China’s Xi offers to reduce friction over hotspots




BOAO, China — With pressure growing on Beijing to get tough on North Korea, Chinese President Xi Jinping says no one country should be allowed to upset world peace.

In a speech to a regional business forum in southern China on Sunday, Xi said Beijing will play a constructive role in reducing tensions over regional hotspots.

Xi did not offer any concrete plans for how to deal with neighbor North Korea, which has elevated regional tensions through war-like rhetoric and missile deployments in recent weeks. Xi did not even name any country when he said that no one should be allowed to create chaos for selfish gains.

Ambiguity aside, Xi’s speech at the China-sponsored Boao Forum for Asia marks an effort to strike an active, cooperative posture to calm regional tensions.

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  • ReneV

    yeah, the good guy bad guy thing. only chinese communists can convince fellow north korean communists to saber rattle and of course, America prepositioned assets to meet the threat at the cost of much. the chinese leader says he will talk to the north korean leader with the fat gait and funny haircut. America knows this drill, so this chinese leader should just chill out. no hero stuff this would be actor.

    • 33Sam

      This is the good cop bad cop play. China, Norkor, U.S. all controlled by the same globalist eugenicists who want to create new world order to kill off 90% of the world’s population. Meanwhile they distract with so much information and so many “heroes,” but they are all part of the same Agenda 21. China’s present industry was built by the globalists, after America was dismantled as an industrial empire. All by design to push for this genocide based world order. The richest people on the planet want the planet for themselves. They have planned this for hundreds of years. Its happening now. The British Empire, Rockefeller, Bill Gates, J.P. Morgan all the usual players are behind the new world order and the American leadership as well as Norkor’s and China’s has been vampired by them. Playing both sides of the chessboard, we are all pawns.

  • wawa2172

    Hail the Chinese for its peace effort, kakain ako nang Lauriat sa Chowking to celebrate kung mapapatino ang walang isip na leader nang North Korea.

    • ReneV

      communists are all the same. just cook your own chow mein. chowking is capitalst with only one family controlling it. china is communist.

  • wawa2172

    Ive notice na pag may news na an hour nang nag elapse and its about hitting the UNA, the inquirer forum is immediately closed. Di na tuloy makatulog ang mga supporters nito …he he he. Since I wont vote for UNA and Team PNoy, pati comments ko di ma post. Fair news writing huh. Ive been buying the paper daily but it seems di na patas ang news sa paborito kung newspaper. Parang commercial news na yata tayo ah, lahat puro bayad, mostly from the admin side. If we make comments were cut? Hope Inquirer should explain this…

    • ReneV


    • 33Sam

      Mainstream media lies for the new world order. Same for CNN, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg. All controlled by globalist eugenicist interests. Even the Philippines is controlled. Yes why vote? Its useless to waste the time and insult your intelligence. These puppets are doing the new world order bidding. And if the mainstream dyahe-ryo is in cahoots, what else is new?? Right now CNN has embarrassingly small viewership compared to alternative truth media. Piers Morgan is a fugitive from UK for being involved in phone hacking and is a new world order social engineer minion to brow beat the American public after he got famous on America’s Got Talent, they moved him over to America’s Got No Brains as Piers’ viewership is roughly 500k compared to millions on the alternative news channels. Mainstream media, local or otherwise, they have no guts and are just worried about their wallets. Meanwhile they are helping prop up mass genocide plots. In the end they will be part of the garbage thrown away if/when the globalists get their way.

      Fidel Ramos signed us onto Agenda 21 with his executive order PA21 in 1997, 2 years after he was brought to the UK to get “knighted” (shafted?) by the Queen to act like a good ‘lil brown boy. Agenda 21/PA21 is the 21st century “sustainable development” ginger bread green house plot to bamboozle the innocent human into moving into mega cities to where they can be exterminated like ants meanwhile creating exorbitant VAT and other fees and penalties made up to bankrupt the average property owner, to where they can confiscate the property by using bought off local municipal hall officials and central bank minions, making them put Masonic symbols on Philippine currency. An EMP blast over a field of highrises, big kill ratio dba?

      There’s already Illuminati symbols on the Philippine flag ever since 1898. We are so screwed! Read Behind The Green Mask Agenda 21 by Rosa Korie for one. Other aware people are saying the same things. Some musicians are putting it in their music, those not controlled by the illuminati that is. But when media starts to censor, then you know something is not right. The real news is out there on the infowar battlefield.

  • bhoystaana

    How can China manage to settle down the issue if they themselves are doing the same thing with the Philippines, Vietnam and Japan.

    • 33Sam

      Its called new world order aka Agenda 21. China was industrialized by the globalist banksters and are a puppet/goon for them as well. What Norkor did was global extortion, give us money or we blow you up. Akyat bahay…

  • Albert Einstien

    he is better than previous leaders…..but sorry president XI…


    till TODAY!!!

    • The Republic ofChina, founded in 1911 after the overthrow of the Qing
    dynasty, ruled the Chinese mainland until 1949. In 1945, the ROC acquired
    Taiwan from Japan following World War II. In the 1946–1949 phase of the Chinese
    Civil War, the Chinese Communist Party defeated the nationalist Kuomintang in
    mainland Chinaand established the People’s Republic of China in Beijing on 1
    October 1949.The Kuomintang relocated the ROC government to Taiwan,
    establishing its capitalin Taipei. The ROC’s jurisdiction is now limited to
    Taiwan and several outlying islands, including Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu. Since
    1949, the People’s Republicof China and the Republic of China (now widely known
    as “Taiwan”)have remained in dispute over the sovereignty of China
    and the political statusof Taiwan, mutually claiming each other’s territory and
    competing for international diplomatic recognition.

    • PRC or china who is now claiming our territories were established
    only in 1949…. Yet they say they hold these islands since time in
    memorial….even the original “ de jure “ ROC who overthrow the last dynasty has
    not laid claim over our islands..their claims were limited to parts of india, russia,
    myanmar,bhutan, tajikistan, afghanistan & japan

    ALL islands in the SPRATLYs are OWNED by the TITLE …..
    different asian fishermen go there but there were no CLAIMANTS… it is ONLY
    SPAIN who made the EARLIEST claim of ALL the ISLANDS under PHILIPPINE
    TERRITORY……even before it was discovered & claimed by other countries.
    In 1606 the islands were Claimedby Spain as part of the Philippines . while the
    next discoverer 1710 ChineseChing dynasty claims two NORTHERN islands and builds
    a temple on North EastCay. in 1791 Visited by British Capt. Henry Spratly
    discovers MischiefReef…… But it is ONLY in 1987 after the OUSTER of marcos.
    ……time CORYof administration…… EMBOLDENED .GUANGDONG a province of
    china made theattempt to ADJUST their territory. The geographic coordinates
    were reported byGuangdong Provincial Government. In September 10 1987, the
    State of Council approved the request from Guangdong Provincial Government to
    adjust the area and coordinates of the Xuande Quandao (Amphitrite Group) and
    Qilianyu. Afteradjustment the geographic coordinates became: Latitude 15º43’-
    17º00’N,Longitude112º10’- 112º54’E for Xuande Qundao; Latitude 16º55’ – 17º00’
    N,Longitude 112º12’ – 112º21’ for Qilianyu. BUT ONLY now 2012…..china established
    a government for spratly & other island groups…… they call it
    Sansha…it has has equal administrative status to a prefecture-level city, and
    wascreated ONLY on 24 July 2012…. after the pnoy-trillanes backdoor secret
    negotiation with china ( started in april ) : )

    Why pnoy & cory govts..tolerated china’s taking of our territorial
    islands……is it because they have relatives in china.? noy said in his visit
    to his relatives” : that if one is to move forward, one must know how to
    look back. So I would like to thank the people of Hongjian—all my distant
    cousins, aunts, and uncles—for their warm welcome, and for being among the many
    who give me the strength to carry on and succeed,” Mr. Aquino said. ( inquirer
    2011)while cory said in her visit to her relatives in china…{When President
    Cory came to Hongjian Village in 1988 she planted an araucaria tree (a genus of
    coniferous evergreen) to commemorate her visit. She also lighted incense at the
    altar of the Ancestral Temple of the Xu (Co) Clan. She was quoted as having
    remarked “I am the President, but I am also the daughter of Hongjian
    Village” ( news item )

    The YUAN MAP of CHINA is .doctored & .PIRATED .. ..they just copied maps
    & discovery by magellan 1480-1521, Sebastián Vizcaíno (1548 – 1624) &
    map of pedro murillo velarde 1734, Map of the Philippine Islands. Map from Continuation
    of the Complete History of England, vol. 5, published by Tobias George
    Smolett, MD. Map by Thomas Kitchin, 1765 [1763] because
    maps made by marco polo on china 1254-1324..islands of the Philippines were not
    included…even spratly & panatag… china is claiming spratly &
    panatag shoal under yuan dynasty 1280-1365 their largest dynasty in their
    history….if you will look at the yuan dynasty ancient map…it covers RUSSIA,
    could china even cover spratly & panatag shoal… what is a TRAGIC COMEDY
    is that yuan dynasty is in fact MONGOLIA….not china because it was
    established by emperor Yuan Shizu (Borjigin Kublai) Grandson of Genghis Khan,
    and founder of the Yuan Dynasty. He moved the capital to Beijing and settled
    there. In 1279, he defeated the Southern Song Dynasty (960 – 1279). It should
    be the government of mongolia who should be claiming the south china sea not
    china..if they insist on yuan dynasty map…that is why CHINA is AFRAID to
    elevate their claims to UN…….not because of UNCLOS but because their claim
    is baseless….they dont even have a standing in court. )

    In the case of Bajo de Masinloc, the Philippines has exercised both
    effective occupation and effective jurisdiction over Bajo de Masinloc since its
    independence. The name Bajo de Masinloc (translated as “under Masinloc”) itself
    identifies the shoal as a particular political subdivision of the Philippine
    Province of Zambales, known as Masinloc. Bajo de Masinloc is located
    approximately at latitude 15⁰08 degrees North and longitude 117⁰45 degrees East. It is
    approximately 124-NM off the nearest coast of the Philippine Province of
    Zambales. Clearly, the rock features of Bajo de Masinloc are within the 200-NM
    EEZ and CS of the Philippine archipelago. One of the earliest known and most
    accurate maps of the area, named Carta Hydrographical y Chorographica De Las
    Yslas Filipinas by Fr. Pedro Murillo Velarde, SJ, and published in 1734,
    included Bajo de Masinloc as part of Zambales.The name Bajo de Masinloc was
    given to the shoal by the Spanish colonizers. In 1792 another map drawn by the
    Alejandro Malaspina expedition and published in 1808 in Madrid, Spain, also
    showed Bajo de Masinloc as part of Philippine territory. This map showed the
    route of the Malaspina expedition to and around the shoal. It was reproduced in
    the Atlas of the 1939 Philippine Census.

    RP already exercised effective control & jurisdiction since
    spainish war…Chinese assertion based on historical claims must be
    substantiated by a clear historic title. It should be noted that under public
    international law, historical claims are not historical titles. A claim by
    itself, including historical claim, could not be a basis for acquiring a
    territory. otherwise there will be third world war if china insist yuan
    map..they need to be at war with russia, india, north korea, taiwan, japan,
    pakistan, mongolia etc…they have NO BASIS!

    besides MONGOLIA is owner of yuan map not china….MONGOLIA will never
    claim spratly & panatag islands….china’s claim is based on hallucination
    & fiction….like their fictional movies ….it’s GOOD only for children

    there is a solution to the SCS issue…those countries fed up with
    TERRITORY grabbing, NATo, EU, ME, ASIA & other countries who believed that
    SCS issue is a threat to world peace & economy can declare & vote for
    support in the future of a lawful COLLECTIVE INTERVENTION…in case of armed
    aggression & posturings…there is also another remedy….these countries
    SOVEREIGN in whole of china…then territorial grabbing will stop in an

    • ReneV

      whew! that was a big one. anyway, i would think this is for purple daisy to answer. hmmm, is this guy related to kabise with the purple firetrucks in the quiapo area?

    • 33Sam

      Very interesting and thanks for much such in depth information….But there is a globalist plan known as Agenda 21 to confiscate all lands, natural resources, under the guise of “sustainable development,” a so called “green movement” that pretends to impart an equal sharing and orchestration of humans and natural resources. But sort of like the shrimp that has a tickling technique to attack and eat a much larger prey than itself, the Agenda 21 plan which is a Rockefeller, United Nations, Council On Foreign Relations et al thrust, with the Philippines signed on itself by Fidel Ramos in 1997 by executive order for PA21 after Ramos was knighted by the British Empire in 1995, the ultimate goal is to slowly move people into megacities so they can be away from outlying areas, easier to control, to tax until bankruptcy by buying off local municipal hall officials and politicians, and even exterminated with the use of race specific bio weapons along with tainted food, water, air, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, “birth-control” and or a nuclear blast here and there or an EMP explosion overhead, with the endgame of population reduction of 90% of the world’s population, to where the richest 20 families on the planet now own and control planet Earth with under a billion humans left to work for these families, down from 7 billion.

      So ownership of anything, sovereignty itself, is under attack if it is land or resources based by the same institutions and “authorities” we think are there to come up with fair Solomon solutions. It is imperative we read between the lines on these issues as its not a matter of right or wrong, more of might makes right. The term “too big to fail” is these globalist eugenicists’ motto and frankly, since they control the most powerful nations on the planet, it puts them squarely in the driver’s seat. Laws and lawful bodies are under the yoke of this globalist thrust Agenda 21 which is multi-faceted, multi-level.

      It is becoming more and more apparent with even the United States falling prey to this. Human rights and Constitutional rights are being waylaid with U.S. Presidential executive orders that are so vast in its language that powers to kill citizens anywhere on the planet, with no questions asked and no due process, are being written into these executive orders, knowing most will never know or read the bills even after they are passed.

      This period of history is a very delicate one as Council On Foreign Relations member Zbigniew Brzezinski who was also Obama’s Senior Advisor in 2009 uttered; “in early times, it was easier to control a million people, literally it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill than to control….”

      You can hear him say this here:

      You can read: Behind The Green Mask Agenda 21 by Rosa Korie.

      All the thinking Filipino can do at this time is bring this to light and make these oppressors know we are not asleep at the wheel. Perhaps we can band together with like minded to avert this globalist plot. But unless we do, turning a blind and lazy eye will be our undoing for sure. These globalists are of the mind that most people don’t know or care, like the shrimp’s prey who realizes too late as its being consumed by a frail and ugly creature.

  • calixto909

    Double talk. . China is the one causing friction among his neighbors by bullying them on the spratly issue but now behind a cloud of doubt he talks of not disrupting world peace for gain. Communist mindset.

    • 33Sam

      Communist mindset manipulated by new world order thrust. That and Agenda 21. This all goes deeper than one or two country’s goals. Norkor was put up to the saber rattling and then paid off by the U.S. with $3B flown to them in a P140 accompanied by Bill Richardson with cash money from a German Commerzbank branch in Dallas. The screws are tightening and the Spratly issue is not out of the question. They did Iraq for the oil as well.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    This other fat face communist is talking on his left side of the mouth.

  • Aida Ramos

    “With pressure growing on Beijing to get tough on North Korea, Chinese President Xi Jinping says no one country should be allowed to upset world peace.” … except us. – Xi. China is intruding and occupying territories of southeast Asian nations but not a iota of keeping the region peaceful came from his lying mouth.

    • 33Sam

      The lying mouths go deeper than just his. China is made to act like this. All part of NWO. China is building a giant mall in Mexico alongside a NAFTA super highway that was already built from Mexico on up into the U.S. The plan is to build the highway on up through the northern U.S. and into Canada. This highway has been stopped by citizens In Texas concerned with Agenda 21 but after a few years these Agenda-ists found a way to continue the highway. The underlying thought on the part of the protestation is that this highway is being built to allow Chinese soldiers starting to amass in Mexico to march/travel on up from Mexico and into CONUS so when the NWO gets to the next phase of world domination, these highways will be in place. There’s already thoughts that China has been given whole States like Idaho, this mindset that the U.S. through NWO puppets in the U.S. govt, is globalizing ownership of its own territory. Once you become a vassal of the NWO you become part of the mafioso booty system. So what part do little Filipinos play in this NWO other than put Masonic and NWO symbols on their flag and money? Genocide? Giving tetanus shots to young Filipinas that are secretly laced with sterilization drugs so they can’t get pregnant?


      Keep in mind we got signed onto Agenda 21 by Fidel Ramos in 1997 with his executive order PA21 and we are also part of the Trilateral Commission with member Cesar Verata. You can see his name as one of the members of that NWO group. The Philippines has signed onto the NWO and we were basically sold like little children to the sex slave industry. So we need to realize that communism is not just in Norkor and China, it is also in the U.S. as their govt is being controlled by communist operatives using the methods of communism and Nazi-ism to “sell” the world on new world order which will then end in mass genocide of 90% of the world’s population. This is the endgame! Confiscate all land and natural resources and then cull the 7 billion people to less than 1 billion total world population. This is Agenda 21 for the 21st century!

  • lourda

    Hahaha….they are just the same….The big brother must show that first, perhaps the younger brother will follow…

  • 33Sam

    Speaking of nukes, we might want to consider that Japan is planning on dumping nuke water from Fukushima into the Pacific as they have no other place to put it. I hear we have already been saddled with nuke waste dumping within the PI islands themselves. Whoever made that deal should be made to live on the site. Now in the ocean polluting everything?

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