President ‘very good’ again in SWS poll


President Aquino’s net satisfaction rating rose in March, a reversal from last December’s double-digit dip, the latest survey by Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed.

The survey, conducted from March 19 to 22, found that Aquino’s net satisfaction score increased by four points from 55 (72 percent satisfied minus 17 percent dissatisfied) at the end of 2012 to 59 (74 percent satisfied minus 15 percent dissatisfied).

The survey, first published in BusinessWorld, used 1,200 face-to-face interviews nationwide and had a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.

Earl G. Parreño, a political analyst at the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform, said the Aquino administration had been delivering on its anticorruption promise and pursuing programs such as the cash transfer and universal healthcare, which aim at improving the welfare of the poor.

“The people’s expectations of what the government should do are being met,” Parreño said in a phone interview.

He added that the government should boost its efforts in attracting more investments that would generate more jobs particularly in tourism and local industries.

Aquino’s latest rating is considered “very good” but still below his highest so far, 67 (77 percent satisfied minus 10 dissatisfied), obtained in August last year.

SWS classifies a net satisfaction rating of 70 and above as “excellent”; 50 to 69, “very good”; 30 to 49, “good”; 10 to 29, “moderate”; 9 to -9, “neutral”; -10 to -29, “poor”; -30 to -49, “bad”; -50 to -69, “very bad”; and -70 and below, “execrable.”

The President’s high approval ratings were an offshoot of the people’s “abiding confidence” in him and strong support for his reforms, Malacañang said Monday.

“The results of these surveys reflect the Filipino people’s abiding confidence in the President, and their support for the reforms that he continues to institute throughout the country,” presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said.

Lacierda credited government investments in social services, health and education, and strategic focusing of resources on agriculture, tourism and infrastructure, and the “culture of integrity in governance” for the “renewal of the people’s trust in their leaders.”

“All these have also led to the affirmation of the international community in our country’s progress, the latest evidence of which is the credit ratings upgrade from Fitch Ratings, placing our country at investment grade for the first time in its history,” he said, reacting to latest surveys by SWS and Pulse Asia.

By geographical region, Aquino’s performance improved in Luzon outside Metro Manila, from 54 [rounded off] (71 percent satisfied minus

16 percent dissatisfied) to 67 (79 percent satisfied minus 12 percent dissatisfied) and in Mindanao, from 57 [rounded off] (74 percent satisfied minus 16 percent dissatisfied) to 67 (79 percent satisfied minus

12 percent dissatisfied).

Down in Manila, Visayas

It slipped in Metro Manila, from 43 [rounded off] (68 percent satisfied minus 24 percent dissatisfied) to 40 (63 percent satisfied minus 23 percent dissatisfied) and in the Visayas, from 64 [rounded off] (77 percent satisfied minus 12 percent dissatisfied) to 46 [rounded off] (67 percent satisfied minus 20 percent dissatisfied).

The President’s rating was up by two points in Class ABC, from 64 [rounded off] (78 percent satisfied minus 13 percent dissatisfied) to 66 (78 percent satisfied minus 12 percent dissatisfied).

Up in Class E

It was up by three points in Class D, from 54 (71 percent satisfied minus 17 percent dissatisfied) to 57 (73 percent satisfied minus 16 percent dissatisfied), and by nine points in Class E, from 56 (74 percent satisfied minus 18 percent dissatisfied) to 65 (77 percent satisfied minus 12 percent dissatisfied).

Aquino’s rating gained in rural areas, from 60 [rounded off] (75 percent satisfied minus 14 percent dissatisfied) to 67 (78 percent satisfied minus 11 percent dissatisfied), while he scored 53  (71 percent satisfied minus

18 percent dissatisfied) in urban areas, against the previous 49

(69 percent satisfied minus 20 percent dissatisfied).

Among males, the President’s net satisfaction rating increased from 56 (73 percent satisfied minus 17 percent dissatisfied) to 58 [rounded off] (74 percent satisfied minus 15 percent dissatisfied). His rating also improved among women, from 55 (72 percent satisfied minus 17 percent dissatisfied) to 60 [rounded off] (75 percent satisfied minus 14 percent dissatisfied). Reports from Ana Roa, Inquirer Research; and TJ Burgonio

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  • Simplify1

    Last week’s news included an article about possible extinction of some sea mammals…. Today’s news is about dwindling to extinction of those anti-PNoy people. From 17% down to 15%…. almost a rare breed….tsk tsk tsk

  • CPCook

    Congratulations to PNoy! I am one of those who did not vote for him, but extremely grateful that he won. If one is to be fair, PNoy is trying to run the way it should be. He is far from perfect, but by all accounts, he is honest and trustworthy. The survey did not cover the effect of the Fitch Ratings upgrade, and by next quarter the news would have been passe. I agree also that much more remains to be done, but things will not happen if we backslide to electing corrupt people. Let’s elect people who will help PNoy reform the government and institutionalize these reforms, not those who will be a burden or hindrance to reforms. PNoy has barely three years left. Who knows who will win in 2016.

    • Concur_Dissent

      I concur… I too did not vote for Pnoy (having lived in Las Pinas for the most of my adult life, you know what I mean). I don’t think that my first choice would have done better than PNoy…. I never thought someone could effectively address corruption in the Philippines…. I’m glad my first choice didn’t win…

    • speaksoftlylove

      Alam ko kung bakit tumaas ang rating ni PNoy: Ang mga sumusunod ay ang mga dahilan sa “very good” rating niya:

      1. Maraming Pilipino ang namatay sa Sabah at libolibo ang nagsilikas pabalik sa Mindanao;

      2. Araw araw na brown out sa Mindanao na umaabot sa mahigit na walong oras;

      3. At higit sa lahat ay 30 billion loss annually on rice smuggling, 32 billion loss annually on agriculture and poultry products smuglling, and 40 billion loss annually on oil smuggling.

      Kung ganyan ba naman ang accomnplishment mo sinong presidente and hindi mag “very good” sa survey ni Mahal Mang ahas, di ba Chief Cook? Btw, what’s cooking?

      • Simplify1

        Mas alam ko kung bakit tumaas ang rating ni PNoy: Ang mga sumusunod ay ang mga dahilan sa “very good” rating niya:

        1. Hindi nag padala si PNoy sa kagustuhan ng iilan lamang at hindi nadamay sa guerra ang mga matitinong pinoy na naniniwala sa rule of law.

        2. Araw araw ay patahimik na ang mindanao sapagkat malapit ng magkaroon ng peace treaty ng MILF

        3. At higit sa lahat ay naniniwala ang independent rating agency tulad ng Fitch na umuunlad na ang pilipinas bukod sa pumapayapa ang bansa at nabawasan ang corruption!!

        Kung ganyan ba naman ang accomnplishment mo sinong presidente and hindi mag “very good” sa survey ni Mahal Mang ahas, di ba lumang de-elsi na na eroplano? Btw, because of your old age, you still haven’t crashed?? hindi na 1945 ngayon! 2013 na! Hoy GISING!!


        Mas alam ko kung bakit tumaas ang rating ni PNoy: Ang mga sumusunod ay ang mga dahilan sa “very good” rating niya:

        1. kaya hinayaan mamamatay ang mga Pilipino sa Sabah kasi bianayaran sya ng Malaysia at pinondohan ang kampanya ng Team Brown out

        2.Araw araw tahinik sa Mindanao kasi walang kuryente lagi brown out wala ka maririnig na ingay. Peace treaty sa MILF kabayaran sa Malaysia para mapunta sa kanila ang Sabah

        3. Fitch rating nakakain ba un ng mga mahihirap at middle class kailangan ng bayan ay actual na resulta di puro sa papel lang

        Hoy gising kampon ng Team Brown out

      • jiovi





        tama sinong makikinabang sa pangungutang ang Team Brown out ba?

      • speaksoftlylove

        Utang ay ipinagmamalaki mo? Kaya nga laging nangungutang ang Pilipinas at dumoble pa sa panahon ng hari mo dahil lalong naghihikahos ang Pilipinas. Paano maipagmamalaki ang utang aber? Kaya lalong naghihirap ang bayan dahil kasingdunong ka ng amo mo? At di lang yon, mga masochists pa kayo. Ibig sabihin ng masochists ay natutuwa habang nasasaktan kundi mo alam. Sakit sa utak yan at nakacaps lock pa mandin yang comments mo sa pagyayabang ng uutangin, inutile..

      • jiovi










      • jiovi

        ganyan ka pala katanga , sayang ang oras kosa bobitong katulad mo….

      • white scorpion

        hoy kinder pa lang yan ‘no……

      • Simplify1

        1. nabawasan ang mga pasaway sa pilipinas noong namatay ang mga uto uto ni KIRAM

        2. wala ingay? Bat ikaw maingay?

        3. Sensya ka na kung di mo alam kung anong importansya ng FITCH report… talagang hindi nakakain yun… baka ka maimpatso sisihin mo nanaman si PNOY….

        graduate ka ba ng elementary?


        1. Dapat ikaw na lang ang namatay kasama ng mga bading na yellow Team Brownout hinayaan nyo ung mga boss nya mamamatay sa Sabah
        2. Tahimik talaga sa Mindanao kasi nag noynoying ang idol mo na Abnoy kasi walang kuryente dun
        3. ikaw ba nararamdaman mo ang Fitch Rating na yan o talagang nagmamaang maangan ka maipagtanggol mo lang ang team Brown out

        Hoy Gising ka pati ang amo mong nag nonoynoying sa palasyo

      • Concur_Dissent

        1. Hindi na boss ang mga namatay na yun… gusto pa kasi nila isalang sa guerra yung karamihan ng boss ni PNoy na ayaw ng guerrang walang katuturan…

        2. Tahimik na talaga sa mindanao, nakipagbati na ang MILF…mukhang ikaw na lang ang maingay….ay mali kasi marami pa pala kayo kahit na 15%na lang

        3. Maniwala ka naman… talagang hindi nakakain ang FITCH INVESTMENT RATINGS… TAMA DYAN SI SIMPLIFY1…

        gising na iho…. sobra lang yan tulog….


        1. Pilipino rin po ang mga Tausog it means boss pa rin sya ni PNOY
        2. ang peace talks sa MILF which ang Malaysia ang namagitan is kasunduan na ibibigay ang Sabah sa Malaysia.
        3. Tama di nakakain ang Fitch Rating pero bakit di nararamdaman

      • jiovi

        kung mahirap kapa sa daga, himala ang kailangan mo…





        pero ikaw ba nararamdaman mo ba ung Fitch rating…

      • jiovi





      • blowcoldblowhot

        President Benigno Aquino’s government has spent nearly half a billion pesos in its obsession to lobby credit rating agencies to upgrade the Philippines’ sovereign ratings from its speculative category.

        To project an image that Aquino’s becoming president alone boosted the country’s credit ratings, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisma right after his boss’ inauguration June 30, 2010 asked Fitch Ratings’ and Standard & Poor to rate the country’s sovereign risk.

        To Purisima’s chagrin, Fitch maintained it’s last rating (May 2009) for the previous government, at BB. Standard & Poor (S & P) however upgraded it from its lower rating July 2009 by a notch to BB-. In January, Moody’s would also move the country up by a notch from Ba3 to Ba3 positive (equivalent to BB-)

        However, all these new ratings meant Philippine credit was still speculative and not investment grade, and the improvements had nothing to do really with Aquino—unless one believes he is a miracle worker who changed the country’s economy within six months. It was due to his predecessor President Arroyo’s stellar success in putting the country’s finances in order starting with the E-VAT law in 2005—which actually cost her popular support— and in steering the country through the 2007 -2009 global financial crisis.

        The problem of course was that the economy and government finances was hardly unchanged since Aquino assumed office, with the record high of tax–to-GDP ratio of 16 percent in 2007 unbroken, with the similar measure last year only at 14 percent. Other macroeconomic fundamentals would also require years to change. For instance, the Philippines GDP per person in 2012 was at $2,600, growing insignificantly from 2010, and far from the average of investment-grade countries of $11,000.

        So what is the finance secretary to do? Try and try again. Keep dropping the coins in the jukebox.

        Upgrading of the country’s credit ratings is undoubtedly important. However, what raised eyebrows in the international financial community was that the Philippines asked for upgrades from all the three main credit rating agencies, and within six months, as if it was pitting one agency against another to come up with an upgrade, and even in effect bribing them, by “buying” as often as possible their products, i.e. the ratings.

        In 2011 for instance, Aquino asked the three agencies for five assessments, while in 2012 another five, as if the country’s macroeconomic fundamentals would change within six months. The Philippines under Aquino has in fact become a record holder for “buying” as often as it could the credit rating agencies’ “products”, even if it was not in a financial or economic crisis. (That situation would require frequent assessments of the impact of a government’s efforts to weather the crisis.)

        The Philippines has been like a sick man “going to one doctor to another and so often, hoping to get a good diagnosis,” a foreign banker quipped. This practice—called “rate-shopping”—actually has been a major criticism for the rating system, as it has been alleged that certain credit rating agencies have been known to unexpectedly change its assessments after several other grades by its rivals have been unchanged. In the Philippine case, observers are keenly awaiting whether the two bigger agencies, S & P and Moody’s would follow the smaller Fitch Ratings’ upgrade .

        This obsession to get good ratings is just fine for the credit rating agencies, since that’s where they make tons of money—S & P’s revenues in 2012 for instance topped $1 billion, and the profit margins of all three firms are over 50 percent.

        Contrary to what many people think, credit rating agencies do not rate countries unless they are asked to, and unless they are paid for it.

        The fees of the top three rating agencies—S & P, Moody’s, and Fitch Ratings—which account for 90 percent of corporate and sovereign ratings, are computed as a percentage (about 5 basis points) of the value of the credit papers to be rated. For sovereign (a nation’s) ratings, a straight fee is charged which ranges from $750,000 (for
        Fitch Ratings reputably the cheapest) to as high as $2 million for Standard & Poor, the biggest agency. This includes the travel and accommodation fees of its analysts as well as legal fees, which have ballooned because of the legal suits brought against the three in recent years.

        While the rating agencies and our government haven’t made public the fees charged for Philippine assessments, a source at the government’s inter-departmental unit the “Investors Relations Office” disclosed that the recent Fitch rating cost taxpayers “close to a million dollars”.

        That fee is a low estimate since Fitch, the third biggest agency, has been undercutting its two bigger rivals with lower charges. Assuming however that that is the average cost for the 13 assessments asked by the Aquino government, taxpayers have spent $13 million for these ratings since 2010. That’s equivalent to P532 million.

        Since this government has been shouting the word “transparency” again and again, I’m sure Mr. Purisima can provide the country with the more accurate cost of how much we paid for the ratings.

        Is it worth it? Yes, if you believe the criticisms—which became louder since the colossal collapse of US financial firms and debt instruments which the three firms rated AAA—that the “issuer-pays” fee model (in contrast to the subscriber-pays system in the 1970s) inevitably clouds analysts’ thinking. There is even a study that found that ratings for larger debt instruments and more frequent assessments lead to better grads.

        Yes of course, if it means that the government would get lower interest rates on its loans. But the government hasn’t been borrowing from the global market, since the country is awash with dollars from OFWS, and its budget deficits are under control.

        And yes of course, so Aquino crowed about the upgrade last Easter, to even compare it to Christ’s resurrection.
        But really, do we really have to spend half a billion pesos asking three agencies twice a year to get only one-notch upgrades?

      • noyab

        di nakakain yun,,,ang kailangan ng mahihirap ay pagkain at pagkakaitaan….meron ba nuon si abnoy////autistic mong pangulo…

      • jiovi





        pero mali ba ang bawiin ang dapat sa kanila lupain na inagaw sa kanila. Tingin mo

      • jiovi






      • jiovi


      • regoberto

        @Simplify1, ikaw ay sipsip na di nag-iisip, bobo. Kaming mga taga Mindanao di masaya dyan sa peace kuno ni Pnoy, para lang naman yan sa isang sector at hindi para sa lahat. Kaming mga hindi muslim hindi masaya dyan. At anong pakialam ng Malaysia sa kaguluhan sa Mindanao, bakit sya pa kuno ang ginawang referee ng magaling nating president?

      • noyab

        cosmetic lang yung sa fitch…tignan mo ang physical na buhay ng pinoy para mapulsohan mo kung totoo ang sinasabi mo pulpol….

      • Simplify1

        bawasan mo ang cosmetic mo kasi para makakita ka!! napaganda buhay ko at mga kapitbahay… masaya!! Bakit ikaw hindi? Magtrabaho ka kasi ng maigi para naman umunlad ulad buhay mo!!

      • Concur_Dissent

        madaling malaman ang pulso ng bayan…pansinin mo lang kung maraming “vote-up” sa mga comment mo! kumpara mo sa mga Pro-Pnoy dagsa!!

      • halfpunk

        spitfire….dapat talaga ibalik mga tipong gloria arroyo, erap style….boring yung matino…bad trip gumaganda ratings natin…booo ..hindi tayo makanakaw pre….no to good governance…nevah!

      • white scorpion

        just imagine kung iba ang naging pres. some people have no job except kept pulling this admin down.

    • rodben

      Ako ay isang OFW sa kabila ng napakataas ng rating ni Prez. Noy2 halos buwan2 pa ang result talo pa rating nila Obama at Margarette Tatcher noong kasikatan nila…pero bawat bagong dating mula Pinas usap-usapan mahina daw hataw ng administration Party local at senatorial candidates….malakas daw hataw ng mga Independent at Opposition….bakit kya?

      • Concur_Dissent

        ang totoo ay 8-4 up to 9 – 3 ang advantage ng administration senatorial candidates…sa local naman ay halo halo ang mga partido….wala sa radar ang mga independente

        Mga OFW medyo talaga may kaunting sama ng loob kay PNoy, kasi dahil sa lakas ng pesos bumababa naman ang palit ng dolyares nila… ganoon talaga lang ang buhay

      • ernievictory

        yung mga bagong dating mula sa pinas na sinasabi mo ay malamang homesick agad. wala pa sila sa tamang pagiisip…


      Masama na naman ang araw ng mga haters. Go go go PNoy the incorruptible president!

      • yesyesyo

        Nanggagalaiti ang mga talangka.LOL!! Wa epek paninira nila kay PNoy.

      • kulittwit

        Kahit ano pa sabihin ng mga haters, solid pa rin kami kay PNoy! yang mga walang magawa kundi manira, parating talo yan. I am happy we are on the right side.

      • noyab

        dahil pereho kayong mga bading…..and abnormal….

      • regd

        Sarap, lalo na we outnumber the idiots and haters!

      • FILIPINOpatriot4ever

        We must support President Aquino’s good governance and reforms for the good of our country. I am happy the vast majority of filipinos worldwide support him and want him to succeed.


        I am supporting PNoy and his team! I do not know if we will still have a president who is not corrupt after 2016 but still hoping for the best.

      • boldyak

        go deeper, and you will see the real maneuvers done in this Presidency…note that these politicians are just fronts of the Big Businessmen….Philippines is being sold…you have to see the people behind Pnoy…wait, inom muna ako san miguel beer.

      • noyab

        yan ang akala mo… abroad walang nakikinig ng speech niya na anti GMA…..

      • Simplify1

        lalo na basta nabasa ng mga talangka yung utang ni ERAP na 300M pesos +

      • noyab

        dati ng corrupt ang mga yan, panahon pa ng hapon, kaya nga na kasuhan ng treason ang lolo niya dahil japanese collaborator….

    • regd

      Shame, 3 years left. Black dude takes over and we’re back to primitive days.

    • Iyen Dev

      You can suck Dick!

  • Hey_Dudes

    It pays to be known around the world and motherland you are not someone afflicted by klepto disease unlike previous holders of the office. There are many more things you need to do and along the way are hurdles thrown and will be thrown by your detractors and people who will never be contented in life.

    • boldyak

      as usual, nagkumpara na naman….kailangan may hatakin para tumaas…yan ang utak talangka…

  • romie carillo

    I voted for him with anxiety, I am glad he is doing his job very well. I hope he gets to have more of his breed till he finishes his term. Mabuhay ka Pnoy!!

    • lapuk

      OK…Paid ka…

      • ernievictory

        gloria , ikaw ba yan ?

      • regoberto

        lahat na lang ng kainutilan ng panot isinisisi kay pandak. pwe!

      • lolo_Jose

        gamot mo sa puso nakainom knb?

      • manks

        Si Mike po yan…

    • boldyak

      anong job na ginawa?…

    • noyab

      tama ka dapat dumami ang mga lahi ng makapili at taksil sa bayan….mabuhay ang intsik na presidente ng pinas……at mga autistic na gaya mo…..

  • tra6Gpeche

    For those are anti Mr. Aquino no matter what, this is a rigged survey for the 2013 election. For those who believe in the Aquino’s administration, this is a great news. For those who are in between, I wonder what they think?

    • Simplify1

      Those will be the 11% who does not care or not sure. (100 – 74 – 15)

      • tra6Gpeche

        In short, they are the ones without the problem. Dahil wala silang pakialam, di ba?

      • Simplify1

        yun ang mga pinaka mahirap bagayan, kasi mga balimbing…isang araw ganito, bukas ganoon…

      • tra6Gpeche

        Marahil ay depende kung saan sila makakakuha ng pagkain, pang-inom o pang sigarilyo.

      • regoberto

        @Simplify1 ikaw ang pinakabobo na sipsip, simpkly sipsip na di nag-iisip.

  • cato_the_younger

    Quick, hand Mr. Doronilla and Mr. Tiglao their medications!
    At the end of the day, there is value to good governance. My relatives in RP are saying that in our province, a lot of infrastructure projects are being done unlike the previous admin where things are done in paper only. There was supposed to be a road project to link our province with another and billions went to a construction company with ties to the husband but in reality only a few bits and pieces were done. People see things like these and they will opine accordingly. More power to good governance. I hope Pinoy will finish what he has started.

    • Eva Romero Cabrera


      • lolo_Jose

        gwen bat iba na naman id mo? nd ka makapag move-on mula ng matngal ka sa pwesto ha…

      • jiovi


      • SMEjhong

        ayusin mo ang spelling mo..anong FANTACY?..anong he has not even started?..dipshit..wala ka namang alam!..-sigh-

  • speaksoftlylove

    Ayun naman pala. Kaya pala nilalangaw yong bawat political campaign sorties ni PNoy dahil “very good” ang rating niya. O di ba maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw, Mahal Mangahas?

    Ano pang hinihintay ninyo dyan Pulse Asia? Isalang nyo kaagad yang version ninyo habang mainit pa para lalo kaming maniniwala. At para di na maghihinagpis si PNoy kina Bong Revilla at Gov. Ejercito. Bilis na.

    • lapuk

      False Asia raw… SWS (Sobrang Walang Silbi)…

    • jiovi

      wala kasi syang ipamimigay na cell phone at pera…


    • lolo_Jose

      napadala na ba ”envelope” mo ng mga amo mong maiitim ang budhi?

  • lapuk

    SWS (Sobrang Walang Silbi) moves again…..Kailan kaya ako matatanong….Parang False Asia…mind conditioning…..Buti pa ang 7 Eleven survey mas totoo…

    • lolo_Jose

      hindi ka siguro matatanong iho…

  • daddyghi

    this is so bulls**t!! inquirer, SWS, abs-cbn… these are all afiliated with the lopez family… so cut the crap! its a poltical propaganda!

  • ernievictory

    sorry na lang doon sa mga detractors ni PNoy na umaasa na bababa ang rating ng pangulo dahil sa Sabah issue. the latest survey proves that majority of the Filipinos agrees with how PNoy handled the problem created by Kirat and company !

    • boldyak

      ibig sabihin daming pinoy na walang pakialam sa intigridad ng bansa, inuuna ang sarili, hayaan na lang na maging katawatawa buong mundo ang bansa…ngayon ARAW NG KAGITINGAN, parang obsolete na ang salitang kagitingan sa Pinas, China can occupy Philippines, and our leaders will just sa okay, dahil maging kawawa ang milyong milyong Filipinos na maaring maapektuhan kapag lumaban….ganyan na tayo ngayon….mga lahing duwag as represented by the leaders….kaya mataas ang rating dahil mas maraming duwag na pinoy…..truth hurts…

  • warillaman

    Whatever survey it does, it will never change the treachery he did, until now, pinoys are suffering in sabah the very land we own, it puts us as a weakling, a crony of malaysia, and worst of all, he is enjoying and basking in glory of my hard earned dollars which he never deserve!!!! shame on this chinese president…

    • jiovi



    • Simplify1

      HAHAHA! Simple lang yan….wag ka mag padala! sinong tinakot mo??

    • lolo_Jose

      ipunin mo ang pera mo diyan apo, wag kng magpadala kahit pumuti mga mata ng pamilya mo at sabihin sa kanila na pag hindi na si PNOY ang presidente saka sila kumain….

  • regoberto

    Yang SWS survey na yan puro basura ang nilalabas. Subokan nilang magsurvey sa Mindanao, tingnan natin kung tataas pa rating nyan. Puro kami brownout dito sa Mindanao, hindi kami satisfied sa lider na yan! Ayusin nya muna yung power crisis dito sa Mindanao bago sya magyabang na tumaas ang rating nya. INUTIL

    • regoberto

      yang mga survey na yan di dapat paniwalaan, pwede kasi i-manipulate yang ganyan.

      • jiovi




      • lolo_Jose

        berto ang gamot mo nainom mo na ba?

    • Simplify1

      pano ka naman ma satisfy eh ikaw ay isa lamang dukhang muklo na uto-uto ni KIRAM…. kailan ka naka balik mula SABAH?? Kumain ka muna ng baboy!

    • lolo_Jose

      sisihin mo si gloria at mga ampatuans kasi nasa kanila pera para diyan…anong pakialam ng sws sa brownouts diyan?

  • regoberto

    Mindanao is the Brownout Capital of the World! isisisis nanaman yan ni Mr. Very Good kay pandak.

    • jiovi


  • Maldi2

    I can’t just imagine how much Malacanang ComsOp is paying to SWS as every time Panot’s governance is in question, the most recent one of which is the bombshell on “oil smuggling” putting in doubt Panot’s “tuwid na daan” stand on the perennial corruption-tainted Bureau of Customs – SWS will immediately flood the media with this redundant executive survey of trust ratings. Big money huh?

    SWS is itself demagogueing on the public! WTF!

    • jiovi



  • chuck chunda

    its obvious this survey was not done in Mindanao. Only 1200 people surveyed? HaHaha.

  • lolo_Jose

    MABUHAY ka PNOY!!! Isa ka sa dahilan bakit maraming kababayan tayo mula sa ibayong dagat ang bumabalik na sa Pinas at dito na maninirahan muli…Mas gumanda pa sana ang ating ekonomiya para mas maengayo ang karamihan na dito na manirahan ng pangmatagalan…GODBLESS you apo!!!

    • Brax82

      Inum ka na ng gamot mo lolo… Lumalabas nanaman hepa mo.

      • lolo_Jose

        hahaha ang aso ng maitim na maligno, affected ka ha…

      • Brax82

        I’m sure you’ve already read my last post so tigil mo na kakakahol taga kabilang kampo ako ng mga magnanakaw. Mga Trapo ang UNA, Traydor ang mga LP, inutil ang katulad mong nagpapauto. That’s simply it. Good day MORON.

      • lolo_Jose

        YOU pathetic fool…sira ulo ka!!!

      • Brax82

        Oh cool ka lang lolo, baka atakihin ka sa puso! Mukhang nagulantang ata utak mo ng mlaman n ndi lng dalawa ang partido sa bansa. Grabe la tlgang kasing bobo g mga noytard. People ito ang isang example ng madaling mauto, baket? Tanga kasi eh.

  • Julius_Caesar1

    I didn’t vote for Pnoy during the 2010 elections. I am an avid Gibo supporter and still am. Despite all that I can say that Pnoy has somehow exceeded my expectations. I thought he was going to be like his mother “Cory Aquino” (one of the worst President’s in Philippine history) and he proved me wrong.

    Pnoy achievements
    1) The RH law (unless we rally behind it then the blasted SC will have its way).
    2) Ousting of a midnight appointed Chief Justice
    3) Jailed a former corrupt President
    4) Fitch upgrade (in due fairness credit also goes to Gloria even if she is in jail)
    5) The economy has improved under his presidency.
    6) K12 program.

    Come 2016 if it isn’t too much to ask.
    Gibo for President!

    Don’t worry Pnoy you are still a good President so give yourself a pat in the back.

  • lolo_Jose

    SIGURADO ako, ang mga talangka ay magdududa na naman sa balitang ito..Ang gaya nina Doro, Berto, Weder-weder at Spitfire ay maghahabi na naman ng mga kasinungalingan para masabi na hindi tutuo ito hahaha

    • jiovi


      • lolo_Jose

        tama ka apo, ala pa mga sobre nila hahaha

    • Brax82

      Wow dito na pala ang best pet at uto uto ng admin. Aga ha.

      • lolo_Jose

        kayo ba ng amo mong maligno nagkikita ng harapan? o kinakapa mo na lng siya? mahirap kasing makausap ng harapan ang maligno hahaha

      • Brax82

        Maligno? Are you talking about the corrupt Binay? Your barking at the wrong tree Old man. I’m neither a fan of UNA or LP which you zombies look up to. nde lhat ng Pinoy ay uto uto na katulad niyo. :)

      • lolo_Jose

        hunghang ka!!! sige hindi ka uto uto sira ulo ka lang!!!

      • Brax82

        Oh anu na nangyare sa pagiging lolo mo? La kang template na mgamit? Loser! Aral aral para di magmukhang tanga.


    Conversely, the Vice-President has scored much higher which is such a pain in the a$$ for those who’re gloating over this high rating of PNoy.

  • Guest

    Isa si Sen. Alan Cayetano sa pinakamaraming absent sa Senado. 140 lang ipinasok sa 212 sessions days. Ibig sabihin absent siya ng 72 days.

  • Guest

    Ang sino mang bumoto kay ALan Cayetano ay isang kalokohan. Huwag
    sayangin ang boto niyo sa Mayo.

  • Noriel Bernabe

    If only I didn’t know that relatives of the chief executive are the once running these paid survey firms; I would have believe these tales of high ratings.

    It is too obvious that doctored surveys from FALSE ASIA and SWS comes out every time the chief executive bungles. It is proven and tested to save noynoy’s face. Thanks to false asia and sws fake survey firms.

    According to the newest survey, 74 percent of the people in mindanao are happy having 10 hour blackouts. 74 percent of our brother muslims are happy that their fellow muslims were murdered in malaysia and their rights being violated. 74 percent of the people in mindanao are happy closing their business due to longstanding rotational brownouts. And majority are happy with noynoy’s decision to surrender our legitimate claim on SABAH to Malaysian PM? Wow, really?

  • Noriel Bernabe

    The 15th Congress is ranked second laziest congress we ever had based on the numbers of laws passed (in a span of more than two decades). Do your research and you’re see, that noynoying government has done little for this country.

  • $14334231

    palayasin mo muna si biazon at abaya at maniniwala ako diyan sa survey,,,otherwise, tuwad na ang “tuwid mong daan”…..

  • disqusted0fu

    Surveys very good again in brainwashing the people. This is hard to take in because of what’s been happening in the PH.

    The anti corruption promise of the Aquino admin only applies to their foes, for their persecution, while their allies have all the freedom to be corrupt. The cash transfer works as a pork barrel for the administration allies. Improving the welfare of the poor? Or improving their population? Number of poor people has now reached 25M. These are just a few if the horrible things that these surveys cover up for.

  • mekeni62

    sige lang sabi niyo eh. he he he

  • Johnny

    Iresearch kaya muna ninyo kung sino may ari ng False Asia & SWS at mga connections nito at kayo mag-decide kung biased itong mga surveys na ito.

    Surveys are surveys… blah blah

  • antiscam

    I’m so happy for PNOY. I also did not vote for him last 2010 but i am now a convert. As a sign of my confidence in him, I will vote for whoever he endorses in this coming May elections and in the presidential elections of 2016. I hope his chosen heir will win and not Binay because I have also lived in Makati and I also know Binay’s corruptions and dynastic ambitions. GO PNOY!!!

    • Brax82

      Template? ngak!

  • rlo

    My taxes have never been higher. Thanks Pnoy. Give more cash handouts to the poor please.

  • lostRunes

    Malacanang script to Coloma’ paid bloggers : I did not vote for Pinoy pero he is the best president ever! Walang katumbas tong presidenteng to, wala siyang ginagawang kapalpakan, dapat sa kanya maging santo!!!

    Diyan napupunta taxes natin. Sa mga bayaran ng Malacanang. Tinanong niyo ba kung sino nag komisyon ng survey na yan? Siyempre Malacanang din. Pero bawat rally ng LP kaunti pumupunta. This is the best PR our taxes can buy; survey firms, media in cahoots with Malacanang

    • Brax82

      Pansin ko nga, nagbago ata sila ng templates. Obvious na daw masyado haha.

  • boldyak

    hindi kaya ang survey ginawa sa Malaysia? ….or maaring puro malaysian sa pinas ang na survey….bwahahaha

    • kumilos_tayo

      Hindi sa malaysia at hindi mga malaysian yan… Tunay at matatalinong pinoy yan hindi tulad ng iba kahit mali kakampihan nila katulad ng mga follower ng Kiram mali na ginawa kakampihan pa.

      • Brax82

        First Moron wanting to look smart detected. Naniniwala ka sa survey ng sws? Kawawa ka nman, kaya pla ambilis mo mauto. Good Job!

      • kumilos_tayo

        MORON ikaw yun kasi ikaw wala kang natutulong sa bansa kaya tumahimik ka na lang..

      • Brax82

        La ng ibang word na mgamit sa noytard template kaya copy nalang??? Hahaha. May nagagawa akong tulong sa bayan. Ito ay ang ipamukha sa mga tao na may mga tanga pang katulad nyong nagpapa uto! Thanks, dahil sayo nkakatulong ako sa bayan!

      • kumilos_tayo

        MORON hindi tulong yan paninira yan walng naiidulot na maganda ang isang paninira..

      • Brax82

        Meron syang nadudulot na maganda. Nakikita ng mga tao na may mga uto uto pa rin na katulad mo. At iniluluklok nila ang mga walang silbeng politiko tulad ng kasalukuyang presidente.

      • kumilos_tayo

        Wow ang galing mo naman…

      • Brax82

        Di ako magaling, bobo ka lang. :)

      • Brax82

        Panu naging corrupt? Sino ba ibinoto ko? Let menguess sasabihin momnnman Estrada or maka Gloria ako. Sorry to disappoint your makitid na utak pero gasgas na template nyo. May mga taong ndi lng sa LP or UNA tumitingin ng kandidato. Nagiisip kse kme, “kumikilos” di tulad mong inutilmna naniniwala lng sa sinasabe ng ABSCBN at Showtime. Nga nga ka nlng Moron! – Dito nko ngreply, excited ksi akong mkita ng iba kung kanu ka ka TANGA!

      • kumilos_tayo

        Ay sorry MORON wala kaming channel 2 ABS CBN kasi d kami na niniwala sa kanila kasi un ang isang move namin para mabawasan yung kita nila ang hindi itangkilik sila..

      • Brax82

        So sa lahat ng sinabi ko, ito lng kaya mong sagutin? Wahaha pathetic! Wow, ngaun mo lng ngamit ung word na Moron noh hahah! Nakakaawa ka talaga. Mag aral ka kasi para di ka kaagad mauto ng mga propaganda. Nakakahiya kasi, nagmumukha ka na talagang tanga. Tignan mo, ginamit ko lng sayo ung word na Moron, ngaun parang parrot ka na. Yan po ang typical Noytard! Aquino-Cojuanco kelan po ba ninyo titigilan ang mga kawawang tanga na tulad nito? Maawa na po kayo.

      • kumilos_tayo

        Sorry hindi ako nkakaawa kasi namumuhay ako ng marangal at kumikita ako ng marangal lalo na hindi ako pabigat sa gobyerno pati sa magulang ko hindi tulad ng iba nakikitira sa bahay ng magulang at nanghihingi pa din ng allowance kahit matanda na..Ikaw ang nakakaawa kasi walng ginawa kung hindi manira ng kapwa tao at kala mo nman eh meron nagawang maganda at nkatulong sa gobyerno.. Tingan mo muna sarili mo kung maganda ba ugali mo at nkakatulong ba ako sa bansa at sa magulang assess mo muna sarili mo bago ka magsalita ng againt kahit kanina.

      • Brax82

        Wahaha sabay tigil ka sa pag gamit ng word na MORON noh! Psychic ka ba? Panu mo nman malalaman kung anu estado ko sa buhay? Ndi ba useless putak mo kse di rin nman nmen mlalaman kung ndi ka nga ba talaga nakatira sa bahay ng magulang mo? Naku po, mali ang mag explain sa ganitong forum kung anung meron ka kasi lalabas lng na desperado ka na pagkatapos mapahiya. Kaawa awa ka nga talaga. Parang nagtuturo ako sa grade 1. Sana mamulat na ang mga mata ng mga uto utong tanga na katulad mo. Maawa ka sa magulang mo na idinadamay mo pa sa kahibangan mo.

      • kumilos_tayo

        HAHAHA wala ka palang kewnta eh para kang sirang plaka paulit ulit hahahaha… CP spastic athetiod ka pala eh.. HAHAHA

      • Brax82

        Tawa nalang ang moron, ayy wawa naman hehe. Cge na Bobo ka tlga at di ntin mababago yan! Go back to your tuwad na daan MORON!!!! Another inutil Noytard silenced! Stupified! My work here is done. HeheheBalik Nga nga ka na haha!

      • kumilos_tayo

        HAHAHA gumamit talaga ako ng medical terms tiningnan ko lng kung anong isasagot mo.. HAHAHA wala naman pala… HAHAHA CP spastic athetiod..

      • Brax82

        Anu para lng pakita na hindi ka Tanga? Trying to prove yourself? Nice try jejemon. Nakita na nga mga nagbasa nito na isa kang inutil haha. Good Job Moron! Hahahaoh baka maiyak ka na ha. Mang gagaya pa ng style, pathetic talaga. Typical noytard who idolizes a retarded president…Nkatatak na MORON sa pangalan mo..

      • kumilos_tayo

        Alam mo sayang ka may utak ka naman magaling cguro pero kulang kung pano mag assess ng tama at mali.. HAHAHAHA sabagay CP ka. HAHAHAHa

      • Brax82

        As I said di mo ko kelangan purihin, di ako matalino. Bobo ka lang talaga. Aral ka pa konte para di mo na kelangan mag panggap, pathetic eh.

      • kumilos_tayo

        Kayo ang mga taong wala ng naiitulung maninira pa.

  • Albert Einstien

    ha ha ..di pa ginawang 99%…1,200.lang tinatanung…out of 100,000,000 milyon na filipino…..e yun cct beneficiaries milyones members non at bilyones ginagastos ng govt don..subukan nila magkamli ng sagot..tanggal sila sa listahan…parang kelan lang 81% filipinos satistied with life….kung TANUNGIN mo ng diretsa yung tao sa lansangan..GUMAPANG na sila sa HIRAP at galit sila sa govt……puro PROPAGANDA lagi.. naman.. wala naman ng naniniwala sa mga surveys…ilang araw lang binabawi agad lalo na pag nagreklamo yun mga tao….lol

  • aspirin200

    Its true, Pnoy’s image is hurting a little bit in Mindanao because of the brownouts. But its not entirely the government’s fault that there is a shortage of power. Economic growth is also one of the positive factors that contributed to the shortage.

    However, there’s not much brownout in both Davao and Cagayan de Oro. In
    Cagayan de Oro, local power distributor, Minergy, has installed an additional 27 Megawatts capacity in 2012. Construction of a 15 megawatt hydroelectric plant in Misamis Oriental is also underway but was delayed when NPA rebels torched vital plant and heavy construction equipment last year.

    Power utilities did not learn from their lesson from the 2009 power crisis. It was only Cepalco and Davao light who had the foresight to improve generating capacities and capabilities and thus sparing Davao and Cagayan de Oro from the horrible brownouts.

    Iligan City is also deeply embroiled in high drama of economic-political interests between the city government, Iligan Light and Power and Alcatara’s Conal Holdings that prevented the rehabilitation and operation of an existing 100 megawatt power plant. Another 10 megawatt plant in Gingoog City is also delayed due to import dispute with vital equipment stuck at port pending release by the Bureau of Customs.

    It was Ramos’ and GMA’s privatization program that saw vital industries sold eg National Steel Corp, Transco, Power Barges. In particular, GMA, collusion with the Aboitizes for the privatization of the Mindanao hydro plants that has held back NPC from improving the capacities of Agus and Pulangi Hydro Plants.

    NPC’s debilitating debt also prevented NPC from pursuing new hydro plants after the completion of Agus 1 in the late 80’s.

  • Noriel Bernabe

    reasons why people are happy under noy’s govt.

    – unemployment rate increased by almost a million despite of gdp “growth”
    – More than 1 billion was loss because of the unaccounted CCT
    – 32 billion pesos estimated loss revenue due to rice smuggling
    -30 to 40 billion loss due to oil smuggling
    – P3.6 billion in loss revenue due to missing container vans
    -the much vaunted PPP has no project to show off after three years
    -philippines lags compared to other ASEAN nation when it comes to FDI
    -Recent study showed corruption perception in the government is high hampering economic growth
    -2011 Philippines was named as worse country for investors (East ASIA)
    -Many people from Mindanao were killed by flood due to cancellations of existing flood projects under noy’s admin
    -5 million and 30 million were donated by noynoy to MILF and ABB this happened after MILF ambused our soldiers in mindanao.

    • kumilos_tayo

      Dyan kayo magaling tingnan ang kulang na nagawa pero yung mga magandang nagawa ayaw nyong purihin at kung alam niyo naman na may kulang ano naman naitulong mo?… Baka nga simpleng batas di mo sinusunod eh katulad ng pagtawid sa pedestrian lane kung saan saan ka tatawid kasai malayong tawiran eh sa katamaran dun sa hindi tawiran gagawin or red tape baka ginagawa mo din.

    • kumilos_tayo

      Ang pag unlad ng bansa ay hindi rin dapat iasa sa pamahalaan abay dapat kumilos ka din.

  • hu_yu

    president noynoy aquino – the SURVEY KING!!!! Congrats!

  • Dyndin

    Ha ha ha it was so funny about this rating. how can a president get high rating, all he does is to campaign. Just amazing…what a great president, all he does is to ridicule his non allies, which is so unbecoming of a president. Look, be realistic, we have so many problems in our country. Poverty, unemployment, crimes, etc etc. where is he? and yet he has good rating? just be real people, he always portray himself a good one, but -..where are his projects so to employ our needy kababayans.

  • Eva Romero Cabrera


  • Eva Romero Cabrera


  • Eva Romero Cabrera

    parang totoo ang result ng survey..he he he…perhaps 1,200 malaysians were interviewed that’s why he got good rating….

  • mavtan

    GO GO Pnoy! More infrastructure project before the end of your term, finish them all before another corrupt (BINAY) president replace you.

  • Eva Romero Cabrera

    sana may magpakilala kung sino man ang tinanong sa survey na ito…totoo kayang tao ang mga ito? or UFO?

  • Allen Douglas

    Someone’s cookin’ lutong Macao….with SWS, a known Pnoy accomplice, as chief cook…. One question that SWS should have included in the survey form is, WHO PAID THE BILL? Hope it’s not Malacanang Communication Group of Carandang.

  • Eva Romero Cabrera


  • JasonBieber

    This seems to be one of the most inaccurate politically driven propaganda that the PNoy Admin has shown of late. They even had some so-called political analyst exclaim that PNoy has been delivering on his promises to uplift the welfare of the poor. That is so not the case.

    There are millions and millions of poverty stricken Filipinos without food and proper access to water and without shelter and Malacanang has not done anything about it. So to say that PNoy’s approval ratings are high then they must be taking the surveys from the well-off and rich pinoys who are not struggling like the others.

  • Albert Einstien

    puro propaganda na naman paglolokohin na naman mga tao..di ba kahapon lang BINANSAGAN na nga na ” SMUGGLING CAPITAL ang PILIPINAS UNDER PNOY “….pag magbayad ng survey dapat 99% na lan palagay nyo LOKOHAN lng naman e…lol

  • calixto909

    Precisely this is the crux of my adamant support to his Team Pnoy, his acclaimed dynamism to propel our country to a better tomorrow. And such is too the main reason why I am now campaigning to vote straight Team Pnoy here in the City of Baguio so that the Team Una be obviated in the future to form a hostile senate that shall derail his matuwid na daan program that had already ensconced us to economic prosperity

  • Brax82

    Agusan forced to pay more for electricity para mawala ang brownout. Sobrang tuwa siguro ng mga tao dun. People in Agusan are Millionaires so no sweat sa kanila ito. Thanks Pnoy ang galing mo talaga!

  • Joseph Tesoro


  • nano

    I dont regret using my telephone convincing my relatives and acquaintances to vote for PNOY . Although we are far from solving some major problems in our country , some sign of positive aspects are clear. Hoping that deserving and honest candidates will win this election to pave the way for more reform which will give us more progress and stability.

  • jga94

    I like PNoy and this govt but these surveys should really have a disclosure statement and say who is funding them or who commissioned the survey…and they should write down how they determine who gets the interviews…how the sampling is done and other pertinent data to make these surveys believable.

  • jga94

    Nakakatawa mga comments ng iba dito….eh kahit naman ata sinong presidente parating may inilalabas na surveys like this….kaya na cocompare pa nila yung iba’s-ibang presidents…..I for one if interviewed would also give PNoy a very good rating….his govt is not perfect but I trust he is doing what he thinks is best for this country and on what he promised….

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    aba nagkalat yung mga bayaran ni abnoy penoy! hahahaha!! halatang swelduhan! hahahaha!!

    • penoy2012

      Halata talaga.

  • Ciano Malandag

    A president who has no remarkable accompilishment; except to claim the false heroism of his parents has to cling to (1)contrived SWS surveys,(2)Psychophant Yellow Horde Media People, who praises him to high heavens;and (3)outshow of being incorruptible; inspite of the fact of being in the opposite.he seems not to have a knowing of himself…comparing himself to a accomplished leader…shows a sympthom of; paranoia-a sort of delussional mental illness,Noynoy Aquino is not interested in education;just look at him and her sisters.are they highly educated? so,he wants us all to be ignorant like them….

  • SMEjhong

    He is no Superman!..but he is my man!..Kudos Mr. President..keep it up..
    Suggestion: sana ang ipadala sa Sabah ai iyong mga haters nalang..kawawa naman yung mga kapatid nating muslim..- just saying!

  • penoy2012

    Pontius Pilate believed in the surveys before he made a decision to condemn an innocent Man.

  • white scorpion

    i did not vote for p-noy. but will support his policy spl in anti-corruption matters. some people KEPT pulling the admin down. not realising, we all go down if he fails. give our countrymen a break. they are the ones (including me) suffered the hardest.

  • JasonBieber

    More surveys that don;t make sense. PNoy thinks that surveys can determine his success as President but all it does is show how detached he is from the most poverty stricken Filipinos.

    Malacanang acts as if this is something to boast about when in reality it proves nothing other than it appears to be clear that the poor Filipinos don’t participate in these surveys because they are too hungry to engage themselves in surveys.

  • noyab

    di ganyan survey ang gusto ng bayan, mag survey ka kung dumami ba ang nagkatrabaho at nabawasan ba ang mahihirap…..puro ka sipsip sa uten ni abnoy

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