Jack Enrile and Nancy Binay’s edge

Name recall is name of the game


TANAUAN, Leyte—The name of the game is name recall and public perception—so every little bit helps.

Senatorial candidates Nancy Binay and Jack Enrile hope the recent improvement in the approval ratings of their fathers will rub off on them.

The latest Pulse Asia survey results showed improvements in the approval ratings of Vice President Jejomar Binay, Nancy’s father, and Senate president Juan Ponce Enrile, the father of Jack.

The Vice President’s rating jumped six points to 76 percent, while that of the Senate president improved by seven points to 53 percent.  The two officials also enjoyed trust ratings of 75 and 51 percent, respectively.

Jack Enrile said the better approval ratings of his father could help his campaign. The younger Enrile was in the 11-16th place range in the latest Pulse Asia survey.

“We all know that the name of the game is name recall and public perception, so every little bit helps,” Enrile told reporters.

He also noted that the ratings of the candidates were too close together, with only a miniscule difference between them, which is why the rankings are fluid and could very well change when the next issue comes along.

Nancy Binay, interviewed in Baybay, said the improved trust ratings could also help her among voters, since she bears her father’s surname.

“I guess if he has high ratings it will rub off on me, on all of us,” she said. She was in the fourth to 11th place range in the latest Pulse Asia survey.

She added that she had once seen a survey showing that the Vice President has good endorsement powers.

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  • cato_the_younger

    Yeah, we get it. The family name rubs off on you. But the thing is, should one take advantage of it if you know that you do not have the skills? This is exactly the reason why I find Dolphy probably one of the mosty self-aware Filipinos ever with his quip “madaling tumakbo, pero paano pag nanalo?” Also, why rely on the approval ratings of your father? It only goes to show that you have nothing to put at the table on your own merit. When surveys show results like these, my faith in the future of the Filipino and the Philippines just plummets down. When will Filipinos ever learn?

    • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

      Should one take advantage?

      Yan nga ginawa ni Bam Aquino in case you haven’t noticed. Sinuportahan pa nga siya ni PNoy in taking advantage of his family name. Ang bobo naman ng argumento mo Cato.

      • speaksoftlylove

        Bum Aquino is not only relying on name recall but also the vote buying efforts of “Kaya Natin Ito” where he is one of the founding members.

        When asked by media, Bum Aquino dismissed Taingco’s allegation as just political mud slinging but when told by media that National Bookstore already admitted that Harvey Keh, the head of Kaya Natin Ito, bought 13 million worth of gift certificates from National Bookstore, Bum Aquino changes his story and said, “Kaya Natin Ito should answer this allegation.” as if hindi siya member ng Kaya Natin Ito. Mga pasaway.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        So young and so corrupt. 35 years old pa lang, this Bam Aquino is already so full of cheating. His Tita Tessie Oreta also cheated during Cory’s time by bagging all the security services contract of government agencies. His Tito Butz also capitalized on Cory’s connections to secure import tariff exemptions for portable generators during the massive brown-outs in the waning days of Cory’s term. Puro kalokohan ang pamilyang Aquino and Cojuangco.

        Laking National now means growing up a cheater like Bam Aquino. Ibang kalse talaga si Bam, very much in line with the dark legacy of the Aquinos and Cojuangcos.

        (By the way, is Harvey Keh also the secret lover of Bam Aquino?)

      • Bubuwit

        Napaka tsismosa mo talaga. Galing mong umimbentow!

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Sorry, nabukeng ko si Bam Aquino. Sino mas mahal ni Bam, si Timmi ba o si Harvey?

      • ernievictory

        hoi supot . ‘wag ka ng magintriga. napaghahalatang bading ka !

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Alam naman lahat sa Ateneo na bakla si Harvey Keh. Alam din naman ng lahat sa Ateneo na may ED si Bam Aquino. San pa liligaya si Bam kundi sa pwet.

      • kapalkupal

        weder magpaikot ka naman dyan sa parlor na pinagtatrabahuhan mo para sa nanay mong may cancer na nasa pgh.
        kelangan ka nya ngayon.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Kung di pa namin alam type mo pareho si Bam at si Harvey. Buko ka na, bakla!

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        nakisabat na naman si corny.

      • kapalkupal

        weder, nanay mo may cancer nasa pgh.
        dalawin mo naman sya.
        kahit tinakwil ka nay dahil bading ka, nanay mo pa rin sya.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        That was not meant to be a joke bro. Just saying my insight based on your posts. Buko ka na Bakla!

      • boldyak

        very simple reason lang kung bakit hindi dapat iboto si Bama Aquino, and that is he is part of a Political Dynasty…we will not vote anybody who is a part of a Dynasty…no excuse, good or bad person….NO EXCUSE…

      • jcsantos

        So you accuse Bam Aquino of cheating by listing down alleged crimes of some of his family members which HE DID NOT DO HIMSELF may have been committed even before Bam graduated? We should watch out for Bimby then… who knows what crimes that kid is capable of right now? He could already be extorting some people as we speak!

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Bam Aquino publicly embraces his family legacy, good or bad. He even said family legacy is like bacteria, because there are good and bad bacteria.

        Sa dinami-dami ng kalokohan ng ginawa ng Tita Tessie, Tito Butz at tatay niyang si Paul (tuta ni GMA), nasa DNA na ng pamilya ni Bam Aquino ang manggulang at magnakaw.

      • jcsantos

        Nice logic. Following that, since Oprah’s uncle and cousin raped her, it’s in her DNA to rape as well?

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Following your logic, does Oprah have a penis? No.

        Following my logic, does getting into the senate allow Bam Aquino to wield more power to be more corrupt, just like his Tita Tessie and Tito Butz before him? Yes.

      • jcsantos

        YOUR logic is DNA, NOT A PENIS. And in case you haven’t been up to date, women have been found guilty of raping and molesting, too.

        Have you even compared Bam Aquino’s accomplishments BEFORE running as compared to Tessie’s and Butz’s? I don’t think so, since that should clearly show the differentiation between Bam and those two.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        But Oprah can’t possibly rape anyone, unless she puts on a strap-on dild0.

        On the other hand, I did compare Bam Aquino’s so-called accomplishments and found nothing. Even his Ateneo buddies don’t have a high regard for his habit of stealing other people’s thunder.

        Just to share with you a personal experience I had with him in Baseco, Tondo some years back. Bam loves to talk about social entrepreneurship but he did nothing for our NGO except to show up for the photo-op. He was even quick to wipe his hands clean after pressing flesh with some not so nicely clad folksy people in the area. Sino ba naman sa maralitang taglunsod ang hindi mababastos sa ginawa niya. So there you have it, a personal testimony.

        As for Jack, he’s not in my list. Nancy, baka pasang awa pa. Bam, definitely not. So young and yet so trapong-trapo na.

      • jcsantos

        “But Oprah can’t possibly rape anyone, unless she puts on a strap-on dild0.”

        – That is some strong denial that women can’t rape. That won’t help the boys actually being molested by a few of them.

        Why don’t you provide some actual proofs that Bam did those acts when you were present, particularly the NGO, the date he visited, picture of said folk people among other things as well as claiming that Bam’s accomplishments were NOTHING when records prove otherwise.

        You downplay Bam Aquino’s but consider pasang-awa Nancy, who has virtually ZERO accomplishments except for being a housewife and “personal assistant” as well as “charities” that suspiciously only started last Dec 2012 with only almost blank FB pages and a handful of witness accounts to prove their existence? What is your basis?

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        You ask for proof but you can’t guarantee that Bam will not retaliate against the concerned NGO. If you’re close to Bam, you only need to ask which NGOs he appeared in back in 2005 in Baseco. That should leave you with 4 guesses, difficult enough for Bam to zero in on and retaliate against.

        As for Oprah, if you can show me a video of how a woman can rape another person, it still does not prove that cheating and corruption are not in the family tradition of the Aquinos and Cojuangcos. Of course it’s too late for Bam to sever familial ties with Tito Butz and Tita Tessie.

        As for FB, anyone can create an FB and embellish it with all sorts of BS. Nothing beats a personal encounter. There’s no point in you lying to me about what I saw and what I felt back in 2005.

      • jcsantos

        If you’re telling the truth then you have nothing to worry about.

        How in the world do I get a video of a woman raping a man?

        FB was obviously created by none other than supporters of Nancy Binay themselves in order to prove the existence of her “charities.”

        At what point did I lie about you?

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Now you’re into trolling.

        Next time, come up with something better. Don’t waste my time.

      • jcsantos

        Troll? Considering I gave only objective questions of which you replied either by shifting the issue or giving unsubstantiated, likely opinionated answers? Who’s the real troll here?

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        You are the troll.

        Now go somewhere else and stop stalking me.

      • jcsantos

        With the way you hold conversations, good luck talking to anyone else. I’m out.

      • marionics

        jack??? dapat lang wala sa listahan mo yang bwkanginang yan kasama na tatay niya hukluban na bakit di pa kasi kunin ni lord na hayop na yan

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Since nasa DNA mo na baklerot ka, Bakla din sigurado ang mga kamaganak mo. Lol!

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang


      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        That was not meant to be a joke. Just saying my insight based on your posts.

      • jiovi


      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        ang tanda-tanda na ni maceda, kahit nagpa-stem cell pa yan, hindi na babata ya.

        so young and so corrupt is more aptly applicable to Bam Aquino. the tragedy of all tragedies itong mga mapansamantalang Aquino at Cojuangco.

      • jiovi





      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang


      • boy_kurimaw

        ELO BONG BONG!!!

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        bongbong and jpe friends? do you even know your history? lol.

      • Lee Puentebella

        True. Bam Aquino is wearing a Ninoy Costume. inc glasses and hairdo. Just like in old P500 bill. He is not to be taken seriously. PLEASE REMEMBER: He is NOT NINOY.

    • Fulpol

      hello bum Aquino???

      • boy_kurimaw

        elo FULGAS….:D

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Dito nagkamali si PNoy. He launched a demolition job against JPE last Feb and exposed all the luxury car smuggling in Port Irene. In retaliation, JPE exposed the massive and worsening corruption in BoC since PNoy assumed office. Mas bugbog sarado ngayon si PNoy, more so because the IMF report also indicts PNoy’s administration for not doing enough. Gone for good na sana si Jack Enrile, but PNoy failed to push JPE off the cliff. Nanalo si Lolo, natalo si Totoy. Walang kalatoy-latoy si Totoy Noynoy.

    • jiovi




      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Yan ang anggulong hindi nakita ni Totoy PNoy. Sayang.

    • ernievictory

      wala kang ginawa kungdi siraan ang Presidente araw araw . cguro natanggal ka sa pwesto ng umupo si PNoy dahil corupt ka . bwaha ha ha

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Anong siraan? Gusto ko ngang magtagumpay siya laban kay JPE, pero bakit naman hindi niya sinagad-sagad si JPE last Feb? Bakit nagpatumpik-tumpik pa siya?

  • jbadge

    It’s a shame that these two wannabes rely upon the popularity of their fathers to win, and they are not embarrassed to admit it. Just can’t blame them- they don’t have anything credible or substantial to show that they deserve to be senators. They’re just a couple of rich kids with marginal political experience. These type of people basically want to get what they want in life not through real sacrifice, but through wealth, influence, power, and name recognition. That’s our culture and the masses continue to cultivate it.

    • punto_lang

      Agree ako jan. Kaya nga magkakapamilya nalang ang nagpapatakbo sa ating bayan e! Sana mamulat tayo na pumili ng mga ibang karapatdapat na mahalal sa posisyon.

    • Fulpol

      hello bum aquino?

      • boy_kurimaw

        ELO FULGAS!!!


    >>>“We all know that the name of the game is name recall and public perception, so every little bit helps,” Enrile told reporters.<<<

    TAMA din naman……voters will RECALL those whom they MUST avoid to elect.

    • speaksoftlylove


      Voters will recall and will never forget Team Malisya and Team Patay, don’t worry.

      • marionics

        sino yung Team Malisya?

        he he

  • quirinomayer

    Dump all senatorial candidates whose only qualification to the positions they aspire for are their famous surnames!

    One more thing, that Binay continues to get high trust ratings is a testament to the low IQ of Filipinos. Binay cannot be trusted. Just look how he accumulated unexplained wealth as mayor of Makati. How much more when he rules the whole country? And look at how his family rules Makati like they own it, like they are a monarchy. One of the first things Binay will do as president is to change the Constitution so he could rule until his dying breathe.

    • tugakbatan

      Thanks for your assessment of Binay, which I was not aware. I would add that Jack Enrile is an unconvicted murderer. He was accused of killing the son of a general during the time of martial law where his father was the second in command of the Philippine government. Let us get rid of these pieces of garbage from the government.

    • regd

      Blind allegiance from their dumb followers prevent them from seeing the obvious.

    • certainshadeofgreen

      The “ganyan kami sa Makati” argument shouldn’t hold. The cosmopolitan Makati most people know was developed by private sectors. The real Makati, which comprises perhaps more than 70% of the city, is best represented by the depressed streets of Pembo and Cembo and the dilapitated houses by the Pasig river near Guadalupe bridge.

      If this country was run by Binays, then perhaps the Philippines can indeed continue being one huge Makati: one ffffing squatters area with a few pockets of luxurious buildings and posh subdivisions.

      • marionics

        don’t forget the pio del pilar areas

    • marionics

      US envoy doubted murder probe on Jack Enrile

      by Jojo Malig, ABS-CBNnews

      Posted at 04/09/2013 7:13 PM | Updated as of 04/09/2013 9:59 PM

      Jack Enrile

      MANILA (UPDATED) – The Marcos government’s alleged half-hearted investigation into Juan Ponce “Jack” Enrile Jr.’s involvement in the killing of the son of a former Philippine Navy chief in 1975 left a bitter aftertaste in the mouth of the United States’ top envoy to Manila, according to declassified diplomatic cables published online by anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks on Monday.

      Then US Ambassador to Manila William H. Sullivan, in a cable to the Department of State, said although then Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile promised not to influence the Ernest Lucas, Jr. case, the “handling of homicide charges against Enrile, Jr., appears rather rank.”

      “Jackie did not even appear in person at hearings since he was ‘attending classes,'” Sullivan said on cable 1975MANILA14151_b that was earlier released on public domain by the US government in 2006.

      He said the younger Enrile, who was accused of involvement in the Lucas killing, was not even interrogated and government investigators only relied on his deposition.

      The younger Enrile, who is now running for senator in the May midterm elections, has repeatedly denied any involvement in the death of Lucas.

      Enrile told ANC earlier that Lucas’ death was accidental after his bodyguard, Danilo Cruz, accidentally shot the Navy chief’s son during a party.

      Sullivan relayed to Washington the facts in the Lucas killing. “On September 20, young Lucas escorted his sister to party in San Lorenzo Village in Makati at which Enrile, Jr., present. Lucas reportedly asked to be admitted as well but was told party private,” he said.

      “Lucas and three companions later returned to pick up Lucas’s sister. During unexplained altercation, Lucas was shot in the head by Enrile, Jr.’s security guard. He died 5 hours later.”

  • boybakal

    It is not a surprise that Jackie and Enrile are enjoying high rating in survey.
    Pilipinos want these heirs apparent to continue what their fathers have done to the country.
    Legacy of good governance, legacy of good public servants should continue thru
    Jackie and Nancy.
    Enrile and Binay are trusted names in politics.
    Vote for Nancy and Jackie…to continue the legacy.

    • jiovi




  • totoy_15

    This country deserves the leaders it votes into power. Don’t complain of corruption and political dynasties, if you’re stupid enough to hand them the reigns of government. Reap the rewards or suffer the consequences, whichever the case may be.

  • kevin

    Name recall if it’s good name ,,but with bad name a sure disaster,,,,

  • farmerpo

    Mga batang sabit sa magulang. This two candidates are not worth their salt. They have no self worth, they are still fully owned by their parents. The parents have no respect either for their progenies. No matter the insults, no matter the badmouthing of the family, basta maka sabit sa Senado ok na. Pinoys, when will you get your self worth also?

  • brunogiordano

    OK sana kung QUALIFIED.

    Kaso sabi ng mga editorial ng mga newspapers at mga posters may isang senatorial candidate na talagang UNQUALIFIED.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Bakit inaprobahan ng Comelec ang certificate of candidacy kung “unqualified?” Qualified nga si erap at naging presidente pa, yan pa kayang tinutukoy mo? Konting gamit ng isip naman dyan. Nagpapaniwala ka sa mga komentarista at kritiko samantalang numero unong bayaran din yan twuwing election.

      • popeyee

        sa mga elective post, basta marunong kang bumasa, magsulat at qualified sa residency requirement ay qualified ka ng kumandidato. Unlike kung mag apply ka sa trabaho kahit hamak na janitor kailangang at least H/s graduate. Kaya malamang sa mga susunod na henerasyon wala ka ng makikitang kandidtato na college graduate o may karanasan man lang sa pamamalakad ng pamahalaan…isa pa, ang pagiging mayor, o ano mang elective post, ang pinakamadaling paraaan para yumaman..

      • ayupayupan77

        ika nga qulified but not deserving…………between komentarista na ilang dekada ng political analyst at isang tagatimpla ng kape…………….kanino kaya ako maniniwala………….tapos si tagatimpla ayaw pa makipagdebate………..sana brod wag ka masisilaw sa cake na binigay ni binay sa iyo peace

  • joeybg



    • jiovi


  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    Kaya pag natalo ang mga to at cgurado matatalo ang mga to.Our country will be in Chaos of protest!By all means,they want their kids there by hook or by crook.

  • wazgoingon

    What about Ejercito? This guy even had to change his surname just to ensure that people will not forget him. Shameless people, all. As of this writing, my ballot will contain only two names – Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. and Teodoro Casino. I believe these two are the most deserving of my vote.

  • $14334231

    money is what makes a senator, congressman. governor, mayor, etc….jack “the [k]iller and nancy, “ilawan mo” are two of the most moneyed candidates…the poor, and even the not so poor, gets blinded when they see the faces of santos, lim and escoda, or ninoy and cory on a colorful, rectangular piece of paper being handed over to them….

  • angmarino


  • jabbawookie

    The biggest edge Jack Enrile and Nancy Binay have is the ignorance of most voters about what they had done. Jack had done a lot of things he would want people to remain ignorant of. Nancy wants people to be ignorant of the fact that she has done nothing.

  • wakats

    No argument on name recall but public perception is different – nancy is good in “pambahay” chores and nothing else. She’ll just be an addition to the silent committee of revilla and lapid if elected, while jackie is also known as a suspect in the Alfie Anido suicide/murder case in 1980 when at young age, he was exposed to guns, gold and bodyguards.

    NO to nancy, jackie, jv, gringo, zubiri…….

    • roy asis

      YES to nancy,jv,gringo,zubiri

  • $25995786

    Jackie at last truth are coming up, thanks to Wikileaks. I pity Filipinos if they vote Nancy whose only qualification is her lastname. In the ’60 senatorial candidates have records to brag to vote for them, now candidatescan brag nothing except their last names which one way oranother part of the people who put the Phil. in misery making OFW as no. 1 export. Hopefully Filipino people will not vote topeople bec. of last name.

  • Jerome

    Haha a daughter whose family treats Makati as their private ranch and a son who treats a province his playground. We are the one’s who’s making a laugh at our own self.

  • 100345roselia

    To better inform the electorate, let’s us recall the TRACK RECORDS of VP Binay &
    SP Enrile. BINAY (like Erap, he is the epitome of political dynasty & currently under
    investigation by COA for condo & housing projects anomaly when he was still the former mayor of Makati. ENRILE (immoral relationship w/ his COS Gigi, #1 human rights violator during martial law, fake hero, fake ambush of his car to justify declaration of martial law, immoral distribution of MOOE funds to senators as x’mas gift UNMINDFUL of the sufferings of Typhoon Pablo victims and rampant smuggling of high-end used cars at his hometown Port Irene, Cagayan. Now, tell me my dear internet friends if these TRACK RECORDS of Nancy’s father & Jack’s father are worth emulating? There is a saying, “the apple does not fall too far from the tree.”

  • Hellomr

    Only those who do not know the history will vote for Una…. BUT for those who are aware of history of the Philippines politics is wanting surely no one is gonna vote for them….

  • Islander

    It is with news like this that I lose all sympathies I have for our poor and less educated kababayans. They perpetuate this type of politics, personified by Nancy Binay and Jack Enrile. If the poor love Nancy and Jack so much, don’t they deserve to wallow in their poverty?

  • jcsantos

    Here are qualities Jack and Nancy have that most other candidates DON’T have:
    1. Jack – Murder and kidnapping charges
    2. Nancy – No contributions EVER both in political and personal life. Her “charities” started only December 2012 and have ZERO activities, only having a minimal FB page and a few “witnesses” to claim that they do anything!

    • LOLA


  • http://www.facebook.com/noelsantos37 Noel Santos

    kawawa naman si noynoy.!.walang anak na pwedeng kumandidato..heheh!

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    One is almost driven to the edge of dismay when one thinks of the “recent improvements of the approval ratings” of Nancy and Jack in the surveys. One cannot help loudly supplicating to to the Almighty: “Lord, no please” when one thinks of the millions of Pinoy voters who will troop to the voting precincts and stupidly and outrageously write the names of these duo on their ballots. Alas, what have we done to be accursed with indiscriminate electorate and willing victims of their self-same ignorance and stupidity?Lord, save the Philippines!

  • Noriel Bernabe

    Until today, the yellow media has been portraying ninoy as hero of
    EDSA revolution. The truth is that the “Genuine Heroes” of EDSA revolt
    are the same people that rallied against the dictatorship. It is Ninoy
    who got the credit since he was made martyr because of his death even if
    he is just one of those political foes of Marcos.

    Cory was made
    saint by yellow media that managed to erase human rights violations
    during her term. Noynoy ascent to the highest post of the land was a
    result of 24/7 marathon coverage of a giant media conglomerate that has
    to thank cory for bringing back MERALCO to them.

    Aquino’s are
    the most notorious land grabbers. LET US NOT FORGET SO WE COULD AVOID

    – 816 Desaparecidos
    – 1.2 million victims of dislocations due to military operations
    – 135 cases of massacres
    – 1,064 victims of summary executions
    -20,523 victims of illegal arrest and detention.

  • rudy_boy

    Watch out how the two well oiled candidates will pour/donate/support/contribute -in short bribe the two famous religious sects, known for their solid votes (in senatorial line up).

    The sects usually endorse on the last days of the campaign.

    BINGO ! Babawi naman yan pag na elect na.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Everybody should not even think of voting for those two, period.

  • padrefaura

    Araw araw na lang ang banat ng inquirer kay nancy binay, ah! Bakit hindi nila banatan din ang ibang sumasabit sa pangalan ng kani-kanilang tatay? Like grace poe and sonny angara of team pnoy. May mas malala pa sa kanila, yung gumagamit ng tito sa pangangampanya, si bam aquino. The more inquirer hits nancy binay, the more she gets sympathy votes,

  • jiovi




    • roy asis


  • boboposter

    Their edge is being sikat, so they will be pasikat sa senado.

  • Jane Tan

    Labo ng logic ni Nancy. She doesn’t want her inexperience to be used to attack her father but wants it the other way around?

    Don’t attack your father? How about you stop using him?

    Without him, she wouldn’t even be considered alive.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    I can’t believe Filipinos trusted Binay that much while they’re robbed wide awake.

  • PinoyDude

    To all fellow bloggers, we can comment (one to sawa) in this forum.

    We must campaign among our family, friends and co-workers so that they can make a wise and informed decision in May.

    Send these spoiled kids to the dumps!

  • jpastor

    This hype is paid. I wonder how much the writer gets.
    Binay-adan ads.

  • marionics

    potang ina mo jack at ng hukluban mong hayop na ama!!!


  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    Nancy Binay and Jack Enrile should stop dreaming. If they think that they will win because of their parents, they are completely wrong. their parents are best known for corruption and greed including that of Erap.

    Support the anti dynasty sentiment of the Filipinos.

  • Guest

    Nancy Binay na walang alam sa mundo. sasayangin ko lng boto ko kay GRACE POE, JUN MAGSASAY OR JAMBY MADRIGAL na lang ako.

  • Bjdc

    Enrile?! In your dreams!!!

  • certainshadeofgreen

    Nagtataka lang. Yung mga waiter sa restaurant, hinahanapan ng high school o college degree. Mga utusan sa opisina, hinahanapan ng good moral character at magandang educational background.

    Eh bakit sa pagiging senator/congressman/mayor, parang wala man lang minimal standards na hinihingi?

  • Barak_O

    the stage is set for a debate
    between bum and nancy

    • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

      Si Nancy B. Angeles ba ang tinutukoy mo ?Sigurado talo na.

  • yew_tan

    Kong sino pinakamalaming bigay bigas at saldinas siya sigulado panalo. He he he..

  • marivon

    Pitiful Filipino voters if these two namesakes get elected. They have nothing to offer but their father’s name(s). Binay a nobody; a street parliamentarian back in 1986 is now a multi millionaire vice president. How on earth would a Mayor of a city accumulate so much wealth while in office is a big hole in the donut that every one see but really give no fuss about. I mentioned this several times before; If Binay gets elected in 2016-Philippines will revert back to the dark ages whether you take it as a verb or as an adjective I believe that the message is clear.

  • Guest

    Jamby calls Nancy Binay an “elitist” for demanding special treatment for mother.

    Ang yabang kse ng mga Binay kala mo nman may alam!

  • pinoyislander

    pumunta daw si nancy binay sa isang fastfood chain some province in luzon with her staffs as campaign gimmick para mapsansin ng mgs tao. kaso nagkaroon ng problema dinedma sya ng mga tao sa fastfood. lol. hwag na kasing magpanggap di pa talaga sya ganun kakilala ng mga tao yung pangalan nya. di pa nga nya alam kung ano ginagawa sa senado parang si lapid lang. lol.

  • Jay Ramos

    Malalaman natin ngayon kung talagang na tuto na ang ibang botante sa resulta ng darating na eleksyon….na di dapat iboto ang mga ito!

    • ayupayupan77

      alam naman nating karamihan sa kanila ay bopols…….ang tanong nalang ay kung nabawasan na ba sila kahit papaano

  • Guest

    bobo lang ang susupoirta sa una. . UNA kurakot, UNA sarili . .

  • jiovi



  • penoy2012

    Huwag iboto ang political dynasties: DO NOT VOTE for Angara, Binay, JV Estrada, Bum Aquino, Enrile, Cayetano. Huwag din iboto ang mga bastos: Trillanes, Hontiveros. Huwag din iboto mga walang alam: Grace Poe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yet.jua Yet Jua

    Kasi nga ang karamihan na botante sa PNas ay walang aral or ignorante kaya madaling bolahin nang mapansamantalang mga politician na may political dynasty ambitions.

  • Fulpol

    tatak Binay…

    tatak Enrile..

    tatak Aquino… kaya gusto ni Kris na tanggalin ang Yap sa surname ni Bimby… Bimby future Philippine president.. LOL..

    • Guest

      Alan Cayetano also likes to create more jobs for the Filipinos? Naku
      drawing lang yan ni Alan.

  • Fulpol

    Bum Aquino Versus Nancy Binay…

    bum aquino… ginaya ang itsura ni Ninoy.. fake..

    Nancy Binay: genuine ang kulay ng skin.. mana sa ama.. hindi fake

    bum Aquino…. accdg sa ads niya, ginagamit sina Ninoy at Cory… user and fake

    Nancy Binay: accdg sa ads niya, programa talaga… not user, not fake..


    • jcsantos

      Really? You’ll base your votes based on how they look?


      Bam Aquino (from wiki) – He is a former TV host and former chairman of the National Youth Commission (Philippines). He is currently the President of MicroVentures, Inc., an investment bank for start-up businesses which runs the The Hapinoy Program social enterprise. He is one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons for 2012. He is also a Board Member of Rags2Riches, Venture for Fundraising, and the Coca-Cola Foundation.

      Nancy Binay – Housewife, Personal Assistant, NOTHING ELSE. “Charities” daw? They only existed since Dec 2012 with only a minimal FB page and a handful witness accounts (Nancy included) to confirm even their existence.

  • Fulpol

    Cory Aquino versus Nancy Binay

    Cory: housewife, housekeeper (keeping Kris and Noynoy), wife of a politician

    Nancy Binay: housewife, assistant to VP Binay and former Mayor Binay, daughter of politician parents

    Cory: quantum jumped to Presidency without experience and competency to show..

    Nancy Binay: only jumped to Senate if she is lucky, with lack of experience to show..


  • Guest

    Alan Cayetano is a typical trapo. Puro plano, puro pangako. Pero lahat ng yan hanggang plano at hanggang pangako lang.

  • Steven Zahl

    Daming BOBO kasi sa PH.

  • kilabot

    “there is no opposition, only factions” – pepingcojuangco.
    politicians are all in this together;
    the name of the game is public deception.

  • hosay

    pulse Asia survey is for sale

  • tyopaeng

    mga tanga lang ang boboto nitong dalawa!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002412025550 Jesus Salamat Valerio

    NO WAY….anak eto ng mga corrupt officials!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jocken-Dano/100002588330624 Jocken Dano

    for Binay maybe but for Enrille I doubt . . .

  • w4d

    LOL…Jack Enrile and Nancy Binay’s real edge of winning a Senate slot will be VOTERS’ STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE.

  • whyinthisworld

    Fools asia is not the voice of the intelligent voters. Nancy binay and enrile would never be included among magic 12 this coming election. Pity Philippines once they are elected.

  • Brax82

    Jack Enrile, Nancy Binay, Grace Poe, JV Ejercito, and Bum Aquino’s edge? Stupid Voters!

  • nes911

    No to binay. No to enrile. No to ejercito. No to family dynasty.

    • jElly_aCe

      wat abt d aquino dynasty?

      • Jose Pepe

        No vote to Bam also!

  • Edsel Naguit

    Kung ang iboboto nyo ay Kapamilya, Kapuso at Kapatid sa darating na election, wag na lang. Wala na bang iba? Mag-isip muna tayo ng mabuti. Let’s end political dynasty in the upcoming election. Don’t vote for them. :-) #notopoliticaldynasty #stoppoliticaldynasty

  • calipso_2100

    “We all know that the name of the game is name recall and public perception, so every little bit helps,”

    In short, the name of the game is popularity – “TRAPO”!!!

  • Anton_Agaton

    Nancy sana manalo ka kasi nakakahiya sa pamilya mo. Ikaw na lang ang hindi kumukurakot este kumikita este sumusweldo galing sa gobyerno.

  • ting0508

    But both these children have fathers who are either corrupt or killers. How can the voting public trust Jackie Enrile and Nancy Binay? No way Jose!

    • Jose Pepe

      I agree with you my friend. :)

  • anti_evil666


    • Jose Pepe

      Binayaran ang mga surveys.

  • Peregrino

    mga Binay? Hayok sa pwesto dahil anjan ang ginto at kapangyarihan. Ama, Ina at, anak, ipwenesto dahil dito. Gising at alamin ang totoong hangad ng mga Binay.

  • Rolly257

    Marunong na ngayon ang taong bayan…alam nila ang mga hangal. Kamote lahat ang aabutin ng mga kandidato ng UNA.

  • romie carillo

    No vote for Nancy, No vote for Jackie, No vote for Bam…….let’s take a look at independent senatorial candidates to replace these three.

    • Jose Pepe

      I agree with you.

  • boybakal

    Enrile and Binay….trusted names in politics.
    Like brand name products in toothpaste, you buy Colgate or like Benz if it is a car.
    People already know what is to buy, not fake, not imitation, not made in china.

    Enrile and Binay has an edge.
    Their names are brand names of good governance, good public service.
    Vote for Nancy and Jackie….a name you can trust.
    Subok na matibay, subok na matatag….sariling atin pa.

  • Simplify1

    Intelligent voters know that respect and admiration of a politician should be “non-transferable”…. I am not against “dynasties” per se, I just believe that all candidates SHOULD EARN the voters respect and admiration regardless of surname…

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Nabibilang na ang mga araw ng UNA. UNA sa kalokohan. UNA sa pandarambong! Mga ama ng mga kandidato, puro corrupt!

  • tekateka

    Kaya pala alaga ng mga Binay ang mga squatters ng Makati… kaya di mawala ang mga ito!

  • tekateka

    Ang Mga Bobong Pinoy!!!

    • Jose Pepe

      If any of those two will win, we Filipinos really deserve to be poor.

    • Mazza02

      Mas bobo ka at ang mga kalahi mo

  • lito moral

    Palakas loob lang yan hahhaha alam naman ng lahat ang kalidad nila..wala na yan…end of your Political line….PEOPLES knows whose they have to Vote and its not BINAY nor ENRILE..VOTE;;; LP straight…

    • massacaire

      Peoples knows whose? HAHA you’re funny. End of your grammar!

  • scolexx

    si nancy para lang si mitos, hindi naman talaga magsaysay pilit ikinukulapol ang apelyido ng asawa nya.. tpos si nancy naman, angeles na dapat ang last name, pilit ikinakapit yung apelyido ni jejemon… sa negros lang ba nagsurvey ang SWS? bat umabot pa ng 76%? joke lang mga taga negros. pero wag nyo po sana iboto ang mga negros alam nyo na hehe

  • Simplify1

    Even the reporter is hedging against JV Estrada, she is trying to distance Nancy and Jackie from JV Estrada, whose dad is the worst of the so called “3 Kings”. Mahirap nga naman… even for an UNA supporter, the Plunder Conviction of the elder Estrada is a reality and a fact!

    UNA supporter can claim that the murder accusations against jackie is only a suspicion that has not yet been confirmed. In addition, the sudden change of fortune of the Binay to multi millionaire status has still to be seen in court. On the other hand, ERAP’s conviction has been confirmed by the supreme court! It was just a fluke that he did not spend a day in jail because he was pardoned (not acquitted) by an equally infamous corrupt government official!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002412025550 Jesus Salamat Valerio

    right conscience….who wants to vote, a murderer and a daughter of corrupt official!

  • anton kinuton

    bobo ang boboto kay binay – BBB

  • Samboy_rod

    Kawawa naman ang Pinas may mga bagong manggagatas na naman sa kabang bayan.Nag aaksaya lang ang Pinas sa mga senator at congressman dapat i dissolved nalang ito puro mga papogi at paganda lang ginagawa.

  • massacaire

    COME ON, GUYS. Lahat tayo himihingi ng tulong sa mga magulang natin. If you were in their shoes, I bet you’d do the same. Walang mali sa pagtulong ng magulang sa kanilang anak. Common sense na lang yan, wag niyo ng palakihin yung issue.

  • massacaire

    Kung maka-bobo kayo parang ang dami niyong alam. Di porket may nabalitaan kayo, eh totoo na lahat ng naririnig niyo. Huwag kayong mapaghusga dahil may napatunayan na ang ama ni Enrile na malamang maipapasa niya yung kagalingan niya sa kanyang anak.

  • JosephNess

    ang kagalingan ba ng magulang ay sapat nang qualification para maihalal sa senado ang kanilang anak? papaano magagampanan ng anak ang tungkulin bilang isang mambabatas, kung ang qualification lamang ay ang kasikatan ng kanilang magulang? ano na naman ang gagawin nito sa senado kung sakaling sila ay manalo…decorasyon lamang?

    • pabloo6293

      baka isasama nila mga tatay nila sa senado.

      • JosephNess

        ganun na nga ang patutunguhan nito…mga tatay na lang iboto natin kung ganun…estudyanteng senador na may tutor ang labas nila pag nagkaganun…

  • jgl414567

    Jackie Enrile’s edge is he is a son of a much hated Martial law administrator and Nancy’s is she is a daughter of the tyrant of Makati who will not relinquish power because they are so greedy of it and the incredible riches it brings! Ang kakapal ng mga mukha ng mga ito!

  • ayupayupan77

    karamihan sa mga taga makati…….cake lang katapat…….cheaaaaap

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