Estrada still owes P307.6M–gov’t lawyers



Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada: Owes government P307.6 million

MANILA, Philippines—Government prosecutors have disclosed that former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada has yet to hand over P307,602,835 of the P734.99 million in ill-gotten wealth  that the Sandiganbayan Special Division ordered forfeited in favor of the state following his conviction for plunder in 2007.

Only P427.39 million of the amount has been turned over, according to a six-page comment filed by prosecutors Deputy Special Prosecutor John I.C. Turalba, Assistant Ombudsman Elvira C. Chua and Assistant Special Prosecutor III Kristine Jennifer E. Carreon.

The forfeiture of Estrada’s ill-gotten wealth was ordered by the court based on its decision finding the former president guilty of plunder beyond reasonable doubt on Sept. 12, 2007.

The court ordered the confiscation of P545,291,000 in “jueteng” payola, as well as P200 million in the account of the Erap Muslim Youth Foundation (EMYF), P189.7 million in deposits in the Jose Velarde bank account which came from Estrada’s commission in the purchases of Belle Corp. shares by the Government Service Insurance System  and Social Security System, and a house and lot in New Manila, Quezon City, known as the “Boracay Mansion.”

The court was able to establish that Estrada was the beneficial owner of the Jose Velarde account then being maintained at Equitable-PCI Bank. EPCI Bank has since been acquired by Banco de Oro-Unibank.

Of the P427.39 million that has been garnished to date, P215.84 million came from the proceeds of the EMYF; P101.27 million and another P26,543.89 in cash from Investment Management Account No. 101-78056-1 in the name of Jose Velarde; and 450 million shares of stock of Waterfront with an assessed value of P110.25 million (at P0.245 per share as of April 13, 2009).

To settle the balance, prosecutors have proposed the confiscation of the remaining assets in the Velarde account in Banco de Oro consisting of some 300 million in Wellex shares used as partial collateral by businessman William Gatchalian for a P500-million loan from Velarde.

“Considering therefore that the assets already in the possession of the honorable court is still insufficient in the amount of P307,602,835.60, it is requested that the balance be taken from the loan payments reportedly made by William Gatchalian as well as the delivery to this honorable court of the 300 million shares of Wellex,” the prosecution said in their comment.

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  • Tyril

    nagamit na yata ang pera sa kampanya ng dalawa niyang anak.

  • allan carandang

    This is why Erap is desperate to become mayor. Babawiin nya sa kaban ng bayan ang perang mawawala sa kanya.

    • regd

      Still the blind followers with short-lived memories will elect him. These people, whose moral compass is the same as with their idol, deserved him. There is no cure for stupid.

    • Yxon

      ha ha ha …very logical..

      kay Erap tayo , para lalong maging mahirap.

  • Ozamis7

    Sa mga taga maynila.. ibuto nyo si ERAP dahil si ERAP ay para sa mga KURAP…good luck na lang sa inyo kung tatanga kayo…

  • hustlergalore

    UNA talaga! LOL

  • brunogiordano


    May boboto pa kaya sa TAONG IYAN??????

    • Ronilo Yap

      Huwag ka pre, last election nga muntik na… Dami yata bobotante ang pinas.

      • nes911

        Sa maynila lang ang botohan at hindi sa buong pinas.

    • Pio Pusli

      majority pa rin ang tanga, malaki ang tsansa nyan.

  • jiovi

    Bobo ang boboto sa UNA…

  • jiovi

    ang adviser ng UNA si ESTRADA!!!

  • mangtom

    allan carandang: sa tingin ko wala pa naman nawawalang pera si kurap na Erap. Reason: yong mga perang binabawi ng gobierno ay hindi naman talagang kanya. Kung kanya yon na pera, then mawawala sa kanya. Technically speaking, pera ng bayan yan. IMHO.

    Ngayon kung ang mga “masa” sa Maynila ay kakagat pa sila sa kasinungalingan at katarantaduhan niya, it’s their life, not mine. These guys, most of them to be more accurate, don’t care about their future. To them it is a great pride to be associated with this deceiver, nagyayabang pang pro-kurap Erap sila. In the end, they asked for it. At the end of the day, they are happy with their lot. And that’s what count. Happy sila, happy ako kasi hindi naman ako boboto sa gunggung na ito. That is the sad state of affairs in this country.

  • Jojo Griffin

    Erap..yan basahin mo mabuti yan..Guilty ka sa kasong plunder..lagi mong sinasabi na hindi ka guilty.dali mo naman makalimot.ayan..basahin mong mabuti.mga botanteng Pilipino wag nang paloloko..

    • TMZPinoy

      Ang problema kasi walang mapagpilian ang LIM isa rin “tulisan” eh..lahat ng Dirty TRICKS nasa kanya rin..amoy lupa na eh gusto pa rin maging mayor kasi nandoon ang pera sa office of the mayor….porciento na lang nya kay Lat Co yun contractor ng basura ubod na ng laki…eh papano pa yun pasugalan sa china town ng mga intsik at sa binondo.etc.

  • farmerpo

    Sound like the government is waiting for ERAP to hand over the P300M… Manigas kayo…

    Pag ordinaryong Juan, kulong agad maski medyo maliit pa diyan ang ninakaw. Eto, pakiusap pa yata ang gagawin. Tigas ba talaga si Asiong? Antayin pa ba si Binay? Kay Binay, pati utang pardon. Wawang Pinoy…. ubusin na lang kasi ang mga magnanakaw na yan. Dirty Harry, ano pa inaantay mo?



  • ernievictory

    Erap Para Sa Mahirap…….Singilin !

  • Hellomr

    Karamihan sa mga botante hindi alam ito wala sila pakialam… Ito dahilan kaya dapat ibagsak lahat ng Estrada sa darating na election………

  • Hey_Dudes

    For this reason alone, COMELEC should have barred this ex-convict from running for government position. Yesterday, we read about a former envoy to Japan dismissed from office and all benefits forfeited all because she committed perjury when she submitted her educational background. In short, she lied about her qualification. Erap plundered and now still owes government tons of money and he is still running for government office? Parang hindi ito tama yata ano?

    • teekaye2

      Yes I agree the law should be enforced the same for all cizens

      • regd

        And who are those cizens? (No pun intended)

    • Luthmar

      Hindi lang “parang”, hindi tama talaga.

  • wazgoingon

    Word has it, that the condo which the Estradas built along Shaw boulevard was finished without any borrowed funds or any pre-selling of units. Now, this can only mean that Erap is still awash with cash. Tama nga si Pnoy, dapat di binigyan nang pardon itong ungas na ito. Saksakan nang yabang. Walang ka kurap kurap kung magsabi na wala daw siyang kasalanan at wala siyang ninakaw sa kaban nang bayan.

    • Jane Tan

      Kaya nga niya pinasok sa condo and probably sa ibang pangalan. Para wala siyang pambayad.


    erap por favor, bayaran mo na! kung wala ka nang pera mag-promissory note ka at gawin mong co-maker sina; jpenrile, jinggoy, jv, beaver lopez, guia gomez, dra. senator ejercito, jojo binay, mitos magsaysay, migs zubiri, gordon, NAKU ANG DAMI PA para makaalpas ka na sa problema mo. HINDI KA PABABAYAAN KUNG TUNAY KANG KAIBIGAN.

  • Ricgwapo

    What is the election rule in regards to someone who wants to run in the election but owes the government huge amount of money due to plunder?

    One would wonder how unethical our electoral system allow such candidate to run?

    Well, one comment could be right. Once Erap is in power, perhaps he could accumulate more money to “pay” or rescind his debt from “plundering” the Filipinos’ coffer.

    Believed me, Erap will come out with a an answer here: that this is “political” and news release because it is election time.

    Election time or not, why do we let him run in the first place? What happened if he wins? Will he ask for cancellation of his debt because the “people of Manila has given him mandate and trust him?”

    If Erap wins, please don’t blame our country why we are always left behind by our neighbors. It simply means we want “entertainers” in government rather than those that really deliver the services we all deserve and have right to demand.

    • teekaye2

      I agree the voters get what they deserve they have to stop being blinded by entertainers and the like and vote for an honest keen person EDUCATION is the answer

    • regd

      I’m with Ricgwapo whatever he says.

  • wawa2172

    Well the news is a point for Lim and losses for Erap. Somehow since the 300M Php owed by Erap could be settled with the money deposited at Banco de Oro then, the court would clear him of debt once the court decide in favor of the government. Now who will win in Manila election? It would be a close one for Erap and Lim. The current mayor of Manila is not clean at all, marami din siyang naitago at he is well protected by the current government. He should have been thrown out of the office after the Luneta hostage crises but is save by his benefactor, the president himself. Thanks God, that I am not from Manila that I do not have to suffer the kind of politics that this two trapos will deliver to the poor residents of metropolis.

  • Simplify1

    dapat si JV Estrada hindi rin botohin…. lalayo pa ba ang hulog ng bunga sa punong pinangalingan?

    • Guest

      P545,291,000 in “jueteng” payola na narekober kay Erap ng gobyerno. Wow!
      Sayang yun a, di ba ex pres Erap?

  • Telecom Snooper Super

    Kayo naman o, parang wala kayong alam sa balak ni Erap. Kaya nga tatakbong Mayor ng Maynila e para pagnahalal kukunin sa kaban ng Lungsod ng Maynila ang pambayad nya sa Sandigan Bayan.

    • Guest

      Naku marami pang pera yang si Erap, di ba’t magbo-vote buying pa siya sa
      Manila para siguradong panalo sa Mayor.

  • 100345roselia

    To the Manila residents: Is Erap the kind of mayor you want for your city? His track
    record as adulterer, manipulator of GSIS/SSS funds for his personal gain, owner of
    Velarde account through the courtesy as jueting lord & epitome of political dynasty
    will speak for itself. What he says is not what he has done. As the saying goes,
    “Ang manga ay hindi mamunga ng santol.”

    • regd

      YES, sigurado ang sagot. Resign na ako sa idea na naway gising na ang karamihang pinoy. Gising na nga pero bulag pa rin!

      • askal2u

        nananaginip ng gising nakatulala sa hangin, yan mga botanteng pinoy, est penoy pala kasi mga bugok din mga utak pagdating ng botahan

  • Fancy Tan

    Estrada nga nmn……….

  • tulfotumbong

    Puro yabang lang pala itong si Erap. Convicted plunderer at may utang pa sa gobierno. Ano ito at may lakas pang tumakbo para sa mayor ng Maynila. Mahiya ka naman magnanakaw at convicted na criminal.

  • teekaye2

    Why does not government seize assets to the value of debt?/

  • romjov2009

    “sorry lasheng lang ako…he he he babayaran ko rin yan pag nanalo ako mayor manila bwark nasuka tuloy ako he.he he”

  • Horst Manure

    Your judiciary is the best money can buy.
    And as good as a chocolate teapot.

  • Johnny

    Kaya andami hindi kumakain sa Pinas hindi umiikot/nadidistribute ng tama ang pera.

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Kapag nanalo pa si PlundErap ibig sabihin Bobo mga taga Maynila.
    Bobo rin mga Filipino kapag nanalo sina:
    1. Nancy “Alalay” Binay
    2. Migs “Daya” Zunbiri
    3. JV “PlundERAP” Estrada
    4. Jack “Martial Law” Enrile

    5. Mitos “Doggy” Arroyo
    6. Gringo “Murderer” Honasan
    7. No Dick “KSP” Gordon
    8. Ernie “Corrupt” Maceda

    • Guest

      Ubos na ang yaman ni Erap kaya nga tumatakbo muli sa pagka-Mayor ng
      Manila para magpayaman siya ulit.

  • Guest

    May utang pa si Erap sa gobyerno? Ang utang dapat bayaran, take that Ex
    President Erap!

  • Pio Pusli

    wait ’till he become the mayor of manila. he’ll set up huweteng in every kanto and babam bayad yan in a year.

  • Pio Pusli

    ‘yong bahamas secret account ni JV, surely ki erap din yon.

  • Guest

    Sabi ni Erap wala siyang utang sa gobyerno. Meron pala at P307 milyon.
    Sinugaling ka Erap!

  • Guest

    Kapal ng mukha ni Erap. Pinagpiyestahan na ang pondo ng bayan tapos
    ngayon di niya magawang magbayad ng utang. Kapal!


  • Gu3st

    only a fool would vote for erap…

  • disqusted0fu

    Estrada still owes P300 million… and yet he is still allowed to run for city mayor? And was allowed to run for president in 2010? Worse is that he even came in second. Not only that there is a problem with the Comelec, clearly there’s also a problem with the voters.

  • disqusted0fu

    You have to somehow feel bad for the people in Manila. They have a choice only between Estrada and Lim?? It’s a lose-lose situation. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There has to be better qualifications and requirements for aspiring public officials if we want our choices to also get better.

    • jseesus


  • rinom

    whatever you sow you will reap,,, if you vote for babaero, lasengero, sugalero you will surely reap corruption. tama ang nakasulat,,, ipinagmamalaki pa nila ang kanilang kahihiyan dahil ang kanilang Diyos ay ang kanilang tiyan, their pride is their shame and their belly is their God, their destiny is destruction, and there is no fear of God in their eyes.

  • regd

    And why did we allow a convicted plunderer to run for public office?

    • Simplify1

      simply because he was “unconditionally pardoned” by an equally corrupted pGMA… kala kasi ni gma basta siya naman ang naka salang sa korte i-papardon din siya… eh si PNoy ang naging presidente, kalaboso siya ngayon…

  • $16638896

    hayop tlga tong si erap, napakabobo na ng mga taga manila kapag ibinoto pa nila itong hinayupak nato.

  • regd

    I will prove you people that Filipino voters are still hopeless. I predict this plunderer will win and UNA as well. We are all screwed and doomed because we are being outnumbered by blind idiots with short-lived memories. What happen to PNoy is just an anomaly! I give up voting long time ago.

  • damuhoka

    May mga hindi parin maniniwala dyan na mandarambong nga talaga ang kanilang idol. Kahit sinong pilipino hindi kayang linlangin ang lahat ng tao. Subukan mo sa mga kapitbahay mo kung lahat maniniwala sayo. Ganun din ang hukuman natin, hindi lahat yan kayang manipulahin ng mga estrada. Kung ano man ang lumabas na hatol, malaki o maliit ang amount, hindi parin maalis na may katotohanan ito kahit paano pa ito paikutin.

    At sa iba pang estrada sa gobyerno at mga ka alyansa sa UNA.. birds of the same feather..

  • ApoNiLolo

    This is what’s wrong with our government. We have too many laws but its “interpretation” is different for the guilty but influential. If Erap owes that much, the government have every right to confiscate his properties to cover for the balance. As simple as that!

    Kesihudang mamulubi sya kung galing naman sa nakaw ang yaman nya!

  • Yxon

    this item should be circulated to our least fortunate Manileno kabayans who have no access to this info….para hindi na iboto ang kanilang idol na convict

  • dabianang_payat

    kaylan pa ba sisingilin ng gobyerno yang utang na yan?

  • Komen To

    Why did Ombudsman barred the former envoy to Japan from public office yet Comelec allow this convict to run? Mayor Lim, I thought ‘the law applies to all, otherwise none at all’

    • askal2u

      only in the pelepens tsong, kasi mga bobo karamihan sa mga botante

  • yonoh

    ang bait talaga ni erap…………..dapat disqulified na sya…………….tsk tsk tsk…….

  • kishbuff

    Magulo talaga ang batas dito! Isipin nyo na lang, nahatulan na ng pandarambong, kumakandidato pa!!! At sobrang arogante at yabang pa! Pilit pinapapaniwala ang mga tao na wala syang kasalanan. tsk tsk tsk. Guilty beyond reasonable doubt ang hatol, e ano pa? Ano kaya ang tawag nyo sa mga tao na boboto pa dito? Kawawang Maynila!

  • teraytaray

    oo naman me balon ng pera yan, di ba may pamilya sya kay Laarni Enriquez sa UK nakatira? duon nag aaral mga anak. magkano ang ex rate ng Piso sa Pounds Php60+

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Paano nya mababayaran eh hindi pa sya nakakaupo sa City Hall ng Maynila. He needs to ransack the city coffers to pay up his debts.

  • $26606290

    Ang Diyos na bahala sa yo pards….

  • $14334231

    ang mga gagong botante ng maynila ang dapat sisishin pag nanalo pa itong mandarambong na ini-idolo nila… brillantes naman ay parang medyo kasangkot ditto dahil pag nanalo itong si babaero ngayon at si maligno sa 2016, hindi siya papalitan sa pagka upo niya sa comelec…….kaya ito ay hindi lang weder-weder kundi pati pera-pera lang ‘yan……

  • palakasantayo

    Throw him in jail till he pays up. What are we waiting for???

  • Luthmar

    Pls go after the secret account in the Virgin Islands. It’s under the name of Jose Velarde
    aka, JV Ejercito. Now we understand why he very badly wants to be the mayor of Manila. He wants to rape the coffers of the city. People of the City of Manila pls do not vote for this thief,

  • Simplify1

    Just one question that I would like to throw to pro-ERAP people still out there. If ERAP did not steal all these monies and properties, where and how the heck then did all these assets come to be? Did it just appear out of nowhere then magically found its way to bank accounts that show ERAP as the beneficiary?

    If you believe that ERAP stole all these and still voted or will still vote for him come May, what does that make you? Can you actually tell your childrens and your children’s children that you voted for a convicted felon and be proud of that, just because! When you vote for ERAP, you are essentially saying that CRIME DOES PAY HUGE REWARDS!!

    If you allow him to continue what he and his family has been doing all these years, you have sunk lower than him. Estrada will benefit from the fruit of his pinoy deception, BUT WILL YOU PERSONALLY BENEFIT?? CHEW ON THIS PLEASE….


    If he can spend much with his mayoralty bid through personal money and donations as they claim when audited by the govt after election, he should have paid first his obligation to the state,and now he’s asking another obligation by running???its like umutang ka ng pera sa kaibigan mo,nung sinisingil ka ala ka pambayad pero may pang shopping ka!too bad we are too democratic!

  • innit1

    If Erap will still win, the electorate of Manila would be the most stupidest voters we have ever known.

  • SMEjhong

    pustahan tayo..this leech will win this election!..Manila – the country’s capital!..if Erap will win this May, this will show how pathetic this nation is (politics and voter education) :( (sad face)

    • Guest

      Maraming friends-gamblers si Erap like si Atong Ang and Stanley Ho. Kaya
      kapag siya ang nahalal na mayor pupunuin niya ng casino ang Maynila.

      • SMEjhong

        Kapag ako ang pinili nyo wala ng trapik and skwater sa Manila – pupunuin ko ito ng pasugalan – Gambling Capital of the Philippines – Erap

  • lagahit

    If this is the amount looted by Estrada. why doesn’t the government not force him to pay? Or else put him in jail for robbery? What kind of government do we have? A person who robs the country is scot-free and even runs for mayor?

    • SMEjhong

      only in the Philippines!

  • Iyen Dev

    Estrada is not stupido to pay this!Own nothing, control everything.Cash is king!

  • nes911

    Yan ang una niyang gagawin kapag nanalong mayor ng maynila, ang Kupitin ang 307 milyon sa kaban ng siyudad para bayaran yung atraso nya sa sandigang bayan. Papayag ba tayo dito, mga kababayang manilenyo?

  • tugakbatan

    Erap was already found guilty of plunder. Bakit pa ba natin iboboto ang magnanakaw na ito?

    • Jane Tan

      Because the masses are stupid and easily influenced by those with money.

      • askal2u

        may tama ka dyan, natumbok mo, kunting halik at yakap lang ni erap sa mga bad breath na botanteng bobo, at iboboto na nila mga UNA. susunod na kabanata, Binay, the new president. Lalong lulubog ang Pinas

    • dodong1

      bakit pa i allow ang isang convicted criminal na tumakbo for government official..ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES…. sa amerika nga pag convicted criminal ka hindi ka na puedeng bomoto..

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    Wala na naubos na hahaha ginamit na sa pangangampanya…hahaha ang bagal nyo kasi

    • Guest

      Hindi lang galing sa gambling lords ang campaign funds ni Erap. Meron
      din siyang natanggap na donation sa drug and smuggling syndicates.

  • jpastor

    Eto ang klase ng taong gustong iboto ng mga taga-maynila. Kapag nanalo yan kukunin sa inyo ang pambayad.

  • levis2012

    Those are the evidences of Erap’s crimes of plunder. He should have been in jail and rot there… He should have not been pardoned by her equally plunderer pardon-giver GMA. if others rot in jail for stealing thousands, why not this evil, wicked and shameless person be jailed for life, or even be executed with death penalty??? Why he is still running for Mayor after all his crimes against the Filipino people… this is the proof of Filipino Justice as perverted, distorted, and totally disgusting!!! This is the proof of Filipino’s lack of sense of what is right and wrong.

    • Guest

      Huwag nating hayaang makapasok ang berdugong si Erap sa Maynila.
      Magkaisa tayong mga maralita. Ibagsak si Erap, ibagsak!

  • Hector Melvin Flores


  • penoy2012

    Malaki pa pala utang ni erap sa bayan. Ano naman ang plano ni Penoy? Titirahin na naman nya sa media ang mga kalaban nya, sa halip na umaksyon.

  • anton kinuton

    estrada has no plan to pay the amount hanggang mamatay siya, kagarapal. ganyan siya so better for the government to levy his properties NOW kung di pa naipangalan sa mga anak at mga asawa niya.

  • kilabot

    i-deputize na si fredlim
    para sya ang maningil kay erap;
    tignan natin kung sino talaga ang matigas.

  • Guest

    Dadanak muna ng dugo bago kami mapalayas ni Erap dito sa kinititirikan
    naming bahay. Sige subukan niya para makita niya ang hinahanap nya!

  • Jocken Dano

    i wonder why for all those years – why now. it seems natutulog kayo sa pancitan. what actions have you people did to recover those money. pera po ng bayan yan !! now, this guy is running for manila mayor as if nothing happened. nakakahiya kayo . . .

  • raffy

    He’ll be able to pay that once installed as Mayor, as he’ll quickly get his loot from government coffers. Tsk tsk

  • white scorpion

    shameless talaga itong politician. convicted na, may utang pa, at ngayon tatakbo pang akala mo’y savior kung panangdakan ang sarili.

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:
    Do the job and MAKE Erap pay, as per court decision, QUICKLY, with less Bla Bla !
    Erap is a thief who eill rob us again, once he gets back into Power !
    Forward Philippines !!!

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    kaya pala tumatakbo uli maging mayor si Erap…..baka naghahanap ng pambayad sa kanyang mg utang sa gobyerno..

  • nano

    I really dont understand why the people voted for him as president . Its show the quality of the Filipino people. Not surprise if he will win this coming election.

  • bayankopdi


  • pikloy

    Erap kurap Desperadong bumalik sa politika. para sa salapi ng Bayan.

  • whyinthisworld

    So why not the government collect that amount immediately from estrada so people can make use of it in terms of health, education etc. If collection can’t be done now how long can the filipino people wait to settle it. So mabagal talaga.

  • anton kinuton

    wala talagang balak bayaran ni erap yan hanggang mamatay siya. ganuun siya kagarapal. government should immediately attach his properties kung di pa nya nailipat lahat sa mga anak at mga asawa.

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