For Maceda, age doesn’t matter



Don’t be too quick to count us out.

“Older people have patience, have intelligence and have experience,” senatorial candidate Ernesto Maceda said in a television interview after the host pointed out that he was the oldest among those running for the Senate in the May 13 midterm elections.

Speaking at the GMA News Paninindigan forum scheduled to be shown Sunday night, the 78-year-old candidate of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) said he could still keep up with the best of them, boasting he does not tire in sorties despite having to travel in different provinces for five successive days.

Maceda said septuagenarians could still make their mark in the legislature and that he shouldn’t be disregarded as a candidate just because he was older than many of the other aspirants.

Tireless at 89

Maceda is constantly present in UNA’s sorties all over the country and usually arrives promptly, UNA staff members say. He usually goes around wearing brightly colored rubber shoes.

Older people have a lot of good qualities, Maceda said, pointing out that Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile has been tireless and excels in his job at the Senate despite his age.

Enrile is 89.

“He has the best performance [among the senators],” Maceda said.

About half of US senators are also elderly, he further said.

Heroes’ burial

Maceda is a former Senate President himself and, like Enrile, served the administration of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. He also held a Cabinet post under the administration of then President Corazon Aquino and served as ambassador to the United States.

Maceda disclosed during the forum that he was in favor of giving Marcos a heroes’ burial.

“Under the law, as a former President and as a former military officer, he’s entitled to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani,” he said, adding that it was time to resolve the long-festering issue.

Maceda also believes the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) should be abolished and that its task of recovering the Marcoses’ supposedly ill-gotten wealth should be transferred to the Department of Justice.

He said the PCGG had been in existence for over two decades and had yet to recover about 60 percent of that wealth.

‘Best public servants’

Another septuagenarian candidate, retired Maj. Gen. Ramon Montaño, said military officers were ideal public officials.

“I think we are the best public servants because we serve only the country and our people,” the 76-year-old Montaño said at the forum.

He said that military personnel were not trained to favor the interests of big business.

Montaño, who is running as an independent, is the former chief of the defunct Philippine Constabulary-Integrated National Police. He also served as an undersecretary at the Department of the Interior and Local Government and was a presidential adviser for political affairs.

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  • Hey_Dudes

    Maybe so but at 89? In that age bracket, it is just a matter of time and congress of all places as Mr. Maceda must know, is not exactly where an aging man like him should be waiting for his end.

    • tyurl

      Oh. I don’t think that Erning is concerned of work-related stress in case he wins. He’s after the money and money alone to finance his stem cell therapies and sexcapades. So his age does not really matter. He won’t bother burning his eyebrows to produce quality legislative outputs anyway.

  • Concur_Dissent

    Age does not matter if you steal money from government coffers….

    Already so old, still so corrupted….. Tsk tsk tsk

    • reddfrog

      Ayaw kunin ni Satanas si Maceda, Enrile at GMA. Takot kasi si Satanas na baka mawalan siya ng trabaho sa impiyerno.

  • nizon

    Lagi kong nakikita sa casino yang si Maceda dati.

    • Sollie Sinson

      maaga na syang natutulog ngayon kasi matanda na inaantok na maaga pa lang.

  • ohmypinas

    ibig sabihin ni ka ernie….. kung ano siya nuon ganito pa rin sya ngayon….. BAKLA forever…..

    • Reynaldo

      magdahan-dahan ka naman, nakakasakit ka ng damdamin at sinasagasaan mo sila Piolo, Eric Santos, Rostum Padilla & the like.

  • farmerpo

    Mr expose,,, gurang na sir. Bayaan na sa mga bata bata ang trabaho. Sa bagay, mas mahal ngayon ang expose kung me laman. O kaya sayaw kayo ni Nancy Binay, gangnam style… ganda sigurong panoorin.

  • brunogiordano

    Maceda, hindi ka si ENRILE.

    SALING PUSA ka na lang gayon May13 ELECTION.


    >>>For Maceda, age doesn’t matter<<<

    FOR THE VOTERS, it does.


  • 12JEM

    At this age and era the likes of Maceda do not matter and should not, in fact, matter at all.

  • boybakal

    I agree.Maceda is different from others. He is a seasoned legislator. He grew old as senator.
    Unlike others who try to make an occupation as senator different from their previous work.
    The more we need Maceda today as most senators are still at a loss on what to do.
    Enrile is old and sickly. Nobody can replace Enrile except Maceda.

    • 33Sambuang2

      he is a seasoned thief. mahiya ka sa pinagsasabi mo.

  • AllaMo

    It matters a lot, when you are so old and so corrupt.

  • Trollollolloll

    sige nga ka ernie bigyan mo ko ng 20 push-ups.

  • jpastor

    Halos lahat alam na si binay ay lumaban kay marcos. Ngayon pasayaw sayaw, pakanta-kanta, pahalahalakhak kasama sina erap, enrile at maceda. Talagang ang year na ito ay para sa mga ahas.

    Makakaupo ang mga ito sa mga puwestong maghuhugis ng direction ng buhay ng mga pinoy dahil sa pangkalahatang baba ng IQ ng botanteng pinoy.

  • isidro c. valencia

    Maceda is talking of PCGG. PCGG should run after Maceda (rhymes with Maleta full of dollars?). Dating bata ni Marcos yan.

    During Cory Administration, he cancelled all timber licenses so that the re issuance means a lot. Bata rin yan ni ERAP at Gloria. Bata rin ba yan ng isang lalakeng artista?

    OK lang kung matanda at maganda ang ginawa. Pero kung matanda at gusto pang magnakaw, iba na yan. Dapat sa matatanda nagdadasal na lang at humingi ng tawad sa Panginoon bago siya lumisan sa mundong ibabaw.

    So old, and so corrupt?

    • Yxon

      “During Cory Administration, he cancelled all timber licenses so that the re issuance means a lot.” of……per issuance equivalent to…80 million?

      sana hindi na makapanloko ang __ding na to. kurakot lang yan si mr (ss)expose

  • vince_bugaboo

    Age doesn’t deter greed and banditry. Stealing–and no other– serves as an incentive for these political fossils to hold on to life no matter if they have no more control of their bowels and bladders and they reek of stale urine and feces 24/7. Hah!

  • julieboy

    Agree age doesnt matter,but not your experience in politics.The people know who you are and what you have done in politics.Stop fooling the electorate please.

  • Mel

    Mas matanda mas maraming alam na kalokohan.

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Manong Ernie will definitely enjoy his prolonged retirement from politics. People need him as a columnist better than a senator.
    The ones who knew him will not vote for him so as the young voters who do not know he exists.

  • coty

    ha ha a has been and a never will be!

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * *

    Healthy and corrupt old men are a menace to society. Especially if they are priests or politicians. To them, cheating has been a way of life. They even think they can cheat the undertaker.

    • buttones

      I find rather weird old men,a bit… well weird is maybe the right word, avoid them at all costs and their hands are all over the place. OMG! I met Ramos at an event abroad so many years ago, but in his defence he acted quite the gentleman, had it been Estrada-
      well, it may have been a different story…..

      • Luthmar

        Had it been Estrada, marami ka ng Estrada Jr. Yaaaaaaaaak

  • tiriring

    O cge. Ipakita nga ang legs mo kung mas maganda pa sa kay Miriam bobotohin kita.

  • vince_bugaboo

    According to a study, people who are 65 to 70 years old today are categorized as young old; old old are those at the age of 75 to 80. Finally, those 80 and above are called very, very old, that even stem cell treatment would not be beneficial for them anymore. Maceda, Enrile and other ancients like them should simply die without fanfare and leave the thievery to the young olds like estrada, to name just one of them.

    Finally, I think that if corruption is an industry that could help our economy flourish, we would become one of the richest countries in the world.
    And if there’s a Forbes-like magazine (for billionaires) that lists and updates who’s who in the world of corruption, our political leaders will top the long inventory perpetually.
    Finally again, Ngik ngik ngik for you!
    In my world, “Ngik” means digit.

  • nes911

    Old dogs can no longer learn new tricks. All they do is to eat and take naps.

  • wawa2172

    Maceda too old and still so corrupt. Better quit now and stop wasting your money dahil baka bumawi ka kapag nasa pwesto na ang UNA.

  • vince_bugaboo

    Dear Manong,
    hindi ka nag-i-isa.


  • justjarred

    iboboto ko si Maceda kung makakaakyat pa sa hundred steps sa Baguio na walang dalang tungkod.

  • Natx Bacalzo

    yes, age does not matter. So it will not be “Too young too corrupt” but “Too old but still too corrupt” now?

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    For Maceda, age does not matter but not for voters. Time slips so fast that the words of Mayor Arsenio Lacson may be accurate only on the second part “So young and yet so corrupt”.

  • vaporub123

    ” so young,so corrupt”as per mayor arsenio lacson. mas lalo na siguro ngayon kung mananalo si maceda.

  • victor1052

    Maceda, GOD, your victims and you know how much you have extorted and stolen. Death comes after old age. It’s time you repent since you can not bring your loot to hell to bribe satan for an air-conditioned accommodation. If you have just a little fear of GOD, then you better drop out of the senatorial race. Makonsienya ka!

  • CmdrAdobo

    yeah, age doesnt matter. You can get greedy until you die.

  • mapicchu

    the problem with you maceda is you are so corrupt..tagal mo sa senate, you never improved the lives of filipinos. now you want to get back there? para ano? am sure pera lang motivation mo. you talk well but thats all it is..bla bla bla…

  • Beguine

    Granted age does not matter, but what matters is integrity, honesty
    and not being a kawatan magnanakaw.

    Maceda is a proven kawatan. Don’t vote for him!

  • mapicchu

    we are already saddled with enrile in the senate..87 yrs old…ayaw namin magkaroon syang playmate na 89 na! bakit kaya d nalang kayo mag apply maging lay ministers?

  • Spidekick

    Yeah, I hope young voters will become aware of the famous line “so young, so corrupt,” uttered by Mayor Lacson years back, referring to a then young aspirant named Ernesto Maceda.
    He’s as trapo as trapo can get…

  • buttones

    “Older people have patience, have intelligence
    and have experience,” What a
    trite remark, that is not always the case, age does not necessarily bring
    wisdom..or anything else, the certainty is it brings old age….

  • Gu3st

    maceda, erap, enrile = corrupt and power hungers

  • manual47

    It comes with age….yes, that is true specially when you can’t kick the old habit, being corrupt……. It’s time for this old man to quit as there’s nothing he can offer that people already know. Just like an old vintage wine, it didn’t matured on taste but rather it soured. It’s time to throw it…..

  • Mr. Skeptic

    Matanda ka na manong. Magretiro ka na lang. Don’t be like Manong Johnny who’s holding on to his seat like a leech. LOL

  • axe musk

    He’s RIGHT!!! Age doesn’t matter sa PAGNANAKAW/PANGUNGURAKOT…. Pork Barrel/CDF lang naman sadya nila sa pagpasok ng mga “Tong-gressmen” at mga “Senatong” sa pulitika…. iilan lang sa mga iyan ang talagang my hangad na maglingkod…. sa kampanya lang sila sigasig pero after the elections, laging nasa loob ng hi-end cars ang mga iyan at siga pa sa kalye at may mga escort na hagad…. ganyan kawalang-hiya at kakapal ng mukha ang karamihan ng mga pulitiko sa Pilipinas….

  • rinom

    we will all grow old like an old garment, but only God will remain.

  • regd

    Sure, why not. Give marcos a heroes burial, for as long as they can resurrect to life all the salvage victims of martial law years. I’m all for it.

  • pabloo6293

    Di ko alam kung papaano pa mananalo itong si Maceda-out of 43 comments, iisa ang nabasa kong may sinabing maganda sa kanya. Dapat siguro dito mag quit na lang siya. Pero, on second thought, mabuti ding tumakbo siya para mabawasan ang mga sinasabing nakurakot niya.

  • Sollie Sinson

    intelligence sa pagkurakot, patience sa paghintay sa pork barrel at experience sa panloloko sa tao.

  • virgoyap

    Like Maceda I’m a septuagenarian already but instead of focusing myself to some other jobs and preoccupations it’s time for me to focus on my health and well being. Thanks God I’m still in good health and capable. I’m advising Maceda to do the same. Just leave the Philippines to the young because of their new ideas and dreams.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Maceda is smelling death, not because of his age but Marcos time opportunism.

  • kismaytami

    Gugulangan mo na naman ang taumbayan! Magpahinga ka na lang. Tutal, hindi mo rin naman mauubos o maisasama sa hukay yung mga kinurakot mo.

  • Bonggebongge

    matandang walang pinagkatandaan…buset…

  • buttones

    Not that impressed with dithering senile geriatric old men, or women either, I find them quite boring actually, they have taught us NOTHING over the last 67years, nothing at all, so go back to your film archives, your shoe closets, and your dead refrigerated husbands-
    I’m getting rather bored about the whole thing….

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Cheap vin becoming vinegar when becoming old…

    • buttones

      Just like my tuba wine

  • Jay Ramos

    You already served as senator for a longtime, let the good young senator aspirants chance to serve for a change! You time is up & now is the time to go.

  • Guest

    Gurang na may intensyon pang kumita at magnakaw ..Manong,, retire ka na please ..Ikaw din pag salbaje ka pa din sa kurakot tulad ng idol mong mangdaambong toiyak pyerno punta mo

  • Rolly257

    Patungkol kay Maceda, sabi ng ex Manila Mayor Arsenio Lacson…so young, yet so corrupt.
    Kasabihan: “Ugali sa pagkabata, dala hanggang sa pagtanda.” Tumpak ang kasabihang ito para kay Maceda. KASULASULASOK.

  • Commentator

    corruption has no age limit.

  • KarmaGMA

    maceda , you are one of the most corrupt senator before…you will never win again. hindi kami bobo or tanga para botohin ka…engot ka pala….

  • Roy Batty

    Age is nothing, money is everything!

  • tita_cacayan

    so old and so corrupt ., miss expose , senate burial naman ngayon ang habol nya , aba amoy fertilizer ka na tita

  • Luthmar

    Thank God for stem cell treatment. You will need that once a year. Who will finance your treatment in Europe? Gusto pa talaga humirit ng Maceda na ito.

    Oh my God, he’s got a very bad plan. OK to bury Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The biggest crook this planet ever had. An insult to the real heroes who are peacefully resting there.

    Maceda should get stem cell treatment in his brains.

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Mamahinga na lang kayo manong Ernie at Manong ramon. Nagsilbi na kayo sa bayan. Enjoy whatever is left in your life here on earth. be with your familes. You are just allowing people to make fun of you. Bibigyan na lang kayo ng gobyerno ng medalya for your good service. As it is now, you are making yourselves remembered as mga tumandang talunan to the end. Spare yourselves the embarassment.

  • JosengSisiw1

    Yes Maceda is right. I’m OLD, EXPERIENCED & INTELLIGENT enough to encourage the public not to vote him in any kind of government position, and I will be PATIENT enough to watch with JOY, this Dirty Old Mandarambong destroyed before he die.

  • hustlergalore

    so old and still corrupt. LOL

  • LOLA

    age does not matter daw but bakla does matter

  • rnoldrmada

    Let’s all hope he won’t soil his pants while campaigning. It’s not going to be a pretty sight.

  • 33Sambuang2

    maceda, buhay ka pa. ilibing ka na lang kasama si marcos kasi di ka naman mananalo.

  • SMEjhong

    POOLITIKA!..same old dipshit..


    Talaga naman..pwe! How this UNA came out to include this Maceda in their senatorial line-up is mind-bungling…What good this corrupt idiot can contibute to UNA..Zilch.. It only shows how dumb are these UNA officials were and are..UNA would be lucky to have one successful senatorial candidate in the next election.. Binay is aspiring to become the next president..I can bet you as early as now..NO WAY!!

  • askal2u

    siguro naubos na pera ni maceda sa mga machong kabit nya

  • PlumberfromCanada

    tama, age does not matter..kahit matanda ka na pwede pa din magnakaw!! achecheng…..tita ernie….

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