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CCP closes down art exhibit amidst hue and cry from gov’t, Catholics


MANILA, Philippines – The Cultural Center of the Philippines has decided to close down the controversial Kulo Exhibit on Tuesday which earned the ire of the Catholic Church, and its followers over the past week.

The decision came amid complaints from Catholics all over the country who decried the exhibit’s reportedly  “sacrilegious and blasphemous” nature.

“Due to numerous emails, text messages and other letters sent to various officers of the CCP, and to the artists themselves, with an increasing number of threats to persons and property, the members of the Board of the Cultural Center of the Philippines have decided to close down the Main Gallery where the Kulo Exhibit is on display.  This decision was made amidst controversy and deliberation by the Board as to what steps are necessary to avoid future similar incidents,” the CCP said in a statement.

The CCP said threats had become most alarming last August 4 when security personnel reported that an unidentified couple vandalized the art works, and attempted to set fire to the exhibit. Hate mails and threats to members of the board had likewise intensified following the incident.

Critics slammed the exhibit, which included an artwork work by Mideo Cruz  “Politeismo”, which showed an image of Jesus Christ with a wooden penis on his face.

“Politeismo has been exhibited since 2002 in such venues as the  Ateneo de Manila, UP Vargas Musueum and Kulay Diwa Galleries,” the CCP said.

Another art work portrayed Jesus as famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse.

Earlier, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines issued a statement calling for the closing down of the controversial exhibit. Manila Representative Amado Bagatsing has earlier called for the resignation of the CCP board, led by Raul Sunico.

“In the light of the foregoing developments and recent experience, the CCP management has reviewed its policies and are now taking steps to enable its officers and staff to make more informed decisions in the future,” the CCP said.

“The CCP shall continue to act as catalyst for free expression of Filipino artists.  It thanks all those who have, in one way or another, contributed to the dialogue about art, and the different ways it affects society today” the arts and culture institution added in its statement.

Kulo opened at the CCP’s Main Gallery on June 17, and showcased the works of 32 artists. It was part of CCP’s celebration of the 150th anniversary of National Hero Jose Rizal. The exhibit was curated by J. Pacena II.

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  • Anonymous

    We are in an intellectual battle against religion to maintain freedom of speech. There is no middle ground here: Either religion is valid, or we have the right to speak our minds. We can lose certain liberties (as we tragically have been doing and continue to do) yet still work peacefully toward resecuring them—so long as we can say what we think. But to lose freedom of speech would be to lose liberty as such. If we are not free to criticize religion or “offend God,” then we are not free; we are by that fact fully under the rule of religion. “You can do or say anything except that which offends God” is the law of theocracy—that is: rule by men who embrace faith and thus reject reason.

    • Anonymous

      Marionics….you looossse…peace be with you…

      • Anonymous

         It’s no coincidence that people who object to the principle of “freedom from religion” are adherents of religious groups whose doctrines or standards would be the ones enforced by the state. Since they already voluntarily accept these doctrines or standards, they don’t expect to experience any conflicts with state enforcement or endorsement. What we have, then, is a failure of moral imagination: these people are unable to really imagine themselves in the shoes of religious minorities who don’t voluntarily accept these doctrines or standards and, hence, experience an infringement on their religious liberties through state enforcement or endorsement.
        That, or they simply don’t care what religious minorities experience because they think they have the One True Religion.

      • Anonymous

        Marionics… we don’t hate or attacked others beliefs or religion…do want you want…it is your right but don’t cross the line…respect others and we will respect you…that’s all…you looossseee….peace….

      • Anonymous

        nakakalungkot nmn ng comment mo. hindi mu ata alam ang kaibahan ng pagrespeto at kritisismo.  Ang art na ginawa ng artist na sinasabi na “blasphemous” ai isa kritisismo. may kritisismo dahil meron problema sa religion mo. dapat ang atupagin mo ang problema na target ng kritisismo. itanong mo sa sarili mo kung bakit may kritisismo sa iyong religion. dahil kung wala yang problema na yan wla criticism. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1785095901 Mark Angelo Virly Ching

      You operate under the false assumption that freedom is absolute, when it is not. Freedom ends when it is hateful. The US SC has a rule on that, pasted below.

      Limits of Freedom of SpeechDoes the First Amendment mean anyone can say anything at any time? No.The Supreme Court has rejected an interpretation of speech without limits.Because the First Amendment has such strong language, we begin with the presumption that speech is protected. Over the years, the courts have decided that a few other public interests — for example, national security, justice or personal safety — override freedom of speech. There are no simple rules for determining when speech should be limited, but there are some general tests that help.Clear and Present DangerWill this act of speech create a dangerous situation? The First Amendment does not protect statements that are uttered to provoke violence or incite illegal action.Justice Holmes, speaking for the unanimous Supreme Court, stated, “The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.”Fighting WordsWas something said face-to-face that would incite immediate violence?In Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, the Supreme Court stated that the “English language has a number of words and expressions which by general consent [are] ‘fighting words’ when said without a disarming smile. … Such words, as ordinary men know, are likely to cause a fight.” The court determined that the New Hampshire statute in question “did no more than prohibit the face-to-face words plainly likely to cause a breach of the peace by the addressee, words whose speaking constitute a breach of the peace by the speaker — including ‘classical fighting words,’ words in current use less ‘classical’ but equally likely to cause violence, and other disorderly words, including profanity, obscenity and threats.” Jurisdictions may write statutes to punish verbal acts if the statutes are “carefully drawn so as not unduly to impair liberty of expression.”Also see What is the Fighting Words Doctrine?Libel and SlanderWas the statement false, or put in a context that makes true statements misleading? You do not have a constitutional right to tell lies that damage or defame the reputation of a person or organization.ObscenityIn June 1973 in Miller v. California, the Supreme Court held in a 5-to-4 decision that obscene materials do not enjoy First Amendment protection.In Miller v. California (1973), the court refined the definition of “obscenity” established in Roth v. United States (1957). It also rejected the “utterly without redeeming social value” test of Memoirs v. Massachusetts.In the three-part Miller test, three questions must receive affirmative responses for material to be considered “obscene”:Would the average person, applying the contemporary community standards, viewing the work as a whole, find the work appeals to the prurient interest?
      Does the work depict or describe sexual conduct in a patently offensive way?
      Does the work taken as a whole lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value?One must distinguish “obscene” material, speech not protected by the First Amendment, from “indecent” material, speech protected for adults but not for children. The Supreme Court also ruled that “higher standards” may be established to protect minors from exposure to indecent material over the airwaves. In FCC v. Pacifica Foundation  the court “recognized an interest in protecting minors from exposure to vulgar and offensive spoken language.”Conflict with Other Legitimate Social or Governmental InterestsDoes the speech conflict with other compelling interests? For example, in times of war, there may be reasons to restrict First Amendment rights because of conflicts with national security.To ensure a fair trial without disclosure of prejudicial information before or during a trial, a judge may place a “gag” order on participants in the trial, including attorneys. Placing prior restraint upon the media usually is unconstitutional. In Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart (1976), the Supreme Court established three criteria that must be met before a judge can issue a gag order and restrain the media during a trial.Time, Place, and MannerThese regulations of expression are content-neutral. A question to ask: Did the expression occur at a time or place, or did the speaker use a method of communicating, that interferes with a legitimate government interest? For example, distribution of information should not impede the flow of traffic or create excessive noise levels at certain times and in certain places.

    • shane oy

      lol … and to call yourself intellectual? rofl

      • Anonymous

         It’s no coincidence that people who object to the principle of “freedom from religion” are adherents of religious groups whose doctrines or standards would be the ones enforced by the state. Since they already voluntarily accept these doctrines or standards, they don’t expect to experience any conflicts with state enforcement or endorsement. What we have, then, is a failure of moral imagination: these people are unable to really imagine themselves in the shoes of religious minorities who don’t voluntarily accept these doctrines or standards and, hence, experience an infringement on their religious liberties through state enforcement or endorsement.
        That, or they simply don’t care what religious minorities experience because they think they have the One True Religion.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4BSNMXBJCHKDSPR37C7ZHPSM44 AL

      You said it so clear that even the words of God forbid mankind to criticize other religion.. so simple as that, we should all embrace the fact that freedom has its limitation, cause if not we will have chaotic society into which we will be worst than the wild west… shooting people here and there for offenses that we easily avoided, and i for one don’t believe in total freedom of expression as what these artist are claiming… lets face reality, these artist earned some of their livings because of these so called uniqueness in arts that shows disrespect to mankind… ganuon lang iyon sa mga artist na iyan, they can’t compete anymore in showing artistically how is it good to live with mother nature… sa kanila napaka-common na iyon walang uniqueness, and no controversy that will bring them to their share of short lived fame…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HZ5UDFV3323WS2KGGVOKWU326U Joy

    too much freedom tsk, tsk, tsk…… why are some people acting to be liberals are so sensitive of their rights not being exercise, when exercising their claims of freedom of expressions they are denying others of their freedom of expressions too.  I do not agree with any chaos within this society but anything of this disrespect I could say I will wake up up one i’m among those people working against these freedom of expression fighters….. there being no other choice to defend christian religions. Sometimes I couldn’t help to admire the muslims, they have much dignity to be more respectful of other religions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_632N6HTVH2ZXF36PZAXKFI2KOQ leob

    hirap sa ating bansa eh masyadong overused and freedom of expression
    kaya sirang sira ang pilipinas sa buong mundo.

  • hyacinth tagupa

    I hope the CCP and the artists learn from this. Art, though free to provoke, is not exempted from the burden of responsible communication.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Francisco-de-Vera/100000732587431 Francisco de Vera

    there is NO absolute freedom without responsibility.

    What was done by the organizers of that exhibit is an utter irresponsibility.

    Responsibility is the keyword that differs this freedom (to express) from the animals.
    A dog is free to howl and bark as long as its energy allows it. He is free to copulate and express its animal urges to any female dog in heat….weather in public…in the street…..or even in the well manicured lobbies of the CCP. That’s because its a dog and it has no expected responsibility.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t pretend to know art.  But I know trash when I see one.  The CCP should never display trash.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/JP22GLQBJI2VJGINZ5SERYYDZM Gerryjun.com

    Its not about Freedom and Religion, its about respect and respect for your self.

    its tantamount to libel & defamation of someone you respect and take
    in high regard who could not speak out or protect them selves.

    like putting a penis on the picture of someones dead mother and posting
    it on a big billboard on EDSA, then tell me someones rights was not
    violated?  and say its ART!

  • Lucas Mangulabnan

    Mideo Cruz, I dare you to do one like this, this time, dedicated to Allah–I would be interested to know if you would live to see the following day…

  • Anonymous

    @ boyskulot….anong right mong mag criticise sa Roman Catholic Religion…sino ka ba…hudas ka…pinapakialaman ka ba ng mga katoliko? matanong ko lang… ano bang problima nyo sa Roman Catholic Religion bakit ganon na lang ang pag iinit ng butsi nyo sa religion namin…idadaan nyo pa sa art art kuno…binabastos ba kayo ng RC??

    • Anonymous

      pagalam mo na may pare na maraming babae at pumupunta sa bar. yan ang dahilan ng criticismo. ok lang ba sa iyo ang ganitong pangyayari ozamis7? pag ang mismo katoliko ay walang ginagawa sa pangyayari. dyan meron criticismo. Pag ang Pare tumatanggap nang gift nang isang corrupt na opisyal nang gobyerno, dyan meron criticismo. mayroon criticismo dahil may mali. ang mali tinatama dapat hindi tinagago. ilantad ang mali para makita kung anong dapat na solution sa mali. ang tanong mo kung binastos ba ako ng rc, ang sagot ku diyan e binabastos ninyo ang sarili ninyo at sarili ninyong  prinsipyo at paniniwala. ang larawan na iyon ang nagrepresenta lamng sa pagtrato ninyo sa sarili ninyo diyos.

      • Anonymous

        naguguluhan ako sa’yo pare, pero sagot ko sa’yo pag ang pare ko may mga tsiks aba eh anong pakialam ko sa kanila matatawa pa ako, at kung sinuman sa mga kumpare ko ang regaluhan ng mga corrupt na opisyal ay talagang magtataka ako at hihingan ko pa ng balato!! at bakit ko i-cricriticize pare ko? eh kung hambalusin ako ng kumare ko?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430542057 Harold Bautista

        @kypros hahaha. ok pare. :)

      • Anonymous

        sa sagot mo lang makita kuna anong klase kang tao. at gaano ka immature ang sagot mo. sa sagot mo lang alam ko corrupt ka din at sa ka duwag kasi hindi mo kaya sabihan ang pare mo kung nagkamali. Yan ba ang tinuturo ng simbahan ninyo?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430542057 Harold Bautista

        boyzkulot sana maintindihan mo rin katayuan ni kypros. ayaw nga nya magalit si kumare. teka ano palang itinuturo naman sa simbahan mo? manira ng ibang relihiyon?

      • Anonymous

        Gusto kasi nilang hahatak ng mga followers eh yong solid na katoliko hindi nila mahahatak kung mayron man hindi tatagal aalis din kaya ganyan nalang ang galit nila sa atin…kung ano ano na lang ang naisip nila na siraan yong religion natin…mga KSP…

      • Anonymous

        Alam mo pagmameet mo ang DIYOS mo at tinanong ka kung bakit mo hinayaan na maging corrupt ang  kaibigan mo at nang hingi ka pa nang balato? Sasagot mo dahil magagalit si kumare?  Siguro mahihiya ka pagyan ang isasagot mo sa diyos mo. TSk3x. aah hindi ko sinisira ang religion mo, ito ai isang criticisim lamang. Lahat na religion, ay marami mga magagandang nangagawa at may kamalian din. Maraming religious charity na nakakatulong sa mga pulobi did2 sa pinas, magandayan. Mga skwelahan marami din, maganda yan. Hospitals maganda rin yan. Pero hindi ibig sabihin pagmaymali hindi mo pwde sabihin mali ata yan. Sa tanong mo kung ano sinasamba ko, Wala akong sinasamba. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430542057 Harold Bautista

        boyzkulot: pare pasensya na ha, agnostic ako. teka naririnig mo yong umiikot sa bubong ng bahay mo? UFO yan, kukunin ka na, hala ka!!!

      • Anonymous

        aw. hehehe. sorry pare mali pala ang comment ko. para kang kypros yun. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430542057 Harold Bautista

        @boyzkulot: bakit ninyo? kung ang pinuno ba ng simbahan mo ay nagkasala (halimbawa gaya sa ibang sekta na ibinebenta ang boto ng simbahan kada eleksyon, o ibinubulsa ang perang mula sa mga mananampalataya), kasalanan ba yon ng buong kongregasyon nyo? at makatwiran bang lahat kayo ay alipustain dahil sa kasalanan ng mga lider ng simbahan nyo? At ang kasalanan ba ng isa, o sampung lider ay kasalanan na ng lahat ng lider ng simbahan nyo? ano ba naman pare logic yan? tara punta na lang tayo sa bar. kaya lang ayoko sa gay bar ha. hehehe

      • Anonymous

        ah… ngayon alam ko na kung bakit galit ka…sa totoo lang kahit katoliko ako… galit din ako sa mga pare na kurap, babaero at SUVishop… pero for god sake huwag nyong lahatin… hindi lahat ng pare at Bishop nabibili ni GMA at tungkol naman sa paniniwala namin….sa amin na yon…WALA KA NG PAKIALAM DOON…BILL OF RIGHTS…at ni katiting hindi ko naramdaman na binabastos ako sa paniniwala ko dahil sa puso ko si JESUS CHRIST ay aking PANGINOON…ikaw sinong GOD mo…si Mideo Cruz???siguro dahil paniwalang paniwala ka sa kanya…pards.. mag nilay nilay ka para maliwanag yong pagiisip mo…PEACE…

      • Anonymous

        bakit ka naoffend kung kilala mo pala diyos mo?  LITRATO lang yun.  Mayroon ibig sabihin sa pananaw nang artist ang ginagawa nya, at hindi ko alam din kung ano yun ibig nyang sabihin, ako din may intepretation. at ikaw din meron. Nagkakaiba ang pananaw ng iba’t ibang tao. May karapatan ba na pagbawalan ng isa sector ang ibang sector dahil ayaw nang sector 1 sa ginawaga ng sector 2? sa bagay na ito hindi kasi ito ai karapatan nang lahat nang sector. kung meron magpreach sa labas at manghingi nang pera sa mga tao. kahit na hindi ako sangayun sa ginagawa niya pero karapatan niya yun hayaan kulang siya sa ginagawa niya, wala akong paki, hindi ako magagalit. kung ang government mayroon event about sa religious art, at mayroon mga bagay na hindi ko gusto, magcriticize ako pero hindi ko ipasara dahil nga part yun nang ating kabuohan bilang filipino. at saka kung nng duon yon ang art magkakaroon nang mga discussion ayun sa art. 
          nilalahat ko ba? hindi nmn. hindi rin ako galit bakit naman ako magagalit. kung may mali ako makikita hindi naman ako magagalit,  sayang lang ang effort kung magagalit pa ako. at kung kaya kung  tuwirin, ginagawa ko ai tinatama ko yun. at hindi rin ako si Mideo Cruz, wla akong paki sa kanya. Pero kung ang aming paniniwala ai peraha, normal lang yan wag kang magtataka. at kung hindi ka maniwala, karapatan mo yun.

      • Anonymous

        ito lang ang maitanong ko sayo… halimbawa kung yong Pinapaniwalaan mong God mo Lagyan ko pekpek sa noo…at art ko lang naman yon..obra maistra ika nga…anong maramdaman mo… hindi ka ba masasaktan…oh okay lang sayo…dahil manhid ka wala kang pakiramdam…

        Wala akong paki alam kung anong gagawin ng iba basta hindi nila binabastos ang pinakasagradong imahe  sa aming paniniwala…hirap mo bang iintindihin yon…lumagay ka nga sa maayos..

      • Anonymous

        Hindi yan applicable ang question mo sa akin kasi wala akong Diyos.

      • Anonymous

        ah okay…good luck na lang sa buhay mo…kaya pala ang hirap mong paliwanagan wala ka palang Dios…kung gusto mo sali kana sa amin… ako ninong mo pag bibinyagan kana… tapos inuman tayo…pero iba na ngayon ha…yong inaanak na ang mag bigay sa ninong.. hehehe..

      • alien ako

        patawa ka pala, naturingan kaanib sa simbahan, tapos magyayaya ng inuman, dami talaga H—K—O!

      • Anonymous

        thanks sa offer. pero sana maintindihan mo at hindi ka masaktan, kasi hindi ako sasali sa grupo niyo. Sayo din, masmapaganda pa sana buhay mo. Im wishing you the best in life.

      • Anonymous

        Boyskulot parang alam ko na kung sino ka…siguro ikaw si MEDIO CRUZ dahil alam na alam mo ang kahulogan ng art mo na yon…naaawa talaga ako sayo…kung ikaw man si Medio Cruz….sana walang masamang mangyari sa buhay mo sa pag lapastangan mo sa imahe ni JESUS Christ…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430542057 Harold Bautista

    sow hatred and you will reap hatred

  • Anonymous

    kayo ang nagsasabi ng freedom eh ano ba pakialam ko sa pare ko, kung sino man sa kanila, they have there right tama ba? now tallking about immaturity hmm! let’s start w/ saying what we can read kayo you take everything literary i read (thats past tense) ‘pare’ that’s literary the godfather of one of my kids (ninong) kaya naguguluhan ako walang kinalaman mga kumpare sa post …. me immature? i’ll take it as long that i’m not stupid or bastos! gets mo?

    • Anonymous

      May karapatan ba sila? meron. Meron silang karapatan na magcorrupt? Wala. Gets nga ni Ozamis7 ang “pare” na ibig kung sabihin. Sa tanong mo get go? hindi ko gets. kasi pagimmature ka e marami kang stupid na ginagawa na hindi mo alam. ako ba bastos? anong kabastosan ginawa ko?

  • Anonymous

    Harold Baautista and Kypros…hahaha…sakit ng tyan ko sakakatawa…pag bibigyan na natin si boyzkulot…hindi ko na maisip kung ano pa ang maipapaliwanag ko kay boyzkulot….PEACE to all of you guys….

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430542057 Harold Bautista

      peace. :) i hope all of us learned some lessons from this entire hullabaloo. good night sa lahat.  

      • Anonymous

        marami talaga pare…pag yong pinapaniwalaan mo pala ay nilalait ng ibang tao…hindi mo alam kung anong naramdaman mo na para bang hindi ka mapakali…nasaktan ka na hindi ka naman makaganti…peace and good night to all…

  • code samurai

    boyzkulot, eto na lang tanong ko sayo.  Kung halimbawa yung idol mo (example si M.Jordan), nilagyan ng pekpek sa noo, habang umiiyak ng elmer’s glue, masasabi mo bang art yun o mabibwisit ka lang?

    • Anonymous

      Ang art ai may kahulogan sa pananaw ng nakatingin. kung yan ipakita mo sa akin masasabi ko hindi yan art pero hindi rin ako mabibwisit dahil  walang kahulugan sa akin yan. Ang mga bagay na walang kahulugan sa akin, ay dedma lang ako, hindi ako magsasayang nang panahon at lakas sa bagay na yan, marami pa akong gawin na tingin ko importante sa akin.

       Kung ginawa mo yan at pinaliwanag mo bakit nilagyan mo ng pekpek si M. Jordan sa noo, diyan ka huhusgahan kung matuturing ba na art sa mga  tumitingin ang art na ginawa mo. Kung sayu e napakalalim at may kahulugan ang larawan ni m. jordan na may pekpek sa noo, wala akong magagawa diyan  kung sa tingin mo art yon.

       Ang problemahin mo yung karapatan pantao nung sinu man  nilagyan mo nang pekpek sa noo  na larawan, kasi pwde kang  kasuhan nang defamation kung sino man siya. Kung tao si jesus christ ai magfile siya nang defamation kang Mideo Cruz tingnan natin kung kamukha ba  talaga niya yung ginawa ni Mideo Cruz. Pero wala panaman lumalabas na jesus christ na nagfile nang kaso kay Cruz so far. 

       Siguro hanapin mo kung ano ang ibig sabihin ni Mideo Cruz sa ginawa nya. Alam mo ba?

  • alien ako

    mga nagba-banal banalan dyan paki-sagot naman po nito. thanks:

    1. bakit yung humihingi ng konting
    pagkain di nya mapagbigyan? pero kayo bibigyan nya ng mga luho nyo sa
    buhay. so maraming namamatay sa gutom.

    2. sa ibang lugar humihingi sila ng konting ulan. bakit sa atin sobra-sobra?
    3. bakit maraming religions?
    4. bakit sa old testaments, e ang sama-sama nya, tapos biglang bumait sa new testaments?
    5. bakit sa modern age hindi sya lumalabas which matatalino na ang mga tao? may internet, may TV, may radio.
    6. kung may freewill ka bakit di pwede i-tempt ang GOD na sinasabi nyo?
    7. bakit sa dinadami ng tao na mas sincere kesa sayo e ikaw pa papakinggan nya?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      @alien ako – your 7 doubtful queries is a pitiful exhibition of ignorance. innocent mind of a child would not even dare to ask this kind of question. i am a RCC and 45 y.o. now but i can answer all your non sense even when i was still in high school. im willing to explain these kind of questions IF a child is asking. but i think it’s a waste of time explaining with you..

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Risha-Cruz/100000495109420 Risha Cruz

      kulang ka pa ng kaalaman sa salita ng Diyos .. hindi ako Catholic pero born-again christian ako ..
      masasagot mo lahat ng tanong mo kapag nabasa mo ang bible at naintindihan mo ng husto . 

  • alien ako

    @rene/@risha, please stop commenting nonsense, if my questions are nonsense to you, just ignore it. maybe you still don’t have answers and you are just keep telling stories. answer it directly.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      @alien ako, ya, it’s true. your questions are non sense and not worth explaining.. what matters to me is your ignorance.

  • alien ako

    Manong Rene, wag ka na sumabat kung hindi mo naman naiintindihan ha. Tinagalog ko na ha. di ko kailangan ang kumento mo, kung ayaw mo sagutin, e di wag mo, wag ka na mag-post ng reply na walang kwenta. Kung alam mo naman ang sagot e di yun ang i-post mo.

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  10. I’ll follow my conscience on Estrada, says JV Ejercito
  1. KL confirms Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 ended in Indian Ocean
  2. MRT passengers pass the hat for 6-year-old Ashley
  3. Rookie, lady cops lauded for quick response to MOA heist
  4. Malaysia averts another air tragedy; pilot lands troubled plane safely
  5. Revilla says he was joking; Lacson stands by his story
  6. Revilla ‘consulted’ Lacson on how he evaded arrest
  7. Cudia, dismissed for lying, got 99% in conduct
  8. Police rule out foul play in Helena Belmonte’s death as boyfriend is ‘traumatized’
  9. Kim Henares needs a reprimand, says Cayetano
  10. Hammer-wielding robbers cause chaos at Philippines’ Mall of Asia


  • Obama, family cause a small stir at Easter service
  • Estrada: Gigi Reyes won’t testify vs JPE
  • Ancient enigmatic carvings in danger of disappearing
  • Tagle: Hope comes with warning on Easter
  • New plant to boost supply of clean energy
  • Sports

  • Goodbye MGM, Las Vegas for Pacquiao?
  • Rain or Shine drops Ginebra in big hole
  • Ateneo whips CSB; Davao debuts with win over FEU
  • PH pug Hipolito Banal decisions Colombian in Aiba
  • Former Pacquiao sparmate Porter keeps IBF title
  • Lifestyle

  • Transitions and resurrection in the performing arts
  • ‘Archaeology tour’ of Cebu’s heritage of faith
  • Historic Fort Bonifacio tunnel converted into a septic tank
  • ‘Imports’ from London, and play of the year
  • Korean animation comes of age
  • Entertainment

  • Easter musings
  • Solenn in shorts
  • Unmerry mix of attention-calling moves on ‘Mini-Me’ TV tilts
  • Persistence pays off for The 1975
  • Special section in LA fest for Filipino films
  • Business

  • BDO seen keen on bidding for Cocobank
  • Bataan freeport investment pledges up 1,302%
  • Golden Week
  • Bourse to woo Cebu stock mart investors
  • Supper power
  • Technology

  • Nasa’s moon-orbiting robot crashes down
  • Netizens pay respects to Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Nokia recalls 30,000 chargers for Lumia 2520 tablet
  • Facebook rolls out ‘nearby friends’ feature
  • Netizens seethe over Aquino’s ‘sacrifice’ message
  • Opinion

  • Gigi’s home
  • Palace stonewalls on MRT inquiry
  • Couple of things too
  • There is plenty of water behind Wawa Dam
  • Triduum thoughts of a young boy
  • Global Nation

  • Search for Etihad passengers launched
  • Japan presents $57-B ‘dream plan’ to solve Metro congestion
  • Tim Tebow’s charity hospital in Davao seen to open in 7 months
  • OFW died of Mers-CoV in Saudi Arabia, says family
  • Aquino, Obama to tackle US pivot to Asia during state visit
  • Marketplace