The real Ping Lacson


Senatorial candidate Jamby Madrigal, who’s running under the administration ticket, suggests that Sen. Ping Lacson help the Bureau of Customs go after oil smugglers.

Lacson’s term ends in June, or two months from now.

Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon admits they lack personnel in stepping up the drive against the smuggling of petroleum products.

“I think we should have a separate agency that should concentrate on oil smuggling. That’s quite a task… Commissioner [Ruffy] Biazon is doing a good job, but I think we should have one agency that should really look into oil smuggling only,” Madrigal told reporters following a campaign sortie by the administration coalition in the provinces.

“Ping Lacson is a good choice for a separate agency against a specific area where smuggling is very rampant,” she added.

Madrigal, a former senator, may be right about Biazon “doing a good job.”

But she doesn’t know Ping Lacson’s kind of leadership when he was chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

*   *   *

Let me tell Madrigal why Lacson should not be given a position that requires handling law enforcement.

Then Director General Lacson created a mini-PNP within the PNP and called it the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOC-TF).

PAOC-TF, a parallel agency that duplicated the functions of the PNP, was composed of Lacson’s favorite officers and men.

Personnel of the PAOC-TF, which Lacson himself headed, were so abusive and arrogant they incurred the ire of other PNP officers and men.

Ask anybody in the PNP who was not a member of the PAOC-TF then, and he would confirm what I’m saying.

A regional director of the PAOC-TF, with the rank of, say, chief inspector (the equivalent of a major in the Army), did not defer to the PNP regional director, who was the chief superintendent (brigadier general, in the military), where the subordinate officer was assigned.

PAOC-TF regional directors considered themselves as co-equals of PNP regional directors because they only reported directly to Lacson.

Senior Supt. Michael Ray Aquino, then Lacson’s fair-haired boy, didn’t salute police generals even if he had the rank equivalent only to a colonel in the military because he was only answerable to Lacson, his boss.

Lacson’s way of playing favorites demoralized the PNP and made fellow officers hate him so much.

He was so hated by non-PAOC-TF members that at the height of the Edsa 2 revolution that resulted in the resignation of President Erap, a group of officers plotted to kill him in Camp Crame.

I know the officer who volunteered to shoot Lacson in the head at the height of the Edsa 2 people power uprising.

Then PNP Deputy Director General Larry Mendoza, Lacson’s upperclassman at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), prevented Lacson’s assassination.

*   *   *

I don’t blame President Noy, who will appoint Lacson to a Cabinet post once his term expires, because they were together in the Senate.

If P-Noy knew the real Ping Lacson, he wouldn’t think of taking Lacson into his confidence.

Lacson seems to be the type who bites the hand that feeds him.

When he was PNP chief during the Erap administration he didn’t respect his commander-in-chief.

He disobeyed orders from Erap and had the temerity to quarrel with his president.

There’s no telling that Lacson might do to P-Noy what he did to Erap, who nurtured him like a father would a son.

P-Noy should have heard alarm bells ringing when Lacson defended the policemen who were involved in the Atimonan massacre just because some of them were his men at the PAOC-TF.

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  • anu12345

    He (Lacson) disobeyed orders from Erap and had the temerity to quarrel with his president

    If I remember right in his previous article years ago, Mon (kind of) praised that kind of attitude.

  • Herman Near

    Hmm. Hearing this from Tulfo, maybe this would make me study who really Ping Lacson is.

    Perhaps he had to ruffle feathers to get things done, but if those atrocities are true…

    Well, maybe someone should tell Jamby those in detail. After all, she’s just throwing in ideas to help the government better.

    Speaking of which, Jamby should be voted back into the senate.

  • Noel

    Tulfo’s comments on Ping Lacson were partly correct. Then Gen. Wycoco was bypassed as PNP Chief by Erap in favor of Lacson. His men were indeed arrogant. One time, they mistook a car of INC members who just attended a worship service as drug dealers and fired at them. The agents even chased the poor guys up to New Era Hospital where they even threatened the doctors and nurses. INC security composed of police and military surrounded the area and were ready to fight it out with Lacson’s arrogant agents. Fortunately, a high ranking General rushed to the scene and prevented what could have been a bloody confrontation. INC’s Manalo was very upset upon learning of the incident. The following day, President Erap personally went to INC Temple to apologize. Where was Lacson at that time, he immediately flew out of the country and claimed he was not around when the incident happened.

    • sanjuan683

      Mahilig talagang magtago yan si Ping Tago hahahahahahahaha

      • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

        Ha ha ha …Tama ka jan.SanJuan683..ha ha ha …minsan nga sa ilalaim ng PALDA…! ha ha ha !

    • Ramil Abalon

      ha ha ha di sama ka doon…pero kami naniniwala kay ping

    • ernesto

      act of cowardice thats the brand of sen lacson.hide in other country

    • stealth ice

      you mean the INC has it’s own private armies and paid by the tax payers money through government? it’s a big shame!!! corrupt din pla ‘to mga kapatiran?

      • Noel

        Not really. INC has her own security group composed of active and retired members of PNP and AFP. They’re all INC members. What I know is that most if not all of them are volunteers. Even those construction workers building INC chapels are members who volunteer their time to the church. I guess it’s what they call “faith” and love for the church.

  • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

    hahaha lahat ng paninira kay lacson, ginawa na ni tulfing.

    bite the hands that feed him? hoy, nung edsa dos, sino ang huling pinakamataas na opisyal na naiwan sa malacanang na naghatid kay erap sa barge?

    si lacson, mamamatay tao talaga pero hindi magnanakaw. at totoong arrogante sya kasi pag sa tingin nya ay tama sya, iinsist nya talaga na tama sya. kung mali ka, iinisist nya rin na mali ka. ano ba ang pinagkaiba nyong dalawa sa puntong ito? SA TOTOO LANG, DI HAMAK NA MAS ARROGANTE KA KESA KAY LACSON O SINUMAN SA MGA TAUHAN NYA! Ang pinagkaiba lang ni lacson sa inyo, pag napikon sya, ipapapatay ka nya talaga samantalang ikaw, ang gagawin mo, masumbong sa mga kapatid mong equally as arrogant as you, at pagkatapos ay gumawa ng gumawa ng threats sa tv at pag na asunto ay todo deny. di ba? gusto mo itanong pa natin kay claudine e.

    kaya ka galit sa kanya kasi tablado na naman ang payola mo galing sa mga smugglers kung sya ang maupo gaya ng ginawa nya sa payola mo sa pnp nung sya ang hepe!

    style mo talaga bulok tulfing…

    • sanjuan683

      Kaya lang baka mag tago yan amo. hehehehehehe si Ping Tago hehehehehe

    • 33Sambuang2

      matapang lang yan pag kasama ang mga kapatid na puro arrogante. mahiya hiya kayo mga angkan ng demonyong tulfing.

    • ernesto

      kaso lang time ni arroyo di naman sya matapang eh,kasi tumakbo sya sa ibang bansa nasaan ang tapang ya bro.ang paoctf binuo para pumatay sa kalaban ni erap.dacer corbito

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

        He that fights and runs away, may turn and fight another day; but he that is in battle slain, will never rise to fight again. by Tacitus

    • gisingpinoy12

      Tama ka, ganyan ginawa ng mga Tufling Brothers sa mag asawang Ning and Glo Santos, kinasuhan si Mrs Santos ng smuggling ng shabu chem etc. Si Mr. Santos nag published ng libro tungkol sa mga kawatan na Tufling Brothers. Kotong lang alam ng mga ito! parang kotong cop na nag aabang sa “one way street”.

    • 12JEM

      Lacson in the Custom

      Will spell the end of PNoy.

  • TJ Go

    Don’t be surprised if Mon is against the appointment of Ping in the BOC. Tulfo is a well known fixer to big time smugglers, notice that he always write about BOC. With Ping around, tapos ang maliligayang araw ni Mon.

    • Rex Robles

      What if Mon Tulfo is correct ? Patay ang idol mong Penoy.

      • Kapitanbagwis

        Kailan naging correct si Tulfo. Puro tsismis ang alam niyan

  • Rod Blanco

    Mon sino ba ang sinasabi mong shooter sana ni Lacson? Si Carding Dapat ba ang kabalahibo mo sa perahan, na palaging patayan ang bukang bibig? Hanggang ngayon naman sanggang dikit pa rin sila ni Larry Mendoza, sasabihin mo si Larry pa ang pumigil, galling mo namang magkwento ang sabihin mo di nila masigurado kaya di nila tinuloy. Napapasyalan mo ba sya sa Kings…..?


    sige pa mon! baka bukol o black eye na naman abutin mo. walang kabutihan ang aanihin mo sa ganyang mga paratang. kung galit ka kay lacson o kanino man, HAMUNIN MO NG DUEL BARILAN. BINAYot man ‘yan.

    • sanjuan683

      Duwag naman yan si Pinky, paghinamon yan siguradong magtatago na iyan at mahirap mahagilap.

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

        subukan mo kaya?

      • Ramil Abalon

        hindi mag tatago yan pag hamunin mo…ha ha ha kaya lang lagot ka ha ha ha

  • legislex

    Mon Tulfo has always been at odds with Ping Lacson. When Ping assumed office as PNP Chief, he immediately scrapped the PR budget – monthly allowances for media people covering the PNP. Topping the list of the media people benefitting from this PR budget were the Tulfo brothers. Since then, wala ng ginawang tama si Ping sa mata ni Mon Tulfo.

    Mon Tulfo is now afraid that Ping Lacson is being eyed to help the Bureau of Customs (BOC). He should be. Mon Tulfo is known in the BOC to be owning at least 2 tabloids, whose circulation is only limited within the perimeters of the BOC. Mon Tulfo is using these pseudo-tabloids to “blackmail” customs officials to give him regular payolas.

    If Ping Lacson is appointed in BOC, tapos na naman ang monthly payolas in Mon Tulfo.

    • AngLagay

      Akala mo kong gaanong kalinis at galing nitong si tongfu! Kaya ka galit kay Lacson, alam mong oras na mapapuwesto iyan sa BOC, tapos na ang makapal mong envelope. Mas arogante ka kaysa kay Lacson… hmm… kaya ka nabubugbog ng mag-asawang artista. Ang yabang mo kasi.

    • Noel

      Mon used to received payola from Ping. When Ping stopped, Mon began attacking Ping.

      • david

        correction. tulfo used to get payola from pnp. when lacson took over, he stopped payola.

    • archerfan

      Tulfo also got a lot of payola and perks from Big Mike. tulfing even bragged that he had psg men as his escorts. pero nung umabuso at kinalaban pati bata ni mike na si vicky toh, hayun tinangal lahat sa kanya. from then on, panay na banat ni tulfing kay taba.

    • TMZPinoy

      This is really TRUE..I agree because i have a friend who work with Mon Tulfo..If BIR is only like other agency in the U.S. Money laundering is the charges should file to these Tulfo brothers…Mga hari ng PAYOLAS…Imagine an ordinary columnist who is only making about P30K a month ngayon marami syang real estate properties.Yun farm nya sa Palawan saan galing ang pinang bili nya..yun restaurant sa likod ng Luneta Park..at etc. biruin ninyo…ala aber!

    • Ramil Abalon

      ha ha ha ganun….di tama lang na ayaw nya kay lacson ha haha

  • archerfan

    takot na takot si tulfing hahaha yari negosyo nya sa payola sa customs pag nauupo so ping. pag natuloy si ping dun, malamang maghanap ng padrino si tulfing para umareglo kay ping. abangan pag puro praise release na kay ping, nagkaayos na!!!

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehehehe Hindi natatakot si Tulfo, di tulad ni Ping Tago kapag palpak ang trabaho nagtatago na at umiiwas na.

      • Ramil Abalon

        takot na takot …bakit ayaw nya kay lacson ohhh di takot…ha ha ha sobsob nga sya kay raymart eh…

      • halfpunk

        hala sige…halik pa sa puweeet ni mon……lick it good….talap maging aso..

  • josephsanchez

    ganda ng point ni Former (Should and would be Future) Senator Madrigal. People should really read well sa mga gantong issues, articles. Kasi malalaman nyo kung sino talaga ang gustong tumulong sa gustong magpapogi. Pero ewan ko, while Madrigal’s putting her fate kay lacson, other people naman is saying otherwise na he’s not going to do a good. job. ewan ko sainyo

  • Mario Salinas

    Through the years, I have read — and sometimes enjoyed — Tulfo’s tirades against Lacson. Some of his accusations against Lacson, a public official, looked valid.

    In regard to the Bureau of Customs, Lacson may be a good choice, as sounded off by former senator Jamby Madrigal. Despite Lacson’s supposed trigger-happy past as a high-ranking police officer, he has never been embroiled in a corruption scandal — just like Jamby. I support Lacson’s inclusion in the BOC and applaud Jamby for suggesting his name. The BOC needs someone like Lacson. Ruffy Biazon is no match to the operators inside BOC.

    • sanjuan683

      Bolahing mo lolo mo at huag kami mga readers. Pa Jamby jamby ka pa parehong- pareho mga mokong at mokang ang mga yan. heheheh Akala mo ba maloloko mo kami mga readers hahahahahahahaha

      • Herman Near

        Ganon? In fairness to Lacson, for all his so-called tyranny, something good also came out of it. His fitness drive in PNP is still being continued today.

        Jamby also came out with laws while being a senator.

      • boldyak

        and Lacson will be responsible to no one but only to the President like PAOCTF during Estrada…and therefore the phrase “no one is above the law”…will again be meaningless…they can eliminate all who are opposing them….rule of law will be suspended…I am really sad where is our country going?…is it “daang matuwid”?…I pity the Dacir family…up to now justice is never coming…”FITNESS DRIVE”?…HAHAHA..

      • Herman Near

        There are words that Tulfo has an ax to grind against Lacson and may be putting more than what is true.

        We still don’t know about the motives sa mga Dacers and others. What if Dacer was culpable of something? What if this was nothing more but a vengeful demolition job?

      • boldyak

        what if?…facts are there…why keep on saying what if, what if not?…

      • Herman Near

        Because those facts have chances of not being real?

      • walangutak

        Ok yan kaysa mag report sa kahit na sino mang Hudas Eskaryote at marami na namng makisawsaw pagkatapos walang aako sa maling magawa, at least hindi na maitatwa ni P-Noy kung sakali man. Hindi rin pareho ang utak ni P-Noy at Erap, yung una ay ekonomista samantalang ang pangalawa ay hindi maintindihan kung anong uri. Tungkol sa Dacer, h he he! Itanong nyo sa Bos niya nuon.

      • boldyak

        and where is the rule of law in that situation?

      • Pio Gante

        dahil gusto niya lahat ng parak ay macho:)), aside from the fitness program which is indeed very laudable, there’s also one legacy he left behind, this i said before, is the pastel blue.

    • Noel

      Agree. Lacson has rescued many wealthy Chinese from the kidnappers including Gokongwei’s daughter. He refused monetary rewards. In gratitude, the Tsinoys who he helped donated to his election campaigns.

      • Pio Gante

        kaya nga mas kumikita siya pag halalan, kung tinanggap niya ang mga reward hanggang doon na lang yun dahil bayad na ang ‘utang na loob’

        at hindi lahat ng mga sinasabing ‘accomplishment’ niya ay totoo.

        kumbaga sa pelikula….scripted

      • http://twitter.com/romza825 Row me oh!

        Pinky Lacson will strike again.

      • ernesto

        baka tao ya rin ang kumidnap.para clean sya

    • Elnore

      Sana matuloy si Ping sa Customs at sana mag head din sya ng PNP tingnan natin kung mabawasan ang crime sa Philippines esp. sa Manila. Ano ba yan wala yatang ginagawa ang mga pulis, everyday na lang ang news may pinasok na bahay, may kinidnap, may kinarnap, hay buhay!

  • randyaltarejos

    The new anti-smuggling group should not only concentrate on oil smuggling, but all other smuggling activities, including timber. If you had been to Borongan, Eastern Samar, you will notice that there are always ships anchored off the coast of the Borongan port. When darkness comes, a tug boat would pull logs toward the ships that are achored farther from the shores. That’s when these foreign ships haul off the legally and illegally cut logs. From my deduction, it could be that these foreign ships do not pay the right taxes to the government. Subukan muna natin si Ping Lacson baka naman maayos tong smuggling activities sa ating bansa. Don’t judge the book by its cover.

    • sanjuan683

      Binabase nila sa nakaraan gawain ng tao ito. Bakit siya lang ba tao dito sa gobierno maraming magagaling diyan mas magaling pa kay Ping Tago.

      • Ramil Abalon

        mas magaling syo…oo naman…eh tagal nyo nga sa pwesto puro kurakot inatupag nyo ha ha ha

  • $20926843

    Perhaps what this columnist allude to as the real SOB ping lacson is the person who wears a Pink Panthyr……

  • hu_yu

    no ba yan jamby, separate agency para oil smuggling? kung di nyo kaya ang trabaho, mag resign kayo leche!

  • Guest

    Matapang si Jamby, walang inaatrasan na kurakot.

  • Guest

    Matapang si Jamby, walang inaatrasan na kurakot.. . :)

    • Noel

      Dahil may lahing lalaki siya at matalas ang baba.

  • milespacker

    It was understandable that the rest of the PNP would resent PAOCTF headed by Lacson considering that the PNP was one big crime syndicate. An independent crime fighting group like PAOCTF would’ve been the corrupt PNP’s nemesis.

  • Mamang Pulis

    hindi na kayo ‘frens’ ni Ping Lacson ‘no…:D

    kasi sya ‘naninipa sa bols’ ikaw nasisipa sa bols.

  • amelius23

    We recommned Malacanang to create a combined super task force to monitor going on at BOC, BIR, PDEA and PNP under graduating senator Ping Lacson. This task force will act as an outsider that can monitor and apprehend govt. personnel in cahoots with their private protectors and at the same time apprehend private individuals responsible for different form of smuggling at BOC, tax evasion of privately owned high flying business enterprises, drug lords who keep under their payroll erring PDEA personnel, kidnapping and carnapping czars and jueteng lords who keep under their payroll erring PNP officials and other form of lawlessness. The remaining 3 years of PNoy’s administration can be a game changer if competent personages are put in place on sensitive positions that can make a difference for this administration to succeed. In fairness to BOC, BIR, PDEA and PNP there are honest personnel in your respective depts. but the tentacles of criminals has contaminated your organization in such a way that even the most covert operation to ferret out public enemies are stymied because internal Judases are giving information to targets of impending entrapment operations. If oil smuggling is abated and tax evaders are made to pay more correct taxes, the govt. can accumulate more funds to continue with their effort to create more jobs and sustain other on going poor alleviation projects. You need somebody to head this task force with a track record to deliver fruitful results. We hope the scourge of the criminals have arrived this time. Truth hurts. Yong 200,000.00 na monthly payola ni Mon Tulfo bago dumating si Ping Lacson as PNP chief for propaganda purposes ay tinigbak ni Ping kaya malalim pa rin ang sugat na iniwanan nito. Noong unang taon ng pamayag pag ni GMA, palaging hallelujah ang column ni Mon para kay FG ngunit kung anong onsehan ang nangyari panay pag puna kay FG ang laman ng kanyang column nadawit pa nga yong pangalang Vivian sa BOC?i

    • boldyak


    • amelius23

      You need an outside agency to police the wrongdoings inside BIR, PDEA and BOC to plug the loopholes as what you say. For sure DPA of criminals have saturated the agencies which lay the golden goose for their nefarious activities. .

  • $16638896

    bka magkasundo sin ping at pnoy kasi pareho silang chukling!

  • akoypinoi

    Forget about Mon. I have a friend, still active with PNP, he told me once that Lacson was the mastermind of Kuratong rubout. The Kuratong group had about $25M total money after robbing several banks and that’s what Ping was interested at. Ping’s group got the millions of dollars from Kuratong kaya lang konte ang share ng iba kaya nagreklamo. And by the way, dalawa sa kanila ang malaking shares na nakuha.. si Ping at ang kanyang boss, si Erap.

    Philippines don’t need the controversial RH law. Make Ping your crime buster at pupulutin na lang kayo sa kanal. Baka di ninyo alam, yong style niyang pabakla-bakla ay di yan ang tunay niyang pagkatao. In real life he is a killer. Remember Dacer and Corbito? Siya ang may kagagawan noon.. utos ni Erap! Hay naku.. dyan kayo sa Pinas at di nyo alam ang pangyayari?

    • ernesto

      totoo yan dre

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS

    Aburido na naman si Tulping sa nakatakdang pagdating ni outgoing senator Ping sa Customs na posibleng pumalit kay Ruffy Biazon.

    May dala-dala kasing kalembang si Ping na panghambalos sa mga buwayang regular na tumatanggap ng payola na kagaya ni Tulping.

    Hindi na ako magtataka kung sakaling magkaroon uli ng ala-Maratrat tragedy sa Quezon habang nakasakay si Tulping kasama ang kakosang buwaya sa 3 humahagibis na SUVs.

    Nya kah katha cute, ‘di ba Tulping?

  • les21reago

    Mon is right in here and PNOY should and must rethink to getting Lacson the lawmaker breaker…Look Lito Banayo the stooge and propagandist of Lacson…Banayo is accused of raking millions at the NFA who pretends before in his write ups as anti corruption crusader…The man Banayo is seeking to be a congressman now and not farfetched because allegedly he is now a multimillionaire.

    I think PNOY must remember that Lacson WIRETAP his mom CORY just like his PNP Chief Boss Lastimoso…

  • Yxon

    this time you are right, Mon.

  • jseesus


  • boldyak

    it is not whether Pnoy like or dislike Lacson…he will be appointed 100%…out of fear…

  • nano

    Its possible that Ping Lacson was arrogant before and had some abuses , as of now I think he is working for the right side and hope he will go on helping our country to clean the corrupt and criminals. PNoy must give Ping Lacson, a position to combat against criminality , whatever it is and will only report to him .Only 3 years left for PNoy so he must give more gas to fight criminality ,I believe Ping is the right person .

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    Wala na bang iba? We are a nation of 95 million. Don’t tell me no one from that 95 million is more qualified. This country is going to the dogs. God help us all.

    • ernesto

      mayroon pang magaling dyan sa kanya si duterte mayor ng davao city

  • kilabot

    no worry.
    pinky won’t get past miriam.

    pinky would do an ethelbooba and ategay act to noykapon.

  • wawa2172

    I am not a believer of Tulfo but this article is one that I LIKE. The real Ping Lacson is a snake in the dark, he will bite one when he wants. PNoy should be very careful of him at baka magsisi siya dahil mag ka kulay sila. Ping is eying the presidency in 2016 and the short cut is befriending and getting the trust of Noy. He will surely outsmart Mar Roxas as standard bearer of the administration and behold Ping could be the next president of the country. So Tulfo, kung magyari ito vamos na ang beauty mo.

    • speaksoftlylove

      I despise this charlatan named Pinky Lacson. But just like you, one thing that caught my attention in Tulfo’s observation and I believe that he is absolutely correct is, “that Ping Lacson is a snake in the dark ready to bite the hand that feeds him.” This is the only reason why I am backing up Lacson to be PNoy’s new fair haired beauty. Siya nawa.

  • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

    Maski sinong Poncio Pelato.. ang ilagay ninyo jan sa BOC ay masisislaw din sa daming …pagkakakitaan,…kailan pa ba nabago ang BOC…?…O sino ba ang makakapagbago ng BOC?…KWARTA…KWARTA…at KWARTA = B O C !

  • JosengSisiw1

    We have seen how men corrupted this country so let’s try a gay one…maybe it will work. Give Pinky a chance to prove herself and see how Miriam react on it.

  • boybakal

    The real Ping Lacson….Does it mean he really lives a double life.
    One of a man and another woman.
    Well, nothing new, Santiago publicly announced who really Ping Lacson is.

  • Simplify1

    hindi ka pa ba mag re-retire tulfo? Laos at panis na ang mga pananaw mo…. sinira na lalo ng mga utol mong keyayabang! Aminado ako na nirespeto ko mga opinion mo noong dekada 80 pero ngayon para bang kita agad ang agenda mo….

  • $14334231

    bakit kailan lang, niraratrat mo si biazon…ngayon panig ka kay jamby na he’s doing a good job….see, tama ang komentaryo ko sa sabi mong clueless si biazon….nabusalsalan ka na ng pera kaya ngayon okay na si biazon sa’yo…..si pinky ay hinding hindi magbibigay sa’yo kaya binabanatan mo…sabagay, ayaw ko rin si pinky, pero kung mawawala ang mga smuggler (namatay), okay na sa akin ‘yon….mababawasan ang korapsyon…..

  • david

    mag move on ka na tulfo. talunan ka.

  • boybakal

    Lacson is old for the job.
    He is not that bold and aggressive as he was young police officer then.
    Besides, creating new agency means more budget, more expenses for the gov’t.
    As they say too much gov’t and less for populace.

  • 33Sambuang2

    ayan ka naman. tsismis na naman. kaya ka nagulpi e. baka gulpihin ka ni lacson.

  • TMZPinoy

    I think Mon Tulfo is 100% right about Pink Lacson. One of the expose of Mon Tulfo i like about Pink Lacson is how Pink Lacson got his wife.Pink Lacson ordered the killing of the former husband of his wife now so he can married this beautiful woman. Grabe talaga apog ng mga SILAHIS. Oh baka naman mag kabaro sila ni Pnoy kaya naka sipsip ka y Pnoy.

    • Ramil Abalon

      i think tulfo is just takot na mawalan ang payola ha haha

      • TMZPinoy

        I am pretty sure no payola ang BoC lalo na si Pnoy ang presidente.

    • david

      tungaw. mapaniwalain ka sa mga katulad ni tulfo na kaliga ni cristy fermin

  • Joseph St John

    With the latest expose I don’t think the President should give Mr. Lacson any gov’t post.

  • walangutak

    Paano malaman ni Madrigal ang tunay na Ping Lacson eh hindi nga niya kayang alamin kung ano ang tunay na Mon Tulfo na laging binabanatan ang BOC kapag may nahalungkat ang departament na isang malaking smuggling syndicate na kumo wala daw ginawa para maapula ito.

  • ConcernedCitizenPh

    The author just stated reasons why Sen Lacson should get the job.

  • Kuya_Orot

    If Lacson is assigned as anti-smuggling czar where will West Pointer Danny Lim be?? He is the current chief of BOC Intelligence unit. A new bureau to be created specifically for Pingky is a clear case of political patronage and duplication of functions. Or is Budoy afraid that the former PNP chief has some info about him or his sisters since Lacson is well known to compile dosiers of politicians and their families?? Presidential sister Kris who is rumored to have political ambition come 2016 could be a prime target for black op.

  • Pedro_Gil

    looks like mon is stating a fact.


    KUNG KINAKAILANGAN talagang maglagay ng panibagong COMMISSIONER ng madalian, si RODING DUTERTE ang pinakwalipikado upang linisin ang TNL na BOC na yan! Tiyak na biglang mawawala na lang ng kusa ang mga KAWATAN sa customs kung ayaw nilang mawala ng dahan-dahan.

    • speaksoftlylove

      This time, I will agree with you.

      BOC must have a leader who has a killer instinct for all extent and purposes that is, figuratively and literally, and Duterte has it. But I am sure Duterte will decline because Duterte does not want to be subservient to anyone. He decides on his own according to his convictions.

  • http://twitter.com/twitmonaman allen

    lagot ka tulfo, bka ipatodas ka ni tita ping-ky… ayaw ni tita ping ng nagsasabi ng totoo. sisirain ka nya.

  • Rathbumo

    Ikaw talaga Mon Tulfo napaka bias mo. Galit ka kay Sen. Ping Lacson dahil nung siya ang umupo as Chief PNP nawala ang intelihensiya ninyong magkakapatid [kasama yung mga corrupt na media men] sa PIO. Nawala din ang gas coupon nyo sa motor pool. Nagpasasa kayo nang hindi pa siya nakaupo. Diba tinanong ka ni Lito Banayo sa tv na kaya ka galit kay Ping Lacson ay dahil tinanggal niya ang inyelihensiya ninyong mag-uutol? Anon’ng sagot mo? “Hindi kita marinig. Malabo ang dating,” samantalang ang linaw linaw ng reception. “Lacson seems to be the type who bites the hand that feeds him.” Look who’s talking! Ganyan ang ginawa mo kay MIke Arroyo, diba Mon? Sustentado ka dati ni Mike, nung hindi ka napagbigyan, inupakan mo siya ng inupakan. Wag kang turo ng turo Mon, yung tatlong daliri mo nakaturo sa iyo. Mas may credibility nanam si Ping Lacson kesa sa iyo! Siya no take policy, ikaw kabig ng kabig. Pati yung pang load mo sa cellphone sa Customs Intelligence and Investigations Service mo hinihingi. Wag kang magkaila Mon, kaibigan ko yung hinihingan mo ng pang load, si Boy Asuncion na namayapa na. Minsan nasabi niya: “pambihira naman itong si Mon, pating pang load, kami pineperwisyo.”

    • speaksoftlylove

      Confirmed. Kaibigan ko rin ang nasirang Boy Asuncion. The guy was a natural politician. He knows how to play the game regardless of who is in the dispensation. But as I posted earlier, Tulfo is right that “Ping Lacson is a snake in the dark that bites the hands that feeds him.” However, I welcome this trait, after all maybe, just maybe, PNoy or his relatives and KKKs will stop lording it over the BOC as financers or backers of smugglers.

      On second thought, and if you are an insider you should be aware of this. Did Lacson curb smuggling when he was a member of an ad hoc Committee dealing with smuggled goods outside the custom zones or after vans containing smuggled goods were able to pass the customs area through bribes and other surreptitious means during Erap’s time? Wala ding ginawa, hindi ba? Nagdaldal na lang years after Erap has been convicted and pardoned but not on smuggling activities, correct? Guess what? Now I know you.

  • AllinLawisFair

    Was Lacson to Estrada what MacArthur was to Truman?

  • kilabot

    the real pinglacson is pinkylacson;
    a pma crook and gangster;
    nothing to show except blood of innocent people;
    only accomplishment while pnp chief
    was make pnp waistline and figure 36-28-36;
    sexy as bb.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * * * * *

    Here’s a challenge to Malacanang: Choose a base year, say 1990. Find out the number of raids conducted by the PNP against “shabu laboratories” under each of the PNP Chiefs (Director Generals), say, up to last year (2012) just before Director General Purisima assumed his post. Get the average number of raids over a fixed unit of time per PNP Chief. Tell us Mr. Sen. Lacson’s statistics in relation to the other PNP Chiefs. And, we will tell you about why Mr. Sen. Lacson, when he became a Senator, was mouthing words about “narco-politics.”

  • penoy2012

    The True Ping Lacson? Go ask Senator Mirriam.

  • yonoh

    sino naman kasi ang sususnod kay erap eh puros alak babae sugal ang nasa isip ikaw ba ka mon papayag ka na maging leader mo ang ganyan tao…………….

  • TuwadNaDaan

    Ping Lacson is Duwag yan…!!!

  • Kapitanbagwis

    You are the moron here Tulfo. Ping should be the president of the Philippines and see the crooks in the country will move to timbukto with their tail between their legs. That is Lacson for all of us, you stupid are$$hole.

  • Kapitanbagwis

    Lacson must be the DILG secretary para tumino mga LGU(s) at ang kapulisan

  • shane oy

    akala ko ang title eh “the real Pinky lacson” my bad.

  • Jay Ramos

    I agree with you Mr. Tulfo!

  • bisdakis

    Kuratong Baleleng rubout and Dacer murder Part II

  • tagasugod

    Sina Tulfo, Cristy Fermin at Willie, yan ang mga da best na ehemplo ng kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng AROGANTE. Tuwa ko lang ng ma black eye ka nina Claudine. Teka puro kayo taga SINGKO ah.

  • Telecom Snooper Super

    Ramon Tulfo, mukhang masama talaga galit mo kay Ping. Dahil kaya sa hindi ka napagbigyan ni Ping sa mga racket mo na AC/DC (Attack Collect / Defend Collect) sa Jueteng? Di ba nakinabang ka rin sa Jueteng? Kunwari ka pa… Aminin mo na… kung hindi sumbong kita kay Raymart at Claudine!

  • askal2u

    mas maganda na siguro si Lacson sa Bureau of Curatong keysa kay Baboy Biazon na wala naman nagawa kagaya ng mga pinalitan nya na puro buwaya sa Cutong este Custom pala.

  • talagalangha

    Ah si Pinky ba…?

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    Bumanat na naman si Tulfing Laos. Kaya ka nagulpi sa airport eh ang hilig mong makasawsaw na walang sense.

    Mon Tulfing laos ka na. Wala nang naniniwala sa kung hindi ang mayayabang mong mga utol.

  • tarikan

    Kung kay Erap na machong-macho eh hindi takot si Pinky kay PNoy pa kaya na alam mo na yon? Sayang bakit pinigil pa ni Larry Merndoza yong babaril kay Pinky. Sayang na sayang talaga. Dacer, Corbito, Bintain, at ibpa. maghintayhintay laang kayo diyan.

  • April Fool

    Kinakabahan lang si Tulfo kapag napunta sa Customs si Ping Lacson. Mabubulabog na naman yung tabakuhan nilang magkakapatid. Alam naman sa BoC na patong ang mag-uutol na yan sa ilang ka-illegalan dyan sa Aduana. AC/DC ang mga magkakapatid na Tulfo! The real Mon Tulfo? Nagtatapang-tapanagn pero takot naman kay Ruther Batuigas! Nagmamalinis, CORRUPT din naman!

  • stealth ice

    if lacson disrespected erap then what’s wrong with it?
    is erap respectable president?

    mon tulfo is jealous to lacson coz lacson already accomplished a lot. while he beaten up at the airport by the young men.

    Until mon tulfo will become bed ridden he will never overcome the embarassment he experienced at the airport at the hands of raymart-claudine and co.

    he is bragging of his martial art expertise and his courage but beaten black and blue.

    Mon you will never overcome that shameful and embarassing incident ’til your twilight.

    better stop spoiling others’ like PNoy, Lacson.

    retire and live a happy life in your farm. and try to meditate what went wrong at the airport.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Lynel-F-Joven/685946584 Charles Lynel F. Joven

    you’re right Mon…! Lacson is one nasty piece of crap…!

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