NoKor missiles set to fire

Embassies in Pyongyang told to evacuate



SOUTH OF THE BORDER South Korean soldiers with K-55 self-propelled howitzers train near the border city of Paju as tensions soared with the North Korean threat of nuclear strikes on the South and US territories in the Pacific. The United States said it was taking all precautions against the North Korean threat. AFP

SEOUL—North Korea has moved a second midrange missile to its east coast and loaded it on a mobile launcher, a report said on Friday, fueling fears of an imminent firing that will further ramp up tensions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Yonhap news agency, citing a top South Korean official, said two intermediate Musudan missiles had been transported by train earlier in the week and “loaded on vehicles equipped with launch pads.”

South Korean Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin said earlier that the first missile moved on Thursday could reach a “considerable range” but not the US mainland, telling lawmakers it “could be aimed at test-firing or military drills.”

It was the latest incremental move by North Korea, which, incensed at fresh UN sanctions and South Korea-US military drills, has issued a series of apocalyptic threats of nuclear war in recent weeks.

White House spokesperson Jay Carney said on Thursday the barrage of rhetoric fitted a “regrettable but familiar” pattern of North Korean behavior.

“We’re taking all the necessary precautions,” Carney said, citing “prudent measures” to respond to the possible missile threat.

He said such “action and provocative rhetoric only serve to further isolate North Korea, to harm the North Korean economy, to set back any efforts the North Koreans might want to take toward rejoining the community of nations.”

Carney reiterated, however, that Pyongyang “has a path available to it if it seeks to improve its economy and work toward abiding to its international obligations.”

“Threats and provocative actions will not bring [North Korea] the security, international respect and economic development that it seeks,” Carney said.

“We continue to urge the North Korean leadership to heed President Obama’s call to choose the path of peace and come into compliance with its international obligations,” he said.

Ballistic range

The Musudan missile has never been tested, but is believed to have a range of around 3,000 kilometers, which could theoretically be pushed to 4,000 with a light payload.

That would cover any target in South Korea and Japan, and possibly even reach US military bases located on the Pacific island of Guam.

The official told Yonhap that the missiles on mobile launchers had since been hidden in special underground facilities.

“The North is apparently intent on firing the missiles without prior warning,” the official said.

The Pentagon has said it will send missile-interceptor batteries to protect its bases on Guam, a US territory some 3,380 kilometers southeast of North Korea and home to 6,000 American military personnel.

Most experts think the North is not yet capable of mounting a nuclear device on a ballistic missile that could strike US bases or territory.


 ‘Moment of explosion’

On Thursday, the North Korean Army said it had received final approval for military action, possibly involving nuclear weapons, against the threat posed by US B-52 and B-2 stealth bombers participating in joint military drills with South Korea.

“The moment of explosion is approaching fast,” the army’s general staff said.

The blistering rhetoric has stoked international concern, with UN chief Ban Ki-moon describing the daily threats from Pyongyang as “really alarming and troubling.”

“I think they have gone too far in their rhetoric and I am concerned that if by any misjudgment, by any miscalculations… this will have very serious implications,” Ban said.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has said the threat levels combined with the North’s military capabilities represented a “real and clear danger” to the United States and its allies South Korea and Japan.

There has been speculation that Pyongyang might schedule a firing to coincide with the birthday of the country’s late founder Kim Il-sung in mid-April.

Flight test

A provocative missile test-fired into the sea over Japan is one scenario that analysts have said the North could choose to exit the crisis with a face-saving show of force.

“A flight test would make sense,” said Daniel Pinkston, a North Korea expert at the International Crisis Group.

“But I’d be surprised if they used an untested missile. At this stage in the game, they don’t want to be firing off something that might disintegrate after 30 seconds,” Pinkston told AFP.

Tensions have soared on the Korean Peninsula since December, when the North test-launched a long-range rocket. In February, it conducted its third nuclear test and drew fresh UN sanctions.

Nuclear reactor

Apart from its threats of nuclear attack, the North also warned this week it would reopen its mothballed Yongbyon reactor—its source of weapons-grade plutonium that was closed in 2007 under an aid-for-disarmament accord.

On Thursday, North Korea blocked access to its Kaesong joint industrial zone with South Korea for the second day running, and threatened to pull out its 53,000 workers in a furious reaction to the South’s airing of a “military” contingency plan to protect its own workers there.

The Unification Ministry said there were still 608 South Korean citizens in Kaesong, which was shut on Friday for a scheduled North Korean holiday.

 First posted 12:23 am | Saturday, April 6th, 2013

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  • speaksoftlylove

    Sindihan na yan, ang tagal.

    Make our day.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Wala pa raw “imminent threat yet” sabi ng payaso sa palasyo.

      Baka naman binulungan siya ng mga kamaganak niya sa China o di kaya ni Li Kequiang na, “Huwag kang magalala, bff tayo. Sinabihan ko na si Kim Jung Un na exempted ang Pilipinas.”

      • akongednamzug

        Kawawa ka naman, walang pumapatol sa iyo tungkol sa iyong pagbatikos sa pangulo. Ikaw na mismo ang nagbibigay ng sagot sa iyong katanungan.

      • joshmale2004

        There will be no war. NK is doing this movements to lure USA to fire first and make them the aggressor against a sovereign nation. However, USA is also clever and will never fire the first shot unless it is sure that NK has launch its missiles targeting them. USA can afford to wait for NK to fire the first shot as they know it can not inflict damage to them.
        Kim is doing all these to solidify his control of NK and its people. Once the USA-SK war game is finished by April 30, NK will just go back to normal.
        The real gauge that a war will happen is when NK starts amassing his 1M soldiers on the demarcation line facing South. Without this kind of mobilization, it’s all just talk for Kim.

      • white scorpion

        you’re right. hindi papatulan ng u.s. ang bluff ng nokor. the next question is what is the FACE SAVING move ng nokor? in 2nd world war, kung hindi pa binomba ng japan ang pearl harbor. hindi pa openly sasali ang u.s. wwll. supporting role lang ang laging paper ng u.s. nokor should prevent an accidental firing. or else. kim will definitely see what he had bluff for.

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      You may regret it once they start firing their missiles,consequences may be of unimaginable proportion if N Korea fire their nuclear warhead, remember, N Korea is a rogue state, we don’t know their state of mind, so wag kang magsalita ng ganyan at baka pag pinaputukan ng America at gumanti dahil ang Pilipinas eh kaalyado ng america, 1 nuclear missile hitting our country will be catastrophic

      • speaksoftlylove

        Kim Jung Un is an egotistical maniac like Hitler. He has a world of his own and no amount of shenanigans will change his mind.

        If he’s got to do it, he’s got to do it so expect the worse and not wait for your idol’s “imminent threat.” Ang dami ng threats at provocations and sinabi ng North Korea tapos walang imminent threats? Asan ang utak ng idol mo? Philippines is not exempted from his warheads if indeed they are existing because unknown to you some of the US most advanced military warfare are already in and around the Philippine territory. Di ba nagulat ka na lang doon sa sumadsad na bapor ng kano? Therefore, our nation is one of the targets. Deal with

      • akongednamzug

        Ang galing mo talaga. Biruin mo pilit mong ikinakambyo ang usapin patungo sa pagbatikos sa pangulo ng Pilipinas. Matalino ka talaga, parang unggoy.

      • speaksoftlylove

        Ayun, yellowstupibvulture din pala at kampi sa China kaya kumontra sa comment ko.

        O di ba akong? Di kita tatawaging unggoy, chinese panda na lang para cute.

      • Simplify1

        These will be no military gains for NK if the fire a nuclear missile against the Phil… They would rather use these against closer, bigger targets in SK Japan and Guam where the US military is building up man and materials to be used against them…

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Anong kinalman ni PNoy sa kaguluhang e2? The point is, you’re provoking N Korea to launch with you’re mad comments, you’re a wr monger and dapat siguro magsama kayo ni Kim Jung Un tutal iisa naman takbo ng utak nyo, sige sulsulan mo pa, dapat ikaw ang adviser ng maniac na yun kasi maniac ka rin

      • Daang_tuwid3

        He he he paid UNA supporter,loser ! :-)

    • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

      If nuclear war beaks out Philippines will be one of the targets of the North Korean missiles being a close ally of the US

      • Cano Manuel

        I don’t think NK would target the Philippines being that is not a slight threat to it. NK has better target SK and Japan as they are the ones capable of retaliating them.

      • vince_bugaboo

        No. Its beef is with the US. and South Korea. Besides, there are no target bases in the Philippines.

      • Mamang Pulis

        I dont think so. nokor would rather hit their prime targets first than us,

    • Joon Descalzo

      i just pray that you and your family will never experience a war in your lifetimes, otherwise, you’ll be talking more intelligently and responsibly.

  • cato_the_younger

    Sometimes you just kind of wish that the North Korean zombies just do it so that there will be a pretext to finally to send their leaders to the thereafter, courtesy of the more high tech missiles of the US, get the country re-unified with South Korea and end the existence of this cult masquerading as a nation.

    • divictes

      This is just a war of nerves, whoever becomes a nervous wreck first, loses.

      • Noel

        But this time it’s very dangerous. While in the past, countries send their troops. Today, it’s just a press of the button and missiles/nukes fly.

      • Commentator

        if NK have the bombs i think they will use it to bomb SK and US.

        we are lucky because there is no US base in ph anymore lol

      • Noel

        Unofficially, there are still US bases in the Phl. The US built housing units for their soldiers claiming they’re here for medical and humanitarian reasons. And those Balikatan exercises are just disguise for their presence in the Phl. In a way, good for us to discourage China’s bullying.

    • lemon88

      I’m very sure. the North people really want to re-unified with the South. kailangan lang tanggalin ang sirang leader nila at mga tutang mga general.

    • Commentator

      although PH is in range of NK’s bombs i still hope they will go to war with US

      because US will annihilate NK and then “free” the people. and then they will establish a BASE in NK. this means US will have a base besides China!

      China will then learn to stop harrassing its neighbors lol.

  • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

    I believe the international community including China and Russia will understand if the US will let its cruise milles begin flying simultaneously to all the miltary and nuclear facilties of North Korea.

    • Cano Manuel

      China will be the first to blame the USA and Russia will concur.

  • vince_bugaboo

    Experts’ and media’s blatant and insulting underestimation of North Korea’s nuclear capability and perceived “blusters and bluffs” only serve in fueling the machismo of the moronic leader of North Korea. Real danger develops when what tantamounts to taunts are
    taken as insults and provocations and become grounds and challenges to prove himself.
    And these “experts” should realize that the extremest danger of all is that this maniac probably believes N.K. truly has the power and capacity to engage and destroy the USA and its allies. That’s why, despite their perception and belief that he is bluffing, no one really knows if he is bluffing, and there lies the possibility that this potential Armageddon might become a reality.


    MABUTI pa pa-uwiin na ang lahat ng So-KOREANO sa Pilipinas at baka dito pa habulin ng mga No-KOREANO ang kalaban nila….tulad ng pag-suyod ng mga Hapon sa mga Kano dito. Mabuti na ang nag-iingat. Kasi pag tayo ang tinira ng NOKOR, hindi uubra ang ating sumpak, pana, at paltik… balisong nga pala!

    • Kamoteng Baging

      Meron bang north korean sa Pinas? I don’t it’s that easy for a North Korean to leave their country.

      • UrHONOR

        SORRY….”wrong mistake”! I corrected my error. Wala akong alam na NoKOR sa Pinas. Good eyes, Panhik!

      • Alex Donahue

        They leave all the time for different reasons legally but with a tracking device and electro death shock collar attached.

    • Commentator

      anak ng?!!! huwag kayong matakot mga kabayan!

      may MANNY PACQUAIO tayo!

      laban Manny!

      • UrHONOR

        SI Manny lang ang natatakot mula ng siya ay napatulog!


    PINAGTATAWAN ng lahat si KIM UN na moron, batang walang-alam, naglalaro lang, walang-magawa at kung ano-ano pang pang-mamata, TAPOS……tapos, TAKOT-na-TAKOT naman sa bawat galaw ni KIM UN…at puspusang pinaghahandaan ang bawat banta ng bata-batuta na baka ituloy! (buhay tismoso, pag lundag, tepok!) :)

  • w33k3nd3r

    Hollow threats or not; who would want to be in the place where they launch their weapons at? Nobody? I say a little prayer in my heart that whatever happens, it would all be for the best. War may be upon us all.

  • rlo

    I’ve experienced the violence of war and will not wish it upon anyone. But Nokor is acting like an insecure teenage fratboy trying to pick a fight from someone for just looking at him that you get the urge to just bust his nuts.

  • mavtan

    The North Korea has been tormenting the world with their moves. I hope the US strikes them first and be done with it. Give the North Korean people freedom and democracy and let China become the lone communist country.

    • Alex Donahue

      It is not that easy to just “GIVE” Freedom and Democracy with the immediate functioning of a civil humane and progressive society after 70 years of a neo-authoritarian communist aristocracy. Doesn’t happen. South Korea would also discriminate against North Koreans heavily as lesser than an animal. It could spell future civil war.

  • Billy Reyes

    all comments here are absolutely non-sense, its the reflection of a poor country. Who cares about korean war.

    • CommonSens6

      So what’s your problem today, sir? Can’t get any or can’t get it up?

    • lolo_Jose

      forget to take your maintenance meds? your diaper perhaps need to be changed?

    • Daang_tuwid3

      We care, there are a lot of OFW in SK if you dont know manong, and those OFW ‘s contribute heavily to the our country, they shoulder your free check up in national mental health hospital

  • Oniichan, its too big

    China’s quiet. Maybe they know that all it takes to take down their booming economy they are enjoying is a single war. They may hold the title of having the largest army but the US is the most deadly. US is also an experienced nuclear warfreak with so many treaty allies all over the globe. NoKor is barking while US is yawning. If a war breaks out, it will be beneficial to US, because they are known of being an armaments dealer. We may be underestimating NoKor, but they are in no way greater than US in terms of military prowess and experience.

    I don’t think NoKor will ‘waste’ a nuclear missile on PH though. They will throw it on US or SoKor instead. PH is not worthy of a nuclear strike lol

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      Hay naku given the fact mga beginner pa ang mga North Koreans sa pag manuever sa mga Missiles nila, baka imbis sa Guam ang punta mapalihis sa Pinas. Alam niyo naman how near Guam is to the Philippines kung sasasabog man sa ERE an nuclear bomb dahil na intercept ng mga anti Missile rockets ng Guam, Japan at SoKorea, do you think mabuhay pa ang mga Pinoy sa kalalanghap ng Nuclear particles na lumulutang sa ERE.

      There is nothing to be complacent about. Talo na kung talo ang NoKorea sa America firepower, but the Filipinos could be one of the greatest casualties in this war.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        people here are more worried than koreans nd americans about north korea what are they going to do with the philippines they only have around 5 little nukes that they cant even get in a missile think they would waste one here

      • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

        tama, linisin na ang mga underground imburnals at gawing aricondition to protect the people from nuclear fall out

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      Yeah I agree. Philippines might not be the target but Guam could be the primary target. Do you think hindi tayo apektado kung sakaling ang Guam ang magka nuclear disaster? Do you think hindi kaya malanghap ng kaanak mo ang mga nuclear particles galing sa Guam kung ito ay sasabog?

      • Alex Donahue

        NK doesn’t have the capability to hit Guam. It would be more pure luck if it struck. The Nuclear fallout will affect the Philippines and Polynesian Islands.

  • joshmale2004

    There will be no war. NK is doing this movements to lure USA to fire first and make them the aggressor against a sovereign nation. However, USA is also clever and will never fire the first shot unless it is sure that NK has launch its missiles targeting them. USA can afford to wait for NK to fire the first shot as they know it can not inflict damage to them.
    Kim is doing all these to solidify his control of NK and its people. Once the USA-SK war game is finished by April 30, NK will just go back to normal.
    The real gauge that a war will happen is when NK starts amassing his 1M soldiers on the demarcation line facing South. Without this kind of mobilization, it’s all just talk for Kim.

    • Cobra

      The only reason that the USA has not attack yet inspite of all the dares fom Nokor is there is no oil there.If it was like in Iraq or Libya the west would have attacked North Korea ages ago.

      • tulironghenyo

        Really? Speculative assumptions.

      • $44479964

        All comments here are speculations.

      • rlo

        I think it’s just because you really have to be careful attacking a country with a nuclear strike capability by any means whether ballistic or dirty. Did USA invade Libya? Oh yes it did during the First Barbary War in 1801-1805. But then, there was no oil discovered yet but still the USA attacked. Hmmmnnn

      • Crazy_horse101010

        they attacked because the barbary pirates were attacking american ships hmmmmmmmmnn

      • rlo

        dude I was being sarcastic to the other guy. hmmmmnnn

      • Crazy_horse101010

        ok got you so many radicals here its hard to tell peace

      • AZKID13

        Cobra I think all the money the US spent on the Iraq war we could have bought oil pennies on the dollar.

      • Fred Cua

        Anti US leader + oil = American attack (Iraq)
        Anti US leader + oil + nuclear deterrent = no American attack (Iran)
        Anti US leader + nuclear deterrent = No American attack (North Korea)

      • Commentator

        or maybe US is secretly harassing NK’s leader by calling him fat so that they will go to war and then US will destroy them so they can now establish a base besides the big bully china.

    • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

      In nuclear war, infantry soldiers are useless so there’s really no need to amass great number of soldiers

      • joshmale2004

        You are wrong. If NK indeed already have nukes, this is not intended to be detonated within Korea even in South. NK knows that detonating a nuke in SK will also have devastating effect and will destroy the Capital of NK. You should know better. Why would NK destroy for hundred years a land it wants to unify?

  • banana na

    sana di matuloy itong war nito, kung natuloy man ay sana north korea lang ang kalaban, nakakatakot kung may ibang bansa ang tumulong sa north korea kung natuloy ang war nito katulad ng china at russia…kadalasan kasi sa war ng isang bansa against other country ay may mga backer sila kaya malakas ang loob ng mga ito…PEACE sana..

    • joshmale2004

      Sa ginawa ng NK, mas malamang hindi na sila tutulungan ng china at Russia. Kapag ginawa ng China at russia na tulungan ang NK, alam nila na di nila kaya pag nakialam na din ang UK at NATO para tulungan ang Amerika.
      Hindi lang NATO at UK ang makikialam pag nagkataon. Tiyak hihingi ng tulong ang Amerika sa mga kaalyado niyang middle east na mga bansa gaya ng Kuwait, Jordan at Egypt at Saudi Arabia. Hawak ng mga bansang eto ang langis at malaki ang utang na loob nila sa pagtulong ng America sa Kuwait laban sa Iraq.

      • banana na

        sana di matuloy ito kasi NUCLEAR WARHEAD MISSILE di ordinary missiles lang…sana maging PEACEFUL pa rin in the end…

  • Hey_Dudes

    Unlike Cuba which is also experiencing severe sanctions from the west for decades now but does not have nuclear capability, North Korea is probably less mindful and not be kicked around because they have the capabilities. Granting NoKor, in spite of it’s inability to feed it’s people due to severe sanctions from the west, it will fight when pushed to a corner. They did so well during the Korean war in the 50’s and showed they are ready to fight to the end. Right now, the west is doing all it can to push North Korea to the corner and perhaps, they no longer care what the world is saying specially when their stomachs are grumbling. This time, however, with nuclear missiles dominating the air if there is no longer a way to prevent it, many people will die on account of it. The Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are best witness to the destructive nature of the bomb. You can only be pushed so much and in the end – patay kung patay will be their death wish.

    • Isagani Gatmaitan

      True. We pray however that western technology has advanced in the meantime to achieve perfect missile “shoot down” capability. It seems that any war in the Korean peninsula will be fought with tactical nukes and even WMD’s. It is the fallout that we fear.

      • Bugtong Uyamot

        there will be no nukes because the world will condemn it. it will be conventional warfare.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        think the fat boy cares what the world thinks

      • Bugtong Uyamot

        i bet he cares, haven’t see an action yet.

      • Alex Donahue

        The 13,000 artillery batteries in NK aimed at Seoul….agree.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Kawawa din pala si Tabachoy Kim. He needs to prove himself to the elders of NoKor, the hardliners. Fat Boy Kim and our own boy emperor PNoy have something in common. The are both suffering from erectile dysfunction. Not even Viagra could help them. Kawawa.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Why don’t they try diatabs or lumotil? It’s effective for hardening of the poo then maybe it will harden their disappearing manhood.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        The problem is psychological and physiological.

    • lolo_Jose

      you sure they have ed prob? oh heck i forget you used to play with their manhood thats why you knew it, naughty you….

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Yes I’m sure. Cory hired me to massage PNoy´s manhood, hoping to bring some life to it. Pero wala pa rin. The problem is psychological and physiological, according to PNoy’s mom.

      • Commentator

        so your job title is Penis Massager.

        cool story bro.

    • Daang_tuwid3

      Loser :-)

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Maawa ka naman kay PNoy, don’t call him a loser just because he can’t get it up.

      • Daang_tuwid3

        hi hi hi kaw ang loser :-) lahat ng kinampihan mo talo … har har har

  • Cobra

    If only there is oil in North Korea,there would have a lot of justifications to attack this troublesome regime.They have weapons of mass destruction & starves its own people.The west should stop it’s rhetoric & attack like what they did in Iraq,like what they want to do in Syria.They can always justify it after.

  • $18209031

    Diba dati ang puting general si Macarthur ang nagsasabi pa nga e bombahin nila ang Tsina. Ngayon sila naman ang pinagtatakot sa mga NKs. Baliktad na ang mundo mga parekoykoys.

  • BIGButo

    Launching a nuculer missile at the United States or its friends or any country around North Korea would be a grave mistake for the young leader of North Korea and the end of his control of his nation. I think he has been playing to many video games.

  • $18209031

    Okey ilan ba ang mga S Koreanos dito sa Pinas? Baka papadalhan ng Musudan Missile dito . Kaya nga uncle Sam ipapadala nila tatlong THAAD rocket system , isa sa Luzon, sa Visayas at Mindanao.

  • padrefaura

    meanwhile, our president, who is busy campaigning for other people including his cousin, thinks that war is not yet imminent

  • Fancy Tan

    Be vigilant,. Position your forces. wait and see. We need to move on. It is better to be ready than caught unprepared.

  • Danny Bravo

    takot ngayon ang mga anak ng alien,,, bata pa yan at aggresibo,,,, kung si kim jong ay cristian you are in danger,, cavallier yan,,,

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    To Kim Jong Un: JUST DO IT! GO AHEAD, MAKE OUR DAY, Punk.

  • lukecowboy

    ang alam ko lang china ay gusto na rin mabura sa mundo ang north korea at maging isa na lang ang korean peninsula dahil sakit lang ng ulo ang nk see pag ng kagulo mawawala na ang nk magiisa na lang. china intact pa rin pero tutulunggang ng china ang korea sa pagunlad uli dahil gusto nila ang korea na lumaban sa japanese dahil may territorial dispute din sila. so naperwisyu ang america naman sino ang winner di china sitting pretty lang siya at america ang naglilinis ng kalat nila , china become more n yumayaman america and japan takes the burden. later ang iran na naman tawa na naman ang china noon .pero kung ako ang leader ng nk ang pasasabogin ko ang china.kasi iniwan sila sa airee.

    • Isagani Gatmaitan

      kaso nga lang, habang naglilinis ng kalat, ang america ay nagpapatatag nang kanyang lakas sa hilagang asia. good for us. eche pwera na naman ang china sa spratleys… tapos na ang masasayang araw ng china muli.

  • Love God

    The reckless idea of war would eventually end the era of an axis of evil regime. That would result into freedom for the people of NK who have suffered to the maximum.

    Let us expect the north and south will unite for the betterment of their people and the peace and stability of the region. A united Korea will also become the biggest challenge for China’s industry and economy. In a way that would help tame their attitude of greed to grab neighbor’s territory.

    • Lapu Lapu

      Good observation. A united Korea could cripple China’s economy. Millions of talented workforce in waiting can magnet an industrial revolution to that part of the world.

  • Mamang Pulis

    it all takes one itchy finger that will forever change the Korean landscape.

    lintik lang walang ganti.

  • Beguine

    Firing missiles is a North Korean pastime, and it always produces misses and

    Something good for jokes and nothing else. Waste of time and media attention.

    • band1do


  • $18209031

    Dont forget to hit the deck mga taga Luzonian. Kayo ang mauuna sa Musudan kung eetarget ang Pinas kasi nandyan ang Subic at mga kurakots.. Good luck mga tagaleglegs!

    • dani77777

      Dakuutin, wala kang vayag. In-accurate yong mga missiles na yan ksi kahit ang target Luzon, ang lapag, kung saan ka man naroroon.

    • Cool LahgotzMO

      Sana maunang tamaan yung mga nagpasimuno ng brown out sa Mindanao. Sobrang gahaman sa pera at mga inutil na politiko na nagkukuyakoy lang at nagpapainit ng bayag sa congresso at senado.

  • Juan Delacruz

    nakakatawa mga english nyo, english pinoy talaga hahahahaha mag tagalog na lang kayu

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      mas mabuti ng magsasanay ng English maski trying hard dahil kumikita ang mga Pinoy dahil sa pagsalita ng English. The tagalog dialect only promoted TV ratings between competing TV stations kaya naging badoy ang mga PINOY sa kapanood ng mga dramang BAKYA sa TV delivered in tagalog dialect.

      • Danny Bravo

        kaya ang pilipino panay mapurol ang ulo.. ang laman puro buhangin na ang akala kapag mahusay ka sa enlish powerful ka na,,,,,,malaking katangahan,,,halos lahat ng pilipino kapag mali ng konti ang enlish mo kung makatawa parang pinakamatalino sa planeta,,, call all talented scientist ,,, write here,, at itutumba ko,,,

    • Danny Bravo

      tinutuklas ngayon ng nasa ang dark matter or god kung paano naaresto o nahuhuli na ako lang ang may alam kung ang english mo ay maimpluwesiya ituro mo sa usa at sa CERN kung paano ?

  • Juan Delacruz

    nakakatawa mga english nyo, english pinoy talaga. Mag tagalog nga kayu mga ungas

    • Daang_tuwid3

      Kayu ? Kayo ,tagalog na mali pa :-) LOL

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      hay naku mas mabuti ng magsasanay ng English maski trying hard dahil kumikita ang mga Pinoy dahil sa pagsalita ng English. The tagalog dialect only promoted TV ratings between competing TV stations kaya naging badoy ang mga PINOY sa kapanood ng mga dramang BAKYA sa TV delivered in tagalog dialect.

    • Danny Bravo


  • lolo_Jose

    Naku mga apo pinagtatawanan na tayo ni Juan Delacruz sa inglis natin…sorry naman ako slow talaga sa inglis kasi taga batangas ga ako…
    pero palagay ko mas ungas ka kesa sa nakakarami sa mga nagkoko mento dito…
    Magugulat ka Juan kung sino tinatawag mong ungas kung makilala mo sila, baka nga kahit houseboy man lang hindi ka papasa sa kanila…

  • kilawon(the return)

    gunggung talaga tong mga pepenos ….mind your own business! di nyo makuha ang sabah at spratlys nakikisawsaw na sa problema ng ibang bansa! dont worry,once the war broke out,ur american masters will use ur brown a$$es as their human shield!

    • Crazy_horse101010

      still ranting out your racists remarks bigot. i hear the klu klux klan has a opening except they would probably boil you they puke out the same garbage.

  • BatangSingapore

    mukhang na bilaukan ang china sa mga pangyayaring ito. siguradong may warning na ang mga intsik beho mula sa usa kung sakaling kupkupin nila ang presidenteng mongoloid ng nokor hahahahhaha. matutulad sila sa pakistan at iraq.

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      Any nuclear disaster sa neighboring countries (Nokor and Sokor) apektado ang China dahil tiyak madamay sila sa radiation dahil border lang ang pagitan nila.

  • $18209031

    Hala bira na !! Mag aalmosal na mga Koreanos kasi malapit na ang oras na sasabog ang mundo nyo !! Lulunok na kayo ng kimchi mama !! Kimchi gokgok.

    • band1do

      LOL. The first time I’ve agreed with your post…


    if china is quite… there is no real threat from the dprk…

    • BatangSingapore

      ayusin mo post mo, magkaiba ang quite sa quiet. tsaka hindi dprk ang nag threat kundi ang nokor.


        obviously you can read english… here is what tagalog translates to with google….
        “fix you post, quite different to the quiet. tsaka the DPRK did not threat but nokor” … wht does that mean anyway…

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    This must not just end in a settlement or peace talk without North Korea getting the lesson it so deserve.

  • Joseph Tesoro

    Ang bagal naman nyan.

    • white scorpion

      i believe nokor is just making an empty threat. kaya annnnng tagal.

      it could be a ploy naman to divert attention from china – japan, philippines to sokor and nokor.

  • tulironghenyo

    Wipe this moron out. NKr has been pestering us for far too long.
    Next is China.

  • ern

    shame will compel nokor to do it. Don’t they think there will be retaliation and they will be reduced to rubble? It’s time for the family of nations to decide…annihilate nokor’s brain damaged officials.

  • Noel

    Threat, another threat, then another threat, now set to fire. Step by step. What are these Nokors waiting for? Then fire and let’s see what they get.

  • Lucky Luciano

    How do you cure a lunatic who was made to believe he is a son of god, that he isn’t?
    Sana Kung magkagera sana itong tabachingching na ito ang maunang bumulagta.

  • amongBOSS

    Nokor is a trading neighbor and an ally of China. But China does not want an intractable Nokor leadership. Unlike his predecessor (father) KimJung Il who has concrete ties with the government of China, Kim Jung Un has no previous bond with China and Nokor being a belligerent nation is a threat to the economy of China. If Nokor would fire the first salvo of artillery and missiles China might let Sokor and the US attack Nokor and pulverize and cripple all of its military capabilities as well as government and when that is done China with a 100 million army secure Nokor’s government and might install a more pliable dictator that is subservient to China and its policies. China will never allow Nokor to fall on Sokor and US hands because of security and economic reasons. This might actually fall well into China’s benefit.

    • Yobhtron

      Your post makes more sense. I fully agree with your observation.

      • Alex Donahue

        Because it’s an exact repeat of history. The Korean War and the events leading up to it are very similar to his claims.

    • Alex Donahue

      This is the most accurate scenario. Exactly what happened in 1950 and will repeat.

  • kypros

    Stupid Nokor is giving the US a chance to finish what they failed to do back in the 50’s, that is to nuke North Korea and China. MacArthur must be turning in his grave now!

  • coty

    ha ha our govt. is not afraid or worried sick about this threat of nuclear tipped warhead missiles even when we are within striking distance from the NK! what they are worried most is if the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant gets operational, nuclear plants are very dangerous so they say!

    • Albert Einstien

      NK even if BOMBARDED & PULVERIZED by US/nato-sk alliance ..the resulting destruction of its NUCLEAR stockfiles from bombardment will cause BLACK RAIN…or FALLOUT…not to mention the DEVASTING explosion & shockwave…WORST CASUALTY is not NK ( they will be annihilated anyway ) but SK & beijing CHINA due to their proximity…..if ever they survive long term RADIATION effects comes in…….Radiation has other effects. It can cause mutations. These mutations can either be somatic mutations (not inherited) or genetic mutations which are in reproductive cells and thus the mutations are passed on to offspring. Radiation also has long term effects on human health. It has been linked to leukemia, bone, lung, and breast cancer. It was thought at one time that radiation would cause nonspecific life shortening. …….of course US & NATO are safe ..unless CHINA,RUSSIA & IRAN treaty will be put into action….even before the first bomb will land on NK territory… ( CHINA will NOT allow bombardment of NK…’s against their own interest )…….then NOT only NK & SK will burn but EARTH ….

      • Crazy_horse101010

        cant be more than what chinas pumping out every day and if your worried go to all them countries and tell them so im sure they will listen. ps russia is not commie any more

  • alcbu

    Proof that mentally disturbed people can be found anywhere even in high places, fat and well-fed even. Compared to this psycho Saddam looks tame and medicated.

  • tex com

    Go ahead fatboy fire those FAKE Missiles , I wanna see them working !!!

  • Albert Einstien

    US & NATO cant move..if they do…WW3 will commence..NK & CHINA has MUTUAL DEFENSE treaty…CHINA , RUSSIA & IRAN have DEFENSE treaty …an ATTACK to ONE is an ATTACK to ALL…BRICS in tow & syria as pulot boy…( ALL are NUCLEAR capable countries ) the WAR is with NK & SK only it is safer for the WORLD to let the KOREANS determine their fate & destiny…..US must not involve itself….go back to the pacific & SCS so as NOT commence WW3…UNLESS they really WANT china, russia & iran out of the space future and RISK a WW3…& burn the world…!

    • Crazy_horse101010

      paranoia to the max. go dig a bomb shelter

  • Vertumnus

    Does anyone truly believe they would advertise where they are going to place their mid-range rockets? It’s a decoy! I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s made from paper mache!
    It’s been going on for a while now and if they have any intention of attacking, they would have done so before the US and South Korea could mobilize defensive armaments!
    Just you watch, ones the UN capitulates to give them food and money, they will tone down their rhetorics until next time. Meanwhile, the US and South Korea spend hundreds of millions of dollars reorganizing their forces in Asia to an attack that will never happen.

  • Pompeyo Pedroche


  • JahreDistrict78

    Balikatan lang din yan, in their own soil . My Own Assessment To KimJONGUy Mahilig sa pagkain yan just look at his stomach . This Kid He Can’t Afford To Go In War …

    ” Masisira ang Appetite Nya “

  • jeff

    nokor is just a puppet of communist china. without the financial/logistics support from communist china, nokor is nothing. communist china is just using nokor to threaten its perceived enemies/rivals particularly japan and usa.

    nokor has moved its missiles to the east to be closer to its first potential target
    that is japan. communist china will be observing the response of the us and japan
    specially now that nokor has warned that war is imminent, that it is not a matter of
    ‘if’ but ‘when’.

    of course the recently very aggressive communist china wants the US base in japan to be destroyed or removed, so that there will be lesser pressure for communist china to
    engage in bullying or skirmishes against japan.

    has the countdown to war already started?

  • Iyen Dev

    Fire ICBM!Create new future from ‘Nuclear Holocausts’, this is an essence of lasting peace to every mankind.

  • tabingbakod

    There have been and there maybe be a lot of times that we will regret throwing out the US bases in the country. I doubt if Filipinos at that time foresaw the rise of China and it’s behavior to us and other countries in the region.

    For the few times that we can be glad that there are no US bases in the country. We should might as well enjoy it.

  • Iyen Dev

    In chess game,Nokor is just a pawn of CHina+RUssia+IRan.They will test how far Uncle Sam and it’s allies can go!

  • Paitoonn Charoenkrung

    Just one missile fire from North Korea might trigger the apocalyptic scenario. Once US retaliates and devastates Korea, China and Russia will not just sit down while their ally is being obliterated. Iran will also asserts its rights and it might strike Israel. I will surely be a devastating WWIII nuclear war scenario.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      iran hates saudi arabia more then it hates israel so it will be hit first. again russia is not commie anymore so they have no interest in protecting north korea. the cold war is over

  • Albert Einstien

    what the top 5 superpowers are NOT telling the WORLD…they ALREADY have space communities & space HOTELS….the SPACE HOTELS now are FULLY BOOKED …space communities are EXCLUSIVE for the EUGENES……they will be CALLED EARTH citizens…RADIATION on earth will last for centuries….so fight all you want…you will be dead anyway… ..human survivors of radiation will be different from the EUGENES..!

    • Concur_Dissent

      too much movies….

      • Albert Einstien

    • Crazy_horse101010

      what where are these space hotels and do you think they can live there forever where did you read this i would like to read it i heard they had a colony on pluto so they could get far away pitiful

      • Albert Einstien

        look for classified info in your country if you know TOP HONCHO inside……actually there are ALREADY commercially available space hotel accommodations……available only to billionaire families & geniuses…i hope you will not get crazier when you learn the HARD truth…my crazy friend…..he he…

  • kilabot

    so what?
    as long as noykapon (kim’s alter ego) and drilon (kim’s lost twin) are with us,
    ph is safe as the perverts of san francisco.

  • ResidentPatriot

    dakdak man o totohanan, kelangan ng tamang paghahanda ng mga bansa…huwag i-underestimate ang nokor, mabuti na ang sigurado.

  • $44479964

    If only the US and SK ignored NK’s threat, NK will be forced to quite down. Ang bata, kagaya ni Kim Jong Un, pag hindi mo pinansin and pangungulit titigil din yan.

  • $14523613

    WORLD WAR III !!!!

  • Fulpol

    just do a “little” sacrifice… let North Korea fire few missiles in Japan.. so Japan have a reason to “assemble” all their hidden weapons..

    China will watch how Japan’s technology can overcome NoKor’s weapons…

    • Albert Einstien

      voltes v & his super friends…all nuclear capable FLYbots….the world thought that they are toys…but they are JAPANs finest secret weapons…opps…..WW3 is near so they might go public now….anyway …IRON man 20…their latest..they are trained kamikaze

  • wakats

    Last December, NK successfully tested a long-range missile that may have put a satellite into orbit. Then they made an underground nuclear test thinking that the West will beg for resumption of talks like in 2007 but this time, the West instead flexed their nuclear muscles that further incensed the immature Kim Jong Un to make bone-less nuclear threats to which they have no capability yet to miniaturize.

    This time, they readied 2 Musudan missiles that the west interpreted as another test-firing exercise over the Sea of Japan.

    Whatever, the worst scenario is a careless repeat of the 1950 Korean War in which the NK can’t rely anymore on the all-out assistance of China and Russia.

    Like a poker game, Kim Jong UN wagers “all in” and the West “call”

  • ayaw ko ng CORRUPT!

    NK ay hindi makikigera o gagawa ng first move para sa gera, kasi pag nangyari un, madadagdagan nanaman ang pagmamay-ari ng USA. Ganun lang yun kasimple kaya hindi tayo dapat mabahala sa mga banta ng NORTH KOREA.

  • Fulpol

    an impoverished nation that could tremble the world’s powers..

    hello to Philippines… a free nation, wealthier than NK, more educated, more skilled, democratic..

    but Philippines is a dog… inferior…

    shame Philippines.. LOL

    • Mamang Pulis

      fulpy—ang milk at oreo mo–gabi na.

  • $18209031

    Let these Koreigooks fight to the end and level each other . Then let China take over NK and US take over SK. Then there will be peace in KoreanPeninsula.
    On another token, let US take over Japland and China take over Taiwan. Then there will even be more peace.

  • kapatad

    parang gusto kong makakita ng kwitis na malaki sa langit at sisigaw ka ng happy fiesta!

  • $18209031

    To achieve real lasting peace in the Far East, let the US SK forces nuked NK . And let China nuked Japland as final payment for their crimes against the Chinese Nation in 1937 Rape of Nanking and countless genocides committted until 1945,

  • ozkid

    This cork head is just bluffing no question about that.

    As a country leader
    he doesn’t have the wisdom to be one and I wish he’s already in the UAV radar.
    He is becoming one of the world’s serial pests that need to be eradicated.

    A message for you dumb head:

    “Cut your BULLSHITTT kid and go back to bed you are just having a
    nightmare. By the way don’t forget to put way your PLAY STATION , it’s giving
    you a bad influence” or else you will be grounded .

  • Renester Suralta

    Its about time to send James Bond agent to Nokor

  • Mamang Pulis

    wow—an imminent nuclear war—wow ;p

    I hope Solenn Heussaff read my post the other day–I gotta have Solenn before everything hits the crapper…

    Solenn if you can read these–I will pay your taxes, I will give you half of Mindanao–just marry me!

    ho ho ho kidding:))

  • Manuel_II

    When war do comes I hope this time, only one Korea stand after the dust settles.

  • Borogol

    ill bet that the target of missile is Philippines, with China conspiring with NoKor…. parang strike on Pearl Harbor lang…. then bigla magdedeclarre ng gera NoKor, China ,against US and Allies.

    • joshmale2004

      How much you want to bet? I bet no one will push the button and war will not happen.

  • pololoy

    ang tagal…

  • Euan Mac

    bring it on..

  • Moro Ali Pala

    china is the only thing stopping the US from launching an invasion of north korea.

  • joshmale2004

    SK and US detected 2 NK submarines left port in the morning. These 2 submarines have gone dark and disappeared from radar. If this is true, let’s hope they are defecting.

  • joshmale2004

    Once a shooting war starts, I will miss my regular kimchi.

    • Mamang Pulis

      mag stock ka na….o kya ikaw na lang ang mag buro ng lechugas….

  • joshmale2004

    Q: Did you hear that there is no more ice in North Korea?
    A: The inventor defected South and took the recipe with him.

  • joshmale2004

    Once the North Korean soldiers invade into South Korea they will become so amazed at all of the stores and things to buy or steal, they will completely forget about war and will become tourists

    • Mamang Pulis

      ajajaja–good one! :))

  • joshmale2004

    Q: What do North Korean children do for fun?
    A: They draw pictures of food.

  • joshmale2004

    Q: How do you fit 200 North Koreans into the trunk of a Hyundai?
    A: Throw a cheeseburger in it.

  • Iyen Dev

    Damay Tayo!

  • kapitanvic1

    North Korea is back with it’s old stupid game where they threaten their neighbors and the US in order to get more freebies for the starving brainwashed North Koreans.The sanctions must be working.
    Regarding it’s nuclear capability, does anyone else wonder how bad are the NK missiles must be if they have to be ‘moved to the east coast’ to increase their chances of hitting the US?

    • jrmagtago

      yes many times of sanctions to north korea but it doesnt work because they ignore it many times so its time now to change plan to north korea!

  • sagbotgamot

    Corporate media wants us to picture the north koreans are trigger happy and suicidal people. a south korean pastor friend just told me that isn’t so… he says if their are trigger happy who wants war, it is the south korean generals under pressure by their american masters. the north koreans are just preparing to defend themselves for the inevitable. i believe him.

  • Ragdeleafar

    At present day where state of the art technology e.g. computer, CP, TV, iPad, iPhone, Hybrid machines, etc among other things are blooming to the full entertainment of the worlds in peace and still improving yet many are aiming for ugly war and troubles. Why not enjoy present & future life? Do not aim for the moon or Mars as an exit no one dares to go there, we love planet Earth, it’s the only one we’ve got. Had majority if not all not learned the lesson well of the past war? Live a peaceful life it’s better and be merry!

    They (we) want all to rest in peace? Then go divide the world some goes to hell, some goes to heaven. Push that button and nuke us all, make that (computer) games for real, you war freaks & nerds!!!

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Why is it taking so long?

    Fire it already goddamit.

  • Edwin Cruzade

    I bet FATTY KIM is more of a bark than a bite. He knows that if starts a war NOKOR will cease to exist.

  • Stuubs

    North Koreans ay parang mga Filipino, magaling lang sa purmahan pero walang laman ang mga tiyan !.. kulang sa pansin lang ito si Kim na mahilig maglaro ng video games parang si Pnoy na nakabili lang ng lumang barko galling state,pinadala kaagad sa Panatag laban sa mga insects pero wala palang maibubuga…North Korea is just a paper tiger !they just can’t afford to sustain a total war with their antiquated weaponry even against just the South … either they are bullying for food or just mere suicidal ..

  • frudo

    sana tong tabatchoy na leader ng nokor ay iparanas muna nya sa mga tao nya ang sarap ng buhay bago nya hayaan mamatay sa giyira. ok lang sanang mapagtayan kayo kung mga warfreak kayo eh ang kaso marami madadamay at wag naman sana abutin ang pinas ng mga palpak nyong nuclear weapon,

  • joeybg



  • Batang Altura

    nagugutom ang NOKOR ksi may umiiral na food sunctions , gumagawa ng ingay at mga pag-babanta ,susuyuin nga naman ng UN aalisin ang sanction ergo iaatras ng NOKOR ang treat nila..sige na nga bigyan na nga ng makakain ang mga yan tao din naman sila..

  • Iyen Dev

    Nokor is sacrificial lamb of Communist backers to test the melting US.

  • white scorpion

    can any nation or all nation sign a petition in U.N. to expel and change a leader such as north korea. nobody in this world like a leader of this lunacy.

  • Lorebea Tamparong

    Puro porma lang ang NK…hanggang pananakot lang sila dahil alam nilang pagbibigti sa kanilang sarili ang ibig sabihin ng kanilang pag-atake sa AMERICA…

  • Sonny Solomon

    wala ng pray pray. attack na agad. come on north Korean president fire now! may internet ba dun?

  • Hendot2012

    Bark Bark Bark

  • Commentator

    this war can stop the KPOP trend guys…so please GO TO WAR already


  • JDAmadeo

    blustering desperate North Korean fools!

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