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Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon.. FILE PHOTO

To those calling for the head of Customs Commissioner Rozzano Rufino Biazon over rampant oil smuggling, there won’t be any revamp in his agency, Malacañang said on Sunday.

While President Aquino has been mulling over the creation of a watchdog against oil smuggling, the President has no plans to change the Bureau of Customs (BOC) leadership, Secretary Herminio Coloma said.

“I’m not aware of intended changes that are brought about by current events, public outcry or dissatisfaction,” Coloma, chief of the Presidential Communication Operations Office, said in an interview by phone.

Biazon has come under fire again following complaints by chief executive officers of Petron Corp. and Pilipinas Shell that the government was losing P30 billion annually to smuggling of petroleum products through the country’s major ports and special economic zones. He rebuffed calls for his resignation.

The President will deal with Biazon after the May 13 elections, a Malacañang official said.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte confirmed the President had been talking to Sen. Panfilo Lacson about forming a watchdog to root out oil smuggling. Lacson said Biazon was competent to deal with oil smuggling.

Agency’s priority

Coloma said curbing smuggling had been a “priority” of the agency and that smuggling hogged the news the last few days because of the complaints from the oil executives.

“It’s not as if the BOC has not been aware of it. It’s really part of the regular and normal task list of the Bureau of Customs to go after smugglers of whatever commodity,” he said.

Even so, it’s the call of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima to assess the overall performance of BOC officials in terms of revenue generation, Biazon said. The BOC is under the Department of Finance.

In the past two years and nine months of the Aquino administration, there has been no major revamp of the Cabinet, Coloma observed.

Voluntary resignations

If at all, changes in the Cabinet had been prompted by the voluntary resignation of Cabinet men, like Public Works Secretary Jose de Jesus and Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim, and death in the case of Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, he said.

“If you look at the last two years and nine months, there was no change caused by gross inefficiency, or gross dissatisfaction of the President with the incumbent,” Coloma said.

Biazon, meanwhile, is “not opposed” to the creation of a watchdog for oil smuggling, “provided that the parameters of its functions and authority do not duplicate those of existing agencies, particularly on enforcement.”

However, such a body could “create potential for conflict among agencies,” as well as “another layer of possible abuse of discretion as experienced in past task forces and similar bodies,” Biazon said.

Originally posted: 5:59 pm | Sunday, April 7th, 2013

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  • Musta Na Mo

    how can Pnoy speak to his secretaries that they are not doing well? He is worst than them…

  • mekeni62

    why revamp when everything that’s happening at BoC is very positive……..TOINKS!!

  • superpilipinas

    …..and that is exactly why WE MUST NOT VOTE FOR TEAM PNOY!

    It protects corruption, incompetence, and patronage politics.

    IT IS JUST AS BAD AS UNA, LP, NPC, NP, etc. Full or TraPos, Political Dynasties, and incompetent Showbiz and TV personalities.

    Give Philippines and poor Filipinos a chance to have a better life. VOTE FOR NEW CANDIDATES AND NEW PARTIES to replace these entrenched corrupt and incompetent people. At least if the new ones could not perform to expectations, they can easily be replaced.

    • Iyen Dev

      Two Words: Civil War!

    • coty

      and voters should be made to understand, this is not an exam that you have to fill up all the blanks as answers! just vote for one or two it’s all the country needs! you do not owe them anything at all!

      • superpilipinas


  • XY ZEE

    Wala talagang kasalanan si Biazon.
    Kasalanan pa din ni Gloria ang lahat.

    • holydonkeyballs

      Pati nga gyera sa North Korea pwedeng isisi ni Pnoy kay Gloria eh.

    • Pedro_Gil

      oo nga, kasalanan ni Taning ang tiyohin niya hehehe. Mga ungas!!

  • Iyen Dev

    Ginagamit pa yung pera sa eleksyon kaya napapakinabangan pa si Biazon ngayon kaya after pa malalaman kung mananatili sya o hindi na.Pity on this guy, His name will never be remembered.Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order for your party to survive!

  • Iyen Dev

    Pnoy:My happiness is positive cash flow. Just wait until you become the next Prezy.

  • rburke

    shows how insensitive some people get to be when drunk with power..

  • Noel

    Biazon can keep his head because his tail is connected to Malacanang.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    The public clamor for Ruffy Biazon’s head could have been approached differently. We all know PNoy does not take too kindly to criticisms and unsolicited advise, however well-intentioned. Demanding for the head of Ruffy Biazon, one of PNoy’s KKK, has definitely rubbed PNoy the wrong way.

    Sa buong buhay ni PNoy, only his late mother Cory and sister Balsy could coo and coax him to accept criticisms or unsolicited advise. But it also took a lot of baby-talk to get PNoy to come around.

    If we really really want to stop smuggling and corruption in BOC and have Ruffy Biazon’s head rolling, let us appeal to Balsy Aquino-Cruz so that she can baby-talk her brother into doing the right thing. It takes different strokes for different folks. Let’s respect PNoy’s preference.

    • Mamang Pulis

      sarcastic ka pa rin yun lang…ho ho ho taenash*t talaga

      • PlumberfromCanada

        buti nga sarcastic lang e..di tulad mo gusto baton agad ang ihagupit…

      • Mamang Pulis

        :D–daata lang hatawin ng baton ang mga pasaway…gusto mo #5 iron–para mas sosyal..o kya bat >:)

    • buttones

      Entirely agree, direct criticism of anything the President does or says, will only be met by a knee jerk reaction, it has to be done differently- a softly softly appealing sort of an approach,being obsequious might help. Of course one can never imagine living a life devoid of criticism but always praise, and I suppose it’s not unreasonable
      after more than 50 years of constant praise, criticism at any level could be a
      bit ‘irksome’…A charming lady at the President’s side might help, they say that
      behind every successful man is a woman, not of the motherly or sisterly kind
      but.. well, you know what I mean.. the other sort..

  • $14334231

    balut-pnoy will deal with biazon after the may elections… then, biazon would have raked millions (if not billions) in his pocket, ready to spend it in his bid as a senatorial candidate in 2016…balut-pnoy deals only to those who doesn’t kiss his butt…..and ruffy is one hell of a butt-kisser…, my gut feeling is, he will stay as commissioner of BOC until he runs for an elective office…watch, come 2016……kapit-tuko sa puwesto, ika nga…..

  • Ciano Malandag

    A president who has no remarkable accomplishment; except to claim the false heroism of his parents, has to cling to;(1)contrived SWS surveys,(2)Psychophant Yellow Horde Media People, who praise him to high heavens; and (3)outshow of being incorruptible; inspite of the fact of being opposite. he seems,not to have a knowing of himself… comparing himself to a accomplished leader; shows a sympthom of: paranoia – a sort of delussional mental illness.Noynoy Aquino is not interested in education; just look at him and her sisters.are they highly educated? so,he wants us all to be ignorant like them…

    • Noriel Bernabe

      the great grand daddy is a traitor to the filipinos

  • boybakal

    Biazon can keep his head, hollow fat head.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Pagkatapos ng election, baka sakali we’ll deal with BOC pero di sigurado ha.

    Sa ngayon, kailangang kailangan ang pondo kaya tuloy ang ligaya.- PNoy

  • sigena

    polpol yung presidente, anong expect mo sa subordinate?

  • PinoyPower1

    Can not put a good man down! Go Biazon! All your critics want a magician at the BOC.LOL!!

    We know it takes years to eradicate all forms of smuggling which is deeply rooted for decades.

    • bryanbrian

      Biazon is actually the best and most trustworthy customs chief so far. More power and just keep going with the institutional and systemic reforms at the BOC. It is just proper to give you enough time to implement your course of actions and we will see the result in 2 years time. By that time, I might be able to judge your performance more judiciously. But most certainly not at this time yet.


        Totally agree. I hope ruffy biazon will be stronger and see oil smuggling as another chance to serve the people by stopping it if not totally eradicate it. Really hard to fight the smugglers, and their benefactors in and out of government. It takes time but with him at the helm, I have no doubt, BOC will be better. For now, I am glad that BOC is in good and incorruptible hands.


      Just keep up the good work! No matter what good you do there will always be critics and of course those who have been affected by the reforms- the smugglers themselves and their cohorts in the BOC itself.

    • 12JEM

      Ruffy Biazon will be a GONER, after the 2013 elections. He is not equal to the entrenched henchmen of the BIG OPERATORS of the Administration in the BOC/DOF and in the palace itself, and within the Liberal Party.

    • $26606290

      Just went through the BOC website again. His long list of accomplishments pale in comparison to the value of oil smuggling. Even if it is just a billion. Biazon arrests never broke 50M.
      I haven’t heard him firing anyone. The only arrest, I read about, was made by the NBI. This is a very important agency that needs a real leader like Henares of the BIR perhaps. In corporate, this is called a bad hire, just like Torres at LTO.

      Compare the BIR website with the BOC’s. the latter looks like Biazon’s FB site. This guy is a politician and is so full of himself. Also recall that he was lobbying for a senatorial slot, signifying his lack of commitment to the BOC and its goals. He needs to be replaced by a competent general manager from corporate perhaps, someone willing to risk life and limb, blood will be spilled. And Biazon does not have the balls for this.

      • Betz Chui

        No matter kong sino ilagay dyan…Binay, Erap, Casino, Madrigal, Arroyo, Escudero o Legarda man, kahit Santo Papa
        – mahirap malinis ang BOC! Dissolve BOC – palitan ng bagong ahensya –
        and hire new personnel! E lifestyle check ang current employees ng BOC –
        99% will fail!!

  • speaksoftlylove

    Let us see if Mon Tulfo will now trade his guns to PNoy.

    Mon Tulfo, mali ka. Pnoy is not sending a message through Lacierda for Biazon to voluntarily resigned. Guniguni mo lang yon. Sige nga Tulfo, tingnan namin kung kaya mong tirahin si PNoy na garapalan gaya ng ginawa mo sa mga Arroyos?

  • Mamang Pulis

    ang lakas mo dre!!!

    lakas ng kapit kay simeon
    lakas ng apog para hindi pa mag resign
    bakit nga ba?

    lakas kita ?


    ruffy biazon and danny lim are all respectable. sa mga galit, check their lifestyle and their saln.

  • Stuubs

    Biazon seems untouchable because to P-Noy, he is just too big to fall !..he is a high ranking LP official with a bright future ahead of him in “trapo”politics in this country. He is now indebted to P-Noy’s loyalty that someday he would just return the favor to him in due time…Political patronage is not part of P-Noy’s “TUWID NA DAAN”..

  • tagasugod

    Ang corruption ay binubuo ng dalawang partido, isa ang private at ang isa ay gobyerno. Magkatulong ang dalawang yan sa pagganap para maisakatuparan ang isang korapsyon. Ang gusto ng negosyante, mas malaking kita. Ang gagawin nila susuhulan ang taga goyerno Malimit kaysa hindi, nauuna ang mga negosyante na mag-alok ng suhol. Ang publiko, bagaman at sila ng tunay na nagdurusa sa korapsyon ay sinasangayunan ang mga baluktot na gawaing ito, sa pamamagitan ng pag sang ayon. Paano nila sinasang ayunan ang mga bagay na ito? Dinadakila ng publiko ang mga taong may pera at salapi. Humahanga sila sa mga mayayaman kahit alam nila ito ay galing sa korapsyon. Ang kailangan natin ay mga opisyal na matuwid, mga negosyanteng hindi gahaman at mamayang mulat. Kung mawawala ni isa man sa kanila, hindi mawawala ang korapsyon.

  • penoy2012

    Tsk, tsk, tsk….lalong lumala ang smuggling under penoy’s tuwid na daan. Weather-weather lang talaga.

  • Noriel Bernabe

    here is another bureaucracy duplicating the task of another bureaucracy.

    a case of an admission that another government bureau cannot perform its duty. that being the case, the government has to spend more money for the creation of another watchdog “kuno.” with that said, more crooks can benefit by using their position to extort money. only in the philippines!

  • Noriel Bernabe

    Under Noynoy’s admin:

    – We lost 1 billion peso for the unaccounted CCT
    -Custom’s lost 1,489 cargoes worth P339.12 million and 870 container vans, worth P341.75 million
    -32-B smuggling of rice, poultry, pork
    -Now we’ve lost 40 Billion due to oil smuggling

    • penoy2012

      I wonder how much more we’ll lose if Kris becomes VP?

    • niejannkhumar

      …and the conclusion is, INCOMPETENCE do cost the gov’t billions!!!

    • Aida Ramos

      P1 billion lost to CCT is an understatement. Nhoynhoy is a stubborn brat that decides like a video game player.

  • mekeni62

    At least Biazon is working hard in making the Philippines as Asia’s smuggling capital. Last year alone P32B worth of rice,meat and poultry, onions was smuggled into the country and then P30B worth of petroleum.Yes,keep up the good work.You have Malacanang’s trust indeed….TOINKS!!

  • rommel joseph

    I’ve been hearing rumors about oil smuggling but, as of now, no one has been apprehended. This must be investigated! As a saying goes, “Where there is oil, there is TONG!”

  • coty

    this is another one of those “sick and tired” issue! the only solution is the “Eliot Ness Solution” but the govt. cannot and will not do it because it is so helpless!

  • coty

    “when you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs”, you haven’t heard the bad news! (apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

  • les21reago

    Lacson said Biazon was competent to deal with oil smuggling.

    And by how much and by how long that DEAL would last?

  • Albert Einstien

    KKK ang me PROTEKSYON sa SMUGGLING at LARGE SCALE CORRUPTION…..alam kasi nila PROTECTED SPECIE sila ni pnoy…..

    BIGGEST corruption in history—-2011 coa audit report …101.8 BILLION lost to CORRUPTION

    NEWS December 12, 2012…PRC commissioner faces extortion raps at
    Sandiganbayan ..for extorting a businessman who leased his property in
    Baguio City to the agency.

    NEWS Philippine Star 02/13/2013 7: :
    Senate wants Banayo charged over rice smuggling MANILA, Philippines – The Senate has established that a big-time rice cartel was operating in the country, at
    least in 2012, which used farmers’ cooperatives as willing dummies to
    bankroll rice smuggling operations.

    yung si NAGUIAT lang sikat na sikat… INTERNATIONAL BRIBERY
    SCANDAL…nasa INTERNET pa yung FREEH REPORT…ni wala man lang

    NEWS: Naguiat,members of his family including their nanny and other
    Pagcor officials were treated by Okada in Macau to a luxurious visit
    with all the perks: free accommodation in Wynn Resorts luxury suite,
    $1,673 dinner, $20,000 cash gifts, $1,878I Chanel bag

    COA REPORT …Current PAGCOR Chair Cristino Naguiat – PhP 69,185,374.72 (USD 1.68 million for 6 months 2010 )

    RAFFLER : When President Aquino assumed office on June 30, 2010,
    Naguiat replaced Pagcor chief Efraim Genuino, who himself earned P287.4
    million in the first 6 months of 2010.

    But the huge totals include Pagcor’s confidential/intelligence and
    discretionary funds. It’s not clear in the 2011 report if Naguiat’s
    paycut means his discretionary funds were taken out of his “salary” but
    are still at his discretion to spend.

    We thought tuwid na daan..magkano ba ang HULING SWELDO NI NAGUIAT bago cya PUMASOK sa pagcor?

    .at .me VIDEO pa na pinalbas ni ka TONYING…tungkol sa alleged
    PERSONAL na pag-gamit ng mga sasakyan at emplyado ng pagcor for TWO
    years na..

    NEWS ABS-CBNnews. 11/26/2012 :

    MANILA, Philippines – Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation
    (PAGCOR) Chairman Cristino “Bong” Naguiat is accused of using his own
    service vehicle to fetch his son from school, an ABS-CBN report revealed

    A PAGCOR insider told ABS-CBN News Naguiat allows the use of his
    service vehicle with plate number NQM 923 to fetch his son and nanny at
    the Ateneo de Manila Grade School.

    A video provided by the PAGCOR insider showed a certain Lino
    Constantino, identified as a PAGCOR employee, driving the vehicle and
    fetching Naguiat’s son and nanny in Ateneo.

    The Land Transportation Office said NQM 923 is a security plate
    issued to PAGCOR on April 27, 2010. The security plate is different from
    the regular red plates issued to government vehicles.

    The source said Naguiat is implementing a “double standard” in the use of service vehicles in the agency.

    Last September 5, 2012, the agency suspended for 6 months Mr. Roberto
    G. Duenas, branch surveillance officer of Casino Filipino-Angeles, for
    “unauthorized use, operation, possession or lending of company property
    for personal use.” Duenas was allegedly suspended for using the PAGCOR
    vehicle several times for personal use.

    PAGCOR spokesperson Maricar Bautista admitted that the agency owns
    the vehicle and that it is Naguiat’s son in the video.

    Civil Service Commission chairman Francisco Duque said unauthorized
    use of red-plated service vehicles is punishable with suspension for 1-6
    months for the first offense and dismissal for the second offense. He
    said the rules apply to all government officials including the head of

    “Ang ahensya dapat ang nagbabantay. Ang may primary jurisdiction
    diyan ay ang head ng agency,” he told ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda.

    He said all trips by a government-owned vehicle should have a trip
    ticket, which indicates the destination, time left and time returned to
    the agency.

    He also said his office can write to Naguiat about the infraction but
    noted that it is up to the Office of the President if it will take
    action against the PAGCOR chief.

    Courage president Ferdinand Gaite said Naguiat’s case shows PAGCOR’s
    double standard especially since low ranking employees like Duenas were
    penalized immediately.

    He said fetching Naguiat’s son from school is not part of the
    official use of the vehicle. He also noted that some government
    officials try to skirt the rules by switching the license plates of
    their service vehicles or covering them up.

    “Ito ay pera ng mamamayan. Hindi ito pwedeng gamitin for personal
    gain or personal use. Paulit-ulit nating sinasabi, dapat i-ensure na ang
    pera ng bayan ay mapupunta sa mamamayan, hindi yung gagamitin nila para
    sa sarili,” he said.

    “Let’s not even mention the previous infractions of Naguiat. This
    only shows how important leadership is in government. How can you make
    others follow you if you cannot even follow the simplest of rules, to
    use government funds only for official use?” he asked.

    madami pang IBA…nasa kumuNOY na TUWID na DAAN…lahat kasinungalingan…pandarambong itodo na…

  • calixto909

    Per this article Lacson said that Biazon is competent to deal with oil smuggling…if he’s competent then why the oil smuggling had thrived? Bulok ang kaisipan ng malacanang kasama si Lacson. This controversy involving Biazon is one of the administrative faults of Aquino that dismays people to believe in his word. If truly he’s for change of the old and puking system of corrupt governance then he must fire people in his cabinet that are incompetent like Biazon. How can one trust a President who says this but does the other? I campaign for straight Team Pnoy for my obvious reason in having faith on his matuwid na daan that would be prejudiced by a hostile senate but he’s support to the likes of Biazon, this I gainsay.

  • kilabot

    there you go.
    end of abnoying story.

  • kilabot

    as for pinkylacson,
    he won’t get near boc;
    reason: miriam.

  • isidro c. valencia

    Yearly there is a target revenue for the government treasury.

    Yearly there is also a target revenue for the boys.

    Now, the target revenue for the government treasury is achievable but not realistic.

    Luto na yan. Kasi ang binibigyan ng pansin is for the “boys.”

    Let us not be hypocrite, from hao shiao boys to organic boys “meron” yan.

    World Bank reported that about P200B is lost yearly in smuggling enough to wipe out our poverty and hunger level in the Philippines.

    The President has the authority to revamp all government bureaus.

    Yong mga Congressmen, big time politicians, Senators, brokers, haoshiao boys, BoC employees, intelligent people and intellidrink people, Phil-Chinese, Phil-Indians, Phil-Satans associations are conniving. Pag sira yong X-Ray, sigurado may milagro o fake ang Invoice, and other documents.Tama yong sinabi ni:
    Betz Chui Gastig • an hour ago
    No matter kong sino ilagay dyan…Binay, Erap, Casino, Madrigal, Arroyo, Escudero o Legarda man, kahit Santo Papa
    – mahirap malinis ang BOC! Dissolve BOC – palitan ng bagong ahensya –
    and hire new personnel! E lifestyle check ang current employees ng BOC –
    99% will fail!!

    Who can do it na may tatlong yagballs? Si Senator Panfilo Lacson. Legacy na ni Lacson ito para malinis ang pangalan nia. Ipalit si Lacson kay Biazon.

    This is the best time for P-Noy to totally clean that Bureau of Corruption. Eh, matanda na tayo, pakita naman natin sa bagong henerasyon na di tayo nag pabaya.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Yes, Malacañang has no choice but keep Mr Biazon as BOC Commissioner. At least, he seems to be a little honest even if definitely and surely inept. There is no Filipino in the Philippines who is truly uncorrupt and competent at the same time.

  • Gico Dayanghirang

    Still unable to read the writing on the wall
    Rufy Biazon is hanging on. In which case he should be fired pronto! His
    lukewarm and, perhaps, unguarded reaction to a proposed watchdog in the
    Bureau of Customs is telling. He’s not at all enthusiastic
    in curbing widespread corruption in the bureau. He’s more concerned
    with procedural conflict, which may easily be remedied, than with the
    benefit of a dedicated watchdog monitoring and running after smugglers.
    Perhaps he has become close friends with these smugglers and has no wish
    to hurt their feelings. Your guess is as good as mine. P30 billion in
    lost revenues to smugglers isn’t a piece of cake.

  • Roy Batty

    Watchdog? Yan ba yun nangongolekta ng tongpats?

  • Rosaly Hualde

    Biazon did not know about oil smugling until the oil companies brought it out. He had no knowlege about rice smugling until Pnoy told him it is happening or has happened already.

  • Mark

    Basta part ka ng KKK, walang pwedeng mangyari sau kahit puro kabulastugan ang pinag gagawa m

    K – Kaibigan

    K – Kamag-anak

    K – ka-federacion

  • JasonBieber

    Don’t just blame Biazon. Take a look at the person who appointed him, PNoy. Biazon may be chief at Customs but Biazon’s boss is PNoy and Pnoy hasn’t done a good enough job at revamping and resolving the prevalent issues in Customs.

  • Aida Ramos

    I told you, the President is gay with Biazon at the BoC.

  • JasonBieber

    This is just not the fault of Biazon. PNoy is the boss of Biazon and ultimately has the power to fix the problems at Customs. So the fact that there are still problems after 3 years since PNoy stepped into office is a reflection of the poor job PNoy has done to resolve the problem of smuggling.

    Now because of these bad news in terms of smuggling expects there to be another survey showing PNoy’s popularity to be released.

  • disqusted0fu

    That’s one thing about Pnoy, it seems like he would never let his KKK down, regardless of how terrible of a job that some of them are doing in their own posts. Special people have distinct traits where they excel in. Loyalty to his friends must be one of Pnoy’s. Too bad he doesn’t consider all Filipinos his friends.

  • phantomofhope

    pag tinanggal nyo yan eh di mawalan ng monthly payola ang ibang taga-Palasyo :)

  • amelius23

    We recommend Malacanang to create a combined super task force to monitor going on at BOC, BIR, PDEA and PNP under graduating senator Ping Lacson. This task force will act as an outsider that can monitor and apprehend govt. personnel in cahoots with their private protectors and at the same time apprehend private individuals responsible for different form of smuggling at BOC, tax evasion of privately owned high flying business enterprises, drug lords who keep under their payroll erring PDEA personnel, kidnapping and carnapping czars and jueteng lords who keep under their payroll erring PNP officials and other form of lawlessness. The remaining 3 years of PNoy’s administration can be a game changer if competent personages are put in place on sensitive positions that can make a difference for this administration to succeed. In fairness to BOC, BIR, PDEA and PNP there are honest personnel in your respective depts. but the tentacles of criminals has contaminated your organization in such a way that even the most covert operation to ferret out public enemies are stymied because internal Judases are giving information to targets of impending entrapment operations. If oil smuggling is abated and tax evaders are made to pay more correct taxes, the govt. can accumulate more funds to continue with their effort to create more jobs and sustain other on going poor alleviation projects. You need somebody to head this task force with a track record to deliver fruitful results. We hope the scourge of the criminals have arrived this time.

  • PlumberfromCanada

    paano naman sasabihin ni PNoy sa mga kabinete niya na hindi sila nag-tatrabaho ng maayos e siya GANUN DIN???
    isa pa, kailangan nila ng pera ngayong eleksyon kaya dapat LIBERAL TUTA talaga ang nasa Customs….pag katapos ng eleksyon ibang usapan na yan…

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