Lacson as anti-oil smuggling czar urged; Biazon hits demolition job


Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon is doing a good job as the country’s top duties collector but he could use the help of a former law enforcer in cleaning up an agency marked by widespread corruption.

Party mate and former Sen. Jamby Madrigal, a Liberal Party member running under the Team PNoy coalition, said the expertise of former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief and soon-to-be former lawmaker Sen. Panfilo Lacson could come in handy for Biazon, who has admitted the lack of personnel in stepping up the drive against oil smuggling.

“I think we should have a separate agency to concentrate on oil smuggling, that’s quite a task,” Madrigal told reporters following the provincial sorties of the administration coalition.

“What I’m saying is Commissioner Biazon has been doing a good job, but I think we should have one agency that is really looking only at oil smuggling. Ping Lacson is a good choice for a separate agency against a specific area where smuggling is very rampant,” Madrigal added.

Waiting job

Lacson, who is credited for cleaning up the PNP when he headed the agency in the Estrada administration, is about to wind up his second consecutive term as senator.

President Aquino and Lacson have both confirmed that a job in the executive branch is waiting for the senator after his term ends in June.

Lacson said it was an interesting job that could cause him to have more enemies.

“Ping Lacson would be a good choice to counter a lot of areas where corruption is very rampant. The President has been in office for only three years, which is too short to suppress corruption,” Madrigal said.

Biazon, who is still in Panama City where he is attending a World Customs Organization conference, said he is not quitting his post even if there is a concerted effort to discredit him.

“I’ve been in politics long enough to know when a demolition job is being done,” he told the Inquirer in a text message. “I have ruffled the feathers of enough people with interests to give them a motive to do these attacks.”

Comes with the job

“When I accepted this job, it was one of the realities that I would be the target of vicious attacks precisely because this job entails going against people who will try to bring the commissioner down because they want the position for themselves,” said the former Muntinlupa City legislator, who did not name his detractors.

Another top customs official, however, blamed the agency’s failure to meet its assigned revenue targets for Biazon’s current woes.

On Wednesday, Malacañang said it was standing by Biazon despite reports of massive smuggling of petroleum products into the country, which oil industry leaders claim is costing the government in foregone revenues.

Petron chair and CEO Ramon Ang disclosed earlier this week that between P30 billion and P40 billion in government revenues is lost annually as one in every three liters of gasoline and diesel is smuggled into the country.

Shell executive Edgar Chua confirmed Ang’s story, adding that there are two main ways to smuggle fuel into the country—through undervaluation of oil shipments and through the filling of smaller vessels from an oil tanker out at sea.

Minor changes

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said Biazon continues to enjoy the trust of President Aquino, who earlier said he would make “minor changes” in the Cabinet after the midterm polls to get rid of “nonperforming” appointees.

A top Palace official said the President would deal with Biazon after the May elections.

Biazon, who is scheduled to return to Manila next Tuesday, agreed that his bureau needs a “complete overhaul.”

In his April 4 blog, he pointed out the “mere replacement of people involved in the customs’ Run After the Smugglers Campaign, while necessary and significant, will not be the ultimate solution. A change in the system and the environment needs to happen, including a paradigm shift in how we view the role of the Bureau of Customs, not just in revenue collection and border security but in trade facilitation.”


He pointed out that “the problem of oil smuggling is not one that just cropped up during my tenure as customs commissioner in the past 18 months nor the Aquino administration from mid-2010 to the present.”

“It is a problem that hounds every customs administration, not just in the Philippines but around the world. Even the most technologically advanced customs unit faces the same problem. The only difference is the magnitude of the problem and the dynamics of the system prevailing in each country. But sometimes, it is also a matter of perception by sectors concerned,” Biazon said.

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  • brunogiordano

    “Biazon hits demolition job”


  • Maldi2

    Bakla and tomboy does not goes together. Magkaisnaban and dalwa nito pag magkataon, si Pinky at De Lima. Subagay, badingding ata si Panot eh? Welcome to the club, Pinky!

    • romie carillo

      Napakawalang kwenta, walang idea, walang value ang comment na ito

      • Maldi2

        Salamat sa comment mo at tuloy nagkaroon ng kwenta ang comment ko, LOL!

      • jiovi

        ang basurang comment mo ay mananatiling basura katulad ng pag iisip mo…

      • Maldi2

        sa nick mo pa lang tila bading ka din! joyvi! LOL! magladlad ka na!

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        It hurts you know!

      • jiovi

        the more u open ur mouth the more trash comes out of it…

    • 33Sambuang2

      basura ka. kapal ng mukha mong animal ka.

      • Maldi2

        Yesh!, dumarami ang mga baklang nagbabasa ng comments ko ngaun! LOL! HOy bding Ka!

  • superpilipinas

    “Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon is doing a good job as the country’s top duties collector but he could use the help of a former law enforcer in cleaning up an agency marked by widespread corruption.”

    I believe most of the Philippines will agree with me when I say that….
    “There is no convincing indicator, no data or at least news, that proves he is doing a good job.”

    Ruffy may be a good man….but he is the wrong man for the job.

    I don’t think Lacson is any better. His clean-up of the PNP was only short-term measure. It was not a reform that lasted after his retirement. A good leader would be able to institutionalize the reform.

    Besides, he already has Gen. Danny Lim as undersecretary who can do as much as Lacson can do.

    • el_latigo

      Unfortunately, formerly idealistic Gen. Lim, despite his presence at the bureau seems helpless to rid it of corruption. Consider: why is big time smuggling (i,e., in 40 ft. containers) still proliferates, rampant in fact, despite his being one of the top honchos at the BOC for years now? What’s the name of that BOC clerk again who drives a Porsche in going to and from work but figured in a gun-toting incident months ago that’s why he got caught?Truth to tell, if you want to rid this graft-ridden bureau of corrupt people, fire everybody and change all personnel NOW NA, from top to bottom, i.e., from Biazon to the lowliest clerk, which is actually impossible. And given that graft has already been institutionalized in this gov’t agency, there is even no assurance that the new ones won’t eventually be corrupt as well in the end.

    • boldyak

      hindi mo ba naisip na baka administration din ang sumisira sa kanya?….para may ipalit na taong takot ang presidente?….para pagdating ng taong yon, plantsado na lahat…..taga nyo sa bato…alam ko na ang papalit kay Biazon….

  • mongrel84

    Mag resign ka na biazon kapal ng mukha mo ngayon mo lang sabihin na complete overhaul kung nabubuking na ang mga bigtime smuggling……Hindi lang Oil ang rampant dito pati rice at meat smuggling marami tuloy mga farmers ang hirap kasi sa mga smuggling na yan…..

  • farmerpo

    Siguro dapat ngang mag resign na si Biazon. Excuses are not and should not be cause for inaction. True, smuggling is a worldwide phenomenon, but not in the magnitude it is done here in the Philippines. Oil and rice and cars and motorbikes are not items that you can hide in pockets, or swallowed, or hide in shoes, undergarments,suitcases, balikbayan boxes or put together with other commercial cargo. Big items are shipped in huge tankers or ships where it will be economical for the shippers. It cannot be done piecemeal because the handling cost will no longer justify the shipments. On the influx of oil, the idea of a mother ship anchored offshore and offloaded by smaller boats is a bit tenuous and challenge the intelligence. I would agree for items as motorbikes and cigarettes. Not cars, rice or oil. An overhaul of the BOC is past due but no one, just no one can and will do it because heads will roll, literally, if not done openly. Too much money is involved. It is the dream of every one in the know to head or just work at Customs. When asked where one works and the answer is ‘Sa customs, pare.,,,,’ it is said with a tinge of boastfulness and pride with the inferred wealth….. When a sabungero bets heavily on a fight, the comment usually is customs yan or BIR yan pre.

    Time to change this attitude is very long overdue indeed.

    • elmer atilano

      kailangan si biazon para mamroblema si smuggler ha ha ha…at mahirap controlin yan…limited ang police power nyan…pero wag syang mag resign

  • A. H. Forrester

    Well the perception is that 30 to 40 billion in tax revenue is lost. That is the ‘perception’ however it is likely even higher than that!

  • txtman


  • $14334231

    kapit-tuko rin itong si biazon….kurakot din kaya demolition job daw ang mga kritiko n’ya….you are so full of it!!!…..why, you haven’t made that much money yet which you will spend on your ambition to run again in 2016???…..go ahead….make more kickbacks because president balut will never fire you….alam mo ‘yon, di ba?….kaya malakas ang loob mo….pumunta ka sa port irene……ANONG RESULTA?….NADA, WALA…kulubot ang yagbols mo kay tandang haring juan kurakot at sa anak ‘nyang killer…..bakit hindi mo maamin ang katotohanan…..

  • James McTangay

    Can someone please give Madrigal a whack in the back of her head so she can wake up. How can she explain 30 billion lost in customs tax revenue a good job? This could have been the micro version of Magna Carta for the poor. Is General Lim not doing a good job that Pinky has to be inserted into BOC? Ruffy should just go!

  • wawa2172

    The BOC has undersecretary Gen. Danny Lim why need a Ping Lacson. Baka gusto ni Jamby idagdag pa si Trillianes at Honasan if ever they won’t make it at the senate after election. Jamby is conditioning the minds of the people that Ping is needed by the country. The truth of the matter is mag kabaro si Ping at PNoy reason the president needs him so much. With Ping on his side, PNoy will have a peaceful existence of not being exposed so ingat siya kay Ping dahil maaring may iladlad. Raffy is not the man for the BOC. Wala pa siyang naipapakitang reforms at the customs that we can say he is doing well. He is from Liberal party kaya he is able to keep his very lucrative position. Palaban si Raffy at Lim noong una but I think nakain na rin sila nang sistima sa customs.

  • Philcruz

    What has happened to Danny Lim? Haven’t heard from him for quite a while. He had a lot to say when he was first installed as deputy to Biazon. Perhaps somebody told him to better not upstage his boss. But I sure would like to know how he has been performing as deputy.



  • speedstream2

    They say perception is everything. If you’re seen as a good man AND a tough can-do guy who gets the job done, you’ll be just fine. On the other hand, to be seen as only as or the other, will not wash and makes for numbered days.


    Indeed, Biazon is much better compared to previous customs commissioners. Biazon is not corrupt. He is actually the most trustworthy commissioner ever. Until now, his critics do not have an iota of damaging evidence against him. Puro pahaging lang. These issues do not link biazon directly as the one doing the illegal activity. I have no doubt, given the chance and more time, biazon can do more positive changes in the BOC where corruption is so entrenched for decades that two years is not enough to eradicate it.

    • bryanbrian

      Of all the government agencies, one of the hardest if not the hardest to manage is the BOC. 1 year is too short for one to be able to make a dent against corruption within the agency. Kudos to commissioner biazon for his unflinching efforts against smugglers of rice and other merchandise. Given the full support and right opportunity, Im sure he can do a lot against oil smuggling.


      Sa dami nga ng naaapakan nya dyan sa customs siguradong maraming galit at sisiraan sya. Katulad ni PNoy, maraming galit na corrupt dahil nawala ang mga delihensya nila.

      Keep going Ruffy! You are on the right side.

      • elmer atilano

        ha ha ha tama ka sa export processing zone lang eh….ang customs eh ayaw paawat…parati yan may kolimbat…lalo pa kaya sa labas o sa mga ports….ang maganda dyan lahat ng may mga edad na dapat palitan na ng mga bagong graduate yung bay the book ang systema…yang matatanda kasi yan ang mahirap sumunod sa mga bagong sistema…..matigas na ang ulo puro pa pakabig ang isip at puso…check MICP at ibang ports…at ganun din sa airport….

    • les21reago

      Maaring tama ka hinde corrupt si Biazon at wala siyan illegal na activity…Pero ang ISSUE ngayon ay mayroon ILLIGAL activity sa BAKURAN niya..Tapos ngayon sasabihin niya kailangan nang OVERHAUL sa BOC o di kaya nang COMPUTER sa mga processing nang documents bacause it is the current manaul systems that invites corruption…Ala e HINDE na ito excuse sa kanya ..Maliwanag na par din lan KAWAYAN siya sa pwesto niya..Kung saan ang hangin andoun siya..POLITIKO siya..I supposed he is NOT up to the job being at helm of the BOC…The allegation of TIGLAO about the rampant smuggling at the BOC is now VALIDATED by the reading public..

      • bryanbrian

        Rampant smuggling has been there since time immemorial. The important thing is, biazon is slowly but surely doing institutional and systemic reforms in the agency. We will actually see the results of his efforts not just in 1 year in office. He is not yet done in his reforms, it is a work in progress. Just llike PNoy’s. smuggling can not be eradicated overnight.

      • les21reago

        One year in OFFICE is too much to bearing and should not be an alibi…He corroborated the DATUS of Ramon Ang and you know for one that this is only as far as OIL smuggling is concern…What about the onions,cars,rice and other commodities…So many photo OPPs on Ferrari>headlines on Rice, yet BIAZON has the IDEA that 1 out of 3 liters is smuggled into the country…BIAZON is simply INUTIL and as taxpayer he is not worth of my VAT…

      • bryanbrian

        How fast can you go if almost all people around you are homegrown corrupt? PNoy is even luckier because he can appoint almost everybody around him but not in the case of customs. Most people there are civil service protected. You can not just fire anybody. Even if there are substantial evidence of corruption committed by the employees they are protected by due process. It takes months and even years to discipline and punish erring employees.

        The problem of corruption in customs can not be solved in 1 or 2 years. No matter who is appointed there. Biazon deserve to be given enough time. His honesty will eventually bear fruits in that agency not just in 2 years.

        For starters, he has already billions of pesos worth of busted smuggled items. From here on, his performance will be getting better and better.

      • les21reago

        Your logic goes to saying that a HEAD of the bureau is powerless over his civil service employees…Or that simply mean the BOC has a HEADLESS Serpent and that it will continue crawling as it is…
        HONESTY can be measured when yourself is the source of what MATTERS not from ANG and CHUA and not even from CHIZ Escudero that TOP to Bottom OVERAHAUL is needed at the BOC…You INUTIL BIAZON is no different from ALVAREZ all of whom beret excuses when hurled with accusations..

      • Ako to

        @ les21reago – so who do you think can solve this problem in less than 1 year. Can you recommend someone? I’ll be supporting you…..

      • les21reago

        It may not be probable to having someone solving the endemic smuggling at the BOC in a year or so but certainly NOT impossible as well…I suppose the Philippines would not fall shortage to replacing BIAZON with everyone is dispensable so far and where the post is indispensable…
        The bombshell of Ramon Ang is a requisite that BIAZON must go…Nobody was interested on TIGLAO’s datus of smuggling with the current administration as compared to Erap and Arroyo’s combine…Now Tiglao must yelling with ” I TOLD YOU SO “

      • Ako to

        Obviously you don’t have a direct answer to the question, I would rather stand along with Biazon whom I feel had been doing a good job compared to his predecessors instead of looking again for another guy whom we don’t know if they can do better. Not unless you apply as you sounds knowledgeable and incorruptible, u have my support.

      • elmer atilano

        mas piliin ko si biazon kisa sa syo ha ha ha less evil sya kisa evil ha ha ha ha ka

      • popeyee

        so anong ginagawa ng intelligence fund nila at di nila mahuli ag anay sa kanilang hanay? Anong gingawa ni LIM?

      • elmer atilano

        don’t blame biazon ha ha ha…yung may reklamo yan pa nga ang smuggler eh…dahil sila ang kakayahan na bumayad at mandaya…at speaking of biazon he is more mapagkatiwalaan than others…at kung pumasok man si lacson siya dapat ay more on taskforce para cover nya ang buong pilipinas at may police power yan eh including intel….at pag si tiglao ang paniwalaan mo maaring tama 20% dahil bata ni arroyo yan ha ha ha

      • rouelcalzita

        But their is an instance happened before at the BOC, that Ruffy Biazon’s
        complaint that he was not informed that one of his subordinates was
        going to be arrested for extortion.

    • boldyak

      maybe not corrupt but inefficient…noynoying din…

      • elmer atilano

        inefficient? baka ikaw nga leader ng smuggler eh ha ha ha..kaya dapat kang mahuli

      • boldyak

        kaya nga inefficient dahil hindi ako mahuli…ngayon maniwala ka na na inefficient?…

      • 88gonfreecs88

        abnormal ka

      • mojo76

        another crab

      • patukar

        dI baling matawag na inefficient basta balang bahid na kabanalan kuno! Un talaga ang pangarap ng mga yellow zombie! masabi lang na sagrado di bali maging noynoying!

      • popeyee

        yon na nga brod, hindi masusukat ang kakayahan ng isang leader o commiisioner sa hindi nya pagiging corrupt, but how to get rid of corruption sa bakuran nya…

    • rouelcalzita

      All of them are the same.
      Their is an instance happened before at the BOC, that Ruffy Biazon’s complaint that he was not informed that one of his subordinates was going to be arrested for extortion. It means that Ruffy is protecting illegal activities of his men.

    • popeyee

      ang galing ng isang tao ay di nasusukat sa pagiging hindi nya corrupt, but how he would manage to get rid of corruption in his own turf…kahit gaano siya kalinis kung sandamukal ang corruption na ginagawa ng kanyang tauhan wala ring silbi…

    • Batang Altura

      kamag-anak siguro ito ni Ruffy o walang alam sa nangyayari sa customs. di talaga kaya eradicate ang smuggling pero kayang bawasan di ba ? unang una bawasan ang pakikialam ng kamag-anak niya sa customs..

  • Hey_Dudes

    If I am the president of the country, I will give those tasked to oversee customs with the view in mind of 0 smuggling activity a week to effect the changes needed. After a week and I see no changes, I will call on the military junior officers to take over this agency temporarily until all the smugglers and corrupt brokers have been run out of town.

  • branlem

    Napakaraming perang involved dito at wala akong nakikitang opisyal na nakaupo o iuupo pa lang na kaya ang ganitong tukso!!! meski siguro mga pastor at obispo ilagay eh di nila kakayanin ang silaw ng salapi!! pinakamaganda siguro eh privatize na lang ang customs!!! tignan ko lang kung di tumino yan…

  • tadasolo

    The reason Biazon is being attack and discredited is he is doing an effective job that those corrupt BOC employees and the smugglers are feeling the pressure.

    • boldyak

      if he is doing a good job, no amount of attacks could pull him down…it is his weakness that is being exposed..

  • azkal futbol

    He pointed out that “the problem of oil smuggling is not one that just
    cropped up during my tenure as customs commissioner in the past 18
    months nor the Aquino administration from mid-2010 to the present.”

    and for the last 18-months, ano ang ginawa ni biazon? siguro di sya nagnanakaw o nangongotong. pero TALAMAK pa rin ang kotongan at smuggling sa BOC. kawawa naman ang mga tuwid na katulad namin. ikinakahiya namin ang patakaran sa loob pero pera-pera lang yan

  • Yonon Dilag

    Cleaning up the Customs Bureau’s stable is a herculean job that needs extraordinary guts and resolve.Ping fits the bill.

    • boldyak

      hahahaha…wa na ako say…


    EX-FUGITIVE pagkakatiwalaan sa Customs?

    Bakit, wala bang magawa si EX-RANGER Gen Danny Lim sa pagsugpo ng smugglers? Para que pa ang paglagay ng ex-military man sa pwesto sa Customs kung alaws ding magagawa? Tapos, heto na naman ang isa pang ex-military wom…man? Aba, e, kung bulyawan kayo ni Matuts sa kaisipang yan tungkol kay Panfy, e, may magagawa ba kayo?:)

  • carlcid

    Jamby Madrigal, typical of a traditional politician, is engaging in doublespeak. How can Biazon be doing a good job while, at the same time, need “the help of a of a former law enforcer in cleaning up an agency marked by widespread corruption”? That statement only emphasizes how helpless Biazon really is. Biazon should admit that he was the one who did the demolition job on himself, by being either so incompetent or so corrupt that he couldn’t do his job properly.

    In the meantime, I have misgivings about creating another bureaucratic agency just to monitor oil smuggling. It is the Bureau of Customs’ mandate to do that, and it should have the resources to do so at its disposal. Let us not create another bureaucratic maze. As for putting Ping Lacson in charge of an oil smuggling task force, I have reservations about that as well. After all, Lacson was once tagged as the overlord of rice smugglers and shabu peddlers, particularly in Visayas and MIndanao, when he was buddy-buddy with the Kuratong Baleleng.

  • Vic Usi

    Before Sen Lacson is appointed to any executive position, he must first fully clarify his remarks on the Atimonan incident which was in full and direct contradiction to DOJ/NBI findings.

    As an elected senator, he can say what he wants in privilege speeches. It is entirely different when he is being considered for an executive position

  • virgoyap

    Yes, I go with the suggestion of Jamby Madrigal.

  • upupperclassman

    Better still, let Lacson take over BOC completely.

    • boldyak

      bwahahahaha….wa na ako say…

  • Mang Teban

    Ping Lacson, the most qualified?

    On what?

    He was able to evade arrest after being “hunted” by the law for more than a year. Yeah, he is qualified alright for being slippery.

    He was able to evade being arraigned and tried in court for the Kuratong Baleleng gang members’ “extrajudicial killings” and the double murder case of Bubby Dacer and Alex Corbito. Yeah, he is qualified alright for being foxy.

    Slippery and foxy lawbreaker to catch oil smugglers? Are they not in the same category?

    Why look around elsewhere when there is Danny Lim, a true gentleman and an officer of the Armed Forces of the Phillipines as the former Brigadier General? Though he joined the coup that asked for the ouster of the corrupt President Gloria M. Arroyo, he showed his courage by serving his jail sentence until he was given temporary liberty. Can we say the same for Ping Lacson? Despite the stain on his record, he remains determined to prove that he has joined government service in the Bureau of Customs to serve the people. He has never been linked to corruption, has he not? He is the most qualified, in my view.

  • 100345roselia

    NOT Lacson !!! Why? Let’s CRITICALLY examine his soiled track record – “Behavior does not lie.” He was involved in the murder/rub-out of “Kuratong Baleleng” members. Also involved together w/ Erap in the double murder of Dacer/Corbito. He is a blind & die-hard follower of discredited SP Enrile. He is a politician & decides things based on political consideration. Given Lacson’s record, he is NOT MORALLY fit & has no integrity
    to talk about.

    To succeed Biazon, I suggest a BOC insider w/ the ff basic qualifications: He is a qualified
    career official w/proven track record on collection performance, 2) Has proven integrity
    & high moral standards & 3) Leads by example based on Pinoy’s “Daan Matuwid.” The
    new BOC chief should be “accountable” – no IFs or BUTs.

  • amelius23

    We recommned Malacanang to create a combined super task force to monitor going on at BOC, BIR, PDEA and PNP under graduating senator Ping Lacson. This task force will act as an outsider that can monitor and apprehend govt. personnel in cahoots with their private protectors and at the same time apprehend private individuals responsible for different form of smuggling at BOC, tax evasion of privately owned high flying business enterprises, drug lords who keep under their payroll erring PDEA personnel, kidnapping and carnapping czars and jueteng lords who keep under their payroll erring PNP officials and other form of lawlessness. The remaining 3 years of PNoy’s administration can be a game changer if competent personages are put in place on sensitive positions that can make a difference for this administration to succeed. In fairness to BOC, BIR, PDEA and PNP there are honest personnel in your respective depts. but the tentacles of criminals has contaminated your organization in such a way that even the most covert operation to ferret out public enemies are stymied because internal Judases are giving information to targets of impending entrapment operations. If oil smuggling is abated and tax evaders are made to pay more correct taxes, the govt. can accumulate more funds to continue with their effort to create more jobs and sustain other on going poor alleviation projects. You need somebody to head this task force with a track record to deliver fruitful results. We hope the scourge of the criminals have arrived this time.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    I would like to hear a rub-out oil smugglers news.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Senator Panfilo Lacson again? It seems like he is the only capable and qualified Filipino for every powerful government position in the Aquino administration. Incredible!

  • Weder-Weder Lang


    The same Lacson who is the patron of Lito Banayo the rice smuggler.

    The same Lacson who is the patron of Hansel Marantan, the brother of a jueteng lord.

    The same Lacson who proved that he’s above the law and ran away to Hong Kong.

    The same Lacson who is the protector of Chinoy smugglers and other illegal activities.

    The same Lacson who killed 11 Kuratong Baleleng victims and got away with it.

    The same Captain Lacson who abducted Pepsi Paloma back in 1982 to silence her.

    The same Lacson who falsely framed up Kit Alquieza in the 1993 UPLB rape & murder.

    Isa ring tiwali si Lacson, hindi naman mapagkakatiwalaan ito.

    • david

      sige na nga. si lacson na lahat me sala. sya lang at sya lang ang me sala sa lahat. ok. happy ka na.

  • kilabot

    and appoint jamby to head a new inheritance commission;
    her reasoning shows her mental faculties snapped when disinherited by her late rich aunt.

  • dodong1


  • Agnes Dy

    Dapat si Manong Enrile ilagay sa pwesto o yung anak nya…bwahahahahaha!!!! Hello, Port Irene! Smuggling capital of North Luzon.

  • The Lighthouse

    There is no need for a separate agency to look for oil smuggling. It should still be under the BOC. There is no need for Lacson when Lim is there. The big oil companies have practically admitted guilt.

  • Fulpol

    the smugglers just having an easy job to counter Lacson… they just need to smuggle Brazilian hunks..

  • boldyak

    iba talaga pag marami kang ALAS na hawak….pag kinalaban mo siraan ka…gagawan ng kung ano anong anomalya, samantalang ang mga kaso nya abswelto lahat….

  • Rey Delos Santos

    Where the hell is Danny Lim? Dba dapat sila ang magkatulong dyan?

  • boldyak

    kahit sino ilagay o jan kung ang batas puro butas…wala rin sabayan pa ng paubayang leader…

  • pepito gwaps

    I learned in Chinas traditional ancient healing that to counter the most incurable deseases in our body system it includes drinking the blood of a snake…There is some locic about this which is to clean a messy pig cage you need a person who is used to it.

  • TMZPinoy

    Lahat ng OIL smuggling ay nasa karagatan natin nangyayari at ang unang agency kinakausap ng mga smugglers ay ang “Philippine Coast Guard” at pangalawa lamang ang BoC..Magtataka na lang kayo lahat na nagretiro na commandant ng Coast guard puro multi-millionaires…Tignan na lang ninyo mga assets nitong mga retired admiral sila Vice Admiral Reuben Lista,V.Admiral Gosingan,Adm.Tamayo..lahat yan mga retired commandants ay multi-millionaires dahil naka-timbre sa kanila ang operation ng Oil,at Rice smuggling sa karagatan natin…yun mga oil na yan ay binababa sa maliliit na boat mula sa malalaking oil tanker naka parada sa laot ng dagat. Nakita na ninyo ang scenario.Ang mga admirals na ito hindi sila nabubulgar at napupuna at ang BoC ang pinag iinitan..palagay ko unfair yan kay Ruffy Biazon. Saan ka nakakita isang retired admiral nakatira sa luxury condominium ng Essensa Tower 1 at ocupado ang buong 25th floor,at hindi lang yan may pinarerentahan pa sa expat sa rockwell makati tapos may condo unit pa worth P15M sa Midlands Tagaytay..Ombudsman ibubulgar ko mga admirals na ito. Ang kasarapan pa sa PCG pag nag retired ka habang buhay may driver ka at sumusweldo sa PCG..Only in PCG…

    • pepito gwaps

      So me knowledge din si Sen. na dating Navy officer sa mga “modus” na ganyan. ..

      • TMZPinoy

        Sino po senator tinutukoy ninyo..

  • disqusted0fu

    Wow! If losing as much as P40 milliion annually in oil smuggling is a good job, then what is considered a bad job now? The standards of the quality of work of government officials these days have apparently been set extremely low. I guess that’s what they have to do when you have a President like Pnoy. You have to set the bar really really low to somehow uplift his and his administration’s performance.

  • JasonBieber

    Smuggling in the Philippines has been its worse during the last 2 years and according to reports actually smuggling in PNoy’s 2 years in office is worse than GMA’s 9 years combined, so to say that Biazon is doing a good job is a bit absurd. Unless good job means good job in allowing smuggling to get so bad in the country.

  • Pancho.Abby

    Palipad hangin lang ang anti-smuggling czar na actually ay Customs commissioner ang target ni Lacson, kaya dapat alerto si Biazon dahil hindi titigil ang demolition job sa kanya.

  • Iyen Dev

    Gen. Danny Lim (WestPoint General), Gen. Lacson (5 Star Police General), is there no one else? Exec. Sec Paquito Diaz (The GodFather)

  • Mark

    Just remove the gay Biazon and put Lacson at the helm, he has balls to deal with the smugglers.

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    oh god…you’re bringing the Kuratong Baleleng rubout king to the customs department..expect more rubouts there…

  • boybakal

    Lacson as anti-oil smuggling czar…..this is ridiculous.
    What does he know about oil. He is a police officer. He is good in killing not cooking.

    We should be happy that there is abundance of oil, though our coconut industry or copra is not the same as it used to be.
    At least our Baguio oil would be cheaper, affordable to our poor families.
    But oil as they say is cholesterol too….so beware.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * * *
    If PNoy can’t be convinced not to give Sen. Lacson a job in government when the Senator’s term expires ahead of his existence, PNoy can appoint him as Chief Warden of the New Bilibid Prisons. The symbolism is appropriate, and the position will be good for Mr. Lacson’s soul. It will constantly remind him of what ought to have been his home for life.

  • bisdakis

    Another Kuratong Baleleng Rub Out & Dacer Murder, in the offing!

  • Ricardo Daclan

    that’s the reason why a lot of new oil players are operating due to the rampant smuggling of oil…by the way what happened to the smuggling case versus Phoenix??…Pnoy should look into this…maybe there are also corrupt officials in the judiciary getting money from these people.

  • Pedro_Gil

    BOC means above suspicion, imperishable, indestructible, inextinguishable, just, loyal, moral,perpetual, persistent, pure, reliable, straight, trustworthy, unbribable,undestroyable, untouchable, upright. if you don’t possess all of the above, you don’t belong here, resign!

  • 711sense

    Creating another agency like Madrigal suggests is another way of saying that if a government agency cannot do it’s job because it says it is lacking personnel to do the job is to create another agency so the expense would be at least triple with no guarantee that the agency created will be able to enforce the law. First, the government should show the people that they can enforce the law by having Shell Philippines pay it’s overdue tax dues. Next is to go after the smugglers without getting politics and unfair practices get in the way.

  • boybakal

    Lacson as anti-oil smuggling czar urged….

    This is another govt spending. Another budget for the department….that’s why BIR is aggressive in tax collection.

  • ConcernedCitizenPh

    Aside from the taxes that the private sector pays, it is also helping the government increase its revenues by giving inputs that will help the government solve its problems. The government however is not even thankful and appears not to be even interested in improving itself and solving its own problems. .

  • Batang Altura

    buenas talaga itong si Lacson kung malalagay sa oil smuggling czar, iyan ang forte nya maraming padulas.. sabi ni Biazon kulang daw siya sa tao kaya di mabantayan ng husto ang smuggling sa bansa , humingi ka ng tulong sa nanay mo, maraming alam yan at nariyan ang teves bros.

  • Carolina Amin

    magaling talaga sya kaya..,, lang talagang maraming paraan ang mga dimonyo para malusutan ang tuwid na landas sa laki ng pera dyan sa costom..,, talagang lahat gagawin ng mga hudas na nag papahirap sa bayan.. kawawa naman sya kung laging isisi sa kanya ang mga nakakalusot eh!!!! tao lang nam,an sya na tig 2lang kamay at paa… unang hudas sa bayan yung mga pulitiko na kala mo may pag mamahal sa bayan kilala na natin yun mga yun… kaya’t tama si p-noy maging matalino sa pag pili!!! ang tagal namang mag retierd ni TANDA

  • Carolina Amin

    tama sya buwagin muna at mag tayo ng bago lahat bago at kailangang may mga radar tayo na naka connect sa mother computer kung anong kargamento ang mga dumadating at napapanood ng bayan.. sa PTV 4 para walang lusot.. wag na sa mga pribadong net work wala ng tiwala ang mga taong bayan sa mga yan.. kitang kita talaga na may pinapanigan sila…

  • Exo

    May mga mataas ng opisyal ng BOC na lumapit kay Biazon noon para maghinay-hinay sa mga nasabat na mga smuggled rice. Ni hindi pinangalanan ni Biazon ang mga yun. Kilala ni Biazon ang mga pumuprotekta sa mga smugglers sa loob ng BOC pero wala syang ginagawa. Dapat nang magbitiw sa pwesto si Biazon.

  • Pedro Noval Jr.

    BOC Chairman Ruffy Biazon is inutile,incompetent,inefficient. He must be sacked……the sooner the better.

  • bargilt

    Si Lacson na lang ang mamuno dyan at ipatumba lahat ng smugglers at protectors hehe..

  • bargilt

    Napanood ko ung Failon report, mukha ngang napaka ineffecient nitong si Biazon, natutulog sa pansitan tapos ang lagi nyang bukambibig matagal ng may ganyan kalakaran sa Customs…ang lagay ba ay makikiayon ka na lang sa agos??

  • My mom

    SMUGGLING is a buy and sell problem. For as long as goods are pricey and overtaxed, smuggling becomes a friend of the people.

  • DarkJustice

    Prove your worth Ruffy para matapos ang issue. Hindi ba may Intelligence arm ang BOC under Gen. Lim? Meron ba kayong coordination ni Lim?

  • Iyen Dev

    Killing is necessary!

  • Teresa Santos




  • Guest

    Jamby supports Ping Lacson as anti-smuggling czar. Pwede!

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