwigs who attended the book launching of JPE’s memoir? no less than the same politicians, celebrities and power players – past and present – who has been screwing this country since time immemorial…iisa ang likaw ng bituka ng mga yan

    • nickmla

      yes, the Filipinos are pathetically gullible. Pinoys voted for him right? and he now sits as the Senate president right? so pinoys are pathetically gullible.

      • marionics

        unfortunately tama ka he he.


      • Tiwtiwtiw

        Makamura tayo wagas, Ganyan ka pinalaki nang magulang mo ano? And first of all why would you say that Filippinos are pathetic and gullible? Diba pinoy ka? Isip isip din. #Tiwtiwtiw

      • marionics

        so what kung ganun nga? what the fúck can you do about it??

        wala di ba???

        so eat me.

        and for your information, we as a people ARE pathetic and gullible and we are not deserving of democracy. alam ko ito dahil nga pinoy ako at di ko pagtatakpan ang mga masama nating asal at characteristic dahil lamang kasama ako dun sa lahing yan.

      • Tiwtiwtiw

        Hindi pagtatakpan? Sino ba iboboto mo? EAT YOU? NO ONE WILL EAT YOU GAYLORD.

        Sorry, “we as a people”? Anong “WE” ikaw lang naman sumasagot niyan eh. And please. Stop acting like na di ka binabayaran para manira #Tiwtiwtiwtiw

      • marionics


        like i said what the fúck can you do about it??


      • Tiwtiwtiw

        Natawa ka kasi totoo naman. Ah so inaamin mo na binabayaran ka lang para manira? Not cool dude. #tiwtiwtiwtiw

        Wag na umiyak =)) Chillax, Kanya kanyang opinyon lang eto, Wag masyadong emotional. Iboto mo na lang kung sino gusto mo at manahimik ka na lang :))

      • marionics

        he he ok lang yun kasi ikaw naman ang umiiyak e

    • sojusakitofu

      These father and son belong to jail not in the hallowed halls of the senate.

    • marionics

      Why victim’s family did not charge Jack Enrile

      is this a rhetorical statement????


      • ye854bela729

        ano bang stupid question yan. Diba nga at that time cla ang batas, ng tau at tingin nila cla din ang Dios! Takot lang nila no! nakita din namin nuong mga panahon ng 70’s ang anak nila abusado, Jacky E at sister B, my God bawat puntahan nila, takot lahat mga tau, tabi nga kami hayop daig ang Pope men bigat ng pamilyang yan what i can’t understand how his Wife stomach it all? N that sister “B”, same a really big “B” those days but y n just asking the karma to them is so delay.Alam ba yan ng Pamilya niya now how can they just stomach that abusive father n son n daughter?
        dear God nasaan the hustisya ninyo sa lahat ng inapi, pInatay at inabuso ng mga masasamang tao at sila ay nasa Power pang lahat paki bagsak mo na ang iyong hatol to them bago mahuli ang lahat? Ipakita ninyo sa amin habang kami ay still having Faith to YOU! Amen

    • http://twitter.com/Negastarr NegaStarr


    • lolo_Jose

      Kahit ang pinakamahuhusay na PR Agency ng bansa ang kuhanin lahat ng mga Enrile HINDI na kayang pagtakpan pa at isalba ang isang Jackie…

      Sa takda at tamang panahon ay darating ang pagtutuos at dumating na ang sa mga Enrile.. HINDI DAPAT maluklok sa senado ang isang jackie!!!

      SA mga kapwa ko may pagmamahal pa sa ating mga sarili at ating mga mahal sa buhay HINDI na dapat pa na maghari ang takot at lagim sa ating bansa..


      NO TO ESTRADA!!!
      NO TO BINAY!!!
      NO TO UNA!!!

    • white scorpion

      to be honest, may carnap, land grabbing, drug, logging protector sa senate. this one is new. magiging self protector. baka may humabul pagnawala si tatay.

    • Cesar Evangelista

      Do not vote for anyone associated with JPE including his top dog Honasan!

  • mangtom

    Jackass Enrile

  • josh_alexei

    Who wanted to tangle with the Enriles during those Times??and what if Enrile the son, will get Elected Senator and even to the Presidency in the Future? Let me count the ways,, senators… Lacson …warrant for murders , quashed Enrile staged his own Ambush voted several times,,Sotto plagiarists, Homasan, wanted and was caught with his pants around his knees, won the election..Lapid guest of the senate drawing pork wife convicted of bulk currency smuggling (which money was those?) nothing doing? While millions of Pinoys living on less than $ 5 a Day. And they call themselves CHRISTIANS…

    • buninay1


    • tarikan

      More reason they call themselves CHRISTIANS, Churchgoer Christians. Otherwise they’d be Buddhists or Taoists…truer to themselves and to their faith.

    • Katuwiran lang

      And none of those you mentioned above are in the Team Patay of the Diocese of Bacolod? Those in hell must be having a victory party already. What a farce!

  • hustlergalore

    sasayawan lang yan ni jack.

    point to the sky.

    point to the sky.

    point to the sky.


  • $16638896

    kung buhay pa ung dalawang ugok na kasama ni lucas nung time na un, magsalita na sila ngyn dahil sila ang best witness. wag naman sna manalo itong anak ni enrile.

    • KapampangangMangyan

      Ang tanong e nasaan na kaya sila? “Disappeared” daw e. Huwag naman sanang pati sila e ibinaon na rin sa lupa? Kapag nanalo pa ito e sobrang nakakaawa na ang mga botanteng Pinoy.

  • josh_alexei

    But what would be the motive of the bodyguard for shooting the Victim Lucas unless to protect his Employer and that would be SelfDefense and he would have not gone to Jail for that…he was a ScapeGOAT either under Duress of for a very good Price..Check the bodyguard lifestyle after admission of guilt. the Enriles must have taken care of him and his family Financially.

  • pinoyrocker

    Si Jack, killer. Si JV, tax evader. Ang palusot nila, black propaganda Ito dahil leading sila sa survey. Hoy mga Pinoy, gising!

  • dodong1

    IBOTO lahat ang mga Plunderer, Murderer, rapists, drug addicts, meron mga kabits, atbp..ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES..WE’RE NUMBER ONE!!!

  • 33Sambuang2


    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Iboboto nyo pa rin. Ang mga balita na ito hindi nakakarating sa karamihang Filipino. Walang balita, walang telebisyon at hindi kayang bumili ng diyaryo. Ipaglaban ang hustisya.

    • Tiwtiwtiw


      • otire

        kung pag pipipiliin ka? sa pala mura o sa mamamatay tao?

  • Concur_Dissent

    Estrada, Enrile, Binay – Plunderer, Killer, Bobo – Sa tatlong itlog na eto mukhang gumanda si Nancy compara sa dalawang nauna… At least si nancy, bobo lang hindi killer hindi plunderer….teke teka, hindi rin plunderer? hhhmm….

  • Rodolfo Inferido Villarmia

    Lets have another multiple murderer in the hall of congress

  • kevin

    Kim jung il will you please point your missile to this family of killers,,,,

    • kevin

      Jack the Rippers!!Killers…

    • imongredneck

      North Korea will win a lot of Filipino friends.

    • Mr. Skeptic

      Ul0l matagal ng patay si Kim Jong Il. Baka si Kim Jong Un ang ibig mo sabihin.

  • http://twitter.com/brixvillapando brix villapando

    Tangnamu jackie ipanalangin mo na wag ka magawi dito sa lugar namin…..pag nakita namin ni anino mo dito lalangawin ka…..

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Bakit lalangawin, Akala ko puputaktihin… ninyo!

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    It’s time for the people to know all these things.Millions had been blind through those years,especially during the dark clouds of Martial law days.keep “whipping it out”,if you know more.i just want the truth,because they had been fooling my own people.

  • http://twitter.com/brixvillapando brix villapando

    TANGNAMU JACKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Orchid

    We already have BongBong Marcos, a son of the top ten ruler thieves, in the senate and we don’t need a murderer like Jackie Enrile. It would shame our nation’s quest to clean up the corruption if this murderer gets elected.

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Can you imagine the senate with Enrile the father, Enrile the son and Honasan the security aide of the Enriles. Add to that the Jinggoy, JV half brothers together with the Nancy Binay. UNA na talaga ang Pilipinas sa pagbulusok pababa. God help the Philippines!

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Marcos country part 2.

  • Noypi11

    What’s new about the Enriles? During the Marcos’ years especially during martial law, these Enriles are above the law. Poor Filipinos.

  • amapangarap

    gusto ko happy ka! ehek!

  • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

    RIP Alfie Anido……medyo lumilinaw na ng konti kung sino pumatay sa iyo….or malinaw na yata talaga..

  • jr18496

    those stupid farmers in the provinces don’t care whether their senator is a murderer, rapist or thieves. All they care is how much money they would get for their vote.

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Why zero in on the farmers? Would the fishermen vote differently? I think most Filipinos will vote on who they can remember with the most money to give out during the election campaign.

    • gryzyxwoz

      Yes… but not only the farmers… The Masa in general, is the main problem, IMHO

  • rhennn

    BINAY ENRILE MACEDA. ETC…Pag mga yan nanalo sa election, wala na talaga pag asa ang bansa natin. wala na wala na, Anyare mga kababayan

    • victor1052

      Axis of evil. GOD save us from these minions of satan

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        kings of evil.

      • siegfeil


    • kolambogan

      Pre nakalimutan mo si Erap, paano na ang Manila pag siya ay nahalal?

      • ye854bela729

        I do not think so please do not stop Praying na Huag manalo si Erap at Pati na mga added family niya sa SJ at lahat tayo magsasama ng taimtim sa Prayers pls many thnx

      • Facilitator1

        Paano ang Maynila? 100% mapu-PUSOY sigurado…PEACE

    • tarikan

      Pre, nakalimutan mo si sakang bigoteng Rap-E. Nahin..DOT na talaga ang Pinas.

    • A. H. Forrester

      Shady past ‘s !

    • Cesar Evangelista

      Check again!

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    What was the initial assessment of former US Ambassador William Healy Sullivan on Jackie Enrile’s involvement in the murder of Ernest Lucas on 20-Sep-1975, according to US Embassy’s NBI sources?

    “NBI sources have told us (US Embassy) unequivocally, and contrary to Sec. Enrile’s assurances to Ambassador, that Enrile’s son did the shooting . . . “

    (source: item no. 2 of this WikiLeaks document ==> wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13806_b.html)

    • D_BystandeR

      I must admit this info about Jackie killing Ernest Lucas Jr., aside from Alfie Anido, is new to me. What was known to me years ago while I was still in the PH during my younger days was the death of AA in the hands of Jackie. As it turns out, Lucas Jr.’s death is well documented as it appeared now in the Wikileaks. It’s high time the Filipino voters should never cast their vote to this murderer! If he were not the son of the chief architect of martial law, JPE, I’m sure as hell he will rot in jail!!!

      • siegfeil

        yan yata yung sa hotel incident na nagkabungguan lang sila ni Jack Jack. Iba pa yung kay AA na nahuli niyang binubogbog yung kapatid niyang si Katrina na during that time girlfriend ni AA. pina amin din sa bodyguard niya na sundalo. yung sundalo just got transferred kunwari. Napakaraming pinatay niyan ni Jack Jack the killer. Ika nga sabi nang isang hired killer once you kill a person nawawala na yung conscience and enjoy doing it even in small provocation….. kawawang mga kaluluwa in the afterlife….

      • sanjuan683

        Kumpleto talaga ang line up ng UNA, mayroon na sila PLUNDERER, MURDERER, DYNASTY, ano pa ba, ah ARCHITECT NG MARTIAL LAW at mayroon din pinuno ng coup d’eta. Mas malinis pa ang record ni Corona sa kanila.

    • leodegardompruna

      Come on! Let the records speak for itself.

  • Fancy Tan

    Big “NO” for him.


    Bad timing but interesting:Alfie Anido and Lucas Case unsolved!Triggerman Jack Enrile still free and running in one of the powerful positions in the country!wikileaks should have a leak more prominent personalities wheter its private and public officials

    • boymanok

      meron pa, yung binaril din sa stargazer disco sa roxas blvd na nakatalo ni jackie sa dance floor…bodyguard din niya ang umamin

  • OFW Franklin

    I remember A Anido and E Lucas Jackie involvement same as Bobong M involvement in one of killing about son of Englishman dignitary or royalty. All of them were clouded with mysteries.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Jack said that he can say blankly that he has not killed anyone… kasi aide nya dumadale. After all these years, this guy has escaped justice. Now even a former US ambassador is attesting to the abuses of the Enrile family. Can anyone just arrest Jack Enrile already?

  • indiosbravos2002

    In other countries, a news like this will surely warrant a dropping of a candidate from the polls out of delicadeza. Will Enrile do the same? Nah… He’ll just attribute the expose as black propaganda similar to their involvement in Cagayan’s car smugglng. The nerve.

    • gryzyxwoz

      In this country, notoriety even helps some candidates!

  • Barak_O

    capt lucas should just have shot sec enrile that night

    • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

      Exactly to make things even, right ?

      • Barak_O

        to make himself relevant

      • bgc

        If he did that, then, he, his entire family, extended family and even his wife’s family will also surely disappear in no time. Baka itotorture pa sila bago sila katayin. And the kinds of torture used by the govt that time was unimaginable.

      • Barak_O

        his son was killed

        that’s torture enough

    • BlankFace

      that would have spared you from articulating your thoughts here.

  • martial_law_baby

    Great UNA, Toby! You have a kapal muks inexperience candidate who’s banking on the surname of her dad to get elected. Now you have a murderer who is also banking on the surname of his dad to get elected. Yan ba ang daang maganda? Ang kakakpal talaga ng mukha ninyo!

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    What was the general public reaction to Jackie Enrile getting away with murder in those days?

    20-Sep-1975 (Sat) Ernest Lucas was killed.
    28-Sep-1975 (Sun) Press prints JPE’s letter of request for leave*
    06-Oct-1975 (Mon) Chief State Prosecutor decides no charges vs Jackie**

    In 10 business days, the surprisingly uber-efficient Chief State Prosecutor Nocon decided in great haste not to file charges against Jackie Enrile. Defense Secretary Enrile himself had one full week from the date of murder until his “voluntary” leave took effect to mop up evidence, to silence loose lips, to tie loose ends and make sure that his son got off the hook.

    Although Jackie Enrile was ultimately let off the hook, his father’s prestige and standing within the inner circle of Marcos may have been diminished by this murder case. The possible loss of confidence, albeit partial, of Marcos in JPE may have also tipped the balance of power in favor of the Imelda faction, the long-standing rival of JPE within the Marcos circle.***

    (*source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13693_b.html)
    (**source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA14151_b.html)
    (***source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13785_b.html)

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Ouch thats a comprehensive listing there bro. Good research!

    • kapalkupal

      weder, nanay mo may cancer bisitahin mo naman sa pgh

  • bisdakis

    Hahay pulitika sa Pilipinas!

  • kulittwit

    Martial law berdugo!

    • leodegardompruna

      Wikileaks? Puro chizmis!

  • superpilipinas

    Voters should not ignore this case and err on the side of perception.

    Even if he did not do it, he should have apologized in behalf oh his aide and apologized for not subjecting himself to proper investigation.

    The least thing he should do to ask for your vote is to offer to have the case reinvestigated and ask the witnesses to come out.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Magsama na lang kayo Jackie and Johnny sa impyerno. Justice be done!

  • epal_ako

    Get real people. There are more than 90million filipinos and only
    about a hundred of us reading this article. Majority of filipinos are
    poor and uneducated. Issues like this do not concern them. A hundred
    pesos or even a kilo of rice is enough to make them remember a
    candidate’s name. Jackie Enrile will get voted and will become senator. And the simpletons who will vote for him will even increase in number in the years to come because the catholic heirarchy is even prodding them to multiply. There is no hope for this nation.

    • teekaye2

      Sadly I agree with everything you saythe answer is the internet keep posting these scandles and it may get through to more people EDUCATE the people as quick as possible

      • gryzyxwoz

        That’s right!

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        cross your fingers

      • noguile

        100 and 1.

      • eigendik


    • koolkid_inthehouse

      very sad but reality bites.

    • divictes

      I have to admit you are right. I don’t watch TV, but last night, I saw Enrile’s ad for the first time and it was genius! It appeals to where people in the rural areas are most vulnerable____their stomachs.

    • regd

      I concur completely! Kaya sariling sikap tayo.

    • kingsarimanok

      There is always hope for all of us, even against insurmountable odds, and even if we are mockingly compared to Don Quixote (de la Mancha) charging towards the windmill.

      During the Martial Law years where elections were routinely rigged (as in “lutong makaw”), the opposition party in Central Visayas (Pusyon Bisaya) won 13-0 (sweep!) vs. Marcos puppets (KBL) for the Interim Batasang Pambansa. Even as minorities in a pool full of greedy piranhas (13 vs.152), many of them performed their role to openly oppose the oppressive dictator despite the danger for them and their families.

      Hey, not all the time these crooks will win and not all the time the “poor and uneducated” Filipinos will fall for the Estradas, the Marcoses, the Enriles, the Binays, the butchers, the traitors, and the crocodiles. The crazed fans of Erap, and the massive campaign funds of Gibo and Villar did not deter Pnoy from becoming our president.

      Pnoy will not be perfect but whatever net gains and positive changes we could get from his administration should be the basis for us to raise the bar for the next leadership.

      …and for as long as there are people like us who will make noise, take positive and constructive actions, use the latest technology available to combat ignorance by helping to disseminate truthful information, and be constantly vigilant, there is hope.

      Hint.: Simpletons (millions of them) can read text messages and view scandals on their cellphones, like to spend hours on FB/internet games, buy sensational tabloids, watch telenovelas–use all these to expose corrupt officials.

    • kingsarimanok

      There is hope because there is social media and there are cheap/popular means of communication. We are all the beneficiaries of social media that is why are able to post our comments here and that the Marcoses, the Arroyos, the Estradas, the Enriles, the Binays, and all the butchers and thieves in our government are constantly on the defensive. Haven’t you noticed all these lately?

      Sooner or later, the truth and evidences of past crimes will be made available to us and to the prosecutors. When the pork barrel is finally abolished, crocodiles will abandon the senate and congress.

      This is how “poor and uneducated” Filipinos (who can afford to buy cellphones and read text messages) as well as “simpletons” (who have FB accounts and love telenovelas) are mobilized to contribute to positive change. Revolution (peaceful) starts with the mind of a person…

    • boymanok

      thats why we can’t blame our kababayans who prefer to live abroad for good…pabisi-bisita na lang sa pinas

      • Magsasaka

        at kapag bumisita binibiktima pa ng mga tulisang pulis, nadyaang pagbintangang carnapper, pusher etc etc para magatasan lang ng pera.

    • http://www.facebook.com/arnulfo.pecundo Arnulfo Pecundo Jr.

      there is always hope, it never runs out. Ang tanong lang is when willit materialize into reality?

    • tarikan

      In short– nahin..DoT na ang Pinas.

    • A. H. Forrester


    • Facilitator1

      Kabayan, hwag kang mawalan ng pagasa…magigising at matutu rin ang lahi ni Juan Dela Cruz…PEACE

    • Cesar Evangelista

      Maybe you are right. You mentioned the word “multiply”. Baka naman kahit konti lang nakakabasa dito e meron din namang multiplier effect tayo di ba? So, it is up to us “who know” to send out the message to others.

  • Ariel Molina

    Darating araw babalik ulit ang tikas ni enrili sila ang Utak ng Lahat ng nangyayari ngayon . Guys remember hawak kamay sila ni Binay at erap now nakikita ko na ang plan sa 2016 if Binay elected bilang presidente. Wow Manila hawak ni erap plus dalawang erap sa senado plus Binay senador ,Binay congressman,Binay mayor, enrili senator hmmmm my Plano na naman ang mga hudlom

    • Cesar Evangelista

      Makakatakbo kaya si Naybi? Balita ko may lupus e.

  • batangsulpok

    Pareho sina Enrile at Laurel dahil noong kasagsagan ng power ni Speaker Laurel, marami din murder cases si Banjo na natakpan, pati ang pagpatay sa kaniyang asawa na ang ama ay isang Colonel ng Mania Police pero tumahimik din. Yan ang isang problema sa atin sa Pilipinas na pag malakas o may power ang tao ay walang bumungga dahil siguradong magiging missing sila, pati mga nasabing matatapang na journalist kuno ay bahag din ang buntot kaya kung ang mga kababayan natin ay magpapaloko na naman, iboboto nila si Enrile.

  • Ariel Molina

    Isang libo Lang ang nagbabsa ng dyaryo at naka unawa ng batas at karapatan ng Tao myron 60 milyon na mangmang at tanga at mababayaran at ma uto ng mga taong Ito. Manalo pa rin sila . Dapat walang karapatan mag vote ang illiterate sa presidential rest at senatorial rest sa kapitan ok mag vote ang illiterate Kasi kilala nila ang iboboto nila

    • Mamang Pulis

      yan ang masakit na katotohanan—yun andito aware–sa labas??

  • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

    O ayun mga gonggong na voters nang UNA,pakinggan niyo ang kaso na ito.Kung walang epekto sa inyo ito,siguro nga mga kampon kayo ni satanas.Sa UNA nandyan na ang lahat.Kumpledo recados.Mayroong mamatatay tao,babaero,corrupt,lasenggero,opportunista,manloloko,rebelde,mandaraya sa eleksyon,balembeng,yumaman sa kawalanghiyaan,adbantehoso sa mga walang kakayahan at iba pang panloloko sa mga kapwa nating Filipino.

    • Maning Buhay

      But alas!… some them, included in “Team Buhay”.. being endorsed by Catholic Church!!! tsk-tsk-tsk…

    • el_latigo

      Ayaw mo niyan UNA sila sa lahat? UNA sa korupsyon & kawalanghiyaan. Babaha na naman ng pera sa darating na eleksyon sigurado iyan para lang sila manalo. Gagamitin nila ang mga nakurakot nila, bow!

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Why did victim’s family not charge Jack Enrile?

    The answer is simple. 10 business days after the murder incident, the surprisingly uber-efficient Chief State Prosecutor Nocom decided in great haste not to file charges against Jackie Enrile. The decision to let Jackie Enrile off the hook diametrically contradicts what the NBI sources of the US Embassy at that time alleged.

    In the cable of then US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan to the State Department, “NBI sources have told us (US Embassy) unequivocally, and contrary to Sec. Enrile’s assurances to Ambassador, that Enrile’s son did the shooting . . . “

    With the system, the state’s resources stacked against the victim’s family, paano pa sila papalag? Of course, moro-moro lang ang investigation.

    (source: item no. 2 of wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13806_b.html)

  • farmerpo

    Eh kung ang tatay, yan buhay na buhay at senate president pa. Gusto ng pinoy ang macho at deadly. Isipin natin, Rambotito, Hagedorn, Gordon, Duterte, Ramos, Erap(maski pang pelikula lang), Lapid (pelikula din)..yan pa kung tutoo? Mananlo yan. Sira tayo eh.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    By now, voting for Jackie Enrile should be out the question for every self-respecting and nation-loving Filipino.

    Here are a number of cables sent by then US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan to the US State Department summarizing the information they gathered on Jackie Enrile’s alleged involvement in Ernest Lucas’ death. Thanks to WikiLeaks for making these cable messages available:

    (1) wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13617_b.html
    (2) wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA14151_b.html
    (3) wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13806_b.html
    (4) wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13693_b.html
    (5) wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13785_b.html

    Read and search more in WikiLeaks.

    How reliable are US Embassy information? While it is true that former US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan did not care much for the Marcos regime, he was also careful in the cable messages he sent to the US State Department. It must be noted however that former US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan was involved in the secret US war against Laos but eventually came to oppose it. He was also questioned by the US State Department for not foreseeing the fall of Iran’s Shah when the incident happened right during his ambassadorial tenure in Tehran. In the 1980s, former US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan was implicated in the Iran-Contra and Golden Triangle narco-trade as publicized by Alfred McCoy. Because of immunity and CIA confidentiality, the former ambassador was excused from congressional hearings and providing testimony.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang


    It may also interest you to know that a day before Jackie Enrile allegedly killed Ernest Lucas (20-Sep-1975, Sat), an equally scandalous rape case took place in Forbes Park (19-Sep-1975, Fri) involving Gabby Lopez III the owner of ABS-CBN and the grandson of then DFA secretary Romulo. Both incidents were included in the cable report submitted by then US Ambassador William Leahy Sullivan to US State Department entitled “Unsavory Conduct of New and Old Societies Jeunesse Dorée”. According to this US cable, the rape victim of Gabby Lopez III and Romulo the younger was a polio victim whom they drugged into submission. Whatever happened to the case and how the Lopez heir managed get off the hook remains a mystery to those who still remember the case. Suffice it to say, money works in mysterious ways.


  • Corrupt_Jerk

    Jack Enrile unfit to become a Senator..Please don’t vote Jack Enrile his a criminal and spoiled brat.

  • el_latigo

    The Enriles like the Marcoses during the Martial Law period were like Gods, untouchable. Such is the curse of martial laws in any country where people were complacent. And to think that this murderer has yet to answer for his dastard deed yet he has the gumption to run for senator of this God-forsaken republic. And this does not mention the Alfie Anido Case too, said to be another “unsolved murder” which up to now is still in limbo. No wonder the saying during this one of the darkest period in our history was: The Philippines is a country of 80 million duwags and one SOB. One thing more, how can the father of the young Lucas live with his conscience when he knew all along that his son was shot like a street dog?

    A vote for this murderer is like a vote for the devil himself.

  • wawa2172

    What is the difference between Noy and Enrile family with regards to killing people: None. Enrile the chief architect of martial rule is known to have banished lots of people during that dark era. Cojuangco-Aquino was scratched fee after the Hacienda Luisita massacre of farmers. Enrile and Cojuangco-Aquino are well politically entrenched so kahit sino ang ma tsugi nila ay walang parusa.

    • Cesar Evangelista

      Hmm. We must distinguish. Can we mention Noy in the same breath as with the Cojuangco-Aquino clan? Have anyone asked why Ting Ting Cojuangco is running under UNA when she is supposedly allied with Noy as a Conjuangco? You guessed it right. The Peping Cojuangco branch of the clan was the part of that clan which was hit hard by the Hacienda Luisita decision, not the Noy part of the clan. Knowing that, please be more circumspect next time.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    What was the general public reaction to Jackie Enrile getting away with murder?

    20-Sep-1975 (Sat) Ernest Lucas was killed.
    28-Sep-1975 (Sun) Press prints JPE’s letter of request for leave*
    06-Oct-1975 (Mon) Chief State Prosecutor decides no charges vs Jackie**

    In 10 business days, the surprisingly uber-efficient Chief State Prosecutor Nocon decided in great haste not to file charges against Jackie Enrile. Why he did this nobody knows to this day. Even the NBI sources of the US Embassy at that time claimed that the shooting was done by Jackie Enrile***. Defense Secretary Enrile himself had one full week, from the date of the murder until his “voluntary” leave took effect, to mop up evidence, to seal loose lips, to tie loose ends and make sure that his son got off the hook.

    Although Jackie Enrile was ultimately let off the hook, his father’s prestige and standing within the inner circle of Marcos may have been diminished by this murder case. The possible partial loss of confidence of Marcos in JPE may have also tipped the balance of power in favor of the Imelda faction, the long-standing rival of Enrile within the Marcos circle.****

    (*source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13693_b.html)
    (**source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA14151_b.html)
    (***source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13806_b.html)
    (****source: wikileaks,org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA13785_b.html)

    • $42337655

      bakit hindi naglalaban ang mga marcos at enriles ? sino ang takot kanino ?

      tinraydor ni enrile si McCoy, bakit hanggang ngayon walang gumaganti ?

      • boymanok

        malamang palabas lang nila yun…tingnan mo balik ulit sa power ang mga marcos

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        war of attrition ang kalalabasan nila.


    Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ang mga hunghang na Pinoy kanya-kanya na naman ng kuro-kuro. Kahit ano pa gawin ninyo hindi ninyo mapipigil ang pagiging SENADOR ni JACKIE at NANCY. Tatapalan namin ng pera kahit sino ang humadlang. Ang mga patay gutom na Pinoy, isang daang piso lang katumbas niyan. Sabi nga ng anak ko, dedebatihin niya maski sino pag nasa Senado na siya. Mabuhay ang mga BINAY. CLAPS CLAPS CLAPS

  • Telecom Snooper Super

    Mgo bobo ang mga maniniwala at boboto sa mga Mamamatay tao, Smuggler at Gahaman sa kapangyarihan na pamilyang Enrile!

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Murderer pala itong si Jack Enrile. Ang ama mismo ay inaming fake ang ambush sa kanya to justify martial law. Ano ba naman yan. UNA sa kriminalidad, UNA sa pekeng claims.

  • j1u2a3n


    • Cesar Evangelista

      There are so many comments on the article and yet it has not been reported in media as having gone viral. Pati ba media may takot pa rin?

  • buninay1

    What is a body that is above the Senate? That is where Jackie Enrile should be because it seems he is above the law.

  • isellnuts

    It is now payback time for the enrile, a BIG NO NO for murderer enrile.

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    Sabi ng kampo ni Jack Enrile tsismoso daw si Sullivan.

    I am more inclined to believe Sullivan than the Enriles because Sullivan has no reason to lie and the Enriles are certified liars.

    The memoir book? Hugas kamay. Madugong kamay.

    No to UNA and no particularly to Jack Enrile, ang mamamatay tao.

  • mangtom

    Let us just keep it simple: Ignore this Jackass, the killer, who is worthless piece of junk.

  • anongaba


  • julieboy

    Can of worms,a lot are too young to know this guy.there is plenty more on this person.Voters think hard on who you vote for.

  • Denzel Boksingero

    “di puwede si Enrile” —sing this

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Si matandang enrile lang at ang asawa niya ang hindi pa naniniwala na ang anak nila ang pumatay! O mahirap lang talaga tanggapin ang katotohanan! pero kita mo naman marami pa rin sila naloloko!

  • victor1052

    Satanic family

  • tiburara74

    Totoo pala Bossing Jack (“the terminator”) na hindi mo talaga maitatago o maililihim ang nakalipas na napakasama mong ginagawa sa iyong kapwa tao na ang turing mo sa buhay nila ay manok o dili kaya ay aso, kahit ilibing pa ninyong mag amang Enrile sa “6 feet thick na abo” at anim na sakong puno ng tig 1,000.00 peso bills ang malagim na mga pangyayaring ito. Your past foolishness has gone back and keep haunting you in your present life now. Please do not lie through your teeth because only the illiterate voters will believe you. Wala kang awa at budhi para manugkulan sa bayan.

    Anong masasabi mo Ser, Honorable (?) Gringo Honasan, the magiting “rabid doberman” Enrile bodyguard?

  • ranjoranido

    The least we can do is wag na iboto ang mga enrile.

  • victor1052

    the stupid and unschooled masses will still vote for the ones with the familiar names. Murderers included.

  • Guest

    If naka ligtas sila sa pananagutan sa batas Ang Matandang sinungaling na Juan P.Enrile at anak na Jackass..tyak na kay Luciefer sila sa kahuli-hulihan

  • Guest

    Sana dapuan siya ng sakit na karimarimareng ang matanda enrile na yan…ng magdusa siya …

  • JOHNCeneza

    Sana ito na yung Headlines

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

    Isang magandang solution para makalimutan ang issue na ito ay…… kunwari may maa-ambush.

  • tra6Gpeche

    In general, the law in the Philippines is always on the side of the rich and powerful anyway. Besides, at that time, why would anyone not be afraid of Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile? Except probably for the Family of Marcos and Favian Ver. These Filipinos do not have conscience, at all!



  • AnastacioMamaril

    Satanas kunin muna si Jack at si Juan sa lalong madaling panahon. P.S. Sana bago eleksyon.

  • patawad

    Ang lakas ng loob tumakbong senador, knowing that he has a lot of skeletons in his closets. Swapang ganid at kapal mukha ng mag amang Enrile. Am pretty sure may mga nakatago pang mas mabaho sa murder ang mga yan kaya gustong manatili sa poder, either of them.

  • kabayandinako

    Aksidente ang pagkabaril sa pagitan ng mata!!! Lokohin nyo lelang nyo. Nakalusot kayo noon dahil sa pader kayo at mahirap banggain. Tingnan natin ngayon na naglalabasan na ang tunay na amoy nyong mga Enrile.

  • siegfeil

    Please don’t vote for Jack Jack the killer!!! Akala yata niya nakalimutan na nang taong bayan yan. Mabuti pa si Bingbong Crisologo isa ring nototious killer during the time of Marcos, nag public apology…… Sincere repentance as he was born again to Christianity. In the afterlife face to face na si Jack Jack sa mga victims niya and I don’t know how he will deny it in the face of the LIGHT. His father is now going to 90’s and God is good still giving him time to repent sincerely!!!!

  • leodegardompruna

    Fr. Reyes is more of a politician than a priest. He should rather espouse the Christian doctrine and faith in God rather than his own. God bless the Philippines.

    • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

      We don’t care as long as the truth is revealed so that God will bless the Philippines.

  • tenyearsafter

    jack the reaper for senator

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Jack Enrile Jr. MURDERED Lucas Jr…. NBI reported this to US Ambassador Sullivan. Ang kapal nga ng mukha, tumakbo pang Senador.

  • Serom

    This Jack Enrile should be prosecuted for evil deeds.

  • regd

    To get elected, just keep feeding the poor! It doesn’t matter if you’re a hitler or bin ladden.

  • lagahit

    It;s as plain as day that Jack Enrile shot the Lucas boy. What is apalling is that Jack Enrile was not jailed but his bodyguard. What kind of justice do we have? The Enriles are running roughshod in the Ilocos region. He even has the temerity of publishing a book pf lies.

  • edleon

    Imagine kung ano pa ang pwede pang gawing pang-aabuso ni JACK ENRILE kapag nanalo siya bilang senador??? Maawa tayo sa susunod na pwede mabiktima… wag na po natin iboto!

  • bayankopdi


  • johnlordphilip

    If this is true, then both Jack and his father should be in prison, not in the senate!

  • rolando mendoza

    walang lihim na hindi nahayag.

  • wawa2172

    The killing will remain unsolved but the story will continue to haunt the culprit forever. Now the story is again told, though we know that its politically motivated with Jack Enrile running as opposition candidate in the senate. The rich and the mighty have means to get away from crimes and won’t even feel the heat of being jailed even for a minute. Jack has the motive to shoot the victim but a sacrificial lamb, the bodyguard, admitted the crime as ordered. Nonetheless, ang tagal bago lumabas ang crime story uli na ito, dahil election nga, The one killed was a son of a captain na malapit din kay Enrile. Tiyak puro matatapang ang mga anak nang dalawa at naunahan lang ni Enrile. Again, dapat makulong din si Jack during that time but who can blame a brilliant and over protective father. It is just like the case of Hacienda Luisita massacre walang nakulong because it involved knowny personalities. The Mendiola massacre and he Dacer-Corbito case, alam nang mga Filipino ang mga salarin but the court was blind folded and not able to see it.

  • salvador contreras

    Yup, nobody will ever fight Enrile in the height of Martial Law, except off course his boss – the Great Apo. Even his son Jack – you would not dare cross his path during that time. And if Jack was not invited for personal investigation for murder/homicide by authorities is a sign clear enough something was very wrong and the Enrile’s have lots of explaining to do! And now this guy wants to become senator of the republic? C’mon!

  • Waykeber

    I was already of age to know the truth in the news when the Lucas and Anido incidents happened. Jackie Enrile did them. We also know how they twisted the facts in those days. But what can we do? In the past, we did not have have this kind of freedom.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Ukininam lakay!

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

    Please, huwag nyo ng ungkatin pati yung pagpatay kay Alfie Anido!!!

    Walang kinalaman si Kim Jong Un. Huwag nyo ng ungkatin!!!

  • PH2011

    This revelation
    of a Priest will open the eyes of our younger voters.

    Hope the real
    outcome of the high confidence trust will be more transparent.

    Time changed. Media should defy the blank
    checks ….

    (Blog while
    the article is not yet remove).

    • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

      O ayun mga gonggong na voters nang UNA,pakinggan niyo ang kaso na ito.Kung walang epekto sa inyo ito,siguro nga mga kampon kayo ni satanas.Sa UNA nandyan na ang lahat.Kumpledo recados.Mayroong mamatatay tao,babaero,corrupt,lasenggero,opportunista,manloloko,rebelde,mandaraya sa eleksyon,balembeng,yumaman sa kawalanghiyaan,adbantehoso sa mga walang kakayahan at iba pang panloloko sa mga kapwa nating Filipino.

  • TheHopefulPessimist

    Bakit ang mga UNA candidates karamihan e masamang tao?

  • generalproblem

    ok so alam nyo kung sino iboboto nyo. wag nyo iboto yan ng maubos na ang enrile sa pinas. mga npa ano pa hinihintay nyp bigyan nyo katarungan yung mga lucas diba yun ang gawai nyo. ay nagbago na pala sila extortion na pala ang binis nila hehehhe

  • Avatar Odin

    shot between the eyes… ACCIDENTALLY? if it were the bodyguard, it must have really been a fluke accident. OR, the bodyguard really got mad at the victim for some reason, he couldn’t wait to plan the murder. he really had to pop the victim’s head at a party.

    nah. jack enrile as the shooter is a more plausible story.

  • Chris P Pnono

    Ang babait mga politiko bago mag election hehehehe pag nanalo na ang yayabang na sampo mga familya….. busittttttttttt..

  • Fulpol

    who is the mastermind of killing Ninoy?

    and why the Aquino family did not pushed in filing charges if they knew the mastermind?

    justice huh?

  • Islander

    Please, God, I will look at you kindly sometimes and humor you with some hallejuhahs if you grant this poor atheist his prayerful wish to NOT let Jackie Enrile win this election.

  • Sinugba

    The Enrile’s confirmed that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • elgeepee

    Sana maawa na ang Panginoon sa bansa natin.

  • Nisky Ocsave

    And you people know that this son of b***** running for senator and you stupid people still going to vote for him, this Enriles should rot in jail.

  • Auggee Alvarado

    I salute the Inquirer for coming out with the stories involving Jackie Enrile so the public may know the real ‘person’ aspiring to be one of the senators in this republic where majority of the voters are basically uninformed and ‘uneducated’. Thanks Inquirer.

  • dudeintoronto

    Poor Philippines! it’s been 3 decades now since ninoy was assassinated. Ninoy said, Philippines is worth dying for. Guess what? he died in vain. Philippines has remained the same. Nothing has changed. Three decades ago, I was a student activist, fighting for democracy. Just like Ninoy, me and the rest of the activists tried to fight for change, but change was temporary. After a while, Philippines went back to it’s old corrupt ways.

    Manuel Quezon believed that it’s better to run the Philippines by it’s own people like hell, rather than by foreigners, like heaven.

    Well, he got his wish.

    Is there any hope for this country, which was once considered the Madrid of Asia? Sorry, but I have lost faith already. That’s why I migrated to Canada.

    • tra6Gpeche

      As you can see now, Canada is the very opposite of the Philippines. Politicians and the Canadian Citizens are, in general, very disciplined. Futhermore, they do respect their environment. The rivers and creeks are blue. Rarely, you can find thrash on the streets and there are no squatters messing-up the surroundings. The pedestrians have the right of way unlike in the Philippines where drivers have the right of way. And communing with nature is common! I envy you, kabayan! By the way, Manuel Quezon did not know what he was talking about. He must have low IQ!

  • kismaytami

    Halu-halo na ang mga senatorial bet, from anak and pamangkin ni yumaong dedbol, to murderer. Hopeless Philippines na talaga…

  • Beguine

    Thanks, Inquirer, for once again bringing up the subject of Down with
    Enrile Sr and particularly Enrile Jr who has the gall to run for senator.

    We may already have or have had far too many senators who killed or ordered
    killings and adding one more like Enrile Jr is too too much already!

    We can’t keep having senators soaked with blood in their hands and should
    be in jail rather than the must be august and respectable Senate.

  • $14334231

    the enriles, befor martial law, during martial law, and until to date, are untouchables….juan “pontious pilato” is a master of deceit!…these father and son tandem will forever be untouchables unless the courts becomes free from being corrupted and become unafraid of these hoodlums…..can we not find at least ONE COURT that can stand against these corrupt and killers duo???…..sec.leila de lima, are you afraid of the enriles too?….

  • dudeintoronto

    Poor Philippines! it’s been 3 decades now since ninoy was assassinated. Ninoy said, Philippines is worth dying for. Guess what? he died in vain. Philippines has remained the same. Nothing has changed. Three decades ago, I was a student activist, fighting for democracy. Just like Ninoy, me and the rest of the activists tried to fight for change, but change was temporary. After a while, Philippines went back to it’s old corrupt ways.

    Manuel Quezon believed that it’s better to run the Philippines by it’s own people like hell, rather than by foreigners, like heaven.

    Well, he got his wish.

    Is there any hope for this country, which was once considered the Madrid of Asia? Sorry, but I have lost faith already. That’s why I migrated to Canada.

    • HarryK

      You sure made the dirty politicians happy. They do not want intelligent Filipinos to remain in this country.

    • Cesar Evangelista

      I appreciate your concern for our country. But please don’t get me wrong. I still have faith in this country. The Philippines is the only country I have and the only country I can truly love despite all the ills!

  • 4RuleofLaw

    People wag po natin iboboto ang mamatay tao na yan. Kalamat ang dungis at kahayupan ni Jackie Enrile panahon ng martial law. Di na ito maalis sa pagkatao niya. Parang awa niyo na. Ito ay dungis din ng ama niya na si JPE

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    I can foretell the the father and son saying ‘These are all politically motivated and our political enemies are all out to politically demolish us!’ Whatever bull you say sirs, the people know your politics is murder, and you are murderers.

    Those who do not know, perhaps the younger ones, I’ll tell them, so they will know and I’ll try my darndest best to convince them not to vote for you.

  • Naring

    I wonder why between the eyes. Tinutok siguro yung baril sa pagitan ng mga mata saka pinutok.

  • Simon Ward

    Can someone clarify for me? Reyes says Lucas was shot “between his eyes”, while Sullivan says he “died five hours later”. Shooting someone between the eyes is consistent with an intentional kill, while a single head shot that doesn’t kill instantly would support the claim of an accidental shooting, or a shot intended to scare that hit Lucas by mistake.

    At the very least, I don’t think it’s possible for someone to be shot between the eyes and survive for five hours … is it?

    • $14334231

      it could have been true that the barrel was placed or near it, thus, the statement that lucas was shot between the eyes and his brain had stopped functioning…but it is also possible that the heart was still beating ‘though the victim was in a comatose state……and sullivan wasn’t present at the scene nor at the hospital…he could have been spoon fed by his source……

  • tra6Gpeche

    Jack Enrile’s aide, Danilo Cruz, must have been given money to be the fall guy. Where is he now?

  • mapicchu

    this narration by fr. reyes is very true! wasn’t the whole Lucas family given US visas to enable them all to migrate to the states? it would have been suicide for them to fight enrile at that time. sana in present time, they will come out and tell everything they know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tracy-Myers/100000613718938 Tracy Myers

    sayang, captain lucas had all the chances of ending the devil’s reign of terror, he could have secretly approach and shot enrile on the head in that hotel justice then for his son’s death would had been certain.

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Sana kahit saan pumuntang pangangampanya ang mamamatay tao na ito, dapat ay isigaw ang mga pangalan ng kanyang mga biktima upang konsensya ay magising at huwag manalo. Justice for “ERNEST LUCAS JR., ALFIE ANIDO”!!!! UNA-NO!!…Protector ng mga Walanghiya sa Gobyerno!!!…

  • sanjuan683

    Idagdag na rin ang wastong pagboto. Huwag iboto ang anak ng isang pulitiko. Huwag iboto ang isang kandidato killer. O sige po magkita na lang tayo sa precint sa May 13.


    NAKAkAGULAT nga kung bakit napasama sa congress ang TNL na yan, e, dapat ka-klase ni Jalosjos yan sa Munti!

  • Fancy Tan

    No to UNA.

  • UPnnGrd

    Statute of limitations on murder —- PIlipinas is well-known in international law as especially unique with this statute of limitations on murder.

    So the “Who Was Murder-on-Tarmac” mastermind — no one is interested to seek the identity anymore.

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Like Father like son. Both are killers and his father was a martial law architect. The Senate is no place for killers and martial law perpetrators like the Enriles and Honasan.
    Cheaters and corrupt officials in the UNA party like Zubiri, JV, Binays and Mitos are also not welcome.

  • boymanok

    kumusta na kaya ngayon ang buhay nung mga bodyguard ni jackie at yung mga pamilya nila?

  • Batz61

    kaya nga, mga B..O…-B…O…. na lang ang mga Pilipinong bumoboto at boboto at magpapaniwala sa mga Enrile…like father, like son…. :)

  • sanjuan683

    Pina commision pala ni Abnoy yun WIKILEAK kaya nagbabalita ng mga kabulastugan. Ito bansang America mahilig gumawa ng mga propaganda lalo na pagdating sa giyera. Wala ako tiwala diyan sa US. Nuong sinasabi nila masama ang kumunistang China, pero ngayon nasaan ang mga American Investors eh di nasa China, nilayasan ang US, dun sila nag-iinvest. hahahahahahaha Kaya bagsak ang ekonomiya nila at mahirap makabangon. Nasa Asia ang business opportunity ngayon wala na sa US at Europe.

    • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

      yung mga taga -UNA kung hindi Abnoy….corrupt at murderer…yung mga botante naman kung hindi bayaran walang aral kaya parang mga uto-uto…

    • Uragorn

      “Pina commision pala ni Abnoy yun WIKILEAK kaya nagbabalita ng mga kabulastugan.” (Scratching head) If this is not the most absurd comment I’ve read here, I don’t know what is!

      Kabayang sanjuan683, agree naman ako sa iba mong comments pero sablay ka yata dito. Paki-explain mo nga kung ano ibig sabihin mo sa above statement mo or paki-cite o paki-link na lang ang source mo para ma-scrutinize ng iba.

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    UNA is a coalition of Criminals and Corrupt officials.
    Enriles and Honasan are murderers and martial law perpetrators.
    Corrupt officials like PlundERAP, JV, Maceda, Binays and Mitos.
    Migs is a Election cheater and inaanak of GMA.
    Bobo mga boboto sa UNA senatoriables.

  • dukaponte

    Now the truth are coming out. Jack enrile was known for his notoriety during martial law but he was not charged in court. And now he wants to be a senator?

  • chubby bobby

    Enriles = murderers, kakahiya kayo

  • Noel

    As Chief Security, Honasan overseas the bodyguards and security personnel. In actor Alfie Anido’s death, Jack admitted that Honasan accompanied him to Anido’s house.

    • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

      kaya nga kumpleto rekados ang mga taga-UNA senatorial candidates : murderer,corrupt,womanizer, election fraud expert,political dynasty proponents,martial law administrator,mock-up ambush expert etc…

  • $8866117

    dito lang sa pinas kung saan binoboto ng mga pinoy mga killer, at rapist at mga rebeldeng sundalo. More fun in the philippines

  • Noel

    Do you know that Jack Enrile was so tough then that even Bongbong Marcos was scared of him? Whenever Jack was and Bongbong learned about it, Bongbong avoided him by going the other way.

    • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

      totoo ‘yan i heard that then…

  • Magsasaka

    Kung si lacson na isang mamamatay tao ay nanalong senador si jackie enrile pa kaya, ganyan katatanga ang mga bobotante dito sa pinas.

  • WeAry_Bat

    It seems the saying is becoming true about things hidden will come out in time.

    Not to rain on the party but…How long is the validity of a criminal charge? Was it after 10 years? Besides, this is the Philippines. Anything can not happen.

  • INQ_reader

    Killer si Jack Enrile.
    Killer si Jack Enrile.
    Killer si Jack Enrile.
    Killer si Jack Enrile.
    Killer si Jack Enrile.

  • pinoyislander

    wow grabe mga enrile parang sa pelikulang ah. o talagang likas lang na masama yung pamilya nila

  • DirtyHarryLim

    Alibi and excuses of these idiotic candidates when confronted.

    Reporter: Totoo ho ba yung mga balitang lumabas sa pahayagan at telebisyon tungkol sa mga akusasyon laban sa inyo?

    Kandidatong Politiko: Gawa lang yan ng mga kalaban ko sa pulitika. Puro mga politically motivated lahat yan.

    Reporter: Totoo ba o hindi?

    Kandidatong Politiko: Kaduda duda ang timing ng paglabas ng mga balitang iyan.

    Reporter: Puinyeta!!! Sagutin mo na lang yung tanong ko! Totoo ba o hindi????

  • stealth ice

    honestly i believe most if not all candidates of UNA are craps and tainted.
    but i also believe Most if not all Filipinos are already intelligent voters.

    UNA are just trying to delayed the progress of our country.

    pinapabagal lang ng UNA ang pag-asenso ng bansa natin.

    kaya sa darating na election ibasura ang dynasty lalo na ang mga walang kwentang magkapatid, mag-ama mag-pinsan in short magkamag-anak.

  • Guest

    Bakit ka pipili ng walang karanasan at kriminal tulad ni Nancy Binay at Jack Enrile dun kana sa TeamPNOy tulad ni Jamby Madrigal, Grace POe Subok na matibay, subok na matatag!

  • chubby bobby

    UNA candidates = panay trapo nagsama, mga sakim sa pera at kapangyarihan

  • Rey

    kaya hindi umaasenso ang pilipinas kasi hindi marunong mag-move on. isa pa, masyadong naka-focus sa mga negative at walang katotohanang bagay. Bakit hindi nalang tayo magtulungan at iboto ang taong may experience na para naman magkaron ng pagbabago ang pilipinas. GO ENRILE!

  • Rey

    tama na ang nakaraan at mabuhay tayo sa kasalukuyan.

  • Batang Altura

    hwag tayong agad agad maniniwala sa paring si Reyes sinungaling yan, palasakay yan sa issue, kung totoo na si Jackie ang bumaril bakit ngaun lang niya ito inilabas 48 years na ang nakalipas, kung hindi kumandidato si Jackie sa pagka-senador di pa siya lalabas ang tagal ng nasa pulitika si Jackie.. ako naniniwala ako na salbahe si Jackie nung bata pa yan..pero di mapaniwalaan ang sinasabi ng paring iyan, wag sabihing natatakot sila nuon kay manong Enrile pero nung matanggalan yan ng pangil nung 1986 rebolusyon dapat inilabas na . hindi ngayong eleksyon MAGKANO BA REYES ANG TATANGGAPIN MO DITO.

  • lemon88


  • teraytaray

    Kaya nananalo ang mga political dynasties sa mga probinsya, takot pa din ang mga botante sa kanila. Malalaman at malalaman ng mga buwaya na yan kung sino di bumoto sa kanila. Besides, kung mga kamag-anak ng isang kandidato ay mga nasa posisyon din, ang daling dayain ng boto.

  • Lolo_Basyong

    For this guy to decide to run despite his well-known notoriety in the past, he must really think Filipino voters are stupid. His father is as thick-skinned to even encourage his son to run. Tsk-tsk-tsk…

  • http://www.facebook.com/simoun.magaalahas.10 Simoun Magaalahas

    Like father like son…

  • $46804224

    now the enrile downplays their role about martial law… i won’t be surprised if JPE will say that martial was the best thing hat ever happened in this country.

    beware of revisionists!!!

  • RyanE

    The father has raped the environment being a big-time logging operator. He is also a patron of car smugglers in his region. The son who is a serial killer, wants to continue the legacy of his father.

  • http://pinoy-politics.blogspot.com Monsi Serrano

    Let me share my thought on these politicians including Jackie through my article:

    Time To Change

    When I started the group Stop Corruption Philippines in Facebook, just like you, I was sick and tired of corruption going on in the country. I invited some friends from all walks of life in the group. They are my colleagues in the media, local and national politicians, police officers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, fashion designers, businessmen, youth, students, immigrants, OFWs, retired professionals, foreigner friends who love our country and decided to live here for good and many more. For sure, they share the same frustration about corruption and the intense desire to combat our country’s social malady that has been metastasizing for so many years now not only in the government but also in other sectors.

    Now, let me focus on an important upcoming event – the election on May 13. Again, we will be electing new sets of politicians both in the local and national level with a hope that our country will improve significantly under their leadership. Unfortunately, a lot of those running who say they will make our lives better are the same individuals who’ve spent a whole career in politics on empty promises. Are we to elect them again or the ones in their families to whom they’ve passed on the torch of ineptitude? What have we gotten out of electing someone with a familiar surname? Oftentimes, none. Wala. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Kaput.

    I remember when someone emailed me asking who I think should we vote for and I said, “Let’s try the new breed of politicians.” While I have nothing against those who have proven themselves to be worthy of being nominated again and whose parents’ legacy to the country is beyond reproach (Jun Magsaysay, Dick Gordon, Koko Pimentel) I will not hesitate to give them another chance. But those who lied, abused their position during their time and whose character is highly questionable, they don’t deserve an iota of chance to serve even in the barangay level.

    It is disturbing to see candidates resorting to the most pathetic gimmickry like fabricating wife-beater stories and having that trash reported on the six o’clock news. The accuser – despite being refuted by the alleged battered wife – showed no remorse in his false finger-pointing. In fact, just last Sunday in a TV program he was asked if he stood by his allegation and he said “yes.”

    Another candidate, the daughter of an ultra big politician, climbs up the stage to with even bigger zest for a senatorial seat – notwithstanding the fact she lacks experience in taking such a high post in Congress. Claiming to be the assistant of her father in the Republic of Makati when he was mayor, she thinks the Senate is hers for the taking while she’s not even qualified to run for barangay kagawad. I was asked: “How come she’s been shying away from debates?” My reply: “She’s Air Force – 99-percent air and 1-percent force.” No pun intended for our chivalrous airmen.

    As time ticks closer to the May 13 polls, so many voters are still undecided and confused on whether or not to believe what they see and hear on TV and radio campaign ads. If you ask me, they’re all too good to be true.

    In my mind, these are the simple guidelines in choosing the right candidates. First, if their names “ring a bell,” check the track record of those who served before him/her. They must be clean of corruption, lies and deceit. When you Google the track record of their parents, it is not just what projects they want to flaunt but what crimes they wanted to hide. Why take chances on the children of corrupt officials? Remember that a fruit never falls far from the tree.

    Second, if they are new, check also their past. Not all new candidates are good. I remember one of the new senatorial candidates lied through his teeth when he said he was not expelled from Ang Buhay Partylist where he used to be the Sectoral Representative. He even corrected the host that her statement was untrue. But before terminating the show, the TV network was smart enough to prove that the candidate lied and presented the actual video clip of the candidate before wherein it was proven that this new candidate lied despite that the TV show was aired nationwide. If he did that on TV, how likely would he do the same, lying to the people he is courting for a vote?

    Lastly, ensure that the candidate has clear, practical and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound) programs for us especially to those who have less. If the programs sound like “pie in the sky” and “too good to be true”, then we can safely conclude that they are not true!

    For instance, one of the candidates said that he wanted to have free education for everyone. That sounds good, but the question is why he did not pass a law on free education during his stint as congressman. And why not bring back the old State universities’ practice to give priority to the poor (based on ITR) instead of the rich and influential people who are enrolled in the State Universities like UP and PUP. UP is no longer a school for poor but deserving students. Now, you see a lot of cars parked along UP owned by moneyed students. They are stealing the opportunity for quality education from the poor. Another candidate promises capital for everyone to jumpstart a business. Where would the capital for the people come from? If this will be given free, then we are not helping the people to dream anymore and work hard. On the contrary, we are helping them to be social parasites and will always wait for the manna to fall from heaven. That’s pathetic. If politicians want to alleviate poverty, they are not supposed to give fish, instead teach people how to fish.

    For the new breed of politicians I would like to see in the Senate Messrs. JC Delos Reyes, Lito David, Ricky Penson, Mars Llasos and Samson Alcantara. Don’t get me wrong that I am a chauvinist pig. It just so happens that they are all men. They may be new and untested, but as I see them, they are not just willing and able candidates but also lesser evil than the “other” new ones who were only taught by their parents to learn that absolute power corrupts absolutely by continuing the posts they vacated for one reason or the other. I don’t go also for theocrats, who brandish their faith and say, “God told me to run” and be the instruments of change that our country need. For sure, they opted to ignore the separation of the Church and State because they are jaded by their eagerness to serve both God and Mammon.

    Truly, it’s time to change, and may the changes that we envision to happen really take us to where the Philippines ought to be and eventually regain the old glory and respect of the global community that we once had back in the olden days. As Walt Disney said: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

  • Rosaly Hualde

    Since 1975 until now, Enrile is untouchable. Nobody can chalenge him in court.

  • Nitsog

    Hindi lang Alfie Anido,Lucas Jr at iba pang low level people ang pinapatay ng mga ito. inubos din pati kalaban sa politika sa Cagayan Valley. Mga political big shots like the Dupaya’s have all faded with out news at all.

  • ravindrama

    huwag na ninyong hintayin pang putaktiin kayo ng mga tao… UNA…dito palang minumura na kayo ng mga masa… Enrile, estrada, binay, at iba pang DYNASTY-ism…. mga DOROBO….

  • lolo_Jose

    SA pagkakataong ito KAHIT I hire ng mga ENRILE ang mga mahuhusay na PR agency ng bansa HINDI NA KAYANG ISALBA PA ANG ISANG JACKIE..

    DUMATING na ang takdang panahon para maisawalat at malantad ang tunay na pagkatao ng mag ama, na kahit si satanas ay manlulumo sa kanilang ginawa!!!

    Tayo bilang mga pilipinong nagmamahal sa ating bansa ay magka isa na ikampanya sa mga kakilala natin na HUWAG IBOTO SI JACKIE ENRILE!!!Huwag na nating payagan na muling maghari ang dilim at takot sa bansa dahil sa mga kagaya nina Jack Enrile..

    NO TO BINAY!!!

    • marionics

      speaking of pr agency, ayan na nga si anna dumating na atng go go go go enrile na hahaha

  • Natx Bacalzo

    VOTE for Jack Enrile to add another murderer and criminal in PH Senate. Anyway, one can find all kinds of misfits in the senate and lower house, so what is one more/

  • chubby bobby

    isa lang ang kinalalagyan ng mga Enrile nato sama na mga Binay, Estrada & lahat ng UNA dapat tapon sa basurahan.

  • anna










  • noguile

    in the 70s and 80s I heard about the alfie anido case, the liezl case and this one. but pops fernandez? whats was that all about?

  • $42337655

    bakit hindi naglalaban ang mga marcos at enriles ? sino ang takot kanino ?

    tinraydor ni enrile si McCoy, bakit hanggang ngayon walang gumaganti ?

    magkatabi pa silang nakaupo sa Senado; parang walang nangyari, bakit ?

  • anna

    GO ENRILE, ANG PINAGUUSAPAN AY SIKATt! alam ko mas madami kang supporters.

    • $14334231

      magkano ba?…natabihan ka ba n’ya sa kama????….hehehe….

  • Anggoy

    This stories now can be told, cmon people keep posting similar cases the youth need to be aware what has happened during those days.

  • kilabot

    in fairness to jackie,
    baket di naglabasan ang pamilya
    nina lucas, anido, atbp., sa panahon ni cory?
    hanggang ngayon ba takot pa din?
    hayan naungkat na dahil sa wikileaks
    baket ayaw pa lumabas ang mga biktimang pamilya?
    cowards do not deserve justice.

  • sasama

    ..boboto nyu ba mga mamamatay-tao????

  • maysayako

    huwag iboto ang mamamatay-tao! huwag iboto si jack baboy enrile!

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    Kung ika’y na agrabyado (katrina enrile) lagot sya sa akin at papatayin ko syaaaa..
    pwedeng pwede ke enrileee!

    Kung tumaas ang boses (nakakaaway) lagot ka sa akin at papatayin kitaaaa.
    pweeng pwede ke enrileee!

    iboto si Jackol enrile kung gusto nyo magkaroon ng killer sa senado..

  • jgl414567

    In this god forsaken country the rich and powerful are untouchable look at the Marcosses, the Estradas, Enriles, the Arroyos, Binays and many other scoundrels. 2 Edsas not been enough

  • marivon

    Safe guard ang sabon ng mga enrile kaya malinis ang kanilang conscience. The thought of this guy being elected as a honorable senator send shivers to my spine.

  • Vic Usi

    Anyone joining politics should know that “All is fair in love and war” and in our kind of politics, too.

  • josh_alexei

    And why did the Victims’ families did not Charge Enrile ?? Commision of Criminal Offenses it is the State that lay Charges, not the Victims or the Victims’ Families… But who was the State at the time of the Commision of the Crimes? Tyranny.

  • mfdo

    never mind .. Jack Enrile will still be voted in by the forgiving population .. !!! And after all, as per Pinoy logic, he was not convicted right ?? so he is INNOCENT :)

  • calixto909

    But why did the Filipino People voted for Enrile in the first place knowing all his evil acts during the Martial law? Me, honestly, I didn’t and today I won’t vote for his son even though I am unaware of what he did.

  • ztefertilizerscam10


  • chubby bobby

    Enrile + Binay + Estrada + UNA people behave like gangsters.

  • doublecross

    ‘your son killed my son….’ ang sakit nman nito.

  • prince_janus

    Agree talaga ako sa facebook post na ito;

    Sa America, tapos ang karera ng isang politiko madawit lamang ang pangalan sa pangangaliwa ng asawa o hindi pagbabayad sa multa ng trapiko.

    Sa Japan naman ,magpapakamatay dahil sa kahihiyan ang politikong masasangkot ang pangalan sa anumang katiwalian.

    Dito sa atin, mga smugglers, tax evaders, illegal loggers, magnanakaw, manggagantso, gambling lords, drug lords, coup plotters, rebels, tyrants, at pati convicted murderers, plunderers at rapists ay patuloy nating binoboto. Binoboto rin natin pati mga anak, asawa at kamag-anak nila!

    Tapos magtataka tayo kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay talamak pa rin ang krimen, katiwalian, kawalan ng hustisya, kamangmangan at kahirapan sa bansang ito?


  • James McTangay

    Manong… uray kasatno ti pinangbalkot mo ti nabangsit nga bukot rumuar latta enya?

  • whyinthisworld

    Let’s simplify the matter. Do not vote for enrile and also be sure not to vote for any candidates under UNA. Now that young enrile has been pointed out as a killer, why not bring the case in court and let him prove his innocence. Jacky is still innocent unless proven guilty under the law But I myself believe he is really a murderer just like his father.

  • rudy_boy

    We just hope that the religious group INC and El Shadai,
    known for their command votes will not endorse a killer.

    The Catholic Hierarchy, who openly endorsed Anti-RH Bill/Law politicians….please contemplate, Mahiya naman kayo ki Fr. Reyes.

    For better Philippines…defy the (blank) checks.

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Kung sino pang masasamang tao, immoral at mga kriminal sila pa ang may gusto tumakbo at kunware maglingkod sa tao.
    Hwag na nating iboto mga Plunderer, Rapists, Rebelde, Murderer, Bigamist, Kriminal, etc. para umunlad naman ang Pinas.

  • anna

    Still. Galing ng timing nitong EXPOSE Suabeng suabe eh. Sakto isa isahin na yan lahat ng Top 12. The circus is most definitely in town. Saya ng Election ano?

  • kristian

    he who is sinless cast the first stone.. why do we feast on a case that has been buried 3 decades ago? why all of a sudden people here are sounding so righteous? i also feel strongly about knowing the truth and achieving justice. even if we rant endlessly here, there is no way Jack will back off from his candidacy. the least that we can do now is to be level headed and #knowyourcandidate well.

  • rudy_boy

    We just hope that the religious group, INC and El Shadai
    known for their command votes will not endorse a murderer.

    The Catholic Hierarchy, who openly endorsed Anti-RH Bill/Law politicians….please contemplate,
    Mahiya naman kayo ki Fr. Reyes.

    For better Philippines…defy the (blank) checks.

  • DarkJustice

    Matapang lang yang mga yan dahil nakapwesto..Pero kung ordinaryong tao yan tulad ko,di uubra sakin sa suntukan yang mga yan!

    • BlankFace

      like you are that brave yeah? hiding from darkjustice. :)

  • BlankFace

    Kumusta naman kaya ang quiet time nitong si Father??? Did you know that the interviewee here FR Robert Reyes is also part of Trillanes’ Magdalo? Pero bagay naman sila Trillanes and Fr. Reyes. They are both ATTENTION SEEKERS. Trillanes with his Oakwood and peninsula tantrums and Fr. Robert Reyes who DISRESPECTFULLY led a DEMO outside the WEDDING of the Erap’s daughter Jackie Ejercito and Beaver Lopez.

  • Hellomr

    Yes we do not vote for murderer. Enrile’s irresponsible handling the the tax payers money being given away to the rich senators…. From where did get the authority disburse a tax payers fund.. Who is he is he above the law…..

  • http://twitter.com/Negastarr NegaStarr

    Time to consider this campaign slogan: GUSTO KO DEDS KA!

  • littlemisssunshine

    Tignan mo nga naman, daming haters. Porket isa sa top 12 si Jackie, eh kung ano ano nang lumalabas sa mga bibig ninyo. Matagal ng isyu yan. Ibinabalik niyo pa. Isa isahin niyo mang tirahin yan, boboto ko parin si Jackie. Wala akong pakialam sa mga pinagsasabi ninyo, dahil maaaring kalokohan lang rin yan o di kaya’t paninira lamang yan.

  • Tiwtiwtiw

    Sometimes, its hard for someone like Jackie to be voted to the likes of you guys. Sobrang haters. Porket nasama siya sa TOP 12 . Atsaka why would you guys bring back the past? Alam niyo hindi lang si Jackie dapat tinitira niyo andyan din sila trillanes. Anyway, Don’t try to bring back the past kasi kahit anong gawin niyo si Jackie ay tatakbo parin.


      To the Filipino voters : If you’re a symphatizer of the following go vote for Jack Enrile : Political Dynasty,Imported Car Smuggling,Murder,Spoiled Brat…etc…

  • http://backpackingwriter.com/ Rj Nieto

    Bakit ipapasa-diyos na lang ang problemang ‘to, e may eleksyon naman.

    Sarap iuntog sa pader ng ibang mga nagcocomment dito.

  • littlemisssunshine

    What you say don’t really matter cause we will still vote for Jack.

  • littlemisssunshine










  • Tiwtiwtiw

    Enrile for the win #Gustokohappyka. #Tiwtiwtiwtiw

    • BlankFace

      thats more like it! #Gustokohappyka.

  • Tiwtiwtiw

    Bringing the past won’t help you guys. Sometimes its better to sacrifice a lot of stuff just to get what you want. But that doesn’t mean he kills them. C’mon guys stop with the past. Ano bang magagawa niyo? =)) EH TAPOS NA. Atsaka wala naman, He was interview and he answered honestly. What else do you want? JUSTICE? Hanap kayo nun sa palengke maraming JUST-ICE dun. :))


      okay pag may pumatay sa pamilya mo (knock on wood) at pag walang nangyari,hayan mo nalang tapos na ‘yon eh…siguro nga wala kang reaction or wala man lang gagawin…ikaw rin mumultohin ka nang mga ‘yon…GAGO.

  • carlorocci

    Why victim’s family did not charge Jack Enrile. Nagtanong ka pa. Kapal rin ng mukha mo ehhh.

  • kwangkwang

    ‘wag pumatay? “di yan pwede kay enrileeeeh!!!”

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:
    If NO ONE will LEFT a Finger to Charge Jack Enrile, out of fear, then NO ONE will EVER do it !
    WRONG !
    Fr Reyes, WHY don’t you file the case yourself ? Or Move your rleatives to file the case, instead of RUN AWAY !
    If you want to know my identity, meet me in person … I do NOT run away !
    Jack Enrile seems to have a hand in the Killing himself, and NO SUCH thing as Political office ought to prevent us common tao from Filing the appropriate case against a Murderer !
    If Jack Enrile is it, then he MUST be charged as such !
    No Ifs and Buts !
    Let’s DO IT !
    Forward Philippines, your CHANCE is NOW !!!

  • dikoy321

    Philippine VOTERS, Please please THINK Twice VOTING for a person like JACK ENRILE !
    He’s not the BEST the country has got !
    There are BETTER Senatorial candidates !
    DROP Jack Enrile !
    Forward Philippines !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Lynel-F-Joven/685946584 Charles Lynel F. Joven

    I hope Manong Johnny goes to a place that’s hot, steamy, putrid, and filled with lunatics like Ferdinand Marcos, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein..after he dies

  • tarikan

    That’s Philippine justice system for you…before, today and in the future. It sucks. Those who would contradict me are moro..ons, imbe..ciles.


    To the Voting Public : If you’re a sympathizer of the following go vote for Jack Enrile : Political Dynasty,Imported Car Smuggling,Murder,Spoiled Brat…etc…

  • yun_na

    Is Enrile Team Patay or Team Buhay?

  • Hellomr

    Wala naman kayong moral accendancy na puedeng ipagmalaki… Alam ng mga botante lahat ang baho ninyo….

  • david

    happy talaga si jack ke manong enrile!

  • juno93

    So who is telling the truth………Tubeza or Tulfing?

  • AllaMo

    enrile? Pwe!

  • mewo_meow

    True or not, lubhang nakaka alarma ito. Kaya sana itigil na ang surveys kasi di nila alam ang pagkatao ng mga kandidato. Kawawa ang naman ang bansa. Di bale, malakas ang karma at may impiyernong naghihintay sa mga ganitong klaseng tao.

  • A. H. Forrester

    One thing father and son most certainly have is ‘blood on their hands’!

    • $14334231

      you hit the bullseye !!!!!!….right “between the eyes!!!!…..

  • Filpino

    parang ito ring si Jack Enrile ang responsable sa pagkamatay ng dating artistang si Alfie Anido.

    • Mr. Smooth

      Get your facts right, How would you know that he killed Alfie. He was ACCUSED my friend. You should listen to what he is saying and even the Anido family said nothing about JACKIE. Stop with your nonsense and get your facts right.

  • tilamsik

    that’s the kind of people most voters want in their ballots.. yung tipong kriminal.. magaling bumaril parang si lito lapid… magaling sumuntok gaya ni erap… komedyante gaya ni tito soto… wait natin si Ai ai tumakbo for senator… tyak mananalo yan…. yan ang pagiisip at kulturang nililok ng showbiz sa masang Pilipino…

  • antiscam


  • wakats

    Jackie’s place on hell has long been reserved upon petitions of his reported countless victims, and may include his father who covered up all his deadly buffooneries……

  • Max Tandan

    karma escapes from the father but just the same it goes to his son.

  • ApoNiLolo

    Recycling news? PDI is printing something what the public already knew. It’s no use rubbing a pig’s face with mud when it’s already wallowing in mud. >: D

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Pinoy’s had forgiven thousands killings and tortures from the father,
    why not even a single killing from the son ?
    Killings and robbing are cherish moral cultural values in this Clergy Paradise.
    To kill every one you dislike or rob who you enjoy in the country, isn’t it freedom ?

    For freedom to kill, rob and environment destructions,
    bring support to the Enrile’s to enrich them, they need it !

  • doublecross

    tangling with the enrile’s absurd in their spirit, para kang suicide attempt ang gagawin mo. let the history reap on his kind, and the people’s choices.


    VICTIMS FAMILY never CHARGE Jackey Enrile because THEY ARE AFRAID of their LIVES——-They are AFRAID of RETALIATION——–

  • JosephNess

    ninoy stayed and fought his case in court, what happen??? if the family pursue this case what will happen? what would really one commoner like us do to win at that time? so, what’s the use, will it be productive to pursue it or just a waste of time, because everybody knew what the end of it…

  • redsnow

    UNA  Un Notice Anomaly ………………

  • redsnow

    Ama Enrile : Gusto ko happy ka !!!! Anak Enrile : Gusto ko deds ka !!!!! Mga tao :: Gusto talo ka !!! Gigi : Gusto ko money mo !!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    Toby Tiangco should submit himself to drug-test.Whenever He talks,his tongue is twisting like his twisted candidates!UNA is melting down.

  • Rolly257

    Even of today’s environment, you would not want to mesh up with the likes of Enriles, Marcoses, Estradas and other vicious politicians.

  • Akosirizal

    3 words — JACK THE RIPPER!

  • white scorpion

    actually, i was not even surprise. hindi lang yan ang kagagohan ni jack. may rape cases pa. personally, i think many peoples knows he has no brain. sukat ba naman gayahin ang dialog ng tatay niya. not only that, kaya kumikiling ke arrovo yun tatay. dahil nabigyan ng big logging consetionaire yan noon panahon pa ni arrovo. bulog talaga yan si jack.

  • sanjuan683

    Kailangan pa ba itanong yan common sense lang huag ka na mag-aksaya ng tanong.

  • Cheryl Joy Estrada-Lumapas

    kung ako pa ang amahan sa gipatay….i’d rather keep quite til everything boils down n then kill them all secretly and for the young brat enrile? i’ll skin him to death n let him rot like a rat

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Magkasama pala ang mga tatay sa Cebu Hotel ng biktimang si Ernest Lucas, Jr. at killer na si Juan Ponce Enrile, Jr. no’ng gabing mapatay ng huli ang una, ‘lamobayun?”

    LISA: “Gano’n? Eh sino naman kaya ang bakla kina Navy Capt Ernest Lucas, Sr at Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile, Sr. porke magkasama pala sila sa iisang Hotel sa Cebu?”

    CION: “Heh, marumi isip mo. Magkasama ang dalawang senior sa isang conference room at hindi sa isang bedroom ng hotel, noh? Doon ipinaalam ke Capt Lucas thru cable na tinigok ni Jack si Ernest. Kagyat na sinabihan ni Lucas si JPE na kanyang boss sa malagim na insidente.”

  • mavtan

    NO to UNA!

  • ayupayupan77

    maraming nalungkot sa naging pagsabog sa boston maraton…….ganun din sa texas………( sumalangit nawa mga biktima at sana wala ng magiging kasunod)………….pero kung ang pasasabugin ang 1 congress……2 senate ….3 supreme court 4 building na nagmimiting lahat ng mayor at vice mayor…………….party party na tayong lahat………………..joke

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