UP students, politicians slammed in Santiago’s graduation speech


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines –Senator Miriam Defensor -Santiago on Tuesday called the students of the state-run University of the Philippines “full of themselves” and described politicians seeking elective posts in May as “idiots.”

Speaking at the commencement exercises of the Our Lady of Fatima University held at the PICC in Pasay City, Santiago praised its students and blasted students of UP.

“Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat dahil nanggaling kayo sa mahirap.  Marami kayong dinaanan, yung iba sa inyo working student pa. Pero daig n’yo ang mga taga-UP. Ang mga taga-UP, mayayabang. Kala mo kung sinong mag-arte,” she said.

(I love you so much because you rose from poverty. You went through many difficulties, some of you even became working students. But you fare better than those from UP. Those from UP are so arrogant. They are self-centered.)

“Talo sila ng Our Lady of Fatima University. Subsidized ang tuition nila (UP), hindi sila namomorblema ng  pera nila. At iba sa kanila, galing pa sa mayaman na pamilya–very powerful people, families filled with prestige, social power…” she said.

(Students from UP are no match for students of Our Lady of Fatima University. Their (UP students) tuition and other school fees are subsidized, they have no problem with money. Some of them hail from affluent families…)

Candidates running in the May elections did not escape Santiago’s sharp tongue while delivering her inspirational speech to graduating students of the university.

While stressing the value of being sincere with other people, Santiago cannot resist deriding candidates.

“Hindi kamukha ng mga kandidato ngayon, ngiti nang ngiti parang mga idiots,” she said, drawing laughter from the audience.

(Unlike today’s candidates who are flashing fake smiles and looking like idiots.)

Santiago also took a jab at candidates when she cracked her vaunted pickup lines.

“Bakit naka-schedule sa tag-init ang kampanya para sa election? Dahil dito napapatunayan kung anong klaseng pulitiko ang nangangampanya.”

(Why is it that the campaign period is scheduled during summer? Because this is the time the true nature of politicians is exposed.)

“Kung matunaw sila sa init, ibig sabihin plastic sila. Kung masunog sila sa araw, ibig sabihin mapapel sila. At kung mahilig silang magbilad sa araw, malamang buwaya sila,” Santiago said.

(If they melt under the sun it means they’re plastic. If they char under the sun, it means they’re attention grabbers. And if they like being exposed to the sun, it means they’re crocodiles [Filipino term for corrupt, greedy and money-making politicians]).

The following were her pick-up lines she unleashed at the graduation rites:

“Kung ayaw mo yung nanliligaw sa’yo, sabihin mo sa kanya: ‘Huh, para kang summer wala kang class.’

(If you don’t like your suitor, tell this: ‘Huh, you’re like summer, you got no class.)

“Kung ayaw mo, sabihin mo, alam mo ba kung bakit pumasa ang Anti-Cyber Crime Law? Dahil sa profile picture mo.”

(If you don’t like him, tell him, ‘you know why the Anti-Cyber Crime Law passed? It’s because of your profile picture.)

“Aanhin pa natin ang April Fool’s Day? Araw-araw ka namang niloloko.”

(What’s the use of April Fool’s Day when you are being fooled every day?)

“Kapag sinabi sa’yo ng boyfriend mo na nanlalamig na s’ya sa iyo, buhusan mo ng gasolina at silaban mo.”

(If your boyfriend is getting cold towards you, drench him with gasoline and set him on fire.)

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  • berong es

    ho-huummmm…gumagasta ang taong bayan ng milyon milyon sa senador na ito para lang magsabi ng mga korning punchi lines…tsk-tsk-tsk.

  • wawa2172

    Well I know that Miriam is not generalizing those who are studying in UP. Many like Krystel are from poor families and their education are subsidized by the government because it is supposed to be their right and privileged. They are poor but deserving students. But not those who are rich and enjoying the perks of cheap but qualify education in UP. Napakaraming anak nang politicians at mayayaman na nasa UP. Somehow di naman talaga kasalanan nang mga ito, dahil pumasa naman sila sa UPCAT. They are very intelligent too and can easily pass or top board or bar exams kaya kailangan sila nang UP for honor and prestige. It is better for them to study at De La Salle or Atenero dahil kaya nila ang mataas na tuition fees and so that their slots could be filled up by poor students. Kaya lang mayayaman na, nakakakuha pa nang benefits of lower tuition fees. Sana panatilihin nang UP at iba pang state U sa Pinas ang mandate nila to provide quality education for poor and deserving students.

    • Pam

      So you’re saying that just because these students’ parents are rich, they do not have an equal right to choose which university they want to attend? You would prefer that UP give slots to students on the basis of their financial background before their actual skill and potential? UP does not stand for University of the Poor. No one student is more deserving of a good education than another on the basis of wealth. UP is the University of the Philippines. It is meant to be the great equalizer of Filipino students–a school that anyone should be able to enter on the basis of merit and skill. Rich students never asked to be subsidized. They go to UP because they believe they’ll get the best education there and not because they’re trying to save their parents’ money. Even state universities abroad charge regular students nearly as much as private universities, you know. But in return they give back a shitload of scholarships and research grants.

      • tenyearsafter

        Most probably, you are rich…… living comfortably…that is why you don’t care if a poor deserving aspirant to enter UP fails to get a slot….because a rich aspirant got it.
        In your lifetime, you will never understand that the intentions of a free state run university is to provide a chance for qualified indigents to have the best education which they cannot afford.

      • AntiAko

        Asus, there you go again with your dole-out mentality. UP is for the best and the brightest students. Where does it say it was established for the poor students only? If one is poor and doesn’t have what it takes to be in UP, hindi yon kasalanan ng mga may kayang matatalino.

        Incidentally, did you know that the rich pay more in UP in order to subsidize the education of the “poor” students? It is called STFAP.

      • moks

        a poor deserving aspirant would be rightly called deserving if he passes the UPCAT.. The UPCAT results never discriminates the poor nor the rich…..

      • Pam

        You’re incredibly narrow-minded if you think that just because people live in different environments that they don’t know empathy. The human race will not progress if it insists on favoring circumstance over actual potential and performance. Everyone has an equal right to education. Besides, UP is not the only state university in the Philippines. Instead of arguing about who has the greater right to get into UP, why don’t we concentrate on improving the quality of education everywhere?

      • Jomex

        Its not that dear. Every scholarship given to rich kids, you steal that scholarship from one deserving poor kid.

      • moks

        one of the reasons kaya me socialized tuition fee (STFAP) sa UP.. which failed kristel(+) by the way…

      • Mario Salinas

        Failed Kristel? I don’t think so. It was Kristel who failed herself and her family. While suicide is a highly personal matter, the reason for committing suicide resides in the emotional caliber of the person. She was simply too weak.

      • moks

        yes, STFAP failed kristel… how can you put a taxi driver’s income in bracket D when the income is unstable and depends on how much he earns in a day. Maybe Kristel was weak.. maybe there were other reasons but im sure STFAP was a part in bringing down a “weak” person as you say….

    • Random Access Memories

      I’m more concerned with what these UP students will do after they graduate. Most students study in UP for they believe it will help them land a high-paying job here or abroad. It’s basically getting the best and cheapest education for personal gain.But. what they should realize is that using taxpayers’ money for selfish ambitions is not what UP is about; they should have had the decency to enroll in a private institution if they intend to serve only their own ambition. It’s quite alarming to see that our premier state university has become a breeding ground for conceited and self-serving bastards. I don’t really care what social class you came from, if you’re in UP you’re forever indebted to those less fortunate people who earns a meager salary but willingly takes a part of that salary for your education, hoping that one day you will be kind enough to return the favor and make life less of a hell for them.

      • cheesecake_21

        Having a high-paying job also means you have more taxes to pay. Those who went into higher positions in the corporate world pay equally higher amount of taxes relative to those who earn less. As long as a UP Grad has the means to GIVE BACK to the country (pay TAXES), he still has the means to serve.

        A “selfish” branch manager is still more useful to the country than a bum who only stays at home and watch television JUST BECAUSE he couldn’t land a job. Surely enough, those who graduated from other universities also have the opportunity to serve better just by paying honest taxes.

        Graduating from UP means garnering the means to support the country better directly or otherwise. And a UP graduate has the opportunity to be useful in terms of national economic advancement, intentional or not. That’s how it works for them. That being said, you need not be worried about what UP Students will do after they graduate.

      • $44479964

        Pinag-aral ka ng bayan. Pagsilbihan mo ang bayan.

      • askal2u

        yea right, majority ng mga yan paggraduate umaalis ng bansa at iba sumasali sa CPP-NPA. Ang mabuting gawin ng gobyerno, check nila ang income tax ng mga magulang ng mga estudyante at pag kumikita ng P100000 pataas patongan ng 1000% increase sa kanilang tuition fee ang mga anak na nagaaral, wag subsidize mga mayayaman

      • Bamm Gabriana

        Askal, I think you just invented the STFAP.

      • AntiAko

        why are you punishing the kids for having rich parents? i bet those rich parents are contributing so much more in terms of productivity, not to mention taxes, to the government than the parents of the kids you want helped by the school.

        UP is the school of the Filipinos and i do not think the rich kids are any less Filipino than the poor kids are more of.

      • AntiAko

        at kelan ba naging kasalanan ang pag-alis ng bansa? akala ko ba yung mga OFWs eh mga BAGONG BAYANI?

      • http://twitter.com/BenUuy Ben Uy

        UP students have families as well na nag pa-aral samen since kinder. So yeah, naghahanap kami ng career wherein we can earn a lot to help our families out. Not all of us are martyrs na hahayaan namin magutom ang pamilya namin and ang mga sarili namin for what? Earning meager salary para masabi na we’re doing this for our country? That’s BS. That’s what the government is for, not UP graduates. Blame the government not the UP graduates. Just because medyo subsidized yung tuition namen does not mean you have a right over us. You have no right telling us what we should do with our lives by the time we graduate. Because by the time nag wo-work na din kami we’re paying the same taxes you’re paying. Its not like exempted kami sa mga taxes na yan when we graduate. Pinag aral kami ng magulang namin first and foremost. Mas malaki ginastos nila, so I think logical naman na we help out our parents first and give them the best that we can. People here are hypocrites. Kaya hindi tayo umaasenso dahil sa crab mentality ng pinoy.

      • Pio Gante

        anong sabi mo? paying the same taxes, eh ang mga ‘best and brightest’ na ‘professionals’ ang numero unong mandaraya pagdating sa pagbayad buwis at ang mga mangmang na obrero na di naka-tungtong sa up o mga dekalidad na pamantasan ang siyang nagbabayad ng tama.

      • Facilitator1

        Both you and Pam Toh have AWESOME point of views.

    • ajca82

      IMO, UP wouldn’t be UP without the rich kids or the occasional politician’s kid. UP is supposed to make us learn about life, a quick preview of the real world.

      The real world is not only filled with working class people, there are also those who got lucky and were born with a silver spoon. We share a community with them, regardless of how much they or their parents make. This a good opportunity for everyone to learn about each other’s lifestyle, problems, thoughts, and ideas.

    • $41083759

      ang paggamit mo po ng ‘nang’ ay mali

    • ernesto

      pumasa upcat di siguro may backer lang sila

      • georgeB

        they need to survive inside…if that is the case, hindi nila kakayanin ang ilang taon sa up…kung “backer” lang ang point mo..

    • eigendik

      1. That rich kids study at DLSU or Ateneo instead of UP is BS. As long as a kid qualifies, he/she has every right to study in UP.
      2. UP has the mandate to provide quality education – period. I don’t know where you got the part ‘for the poor’ from. This is again BS.
      3. That the rich kids get extra financial perks from UP is the real BS. There’s the rub.
      4. That Miriam is not generalizing is BS. She did say “Yung mga taga-UP”- if this is not a generalization to you then I say BS2x to you!
      5. I graduated from UP, just like Mirriam. I do not understand why she considers UP students ‘mayabang.’ She is actually more than ‘mayabang’ maybe ‘hambog.’. But that is because it is her, not because she is from UP. I will never take any BS from her.

      • Chi

        I think UP is considered “for the poor” is because it’s under the government and not privatized. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the university with the cheapest tuition “BEFORE”. But on the other hand, the school is more concerned on getting cream of the crop students.

        I’m not saying I’m against you though. Just wanted to express my opinion. God bless

      • http://www.facebook.com/MeepKeekerson Meep Keekerson

        Funny hearing it from a woman that’s studied in UP institutions since high school.

      • moks

        di po graduate si miriam ng UPIS…

      • wawa2172

        I am a UP grad din pre or mare and I like you calling me BS because kung taga UP ka BS ka rin. Yan ang main core value natin sa UP…were BS kaya tingnan mo ang bayan natin napaka BS. God Bless U, BS..:)

      • eigendik


    • moks

      ang up ay hindi para sa mahirap o mayaman … para sa mga naka pasa sa UPCAT ang eskwelahan na eto… ngayon kung bakit mas madaming mayaman ang nakakapasa eto ay sa kadahilanang mas maganda ang kanilang mga napasukang primary at secondary school… UP is not reserved to the poor nor the rich rather it is for those who have enough intelligence to have the higher UPG …..

  • Acute_Angle

    hindi ba siya tinatamaan sa mga pinagsasabi niya?

  • ting0508

    Wow, Miriam is still bitter at UP because her son was not admitted in the College of Law! And with Miriam pestering her son everyday, her son committed suicide. Miriam will forever hate UP.

    • $23455908

      I don.t think the adopted son committed suicide. Allegedly he didn.t. Ask Sen. Lacson and the forensics who conducted autopsy (if there is) to the boy. A lot of answers were with Sen. Lacson’s Lips.

    • nappa1

      the story i heard, i was in UP Diliman then, was the boy was so ashamed of his mother that he committed suicide

  • Cue_Vas

    Well, mga hindi taga-UP lang kasi ang kayang bolahin ni Miriam.

    • watermelongirl

      ay ganun. porket hindi galing UP mabilis ng bolahin agad? Taga UP kba? kasi kung taga UP ka parang pinatunayan mo narin yung sinabi ni Senator Miriam..

  • Josh Bummer

    Dapat ata hindi mayabang ang term na ginamit niya kundi swapang (asking for full subsidy) in college tuition fees.

    • maysayako

      says who? bagsak ka rin cguro sa upcat ! nyahaha

      • Josh Bummer

        What is so funny on failing UPCAT?

      • Bamm Gabriana

        ah kaya pala.

      • $41083759

        kaya bitter lols

      • askal2u

        ako bagsak pero napasa ko PMA, Mapua, at US Navy kaya mas magaling ako sa yo

    • http://www.facebook.com/akosibonaugust Bon August

      linawin ko lang po. ayon narin sa mga salitang “state university”, ang UP ay pinapatakbo ng gobyerno at responsibilidad ng gobyerno na tustusan ang lahat ng pangangailangan ng unibersidad. kaya umaapela kami sa gobyerno, kasi hindi nya ibinibigay ang dapat lang ay sa mga ‘state univeristy’.

      • Josh Bummer

        Maybe you should write to the Lady Senator then. But UP should generate its own funds, gamitin ang yabang sa kabutihan ng nakararami.

      • Cristina Tabag

        You clearly don’t understand what we mean by state university. State universities, under the mandate of the law must be FULLY subsidized by the government. If UP is asked to generate its own funds completely, it loses its position of being a state university, therefore acting like a private university. Paano magagamit ang “yabang” para sa kabutihan ng nakararami when accessibility to UP education is already limited by acting as a private university? You don’t offer equal opportunity to students when you want to raise tuition fees for the sake of generating your own funds when at the first place, financial disparity among your prospective students is a big problem. Denying this means you deny the truth that 26.5% of Filipinos are below poverty line.

        The lady senator is a UP graduate; surely she doesn’t mean to bash all UP students in general or she would’ve been a hypocrite.

      • Josh Bummer

        So are you saying to be a true State U, tuition fee for ALL students is zero? UP endowed with land grants should generate its own funds, and not always begging for government support. Govt support is necessary but the university shouldn’t be completely dependent to govt funds aka as people’s fund. That is actually my point from my post above, hindi dapat mayabang ang ginamit kundi “swapang” sa pondo ng bayan.

      • Justin

        The idea of UP (or any other state university or college or SUC, for that matter) generating its own funds is downright state abandonment. As explained earlier, FULL subsidy should be given not only to UP but to all SUCs. That is the responsibility of the state. Therefore, by definition, ordering any SUC to generate its own income is an irresponsible act of the government because, in essence, it is the state who should be funding these institutions.

        As stated in the UP Charter, the lands of UP campuses are to be used for academic purposes only. While UP may not sell and may only lease land, the leased land SHOULD be used for the betterment of UP education, not to be turned into pseudo-malls with call centers and restaurants like the UP-Ayala TechnoHub. (As per the initial planning of the TechnoHub, it was supposed to have laboratories and educational facilities; this, however, was not realized.)

        UP’s call for greater state subsidy is not limited to UP itself. Before you go around talking about this, get your facts straight. Greater state subsidy means more budget for ALL SUCs, not just for the UP system itself. The call is beneficial to the entire education sector.

        So, in all counts, your argument that UP is “swapang” when it comes to the country’s money is wrong. UP students are asking for what is supposed to be given to the education sector – proper budget allocation compliant to international standards (6% of the country’s GDP).

        Now, is there proper budget allocation for the education sector per se? No. Right now, the biggest percentage of our budget goes to debt payments. Ergo, the appropriate budgets for different sectors (such as education, health, and social services) are not met.

      • Josh Bummer

        Really? Full subsidy? What is your basis for that? Granted 6% of GDP is allocated to basic to tertiary education, I don’t think it can cover full subsidy in Universities, unless we cut some of undergrad courses.
        Anyway, I think napapalaki na iyong issue, I don’t even get it why Miriam said mayayabang ang tiga UP and compared them to students of OLFU.

      • Josh Bummer

        So who do you think the senator is bashing?

      • Pinaslover

        Dapat ang state university ay para sa mga matatalino, talentado at poor but deserving Filipinos. The government should require their scholars to serve the country for a minimum of 2 years..with pay of course. Kahit na full subsidy pa okay lang kung sulit naman ang kapalit ng tax na binabayad mo.

  • disqus_scbiaMsZ78

    Nancy Binay says she has four children. Therefore, she is married? Yes. Then why is she still using “Binay” for her surname? Separated from her husband, maybe? Just asking.

  • Batz61

    tama yang sinabi ni Miriam and she can point the finger too at her own self….ganyan din kasi siya…parehas ng sinasabi niyang idiot politician and arrogant U.P. graduate

  • farmerpo

    Mukhang nagsasanay ng stand up comedy ang Madam. Magtayo kaya ng comedy store? Papatok ito.

  • johnlordphilip

    I kind of agree that UP graduates are generally mayabang! Most of them really have points to yabang, but the sad thing is even those who are not that good are projecting themselves as better than those from other schools.

    • maysayako

      cguro bumagsak ka rin sa upcat! nyahaha

      • johnlordphilip

        I never tried. But how I wish I did.

      • cheesecake_21

        So… Where exactly does your arrogance come from?

    • vinzerx

      None of my UP friends even tell others that they’re from UP unless asked and treat every co-worker of theirs equally regardless of educational background. So how is that arrogance? If you have an axe to grind, at least bring up truthful statements instead of spewing hogwash.

      • johnlordphilip

        No axe to grind, just an honest observation and thus a truthful statement.

      • tagaDumantay

        A few young ones happened to be posted here in Shell Malaysia are snobs and don’t mingle with fellow pinoys. Feeling superior with the rest of pinoy engineers & maids / bar girls.

    • $41083759

      Generally mayabang? Nameet mo na ba kaming lahat? Kaya mo bang idifferentiate ang self confidence sa arrogance? Malamang hindi.

      • johnlordphilip

        You really are one of them. Because you sounded like one!

    • Justin

      Seriously, UP students in general do not tell others where they study unless asked. It’s like an unwritten rule for us.

      • johnlordphilip

        Proud to doing something humble?


    >>>Pero daig n’yo ang mga taga-UP. Ang mga taga-UP, mayayabang. Kala mo kung sinong mag-arte,” she said.<<<

    "TULAD ko din!"

  • kilabot

    miriam should have added,
    up is now a stronghold of perverts;
    it would have been a complete and accurate description.

    that’s why,
    lacson at boc will not happen in miriam’s watch.

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    • maysayako

      another bagsak sa upcat, walang sense cnasabi…

    • vinzerx

      Geez, really? If that were the case, Miriam could’ve just paid for her son to be admitted to UP Law but apparently she couldn’t even though she had the money. Care to cite real examples to back up your statement?

  • monses

    UP should give priority to deserving students from poor families.The DepEd should create a database of deserving students from public schools and when it is time for them to go to college the DEPed should give recommendations and finance their studies in states universities.

    • vinzerx

      I disagree. UP is not intended to be a charity and there are other state universities out there if the sole intent was to provide the lowest-possible cash outlay for a college education. Instead, the government should revamp the public education system from the ground-up so that kids coming in from public schools are as well-educated as kids from private schools come UPCAT period. The disparity in quality of education between public and private schools is the reason why more rich kids make it in UP than poor kids.

      I would actually suggest that having a solid primary and tertiary education would give a student a good chance to attain success in life regardless of which college they graduate from.

      • Cristina Tabag

        I lament the fact that I have friends who graduated from public schools who were taught and mastered advanced trigonometry, journalism, and such hence I who graduated from a prestigious private school was not. I think there’s no disparity between the public and private education; there is disparity in mastery. More rich kids make it in UP because they can afford it, not because they’re better than public school graduates.

      • Pam

        I don’t think it’s just a matter of financial capability. Poverty also has a way of lowering the self-esteem of people. Very few less privileged students think they’re good enough to get into UP, so they never even bother to try taking the UPCAT. Many of them think, “oh well I was born this way, my parents have been that way all my life, I don’t think I can amount to anything more than that.” I’m sure there are a lot of hidden talents out there.

      • Justin

        Your argument has a very good point. However, aside from the disparity between education quality, there is also disparity between financial capabilities of families. Every year, there are hundreds of UPCAT passers who do not study in UP because they cannot afford to do so.

        In UP, right now, one is assumed rich until proven otherwise. This is proven by the socialized tuition scheme in the system which, by default, places students in a “bracket” where their tuition is at P1,500 per unit (Diliman, Manila, Los Banos) or at P1,000 per unit (Baguio, Visayas, Mindanao).

        There are many holes in this socialized tuition scheme. There are more and more students with cars. Not saying that it is bad, but it paints a picture of the demographics of the university. It’s RARE to find a farmer’s kid in UP today.

      • aspirin200

        I think there is arrogance here. When somebody from UP brings up the UPCAT as reason why other students are not in UP, that to my vocabulary is arrogance. Its as if UPCAT is the gold standard in college entrance tests. By the same argument, why didn’t these UP students take the Harvard entrance test and see how they will fare?

      • monses

        Read my statement once more….only for deserving student…it means those with exemplary intelligence.:)

  • lourdes r. priincipe

    great speech by a great lady solon…sen. miriam santiago…this made my day

  • regd

    Check ko, baka nasa youtube na ito.

  • kipbuts

    Bakit ibinoto ng taongbayan si Senadora Santiago bilang senador na hindi isang beses kundi maraming beses? May pagkaloko-loko ba ang milyon-milyon sa atin kagaya niya? Sayang hindi pang-Boy Pickup ang hanap natin kundi isang matinong mambabatas. Seguro para sa iba matinong mambabatas si Senadora Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

  • robert000001

    I agree with Sen. Santiago’s observation about the arrogance of some UP students. For example, I was surprised that some UP students actually found something wrong in the use of “sablay” by other universities. Apparently, they said UP has copyright for the design. Duh! As if only UP students have the right to wear a glorified sash and can use baybayin script. Complain if other universities stamp UP on their sablay and copied the exact UP design, which is not the case. What particularly struck me was that post which I saw in facebook gained some following and support among a sizeable number of UP students and alumni. What a shameful sense of self-privelege.

    • DNABarcodingGuy

      Isipin mo ‘yung school hymn mo, in-adopt entirely ng isa pang school, tas pinaltan lang ‘yung pangalan ng school sa song. Hindi ka ba maiinsulto?

      • robert000001

        Alam mo DNA, lahat ng tao pwede gumamit ng sash. Nakita ko iba ang kulay, nakasulat, at disenyo ng ibang university. Ang school hym, wag mong ikukumpara kasi hindi comparable. Gumamit ka ng ibang mas akmang example. Of course, walang matinong uni n kokopya s exact na tono ng hymn nyo. Pero, ang sash pwede gamitin ng iba yan. Ano ba? Kunyari naisipan nyo n magsuot ng salakot sa graduation, di na rin pwede magsalakot ang tagaibang university pag graduation nila?

      • DNABarcodingGuy

        Ugh sineryoso mo kasi eh. ‘Di mo tuloy na-gets. O sige, isa pa para masaya. Isipin mo, Philippine eagle, na buong buhay mong inakalang sa Pilipinas lang meron. Proud na proud ka pa. Haribon naks. Largest extant eagle naks. Sobrang gwapong ibon shet kami lang meron nito hwooh! Tas, ayy joke lang pala, meron din pala nun sa Indonesia at China. Anong mararamdaman mo?

      • robert000001

        Ai, hindi pa rin akma example mo. actually getz at basang-basa kita lalo na sa latest example mo, lolz. Medyo mahina lng tlg pangintindi mo plus maramot lols, also you cannot rise above your own emotions. Feeling mo nanakawan ka. Ikaw nmn kasi umasa kapa na kayo lng pwede mgsuot ng sash pg graduation tas tampururot na nung nakita n my karapatan rin pla magsuot ng iba (nakiuso sa UP na gusto maiba?)

      • DNABarcodingGuy

        Nope. Hindi mo pa rin na-gets. Sarado na isip mo eh. Never mind.

      • robert000001

        Oo, never mind peace of mind megamind ;)

      • tagaDumantay

        Siguro walang gagaya sa UP pag naggraduation sila ng hubo’t hubad kagaya ng oblivion nila.

      • cleoan

        oblation po

      • robert000001

        Nilike ko post mo kasi funny :) pero aun nhalata lalo superiority complex mo, kala mo sobrang gwapong ibon ka na dahil ikaw lng ang ibon n my sash ano? Naks!

    • vinzerx

      THAT is your sole example for saying UP students are arrogant? Wow, such low standards for assigning generalizations. I think what is more shameful is your poor rationalization and low barrier of entry for others to fall under your grossly irresponsible generalizations.

      • robert000001

        Vinze, when I say “some,” i mean some not all. Now, who’s generalizing? Geez, you could not even detect subtleties in logic and qualifying words in reasoning. And please, don’t try to sound like you are an intellectual animal. What “low barrier of entry”‘shit are you rambling about. Use simple words. You are annoying. “Criterion” would have sufficed.

      • shane oy

        hurt feelings? oh well truth hurts.

      • robert000001

        Another thing, i cited an example to support my personal opinion. I never said that it was my sole basis or example. You’re quite confusing yourself.

      • robert000001

        Vinze, when I say “some,” i mean some – not all. Now, who’s generalizing? Geez, you could not even detect subtleties in logic and qualifying words in reasoning. And please, don’t try to sound like you are an intellectual animal. What “low barrier of entry”‘sh*t are you rambling about. Use simple words. You are annoying. “Criterion” would have sufficed.

    • cheesecake_21

      A reaction to your statement saying “As if only UP students have the right to wear a glorified sash and can use baybayin script.”

      Why is the sash “glorified” in the very first place? Where did the glory come from? Did it come from the cloth on its barest form or did it come from the dignity and fortitude of the original bearers who used it as a symbol to glorify their Alma Mater? Anyone can take a cloth and use it for the purpose of “show” but a respectable individual will strive to build his OWN MARK in the society he belongs to. That’s why we condemn plagiarism and respect intellectual integrity.

      • robert000001

        How about filing a case for copyright infringement? ;)

      • ajca82

        LOL. Our high school almost got sued by UP for copying the “Unibersidad ng Pilipinas” chant

      • robert000001

        Nice soliloquy.

    • $44479964

      Parang Apple, gustong i-patent sa Europe ang slide lock.

  • maysayako

    palibhasa kasi di niya mabola at mauto ang mga taga-u.p., esp taga u.p. diliman, di kasi sya pumasa sa diliman nung upcat kaya sa iloilo bagsak niya! nyahaha!

    • shane oy

      pinatunayan mo na rin sinabi nya “kaya sa iloilo bagsak niya” ayan.

  • muddygoose

    Love the jokes. But, seriously, isn’t Miriam actually talking about herself?

  • $26606290

    Poor speaker choice…poor grads…..panoorin niyo na lang sa you tube commencement speeches ni Steve Jobs, JK Rowling etc sa Harvard. May aral kayong mapupulot……

    • watermelongirl

      poor grads agad? sige ikaw nang magaling.. kung makapanghusga naman agad wagas. si senator lang po ang naninira.. wag mangdamay.

      • DNABarcodingGuy

        Hala, ang lala. :))

      • winstoncdumas

        Hindi mo nagets sinabi niya. “Poor grads” dahil si Miriam ang nagspeech. “Wag mangdamay” ampotek e ikaw nga ‘yung ganyan mag-isip.

      • cheesecake_21

        “poor grads” meaning yun binigay kasi sa kanila na graduation speech is not inspiring at hindi maganda yun mensahe. Poor in this context means “kawawa”. Kawawa naman yun graduates kasi hindi words of inspiration yun binigay sa kanila but rather a streak of hatred and condemnation.

  • Jun Manacsa

    Graduation speech ba yan?

  • cheesecake_21

    UP, being the country’s premiere state university, is a microcosm and representation of the entire nation. Whatever it is that you do to the University OF THE PHILIPPINES (take note: not University of Korea or University of any other country) you also do to the entire country.

  • david

    idiot ka rin naman santiago ah. so…..

  • 33Sambuang2

    umandar na naman ang topak ni brenda. bren damage ka talaga miriam.

  • ajca82

    Sorry for being arrogant Madame Senator, but that’s just me, and you, of course.

    But I wouldn’t say everyone from UP is arrogant.

    • Bamm Gabriana

      I do think everyone in UP has his/her own yabang.

      • Chi

        I think they deserve it somehow considering they passed UP. One only has a slim chance of passing there.

      • cheesecake_21

        You don’t know that much of people, do you? I am thankful to be immersed in a company where people from various universities jive together. You have your generalizations only because you haven’t met a lot, or you are too unfortunate to have only met the worst. :)

  • Gu3st

    the woman with “PERFECT” persona… only in her dreams!

  • http://www.facebook.com/RJrodriguez18 Roseann Jonamae Rodriguez

    “Talo sila ng Our Lady of Fatima University. Subsidized ang tuition nila (UP), hindi sila namomorblema ng pera nila. At iba sa kanila, galing pa sa mayaman na pamilya–very powerful people, families filled with prestige, social power…” she said.

    Subsidized nga ang tuition. Pero sapat ba ang subsidy?

    • shane oy

      iniexpect mo ba na saluhin ng taxpayer ang pag aaral mo sa kolehiyo?

    • BawalAngReklamador

      Kahit naman ITAAS ng gubyerno ang “subsidy” sa tuition, SIGURADONG sasabihing kulang pa DIN ei..

      GUSTO kasi LIBRE lahat..

  • namumulitika

    maraming mayaman kasi wala ng mahirap ang maka-enrol dahil walang pambayad ng pamasahe papunta, pang-lunch at kung ano ano pa kasi ang scholarship magagamit lang sa tuition. Kung maganda pa bahay pero yung totoo mahirap lang malabo ng makakuha ng Bracket C pababa sa UP. Kelangan mong magtiis sa 1000 per unit. Lahat yan nangyayari dahil hindi na fully subsidized ang UP. Darating ang panahon na puro mayaman na lang ang makakapasok dahil in the future, kung magpapatuloy to, magiging 2000 per unit for sure ang UP. Langya.

  • Yobhtron

    Kulang na kulang nga ang mga subsidy ng mga state universities. Idonate mo na lang ang pork barrel mo Brenda at siguradong matutuwa pa sa iyo ang mga estudyante.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    It’s true!Puro kayabangan lang naman sila, mga pinag-aral ng bayan pero kung magsilbi sila sa nagpaaral sa kanila, kinakain din ng sistema!Yung mga di naman kayanin, namumundok na lang.What a waste!

    • cheesecake_21

      Pinag-aral ako ng bayan at nagbibigay ng tamang buwis para sa bayan.

  • tra6Gpeche

    UP students are supposed to be the smartest students in the country. However, they are only smart academically and so with some of the students in other Colleges and Universities in the Philippines. But what do the Philippines get from these students after they graduate? They, more or less, become Senators and Congressmen. They make themselves and their families very rich. I wish these UP students would, one day, become innovators and inventors to help the country become a world class country. After all, they are the best asset of the country and they are still young with principle and upright moral values. Otherwise, the country is wasting the people’s money for subsidizing their tuition.

  • eorlando

    It is sad that your major accomplishment in life is where got your knowledge and not what you have done with it. Show me, Don’t have to tell me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pspedroche Pompeyo Pedroche

    You can call her Brenda or whatever but to me Miriam Santiago is certainly Brainy, more brainy that her political detractors.

    • cheesecake_21

      Brainy and mayabang.

  • rudy_boy

    The main reason
    why they are not in UP because they failed in the admission test (UPCAT). For the sake of argument, some of them passed, but didn’t survive the UP life. Some of them passed, but not the course or campus they preferred.

    One blogger revealed
    that Santiago’s son failed to enter college of Law, hence the rant against her
    Alma Mater.

    • aspirin200

      That’s very arrogant of you to think that UPCAT is the main reason why majority of Filipino students did not go to UP. Its as if, by passing the UPCAT, one becomes part of the intellectual elite when its only a college entrance test.

      Your comment about Santiago’s son sounds hearsay to me. Is that the trademark of somebody who passed the UPCAT?

      Much as I abhor her antics, I think Miriam had squarely hit this one.

  • seeyoupao

    share ko lang story ko. i failed upcat, but for the record hindi ako naging bitter. mahirap lang din naman kami especially for a family of five na tatay ko lang ang may trabaho as a public school teacher. maganda din naman napasukan kong school, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. so scholar din naman ako although may part na binabayaran din kami. siguro isa lang maipagyayabang ko that i worked very hard for my education, that despite our financial situation naigapang ng magulang ko ang pagaaral ko. maraming ganitong istorya hindi lang sa UP, kahit sa Ateneo, DLSU at UST at kung saan saan pang university. kung dati nagaasam ako ng magandang buhay, ngayon halos abot kamay ko na ito, hindi nga lang UP ang naging daan but my determination na balang araw giginhawa ako. minsan naiisip ko hindi lang sapat na matalino ka para umasenso ka, sabi nga ng dating kandidato kailangan din ng sipag at tiyaga. naisip ko din that sometimes we have to do our part. sabi nila wala ng libre sa panahong ito. sabi ko naman sa panahong ito oo, pero sa mga susunod pang panahon di natin alam. medyo mukhang malayu layu pa nga lang ang mga susunod na panahon. dati humingi ako ng pasensya sa tatay ko kasi hindi ako full scholar at may binabayaran ako kahit konti sabi niya sa akin “bakit mo hihintayin bumagsak ang bayabas sa lupa, kung babagsak lang ito kung pagkabulok ay nalalapit na. hanggat may oras ka pa sungkitin mo na. hindi naman importante kung maiksi o mahaba sungkit mo eh, basta ang importante gumawa ka ng paraan para maabot ang prutas”.ewan ko sa tatay ko bakit ganito siya sumagot eh PE teacher siya. sabi lang niya ganun talaga kasama yan sa buhay. sabi niya hanggat may paraan at panahon pa igapang na ang pagaaral huwag lahat iasa sa gobyerno. ewan ko ba pwede naman yun na ang sabihin nya.

  • $44479964

    The reason why pinuri ni Miriam ang Fatima University ay para malaki ang honorarium nya. Ganun lang yun.

  • boybakal

    Miriam is just honest, brutally honest.
    Kung may tinamaan man, that is the truth, they deserved it.
    UP….its only a name, what matters is how the person does in life whether you are a graduate of University of the Philippines or University of Probinsiya.

    • cheesecake_21

      HIndi nagpatama si Miriam. Nag-generalize sya ng lahat. Kaya nga hindi nya sinabi na “yung ibang taga-UP” kundi “yung mga taga-UP” meaning lahat. I find this very unethical considering na utang na loob nya sa UP ang degree at pangalan nya. Sabi nga nila, “Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makararating sa paroroonan”. She should show some gratitude and respect to her own Alma Mater.

  • bayankopdi


    • http://www.facebook.com/wdkingdom Wang Dom

      Sir, ang tawag Po dun sa nangyari ke Kristel eh LOA o leave of absence Hindi Po Siya pinag resign. At Hindi Po ako naniniwala na KARAMIHAN sa mga taga UP eh mayayaman. Ang UP Po eh marami ng campus. Hindi Lang Po sa maynila at Quezon City. Meron din sa tacloban, Davao, cebu, iloilo, meron din dati satellite school sa tarlac. At los Banos. Yung mga NASA probinsiya na campus karamihan Po sa Kanila eh Hindi mayayaman – pero merong mayayaman. At yun nga ang problema na matagal nang Baguhin nang mga studyante nang UP ang papano kina classify nang UP ang pinansyal na kakayahan nang Bata. Nung nag umpisa ang STFAP mag karoon Ka Lang nanag isang TV ( Kahit black and white) radio eh malaki na ang ranking mo.

      Nakaka insulto Po sa mga kaklase at kasabayan ko sa UP na mahihirap na nag sumikap mag aral ang Hindi pag acknowledge niyo sa Kanila. Wag Po tayo ng mag salita na pang kalahatan. Hindi ho kami perpekto pero Hindi Rin ho kami dapat maliitin at sabihing naka pasa lang kami dahil sabi mo mayayaman kami lahat sa UP.

    • BawalAngReklamador

      PARA kang kumunista kabayan sa kumento mong yan..

  • tagasugod

    Thank God she did not become our president.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wdkingdom Wang Dom

    Sang ayon ako sa may nagsabi na Hindi kami nagbabangit Kung Saan kami nakatapos nang collegio Kung Hindi kami tinatanong, at kung tanungin man ako ay lugar lang ang binabanggit ko. Hindi nga namin binabanggit Kung Ano kurso namin Kung Hindi kailangan. Hindi Rin namin bibibigyan importansya Kung mahirap o mayaman ang kausap namin kasi nga may mga kasamahan kami na Galing sa ibat ibang uri nang pinansyal na kakayahan. Nakatira kami sa dormitoryo na luma, walang tubig, sardinas/pancit canton ang ulam – mahirap man o mayaman eh pareha kami lahat nang pinag dadaanan. May kasamahan ako na pag Hindi sapat ang pera niya tinutulog nalang ang gutom, may Panahon din na ang isang lata nang sardinas eh, almusal, tanghalian at hapunan ko. May kasamahan naman ako na anak mayaman – pagkatapos Niya nang collegio eh nag trabaho sa construction sa daan habang nag aantay nang board exam result, nung nakapasa Siya dun lang nalaman nang mga kasamahan Niya Kung Ano ang natapos niya.

    May kasamahan kami na anak nang isang labor leader, yung Isa goverment official, yung Isa magsasaka, yung isa Datu, yung Isa Igorot, yung isa nakatira sa ilocos, yung Isa taga Zamboanga, may mga taga science high school, yung Isa public school, yung Isa bisaya, yung Isa aklanon

  • http://www.facebook.com/wdkingdom Wang Dom

    simple Lang ang pananamit, puting t shirt at maong na Hindi nilalabhan nag isang linggo. Hindi Rin importante ang itsura namin pag pumapasok kami sa klasroom. Yan ang UP na alam ko at Pinang galingan. Sa experience ko mas marami pang taga ibang paaralan ang mas malalakas ang boses pag sagot Kung Saan sila Galing na collegio. At Isa ako sa mga Tao na nag sasabi sa lahat nang kakilala at nakaka usap ko nag mag take nang UPCAT dahil sa Tingin ko eh LAHAT eh may tsansa at karapatan sumubok makapasok sa UP.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wdkingdom Wang Dom

    Sang ayon ako sa may nagsabi na Hindi kami nagbabangit Kung Saan kami nakatapos nang collegio Kung Hindi kami tinatanong, at kung tanungin man ako ay lugar lang ang binabanggit ko. Hindi nga namin binabanggit Kung Ano kurso namin Kung Hindi kailangan. Hindi Rin namin bibibigyan importansya Kung mahirap o mayaman ang kausap namin kasi nga may mga kasamahan kami na Galing sa ibat ibang uri nang pinansyal na kakayahan. Nakatira kami sa dormitoryo na luma, walang tubig, sardinas/pancit canton ang ulam – mahirap man o mayaman eh pareha kami lahat nang pinag dadaanan. May kasamahan ako na pag Hindi sapat ang pera niya tinutulog nalang ang gutom, may Panahon din na ang isang lata nang sardinas eh, almusal, tanghalian at hapunan ko. May kasamahan naman ako na anak mayaman – pagkatapos Niya nang collegio eh nag trabaho sa construction sa daan habang nag aantay nang board exam result, nung nakapasa Siya dun lang nalaman nang mga kasamahan Niya Kung Ano ang natapos niya.

  • hu_yu

    yun yung mayayayabang na Upian, yun yung mga walang laman ang utak…
    parang lata lang yan, maingay kasi walang laman…nagkukunwari lang…

    pero yung iba naman na tahimik yun yung mga matitinik


    Si Mirriam, ulyanin na ….. hehehe…..


    Na delete ang post ko. Ganito para iwas delete > Si Mirriam, hindi pa ULYANIN. Naga speech pa….. hehehe…..

  • SMEjhong

    ganyan na lang sana!..State U para sa mga poor..Private para sa mga rich – just saying!..

  • penoy2012

    Totoo naman na mas madami sa taga UP ang sobra ang yabang. Akala nila sila lagi ang tama. At gusto nila lahat libre.

  • AllaMo

    Sugod! Sugod! I lied…

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    I used to call Senator Miriam “Brenda” particularly during the impeachment of ex-CJ Corona. But wit her recent speeches I am starting to doubt if my impreesion was accurate..

  • Cano Manuel

    This article is a joke. I really hate the part of the article’s translations. There are so many.

  • ApoNiLolo

    Merong mga mayabang na estudyante dahil sa P-yups sila. Merong mga maa-arte na estudyante sa UP dahil anak-mayaman sila. But Merriam generalizing UP students as “mayabang” and “maarte” is very unfair.

    On the other hand, I have my doubt if Meriam’s generalization of politicos can also be considered unfair. >: D

  • http://twitter.com/brixvillapando brix villapando

    A basta overrated talaga ang graduate ng UP…marami talaga saksakan ng yabang kahit non-quota course lang naman ang tinapos…..

  • tulironghenyo

    hahaha….Looney talaga. She was once a UP student so whats the fuss?

  • tulironghenyo

    You only call them mayabang kasi talunan ka sa bawat argumento. Dahil mas matalino sila kay sa karamihan.

  • tulironghenyo

    Mas maraming mayabang sa La Salle at Ateneo. Ba’t ba ang UP ang inaatupag ng tulirang ito? Ah I see. Bitterness.

  • reyfquisumbing

    Pag pumasa sa UPCAT tanggap sa UP mayaman man o mahirap, pero di cguradong maka graduate. Dapat Matalino o matinik/maabilidad pero mas mabuti – matalino at matinik/maabilidad. Pero para sa akin 2 schools lang, UP and others. Sorry na lang kayo na hindi alumnus ng UP. Ako alumnus ng UPLB and I really enjoyed my college days kasi member ako ng LABAY 1957

  • boybakal

    In other countries like US or Canada, they don’t care where you graduated.
    As long as you have degree and capable of doing your job, you’re hired.
    And how’s that….Harvard, Cambridge, Standford are the universities that matters.
    UP who cares.

    Abroad, University of Manila is better known than UP, Ateneo or La Salle.
    Get a degree from UM and go abroad.

  • agaylaya

    Yang si Miriam… pang entertainment na lang siya… politico na show-biz. Of course marami tayong show-biz na politico naman ang dating. Pare-parehong mabenta sa news.

  • vince_bugaboo

    ‘kakalito at ‘kakaistorbo lang ang mga translations mo, inday Ager. makulit ka lang. they are superfluous. tagalog na nga sila, e. palagay mo hindi kami marunong umintindi ng tagalog? tsaka wala namang nagbabasa ng mga translation mo, nilalaktawan lang, see?

  • http://www.facebook.com/moncsj.moncsj Moncsj Moncsj

    The International Court Of Justice will do well to re-consider its appointment of Ms. Santiago. She may not have sounded like this when she was nominated but it looks like she has really lost her marbles.

  • nappa1

    of course miriam brenda hates UP.
    UP hates her. if she dared show up in any UP campus, but especially diliman, the students and faculty will throw rotten tomatoes and eggs at her.

  • titolim

    madam, tell us about your pork kung saan mo dinadala kung ano ang mga projects mo, di tulad ni Drillon tadtad ng projects ang iloilo ngayon.

  • MaySenseBa

    Our Lady of Fatima University principal and board of directors are IDIOTS. Why else would you invite a lunatic for a commencement speaker if you aren’t one yourself.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    That is the most inappropriate graduation speech I have ever heard (or read). It is so wrong in so many levels.

    You cannot just rant about something very negative against others in one of the most special days of both the students and their parents. I just could not stress how stupid Miriam was for ruining this very special day for them.

    You cannot give the students of the University of our Lady of Fatima the illusion that they are better than the students of UP just because the students of UP have seen through you and your malevolent and sinister antics. No offense to OLFU, if that’s what it’s also called, but I have not heard of this university until now.

    You don’t give out stupid high school jokes, which you do everyday, in the very day that culminates all the hard work of college students. If you care enough to concoct new stupid jokes, you would have cared enough to make something memorable, something that inspires, or something that made sense to the graduating class. What you did was field atrocities, hatred, prejudices, and tactless remarks, which all the more made you stupider and lacking class.

    OLFU may have invited Miriam to solicit a witty and inspiring speech for the graduating class to go them by. But she brazenly used this opportunity to advance her juvenile and moronic agenda and in the end shameless enough to accept a P100,000 honorarium. What a dirty Senator she really is.

  • Putakte Naman

    nagsalita ngek ngek mo!

  • hustlergalore

    “Ang mga taga-UP, mayayabang. Kala mo kung sinong mag-arte,” she said.

    -in fairness, tama naman. pero madam, ang tawag talaga diyan superiority complex. LOL

  • observer1356

    nakakatuwa si tita miriam…hehehe

  • moks

    Why do we blame UP for not accepting poor students. Why not blame the public high school system for not producing more brilliant students who can pass the UPCAT. Ang mga pumapasa lang kadalasan na galing sa Public High School system eh yung mga nasa “Top” section nila… why not make all sections “high” in quality.. Yan ang advantage ng mga mayayaman… they can send their children to the best high schools to prepare the kids for a brighter future…

  • axe musk

    TRUE, UP nowadays were now for the rich and mighty, only a small percentage were really from poor intelligent students that REALLY deserved to be subsidized by the state… These rich and mighty sons, daughters and relatives of politicians when they get out of UP to join the corporate world, they will join the gov’t. and still not contented with being subsidized during their collegiate schooling, they will make a way to STEAL from the gov’t. coffers….. Look where did our majority of Lawmakers (the same Lawbreakers) come from??? UP, ADMU, DLSU???? Likewise economically, look at where the Philippines is positioned in S.E.A.??? But in Corruption Ranking, we may be the FIRST!!!

  • 2rey3

    Pag tumawa ka sa jokes ni Miriam, ok ka pero pag di ka sumang- ayon sa mga kasinungalingan at kayabangan niya, di ka ok. Bakit marami pa ang nagpapauto sa kanya? Pero di ko rin segurado kung siya din ang inuuto ng audience niya!!!!

  • Chem Lloyd L. Signapan

    Miriam nga naman.

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